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We put the good in the good in the good life
We put the bad in the past, now we alright.


Lipstick Prince - Cha Hakyeon 💄

I’m alone
i’m unwanted
i’m undesired
i’m worthless
i’m a burden
i’m a freak
i’m an anomaly
i’m the problem

“you’re not alone. you are loved. I’ll always be here for you”

Like a Prayer

Fuck me.

Actually, words wouldn’t be able to describe the way my body felt after watching Dean lean back and practically stretch out on that stupid mechanical bull for the whole damn world to see.

My heart fluttered uncontrollably inside my chest. My body went hot all over. I clenched my thighs together as my mind conjured up sinful thoughts of him and me on that fucking thing he was mounted on.

I bit my lip, my fingers itching to go and touch him. He looked so peaceful up there. So carefree. So happy. Would I be a bitch if I imposed on such a private moment?

God knew how much I loved the man, and to watch him be himself, something that I hadn’t seen in such a long time, it made me so fucking happy.

“Fuck it,” I breathed to myself as I bit my lip and slowly walked over to Larry and Dean. It was now or never, either wise I’d chicken out and I’d shove all of my feelings into a tiny drawer in the back of my mind.

His eyes were closed when I reached him so he had no idea that I was even there. Thank god, I thought to myself as I inched forward, my heart beating rapidly fast against my rib cage.

I stood right in front of his head and with one final nod, I grabbed the side of his face with both hands, ignoring the immediate snap of his opening eyes before I bent down and captured his lips with mine.

He lay there, unmoving as our mouths touched for more than a moment. When I pulled away, my face hot and beyond embarrassed that his eyes were still opened while I kissed him, he frowned.

Uhm…“ I began but Dean had straightened up on the bull and hopped off, his face still holding that serious frown. He walked over to me, reaching up his hands to hold my face, and before I knew it, his lips were connected to mine and he was kissing me with twice the effort I had put into the first one.

He pushed me back with his body until my back hit the wall at the side of the bar. His lips were passionate. Urgent. A low growl erupted from his throat as his hands slid down my back and grabbed a handful of my ass, pressing me against him.

“You have any idea how long I’ve been wanting to do this?” he mumbled against my skin as he trailed his lips down my throat. “Too fucking long.”

Breathless gasps left my lips as I threaded my fingers through short dark blonde strands. This was actually happening. I was literally kissing Dean against a wall. Fuck…yesss…

He pushed his leg in between mine, rubbing his knee against me and I let out a moan. “Maybe we should get out of here,” I breathed, hiding my face in his neck.

Dean didn’t need to be told twice. After kissing me breathless one last time, he took my hand and nearly hauled me across the bar toward the exit.

We hardly made it inside the car. It was a damn good thing Dean didn’t park under the lamp post. But to be quite honest, I honestly didn’t care where he had parked. All that mattered was that Dean was right here.

In between my legs.

Fucking making me moan and scream out his name like a fucking prayer.

I friggin stared at this gif for a long time. It’s one of my personal favorites and Arie, you killed me with it! @bringmesomepie56,* hope you like this babe!!!