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Second Sister (Arya Stark Imagine)

(Part 3 to Warm Welcome & Blood is Blood)

Your eyes crack open as the sun finds its way into your quarters and onto your face. You pull the covers over your eyes, slightly regretting that late night escapade. You groan remembering Jon’s warning of the busy day ahead. You roll away from the beams of light that so rudely awoke you. Half awake go through your rummaged trunk and find a dress to wear.

You slide it on, give your hair a quick brush and leave the room. You turn left as you recall that being the way back to the Great Hall. Luckily for you after only one hallway and a single turn you stumble upon another sleepy teen.

“Good morning Jon.” You chimes with a yawn, rubbing the remaining sleep out of your eyes.

“Morning. I see someone’s midnight stroll has caught up with them.” He jests.

You rolls your eyes and take his arm. “You’re one to talk, seeing as you were up wandering the castle too. I’m also still a guest so be nice and let’s get something to eat.”

“I’m not sure if I’m allowed back in the hall yet since your Father and guards are still here. Things may settle down once they go but…”

“Nonsense.” You interrupt pulling the boy down the corridor with you. “You are part of the family and will be eating with the rest of us. Lady Stark seems to love me so I can’t imagine her refusing any of my requests just yet.”

Jon smiles at you, shaking his head. “Are you saying that to be polite or do you need someone to show you the way?”

You slow your pace and give him an embarrassed look. “A little of both.” He laughs but takes a turn and leads the two of you down another corridor. “I mean it though, if she makes a fuss I will just insist I want you there and that should be enough.”

“I know.” He replies quietly as we make our way.

We get there in no time and as we enter the room I notice the other children. Two little boys both with dark reddish brown hair like Robb’s. The other two were girls; one with red hair like her mother and the other a couple years younger who looked more like Lord Stark. Both girls seem happy but slightly hesitant. The smaller of the two boys looks a little scared but then again he does look all of three years old. The other boy though dashes and pulls you into a hug. You hug him back looking down you are greeted with the biggest smile. “You’re finally here! I’m Bran! I wanted to stay up to meet you last night but mother wouldn’t allow it.” He beams.

“I’m happy to meet you too.” You tell him, grinning in return.

“Bombarded with hugs already?” Robb asks appearing from behind you. He gives you a warm smile and ruffles the younger boy’s hair. “How about we let her sit and get something to eat first?” The little boys nods eagerly and bounds back to the table. “And I see you two have already met.” He adds looking at you and Jon.

“Of course Stark, couldn’t have her wandering hopeless around the castle.” Jon quips and walks past us heading for the table himself.

“We should take a seat too. How about you sit next to me?” Robb asks with quite the charming grin. You nod and start towards the other young people.

“No Robb. I want to sit next to her, you got to sit with her last night.” The red haired girl pouts.

Her brother sends a little look. “Sansa, you will be spending most of the day with her. Let me sit by her.”

“No need to fight over something so foolish. How about I sit between the girls and I sit by you at dinner?” I offer, looking between the two siblings. Sansa happily nods and Robb gives me a little one. The other girl gives me a little smile but quickly takes her sit.

“Why are all you children standing about. We have a busy day today let’s eat and get a move on.” An older lady comments as she stalks through the room

The meal doesn’t last nearly as long as the one last night, we all quickly disperse once we are done. The boys all head outside while the Septa sends us three girls into another part of the castle. Sansa is thrilled that you’re going with them and starts gabbing away about Winterfell and how you will love it there. You get a word in here and there but mostly smile and nod as you learned to do from some many years around your father. You look at the other girl a couple times too so she doesn’t feel left out. She ignores you, not seeming to like you very much.

We all enter a room and take a seat. The older woman breaks out some stitching and passes them to the girls. She gives you a fresh one and we all just sit quietly and work. You zone out a little as you work forgetting you aren’t home and start to hum a little tune.

“That’s pretty, what it is?” Your eyes snap up from your work and land on the Septa. You quickly apologize and say you aren’t used to sowing around other girls. You then inform her it’s a song your mother would hum to you when you were little. 

The Septa then made rounds to check our progress. “How wonderful, you have that much detail and you just started. Your mother seems to have taught you well.” You give her a little smile and focus back on your work.“Sansa, this is coming along splendidly as well. Well done. And Arya… your stitching could use a bit more work. Slow down a little and try to…” She critiques and walks back to her seat. I glance at the younger girl and catch her pout before her faces goes blank again.

Sansa quickly snags your attention, complementing you on your needlework and asking for some pointers. As you give her a tip or two you notice the younger sister sneak off. You finish up shortly after since you are used to working on much bigger rings and excuse yourself.

You head down the corridor you saw Arya take and don’t make it all that far. You stop by a window when you spot Robb and Jon shooting in the yard. You lean on your arms and watch them for a bit. After a couple minutes Jon notices and gives you a smile. You watch Robb shoot and miss and you both laugh a little. Robb gives his brother a little smack to shut him up and then follows his gaze. He soon flushes when finally seeing you giggling at him and goes back to shooting.

“Since you are so good with a needle I can’t imagine you know how to use a bow.” A voice snarks, getting your attention. You look a little down the hall and see Arya looking slightly annoyed. “He likes you. You shouldn’t laugh at him, especially when you can’t do it yourself.”

You stand up and walk towards the young girl. “I was laughing because it was cute, I wasn’t trying to be mean. As for archery, I’m one of the best in my family despite being one of the few girls.” You reply softly as to not come off as cross. Her eyes get big and her little bit of confidence disappears.

“Sorry I didn’t know. I just thought…” She mumbles.

“Walk with me.” You request and continue down the corridor. The girl swiftly makes her way to your side but stays quiet. “Also you don’t need to apologize. I know most girls aren’t taught how to shoot or fight in general. I just tagged along with my older brother while I was growing up and he taught me.”

“When did he teach you if your mother was teaching you to sow?” She wonders, looking up at you.

“I actually myself more or less. I have an older sister just like you and she is amazing with a needle just like Sansa. My mother was so impressed with her work she didn’t see the point in teaching me. I would watch my mother faun over my sister. I wanted her to notice me too so I tried and tried. After littering my hand with holes my sister gave me a little guidance. She wanted to teach me properly but I insisted I do it myself. I wanted to be better than her and it wouldn’t count if she helped me.”

“So you don’t get on well with your sister either? Is that why you had your brother teach you to shoot? Is she noisy and snappy like Sansa? I could understand if she is.” Arya sulks. I giggle at her words remembering how it used to feel feelings second best.

“I don’t dislike my sister. She is a very caring, lovely girl. I always wished I could be just like her. She is beautiful and talented and always got complimented on everything she did. I was envious at first but then realized I have things I’m good at too. I’m great with an arrow and okay with a sword. Two things my sister can’t do. As for sowing and cooking, she may be better but that doesn’t mean I’m horrible or that can’t get better too.”

Arya’s perplexed expression soon brightens when she catches on. “Oh so I shouldn’t worry about Sansa and do what I like to do?”

I nod, “Exactly. If you want to learn archery then do it. If you want to beat Sansa at needle point then you can practice. I’ll even help you if you want me to, I don’t mind.”

“Mother doesn’t like me shooting. I was practicing a little before but she found out and scolded me.” The little wolf girl grumbles.

I bump her shoulder. “Don’t worry, I can help with that too. I’ll teach you myself if you want? I already feel like I’m going to bump heads with from your mother a little anyways so one secret won’t do any harm.” You give her a wink.

part 4

My Past is Darker Than His

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My Past is Darker Than His

Authors Note: Mentions sexual abuse, drugs, murder.


I had been staying at the Winchester’s bunker for a couple of weeks, recovering from some broken ribs. It was not my idea of fun. But I didn’t get much of a choice; I needed to recover and had nowhere else to go

I knew all about them, there was no doubt in that. Thanks to the novels that I had read. I have to say it was rather interesting reading. It made me feel better in a weird sort of way that I wasn’t the only one with a crappy past. They may have literally been to hell, but I survived Hell on Earth. Not that I like to discuss it.

I spent every night sleeping with music on, I knew the dreams would wake me. I knew I would cry out. I was hoping the music would muffle my cries. I took the bedroom furthest from them. Making sure the door locked. The boys may have been the closest thing this world had to superheros but I didn’t trust them. In all fairness I didn’t trust anyone.

I ate with them, helped them research. Did some housework, what I could anyway given my position. The boys seemed nice enough, but I struggled. They tried to get to know me. They tried to get me to talk, open up. But I never did. Don’t get me wrong, I would smile, have a good time. Laugh at their stupid jokes. But I never told them about me. I didn’t want them freaking out, kicking me out. Not until I was strong enough to be on my own to fight off the things that went bump in the night.

I went on a supply run with Dean. Well no let’s put that straight, he went with me. I needed a few things and he tagged along. Uninvited. Bossy annoying thing he was. He tried making conversation, multiple times.
‘Tell me something we don’t know about you?’ he tried as we walked through the shops.
‘Considering you know almost nothing about me, that leaves a lot to say.’ I mumbled.
‘Exactly, sweetheart, now start talking.’ He grinned. I couldn’t help by smile at him.
‘I like Chinese food.’ I told him as I pulled the top off the rack to have a look. The last case had shredded my favourite outfit and needing to travel light meant I couldn’t have many spares.
‘Family?’ he tried, I stayed quiet. ‘Friends.’
‘None.’ I put it back and picked up another.
‘See that’s a lie, you got me and Sammy.’ He grinned, I gave him a sad smile.
‘If you want to stay in that category you may want to quit while you’re ahead.’ I gabbed a different shirt and put it in the basket.
‘You’re going to not be my friend if I ask you questions?’ he frowned.
‘No, you won’t be my friend if you knew the answers.’ I walked over to the jeans, leaving Dean puzzled.
‘I doubt it.’ He said confused.
‘Want me to cook tonight?’ I changed the subject, I watched as he frowned at me.

We decided on lunch before doing the food shopping. He had dropped the questions, but I knew it wasn’t over. He was cracking jokes and having light conversation. I was laughing at him when I saw him. In fact I almost ran into him. I froze, panic washing over me. Dean stopped, his hand fell to rest on my back.
‘Are you ok?’ I nodded, not taking my eyes off the man in front of me.
‘I need to go. Like now.’ I told him. I watched Dean look between us. He watched the fear on my face as he turned around. Stepping so he was in between us and blocking this mans view of me, Dean nodded. Pushing me so I turned and walked away. He didn’t say anything; he just got me out of there.

I don’t think I have ever been as grateful to a person as I was to him at that moment. I fought back tears, twisting my hands and I tried to stop the shaking.
‘You ok?’ he asked as we arrived at the bunker. I nodded ‘Want to talk?’ I shook my head, getting out the car as he pulled up I went to my room and locked myself in, falling to pieces.


This woman captivated me, more than anyone I had met. I have never seen a hunter fight like her, move like her. After we met on a vampire hunt, Sam and I had invited her back to rest at the bunker after her ribs were busted badly. I thought I could use this time to get to know her, build a friendship of sorts, maybe more. But it never happened as she kept to herself. She wasn’t one for talks or sitting on the couch watching movies. She kept her distance and I had no idea why.

I knew she had nightmares every night, I had heard them. But I also knew that she wouldn’t want me there and it killed me. I sat outside her room most nights listening to her sob.

When she said she had to go to the shops I jumped at the chance to tag along. Hoping I could get her to open up a bit. Relax some maybe, even if I was luck talk.

It sort of worked, I watched as she smiled and laughed with me.

It was when we headed for lunch, when she saw the man she almost ran into that everything changed. I knew there was so much more to her than I thought. I have never in my life, including my hunting life, seen anyone as afraid of someone as she was of him. I had no idea who he was or what he did but all I knew is that I wanted him dead and her safe.

As soon as she asked to leave I didn’t hesitate, I pushed her out the door and got her home. I tried to talk about it but she wasn’t opening up. I watched as she went into her room.

Later that night I heard her crying again. I sat outside the door and waited, wishing it was ok for me to go in. It wasn’t until I heard her scream that I decided screw it. I smashed the door down, obviously waking her in the process.


I woke to Dean breaking my door down. I panicked, still half asleep.

‘Please no, don’t. Just leave me alone. Don’t hurt me.’ I burst into tears, pulling up my blankets. Wanting to hide, to get as far away from him as possible. I think if it were possible I would have climbed the wall. I saw it was Dean and I watched his face crumble.
‘I’m not going to hurt you. Y/N.’ he put his hands up. I saw Sam behind him then, gun in hand.
‘Are you ok?’ Sam asked frowning, concerned. I rubbed my hands over my face.
‘Sorry, I…nightmare. It’s fine.’ I took a few deep breaths.
‘It’s not fine Y/N.’ Dean said quietly. ‘Is this to do with the man at the shops?’
‘Really it’s ok. Just go back to bed.’ I gave a small smiled and put my head in my hands. I could hear Dean saying something to Sam, next thing I knew my desk chair was being shifted and Dean sitting near me.
‘Now is the time you spill your guts sweetheart.’ He said softly. I shook my head, and watched as he nodded.
‘It’s too hard Dean, too long. Not worth the time it takes to tell it.’
‘Anything to do with you is worth the time.’ He said softly. ‘Talk.’
‘All of it.’ I groaned, Dean sat back and watched. I breathed out and told him my story. Having to kill my Dad when I was 9 years old because he turned into a werewolf. Having his hunting partner (the man at the store) take me in and then at 13 start using me as his toy, before selling me to a friend. How when they got me pregnant at 14 I was beaten until the baby died. How after that I killed the ‘friend’ so I could escape, before turning to a life of drugs, alcohol and sex in hopes it would kill me. How it wasn’t until I watched a child die at the hands of a demon because I was too wasted to save her that I realised I needed to turn my life around. Kill evil or be killed. And I wasn’t letting another innocent life suffer as a result. How I trained day and night to improve my skills as a hunter.

I watched as he struggled to keep it together.
‘I don’t want pity Dean.’ I said quietly. ‘And I understand if you turn me into the police there is still an outstand warrant thing for the guys murder.’ Dean’s jaw dropped.
‘I wouldn’t turn you in. Hell I would stand by and watch you do it again, help even. No one deserves that.’ I wiped my face. Dean shifted so he was next to me.
‘I’m surprised you aren’t running.’ I muttered, looking at him.
‘Never.’ He pulled me into his arms, and held me as I cried. Eventually falling asleep. For the first time in a long time it was nightmare free, a welcomed change.

Dean went out the next day, I panicked that he left. But all he did was go shopping. Which was probably a good thing, as we never did buy them the day before. I know he told Sam what happened and things changed. To be honest it helped, a bit anyway. The boys became protective, really protective. Dean ended up in my room most nights, as soon as he heard the nightmares starting he came in. It wasn’t until later I realised he was sleeping in the passageway. Eventually I let him just sleep on my bed. If I ever even looked remotely uncomfortable they stepped in. I over heard Dean telling Sam at one point, he would kill the guy himself if he ever saw him again. From what I could tell he was mad he didn’t know earlier so he could have dealt with him them. The friendship grew between us, it was the first time in a long time I felt like I had actual family.

My relationship with Dean changed, it went from nothing to friends, to overprotective friend, to something else. It was subtle moments that started it, a hand on the back as I walked through a door, the strawberry ice cream he brought home from the shops for me just cause, the movie nights watching chick flicks even though he hated them, the hand on my arm asking if I was ok, the lending of his jacket in the cold. Things between us grew. I don’t think there was any one moment in which we became an item. Any one moment in which we realised things were more than friends.

I went to bed and waited, knowing he would be coming in soon. Dean walked in as usual, putting my music on softly.
‘Thanks, covers your snoring.’ I grinned
‘I don’t snore.’ He chuckled
‘HA!’ I laughed.
‘I swear, I don’t hear it so I can’t be.’ He grinned, his smile growing as I laughed. He brushed the hair from my face smiling at me, looking at me. It was then he kissed me, slowly at first, pulling back, looking at me checking it was ok. I nodded slightly and he moved back in. It was amazing and it felt so right. It didn’t last long; he didn’t pressure me, try and take it further. He laid back after pulling me into his arms. I smiled against his chest.

My past may be darker than Deans but with him my future was brighter.