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Okay but guys. Look at what my son wrote for his school project. The husband asked if there was anything he wanted to ask her. I did not suggest it. I was thinking it, but I did not say a word. The Scorbus is strong with this child.

i think talisian was ready to let percy die, his story was done and it was a beautifully poetic end, buT THESE MOTHERFUCKERS COULDNT LET THAT HAPPEN AND GAVE THE MOST INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL SPEECHES AND FUCKING NATURAL 20S and sO HE HAD TO COME BACK and i loVE THEM ALL SO MUCH

I am just gonna say this, and please, lets not do the skeleton war ever again. I honestly BEG people to not be bringing back every year, for the love of god…

So instead I propose we all make 2016 the year of Monsters Cereal Election:

Finally, we get candidates we can trust…

You can vote for your favorite cereal and have a chance to win money, so please lets make this the meme for October 2016 so we don’t repeat another meme for the umpteent time.

I seriously beg we vote for cereal mascots, so go vote at: To vote your favorite Halloween cereal


favourite crooked kingdom scenes [1/?]

He leaned forward and gave Hanna’s braid a playful tug. “Because if you do, I’ll slit your mother’s throat and then your father’s throat, and then I’ll cut out the hearts of these slobbering hounds. I shall save Duke Silverhaunch for last so that you will know it’s all your fault.” The little girl’s face was white as the lace on the neck of her nightgown, her eyes wide and bright as new moons. “Do you understand?” She nodded frantically, chin wobbling. “Now, now, no tears. Monsters see tears and it only whets their appetites. Off to bed with you, and take that useless Maestro Spots along too.”
She skittered backward over the landing and up the stairs. When she was halfway up, she cast a terrified glance back at Kaz. He raised one fingered glove to his lips
When she was gone, Wylan slipped out from the door and followed Kaz down the steps. “How could you say something like that to her? She’s just a child.”
“We were all children once.”
It was that or snap her neck and make it look like she fell down the stairs. I think I showed remarkable restraint.”
Remembering Matt Irwin in the right way
It hurts to see our friend’s story being mistold in the tabloids – here we pay tribute to a friend we love and miss
By Dazed

It’s so important that we keep talking about depression, keep telling people’s real stories. The fact is, it’s killing people. We’re publishing this article to raise awareness around mental health and to pay tribute to a wonderful person and dear friend. Before Matt died he wrote a candid and honest account of his own struggles with depression in the form of an open letter. Please join us in remembering Matt the right way and read his open letter that he wrote to the world.

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