so i made a pie chart


HEY FRIENDS here are the results from that survey I did of Ilvermorny/Hogwarts houses, made easy to look at with PIE CHARTS! (sorry for the ugly default Ilvermorny colours) I only had a sample size of 215 so it’s obvsly not accurate, but it’s still something.

SO my population here could absolutely be skewed due to surveying mostly my friends + the nice side of the internet, but BASICALLY, there are a LOT of Thunderbirds, and not many Wampuses. The Gryffindors are fairly even across Ilvermorny houses, and the Thunderbirds are fairly even across Hogwarts houses. So we can at least conclude that the two schools sort their students by different traits (or the Pottermore quizzes at least use different algorithms lol). Hogwarts sorts by values, which we know can be harmful; but Ilvermorny seems to sort more by skills or hobbies, which is nicer I think.

Anyway, here’s the raw data if anyone’s interested. thanks for everyone who participated! :)

The results are in from the Mystic Messenger Character Popularity Poll! I now have 100 responses, so I made a pie chart for everyone ^^

Summary of findings:

- 707 dominates nearly half (45%) of the fandom’s love

- Zen is rather distantly in second place (28%), but he has twice as much love as Jumin (14%), who’s in third place

- Yoosung and Jaehee are 8% and 5% of the fandom’s favourite character, respectively

- For those who rated every single character or rated more than one: no one ranked 707 after third place, and only one person put Zen in 4th place and one in 5th place. Aka Zen and 707 are nearly everyone’s favourite, second favourite, or third favourite character

Disclaimer for the results: Remember that the poll only asked for your favourite character. So, just because Jaehee only has 5% doesn’t mean she’s hated; it just means that 5% of the fandom ranked her as their #1 favourite character in Mystic Messenger.

Also, although the occasional person also ranked V, Rika, Unknown, etc, I left them out of the results to focus on the ‘main’ characters in the MysMe cast. Perhaps we’ll make another poll later that includes them as well.

If you want to let me know who your favourite character is in Mystic Messenger as well, I’m leaving the poll up. If I get a significant amount of new replies, I’ll make another pie chart up. So go vote!

the character’s heights have been all over the place so far, it’s pretty wacky! so I finally got around to actually deciding on heights and doing a chart. obviously they’re not all precisely scaled to each other and I’ll probably still screw it up and/or fudge things occasionally, but heeey at least it gives me a baseline!

and now you know that Twi isn’t short, I just like TALL BOTS :U


I’m currently writing a paper on queerbaiting and fandom/TPTB interaction using Teen Wolf & Sterek as my case study but I made some graphs so I thought I might as well share.

First two show viewer ratings (Nielsen) found on Teen Wolf wiki.

The pie chart and bar graph are self-explanatory.

The last bar graph is the same as one above, just w/out the viewer rating.

I will be looking at Sterek found on FanFiction & deviantART next. No deductions made so far. Thats something I gotta work on later once I get the numbers.


Everything Hook’s called Emma, by Percentages

So because I have too much time on my hands and was hit with a sudden wave of curiosity I decided to put a pie-chart together of all the things Hook calls Emma.
* These are the things he calls her only when talking to her, not when referring to her.

Swan - 60%

Love - 21%

  • He’s called her “Love” more times since they started dating then he did in seasons 2 and 3 combined. 

Emma - 13%

  • He mostly calls her Emma when he’s distressed or worried for her.

Other - 6%

  • The other 6% is made up of, My Dear, Lass, Darling, Beautiful, Savior, My Lady, and Your Highness.