so i made it now

i’m just gonna copypaste what i posted in facebook

“ things didn’t go as planned

real talk here
i wanted to leave my puffles in my igloo and go with one of them to the fort and wait with other penguins til’ 12:01 am
then i remembered that all of them won’t go to the new island and would go back to the wild, so i wanted to say goodbye to them and set them free myself as fast as i could
even if it sounds wrong this one is my favorite puffle(i adopted him when i was like 10 i didn’t know how to spell cookie). black puffles are my favorites, and this one i love him so fucking much you don’t know how
i would draw him and even use him to vent
and in the moment i was going to set him free, this appeared
this was my last second on this goddamn game that has made me so happy
and now i can’t close the tab because i’m looking at him with this error log and the operation blackout igloo music
i’m crying uncontrollably “

my face hurts

roni commissioned @gonecrabbin for my boys wiley and nice and i’m so in love!!!!! “HE GOT NERVOUS!!!” LOOK AT AT THIS!!! this was such a pleasant surprise and an absolute delight thank you so much to both @ronibravo and jacki!!!! (also consider commissioning her!! look at how sweet this is!! the style just kills me)

@deamaia came at me with a malec headcanon where magnus feels like he’s not good enough for alec and alec shows him how wrong he is and how he’s literally everything, and i just made it so sad and now i wanna cry, magnus has been abused so much and treated so badly so many times that after living over 4 centuries he feels like he doesn’t deserve to love someone and have them love him back and just be happy, he feels like he’s not good enough for happiness and love and i’m gonna throw myself off a cliff


Hi I made this studyblr 2 days ago so I thought now would be a good time for a proper introduction. When I had first heard about studyblr I didn’t think much of it but I really got into it when I started bullet journaling. I had heard of bullet journaling and I had seen a few videos but I didn’t think it was for me until my friend started bullet journaling in January which really made me want to start. She ordered me a journal and so far I’m having so much fun with it. I just I got my first C on a report card which was very upsetting and really showed that I didn’t to spend more time on school. The studyblr community has really helped to motivate me to do better in school and to overall improve my study habits and everyone seems super nice!

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So yeah my name is Jada, she/her, 15, HUGE Harry Potter Fan(proud hufflepuff), I’m a freshman in high school and I row


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now feels like an appropriate time to post this


Dear @orphanblack