so i made some at four am

apparently there’s a bulletin board on the tempest where your crew can leave messages for you and your shipmates but from what the people who got to play the game saw it was generally just used for teammates to complain about each other

‘Peebee, where the fuck is my scarf. I know you have it. It’s convenient that you were talking about how soft it looks yesterday at the bar and now SUDDENLY it’s gone. My sister made that for me so if it’s not back in my cabin by the time I’m back from recon I’m going to strangle you by the arm straps of your jacket.’ - V

‘Whoever told Jaal that I am some expert on human copulating behaviors better hope they never need any extensive medical care anytime soon. I just had to spend four hours of my valuable time explaining to a seven foot tall Angara how clitoral stimulation works. P.S; I know it was you Liam.’ -Dr. Lexi

‘Whoever keeps changing my name to ‘Kaitlyn’, ‘Susan’ or ‘Becky’ on my locker and the official mission statements is going to get shot directly out of the airlock.’ - Lt. Harper

‘While I know Peebee might get on everyones nerves once in a while, the next person to try to jettison her escape pod off the ship in the middle of the night is on toilet duty for a week. I’m sick of this. You’re adults, not middle schoolers.’ - Kallo

Well Bamon isnt in the final two but...

Super proud of us making it to the final four. Guys… We were the only tvd ship to make it that far. Tvd is over but we will love and cherish Bamon for years to come. They are the ship that should have been in cannon. And the a feisty , loveable, sex fannon ship we all love. And lets face it… Any fannon is better then crappie written cannon😂. I am so proud to be a part of the Bamily. Ive made some really amazing friends . My only hope is we never forget the power our little ship that could had on all of the haters. Love y'all . Make sure not to totally disappear from the tag. Bamon season 8 write is stil underway so keep a lookout for that. PROUD BAMON SHIPPER FOR LIFE🙌

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The Wings Tour - 19/03/2017 - São Paulo, Brasil

So I went to the BTS concert here in Brasil…. I was going to make a whole text about it and stuff but I decided that my own self freaking out to my friend on twitter right after I came back from the concert was a more accurate description of my experience over there. So I decided to just copy and paste everything I sent to her, with all the grammar mistakes, caps and misspelling:

“So first of all I’m dead… like come to my funeral tomorrow cause I’m fucking dead. 

Second of all it’s now almost four am, the concert ended about 22:30 and just now after I took a shower I managed to stop shaking and crying.  

Third of all my body hurts like I’ve been run over by a truck but it’s okay.

So let me tell you about the concert.







On the end of spring day that is the last song we sang the oh oh oh from the MV and they got so moved, like they were holding back tears or even crying and UGH I LOVE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH


Then I sent her some shitty pics with some captions such as: “Seokjin slaying my entire existence with awake like damn son”

And started to freak out again: “Then they started to talk in fUCKING PORTUGUESE LIKE PROS so I decided to record it” 

And then I send her the videos of the boys talking in portuguese (all the bold parts is me translating to her what they said in portuguese btw and i’ll link the videos I posted on my Instagram if anyone wants to see it), again with captions such as: He said that thanks to us he feels better LIKE OMG JIN YOU ARE THE ONE WHO MAKES US FEEL BETTER OMG I LOVE HIM” or “Hope to see you more times” “now im really happy” MY SON ITS TOO CUTE GOD BLESS HIM” about Jungkook and then: “The time passed too fast, I wish it didn’t end here” CAN YOU HEAR ME CRYING BECAUSE I BET YOI CAN!!! KIM TAEHYUNG WAMTS TO SEE ME DEAD I SWEAR! HIS PORTUGUESE IS SO CUTE HIM SAYING THAT IS MY NEW RELIGION GODDAMMIT I LOVE THE FUCK OUT OF HIM I’m okay I’m okay~~~” about Taehyung and I think you can all guess from me freaking out about him to her that he is my ultimate bias… and “Are you gonna miss us” NAH JOONIE WHY WOULD I- YES OF COURSE I WILL PLS DONT LEAVE ME” or “ “Brazil always leaves me with good memories” HE KILLED ME. HE JUST KILLED ME.” about Yoongi and then “I got emotional” ME TOO JIMINIE ME TOO” and to end with a huge bang: “You are our wings that’s why we can fly high, let’s fly higher together” HOSEOK ENDED ME WOTH THIS! HOW DARE HIM! HOW CAN HE EVEN KNOW HOW TO SAY SUCH THINGS IN PORTUGUESE DAMMIT I LOVE HIM SO MUCHHHHH”

You can all see from that mess that it was an amazing concert. The day after I woke up crying and I couldn’t stop crying because after the adrenaline kicked off, all my emotions exploded. I was completely wrecked.

I never loved any group or band as much as I love BTS. They really do mean everything to me and I never knew I could love a group this much because I loved some others in the past and my feelings fro them were big and deep but with BTS is a feeling that I can’t even begin to describe. I love each and every single one of them with all my heart and nothing makes me happier than knowing that I made them happy in this concert. 

It was nice to see that in the concert on the day after Namjoon changed his lyrics after we chanted “we love you” to him. Hear him singing “yes I do love myself” messed up with my emotions in a way I don’t know how to describe. I feel very lucky to have been part of the reason why this happened and I couldn’t be more proud of my fellow b-armys that made these two concerts unforgettable nights not only for BTS but for us armys as well. 

Now all my pics are shit because I couldn’t stop shaking but I’ll leave this one here because this one is probably the only one that is not shaken and it is my bias and my bias wrecker… plus Yoongi’s face is funny lol… <333

btw thanks @ochisu for hearing me freaking out about this, I love youuuuu.

after driving 1837 miles over four days, I’ve made it to Redmond. I saw so many interesting and surprising things the way up. I met some wonderful people. I got into a minor car accident. but I’m here now.

I am in something of a culture shock. this area is so different from what I’m used to. how I live I’d doing to have to change a lot, as well. I’ve done this a number of times already, but it doesn’t really get easier. before leaving Arizona, I definitely started to feel the enticement of settling.

but that’s all disrupted now. I am promised a lot of opportunities here. I will have to work harder and live leaner. I don’t have nearly as much cushion as I did before. I’m honestly a bit scared. but a still have a lot of good people supporting me. thinking of them and wanting to see them, it gives me strength.

Life Lesson for the Insecure

It’s been a rough four months guys. One friend of nine years decided she no longer wished to be associated with me, my mom had to be rushed to the hospital shortly after and almost lost her, and I made a new friend who I’ve been struggling to support and help through a difficult period. So I wrote this, sort of as a therapeutic message for myself, as well as one for others who may be going through the similar experiences.

Lately, I’ve been asking myself “Why am I not good enough?”

I think we’ve all felt this before – especially when a relationship, romantic or otherwise, has a falling out or is no longer going in a positive way. It’s easy to get swept up in feelings of inadequacy or play the blame games on ourselves especially if the presence that made us believe these thoughts was an overall negative one or became one over time.

So what do you do to fight these thoughts?

Step #1: Tell yourself – “My flaws do not define me. My merits do.”

Remember what it is about yourself that makes you great. Are you a sociable person? Awesome! Are you a good listener? That’s so great! Are you the type to always try to tell someone to have a great day? Remember that such simple words can often brighten up someone’s day.

Do not get swept up in your flaws. It’s easy to start saying “But if I was more patient things would have worked out” or “If I hadn’t gotten angry that one time…” – but you are human. You will never have an unending supply of this good thing or that good thing and that is okay. When you have made a mistake, suck it up and apologize and vow to do better from then on; the right people in your life will forgive you.

Step #2: It’s never “All your fault” when something does not work out.

Relationships are like a dance – both people have to be willing to participate to make it work. When the dance is missing a few steps, it’s important to determine who made the wrong move and correct it. You’re not always the one who makes the wrong move – you are also not always the one to make the right one, either. If they stepped on your toes, acknowledge that. If you stepped on theirs, apologize.

Dances can become rough around the edges, no matter how long the two have been dancing for. Never think that just because you’ve known someone a long time that improvement doesn’t need to be made for both people. As years go by, people change; their outlooks, interests and goals shift. As long as both parties are still willing to, the dance will improve and keep moving.

Step #3: Rough times

A lot of relationships tend to fall apart just as someone starts going through a rough spell. The most important thing to remember is - it is okay for someone to be having a hard time.  It is NOT okay to be mistreated by or mistreat those around you on the basis of that hard time. All of us go through hard times we have to get through; but no one should lose love or support over it.

Step #4: Acknowledge who was the one to stop trying.

This is probably where the feeling of not being good enough comes the hardest into play: Did you want to fight for the relationship but the other person didn’t? Did you keep trying to have conversations to make improvements but the other person was unresponsive to your concerns?  

That is not your fault. The feeling of wanting to improve one’s self comes from within; while you can encourage and support the other person to improve, you cannot catalyst it. A person will want to improve for you because they value the relationship with you and they want to make it work. You cannot fix them; the person needs to fix themselves.

It’s equally important not to allow their actions of ‘quitting on you’ make you feel like you aren’t deserving of being in their life. You DID deserve to be there – but if they didn’t value the relationship to try that is their fault, not yours.

On the opposite token, if you were the one to stop trying, the most important question to ask is why? There are oftentimes good reasons you stopped wanting to continue a relationship with someone and there’s never “one single reason” either. Acknowledge and remind yourself about those reasons. It’s especially important to do this when coming out of a toxic relationship – if a relationship was unhealthy to you, that is the best possible reason to leave. You do not deserve to be in a relationship where someone makes you feel worthless, unimportant, or second best. Those feelings are real and if your partner fails to try to repair or even acknowledge what is making you feel that way? Leave. And instead, surround yourself and hold onto the people who do make you feel worthwhile. The more you do, the better and more positive your outlook on yourself will become.

Step #5: Strive for perfection; don’t expect to obtain it

Are you short tempered? Do you struggle to speak up? Are you constantly self-deprecating to yourself?

You have flaws. You will always have flaws. It’s important to acknowledge them as some of them may even try to hold you back but, don’t think that those flaws can’t be improved upon. While your extreme shyness in a crowd may never fully change, challenge yourself to go out during a busy afternoon or even just simply meet someone’s eyes. Just because you can do it one day and not the next, doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Working towards improvement takes time and you should be proud of the accomplishments you make, no matter how small.

And do not be afraid to understand when a flaw has become unhealthy for you or those around you and to seek help improving it. Seek advice from those you trust, look for self-help books or articles online, or, if it’s extremely unhealthy, seek guidance from a professional. You deserve to be the best you that you can be for yourself and for those you care about and that care about you. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, so make sure to always take care of both.

so last night at a concert some jerk guy got gum in my hair so I ran to the bathroom where like four girls came up to me and offered to help and while the nice bathroom attendant lady was cutting the gum out of my hair with a pair of wire cutters some random girl that saw what was happening just came up to me and told me she loved my eyeliner and it made my night bc I felt so weird and gross and she made me feel really pretty and I just fucking love girls

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 20

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 20


Please, note that I am French, so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Enjoy this long chapter ;)

(Takes place in 3x15x16x17x18)

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You had an awful night. You barely slept, too worried about what would happen next. You decided to put your mind somewhere else and to practice your magic. You were getting better at it. You had only practiced the four elements and ice. You had made plants and flowers grow, created them in the palm of your hand.

A little bit passed noon, Rebekah was knocking at your door.

“You’re an idiot, you know that?” she tells you as soon as you open the door.

“Good afternoon to you too, Bekah…”

“Why did you drink the champagne if you knew there was something wrong with it?”

You sigh. “I just wanted to see how far Elena would go to kill Klaus. At least, now I know she doesn’t care about me at all.”

“Well, you can come with me and get back at her for that.”

You frown. “Where are we going?”

“To babysit” she says.

You follow her under the Lockwood property. “You are linked to me and my brothers. If we do not stop my mother before 9 tonight, we will die. We think my mother doesn’t know you’re the one linked to us and not Elijah.”

“Okay…” You might die tonight, drinking that champagne was definitely the worst idea you ever had. “But what are we doing here? Who are we babysitting?”


Your eyes grow big. “What?”

“We keep her here and we kill her if Damon and Stefan don’t stop our mother from performing the ritual tonight.”

You weren’t happy about killing Elena. But she didn’t stop you from drinking yesterday and didn’t mind to let you die if it meant killing Klaus. Still, you hoped you wouldn’t have to watch Rebekah kill her because if she did, that meant you would die too.

Elena was trying to leave the caves but Rebekah stopped her. “Going somewhere?”

“What are you doing here?” she says, looking at Rebekah and at you.

“Not much, unless you try to run, in which case I get to kill you” she says with a smile.

“Y/N, you don’t want to do this”

You frown. “So, it’s okay for you to kill me if it means killing Klaus but it’s not okay for Rebekah to kill you if it means saving ourselves?”

“I’m so sorry, I never wanted to…”

“I don’t believe you, Elena. You want Klaus dead and you don’t care who dies with him.”

“That’s not true. If there were any other way…”

“I can’t keep listening to you, Elena.” you shut her up.

Rebekah takes her cellphone and start filming the Gilbert girl.

“All right, love. Now look into the camera.”

“What are you doing?” she asks.

“Shooting a picture to inspire your boyfriends.”

“I guess you think I have this coming…”

“You do” you cut her off.

“You know, I don’t know what I want more. To find out we’re safe, or to find out it’s all right to kill you.”

“This isn’t my fault. I wanted to get rid of Klaus. And at one point, so did you. I didn’t know your mother was planning on killing all of you.”

“You’re a liar. You knew what she was gonna do when you gave her your blood” you tell her.

“Do you think I wanna spend what could be the last hours of my life with a girl who literally stabbed me in the back? Of course not. But for some reasons, everybody seems to bend over backwards to save your life, which is incredibly annoying, but makes you the perfect hostage. So we’re going to stay here and you’re going to stop talking because it seems like Y/N, who was supposedly your friend, is tired of listening to your whining and I can understand her, considering she might be living her last moments because of you.”

Elena sits on a rock and shuts up.

“It’s so dark in here” Rebekah sighs.

“I can help with that” you say and all the candles, that Alaric and the others had left there when they were taking pictures of the symbols on the walls, lit up.

“You’ve been practicing” Rebekah smiles at you.

“Yes, and if I die tonight, it would all have been for nothing” you sigh.

“How did you do that?” Elena asks.

“She doesn’t know?” Rebekah asks you.

“I never told her, only Bonnie knows that I’m an elemental”

“What’s that?”

“That, is none of your business” you say.

It was night already. Rebekah was telling you about an elemental boyfriend she once had that could manipulate ice. His name was Gray and they dated back in the 16th century.

Suddenly, you screamed in pain it’s like your heart is pierced by a sharp blade. You fall on the ground just before Rebekah does and you see her skin turning grey. You had never felt so much pain before, you felt like dying. Elena passed by you, trying to escape. The pain last a few minutes before it went away. Rebekah started to move a few seconds after you and her skin was turning back to normal.

“Elena’s gone” you say, out of breath because of the pain.

Rebekah left you, using her vampire speed to catch up to Elena.

When you found her she was blocked by an invisible wall and couldn’t reach Elena.

“Sorry, no vampires allowed” she says.

“You think it’s funny?” you ask her, out of breath and still in pain.

“You okay?” the blonde asks you.

You shake your head “My heart… it hurts”

“One of my brother got daggered, because we’re linked you felt it too”

“You think you’re safe because Rebekah can’t come to you?” you ask getting closer to her. There were candles everywhere and you lit them up.

“You’re not going to hurt me” she says.

“You’re so arrogant, Elena. Before I met you, I lived my life without annoying anyone. I didn’t care enough to be angry at anything. When you left me in that house when Rose and Trevor kidnapped us, I wasn’t angry at all but now, I know who you are, the truth is, you’re a terrible and selfish girl and I might not kill you but you’re going to watch me die knowing that it’s all your fault!” you say, bitter.

Not long after you yelled at Elena, Rebekah received a text from Elijah. Damon had turned Bonnie’s mother into a vampire and you were no longer in danger. You left with the blonde and you both went back to your own house. You took a long shower, thinking about your day.

You were about to go to bed when somebody knocked at your front door.

“Elijah” you breathe his name and smiled, happy to see him.


“Come in.”

“No, I can’t stay” he says. “I’m leaving town”.

You frown. “What?”

“Today I’ve hurt an innocent girl to save my family… Although I talk about virtue, I am no better than my brothers… I kill and hurt people when it serves me. My mother is right. We are monsters” he says, looking down, ashamed.

“That’s not true” you say, taking one step towards him, putting a hand on his arm.

“It is. You do not know me or my family. You’ve seen what we’re capable of, we are dangerous” he says, taking your hand in his. “You’ve put yourself in great danger for me and my family and for that I am grateful to you. It was an honor meeting you.” He bends his head to kiss your forehead. “Goodbye, I hope to see you again, one day, Y/N” he says and he was gone.

You gasp at his sudden disappearance. You’re stunned by what just happened. Elijah was gone again. Your eyes were tearing up so you shake your head and take a deep breath. You take your phone and call Rebekah.

“Y/N? Is everything okay?”

“Are you leaving too?” you ask.

“You’ve heard from Elijah” she guesses.

“He’s gone” you say, failing to keep a steady voice.

“I know. He’ll be back, don’t worry… To answer your question, no, Niklaus and I are staying here.”

You nod “Okay, good” you sigh.

“Are you gonna be okay?” she asks you.

“Yes, I’m just tired. I’m gonna go to bed, see you tomorrow.”


You hang up and go to bed.

The following morning you hear from Matt that Bonnie’s mother decided to complete the transition and that Alaric was arrested. This doctor, Meredith Fell, had shot him and claimed he was coming at her with a knife. Okay, you didn’t like her. She was obviously lying, Alaric couldn’t be the serial killer Sheriff Forbes was looking for.

Rebekah was spending the day with Damon and Stefan so you decided to practice your magic. It was getting easier for you to manipulate the elements. But now that Elijah was gone, you had to ask someone else to translate the grimoire if you wanted to ever control light and darkness.

Katherine called. You told her about everything that happened, that Elijah had left town. You told her your magic had improved and that you hoped she was safe and not too bored.

It was late when Rebekah came knocking at your door. She asks about the summer you worked at the archives of the town. She asks if you knew about an archive about the trees of Mystic Falls. You tell her that the Salvatores had those and she sighs.

“Yeah…The Mayor told me that this morning.”

“Why do you ask, anyway?”

She sighs. She looks hesitant, like she doesn’t know if she can trust you.

“I think the tree that can kill my siblings and I grew again and I need to find it and destroy it” she tells you.

“Okay, if you need any help with that, just ask” you tell her.

She smiles at you “I will”. “There’s this…thing, tomorrow, for the new bridge. You wanna come with me?”

“Yeah” you nod and hug her.

She leaves you and you go to bed.

The next day you’re at the event for the new bridge with Rebekah.

“It’s amazing how I can feel it all” you tell her. “The trees, the wind…”

“I’m glad you’re finally embracing who you truly are” Rebekah says, smiling at you.

“How’s Klaus?” you ask her.

“Paranoid about…you know” she says, gesturing to Damon.

“Ah, yes…Did you find anything about that?”

“Unfortunately, no” she sighs.

You keep walking around until Rebekah spotted a woman you’ve never seen before who was talking with Damon.

“Look what the cat dragged in” she says to the redhead stranger.

“Easy there, Rebekah” Damon says “You know, she used to beat men for sport.”

“She always was quite common” your friend says.

“Rebekah.” The woman starts “What a happy surprise.”

“What are you doing here, Sage?”

“Well, I heard Finn was finally freed from that casket you rageaholic brother, Klaus, carted him around in.”

“Finn. You just missed him. He left town and didn’t tell a soul where he was going.”

“He’s probably looking for me”

“I doubt that. Because he didn’t seem to mention you.” You look up with a reprimanding look at her. She could be nicer. “Sorry you came all this way for nothing. Have a nice life. Come Y/N”

You follow her. “You don’t like her?”

She puts a finger on her lips, sushing you. “I’m faking it. I need Damon to believe she will help him kill me, she’s here because Klaus called her”

“Who’s she?”

“Finn turned her. She thinks they’re sharing an eternal love” she says, mocking her.

“Maybe they do…”

She laughs. “So innocent and so naïve…Anyway, I need to find those archives without Damon or Stefan knowing what I’m up too” she sighs.

“This isn’t going to be easy” you tell her.

You both walked to the tables where there were food and drinks.

Damon approaches you. “Anyone ever tell you you’re sexy when you’re bitchy?” he says to the blonde and you roll your eyes.

“We’re talking now, are we? Because you were quite rude the other day. Using me to help you with Stefan and then shooing me away like a stray dog.”

You frown at that, what was she talking about?

“That was brother business. You can’t hold that against me. Besides, I really appreciated your help. Even if I didn’t show it”

“What is he talking about?” you ask but they both ignore you.

“You were mean” she says.

“You like mean”

“No, I don’t”

“No? You didn’t get a thrill back there, pushing Sage down, crushing her dreams of true love?”

“Maybe a little” she admits.

You frown.

“See?” Mean. Can Sage and I interest you in a drink back at the house?”

“Not a chance in hell”

“Well, you know what they say. Two is company. Three is a party”

You didn’t want to hear that. “Okay, I’m going now” you say waving your hands.

“Don’t, he’s leaving” Rebekah takes your arm.

“Feel free to change your mind” Damon says before walking away.

“You slept with Damon?” you say, a little disgusted.



“The night of the ball…I got rejected by Matt…”

“I’m sorry…”

She shrugs. Your phone rings. It’s Caroline. You sigh.


“Hey, it’s me. Look, I know you’re mad at Elena and we’re having a hard time accepting what she did to you but there’s something important you need to know. It’s about Ric.”

Rebekah raises an eyebrow.

Alaric was the serial killer that’s been killing people for a while. Well, not Ric, Ric but dark, evil, Ric. His ring that allows him to come back to life when kill by a supernatural creature had turned him mad. Bonnie says she’s going to try and find a way to help him but she doesn’t know where to start.

You sigh. “Can this town become more dangerous?”

“Oh, you know, it can always get worse, not matter what”

“That’s not reassuring” you tell her.

“I know, sorry”

She sighs. “Anyway, I need to find out about the tree so I guess I’m going to a party tonight.”

You go back home and keep practicing your magic with the crystals. Elijah was right. You were stronger when you were using them.

Late in the night, you receive the visit of Rebekah.


“Found the tree, burned what was rest of it” she says, smiling.

You breathe, relieved “Good” you say. Then, you clear your throat.

“You know I’m still linked to you, right? And when I die, you’ll die too…”

“I know” she nods. “Don’t worry, your friend witch will unlink us soon enough”

You nod. “Anyway, this is from my brother” she says, handing you a roll of paper. “See you later”

You close the door and unroll the paper. It was a drawing of you, dancing with Elijah at the ball. It was signed: You were a vision. Klaus. You smile and think back to that night. You got to your room and framed the drawing before going into bed.

The following morning, Bonnie was knocking at your door.

“I’m so sorry for what Elena did” she starts. “But they’re not gonna stop trying to kill Klaus so I need to unlink you from them.”

“You mean…unlink us all, right?”

She shakes her head no.

“Then, I don’t want you to unlink me.”


“You unlink us all or you kill me with them” you tell her.

She looks at you like you’re crazy. “Y/N…”

You don’t budge. She takes a deep breath “Fine” she sighs.

You take her to Klaus’s place. You knew they were back from their trip. They went to bring Finn back to Mystic Falls.

“Well, what do we have here, love?”

“Hello, Klaus” you say “Bonnie has agreed to unlink us all”

“I would have been happy to only unlink her but it seems like she’s ready to die for your family” she sighs, unhappy, blaming him.

“Is that true, love?” he asks, surprise.

“She’s gonna have to kill me before she kills you” you nod.

“I knew you were the only trustworthy person in this town” Rebekah says, stepping inside the room before hugging you.

Bonnie settles in one of the hundreds room this house must have. “It’s gonna take a while before I figure out how to do it”

You hear a scream. “What was that?” you ask.

“Oh, that is my dear sister, getting back at Damon for wronging her” Klaus answers.

You sigh and go find Rebekah.

You entered a room where Damon was attached by the hands and feet to animal traps. He looked terrible.

“Rebekah!” you yell.

“What? He deserves it” she tells you.

“But…you’re hurting him!”

“So? He hurt me first!”

You sigh. You know you can’t stop her. “Still…” you didn’t know what to say to convince her to stop. Rebekah spent all the afternoon torturing Damon. It was already dark when Bonnie finally performed the spell to unlink you. Klaus accompanied her to the front door.

“Oh leaving so soon?” Rebekah tells the witch, cleaning Damon’s blood off her hands.

“Sister” Klaus says “Be nice”

“Thank you Bonnie” Rebekah says, insincere. “See you in physics class” she says, smiling mischievously before walking away.

That’s when Bonnie saw Damon. “Oh my God”

“Yeah, you’ll have to excuse the mess” Klaus says, mentioning the blood, “apparently Damon hurt her feelings”

She turns to look at you. “And you’re not saying anything?” she yells at you, outraged.

“What do you want me to say? There’s nothing I can do…”

“You chose them over us, do you see what they’re doing to him?”

You frown. “Damon compelled me. Elena tried to kill me. And you’re surprised I choose them over you?”

“Can’t you see what they’re doing to him?”

“He tried to kill her! Yesterday he was going to use the white oak tree to kill Rebekah and that would have killed me too! I’m not happy about it but like you said, it’s them over you. You have to stop behaving like they’re the bad guys and you’re the good ones. Do I have to remind you he turned your mother into a vampire?” you yell back at her.

She frowns, obviously disappointed in you.

“But thanks for saving my life, anyway” you say before following Rebekah’s footstep.

“Go on.” Klaus says “Help him. Save the man who turned your mother into a vampire”

Bonnie stares at Damon for a while. “Just get me out of here”

“Very well” Klaus leads her to the front door.

Once outside she takes her phone and call Elena. “Klaus has Damon.”

“Klaus should be dead. We just killed Finn”


“Did you unlink them?” Elena asks.

“Of course I did, wait… Y/N would have died too! How could you do that?”

“We didn’t have a choice, Bonnie. She picked her side.”

“You’re unbelievable!”

“Where’s Damon?” Elena changes the subject.

“At Klaus’s mansion, it’s bad. Y/N is there too, she’s not gonna help him. I can’t believe you were ready to kill her!”


“I have to go” the witch says and hangs up.

You were in Klaus’s studio. You liked this room because of all the art. You were staring at his latest work when he joined you.

“Everything okay, love?”

You look up at him. “Yeah…”

“Tough choice it was between the witch and my sister?”

“Not really” you shrug. “They hurt me more than you ever did”

He looks at you curiously.

“Thanks for the drawing, by the way. I love it” you smile at him.

“You’re welcome, love” he smiles back at you.

He turns his head a little bit on the side like he was listening to something you couldn’t hear then leaves the room. You follow him to find Stefan in the room where Damon was with a bag filled with stakes.

“I’m here to make a deal” the younger Salvatore says.

“Stefan, what are you doing?” Damon asks but his brother doesn’t answer.

“Eight stakes, make of white oak. The part of the Wickery Bridge that you forgot to burn” he says, looking at Rebekah.

“That’s impossible” Rebekah breathes out.

“Actually, it’s not” Stefan says. “Finn’s dead”

You frown. They didn’t know Bonnie was unlinking you and if they had killed him sooner, you would’ve died too.

“You killed my brother?” Rebekah asks with a threatening tone.

He doesn’t answer. “Damon in exchange for the last eight weapons that could kill you”

“And how do we know there aren’t any more left?” Klaus asks.

“Because there aren’t.” Stefan tells him.

“Let’s be certain, shall we?”

You frown, watching the hybrid walking over to Damon.

“Leave” he tells Damon.


“Go on. Leave”

“Klaus, stop” you tell him

“Nik, he’s my plaything, not yours.”

“I said, go home”

Damon, then, painfully tries to set himself free from the animals trap.

“Klaus, stop” you say, again.

“You have a soft heart, Y/N” he says but stops Damon anyway.

“I see that you can finally be compelled, so let me ask you this, minus the stake that’s in my brother’s heart, how many more stakes are out there that can kill me” he asks.


“Eleven! Really?”

“You really shouldn’t have lied” Rebekah says.

“So not eight?” he asks, looking at Stefan.

“I’ll get you the other three” he says.

“Yeah, that would be nice. Or since you lied, maybe I’ll just compel your brother to chew his own tongue”

“Klaus” you say, reprimanding him.

“What’s wrong with you?” Stefan asks.

“What is wrong with you?” the hybrid gets angry “Do you really have no appreciation for me? I have given you someone to hate, to loathe, a target for all your anger. So you don’t have to turn it on yourself. I have given you a life purpose as your friend. I really think you should be thanking me!”

You roll your eyes.

“Enough!” Stefan pushes Klaus into a wall, vampire speed, with a stake in his hand.

Luckily, Klaus manages to stop him. “Step down or you’ll both die”

“Stefan, stop!” you say.

He does as you say and Klaus takes the stake away from him.

Rebekah’s watching you, you’re silently asking her to stop this. “This is ridiculous” she sighs and frees Damon.

“What are you doing?” Klaus asks his sister.

“I brought him here, I get to release him. My rules now” she’s now looking at you. “Bring us the stakes and you’ll both live. Take your brother as a sign of good faith” She starts walking away. “Come Y/N”.

You looked at Klaus who looked at you before looking at Stefan “Bring us the stakes. All of them. Or I’ll wage a war against everyone you love. I hope I’m being clear.”

You sigh and follow Rebekah.

“I can’t believe Finn is dead” she says.

“Good riddance” Klaus says, entering the room.“He was an embarrassment, Rebekah.”

“He was still your brother, mind your tongue.”

“Fine, let’s say a prayer for Finn who slept in a box longer than he lived as a man.”

“And whose fault was that?” you say, annoyed.

He turns his head to look at you and you raise your eyebrows at him.

“Is that how you would speak of me if I died?” Rebekah asks her brother.

He turns his head back to her. “Well you let the Salvatores loose with two stakes that can kill us so I guess we’ll find out soon enough”

You sighed, you were tired of the drama so you left the room and went back home. How is it they were so different from Elijah?


WENDY: Friends, family, guests. Graduates of 2016.
WENDY: I am truly honored to deliver the valedictory for this year’s graduating class.
WENDY: I look out at all of you today, the kids that I know and some kids that I don’t, but I am so proud of all of you. All of us.
WENDY: We made it.
WENDY: But this isn’t the end of anything. No, this is only the beginning.
WENDY: some of us will go on to get more education, some of us will jump straight into work. Some of us will be left wondering where they spent the last four years at all.
WENDY: But no matter where we end up after we go home today, I want you to promise me some things.

WENDY: I want you to promise me that you’ll not only be successful, but happy.
WENDY: That what you do with the rest of your life is something that you enjoy. It’s something that makes you proud, and something that makes you eager to get out of bed in the morning.
WENDY: Because while money is important, especially in this day and age, it’s equally as important to value your life and what you do with it.
WENDY: So please promise me that you’ll find some way to be happy.

WENDY: And, please promise me that you’ll make smart decisions.
WENDY: When you leave here, make a game plan and try to follow it as best as you can.
WENDY: Be productive, be intelligent, have some common sense. Learn to recognize your own self worth and what you can do for the rest of the world.
WENDY: It’s not up to everyone else to save the world someday. That’s an activity that everyone participates in.

WENDY: Maybe most importantly, I want you to promise me you’ll do good things with the rest of your life.
WENDY: Whether it makes you happy, finds you love, or is generally stress-free. I want you to be proud of what you’ve accomplished.
WENDY: Go somewhere, do something, make yourself and anyone else you possibly can feel good.
WENDY: I don’t just mean charity work or volunteering. I mean take that trip you’ve always wanted to. Apply for the job you’ve dreamed of having since you were a kid.
WENDY: Don’t let your past hold you down to where you are. Take off the heavy chains and let yourself soar higher than you ever thought you could.

WENDY: And last but certainly not least, I want you to promise me one more thing.
WENDY: I want you to love yourselves.
WENDY: Find love, and love yourselves. Be it in the form of a spouse, a roommate, a trusted coworker, or even a pet.
WENDY: Know that you matter. Know that you are capable, you are good people, and you will always be loved by someone.
WENDY: It’s one of the most important things humans can feel, love and acceptance. Make sure you feel loved and accepted, somehow, some way.

WENDY: And with that, all I have left to say is how very proud I am of the classmates and friends sitting in front of me today.
WENDY: I want only the best for all of you. I want you to go out and experience life, and make something great.
WENDY: Be introspective. Be educated. Be excellent. And, most of all, remember where you came from.
WENDY: Remember who you are, and stay true to how you feel. You never know what you can really do until you try it.
WENDY: Now, if you’ll all join me in switching the tassel from the right to the left…

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hey!! i really hope you're having a wonderful day today, and everything goes well and something unexpectedly good happens to you. you're an amazing person, i really love your blog! :)

Nonnie, you’re so incredibly sweet, thank you!

Today was very long (a four hour school day followed by a three hour professional development immediately followed by five hours of grad classes, or as I call it, Wednesday), and I am in pain (I am going off my medication and I’m down to the lowest dose and I am feeling it) but also some good things happened (I might get to teach relationships and sex ed again, even temporarily! My students are putting together some amazing projects that look fantastic! One student who I made a deal with to basically just turn in anything for credit has elected to do the full project! An administrator told me she thought the project I had them working on was interesting and valuable! I’m almost done grading papers for this round! I’m no further behind in applying for jobs than most of my peers!) So: good things definitely happened today.

Thank you so much, Nonnie. You’re so sweet.

Tagging Game

Thank you @ordinary-runner for tagging me, it’s always fun to get such thingys :D

One insecurity: I’ve always been made fun of for my tall- and thinny-ness. Even though I have gained a lot I still see me as to thin (YES it also goes the other way round)

Two fears: - I am afraid of heights, therefore I quit climbing last year 
- To lose a loved person 

Three turn-ons: intelligence, eyes, smile

Four life goals:
- stay healthy (or even increase healthyness)
- somehow safe the planet
- renovating my house at some point (new bath, new roof, new roofwindows and so on)
- ground a family (do you say that like this?)

Five things I like:
- the feeling after a long and good workout
- a cold beer after a hard physical working day (I am sitting at the computer the whole day, so I think about when I really did something)
- the smell of an OLD book (@Auré I really think an old book smells much better than a new one ;) )
- the feeling when nothing is left to do for the day and sink down on the couch
- the feeling of clean sheet on naked skin

Six weaknesses:
- hardly cool down when I am really angry 
- partly my stubbornness
- a crying women 
- I am aaalways tired, liek really
- beer
- lacking patience while driving

Seven things I love :
- the girlfriend :)
- family 
- friends in real life
- the friendsI made here on tumblr
- my pets
- sports 
- things made of wood

And I shall tag @insanefitmom, @nebulascorner (the day will come, when you answer all this stuff :P ), @timboallthetime, @lifecapturedbyrobert and  @musclesforeveryone

Okay wow. Today was wow. Got the script. Filled the script. Came home and stabbed myself in the leg with some fucking testosterone, bro. Today is March 28, 2017 and I’m one day on T. I can’t express how happy I am. This is huge. It hasn’t even really sank in yet. I’m there. I made it. I waited four years and had a lot of dark times, but I’m here. I’m so excited to see the changes I’ll go through as my body transitions closer to the way it’s supposed to be. It’s a good day.



‘What’s a banana?’ I hear some of you say. I am now in a position to tell you, dear reader, as I, not twenty-four hours ago, was forced to eat once. While the recipe does call for Par Vollen bananas, I find Rivaini ones an acceptable substitute, despite what the recipe’s creator claims. Most of us aren’t made enough to raid Qunari lands solely for the purposes of baking. – Lady Savarin Ledoure, ‘The Whole Nug: Culinary Treasures of Thedas’



Unsurprisingly, I didn’t sleep well last night at all, so I am making my longest ever journey on about four hours of shuteye. 

That said, it’s not been too nightmarish so far - London is always a bit of a trial for me, but even at rush hour it was more or less manageable. I had a thought while on the Jubilee line that it was highly ironic that the Queen, who would never use the tube, gave the name of her 25 year anniversary of coronation to the line. For some reason, this really made me giggle, particularly the idea of her attempting to shepherd three or four corgis up the extremely steep escalators, or standing on the platform, trying to keep a hold of her iced-cake hat when confronted with a gush of fetid hot air from one of the tunnels.

Anyhow, I’ve disembarked from my connecting flight to Zurich, from where I am writing this. Zurich Airport is just so executive. I half expect City types to louchely mosey in and start talking about capital gains tax.

My next flight is in just over an hour, so I’m going to sit in the Swiss sunshine for a little while longer.

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Re "I argued CQ shippers are often an insecure bunch". I can feel this feeling totally, and I am always wondering why I am so afraid. It's like the same fear that Q has not to be loved ...But seriously, I think it has to do with some manipulation of Gansa. Does Gansa care about Carrie's happiness and the other characters's happiness? Because we really do!

I’d argue four things have made us jittery, insecure and mad af.

First, Quinn’s death and all of 5.12, basically. I still cannot believe that episode exists in canon. It was legitimately bonkers. Second, this show suffers from a dearth of PR, behind-the-scenes gossip, info on contract lengths, etc.. Third, Claire. Going on about Carrie’s new love interests on CBS doesn’t help. 

Lastly - and we’ve talked a lot about this on the blog and podcast - the show has become darker and more humorless over time. The recent gifs on the blog of Brody made me realize how funny CB sometimes were. 

Y’know how George W. doesn’t look as bad in hindsight and in comparison to Trump? It’s kind of like that. When did Gansa lose his sense of humor and care for rote viewer reward?


pre teen april learns to be a very protective mother over four little tots she had found.

It was something that popped into my mind randomly, April doesnt have to be a pre teen, but in this picture I sort of made her look like one haha.

I noticed the All four turtles have some birth marks somewhere on them, only Leo’s we cant see due to he wears his mask. So in this picture I said, “Why not!”

I hope you guys enjoy the cute. I am now relaxing for the day. Im beat.

Chapter Four

Moving Forward

This time, a title. A momentous time in my life
where I spend some time mourning over the things
I used to believe I could have, and the things I have
no control over until it all just simply fades away
and I realize what I do have is pretty
fucking amazing.

Moving forward, I am learning that it’s okay to
temporarily hurt over something that surprises you
when you invested so many emotions and so much time
into a person, into a situation, into an imaginary made up
world. My emotions are valid. I am valid
and there is nothing that can bring me down.

I mean, I’ll be brought down to my knees too many times
to count, but I can still fight through it and
rise above.
I thank her for her friendship over the years
and her for the way she smiles at me and
is truly herself. I am learning all the ways
to be a better person and to care for someone
in a way that benefits the both of us
and not just me.

Moving forward
I am nothing but happy for her advancement
in her relationship and the slow, steady growth
of my own.



Hi, my name’s Hannah and I run this blog! I made meetlgbtkids four or so years ago, after being disappointed there really wasn’t a blog like this for younger queer kids. And it has been quite a success, if I say so myself! I am so proud of all of you for putting yourselves out there, even though being vulnerable can be scary sometimes. I hope some great friendships/maybe relationships have grown from this blog. Reach out with your success story if you have one!

A little about me: I’m 21 now, 22 in three weeks (so not really a kid anymore, more of an advisor/mentor). I’m a queer senior in college in Vermont where I study Chinese language and linguistics. I’m a polyglot, so I can speak a few languages. I also like to be outside - come early Monday morning, I’m headed out into the woods to tap our school’s maple trees!

If you have any questions about anything - life, love, the pursuit of happiness - please reach out to me. I have been through mud and muck and come out strong on the other side, and I know how hard it is being a teen. I love you all, come check out my personal blog if you want!

When You Get Hurt-TMR

So I am going to be trying out a…preference! I will be doing a four guy preference (Thomas,Newt,Minho,Gally). And I based it off of a request that I got for just a Minho imagine but oh whale! Please do continue on sending me some imagine or preference requests

Thomas: Thomas would help you as much as he can, it doesn’t matter if it was just a paper cut or an ilness. He would try to get out of all of his duties just to help you. Eventually after he made sure that you were in the right hands he would check up on you whenever he could.

Newt: Newt would suprisingly not be to worried. That’s something that he admires about you, you’re very brave and can take care of your self. Obviously he would still ask how you are doing occasionly and convince you that you should take a day off work but for the most part he would trust you.

Minho: Minho would flip out. He would carry you everywhere and make the weirdest excuses to get out of running the maze. He would ask you constantly if you needed anything and be the cutest little teddy bear. If you asked for cuddles he would agree and cuddle you anywhere

Gally: Gally would be so upset with him self. You guys do the same job, that’s how you guys met and he is so mad at himself for letting you getting hurt on the job. Although after you reassure him that it’s okay, everything is back in order. I also feel like he would act totally out of character, acting all soft to everyone so he would never scare you.

Liquid Courage

by Inspector Boxer

Fandom: Supergirl

Pairing: Cat/Kara

Rating: T

Author’s note: I couldn’t resist adding to the “Kara drunk dials Cat” stories after that last episode. Any and all typos are my fault since I’m giving my beta a break on this one. :) And I don’t remember seeing anyone else title their drunk Kara fic with this title so hopefully I’m not copying anyone. Let me know if I am!


Kara stared blearily at her phone. Make that phones. There seemed to be three of them.

Frowning with concentration, she called up her text messages, searching through them until she found the conversation she wanted. Her frown deepened when some part of her rum-muddled mind noted it had been four weeks since she’d last heard from Cat.

A little voice in her head told Kara this was a bad idea, but the alcohol made her brave and she typed anyway.


Strong opening line, Kara thought with a satisfied nod.

A few minutes passed with no response, and Kara thought about calling, frustrated with being ignored. She staggered across the room to her couch, sinking down on it unsteadily, wondering idly how she’d gotten home. The room tilted and spun, reminding her of what it was like to fly out of control, and she closed her eyes only to open them again when her phone dinged.

Do you know what time it is here?

A smile lifted Kara’s lips. She could hear Cat’s voice as she read the words.

Where’s here? Kara asked.

Three dots appeared, indicating Cat was typing wherever she was, and Kara felt a happy ball of warmth bloom in her chest. Cat was talking to her again. She’d missed this. Needed this.

It’s the middle of the night, Keira.

“Awww. She called me Keira.” Suddenly sentimental, Kara got a little choked up. “Thought sleep was for slackers,” she said out loud as she typed the words, giggling.

Her phone rang a moment later, and Kara nearly launched it across the room in surprise. “Hello?”

Keep reading