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Isak + laughing through the years


If you are a book lover, or if you appreciate librarians or if libraries have been a second home to you, you will relate to this speech. Hillary explains why librarians and libraries are critical in today’s time. She even gives a shout out to Harry Potter! You should watch it (x)


“If efforts never lied, the one who practices the most would win time after time. But, as of course, no matter how hard a person works, if they can’t win, they can’t win. And conversely, much younger athletes may overtake them forcefully. Therefore, efforts do lie. But that doesn’t mean efforts are in vain. It is precisely because efforts lie that we are prompted to think about how to work hard in a different way, and find the correct direction in which to expend our efforts.” – Yuzuru Hanyu


I made a new wallpaper for my phone and figured I’d just go ahead and make a whole set to share! Feel free to use, edit, share, whatever

Credit to Mod Todo from @hesokuri-wars for making the original transparent sprites; I just edited out the rain


🌸💕 pastel pink shownu moodboard requested by anon 🌸💕

request a moodboard and i’ll try my best to make one!

The world is bad— but being with you is so, so good.

(crank up your screen brightness if you keep it low)