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Hi everyone! I’ll post the full explanation of what happened under a readmore but long story short my original kristoffbjorgman blog was deleted by tumblr so I’ve had to start over from scratch with a brand new blog. 

If you followed me before I was deleted, I’m still here! Just on a new account so you’ll have to refollow. If you want to reblog this as well to kind of spread the word of what happened that would be cool too but don’t feel obligated or anything!

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“I had a show to put on now. I knew the role I would play - I had the character down: I would be the villain. I would lie and ridicule and be cruel […] It made it worse to know that this would be the last memory she would have of me. This was my farewell scene.

CS AU week
day ‘IM SO LATE BUT HAVE ALL THESE TROPES’: costars AU + enemies to lovers AU + overprotective!emma + other things I don’t wanna spoil

“My apologies, princess, they must have gone too far with the airbrushing on those photos I saw.”

“Lovely. And here I thought you couldn’t be worse than I imagined.”

Suddenly Killian Jones was so far into her personal space that Emma had to take a step back, glaring up at his smug face.

“Well, darling,” he murmured, leaning towards her ear. “You should… exercise your imagination more.”

Emma growled in warning at the part of her that wanted to swoon at the way his tongue wrapped around the word ‘exercise’.

Gagging, Emma! Gagging in disgust is the appropriate reaction. Geez! He’s an asshole and you know it.

The whole fic No Way In Hell (complete!)
Original photoset that inspired the fic here!


‘I feel like I can do this, but I don’t know what to do. It’s like it’s on the tip of my tongue, and I don’t know how to trigger it. I swear to god, it literally makes me want to scream.’

'Ok, then scream. Lydia, scream.’

Hawaii Five-0 6x11 Kuleana

This episode. It got me so upset. Steve was a complete asshole and everything hurt. He treated this trip like a vacation, ditched Danny for some random girl, got drunk, and didn’t take the therapy seriously at all It made me so sad.

But then there’s this gifset (click it!), and it got me thinking… and thinking some more, and I rewatched the episode a couple of times, and I’ve come out of it with a whole new percpective of Steve and his actions.

To be clear, this is not a way to justify Steve’s behavior, okay? This is me making sense of things by looking at it from Steve’s perspective, and therefore gain more understanding (and peace of mind. My mind.) So not about who’s right, or wrong, but about perspectives. Okay. Glad we cleared that out.

Steve has said it before. All he wants is for Danny to be happy. Steve also has abandonment issues. So, what if he is not able to make Danny feel good anymore, why would Danny stick around then, right? What if he wouldn’t be enough for Danny, just like he wasn’t enough for Catherine? What would Steve be good for if he can’t make Danny enjoy himself (feel good about himself) and have fun in Steve’s company?

So first he tries to get Danny excited about the trip that they’re going on together. From the episode I take it this happened before the plane ride.(To Steve this is suppose to be a brocation, all right? To be enjoyed by the two of them. Together. Bros.)  That fails.

Then he’s really on about how awesome the place is and all the things they can do together. He got it all planned. Danny’s not excited, so another fail.

He even tries to get Danny to go out on a double date. (and I’m getting more and more convinced that the point wasn’t to get it on with Alyssa. No. It was about going on a double date with Danny.) Remember the double date with Catherine and Abby at the movie theatre? How much fun they had, together, on a double date? I think in Steve’s head this was something that Danny would enjoy for sure. Hanging out with some pretty girls (Danny likes girls), talking, laughing, having fun being social. Good times!

Okay, but to do that he needs to get them out of therapy (Danny hates it anyway. Danny has made it clear he never liked this therapy trip to begin with, and he is not enjoying the “therapy” they’re currently doing), and he needs to get to his phone so he can set up their dates. Well, that fails spectacularly.

Not only did Steve not make Danny happy, he made it even worse by messing up Danny’s ankle again! Aaaaand here comes the feelings of guilt and the fear of not being good enough. Run, Steve, run!! And so he does. It’s clear he’s not feeling good just looking at Danny, so of he goes to booze and girls to drown his fears and sads and pretend everything is fine.

Now, we have seen Steve drink before, but we have never seen him drunk. And he is sooo very drunk here. Very out of character from his normal “gotta be in control and on top of things, always” persona. When Steve tries to fix/solve things he gets controlling, when he thinks he’s failed he gives that up.

“The girls were really bummed you couldn’t make it. I didn’t now what to tell them.” He’s voice almost breaks at the end there, and he looks so sad? Why Steven? Why you so sad?

Then Danny brings up how Steve destroyed Danny’s weekend and immediately Steve’s deflecting shield come up. No, this is clearly Dannys fault. Danny and his negative attitude. Whitout that there wouldn’t be a problem. It’s all Danny’s fault (because if it’s not Steve’s fault there’s no reason for Danny to leave him, right?)

“I just brought us out here to have some fun, and reconnect a little bit, and get away from work for a minute, and you just – you just… you’ve been down on this thing from the start!”

Translation: “You didn’t even give me a chance! (You didn’t trust me to fix it so we could enjoy ourselves together by going out, doing stuff, having fun. Together. No therapy, no job, just us.”

Okay, so everything’s a mess, there are huge misunderstandings all over the place, and everything hurts. And Steve’s so very hung over the next day, he’s hardly even present.

But did you see the last scene? When Danny was eating the burger, shared it with Steve (Danny’s so, man, he keeps trying, always), and then started talking about how nice that soap was (that Steve had gotten so excited about in the beginning and Danny thought was stupid?), Steve latched on to that right away. Like, Danny’s enjoying himself? With something I suggested? And he gets all into it.Wow, your skin is super smooth. Amazing! This is great! Right, Danny? You’re feeling good, we’re enjoying yourselves. This is all I wanted.

Steve wants his Danny to be happy (and not leave him), but can’t seem to deal with the emotions (and fears!) attached to it…

I’m still sad, but Steve makes sense to me like this, and that sort of gives me some peace of mind.

If you rewatch, notice in the beginning of the episode how Steve is all controlling (on a mission to fix things/ making sure they’ll have a good time!) and pointing out all the good stuff, and trying to make the best of things even when stuff starts going wrong, and more controlling/I have a plan-follow my lead, and then after he realizes Danny busted his ankle everything changes.

Also if you look at the gifset that originally inspired this post, and see that as the real reason why Steve wanted them to do this (it was about their relationship and reconnecting), notice how that completely changes the reading of the text (episode) and the assumptions one makes based on it.