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star trek valentines (reboot edition)

Not the Best First Impression . . .

Context: I am playing a warrior for a home-made DnD campaign with four other guys.  It’s everyone’s first time playing and our DM’s first time DM-ing.  One of our players, who is a human barbarian named Hjelmnir, missed the first session so we make up a way to summon his character into the current session.  We are in the middle of a fight between two massive golems.  It is not going well; my character is badly wounded and hiding behind some rubble.

DM: Ok, Hjelmnir, you must pass the Constitution roll in order to teleport yourself safely into the middle of battle!

*Hjelmnir rolls very well and easily succeeds his roll.  He chooses to teleport himself next to me in hopes of being able to heal me a little during his next turn.*

DM: With your fantastic magical prowess, you cast the teleportation spell flawlessly and find yourself next to a stunning warrior woman!  The sheer magical blast of your teleportation spell temporarily stuns the golems!  You get one free move.

Hjelmnir (OOC) Of course, being the magnificent gentlemen that I am, I rush to the aid of the wounded maiden at my feet!

Me: My hero!

DM: Roll for magic.

*He rolls a 2*

DM: … you take out your knife to heal her and end up stabbing her in the leg.  She takes three damage and is now 1 hp away from death.

I don’t tell personal stories often, but when I do it’s probably for Everyone Is Gay.

My bosses + friends Kristin Russo and Dannielle Owens-Reid are just a few weeks from the official release of their book ’This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids,’ and for every book pre-ordered, a copy will be donated to a local PFLAG chapter. We’d really like to reach all 350+ chapters, and do our part to give more parents and kids more tools to help create open, positive conversations and relationships. The personal feelz below are why this is so, so important to me.  

Almost four years ago, when I was a very anxious (and probably very depressed) 18-year-old, I stumbled upon a website that simultaneously made me laugh my ass off AND helped contextualize my experience within a larger community I had never before been exposed to, felt comfortable in, or realized I was a part of… and that shit helped me through some tough times. was my safest space. 

Today, I am four months away from another graduation, and I have been fortunate enough to work with Dannielle and Kristin for over 6 months on the launch of The Parents Project among many other things–with no intention of stopping any time soon. Holding their freshly-printed book in my hands, while sitting in my own company’s new office space at the Fordham Foundry, overlooking the New York City neighborhood I ran away from my 18-year-old self to in 2011–and feeling truly proud and at home–is a really awesome feeling. 

Dannielle and Kristin’s work made a huge impact on my life before I ever met them, and it’s an amazing thing to feel like I’ve emerged on the other side of the confusion, anxiety, and fear that is all too common among kids who feel like they’re not “normal” with the amazing opportunity to pay it forward by supporting them in that work every day. These ladies had my back before they even knew me, and now they are some of my greatest personal supporters… and I have their backs, too, which is why I ask you to consider the following: 

Take a moment to learn more about this book, think about who you think it could help the most right now, and pre-order a copy–with the added bonus of knowing that another copy will be given to other people who desperately need it. At the very least, please share the link to spread the love. Thank you!! 

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WENDY: Friends, family, guests. Graduates of 2016.
WENDY: I am truly honored to deliver the valedictory for this year’s graduating class.
WENDY: I look out at all of you today, the kids that I know and some kids that I don’t, but I am so proud of all of you. All of us.
WENDY: We made it.
WENDY: But this isn’t the end of anything. No, this is only the beginning.
WENDY: some of us will go on to get more education, some of us will jump straight into work. Some of us will be left wondering where they spent the last four years at all.
WENDY: But no matter where we end up after we go home today, I want you to promise me some things.

WENDY: I want you to promise me that you’ll not only be successful, but happy.
WENDY: That what you do with the rest of your life is something that you enjoy. It’s something that makes you proud, and something that makes you eager to get out of bed in the morning.
WENDY: Because while money is important, especially in this day and age, it’s equally as important to value your life and what you do with it.
WENDY: So please promise me that you’ll find some way to be happy.

WENDY: And, please promise me that you’ll make smart decisions.
WENDY: When you leave here, make a game plan and try to follow it as best as you can.
WENDY: Be productive, be intelligent, have some common sense. Learn to recognize your own self worth and what you can do for the rest of the world.
WENDY: It’s not up to everyone else to save the world someday. That’s an activity that everyone participates in.

WENDY: Maybe most importantly, I want you to promise me you’ll do good things with the rest of your life.
WENDY: Whether it makes you happy, finds you love, or is generally stress-free. I want you to be proud of what you’ve accomplished.
WENDY: Go somewhere, do something, make yourself and anyone else you possibly can feel good.
WENDY: I don’t just mean charity work or volunteering. I mean take that trip you’ve always wanted to. Apply for the job you’ve dreamed of having since you were a kid.
WENDY: Don’t let your past hold you down to where you are. Take off the heavy chains and let yourself soar higher than you ever thought you could.

WENDY: And last but certainly not least, I want you to promise me one more thing.
WENDY: I want you to love yourselves.
WENDY: Find love, and love yourselves. Be it in the form of a spouse, a roommate, a trusted coworker, or even a pet.
WENDY: Know that you matter. Know that you are capable, you are good people, and you will always be loved by someone.
WENDY: It’s one of the most important things humans can feel, love and acceptance. Make sure you feel loved and accepted, somehow, some way.

WENDY: And with that, all I have left to say is how very proud I am of the classmates and friends sitting in front of me today.
WENDY: I want only the best for all of you. I want you to go out and experience life, and make something great.
WENDY: Be introspective. Be educated. Be excellent. And, most of all, remember where you came from.
WENDY: Remember who you are, and stay true to how you feel. You never know what you can really do until you try it.
WENDY: Now, if you’ll all join me in switching the tassel from the right to the left…


free! has made it to the final four in mtv’s fandom of the year competition!!! =D it now is the representative for the animation category. (i am so glad~)

the winner of this award will be announced as part of a tv special on sunday night. but you have less than two days to vote. vote many times and spread the word.

i strongly want free! to win because this is a great chance for free!- and anime in general- to get some more attention ^__^ it would be so great to see free! announced as the winner. i need to see that happen… yep

Fashion Week is the only time of the year when you can justify packing five winter jackets for a six day vacation. Now that statement might seem a bit superfluous, but nothing beats flying back from Europe wearing 3 thick sweaters under your jacket because your suitcase was four kilos over. Clearly I have some issues with packing.

Besides the fact that my bedroom looks like Mount Vesuvius spewed up everything from fuzzy socks to liquid leather pants, I have made some serious progress. I am so excited to be back in New York, New York. But once again the problem that arises every time I wake up is back to haunt me. What do I wear?

Let’s start with the basics. Camisoles in every color: nude, white, grey and black. During a frosty East coast winter, every layer matters. Next is a bunch of your favorite sweaters. I love my textured sweater from Sandro and my incredibly comfy sweater from Suncoo. Black pants are inevitable, but also some fun colors like rusty red and forrest green. My go-to jackets will either be my black peacoat with a chunky scarf or my grey jacket with a little red hiding hood style hood (or Assassin’s Creed, whatever floats your boat). Word is it’s really wet in NYC so I’m bringing my bright red rain boots to contrast my probable all black ensemble. I am planning on making a statement in my Elizabeth & James chelsea boots and BCBG Max Azria Handbag. The most important thing for me is being able to mix it all up and still have a nice color pallet going on.

I am so excited to share my experience at NYFW on my blog. I have so many exciting things planned. The energy of PFW was off the charts and I can only imagine that vivacity is amplified in the one and only, New York City. A special thank you to Valentine and the rest of the #Fashion tumblr team!

Maria Pukhanova channels my current feelings for Revs Magazine #5 photographed by Lena Kholkina

It’s like their first sleepover.

They had great plans to stay Up All Night, playing songs and watching movies. Inevitably, a time came when they felt homesick and wanted to say, Take Me Home, but they stuck it out, and were so glad they did, because they made some amazing Midnight Memories with their FOUR new best friends. Before they knew it, they had all these great moments Made In The AM, and now as they finally get to go home and rest, they can’t wait to get a chance to do it again!


During the last few weeks I had a lot of things going on in my real life regarding my financial situation as well as my health among others. Most of them were not positive, and even Tumblr was not a safe place for me anymore (just take all the hate mail). As many of you certainly noticed I reduced my online time drastically. I took the last few weeks to reset myself and try to find my way back to my old self somehow. But here’s the thing: I’m not the same person I was a month ago anymore. And I realized a lot of other things about myself and the things I create as well. So I made a couple of decisions that not everyone might like and that will probably cost me some followers, but that’s okay. 

I will not write any fanfiction anymore. Part I of Murderer’s Maze has four more chapters, and I will upload them until the end of the year. But that’s it. I am done writing fanfiction. All I want is to write original fiction anymore, and I will stick to that. 

I will not reblog any other things anymore. My queue will run daily with new edits, and I will reblog my older edits, my art and my writing, but that’s it. This blog will strictly be about myself.

I’ll be offline for most of the next two weeks, but after that I will start to blog more art and original writing again. I have a lot of things in my drafts, but I want to feel better before publishing them.

I hope my followers will understand, and again, please don’t feel obliged to continue following me if my blog is not what you are looking for anymore.

Thank you.


Sorry everypony, not answering any letters today. I need time. So much to think about, so many memories. I’ve lost my home for the last, well, almost four years. I loved every stick of furniture in that place. That was not just a bunch of stuff that got destroyed, it was a part of me.

The hardest part is thinking about all those books, many of which made me who I am today… To think I almost sold some of them, until I realized how important they were. And now they’re all gone, forever. All that knowledge reduced to ash, because of that monster’s vain ambition.

While many books weren’t unique and can be replaced with other copies, it just won’t be the same. Just like my new home won’t be the same. As for those books which were the only copy to ever exist… It just breaks my heart to think I can never read them again, that nopony can ever read them again.

I’m sending along some pictures from some special moments which happened in that place, so that it will never be forgotten.

Farewell, Golden Oak Library. Farewell, books. I will miss you.

How fucking incredible it is to actually have this album promoted THROUGH THE DAMN MUSIC. Imagine if that had happened for FOUR? I’m so happy that finally, FINALLY they get to talk about their songs in their own words without being lead by some trash heap interviewer looking for a scandal in the lyrics. I’m so happy that they’re getting the chance to prove themselves as a band and as individual artists. I’m so MAD that it’s taken this long, but I’m happy it’s actually happening.

1D albums as unforgettable times
  • Up All Night: A childhood sleepover. Fun, dancing, maybe some talk of that cutie from english class. Being last ones awake and drawing mustaches on the others, dancing until you fall apart on the floor, popcorn bowl spilt over the entire room
  • Take Me Home: All your dates with your first love. From clubbing to cuddling on the couch. Just spending time with the one you love while doing what ever you please. It was so long ago but you will never forget the good times.
  • Midnight Memories: First high school dance. The build up, the sparkly dresses and black suits, the drama of dates. The day of, punch that may or may not have been spiked with vodka, the spill of it on your clothes, crying in the bathroom before your friend covers the stain with a corsage. The last slow dance with the one you've been crushing on for weeks. The ring of the most popular pop songs and the disco lights forever in your mind.
  • Four: Summer camp. New friends, new experiences, late nights near the fire and enough stories to tell for a lifetime. Looking forward to s'mores every friday night. Searching for a radio signal for hours and finding one just before your favorite song comes on. Letters from your family. Postcards to your old friends. New friends that you may not ever see again but you will not forget.
  • Made in the A.M.: Ski trip with your best friends. The thrill of going downhill, the anticipation of waiting for the lift to drop you down a 100 meter hill of white gold. Trying the "death slope" and becoming a legend at the resort. Stripping your wet clothes at the end of the day to sit by the fire in sweaters sipping hot chocolate thinking about tomorrow's great adventure and talking about nothing at all until the miniscule hours of the night. Falling asleep while holding hands and waking up with them still intertwined.
When You Get Hurt-TMR

So I am going to be trying out a…preference! I will be doing a four guy preference (Thomas,Newt,Minho,Gally). And I based it off of a request that I got for just a Minho imagine but oh whale! Please do continue on sending me some imagine or preference requests

Thomas: Thomas would help you as much as he can, it doesn’t matter if it was just a paper cut or an ilness. He would try to get out of all of his duties just to help you. Eventually after he made sure that you were in the right hands he would check up on you whenever he could.

Newt: Newt would suprisingly not be to worried. That’s something that he admires about you, you’re very brave and can take care of your self. Obviously he would still ask how you are doing occasionly and convince you that you should take a day off work but for the most part he would trust you.

Minho: Minho would flip out. He would carry you everywhere and make the weirdest excuses to get out of running the maze. He would ask you constantly if you needed anything and be the cutest little teddy bear. If you asked for cuddles he would agree and cuddle you anywhere

Gally: Gally would be so upset with him self. You guys do the same job, that’s how you guys met and he is so mad at himself for letting you getting hurt on the job. Although after you reassure him that it’s okay, everything is back in order. I also feel like he would act totally out of character, acting all soft to everyone so he would never scare you.

(clockwise from top left):
one // two // three // four // five

Hey there!! I made this collage of some trendy clothing items that can be found at Sheinside, an online store. I adore their items and I’ve gotten quite a few that I am very, very satisfied with. Their clothing is so affordable and comes in good quality for the price that you pay!

I’m a student myself, and I understand most of you are too! I definitely feel the need to hunt for the best prices when it comes to purchasing new clothes. Sheinside is currently offering a BOGO free promotion on selected items from Jan 12th-19th, I believe! It’s on their page so check it out!


Hi, everyone! I’m Ariadny! I made this studyblr recently (yesterday) to motivate myself and others. I’m a graphic design student and would love to become a web developer as well. I’m currently taking classes at a community college and finally transferring to uni in the fall!

I am 20, a virgo, and INFP-A 🤘🏼
I’m 100% obsessed with dogs, but especially my four little babes 🐶
Currently taking finals for Fed Gov’t, US History I + II, and Speech Communication 📚

Some of my favorite blogs so far include @studypetals, @studyhards@productiveflower@thearialligraphyproject@studysthetics, @studeying, @studylittlestar, @elkstudies, @ngambis, @xiotetudes, @intellectus, @studyml@chillstudies, @studyanth, @studyvet, @somestudy, @studyingly, @fuckstudy!

I’d love to make friends and encourage everyone as much as they’ve encouraged me through my posts/blog. If you’re a studyblr please please like/reblog this post so I can connect with you! :’)


I cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am that Homestuck was a part of my life. Homestuck was essentially the reason I decided I wanted to get into cosplaying and that decision alone changed my life and made it so much better than it ever could have been. These are some of my cosplays from the past three or four years that I’ve been cosplaying Homestuck and I’m so glad I started when I did. Cosplaying itself has become such a huge part of my life and I would not be where I am now without all of the wonderful friends that i met through this fandom that have supported me to this point.

Happy 4/13 everyone. Here’s to being stuck another year!

My Top 25 Parental Confessions

Bless me child for I have sinned. It’s been your lifetime since my last confession and I feel like I need to come clean. I have lied to you, stolen your property and coveted your dinner, as well as your youth.

I am your father, but I haven’t always been a parent. I used to be just like you. I was an immature, unorganized mess of a human being skating on the edge of a downward spiral. But you made me. You made me a man who is responsible for another, and then three others.

There are four of you children and I confess that I am not always truthful about who I am and how I get by. There are things that I must do, discretion that I must make to get through my days as a parent. I will not share all my secrets, but I will shed some light on some of what you do not know.

So here are the first 25 confessions that come to mind.

  1. I had sex with your mother in your bedroom long before it was your bedroom, but the memory still lives there.
  2. I pop your balloons when you are at school.
  3. I throw away your drawings, but I have saved every birthday card you ever made for me.
  4. I am the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. However, Santa Claus is real.
  5. Calliou has always been our go-to babysitter when Mom and Dad need some adult alone time. Because of that Calliou’s theme song kind of turns me on.

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