so i made a lot of them


VLD MMORPG au idea that’s been sitting in my WIP folder for ages ; u ; I had lot’s of fun designing them and I’m so happy to finally post them! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 

It’s set in modern au, but the designs are for their avatars in the game; They’re regular college students, but while they’re playing something gets corrupted and they find themselves stuck in the game and have to find a way to get out and back into reality

I made a small comic intro thing?…Idk :”D <3 click here to see it!

“You are my home, and I will always come back to you.”

Heyyyy sorry for not drawing much lately ;w; been really busy with school >.> so to make it up, I made another version of this “Imagine your OTP” (?) since it seems that a lot of people like it ^^<3

I’ll try to draw more tomorrow so I can save up for next week owo
Thank you (again) for bearing with me lol



I should post this a very long time ago, but I forgot so here it is now!!!

There´s a lot old stuffs about TK and CTK from @perfectshadow06 / @quantumtale​ / @ask-ctk and I miss it so I made short video with my favorite song Paradise Fears - Battle Scars

Don´t forget to check out my YouTube channel and subsribe ^^

ENJOY and hope I didn´t messed up with it qwq

Theory: Why Marco Can Use the Wand

Alright, so a bunch of people have been making all of these complex theories with a lot of different things pointing to them, suggesting that well Marco could be in some way related to mewmans or that mewmans are in fact just humans around magic, and that anybody could use the wand. Both of those theories just need too much evidence to prove for it to seem concrete. I made a much simpler, straightforward, and believable theory. You’ve all probably speculated about it at one point, but I decided to put it into a post with all of the evidence we need.

Alright imma just start talking.

All the way back to the first episode, we are told constantly that Earth doesn’t have magic. Given our understanding of Earth, we can confirm this. Earth is just boring, no magic and we just have to do everything ourselves.

Only magical beings can use the wand, and well humans just aren’t magical.

Alright, now we know everybody knows humans don’t have magic. Explains this:

Back in ‘Cheer Up Star’ When he tied the wand to a fishing pole in order to lure in monsters?

He picked the the wand, tried it up, and used it as a lure for monsters.

Alright, some some of you who don’t get it yet, how was he able to pick it up then and not now?

That episode was before the Blood Moon Ball.

Marco couldn’t use the want for himself unless his soul was bonded to a magical being.

It’s as simple as that.

Hey so uh, I thought it had only happened once, but apparently my mentions have been malfunctioning a lot more than I thought? I’m so sorry if somebody tagged me in something and I didn’t respond at all, I usually react to those posts as soon as I see them (ESPECIALLY if it’s something you made for me, holy shit that’s so sweet of you!!) , so if you make something for me or tag me in something and you hear nothing from me for a long time, please feel free to send me an ask okay? Apparently this website is messing that up too, at least for me, I am so sorry if I disappointed somebody because of this, I promise you I would never ignore a gift ;w;

Passion comes easily to an Aries Venus, so does love and attraction. Although when in love Aries Venuses can need a lot of attention and passion towards them, they are also able to give a lot of attention and passion. But they do have a problem of taking more than they give. When you want to think of how an Aries Venus wants to be treated, just imagine Rihanna’s song (she’s an Aries Venus btw) “Only Girl (In The World).” They want to be treated like the most important person in the world, quite similarly to Leo Venuses tbh. They also tend to like those who aren’t too clingy, or those who play hard-to-get. They are generally much more up for the chase than the actual relationship, although they like being the one being chased just as much as being the one doing the chasing. But if you end up lucky enough to catch yourself an Aries Venus they can be very loving. 

Aries is can express themselves a lot physically, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if an Aries Venus kind of take the authority in the relationship in that way. Honestly, Aries Venus being a cardinal Venus often kind of have the most control over the relationship. They get their way. They either jump right into love or try their hardest to fight it off. Aries being ruled by mars makes this placement not only most passionate physically, but it makes their love easy to uhh… arouse you? They may also be very easily aroused themselves. 

They have a lot of energy to put into love, but they don’t want that energy to go to waste so they won’t go around dating people just for the hell of it like a Libra Venus. They honestly do it for love… well, and attention lol. When it comes to expressing their love through words they find it hard… they both prefer to show and receive love through actions. Not particularly grand gestures of affection, but showing love through smaller actions. 

If an Aries Venus chooses to leave you, it can be done way too impulsively. Meaning it could end up being at either the best time or the absolute worst possible time. Honestly, this is the point at which their truly selfish side of love shows. They can turn cold and uncaring. 

Venus can also influence our own personal taste in style a bit, and I personally see Aries Venus as the type to wear a lot of black and red. They may do very impulsive things when it comes to their appearance, like going out and impulse buying a ton of clothes of a different style than their usual, or getting a completely new haircut out of nowhere. They do this in part because of their impulsivity, but also because they like to set trends. When it comes to art Aries Venuses tend to enjoy art with a lot of color. They also may like very avant-garde art pieces. 

Wow, everyone was adopted already! THANK YOU!! Guess I got a lot of packing to do. 😄💕 I’ll do all the mailing on Monday morning.

Also if you like my Mochi bunnies I’m able to make them a lot faster now thanks to my fiance helping me, so I will have a “made to order” listing on my Etsy soon for them. You can choose the body color (Mochi white, strawberry, or mint) ear color, and size (small, medium, large, mega).

In other news I have a batch of adorable fairy kei colors small narwhals in progress 😘 and then I plan to make some owls for after Thanksgiving!

#long post #ok ko critical (?)
tried my hand at redesigning ok ko characters, with enid (sorry for being late about it!)
so basically, i gave her curly hair rather than straight with a nicer, less contrasted shade of purple. i made her clothes suit her personality (a bit on the carefree/lazy side) and darker skin since shes mixed with black.
also i noticed a lot of people have said that she has huge thighs because its supposed to be a “cartoony exaggeration” or something like that, but thats not the case at all. its just bein a little sexist because most of the girls in that show are sexualized in SOME way, and exaggeration/cartoon/style isnt the reason. you can stylize cartoon proportions without sexualizing them! and i use my art as an example!
enids power centers around her legs, more specifically her feet/calves, not thighs. so using my ~*cartoon style abilities*~, i made it possible to stylize her proportions while making it obvious her powers are in her legs AND without sexualizing her because shes a black girl. wow, look at how easy that was!
 not to be concieted or anything but i think my version is a little more creative, a little less sexualized, and a little easier on the eyes.
making a cartoon character means making it so you can tell what the character is like by first glance! enids character simply doesnt do this! 
and its great to have a curvy girl character but to emphasize their butt/thighs in ways that make it look “super sexy” in some scenes isnt proper representation for curvy girls. its been going on for years and regulating this type of behavior, especially in cartoons (yknow, shows to entertain children and help develop mindsets and behavioral patterns for them at a young age), is what gets curvy girls unwanted sexual attention.

gah! sorry for rambling! i feel strongly for these sort of things…

tl;dr, i imagine her to be darker with curly hair, and a lanky body type with strong calves. i wish she could have been more like this.

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any opinions on the cmbyn sequel talk?

You know, I’m weirdly open to it. The film is such a perfect thing in itself that I feel like I should think it’s a terrible idea, but I saw someone on Twitter—I can’t remember who — compare the idea to Truffaut’s Antoine Doinel cycle, which for those of you who don’t know is a series of films he made with Jean-Pierre Léaud over the course of many many years, starting with The Four Hundred Blows. I found that comparison so interesting and intriguing, even though I have (ahem) only ever seen The Four Hundred Blows (a masterpiece, obviously) from that cycle… I should now go watch the rest. Why not?

I feel weirdly not worried about them fucking it up because this was SO perfect that I have a lot of faith in them doing something interesting. Paradoxically, despite having read and written a lot of fanfic, I am almost never interested in sequels and don’t typically think about characters existing outside the works of art in which they exist—even my own original characters. Once I’m done with them, I’m done with them; they cease to be. I think a lot of this comes from having done a lot of academic training, where you think a lot about art as an object. Characters, obviously, are not people, so thinking about them as existing beyond the end of a book or a movie isn’t that interesting to me. For whatever reason certain things make me want fanfiction, and it’s usually genre stuff, and stuff I think is flawed or unsatisfying in some way.

I thought CMBYN was beyond perfect, the best film I’ve seen all year, and yet I immediately started thinking about the characters ten years down the road. There’s just something really potent about the film, and the sense that it’s the beginning of this kid’s life (and not so far into Oliver’s, either) is so strong. Clearly Guadanigno feels the same way. So: bring it on. If they’re not good, this film will still exist. Ugh I can’t wait to see it again. Podcast next week!

thedreadwolfiscoming replied to your post: .

I think that some k|antis actually like Sheith but they’re afraid to admit it because they’re waaaay too deep in the toxic ant| community, which would lynch them if they found out they like Sheith. So they just like Sheith posts, their “little dirty secret”, cuz it’s mostly anonymous

ilovelocust replied to your post:

I’ve seen a couple people say that they are scared to come out as sheith fans due to having ant|s following them, so that may be what is happening

This actually is really sad. I know a lot of people will be like “ant|s made their bed” but that whole community is very oppressive and punishing to even their own. Like when gay ppl are born in really anti-gay communities. (Which isn’t to say they’re the same thing, but to point out a similarity) 

I thought at first it would be like “I don’t ship this but I like the narrative/art style” but now thinking that has really bummed me out :( 

If any secret sheith shipper wants to like/rb any of my stuff but they’re afraid of getting anon hate then please feel free to do so, even if you have to tag it brog@nes or any such variant. I only ask that you not spread hate yourself and if you have in the past (Cults are like that) then please apologise to the people you sent it to, for your sake as well as theirs. I hope one day everyone in this fandom can just like the things they want to without being punished for it.

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Um. Please don’t ever feel insecure about your writing abilities. You’re one of the fanfic writers that I admire, seriously. I can only hope that one day my writing/words/story telling are as good as yours. I have a lot of catching up and work to do. But ... I love them. I adore your writing and your words. You have a beautiful talent.

Honestly… just… wow. This is so incredibly humbling and not something I take lightly. I have no words, anon. This really made my day. And it’s given me the energy and the desire to write more. So thank you. For real, this will stay under my skin and make me glow all day. 💕

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Iris, I honestly think BTS are magical. I was sobbing in the bathroom earlier, having a mental breakdown, and then Hoseok went live. Even though I can't understand Korean, just listening to him talk makes me happy. I was a sniffling, broken mess and then by the end of it I was actually laughing along with him so much my cheeks hurt... I think what I'm trying to say is, I'm so glad I decided to stan BTS. I truly think it was one of the best decisions I made in my lifetime. 😊✨

I haven’t had a chance to watch anything that’s happened this week (thanks work!), but I’m so happy he went on VLive. I love the vlogs and I miss Hope on the Street a lot. It’s nice to be given the chance to connect with them as fans, even if it’s just sitting down to dinner with Jin or listening to song meanings from Namjoon. I find them all very relaxing and feel spoiled to even have them.

I’m sorry you’re going through a hard time. I hope it gets better. This time of year is hell for us mental health sufferers, so please take care.

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Bunny anon! Sorry if I made you feel awkward ;u; I was curious.. BUT IS NICE TO KNOW , plus ur tastes are cool bc ur ideas and drawings are so creative, I loVE THEM, Especially the staig 😎

ngkdsj thank you!

i feel bad because i actually do ship a lot of things but my hands have been trained to draw staig immediately when i open a blank canvas

i need to start drawing other characters again…

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okay I'm loving having you talk about random stuff, so 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 78 79 90 3 11 14 17 18 love yaaa

ANSHIKA GIRL OML I’M DYING LAUGHING I LOVE YOU (you made me do two of these already so i ain’t doin those lmaooooooo)

3: what is your birthday?

24th december!!!!! it’s coming real soon imma finally be 16 HELL YEAH

11: how many pairs of shoes do you own?

3 pairs of chappals (i just wear them everywhere lol), two canvas shoes, one pair of trainers, two pairs of like kinda sorta flats idk how to describe them lol. i wear my mom’s shoes a lot though lol

14: are you psychic in any way?

helllllll yeah. i’m reading your mind right now girl.

18: do you want children?

eventually, probably. but idk if i want to go through that whole pregnancy bullshit

45: what’s your favourite accent?


47: what is your most expensive piece of clothing?

probably this leather jacket my aunt gifted me last year on my birthday

48: can you curl your tongue?


49: are you an innie or an outie?


50: left or right handed?


51: are you scared of spiders?

my one true enemy. i fucking hate them. ehktgersyutgeksrguys

52: favourite food?

all the food (except bengan ka bharta that shit is nasty as fuck)

53: favourite foreign food?


54: most used phrase?

um. does fuck count?

78: have you ever done drugs?


79: who was your first real crush?

fun fact: i have never ever had a crush one someone i’ve known irl. it’s. weird.

90: what makes you angry?


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hi sorry i'm new to this. what payment service would i use if i sold panties on reddit or something like that?

theres basically two types and it’s kind of a point of contention between online sex workers rn so just take the risks and benefits in consideration for yourself:

 there are safe methods that are made with the adult industry in mind and are  more “on your side”. many of them are international, which is nice for buyers outside the US. the downsides are that they do take a cut of your pay and it usually takes a while for the money to get to you. also, a lot of buyers find these inconvenient. examples would be indiebill, cammodeldirectory, deliverycode, and clip/camsites. pervoutpay is in this category but it is not recommended, their business practices are shady

then there are less safe but more convenient methods. with these, adult services are against their ToS  so if you’re caught using them for adult services, your account will be shut down. also, buyers can do chargebacks on you (even months later) & usually the processor sides with the buyer. they pretty much all have apps too and you get your money instantly most of the time… also, most buyers use & trust these, so the truth is you will get more money using them. examples would be squarecash, amazon giftcards,, circle pay, and venmo. google wallet falls under this category but have been especially bad w/ chargebacks lately. DONT use paypal EVER, they share personal info & ALWAYS do chargebacks.

the best payment method is bitcoin, it’s international, mostly instant, completely anonymous, and no chargebacks are possible. i use the Bitpay wallet; they are adult industry friendly & they actually give you a visa card you can load your bitcoin onto instantly and use anywhere 

either way you’re gonna want to have multiple methods available!

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My favorite SU character is Jasper! I think she's so interesting as an antagonist because she's almost like the hero and underdog of her own story. I love how they use her to explore how a gem made from earth was affected by the war and being raised as a lonely exception on homeworld. I also like how she's pretty much a tragic foil to Amethyst and how she shares a lot of parallels with Pearl too, since I love them a lot as well. She has so much potential for growth and I want her to be happy!

I have a lot of Jasper fans following me, too! I also can’t wait to see where her character ends up. I hope she ends up happy, as well!

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hanahaki aesthetic board

“Hanahaki Disease is an illness borne of one-sided love, causing flowers form and grow in the lungs of the unrequited, the petals coughed up with increasing frequency. If the love is not returned, the flowers filling the patient’s chest will eventually prove fatal.”