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Caffine Challege

This is an older challenge that I wanted to do but didn’t get a chance to start till now.

 Part 2

Prompt: “You sign the contract in crayon and pray that you haven’t already made a mess of things.”

You sign the contract in crayon and pray that you haven’t already made a mess of things.

“We done?” You ask, hoping that he can’t hear how fast your heart is beating.

There is a pause and the smell of sulfur increases as a second signature is added below yours. “Agreed.” Red eyes gleam as they look over to the side at the small child you keep firmly behind you.

Your son looks back calmly, and comparing the two now you can see the features he got from the man in front of you, features that weren’t from either yourself or your husband. The shape of the eyes, the chin and hair color is his, but everything else is yours and you are going to make sure that nothing of his ever comes near your child again.

At least until the end of the contract.

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A name

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Have no idea what the should be so….😐

Tom holland x reader

Note: this is written weird because I wrote this for my Instagram page. 

You woke…. Late from a text you got from Tom, your best friend and main lead of the movie you were co-starring in, spiderman homecoming.
“Y/n you’re late again. get up or i was will give up making excuses for you,” you Read from your phone. You smiled as you read the text for you loved when Tom and you talked even if he was upset with something. You ignored your text and stayed under your warm covers until you heard a knock on the door. Rolling your eyes you pulled off your covers and crawled out and towards to the door but right before your hand touched the handle you heard a sound from outside your door.
“Tom open it already! You know Jon is going to kill you AND (y/n) if you don’t arrive on set soon,” you smiled. It was Tom and Harrison.
“Fine Haz whatever!,” Tom firmly grasped the handle. You let out a little yelp and fell backwards onto the carpet as Tom threw open the door so that it slammed back to the outside of the trailer. Tom face went pale as he hurryed up beside you.
“Oh god (y/n) i am so sorry um ahhh i didn’t mean to do that. Are are you ok,” you nodded and rubbed your head.
“ it’s just well you need to get on set… like now,” Tom stuttered as he quickly helped you up from the ground.
“I’m fine Tom, seriously. I needed something to wake me up anyway,” you said with a smile as placed your hand on Tom’s shoulder. Tom blushed and there was a long silence as the both of you looked longingly into each others eye, Harrison rolled his eyes and smirked at Tom.
“Sorry to interrupt you guys but may I remind you we have a movie to shoot here,” your eyes left tom and turned to Harrison while you removed your hand from Tom’s shoulder.
“Oh yea sorry, be right back just need to change out of my pjs,” you said hastily before running into your room to change into a pair of jeans and a Tshirt. While you were getting changed you could hear a embarrassed tom and a laughing Harrison talking outside your door.
“Tom come on you need to ask her out already. It’s just getting hard to watch now,” you heard Harrison said from outside your bedroom door.
“No i couldn’t Haz! I mean like she is so beautiful and then there is me plain old boring Tom,” you could here harrison snicker as Tom said he was plain because he was very much the opposite of plain.
You opened the door, “ready,” tom asked as you grabbed a smoothie from the fridge in the kitchen.
“Yeah, let’s go before we get in trouble,” you said while Tom held the door for you and you exited the trailer.
Tom really likes me back, you thought to yourself as you turned to Tom and smiled. Tom smiled back and blushed as you led the way onto the crowded set of spiderman homecoming.  
As you made your way onto the set you said goodbye to Harrison and Tom and followed your assicident toward the makeup chair where Zendaya was also getting ready. As you walked your mind continued to drift toward Tom for you have never felt this way about a guy before. Were you in love? You sat down in the seat next to zendaya who was on snapchat.
“So here we are on the set of spiderman homecoming and, oh look who’s here, the one and only (y/n),” you didn’t even notice zendaya for you where still in a state of confusion about if you are in love with tom or not.
“I mean maybe I am…. I have been liking Tom for a while and…” you mumbled to yourself so quietly almost no one could hear you.
Zendaya gave a smirk at the camera and raised her eyebrows,” (y/n) is in love,” Zendaya mouthed at her phone before closing the snap. You looked up from your lap as the makeup artist came walking over.
“Ok (y/n) what is the matter, you have been acting like this for days,” Zendaya asked as a woman beside her brushed powder onto her face.
You turned to Z, “What! No! Nothing’s the matter i….um…..just miss home,” you stuttered as the makeup artists finished with both you a zendaya.
“Yeah..sure honey,” Zendaya smirked and you turned pale. The accident led you and Z toward the dressing room.
“So you like Tom don’t you,” Zendaya asked suddenly getting a bit serious.
You turned to her and looked into her eyes,”I think I might love him Z. But i am not sure, i  mean like i have only known him for a few months and well…. I don’t know…” you gave a weak smile as you entered the dressing stalls and changed into the clothes you would be wearing for the scene you would be shooting.
“I don’t really know how to help (Y/n) but… well you know….. You are his love interest in the movie so you at least get to know is he is a good kisser or not by today,” your face went white and you gulped as the stylists patted down your clothing.
You had completely forgot that today would be the day you would be shooting the scene when Tom’s character and you well kiss.
You have been in other movies before, kissed other boys before, kissed on camera for a movie before, but never have you kissed someone that you possibly love before. Your mind went blank as people hurried around you getting you ready to shoot the scene. This was not really happening not right now, you thought to yourself.  
“We need (y/n) and Tom on stage five,” The director said over the overcome.
Seconds later a golf cart showed up besides you and Zendaya. Z pulled you into the car and the motor started and you started to go towards stage five.
“I am not sure if I am ready for this Z,” you told Zendaya as the both of you road on the cart toward the stage.
“(y/n) you have done this before, I have seen your movies, it’s just another fake .movie kiss. You will be fine, I promise,” Zendaya gave you a smile and patted your back, but it didn’t help. Your heart still fastly raced and head too.
“There you are (y/n) we have been looking all over for you,” Jon said as he grabbed your arm even before the golf cart stopped.
“Good luck (y/n),” Zendaya said as you were pulled away into a crowd of movie workers.
“Sorry Jon I….um… slept in but Tom woke me up,” you explained as you entered the area where the scene would be shot. You glanced over and around the area until your eyes found Tom. he looked so good beside the black eye he was sporting for that scene.
“Ok you know the scene right. Tom and you are talking blah blah blah he leans in you guys kiss end of scene. Easy. You have done scenes like this before haven’t you,” your face stood still.
“(y/n), you awake?”
You snapped out of your phase,“Oh yeah done these things before….lets do it,” you said trying to keep cool.
Jon went to back to your seat behind the camera while his accident led you to where Tom was.
“Ready to do it (y/n),” Tom asked awkwardly as you walked over to him.
“Ready as i’ll ever be i think,”
“Ok ready,” the both nodded “ok… Action!”  
You and Tom walked down the school hallway, ”Sorry about being rejected by Liz and getting beat up but flash….again,” You said to Tom who was holding an icepack to his eye.
“Do you want me to call may or my mom,” you asked as you led peter down a hallway.
“No it’s fine I can walk home….i think,” said as he removed the ice pack from his eye.
“Oh Peter that’s really bad Pete,” you said as you held your hand to his bruised cheek trying to examine it. Peter head relaxed into your hand and the both of you stared into each other’s eyes.
“Peter…” You hushed.
Peter leaned into the space between you (Oh god it’s happening, you thought to yourself). Finally Tom’s lips met yours and it was a moment to remember.
Tom’s arms wrapped around you Whitney sent a Chill down your spine. Suddenly you heard the word “Cut!” from the director. But Tom didn’t stop he continued kiss you and you kissed him back too.
“Guys we said cut,” you broke from the kiss and turned back to the director then back to Tom.
“Was that good,” you smirked at Tom whose eyes were wide and had a big smile on his face.
“Yes! I mean yeah great acting,” you smiled and exited Tom’s arms with a smile.
“Soooooo how was shooting today,” you turned around from your seat from somewhere on the set to find Zendaya hovering over you awaiting the news.
“The best day ever,” you explained as you but your bottom lip and smiled a little.
“Tell me everything,” you laughed and stated to explain.
“So you know it started out normal but well once he leaned in….. Ahhh it was so good…. Like its just… I don’t even have words. Oh and once the director said cut Tom like continued to kiss me so of course I did to but unfortunately the director eventually made stop too soon,” you said happily.
“Then what,” Zendaya asked as she sat in the seat next to you.
“Well then I kinda just walked away with a smile.”
“Didn’t tom do anything,” she asked
“Nah he was just kind of dumbstruck, it’s was actually quite funny,” you giggled a little.
“When is he going to learn not to be a baby about asking someone out,” Z said shaking her head.
“It’s not that bad. He will come around…… I hope.”
“He better or I i’ll teach him a lesson,” you both laughed and headed your separate ways back to each other’s trailers. Once you got back to your trailer you made yourself a snack and settled onto the couch to watch some netflix. As you turned on the television your phone lit up. You sighed and got up from your seat and walked over to the kitchen and grabbed your phone to be happily surprised it was Harrison.
“Hey Harrison what’s up,” you asked.
“So I finally convinced the spider to ask!” Harrison said quickly
“What the hell do you mean!”
“You know what I mean, Tom will finally ask you out so don’t be an ass or anything,” you rolled your eyes.
“Haz you know I like him why would I act like that.”
“I don’t know, but just b-” there was a knock on your door. “Shit that must be him, don’t tell him that I called you.”
“Bye haz,” you ended the phone call and turned to the door. You swiftly walked over to the door and opened it.
“H-hey (y/n), um can I come in I…..have something to tell you,” you smiled.
“Of course Tom, what’s up,” you opened the door and let him in. You bit your bottom lip as your head followed Tom as he entered your trailer.
“So….. Did you just come here to pace in circles,” tom smiled.
“No I just wanted to ask you if maybe…. Umm,” you smirked and tom gave a weak smile. You launched yourself at tom and crashed your lips into his. Tom was shocked by your actions but he still kissed you back as fell backwards onto the couch behind him.
You broke from the kiss now sitting ontop of him, “I was just going to ask if you had any bread but I guess this is better,” tom said with a smile.
“Oh shut up,” you leaned in and kissed him again and Tom wrapped his arms around you. You continued to kiss him until you heard a ring from your back pocket, you ignored the call.
“(Y/n) you should answer it,” tom said I between kisses.
“Ok one sec,” you got up and answers the call.
“Hey, (y/n) it’s Ann (your personal assistant), all of the cast is wanted on set now. Can you get do here like now.”
“Ok I will be down in five,” you said as you turned to tom who was smiling.
“Great… Oh and do you know where Tom is he is not answering his cell,” she asked.
“Um… Yeah he is with me I will bring him with me,” you could hear a snicker from the other end of the call.
“Shut up Haz,” she whispered angrily to Harrison who was with her
“Well I am going to go now so…. Bye,” you hung up the phone and turned to tom.
“We are needed on set,” you said.
“Aww that sucks…. Well since I have you here and we um just made out I will ask the normal question. Do you want to go out with me like on a date,” you smirked at tom and help both of his hands.
“I would love to Tom,” He smiled and leaned in and kissed you.

Strange Happenings - Ch. 8

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Summary: With Kylo realizing this new person you have brought into his life is not a way of asking him to leave, he becomes just slightly more comfortable with others around, so long as they are brought by you. Feeling a little confident in his time here, slowly getting his bearings, Kylo decides to venture out of the apartment for the first time by himself, trying to appease you.  

A/N: Ok, first this isn’t that long of a chapter, but I didn’t want to overkill it. Second, I figured we should start doing time skips since the time in between is mostly him just figuring out little things, for example this chapter takes place like a few days after chapter 7 left off, future chapters will skip over larger margins of time. I gotta say I’m excited for the next few chaptersss as he finally steps out there into the world. Hope you enjoy!

Kylo stood in the kitchen, watching the toaster intently as he waited for his breakfast to arrive before him. With his hood pulled over his dark locks, his heavy eyes tried to remain unfaltered staring at the silver appliance. Despite how heavy they felt, he strained to keep them open. Rather than sleeping the past few nights, Kylo was restless. Ever since Tony had stopped by, Kylo couldn’t help but reflect on his status here on Earth.

The words you had said played in his head over and over again like a broken record. 

You can’t really live a full life here on Earth if you only hangout with me and stay in the apartment.

You need to have a chance of surviving here

Considering how he had been spending his days lately, he was obviously not achieving that goal just yet. From the look you gave him, one you thought he was not aware of, he could sense the empathy and underlying pity. You didn’t think he was incapable or stupid, you just weren’t sure if he could truly make it out there without your help. It was an understatement to be saying that Earth was different from his home. Sending him out to fend for himself, especially considering his past with the Dark side, was surely the worst possible approach to adjusting him to his new home. 

Hearing the jingle of your keys behind him, Kylo turned to look over his shoulder as you collected your things. He had grown used to seeing this same thing almost every morning. You scrambling around the apartment to get what you needed and him watching over some form of breakfast food. Smiling at him as you noticed his presence you turned to face him.

“You need anything before I leave?”

He shook his head, “No I’m fine.”

“Ok, well I’ll make us some dinner when I get back tonight. You want me to pick up any other books for you from the library?”

Kylo shrugged with another shake of his head.

“I should probably get through that pile first.”

You nodded, throwing your bag over your shoulder.

“Fair enough. Alright, I’ll see you later.”


Hearing the apartment door lock, Kylo sighed turning back to the toaster as his bagel popped up. Carefully pulling it from the toaster he placed the slices onto a plate to slather on some cream cheese. Just staring at the bland pieces of bread in front of him, he felt himself growing bored. 

You can’t really live a full life here on Earth if you only hangout with me and stay in the apartment.

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Bacon Savers

One-Shot request: Imagine Zach saves you, and you end up falling for each other.
Annoncements: Thanks everyone! I think I’m getting faster at this! WOO HOO

You didn’t know how this happened, but at the moment you didn’t really care. You were just screaming at yourself for wearing noise canceling headphones when you went to sleep. Of course you knew that you couldn’t have predicted that something was going to get loose and they would have to evacuate the island. You felt a rising panic, what if you missed the evacuation and you were all alone on the island full of loose dinosaurs?

Currently you were jogging toward the docks when you heard yelling and inhuman screeches. You whipped your head around and saw something that made you stop in your tracks. Four beat up looking people came running out of the Dino information hall and were surrounded by what looked like Velociraptors.

You looked around for something to throw and saw some glass dinosaur figures. Picking one up you more or less aim it at a Raptor and threw it while yelling like a maniac to get their attention. It almost worked, if not for a larger white creature barging in and getting hit instead. It began turning its large head to glare at you, the tiny screaming figure who was now turning silent.

“Oh hell,” Was the only thing you got to say before the thing roared and started lumbering towards you. You started running back in the direction of the T-Rex attraction because that was the only direction you could go without putting more people in danger, “I so did not think this through!”

You chanced a glance over at the four people, they seemed to be doing just fine STARING at you instead of HELPING, “Oh no, I’m fine thank you!” You yelled at them.

That seemed to get them into action. The youngest two went find safety and the redheaded lady soon followed as the man seemed to be giving the raptors orders, you probably didn’t see that one correctly, I mean, you were running for your life here.

You rounded the corner and almost slipped on the concrete, picking yourself up though, you raced and ducked into what looked like a large storage warehouse. You slowed down to a trot, trying to catch your breath, thinking you were safe in the metal building. You soon realized your mistake though, as suddenly the wall was crunched inwards from the weight of a dino body slam. You stopped breathing, and started looking for another way out, but found none. You started to panic, this was not good, not good at all, you were completely trapped. Your body started to freeze completely, your mind going blank, your breathing ragged as the Dinosaur finally burst through the wall, raining down glass and debris onto your head. You couldn’t really remember what happened next but you think it involved you squeaking and trying to run the opposite direction but tripping on some wires.

You closed your eyes, waiting for the inevitable when you were jerked sideways by your arm and under a forklift just as huge jaws came smashing down where you once were. Turning your head you saw a head of brown hair and two panicked looking eyes looking right at you. It was the older of the two kids.

“Come on!” He yelled, you gave no argument.

Running had never really been your forte, but right now you thought you could be setting some new records. The two of you went to the far left side of the beast, trying to get around it. By some miracle you managed to do just that and leaped through the gaping hole in the wall and started running back to the gift shop area.

“Zach!” someone yelled, the two of you turned your heads to find the woman running, but towards you instead of away like any sane person should be doing at this moment in time, with a lit road flare in her hands, “Run!”

Sprinting into a nearby toy shop and hiding under one of the displays you and Zach looked out of the window to see the lady throw the flare at the white beast and then come into the shop with you. All of a sudden the ground started shaking dramatically, getting louder and heavier with each passing second until finally you saw it, the T-Rex. It was slightly smaller than the other Dinosaur but still impressive. Soon it was joined by the Raptors and it almost seemed like they were on the same side as they simultaneously attacked the beast in front of them. Soon, the fight was over, Rex, Raptors, and Mosasaur victorious, all going on their separate ways.

The redheaded lady who you found out was named Claire found and hugged the youngest one, Gray, and soon was joined by Zach and the man, Owen, who was off having a moment with a blue tinted Raptor. That left you, standing off to the side quietly as they had their family love moment.

Soon though, you were joined by Zach, “Hey,” he said.

You looked over at him, “Hi,” you couldn’t think of anything better to say, “Thanks, for, ya’know, saving my skin.”

“Hey, I was just returning the favor. You got us out of a big mess back there.”

You turned and faced him, “Well, I guess this is good-bye. It was nice saving each other’s bacon.”

His eyes widened a bit, “Uh, well, yeah, I guess it’s good-bye, I guess.”

You gave him one last smile and turned back to the docks, hesitating a bit before you started walking.

Zach came back over to his little group, earning a disappointed look from Gray. He looked back to where you were walking away and sighed, you were beautiful.

Gray punched him in the arm, “Nothings gonna happen if you just keep staring at her.”

Zach looked at Gray and back up at you, “Yeah, you’re right,” and started jogging to catch up to you.

You turned around when you heard Zach’s voice from behind you, “Hey, wait up.”

You stopped walking and looked him in the eyes, “Yeah? Is everything ok?”

He looked down, “No, not really, I mean, it’s just that, well I-“

You stopped him from saying another word as you gave him a little peck on the lips, grabbed his hand and wrote down your number on his palm. “Here,” you said, “Call me when you get back to the mainland and we’ll get together, maybe.”

He didn’t say anything as you turned around and started walking off again. Finally he breathed out a breath he didn’t realize he had been holding and yelled out, “I liked saving bacon too!”

The Art of Shipping: Olitz

I am slowly coming down from the Olitz high I have been experiencing since I watched the “Dog Whistle Politics” episode. WAHHHH it was so good!  So I figured, while I am still completely gushing and swimming drowning in my feels, I would use this opportunity to describe one of my favourite ships. 

Olitz (Olivia Pope & Fitzgerald Grant) have the best chemistry on TV. I became hooked from the first episode.  I am so invested in them. I feel the pairing is a casting director’s dream.  I mean I have many ships but out of all of them, Olitz have the BEST connection.  I have to give credit where credit is due: Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington are incredible actors and really provide something special for the viewers in the form of Olitz. I mean it’s so convincing that it has resulted in “Terry” shippers.  Do you know how problematic that is? LOOL! (I will leave that discussion for another day)

I root for Olitz as if I know them in real life. It’s a problem.  In my opinion, Fitz provides the best facial expressions to portray his love for Olivia. It is gorgeous to watch.  He has one of the best pining faces on TV. When he pines for Olivia, you hurt for him.  The moment where Olivia takes off Doux Bebe (her ring) and he notices made my heart ache. He was so distraught.  I wasn’t ready.  WAHHH! 

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Olivia eventually puts the ring back on and the joy on his face when he realises made my heart do somersaults. MY GASHHHHH! Come on!

Olivia and Fitz have amazing sexual chemistry. I think the way the show is directed is that when watching, a viewer feels like a fly on the wall observing the beauty that is Fitz and Olivia together. To date, the Oval office scene is my favourite sexual scene between them. That scene had me fanning myself and constantly pressing pause on the episode so I could breathe. The cat and mouse thing they did in that scene floored me. When Olivia was like “Mr President” and Fitz was like “Say it again”. That exchange right there. WOOOOH CHILE! 

They stimulate each other both mentally and sexually. I love how they are political sparring partners and best friends. There was attraction from the beginning but the foundation was friendship which developed into something profound. When Fitz took Olivia to view the constitution, the former Politics student and avid reader in me could not cope. I COULD NOT COPE! What a way to romance a lover of politics? They share ideological aspirations. That was foreplay right there.  Some people have Netflix. Fitz showed Olivia the Constitution. I MEAN FITZGERALD GRANT FOR THE GAL DEM! 

They also share with each other their dreams and doubts.  I am getting more in my feels as I write this. WAHHH! Their phone calls are superb. I even get excited by their silences. The “1 minute” moments of Season 1 were simply orgasmic. Olitz interactions always get me flustered. I even love when they argue. It is incredibly sexy. The passion they convey whenever they interact is sublime. AHHH my gash! They are the original OTP.   

I know some people will say that the relationship is wrong because Fitz is married and Olivia is a home wrecker or side chick and therefore the foundation is wrong and it will never work blah! blah! blah! Whatever!  I love Scandal as a whole but the main reason I watch scandal is for Olitz. The other themes or storylines in the show are extras or should I say luxuries. In my mind, all roads lead to Olitz. Their chemistry is EVERYTHING.  And besides, this show is called Scandal for a reason. What were people expecting? Like really? The show is not called “Morality wins”. There is an affair and it is scandalous hence the title. I mean seriously? BYE! Get to stepping!

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 I think the show was made to depict the flaws of humanity and how life is not black and white. It is supposed to provoke debate and I’m here for that. I don’t want TV to be square, I want TV shows to get me thinking (unless I am watching Car crash TV or ratchet stuff where I lose some brain cells and laugh loudly in the process LOL) and I want my thoughts to be challenged so that I form my opinion.  I am not saying I condone infidelity but when watching Scandal, I observe Olitz in the context of the show and in my opinion, their love trumps over everything. Sorry not sorry!

Also, you have the Mellie issue. Now I don’t mind Mellie as a character (at times I find her fascinating) but you will NEVER see me ship her and Fitz together.  NEVER!  I had a friend who said to me the other day that Fitz should honour his marriage and if Olivia did not come into the picture, he would have still loved Mellie. ERMMM OK??Is that the type of love people are striving for in TV in these days? People are longing for that average love where as soon as a new person comes onto the scene, your partner is easily distracted?  WHET? Nope.  I am not buying that theory at all. It just shows to me that the foundation between Mellie and Fitz was not strong enough from the beginning. We have come to see over the seasons, that the love Fitz has for Olivia is more than lust but rather it is an unwavering love.  Unfortunately, he does not possess that type of love for Mellie and probably never will.  Furthermore, “Melitz” is that what you guys call it? (I shuddered writing that) fans always seem to forget that Mellie was co-signing the affair in earlier seasons when she believed it would benefit her in the long run.  She believed Fitz was “letting off some steam” with Olivia which would help him with the election which would ultimately help her in the long run and only upon the realisation that her position was threatened, she’s crying. GIRL BYE!

Mellie was under the impression that Olivia’s role was to be a buffer (yes I said it) or a Mammy or an itch scratcher. Mellie felt Olivia’s sole role was to do ALL that was necessary to prep Fitz for the White house but failed to realise that something much deeper was developing between Fitz and Olivia, something life changing that would compromise her position in the White house and also her political career and now she wants to cry victim.  NOPE!  I’ve said this before; I am not here for Mellie being portrayed as the sacrificial lamb or the sole victim on this show. NOPE. Everyone on the show is incredibly flawed and has suffered in some way.  EVERYONE!   I believe Fitz and Mellie care for each other in the sense that they have been married a long time and they have children together but that’s about it.  There’s no love. It was confirmed in the most recent episode by Cyrus that Mellie has never loved Fitz and we all know Fitz is not checking for Mellie like that either. Sorry not sorry.

Furthermore, there are people who are Jake Stans and champion Olake. EWWWW! No thanks! Jake is as dry as the Sahara. He is a wet sandwich.  Have you ever stopped to observe when Jake is pleasuring Olivia? She has no expression whatsoever. LOOL! Olivia’s face is always blank. Now compare Olivia’s expression with Jake to when she is around Fitz. No comparison.  I am really not here for Olivia dating a character just because he is good looking (That he is) and is single. His looks will not distract me.  He is mediocre. He is a one dimensional character. Also, the fact he is always buying her burgers and beers gets on my nerves. LOL! Why so basic all the time?  I know nothing about him and now finally, they want to try and develop his character and give him a back story? I don’t care. He is still as dry as unbuttered toast.  Jake and Olivia remind me of two friends. It is purely platonic with some extras when you’re bored. They were friends with benefits. LOOOOL! Jake is a Drive by which is short term satisfaction (even though that is never evident on Olivia’s face).  Fitz is a home cooked meal which nourishes you in the long run. HAHA! Anyway, enough about Joke, I am here to discuss Olitz.

Shipping Olitz has been somewhat of a rollercoaster. It has been rough. I feel that at present, Olitz fans are now a minority group in the Scandal fandom.  There were people in the fandom that previously rooted for Olivia and Fitz but have now abandoned the ship.  To that I say good riddance because those people were never loyal in the first place. LOOL! BYE! (I kid! I kid!).

Being an Olitz shipper has been incredibly difficult but entertaining. Amongst some of my friends, I am constantly at loggerheads with Olake fans. Yuck! However, it is always fun to partake in heavy debates with people even if they do root for questionable ships.  Shipping Olitz has been laborious at times but I am a loyal shipper.  I am invested in their love. At times, the writing has frustrated me because I feel the most recent episodes do not always reflect the writing in previous seasons. There are some inconsistencies which I will highlight in another post. 

 Moreover, the constant back and forth in terms of “together/ not together” between the two of them has been exhausting, annoying and at times frustrating. Their love is constantly being attacked and tested by external factors. People are threatened by the power of their love. Many people have tried to sabotage their love and failed miserably. There have been so many obstacles and there are so many issues to consider. There has been the election rigging, the assassination of Fitz’s son by Olivia’s Father and the fear of how they will be perceived by the world amongst other factors but I believe in Olitz.  I love how Fitz rides for Olivia (no pun intended meh maybe I did Haha!). He truly has her back. He is always watching for her. He exists for her. (You see what I did there?). Fitz is not his best self if he does not have Olivia in his life.  Also, Olivia is used to being self sufficient and looking out for others as opposed to herself.  She is the fixer. The person who manages a crisis and here is Fitz who does not want to be fixed but who loves her unconditionally without expecting anything in return and I believe that frightens Olivia. It has been a joy to watch Olitz grow and in particular, see Olivia stand in her truth and embrace openly the love she has for Fitz and just allow him to love her.  

The Dog Whistle Politics episode was beautiful. There are not enough adjectives in the world to describe my feels after that episode.  The episode  is going on my list of favourite Scandal episodes because of the themes which were discussed.  I love how the Scandal writers are not afraid to explore the concepts of both racism and sexism so explicitly in order to provoke thought.  Moreover, I have always been intrigued to see how the writers would explore how the American public would react when the Olitz relationship became public.  Fitz, a White Republican President, is having an affair with a Black woman.  It is a lot to contemplate and I am really enjoying the direction the writers are taking in tackling this issue. Side note: HERE FOR MARCUS IN THIS EPISODE! GAHHHH!

This episode was the ultimate Olitz episode.  Olivia had been happy to be “thrown under the bus” in regards to the outing of the affair as she felt it was the best strategic move and this was her way of choosing Fitz. However, Fitz was never comfortable with this decision. Fitz could not stand back and watch Olivia suffer alone.  After the phone call (discussion of anonymous people threatening her and as a result, Olivia discussing her experience of being both black and a woman during this crisis) and also when the politician stated that Fitz should have chosen a woman who was more palatable to the base, Fitz makes a decision to stand in his truth and make his love of Olivia known to the world because he feels it is only right that they experience the consequences of their relationship going public TOGETHER.  To be honest, this is all Fitz has wanted to do and if he had it his way, we all know Fitz would not even be President and would just live in Vermont and make jam with Olivia.  Fitz has absolutely no f**ks to give when it comes to loving Olivia and this is one of the main reasons I love Olitz. 

When Fitz comes out of the elevator to take his “girlfriend” on a date, it was so adorable, I could not cope. It was important for him to make a statement. His actions were a declaration of his love and his devotion to Olivia.  My babies!

However, even though I ship Olitz hard, it does not mean they are not open to critique.  At times, I do feel that Fitz is somewhat idealistic and does not always consider the practicalities of the decisions he makes. At times, his decisions are reckless.  The fact he was willing to go to war to save Olivia was nothing short of irresponsible. Admittedly, I was not impressed with that decision.  I understand he was conflicted but that was careless. However, I honestly enjoy watching him struggle to manage being a President whilst being in love for Olivia.  He is just ready to run off into the sunset with Olivia TODAY which is endearing but not always practical. However, as I stated before, I am solely here for the Olitz chemistry.  LOL!

Furthermore, I think Olivia needs to own more of her decisions in regards to Fitz. The expression “you made your bed, you need to lie in it” comes to mind. Also, I am waiting for Olivia to check Mellie. I am so tired of watching Olivia constantly referred to as a whore by Mellie. I know Olivia feels guilty about being the other woman and I get the impression that Olivia does not feel it is her place to reprimand Mellie but come on SAY SOMETHING!  I have to be patient. I know it will come in due time and that moment will be glorious. Nevertheless, I’m ecstatic that these past few episodes have shown that Fitz and Olivia are finally communicating and growing as a couple. That’s my ship right there. WOHOOO! I’m interested to see how the relationship will evolve in light of his children, her Father, BITTER Cyrus, the potential impeachment etc. There are so many issues and themes that need to be explored.  I am excited!

I had a discussion on twitter recently and it was stated by a person I follow (brilliant tweeter) that “Olitz is a Shakespearean love” and it is doomed to fail. The assertion hurt me. However, I believe in Olitz because there is no chemistry quite like it. If that’s the case, let me get my tissues and my life jacket ready because I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP!

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I am loyal and forever faithful. I cannot wait to see what is in store for Olitz. They are not perfect. There is so much more they need to learn in this journey. They are both flawed but I adore them. I expect more obstacles along the way but for me Olitz is END GAME.  BRING IT ON!

Ok so that was an incredibly long description of Olitz. I could have discussed so much more but I would have been here forever. I hoped you enjoyed.  Until the next “art of shipping” post, Ciao