so i lied about giving up on art


Because I obliviously had to do it the other way around too and now Kaneki has just become the gayest of all gays and rainbows are made wherever he walks (?) ANYWAY, here’s a link to max and chloe version:

And a little summary I’ll shamelessly copy from the other post:

sometime ago I was talking with my sister, who is a great fan of Life is Strange and we came up with this sort of crossover with Tokyo Ghoul because I am a great fan of it and so we almost always end up talking about these two things. And we realized that Max is very similar to Kaneki just as Chloe is similar to Hide -andmostoftheirsongsmatch-  and they also are both childhood friends…. And that’s it. that’s how this abomination was born.

As always, I thank @multieleonora96 for giving me the flat colors, she’s amazing

It had been a while since she had visited the spirit realm, or ghost zone, or whatever the natives called it. For the most part, she spent her days either in limbo or walking among the living. Seeing so many other ghosts was strangely refreshing to her. No Nightmares, no phantoms stuffed into robotic bodies, or bodies of mediums. Just pure, ectoplasmic beings.

Gliding through the eerie landscape, she scanned  for any clue that might lead her to an ancient tome that her father had hid here. Atros had shared all of his knowledge of the mystic arts with her, or so she thought. After going through his journals upon his imprisoning, she had reason to believe he had lied to her. Again. It really shouldn’t have been any surprise.

After nearly a full day of searching, she was about ready to give up. There had been no sign of the book thus far. Brushing her crimson bangs from her forehead, she let out a weary sigh.

“Maybe I should just ask someone for directions.” she muttered.