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Yuzuru Hanyu: CoR Post-FP Interview and Press Con

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(Unfortunately I was not able to cut just the interview, so bear with the full 23mins of this special, It has great footage anyway! I may sub the rest of it one day…)

Going into the season, this was a competition where you challenged your limits. What did you think about it?

I went in for the challenge but results-wise, I made mistakes so I think that was my own weakness.

You successfully landed your first 4Lz in competition that the world has been looking forward to, and it received positive GOE. How do you feel about it?

It wasn’t a perfect jump so I think it can be much better. Also, that I couldn’t include the loop jump that I’ve accumulated over the last season in neither the free skate nor the short is, after all, a pity. Well, of course there is the fact that I was concentrating on the lutz but I still think that I lack quite a bit of practice.

Well I’ve always been watching Hanyu, so let me say something optimistic. You may have had some failures today, but, you challenged it. All of that will become your strength in your fight towards the Olympics, that’s what I believe.

Yes that’s true. Well, I think all I can do is improve one step by one step so well, um…yes um, about the past… I have no intention to compare (this with it) so…In any case, I do feel like I have been giving everything I have, more than usual, so from here on out, I want to clear each (competition) one by one as I go into the second half of the season.

And so, (you said that) you yourself experienced Seimei in a new way, the program that only you, Hanyu, can skate. How was it?

No, there’s still a lot more, a lot more to it. Definitely, the content is nowhere near what I originally wanted to do so in that sense I do still feel a lot of regret, and that I still have a ways to go. From here on I would like to work harder as I go forward.

Um, please let me ask one more question. This Olympic season, everyone has expectations for this but I think the one who has the highest expectations is you yourself. How do you plan to continue fighting as you go on, looking at this result?

Yes, I am frustrated, and, well to be frank, there are both frustrations and rewards to be taken away from this. Well, I think that I still can grow even more from this point onward and if I can continue to work even more on these lessons in practice (it would be good).

It kind of looks like you are having a tough time but you said challenging things is fun, and I think that’s a wonderful thing.

Ah yes, it’s sports after all, so I want to continue to have fun whilst I skate.

I love Matsuoka’s interviews :)

====== (Sorry it’s so long, press con is short so I included it) ======

For today’s performance, I am satisfied with it, just a little. As expected, not being able to fully rotate the loop, or enter the combination jump properly…things like that added up one by one and resulted in this 3 point difference. Of course, I have my frustrations about the short and well…well, everything, everything needs more practice - that thought was renewed in me. And at the same time, um…in the end, in skating, every aspect is important so I felt (again) that doing every single aspect properly is really something important. -cut- Be it the mental element of it or the stamina required, I think this is a free program where stuff like that becomes extremely important so, as I improve each and every element, I would like to perfect this program.

Congrats Yuzu on finishing with the best first GP result you’ve achieved in awhile! (Japanese TV keeps emphasizing that he has not won his first GP in 2 years hahaha) Also, looking forward to Notte stellata again!


I don’t always draw but when I do you can bet your butt my subject is going to be Moritz Farber
Does he strike anyone else as someone who would have really sharp bone structure and strong outlines?

Has anyone read John’s biographies? A friend told me that he talks about CoE in one of them and how they (he and GDL) were directed to act more like soldiers and comrades in arms than lovers. 


Did the director not read the entire script? Did he not see series 2 or read any of the EU or listen to any of the BBC radio plays? 

They WERE lovers.

The promo pics totally played this up! Hello! 

And yet the director told them not to act like like lovers? 


It would have really added some depth to the entire story if we’d seen Jack and Ianto act a little more like lovers they were rather than the “couple” bullshit and awkward hugs we got on Day One. It would have made Day Four even more sad. Seriously - bad call. 

I am not a CoE denier. It happened. Ianto died. I think it was, in general (and minus a few plot holes) a really good, dark, fascinating, and tragic story. But it could have been so much better, and this is one of those things. They were lovers and they should have set it up better. 

When my family bought me the DVDs for Christmas a few years ago, I sort of made the watch it with me. And at the end my dad said, “Those two guys were together? Really?” Because for someone who’d never heard of or seen Torchwood, it wasn’t clear at all. He liked the story and thought it was well done, but he had no idea, even on Day Four, that they were a couple. 

Sometimes I think that for all Torchwood crowed about being so LGBTQ friendly, it really wasn’t. By series 3 they seemed more afraid of it than anything. A truly LGBTQ show would have given us more LGBTQ couples and moments, rather than the barely there hints of Jack and Ianto we did get. Sure, there were a few snogs, but they never followed up on it! We saw everyone else in their homes and in their beds with their heterosexual partners, but we never saw Jack and Ianto in a happy, domestic moment, except for that quickie in the hothouse. That’s not groundbreaking, that’s the same as every other show at the time. 

Sometimes I wonder why I love this show so much. I even asked Avaantares this last night. The answer?

Ianto Jones.

Ianto Jones and All The Things We Didn’t Get But Should Have Had In A Same Sex Relationship Between Two Fascinating Characters.

Thank god for fanfiction.

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Have you ever considered making a patreon so you can get financial support while still making edits?? :0

hello my beautiful friend!! thank you for this message

thank you all for your beautiful messages there are so many and i can’t explain how much each one means to me everything from people laughing with aurora to personal stories identifying the disney movies nobody asked for you are all my light and i love each of my friends

i have gotten many messages like yours asking about patreons and donations so i must answer!! and the reason i have not created one is that i did not want to appear as if these edits are a job because they aren’t they are very important to me and to my friends!!! you are my friends and i know how much these edits can affect people and make their days better and help them 

whether its a friend laughing at aurora’s sass or an anon saying that seeing their favourite disney characters portrayed with traits that they themselves identify with made them feel so happy and comfortable and safe, its worth the difficulty and the time its so worth it you are so worth it 

if we can spend one day doing something consuming that gives everyone one week of happiness then why wouldn’t we do it

but it is hard to make as many edits as i want to because of the time restraint,  i do not run ads or do sponsorships so it is hard, but this month has been great i got to do three sets!! and the reception was so positive!! you all were so happy and that’s what i really want i know it’s scary these days i know it’s hard to ever sit and feel calm and relaxed and laugh so if i can help people feel better then i have to its all i want

i will not lie to you friend, donations or a patreon would make things a lot easier, time is necessary to do these and time is also necessary to do work and make money and survive and you have to make decisions you have to know how much time you can afford to spend on something and if you are making able to combine the thing you love with the work you do then you would have a lot more time to do the thing you love to do 

maybe i am not making sense hahaha

i have spent a lot of time this month on the edits and i love how happy everyone’s been from it there is no way to describe the feeling or the atmosphere of seeing you all so happy 

but i also do not want to make people feel obligated to donate if i had one because i know how tight money is and i know what its like to want to help someone but not having the resources to do and i would never want to make someone feel like that i would never want to hurt my friends

i will think about this, friends

i love you all so much and i say it so much maybe you think it has lost its meaning but it hasn’t to me i remember everything from the very first anon telling me to chase that high to the buzzfeed/mtv/seventeen interviews and articles to this message here it means as much as it always had and i can’t answer every message but i read each one and they are so important to me every single one i am so lucky

you all mean so much and you’re going to do amazing things and i’ll be there when you do i love you so much xx

(a lil something from my zine)
Almost 2 years ago I discovered Hiller Godspeed and he had this simple yet very poignant illustrations. But one of his works kept haunting me: a tiny pink piece of paper used as a memo for Massachusetts Institute of Technology and it said “You get better and better at everything and then you die.” And it hit me so hard, because I realised it is true. It kinda made me depressed and it was ridiculous because it was only an image on the internet made by a person hundreds of miles away. All I could do was to make an updated version of Hiller’s work just to remind myself that everything’s not completely pointless.

I hella just had a dream that me and Rihanna was just kicking it, talking and shit

She was telling me about her man

I talked about my lil nephew cause I ain’t got a man

And she was gushing over him when so showed her his pics and talked about all the cute shit he does

And I remember her laying out at one point and she had a hairy lower belly and it made me feel better about myself

Cause I’m naturally very hairy

That is all

One common insult is that FMA 2003′s animation is supposedly bad?? Considering when it was made, it’s still really good in my opinion. And I think that the darker color pallet and grittier animation style fits the series. I mean even if it may not be as colorful as some, I think it does a better job of getting it’s point across than some anime that put so much effort into the animation to the point it becomes excessive and can distract from the point. In my opinion, it very much does it’s job, and shouldn’t have to go beyond, because it’s not bad. Though I guess it’s a matter of personal opinion, because some people can’t stand 03’s animation even though I think it fits the series well.


(Tried posting these earlier and tumblr ate the post)

Just got the jacket for my Halloween costume this year and I LOVE IT!!!! Had to take some pictures!!! I’ll take better ones after it’s all pulled together.

I’m just so excited!!!! This has got to be the most well-made article of clothing I own! It’s a custom piece by EimeeBG on Etsy (curse mobile’s terrible links. Here’s the shop address: )

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I don't know if this is just me being dumb, but what does the last panel in your latest symbolise? is it supposed to show how Keith had always been on his own?

No, you’re not being dumb at all! That’s kind of on me, if an image is unclear, that means I may not have conveyed it as clearly as I would have liked to! (Although I just modified it, so hopefully its a bit better now)

I like leaving my work up to interpretation so there’s no ‘one correct’ way to look at it!  But my initial intention was to make a “mimic” of Keith’s “conspiracy board” he made in episode 1, but with the idea of the paladins (represented by string) and their connections instead. Keith’s red string is cut from the rest, representing his separation from the team. Its also an indication of how Keith played a role in finding voltron in the first place. I modified it so now Keith is all alone on one side. Because he chose to join the BOM.

I hope is a bit clearer! Sorry for such a long winded answer!

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So I just read Witch Hunt and wowowow I fell in love. And also cried a lot. You have such amazing taste in things, I was wondering if you have any anime or manga you recommend? Also just read the new Barn chapter and I am SO READY to see Kushina and Naruto both fall. They're so elitist. And Kakuzu has the cutest room ever I was not expecting it, he's totally a softie on the inside.

Lol, that room was intentionally crafted and decorated with her in mind.

One manga I cant forget to signal boost is Ran and the Gray World, Ran to hairo no Sekai, a story filled with magic, phenomenal character growth, and plenty of heart jerking moments. (You will cry.) It’s one of the manga I feel, after finishing and read it through, made me a better storyteller. It’s rich, my friend. Enjoy.

Thoughts on Eliot from LiS: BTS

Can we all just agree that Eliot and Warren are basically the same guy, with the only difference that one of the two is better looking than the other?

Both straight A students, so deep into the friendzone (almost painful to watch… almost), can’t shut the fuck up about this date they want to take her out on, compulsive texters, low-key creepy if you pay attention, look around and talk to people…

I mean, c’mon. Isn’t it the same person? One is just a bit cooler than the other and less goofy, but that is it.

Call it jealousy or anything you want I DON’T CARE. the fans who made it to the secret sessions are lucky, i agree but i think that there are so many other fans who deserved it better? Like um, INTERNATIONAL FANS. some fans who were selected for the secret sessions already been to some tours but I, have never ever been to one of her tours. EVER. i do feel quite left out cause i literally think that we, international fans, deserve secret sessions as much as US or UK fans. Or even a tour???

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You're great.Your blog is great. Snarkwars is a great work of art. I've been having a tough time lately, but snarkwars always puts a smile on my face. You have no idea how much your nonsensical rambling ( I mean that with total love) has helped me. Thank you so much !

Wow, thank you, anon! I am so glad that my nerdy sense of humor has helped to brighten your days. 

Writing Snark Wars has definitely made me feel better on more than one occasion since I started the site. It’s really lovely to hear that it’s helped some of its readers, too.  💜 💜 💜

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oh nu im so sorry for u fam ;----; *hugs* pls feel better

I’m gonna try :3 thank you guys.. I just.. idk. I felt like no one really cared. I just needed to see if I was wrong. And I was. Thank u. U made me feel a little better.

More whining from yours truly

I had an insane day at work. It was my last day at the branch so I was hoping to keep it chill, but it was crazy even by normal standards. My boss is out of town, so it was just me. Also Jay hasn’t pooped in four days, so the nurse kept texting me. I just kept telling myself all day: Power through. One more work day, then a wedding, then a birthday party, then a day of appointments, then Jay goes to respite and I go in for the hysto.

Bright side of today: Sarah got me a free Hello Fresh box and it came yesterday. Tonight I made the “posh pizza” recipe - flatbread with pesto, broccolini, zucchini, and garlic. SO GOOD. Shoutout to Sarah for reminding me that cooking always makes me feel better.

Tiny man is already asleep. Poor little man had such a hard day. I figured an hour early to bed won’t hurt him. Parent pride moment: I got him to poop after 10 minutes of twisting/stretching. Score!

Now I will sit here and watch Game of Thrones and eat my posh pizza and turn off my brain. Early bed time sounds good for me too.

I’m all for ocs don’t get me wrong, but a “revolution” is defined as an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed or a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence.

I personally think we need a better word to use in respect to current revolution’s that are happening in the world right now in very serious situations.

I really think that having an original character is more than a “revolution” of roleplay - I think the title almost makes it look bad as if original characters exist. As if “how dare original characters push against the canons-are-better standard” Original characters are so important to this community because they allow creative exploration not just for the muns, but also canon characters! It allows the canon character to explore new aspects as well.