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A bisexual fucked me up last week lemme tell ya

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Rank the primarchs, 1-18 (or 19 depending on Alpha Legion) in terms of hot.

Let it be said that:

One, I have not read a lot of lore. So my knowledge of the Primarchs per se are not extensive. Some are lower on the list than others and have less babbling because I don’t know them that well.

Two, I am extremely biased. I’m so biased that I should never be invited to judge a beauty pageant. I like who I like from what I know. Which isn’t a lot. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything. I answered a question sent to me. My personal opinion is just that. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Three, of those I do not know as well I just ranked on boinkability. Yes that is a term. I think. I could’ve just made it up.

Four, you can beg to disagree and call me a heretic. ^_^ You can debate me, dispute with me, all is well. Make your own list. I would love to read about it. Now, let the insanity commence.

Art by @horus-did-nothing-wrong

1. Magnus the Red…have you not seen my blog? And my header? And my sidebar? And my OC? And my 4 chapter fanfic (which should be 5 by now but damn writer’s block) All indicating my love for the Big Red, tragic mess of a sexy nerd. Just his hair alone is worth writing porn about. Have you seen his shirtless model? That butt window? The blanket of a loin cloth that’s probably not even enough to conceal what is hiding behind it? O M G. While he may not have the prettiest face (that honor belongs to Sanguinius, honestly) or the bulkiest of builds (Vulkan I think), it’s the overall package that he comes in makes him, in my uber-biased eyesight the sexiest piece of masculine meat that graced the covers of a BL book. He’s intelligent, confident, and he genuinely cares about his Legion, his brothers and his Father. He’s man enough to admit his mistakes and pay for them. Is he perfect? Goodness no. But he’s perfect for me. @askthecrimsonking

Art by @toranekostudios

2. this even a question? LOOK AT HIM. Look at the beautiful, perfect, angelic boy. That hair. Regardless of what color it came in. Those gorgeous wings. Whatever color they come in (ah, come on BL guys, make up your mind). He’s not only handsome, but he is kind (yeeea forget about the black rage and the red thirst…but maybe I can overlook that). He has a good heart. Yes I’m a sucker for a guy with long hair and a heart. So sue me (okay seriously don’t, but you know what I meant). I can overlook the sausage curls (that’s what straightening irons are for) but who cares about that when you’re jumping his bones (and he’s actively trying to dodge you? Too cute, Sansan). @asksanguinius40k

Art by @pholcidae

3. Roboute Guilliman…This choice climbed up from somewhere down the middle, LOL. Yes he has endeared himself to me the last few months (thanks in no small part to @ultramarineblues and @possiblyhereticalultramarine) . When I first got into w40k I was told he was one dimensional and blander than a post-surgical diet. But I find that not to be the case. To quote @ultramarineblues “So what if he’s vanilla? It can still be good vanilla.” He’s a good man, an honorable man, and all the crazy fluff us fans made gave him a bit more dimension, in my biased, egotistical opinion. Also, I’m a sucker for a blue-eyed blonde (My track record is ridiculous). His looks make him hot. His character makes him even hotter. @askrobouteguilliman40k

Art by @toranekostudios

4. Leman’s the braids. It’s got to be. How many men do you know can wear a braid and a ponytail and still look like he can ravage you both on the field and in the sack? Those fangs! Oooooh but the things I can imagine him doing with it. He’s the kind of man who would take you out on a date (or a one night stand) and you KNOW you are going to have fun in this lifetime and the next. He is that awesome. He looks good whether he’s a ginger, blonde or brunette. Though I like golden-haired Russ the best. I imagine he howls when he gets stimulated. He is literally a sexy beast, the one you want to do all the nasty little things your heart desires. Tie you down and make you…okay Imma stop now before this gets out of hand. @asklemanruss40k

Art by Cecilia Murillo Valdez

5. Corvus Corax…did I ever tell you folks I have a thing for long hair? Yes, yes I do. Especially when it is worn well. And pretty, and smooth and…okay I’m going off track. There’s not a lot I know about Corvus, other than he can turn invisible (OMG THE KINKY POSSIBILITIES…..SHAAADDDDUP) and that he’s a pretty laid back, cool, guy who doesn’t seem to have a beef with anybody. He’s chill, and I bet he wouldn’t mind experimenting, LOL.  @asktheravenlord

Art by @horus-did-nothing-wrong

6. Konrad Curze…Oh you other, sad, tragic mess. I would so jump on you. Because really you’re pretty handsome in a creepy kind of way. Also I’m a fan of Batman. Well that and I really want to give you a hug, put you in a warm, foamy bath and make you some soup even if you probably want to hang me over the clothesline in the most unflattering fashion. But wait…I didn’t do anything wrong! I can do everything right if you let me ;-) @askkonradcurze

7. Lion El Johnson…He’d be higher on this list if he wasn’t such a wet blanket. Seriously Lion! Objectively he’s very handsome (see blonde boy comment up there), but how long can you last until the grumpiness gets to you? I want to have fun, boy! Now smile a little and act like you want a piece of good ass, k? He does kinda look like he would go for a little lite S & M, or a threesome. In secret. In a cave. That’s in a forest somewhere… @asklionjonson

Art by @sisterofsilence

8. Angron…Oh oh Angron. You’ve had it bad, like some of your brothers. Its unfortunate. But even with the Butcher’s nails you are a fairly fine specimen too. The caring part of me wants to take you aside and give you lots of hugs and TLC (that’s Alise’s job of course @sandvichette) but no, you are lovable in a tragic way. I’m sure you look smokin’ in your gladiator garb, however it may look like. I bet you carry it well. Especially when you’re swinging your sword. No, not THAT sword. Get out of my gutter brain…eeeeeep.

Art by @magnifigal

9. Jaghatai Khan...I’m not a big fan of topknots but you carry it fantastic, man. And you look like Jason Momoa. Or Ken Watanabe. Maybe both. Plus, they’re both hot. You’re also smart and witty. Like Khal Drogo and Tyrion Lannister had a lovechild (okay did I just give you a bad visual? Sorry that was not intentional). Plus you ride bikes. HOT! But you also have the attention span of a 3 year old. Who ate a sugar bomb. I have a feeling your encounters maybe wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am-see-you-later-I’m-chasing-after-the-eldar-because-I-hear-they-do-sexy-cray-cray-things. @ask-jaghatai-khan

10. Vulkan…I’m a sucker for a nice guy. I really am. He’s one of them. I bet he’s sweet and likes to cuddle. But he probably takes up the whole bed. But have you seen those abs? And pecs? Is it true you lost your mind? I hope you find it soon. Because an unstable giant is an unstable giant and…yeah that’s scary. Is it true that you like fire? Is that a fan headcanon? I have a fear you will set the bed on fire…hopefully in a good way. @ask-the-lord-of-drakes

Art by @horus-did-nothing-wrong

11. Perturabo...Another nerd. I swear it’s genetic. You’re cute, and you’re very smart and talented and severely underappreciated. I’m just scared of your cybernetic hairdo. I feel like I’m going to get electrocuted if I ran my hands through your hair. Which isn’t stimulating, unless we’re talking about burns. I also hear you’re salty as heck. I even started calling you Salturabo. You’re gonna be bad for my blood pressure. In more ways than one.. @ask-perturabo

12. Rogal’re not low on the list because you’re not eye candy (coz you do look like Soldier76’s hot, older brother), but because I know my dear friend @mrsdorn adores you with all her heart and I feel like a traitor. Also because you were mean to Sigismund. They say you have tight arse cheeks though LOL.

13. Fulgrim…Okay you’re pretty. But you’re also extremely vain. Who the heck wants to boink a guy who’s prettier than them? Okay I would, but still! The man is so full of himself there is room for nothing but Ferrus Manus and his…iron hands, hahahahaha. @fulgrim-the-phoenician

Art by @twopunch

14. Ferrus Manus…If manly man is your type, yes, he is your man! (I used that word too many times) The man is skilled with his hands. Both hands. I bet he can do a lot of amazing things with them. He looks like he likes to dish it rough too. Now I’m wondering if I should put him higher than Fulgrim. He has a short fuse though? Yeah that’s a bit of a de-fizzler. I would run the minute he raises his voice because I have issues with someone who used to yell at me (okay that escalated fast didn’t it?) @askferrusmanus40k

15. Alpharius/Omegron…seriously who can tell which is what? I can’t. My vision is as good as the Crimson King’s without the fancy psyker magic. But secrecy can be fun. You guys might be fun to do RPG blindfolds with. Because. Reasons. The novelty may wear off after a while. A very long while. I still don’t get you. Both of you. Any of you. You’re so confusing. That takes your hotness down a notch. Okay a few notches. @ask-alpharius

Art by @toranekostudios

16. Horus…Heresy. Granted he has his good points, and objectively he may be good looking and charming and is friends with every other person on this list. But…man the heresy. Instant turn off. My beautiful Red Boi tried to save your ass because he cares about you and what the bloody fuck did you do to him, you oversized, heretical man-baby with daddy issues? Why are you not on the bottom of this list? One, because I blame Lorgar just a hair (pun intended) more than you, and two you actually may have a hair (stop with the stupid puns already) of regret because you killed my beautiful angel who loved you too, you piece of Chaos-infused, overrated spoiled brat.

17. Lorgar…Religious zealot. Any lady boner I might have died with those two words. Though I do feel kinda sorry for your background (see Konrad Curze)…I still blame you for the heresy you little shit. Well you’re not tiny so…big shit? That sounds even worse. Either way…ehm no. The only reason you’re not at the bottom of this pile is because of your brotherly love for Angron. And you’re actually good friends with my number one man. Also you’re a scholar and a poet and a nerd. So you have SOME redeeming factors. Maybe.

18. Mortarion…where do I even start? The stench? The grumpiness? The overall salty behavior? Granted he did not have the greatest of backgrounds but COME ON Morty. That betrayal at the Council of Nikaea put the nail in the coffin of any desire I may feel for your smelly carcass. Russ may have razed Prospero but that’s because he got tricked by Horus (and he actually gave Magnus an out…which he didn’t receive but that’s another story). You….you didn’t have to turn on your brother like that. Make him feel like shit. For being HIMSELF. Seriously! You’re number 18 because you messed with my number ONE man.

Sorry not everyone had pics. My internet was being an idiot. I hope you enjoyed my foolishness ^_^

one time i made the mistake of telling another human that i have a tumblr blog - for reference this was about ~3 years ago - after that they revealed that they also have a blog and preceded to ask me questions like “how many followers do you have?” at the time i think i had like ~500 (a number which i was very proud of and thought was cool) and i told them so which received a response of “oh, i have like 20,000″ & im just like ok, cool!! thats a lot of people!! then they asked me “whats the most notes youve ever gotten on a post?” i responded “i got 150k+ on one stupid mistake post” and they just kind of laughed and went “wow, ive gotten over 300k on several”  

that interaction was always funny to me because this person had this sense of superiority because they’ve gotten a bunch of  notes  on tumblr dot com. like i get it man, notes give u validity but in the real world they dont really mean anything for the most part. like you arent really making money. you are just ~running~ a blog and reblogging rando shit so ? ? like im just here goofing around with my pals, chill the fuck down and have some fun bud. this isnt a business.

Advice for people going into highschool

From someone who’s graduating in two days, and made a lot of mistakes over the course of the past years

- yes you can get through it without studying, believe me, I didn’t open one book for the first few years, but you’ll feel aweful because you didn’t do your best. The feeling of knowing how high your grades could have been is really not nice, so just do your best, but do study.

- make friends, but don’t get so caught up on them that you forget to live yourself. People are still changing in highschool, and if someone drifts away, that’s okay.

- be nice to your teachers, they deserve respect.

- don’t forget to have fun as well

- high school will not last forever. If you’re going through shitty times, remember it’s not forever.

- it’s okay to make wrong decisions and take subjects you don’t actually like. It will make it easier to decide what you want to do at university (I did economics and modern languages with very little maths. Next year I’m doing computer science. I should have chosen science - maths, but hey, I can always catch up during summer. If you’re motivated, it wont be a problem)

- if you’ve decided what you want to do in the future, don’t only focus on certain subjects. Don’t slack off on other subjects because you know you wont be using them anyway later.

- maths isn’t for everyone, but try to find fun in maths. Yes I know how stupid that sounds, but maths is actually really rewarding. Revising at home and getting certain problems and mock tests correct is such a great and satisfying feeling, so do give yourself credit whenever you’ve got something right!

- don’t take languages you know you don’t actually wanna speak (I took german and french, next to dutch and english, and i had no interest in them whatsoever and still suck at them, even after 4 and 7 years)

- don’t chose subjects because your parents want you to take them (I did latin my first two years and I hated everything about it)

- if you think you have an attention disorder or a learning disorder or whatever, get it checked out. For so long i didn’t study because i couldnt concentrate and i just kinda gave up for years because of that. We only “discovered” i have ADHD this year, and since I’m taking my meds my grades went up like crazy

- your mental health is important, yes, but do know the difference between not being able to do something because of mental health and just because of your mindset. I couldn’t study because of my depression and ADHD, but i did give up myself because I’m lazy and really didn’t try anymore after a while tbh

- don’t give up on your hobbies. Really. Don’t. I never started skating less, not even during exams. I always stayed on my (quite heavy) practice shedule. It was hard, sure, but it did work out. Without your hobbies, you could get a burn out.

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Okay so I've told some people in my life that I'm bicurious. But they think that bicurious is something made up. I've never personally been with a female (I'm a female) but I am emotionally and physically attracted to them but I don't know if I am bi because of that as I've never acted on those preferences. Am I still valid to say I'm bicurious because of this or?

I mean yes, in my opinion you are. Bicurious isnt just a made up word. Its something that was termed because a lot of people were attracted to the opposite and same genders but they were uncertain if theyd actually like to have ~sex~ with the same/opposite gender (depending on what youre comfy with). Of COURSE thats valid. Just bc youre questioning doesnt mean your feeligs arent valid. Also ive helped a lot of my curious friends realize that they are in fact bisexual which is always such a cool thing

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I like to headcanon that keith is really good with animals. Cats, dogs, birds, you name it, he's made friends with it.

keith confirmed for having 20 feral disney companions, absolutely. see see i love the thought of him finding stray dogs and cats but also like,,, this boy lived in the desert for a year?? so im thinking–lizards, lots of lizards–foxes, falcons, tortoises, owls, bats. and like, three different kinds of venomous snakes that he loves and is v chill with. keith just hanging out with random coyotes and bobcats, completely unafraid and generally blase about the whole thing. 

i wonder if any animals can sense he’s not entirely human and it makes them more wary or something, but the idea that all animals love him is 100% better thank you this enriched my life anon,, 

i’ve been getting a lot notes on my art journal pages and it makes me so happy / i get the most excited when i see that in my notifications / honestly, thank you to more ‘popular’ art journal blogs that use their page to give attention to people’s stuff (even tho that sounds a little pretentious to write lol) bc it means a lot that people like or reblog these things that for some reason made sense in my head at the time and made their way onto a journal page lol

it’s also nice bc it’s become a legitimate coping skill so now i actually turn to it when i need to calm down and i like knowing i can post them and it might resonate w other people

also even though some are ed/recovery/mental health focused, it’s something outside of that that i’ve found to channel my energy into which is nice (bc that’s something i desperately need lol)

so there’s that!!!



So! The first round of this went surprisingly well! I got 5 orders, two people ordering multiple bracelets at once, and have already started out some new patterns! Two of my orders have even already arrived and I was informed that they fit well!

These first orders did even make a bit of a difference, at least as far as getting to the end of the month in concerned and being able to pay my rent and important bills. But collections is still calling me and I haven’t made enough to put any money towards paying them off. 

So I am STILL taking orders! I’ve collected a lot more stones at this point due to having to buy a few strands to complete different projects and to make matters easier;


Currently there are only three listings for the three sizes I’m offering but I’m planning on throwing in a few pre-made items as well that will probably be a little cheaper since they’ll require less work for me. Either way, if you’ve had any interest before and couldn’t afford anything at the time, following my store will make it a little easier to keep tabs. No rooting through old tags to try and find that one post. 

As it stands though, I am still pretty desperate for orders because bills still needs to be payed and really the only difference between now and earlier this month is I can at least pay my rent.  And remember, all my prices are CANADIAN, meaning american buyers will be getting a serious deal. 

If you can’t afford anything or it isn’t really your style, please at least do me the favour of reblogging this or sharing at least the link to my store on your facebook or other social media. I need as much exposure as I can get and I really appreciate how far my last post got. 

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if this saturday's episode makes you hate simm master less, will you be glad or sorry about that??!?!!?!?

Glad, actually. I never wanted to hate him and I always sort of hoped he’d get another shot (I was thinking in Big Finish, but this works too), because John Simm himself is a good actor. World Enough and Time has already made my feelings towards him a lot warmer, so I think it’s very possible I’ll end up liking him after The Doctor Falls.

I have other concerns about the episode (I’m still troubled by various rumours I’ve heard), but Simm isn’t one of them.

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First of all, I stumbled upon your account when I was searchin for some bomb ass hoseok smut and trust me, Forbidden did not disappoint. Then I went on to read the rest of your works bc I just loved your writing. I write too and when I saw your ask about writing bc you felt like it, it made me realize that I've dreaded writing bc I feel pressured to write for the sake of posting daily. And I realized I should stand up for myself as a writer too. So thank you for that, and keep doing you. :)

:) Don’t let anyone pressure you into posting. I know I used to post stories very often when I first started, and then I realized I wasn’t happy with a lot of them and I ended up deleting a lot of them. It’s better if you take your time with it and post something you actually like when you feel happy enough with it to post it than if you keep posting every day just to post something. I’m sure your readers will understand. Good luck with your writing and try not to stress over it! It’s something we do for fun, and if you’re stressed out over it, take a step back :)

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I wanted a yousana's kiss ...😢

I knew that wouldn’t happen and I think it’s okay because I don’t think neither Sana nor Iman would be comfortable with that. I wasn’t expecting any kind of physical contact between them tbh so the hug surprised me a lot and made me really happy. 

They showed us that there’s no need to touch each other to love each other 

Dear Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings. Ambitious. Intelligent. Driven. Level-headed. Stubborn. Sarcastic. Loyal. Strong-minded. Competitive.

I see a lot of myself in you, which is why I think I was drawn to you. There is a bunch of similarities between us but everything I’m not, you are and that’s why I look up to you so much.

From the first time I ever read the books or watched the show, you were my favorite. I tend to favor characters that remind me a lot of myself and you are one of them. That’s very special to me. You’re not just a fictional character, you will always be a part of me.

I remember 7 years ago, getting excited with my cousin waiting for the premiere. She was the Aria to my Spencer. We made bracelets, we pretended to be them, we were them. Now, 7 years later and the show is over but I know that Spencer will always live on in me, as will Aria will live on in her.

Pretty little liars is a show and it was never real, but the characters and their personalities are. The meanings and lessons from them, are real. And for that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you Spencer Hastings for your humor, your wit, and the stubbornness you possessed. You will always be near and dear to my heart. Thank you for being such a great character and one that I will forever look up to and aspire to be.

PLL is over and it’s extremely sad. But I’ll always remember it and now I can’t wait to rewatch all 7 seasons!!!

some quick facts about My Boys bc i feel like talking about them

alek is alive, he’s my current player character in a dnd campaign i’m in with my friends. milo is dead due to some backstory Shit

(NOTE: i didn’t mean to bury my gays and i really deeply regret doing so, but i can’t change it because it’s a part of the campaign now ;__; i acknowledge that i inadvertently played into the shitty trope and i really sincerely apologize in advance)

honestly? i love them a whole lot. this campaign is what got me through last summer’s two psych ward visits

some more about their personalities and backstories under the cut!

Keep reading

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Alright so i dont have a crush rn but lemme tell ya. Its really good for me. My old crush was a bf who lost interest in me, didn't know how to apologize, and never made me feel wanted. So, i let them go. And i may not have a new crush now but that is a lot better than having a crush who isn't good for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

damn right dude, its cool that you got out of that bc he sounds like a bad partner

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I just cut two of my closest friends out of my life. One I had had a casual relationship with in the past, one I had a current casual relationship with. There was a lot of drama and stress in both friendships/relationships (they're close friends to each other as well so some jealousy and also just wow high maintenance) and I just needed out. I have no intention of putting myself back in that situation, but I'm struggling to feel like I made the right choice. Thoughts?

Love, maybe it had to happen? You know sometimes people have a feeling that they have to do things and they do it, and it happens to be best for them. Wait a bit, babe, maybe you’ll figure out after some time If it was for the better.
Baby, wait.

@daintyunicorn Yeah unfortunately. My coworkers and some of my family think I’m a lesbian because I have a faux hawk. I get judged a lot for it, but I try not to let it bother me. I like my short hair.

I just went to my best friend’s baby shower last Saturday and her family was asking me a lot of questions and it was hilarious. They’re very religious and I think I made them uncomfortable.

They mentioned my hair, and then asked me if I have a “partner” and if I had met my special “someone”. When I told them I’m single they said I’ll eventually meet “the one”. They made a special effort not to specify “boyfriend” or “husband” etc, and they kept looking at me like I was an animal at the zoo.

I wasn’t offended, I just thought it was funny.

Number 81 (Prologue)

Originally posted by exokingking

Title: Number 81

Type: Lucky One au

Warnings: violence, abuse, blood, and may have triggering content.

Authors note: This is just something I am writing for fun. The story starts in third person, but will switch POV as the story continues on. I am excited to start this series so I hope you all enjoy it and send lots of love. This will hopefully updated every Tuesday. - Wei Wei


The sound of sirens and the bursting open of doors always excited Yixing. He loved to heal people, to help them. It what he was born to do, literally. Having the power to heal made Yixing feel as if he was able to grant second chances, to give people another chance at life. He found the best use of his powers in a hospital where he worked and preformed surgeries blending in with regular people.

 "Dr. Zhang, we have a Jane doe in critical condition. It seems as if she has multiple stab wounds to the back, trauma to the head and covered in cuts and bruises.“ The nurse said as she pushed the gurney towards him. 

"And she’s still alive?” He asked shocked. 

The nurse nodded starting an IV as he began to check her vitals. He looked up analyzing the girls face. Yixing froze at the sight of the girls face. Chills ran down his spine, rubbing his eyes he was trying to make sure what he was seeing was real. 

“Dr. Zhang, are you alright.” One of his interns asked grabbing his shoulder to bring him back to reality. Yixing cleared his throats nodding. 

“Take this person to an open OR right away and scrub in, I will follow behind soon.” The intern nodded and began pushing the patient to the OR. Yixing quickly pulled out his phone and dialed.

 "Hello?“ The voice answered. 

"I need you to come to the hospital now!" 

He said hanging up the phone before proceeding towards the OR.


Junmyeon entered his office spreading himself on his couch. He was tired after sitting through a 5 hour meeting with some Swiss business partners. Luhan not far behind him, followed in behind shutting the door.

 "I would say that meeting went very well, they really liked you and the proposal.” Luhan said as he sat himself down across from Junmyeon.

 "I am glad they did our team worked hard on developing it and if it wasn’t for your insight from the last time we met with them I and sure we would have struggled.“ Junmyeon said. 

"Flattery will get you no where.” Luhan joked. “How’s Minseoks deal going so far?” He asked. 

“He said it going good so far and plans to return back to Korea soon.” Junmyeon smiled. 

Before Luhan could speak again. Junmyeon’s phone had rung. Pulling his phone out from his pocket, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the caller.

 "Hello?“ He answered.

 "I need you to come to the hospital now!” And the line went dead.

 Luhan, reading Junmyeon, easily sensed the worry he had. “What did Yixing want?” He asked. 

“We need to leave to hospital now, call a car down.” Junmyeon said grabbing his things and leaving his office. It was not common for Yixing to call and for the call to be so brief concerned Junmyeon. 

Getting into the car Luhan had began to contact all of the other boys making sure they were okay. Junmyeon silently prayed it wasn’t any of his brothers that were injured. What worried him was more was that Yixing had always been able to heal each of them whenever they were injured, so what was so urgent that he had to leave to the hospital. 

“Stop thinking negative it’s hard to block out and I can’t focus.” Luhan groaned rubbing his head.

 "Sorry" He mumbled. 

“I’ve now got the last of the responses, all of the boys are fine." 

Junmyeon let out a sigh of relief, but still it did not rid of the pit felt in his stomach.

 Pulling up to the hospital Luhan used his powers contacting Yixing. "He just finished surgery, he said to meet him in the VIP rooms.” Luhan said. They both traveled up to the VIP rooms and a nurse guided them to the room Yixing was at. Sliding the door open they find Yixing staring down at the person laid in the bed. From where they were standing the could not get a clear view of the patient. 

Yixing tore his eyes away looking at them. “This is impossible, I can’t seem to think of any possible way of this.. her..” Yixing couldn’t find the words to speak. Junmyeon walked over to him pulling back the curtain looking down at the person who laid in the bed. Both Luhan and Junmyeon’s widened in shock and confusion. They were uncertain of what they were seeing was real. They look up to Yixing and he nodded confirming what they were seeing was real.

 "How could this be.“ Luhan said in disbelief. 

"This can’t be (Y/N)! She died over 65 years ago.” Junmyeon said sternly backing away.

 "I didn’t believe it either, but look.“ Yixing walked towards the patient and lifting her head slightly revealing two number clearly branded on the back of her neck. ‘81’

Junmyeon reaches back to his neck, his fingers gently gliding over the similar branding of numbers on his neck. Unwanted memories flooding back.

 ”(Y/N) is alive, but how?“