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How to make a Servitor.

Servitors are artificial spirits that are made by the practitioner, and are used to complete tasks, or goals set by the petitioner to help him or her in their life, or magical practice. Before you jump right into creating a servitor there are things you must plan out beforehand. It’s a lot like building a blueprint. You don’t just start making the house before you have a blueprint. Here are the things you’re going to need to think about  before building your very own servitor:

1) Purpose

Everything needs a purpose, and it’s your job to pick your purpose for your servitor. A purpose can be anything. You could want your servitor to protect you, or your family. You could want your servitor to help you pass a test. You could have your servitor torture people in their dreams… You know whatever you want. It is important to give your servitor a purpose, because it is dangerous to make a servitor without a purpose. If your servitor does not have a purpose it may go rogue, and we may have a situation like that Jewish story of  "The Golem of Prague", who goes on a murderous rampage. Once you have your purpose feel free to move on to the next step.

2)Spiritual appearance

Now you must create an appearance for your servitor that it will take on the astral, and etheric planes of existence. It is important to keep in mind when making your servitor’s spiritual appearance that the spiritual appearance should reflect the task that they were assigned to complete. If the servitor is for better communication with your peers, then it’s spiritual appearance shouldn’t be a Azathoth looking creature, but maybe perhaps some type of human or anthropomorphic entity. Besides that the you can create any type of spiritual appearance you would like. Male, female, tall, short it’s up to you. You can even say “f*** it, and I’m making this one a shapeshifter”. So have some fun, and do whatever you would like. You also might want to draw a picture, or get some representation of their form once you decide upon it for later steps in the servitor creation process.


This one’s pretty self-explanatory, and again you can pretty much pick whatever you would like. All we’re going to do is think of some personality traits that you would like your servitor to have, like charming, intelligent, funny, friendly, loyal, etc…  So this one is pretty easy, and now that I think about it I have no idea what happens if you don’t give them a personality. I guess they turn into Kristen Stewart, or something. Anyway pick out your personality traits that you like, and move on to the next step.


You like to eat, so do servitors. Feeding a servitor is a lot like charging a Sigil. and you can use all the same methods in order to feed a servitor in the same way you use to charge a sigil. You can also set up some methods of feeding for the servitor that the servitor can do on their own behalf. You could tell your servitor to feed on something like sunlight, or crystals that you have lying around. Not setting up feeding methods, or not feeding your servitor will result in it going rogue, or it finding its own food sources which may not always be more preferable.


There are some people that say the servitors lifespan should not be very long, but in my experience this has not been a problem. In my experience servitors only act up once they do not have a purpose anymore, or if acting up is programmed into their nature, or if they are not being fed. Life span is very based on purpose. If you want your servitor to help you pass a test, then its lifespan should only be until after the test then it will return back to the energy of source. If you wanted your servitor to protect your property then you would need a lifespan that you can end at any time. So then you would need a phrase, or ritual to end its life when the time comes. This phrase, or ritual would not have to be elaborate. It’s never happened to me before, but being on a system like that one could in theory make the servitor want to have self preservation. You would be the only thing that could kill it. So if they took you out then they could go on living. I don’t know if it happens, or not, but that’s just a theory. A Servitor Theory! Thanks for watching…. <– (Tell me if you get that joke.) I always tell my servitor if they try to harm me or anyone I care about they will be terminated immediately. That’s a good enough safety net I guess let’s move on to the next step.

6)The Housing

Now we need housing to ground the servitor to the physical plane. Housing can be things like a rock, a staff, a doll, something you made out of clay, etc… Servitors by nature do not need housing, but it is better to have a physical representation of them for control, and feeding purposes. Housing can be anything, but I would stay away from certain metals because energy does not flow as good through them as it does other materials. It is also better to have a housing made, or created by you, and your hands. Once you find what housing you would like to use you are ready to go onto the next step.


This one is super simple all you have to do is pick a name for your servitor. Literally can be anything Meaningful, or otherwise. All you have to choose a name, and then you can move on to the next step.

8)Making a Sigil

Now you should make a sigil out of the name of your servitor, or out of the purpose of your servitor. You will use this sigil as a true representation of your servitor. If you do not know how to make a sigil you can always Google it, or you should be able to find it by searching back through my posts.

Once you have your sigil you can draw it, or carve it into your housing for your servitor. This would be recommended, but if you do not want to mark the sigil on the housing you can always put the sigil on a piece of paper, and put it underneath your housing during the “Bringing the servitor to life” step.

9) Bringing the servitor to life

Now we just bring together all the materials that we have gathered thus far into a ritual. First thing you’ll want to do is cleanse the area. This can be done through any cleansing method such as the Lesser banishing ritual, smudging, or clap cleansing. Next you’re going to want to cast a circle or use some other form of protection technique. Then you’re going to want to start charging your housing, and your sigil through any form of charging method. Now you’re going to want to enter a Gnostic state of consciousness where you can strongly in vision the energy that you are manipulating. Close your eyes, and in your mind’s eye begin to mold the energy into the spiritual appearance of your servitor. Strongly visualize every little detail of your servitor’s being. Then breathe life into your servitor by just intending for the energy to be alive and to be conscious. Once you have molded your energy into the spiritual appearance of your servitor, then in your head, or out loud call to the servitor. Tell the servitor it’s name, it’s purpose, it’s personality, it’s feeding methods, and it’s lifespan. More focus, and intention you use to create the servitor more put together the servitor will be. Now your servitor is done, and it is alive. Undo your circle, and before you send out your servitor for the task you want them to complete I usually wait one day, and feed my servitor a couple times. I find when I first create a servitor it is incredibly weak so I gave it one day to become a little bit stronger before it starts its task.

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Could you provide a guide on how you do your wards? Thank you!

My Methods for Warding

(Obviously based on my experience)

One thing first: it is dangerous to post information on how you do your wards and protections online. Anyone, even spirits, can get that info and use it to undo or get past them. So I’m just gonna give you the general gist of how I do my wards and not go too in-depth.

Making Wards

First, figure out what permissions you want for your wards. Who can come through? Who cannot? Be specific, “only entities with the highest good in mind”/“no spirits who wish me harm” and shit like that is weak. You ever seen those movies where the robots turn on humans because they want to save the humans from themselves? Well they certainly have the humans’ highest good in mind when they’re vaporizing them off the planet. “No negative entities may enter”? let’s hope you’re not a pessimist because if so, you just warded your own spirit out of your home. Somethings to keep in mind when devising permissions:

  • Make sure you don’t ward your own spirit, the spirits of family members and pets, the spirits of plants and magical tools, and the house spirits out of your home. I usually prevent this through a phrase such as “All spirits that currently reside and live in the warded area may come and go freely through the wards”.
  • Make sure you don’t ward out the spirits of things entering the home such as when you bring in new plants or new rocks or even human guests. I prevent this through a phrase such as “All spirits attached to physical forms that are intentionally and knowingly brought into the warded area by its current residents may come and go freely through the wards”.
  • Allow for spirits to enter upon your call, “Any spirit that is called by a resident of the warded area may come and go freely through the wards until they are dismissed. Upon their dismissal, all permissions are revoked from the spirit.”  
  • Allow for your spirit companions, guides, and guardians to enter and leave. 

I think allowing random spirits to enter your home is silly, it’s like leaving your door open for any stranger to walk in with little hindrance. You might be horny to meet new spirits when you’re just starting out but if you can’t even sense them yet then it’d be better to hold off on letting anyone, even those with the “highest good in mind uwu”, in. Or not! I don’t give a fuck about what you choose to do. I also don’t have a suggested phrase for you to use if you want to let randos in because for every phrase that I come up with, I can think of many ways that it can be loopholed. If you don’t want any random Ralphs, it’s implied that only those specified are free to come and go but enforce it with a phrase anyway, “No spirit may enter through these wards into the warded area unless given permission per the following list:” and then list the stuff. Of course this is just a loose guide and the more detail the more safety.

Second step, make the wards. Yeah not a lot of steps lol. I mean everything in this post, even the specialized wards section, could be accomplished by anyone with basic energy work knowledge. Nothing here is advanced or even intermediate tbh, all it takes is a bit of effort.

Do not make the wards from your own energy. You’ll be linked to them and when you’re weak, they’ll be weak which leaves your already vulnerable self even more vulnerable and they’ll subtly sap your energy, it just ain’t worth the trouble. You’ll want to keep the wards attached to a power source though so they can stay up longer and are easier to strengthen if damaged. But you also have to keep in mind that any energy connections that you make are open to tampering by outside forces.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

Write down all of your permissions and sigilize them if you want. The plan is that as you build the wards, you will “write” the permissions into the energy with your intent and mind. If that sounds like it might be difficult, then make sigils of each permission and charge them before attempting to create the wards. You’ll also need something to act as a “generator”* that you can attach the wards to and use to charge them if they get weak. Clear quartz would be the best but literally anything that energy would move easily through will work. Just make sure to cleanse it before beginning.

Alright so once you have everything ready, begin to create energy walls through visualization. Command the ambient energy of ~the universe~ to climb up the wall until it reaches the top and is stable. Do the same thing for all of the walls and ceiling and floor. As you are doing this, write your permissions into the energy using your intent and mind. Basically, just think about them really hard while building the wards :V. If you elected to make the sigils, draw the sigils with the energy on each plane and melt them into the energy of the wards.

Once everything is stable, find a spot where you want to put the generator, the most protected place of the house according to the wards would be best such as a closet. It needs to be accessible though. Once you got a good spot, connect the wards to it with an energy tether. Visualize a cord of energy extending out from the wards and attaching to the object. Charge it a bit with your energy and direct the energy to flow from the object to the wards, you don’t want all of the ward energy flowing into the object. You can visualize arrows in the tether that point from the object to the wards if you want. Once you ensure that the connection only runs one-way, ward the object with more wards or a circle. You’ll want it to be protected from tampering and you might want to make multiple generators just in case.

If you want to remove permissions, you gotta redo the whole thing lol. But if you want to add new permissions, you can do so through the use of sigils of energy on each plane or by “writing” them in energy again and pushing that energy through a generator. Generators are 100% unnecessary by the way, they just make maintenance so much easier so I recommend.    

Congrats you did it

*There’s a legit word for this but I forgot it so you get generator instead. Bonus points if you use a generator crystal.

Allies for Warding

I often enlist the help of my allies or nature spirits to help in ward creating and boosting. Now I’d be careful of asking just anyone to help you with your wards, I once had a spirit who helped me with my wards turn them against me when she revealed her true colors. For that reason, I am just going to focus on nature spirits as allies and you can use your own judgement on whether or not you want your companions to partake in your ward making. However, before I go into that, I do just want to mention that forming an alliance or contract with a spirit for them to act as a sort of security guard has been helpful for me and I’d recommend that if it is something that may interest you.

Okay so the reason why I recommend nature spirits for ward allies is because the many of them are fine with lending you their energy for little to nothing in return. I mean it’s always nice to thank them for their hard work though. The Sun, Moon, and planets are very powerful entities that bring in all kinds of energies that can mesh well with different forms of wards. However, plants and rocks are just as good and often lend unique abilities to you. All you really need to do is to ask them if they’d be willing to lend you some support or energy in your wards, how they will do that, and what they would like in return. Protective stones and plants obviously would work the best but it’s good to know just how they will work so you can be sure that their methods don’t conflict with your wards.

Here’s a list of a few good plants that I’ve used and how their protection manifested (UPG):

  • Angelica is the best for defensive wards. It’s very good at building and reinforcing energy walls/barriers and making multiple layers of them. It dispels negative forces by building said walls and then “pushing” them out of the defended area. I recommend this herb for any warding system. It’s just one of the best protection herbs in the game xP
  • Roses can actually be used for protection, those thorns aren’t just for show after all. They’re not too powerful but if you want a bit of offense to your wards they’d be pretty good. They act like a barbed wire on a fence, more of a deterrent than a serious hazard but will still do some damage to anyone who tries to bust through.
  • Peppers are much more powerful offensive allies. They often lend the element of fire to your wards so they burn and scorch foes. A particularly powerful one or many together can even set fire to an opponent. Unless your wards are designed around fire it might be best not to go too overboard with peppers since they can sometimes “overpower” other facets of your wards on accident.
  • Rosemary, Basil, and Cedar all are good general boosters that will strengthen the energy and defensive power of your wards. Plant rosemary at the weakest spot in your wards for extra protection there.

Of course, there’s many more plants and some will work good, even better than the ones that I’ve mentioned, while others will work horribly. Asafoetida is my one of favorite herbs and is probably one of the strongest protective herbs however it is absolutely useless for warding. Why? Because it’s super good at anti-magic and neutralizing energy and guess what your wards are made from? Now a crafty person may be able to work in asafoetida so it neutralizes all enemy attacks but you risk nullifying your own wards since the herb is known for nullifying all magic in an area, not just bad energy and other routes are so much more efficient at accomplishing that same task. So the point of this was so that you recognize that just because some online correspondence sheet says that an herb is “protective”, that doesn’t mean that it will always be beneficial to you. Talk to the plant, ask it what it can do for you and see if that’ll be helpful. And like I said earlier, this can be extended to rocks, planetary bodies, etc. not just plants.

Ward Upkeep

Wards aren’t permanent and they’ll need to be updated and refurbished every so often. It’s good to have a schedule for this sort of thing, you know something like: check the stability of the wards once a week and then completely redo them once a month. Yes, completely redo them. Over time your wards may take hard to repair/irreparable damage or just slowly weaken. It’s easier and better to just dismantle all of the wards and redo them from time to time instead of trying to hold them together with a lot of energy duct tape. How often you do these things is up to you but you should definitely check your wards after any attack or breach. It’ll also be helpful to power up your wards if you are expecting an attack. You can strengthen them simply by pushing more energy in through the generator or creating a whole new layer of energy just as you created the original. Just for your information, here’s some things that can weaken your wards:

  • Spirit or magical attacks
  • Spirit traffic (frequent conjuring/calling spirits, allowing for the passage of random spirits, spells to draw spirits to you, etc.)
  • Residual or stagnant energies sitting around because of infrequent cleansings
  • Some spells or spell ingredients (For example, asafoetida as I mentioned earlier but also any anti-magic ingredient if used frequently. Also if you cast spells in a warded place, sometimes that energy will need to leave through your wards depending on their purpose and frequent castings can weaken them)
  • Other shit
  • Time

Doing ward upkeep can also help you figure out what is working and was isn’t working, what kind of protections go well together and what kinds don’t, etc. You will have to add modifications based on situations so don’t think that once you throw up your wards you’ll never have to interact with them again.

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I've always thought in terms of personality, arya is much more like catelyn and Sansa much more like Ned. Popular opinion seems to like it the other way round though. Maybe it's because of looks, maybe it's because Sansa/cat less popular arya/Ned more so they group them like that. But I firmly believe personality wise, arya gets more from cat and Sansa more from Ned. I was wondering if you could expand on this and share your opinion?

Hey there anon :). I’ve picked up on this many times before and for some reason its often overlooked by many in the fandom. I’ve always thought that while Arya resembles Ned and Sansa resembles Cat, their personality and mannerisms are actually more like the other parent. I personally think this is often denied because a lot of people love Ned and Arya but don’t like Cat and Sansa, so I’m hoping this may help change their opinion.

Catelyn and Arya:

Feminism: Despite the very patriarchal society they live in, both Cat and Arya are essentially champions of women, recognising the worth of women and also almost scorning how they’re seen as second value citizens in Westeros:

  • Catelyn: ‘A woman can rule as wisely as a man’: When Brynden seems to worry that Lysa intends to rule the Eyrie, Catelyn says this, emphasising her belief that women can do just as much of a good job ruling (and to be fair, Brynden does agree that the ‘right’ woman can)
  • Catelyn: ‘Girls are not important enough, are they?’: This is her response when Robb tells her that he could’ve traded Jaime for Ned, and she realises that Sansa and Arya aren’t worth as much, lamenting how society favours men over women.
  • Arya: ‘The woman is important too’: This is when Jon spots that Joffrey wears both the royal Baratheon sigil of his ‘father’ and the Lannister lion of his mother and says that the royal sigil should be enough but he wears his mother’s house sigil as equal and Arya protests that, saying that women are just as important.

Both Catelyn and Arya are actually rather intelligent: Now I’m not saying that Sansa and Ned aren’t intelligent, but Arya definitely takes after Catelyn, she’s a lot more intuitive than Sansa is, and that is all Cat. Catelyn manages to outwit Tyrion, and he acknowledges that himself: ‘All his life Tyrion had prided himself on his cunning…yet this seven-times-damned she-wolf Catelyn Stark had outwitted him at every turn’. Arya is intelligent as well, for example, she uses her wit and intelligence to manipulate Jaqen into freeing them from Harrenhal, she manages to learn how to speak Braavosi, despite her young age (I also love how when she’s in Braavos, ‘Cat of the Canals’ is a name she uses, it breaks my heart).

They both have a massive taste for revenge:

  • Arya: ‘Every night Arya would say their names. Ser Gregor…The Tickler and the Hound, Ser Amory, Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn, King Joffrey, Queen Cersei’: The list of names that Arya has of people she wants to kill is very well known in both the books and the show.
  • Catelyn: ‘I want them all dead, Brienne. Theon Greyjoy first, then Jaime Lannister and Cersei and the Imp, every one’: This is before Lady Stoneheart, so there’s not even the excuse of the ruthless, resurrected zombified Catelyn who is taking this stance on revenge.

Catelyn literally has a list of people she wants dead, not necessarily by her hand, whereas Arya actually wants to kill the people on her list, but if this isn’t a huge pointer to who Arya takes after, then I don’t know what is. Now Catelyn isn’t violent, but she’s certainly after vengeance. Ned isn’t a someone who seems like that. Yes he went to war, but I’d argue that was more about finding Lyanna. And if he had got the chance, I’d say he would’ve killed Aerys without blinking, but I firmly believe Arya’s stance on revenge and vengeance comes from Cat, and not Ned. Here are some of Cat’s other quotes:

  • ‘You are the gentle sex’ said Lord Karstark…’A man has a need for vengeance’…‘Give me Cersei Lannister, Lord Karstark, and you would see how gentle a woman can be’
  • ‘I have no skill with swords, but that does not mean that I do not dream of riding to King’s Landing and wrapping my hands around Cersei Lannister’s white throat and squeezing until her face turns black’

Not only is Cat demonstrating her taste for vengeance, but particularly in that second quote, she’s describing it gruesomely. Cat has a fierceness that is seen in Arya. Arya’s list is almost purely based on a desire to get revenge for the deaths of her family, that sounds pretty similar to a certain resurrected character. This fierceness we see in Arya is all Cat, Ned is not a fierce person at all.

Emotion: Both Cat and Arya are driven by emotion, and this can often mean them doing reckless things. While Cat (for the most part) is more rational, and that comes with age and maturity, she can be impulsive at times. For Arya, things like hitting Joffrey (although he was attacking Mycah, Joffrey is the crown prince and it’s punishable by death to strike him) is an example of her recklessness, but she does it to protect someone. Catelyn releasing Jaime strikes me as something similar, it is a reckless act, but driven by a desire to protect her daughters and get them safe. Yes, it wasn’t a good move and severely weakened Robb’s cause (Though I don’t think that cost him the war as others do. They just place the blame on Cat), but it reminds me of Arya, because that is something she would do.

Cat is very emotionally driven when it comes to Jon. Jon’s presence (not his existence, contrary to popular belief, Cat doesn’t hate the fact that Jon exists. She actually says she wouldn’t mind if Ned had many bastards, as long as they were kept away) affects her emotionally and it hurts her to see him every day, to be reminded of the honourable Ned Stark’s infidelity. She acts on emotion and chooses to ignore him over something he had no choice in, and it is driven by her hurt over the situation. Arya is similar to this, in the show, not the book, when Gendry is taken. Gendry is like an anchor for Arya at this point, and it really hurts her to see him being taken by Melisandre. However, she adds Beric, Thoros and Melisandre to her list for this. A list that includes Cersei, Joffrey, Walder Frey, people who helped murder her family. Now, Gendry being taken really hurt her, but do them three deserve to be on her list? Not really, it’s purely driven by emotion.

Childhood: Arya is obviously well known for her play during childhood. She’s messy, enjoys playing with the boys, wants to swordfight, and just wild in general. People often liken that to Lyanna, but Catelyn remembers her own childhood where she used to make mud pies with Lysa, and used to play with her and Petyr. Although she didn’t swordfight, Catelyn’s own childhood mirrors Arya’s quite a bit, since she also enjoyed playing as a child (I have a headcanon that Arya’s archery skills come from Catelyn because as a child, Cat was taught how to use a bow and arrow by Brynden Tully, but there’s no evidence for that, it’s just a headcanon). People may then call Cat a hypocrite for wanting Arya not to engage in play activities, but people also forget that Cat was forced to grow up very quickly after her mother died and it likely was a quick transition that she wasn’t prepared for and I argue that she wanted Arya to be more prepared than she was and she’s also aware of how harsh society is for women, especially those who don’t fit into the roles of ‘looking pretty’ and producing babies.

Strength: Another similarity is both of them remaining strong.

  • Arya: ‘I am a wolf and will not be afraid’ and the repeated ‘I’m not afraid’ in the show’ demonstrate Arya’s strength. Arya is afraid, and the Hound picks up on that, but she tries to push the feeling of being afraid away out of fear of being weak, she can’t allow herself to be weak, instead she resorts to her inner strength.
  • Catelyn: ‘I want to weep, she thought. I want to be comforted. I’m so tired of being strong. I want to be foolish and frightened for once. Just for a small while, that’s all, a day, an hour’ While Catelyn is talking about grief and not fear, she also shares the similar belief that she has to be strong, so she pushes her grief away because she also can’t allow herself to be weak, like Arya, demonstrating the inner strength she has.

I said in a previous ask Cat and Arya’s relationship is undervalued, but there are so many things Catelyn loves about Arya and now Arya will never get the chance to know how much her mother loved her. One thing that is heartbreaking is that we know how desperately Catelyn wanted to give Ned a son that looked like him, but she never got the chance to. I believe that despite the fact that Arya is not seen as ‘pretty’ and doesn’t get the nice Tully features the other four do, Cat wouldn’t change Arya’s appearance because Arya is the brown haired, grey eyed child she’d always wanted.

LSH doesn’t look like she will be introduced in the show, but in the books, I firmly believe that it will be Arya, to put her out of her misery. And I like to think that having to kill her own mother, Arya will stop her quest for vengeance and head north to find her family.

Ned and Sansa:

Naivety: Sansa has obviously changed since season 1, but in season 1, her and Ned shared the same naivety. Both of them go to Cersei in the hope that she will listen to them, and it backfires on both of them. Ned confronted Cersei with the fact that he knew the truth about her and Jaime, and that was essentially him signing his death warrant. It was naive of Ned to believe that Cersei wouldn’t try to fight back in any way. Cersei has watched Robert’s vengeance follow the Targaryen children around in exile, and she didn’t want that for her own children, Ned’s naivety cost him his life. Sansa also runs to tell Cersei of Ned’s plans to leave, and it backfired. 

Too Trusting: Ned obviously doesn’t trust Cersei, but he places trust in her that he believes she will take up his offer and flee. He trusts that she will put the interest of her children first, and she doesn’t and he was too trusting of her.

  • Ned: ‘Distrusting me was the wisest thing you’ve done since you climbed off your horse’—‘I did warn you not to trust me’: This is the classic example of Ned being too trusting. Placing his trust in a man who literally tells him not too.
  • Sansa: ‘Once she had loved Prince Joffrey with all her heart and admired and trusted his mother, the queen. They had repaid that love and trust with her father’s head: Sansa places her trust in the wrong people, just as Ned does, and unfortunately for her, she finds out the hard way and it’s certainly a learning curve for her. The too trusting thing is all Ned, Catelyn is much more wary of people, as is Arya (Roose Bolton at Harrenhal for example)

The Eyrie: This is much more of a simple parallel, but it is still one.

  • Ned: Grows up in the Eyrie as a ward of Jon Arryn
  • Sansa: Spends time in the Eyrie under the ‘protection’ of Littlefinger as his bastard daughter (niece in the show)

It’s a very simple similarity, but I believe there is a purpose to everything that George writes. It’s funny that LF is almost trying to make Sansa turn into Catelyn, but he’s doing so in a place where Sansa will feel connected to Ned.

Traditional: While Cat and Arya very much champion women and are essentially medieval feminists, Ned and Sansa are much more traditional. Now, that’s not to say that they don’t value women, because they do. Sansa has probably been beaten down to think that women aren’t worth much but by season 7, we see that she’s really starting to believe in herself as a woman. Ned definitely valued women, respected them, he had a lot of trust in Catelyn, but in reality they are both traditional and fit in with the patriarchal society. Sansa despises of anything unlady-like that Arya does, because it’s not how a woman should act. Certainly in book one, Sansa is convinced that she has to look pretty for Joffrey, smile for him, give him babies, a very traditional medieval view of a woman’s role. Ned certainly doesn’t see Catelyn as a breeding machine, and that’s not what my point is here, but he is still traditional in the fact that he is in charge, and what he says goes. He doesn’t give Cat a say in Jon’s situation and then forbids her to talk about him, using his authority as the male over her. That’s not to say Ned is mean, it’s him being traditional, the man is superior to the woman.

Gentleness: Both Ned and Sansa are much more gentle than Cat and Arya. Cat and Arya have a fierceness we don’t see in Ned and Sansa. Sansa is a gentle young lady, made for the south, doesn’t know how harsh the world is, a very gentle soul. Despite his rough exterior, we know that Ned is actually a very gentle person: ‘Eyes that could be soft as fog or hard as stone’, ‘Once I found the good, sweet heart beneath Ned’s solemn face’. Sansa’s gentleness towards people and life is 100% Ned, even though he doesn’t seem the gentle type.

Armour: Their metaphorical suits of armour are pointed out:

  • Ned: ‘You wear your honour like a suit of armour, Stark’
  • Sansa: ‘What was it that Septa Mordane used to tell her? A ladies armour is courtesy’

It’s another simple similarity, but a fascinating one again, because they are both using these metaphorical suits of armour to almost shield them from real life. Ned holds honour in high regard, as Sansa holds courtesy as well, and they are the things that they use to shield themselves, as armour is supposed to do.

General Personality: Ned is known as the most quiet (his nickname is the ‘Quiet Wolf’), sensible, patient, dutiful and this is definitely evident in Sansa. Sansa is also rather quiet (in comparison to Arya), sensible and patient, she’s not rash or reckless, she’s slower to act to things, idealistic, she has a great deal of empathy. That’s not to say that Catelyn is the complete opposite, Catelyn does have empathy and she’s not completely reckless, but these qualities are much more evident in Ned.

Reassurance: This again is only a small one, but in the show only, we’ve seen a similarity between Ned and Sansa, trying to reassure Catelyn and Jon respectively that they belong in Winterfell

  • Ned: ‘All these years and I still feel like an outsider when I come here’ — ‘You have five Northern children. You’re not an outsider’
  • Sansa: ‘I’m not a Stark’ — ‘You are to me’

It’s a very simple parallel, but an important one. They are both reassuring someone who isn’t sure of their place, that they belong. We saw Sansa through season 6 continue to try and assure Jon that he had a place, that he was a Stark. She made him a Stark cloak, she told him he should have the lord’s chamber, she convinced him to be the person to lead them retaking Winterfell. I imagine that Ned throughout his marriage, assured Catelyn that she belonged in Winterfell, the North was her home etc.

Like Cat and Arya, Ned and Sansa’s relationship is massively undervalued as well. Sansa is his first daughter, and while he obviously loves Arya too, that’s something special to him. She’s the first child he would’ve been present for the birth, seen her as a newborn. We don’t actually know when Ned and Cat fell in love, but Sansa could’ve been the first child out of love. Sansa is precious to Ned, she’s just like him in personality, but she looks just like the woman he loves more than anything, and her innocence and gentle look on the world is why I think he doesn’t tell her what the world is really like, he wants to shield his little girl from the horrors of it.

In the end, people talk a lot about Ned sacrificing his honour for Jon, but they often ignore the fact that Ned loved Sansa enough that he was willing to be deemed a traitor to his best friend in order to save her and that is Ned Stark summed up in one scene. He thinks honour is important, but it’s nothing compared to family. Sansa is one of the last things he sees before he dies, and Ned would be proud of the woman Sansa has become

Anatomy of a spell

When it comes down to spellcasting, I’ve seen a vast number of ways. There are as many types of witchcraft as there are witches, and there are twice as many ways to cast a spell as there are types of witchcraft. Which means a lot. 

So when I wanted to write it down into my Book, I knew I had to find some common ground. I am not going to write a book on it, I just want a note in my journal! That is how I came down to the very basics behind building spells, the very fundaments, the bare bones. The anatomy of a spell.

It does not only help those who write their own spells, but also those who use shared spells - you will be able to know exactly what to expect, what you can alter, and most importantly, how to alter it so it meets your needs.

Because a spell is made out of three things: the what, the how and the who.

What you need to figure out before even starting to think about a spell is what you need it for. Just a “prosperity spell” doesn’t mean too much, does it? Yes, you can make general spells, but the more general it is, the more fuzzy the effect will be.

The what is the intent, and it will determine the ingredients. That’s where correspondences come in, because correspondences are like spirit pictograms, metaphysical sign language. By pulling out cinnamon, basil and pennies, you’re telling the world “I’m going to be talking about prosperity, wealth and success here”. Be mindful that many ingredients have a certain feel next to their correspondence. Both black pepper and eggshells are corresponding with protection, but black pepper is also used in banishings and energy spells - it’s more of a “I’m punching you so go away” protection, while eggshells are more like saying “stay away”. Keep in mind what exactly  you want the world to hear when you communicate in witch-speak.

Then you need to know how you want it to happen. What is it that needs to be done, what kind of spell it’s gonna be. “Prosperity spell” usually means “dragging in prosperity”, but you could also drive prosperity away and the “what” of the spell would still be prosperity.

That’s where you choose how you’re going to speak about things, because just as a question mark at the end of a sentence and intonation can make or break communication (”You’re sure.” vs “You’re sure?”) , so can the way you deal with a spell. Here’s some witchy punctation I’ve gathered so far:

  • candles-> invoking, releasing (activating/setting free), banishing
  • jars-> containing/restraining, prolonging and keeping, attracting continuoesly (better for things that run out and you need to replenish them)
  • charms/enchantments-> invoking, conjuring, keeping (better as gifts, because portable)
  • sigils-> marking as/with, attracting, invoking
  • knots-> binding and uncrossing, attracting and keeping (better for things that are stable and don’t need ‘recharging’)
  • potions/oils-> (type of charm, really)  invoking, conjuring, keeping

Then there is the who, meaning the target. usually spells are either general in target (to whoever stumbles upon the spell), personal, or targeted - that’s where taglocks like poppets, photos or belongings. 

So, back to the example I made. After re-inspecting, it’s not a “prosperity spell” that I need, it’s a “spell to attract money to my home". You choose a jar spell, because you need to attract and keep attracting, because money runs out, and gather the proper ingredients: pennies, green aventurine and some cedar. The spell will be in your home, so no need for a taglock. But how do you put it together now?

Actions that make a spell out of all the parts are also important, because they’re the tonation of the witch speak, and they go hand-in-hand with the type of the spell.

  • To ADD what you speak of-> carve, bathe in, mix, rub, fill
  • To REMOVE-> cut, rip, burn, throw away, sweep
  • To KEEP-> bury, hide, seal, burn (activate), use as intended

So since I want to “ADD AND KEEP” money in my house, I can mix the ingredients, fill the jar with the ingredients, and then seal it and hide in a cabinet. Or I could anoint a candle with cedar oil (rub) and carve a prosperity sigil on it, then burn it to activate the intention, then bury the remains in my yard (keep). Or maybe I could make a potion out of the ingredients (mix), and then drink it (use as intended). 

Doesn’t this make spell-writing hella easier? Because for me, getting a crash-course in witch-speak explained a couple things. 

Robb Stark - Lady Wolf

Originally posted by snows-os

Summary: The young wolf and the King in the North, Robb Stark has been away from Winterfell for quite some time. However, his mind kept wandering back to the castle and to his brothers and to one very special lady. The girl they called his lady wolf. He wonders if they will ever be reunited. One day, his prayers are answered and he is reunited with his lady wolf.

Pairing: Robb x Fem!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Robb Stark, Grey Wind, Edmure Tully, Catelyn Stark. Bran Stark, Rickon Stark, Ned Stark, Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Theon Greyjoy (Mentioned). Jamie Lannister, Osha, Hodor (Briefly mentioned)

Warnings: Mentions of death, fluff

A/N: So, I’ve been crushing on Robb Stark/Richard Madden recently and when this idea came to me, I just had to write it.

A/N/N: A huge thank you to @mo320 and @pollaluci for being my wonderful betas for this. Another thank you is in order for @mo320 for helping me with the title.

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Another Grey Girl Meta

and surprising new evidence for Jonsa. 

(If you want to see it, scroll down to the “Two Snowflakes Dancing” section).

This is another loooooong meta that I will have to break up into two separate posts. 

I know this is not the only grey girl meta out there. Unfortunately I’m very bad at searching for metas on Tumblr. So, if you have written a meta of your own about the grey girl, please send me a private message and I will link to it in this post!

Part I

Mel is at the Wall, where she feels like her magic is more powerful. Her main goal, it appears, is to birth shadow babies to fight the Others:

She was stronger at the Wall, stronger even than in Asshai. Such shadows as I bring forth here will be terrible, and no creature of the dark will stand before them. - Melisandre, ADwD

Mel wants Jon to trust her. It appears that trust is part of the spell of making these shadow babies, otherwise why not just rape him? I believe the sex has to be consensual. Therefore, she wants to convince Jon that her powers are real, that they can help him, and that he is making a mistake in not trusting her:

“Your Wall is a queer place, but there is power here, if you will use it. Power in you, and in this beast [Ghost]. You resist it, and that is your mistake. Embrace it. Use it. I can show you how. The Lord of Light in his wisdom made us male and female, two parts of a greater whole. In our joining there is power. Power to make life. Power to make light. Power to cast shadows.” - Jon, ADwD

Gawd Mel, your pickup lines are the worst! Her motive in telling Jon about the grey girl is to gain his trust, so that she can use him for sex, which she thinks will give her powerful shadows to fight the Others. Jon isn’t buying it (smart guy).

However, the closest she comes to convincing him is when Ghost appears to like her. Jon finds that odd. Then she tells him he casts a long, dark shadow upon the Wall, and he appears to start putting his hopes in her hands because he sees her power:

“Every man who walks the earth casts a shadow on the world. Some are thin and weak, others long and dark. You should look behind you, Lord Snow.” said Melisandre. “The moon has kissed you and etched your shadow upon the ice twenty feet tall.”

Jon glanced over his shoulder. The shadow was there, just as she had said, etched in moonlight against the Wall. A girl in grey on a dying horse, he thought. Coming here, to you. Arya. He turned back to the red priestess. Jon could feel her warmth. She has power.- Jon, ADwD

Jon does eventually succumb to the tale she spins about his sister, sending Mance out to find her. Jon is lonely, homesick, and worries about her. Unfortunately he won’t help her at the end of Dance, since we know it’s not really his sister (fake Arya is Jeyne Poole, Sansa’s friend at Winterfell). That is the first red herring. Then there is a second. How did Mel get both of these wrong? The answer is, she didn’t. Let’s examine the chapter where she talks about the vision.

A Girl as Grey as Ash

It is important to note that we do not see her original vision, just her memory of it recounted in a flashback:

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Trash witch tips GO

Presented in no particular order with very few rules. These are suggestions and ideas! There is no “school” of trash witchcraft and you can combine it with all sorts of other workings and traditions. Trash witchcraft is all about having a good time and changing the very nature of reality with something you picked up on the way to the bus stop.

What is “trash?” Well, it’s all relative, isn’t it? I think of trash as “stuff someone is no longer using that’s been left somewhere I can get to it.” My trash witchcraft focuses on getting use out of items people thought were useless, and making beautiful things out of what’s been written off as refuse. I’ve also found trash contains things that are unique to it - energies and thoughts from previous possessors, energies of being reused and recycled, energies of BEING trash, entropy, death, life, perseverance, marginalization, chaos, and a strange kind of peaceful order. Just depends on what you find!

Getting Trash

  • Recycle! Save your drink cups and straws and even straw papers.
  • Some low-income hipster/artist areas have “free” boxes on the corner that you can pick amazing stuff out of
  • Thrift stores are great places to buy trash for cheap! It’s usually some pretty good trash, too.
  • Library free book piles, they get a lot of useless donations. Books are sacred on some levels but do not be afraid to rip apart a book on how to use 2005 Microsoft Encarta and turn it into a Sharpie Grimoire. You’re giving it more life than it ever had.
  • You’re gonna look at the ground a lot. You’re gonna look at soda can tabs in new ways.
  • Loose/broken cassette tape used to be common on roadsides but not anymore; you can usually get tapes for something like $1 apiece at a thrift store if you don’t want to wait. The tape inside is useful for all sorts of things, same with VHS tapes!
  • Discarded roadside CDs tho.
  • Rocks aren’t trash but you’ll start finding them if you look at the ground long enough! Even some stuff that’s kinda valuable. Get a rockhounding book and start finding even more treasure!
  • Asphalt and other manmade rock chunks are abundant because roads and sidewalks are constantly being repaired.
  • Near construction you may even find rebar, screws, etc.
  • Dirt is useful. Different kinds of dirt is useful different ways.
  • All sorts of interesting weird bits of metal and glass and plastic!
  • Discarded lighters, some of which still work!
  • Free matchbooks in bars, plus lemons and nuts and cocktail picks.
  • B O T T L E S
  • You will likely find some money even if it’s a bit of change. Spend it or save it for spell stuff (or just because you’re wise).
  • Animal bits are everywhere really.
  • U-Pick/Pick-n-Save/U-Pull-It type car lots will let you go into their broken down/wreckt car lot and pull anything off of vehicles for flat fees and it’s quite cheap.
  • Craigslist: for people who want to take other people’s junk away for them.
  • Freecycle-type trade groups and dumpster diver groups are good places to start on both practices, give em a google.
  • Watch the animals around and see if they lead you to something interesting.

What it’s useful for

  • Anything that has been run over or left on a road long enough has been charged with the energies of the roads. The energy might change depending on the type of road, a slow rural dirt lane will have a different feel than busy urban blacktop.
  • Even empty cups are useful for a jar replacement, especially temporary spells.
  • Straws can be used to build lattices, mock-structures (build a house out of straws and blow it down!), can even be used as temp wands.
  • Straw papers can be braided or written on and then wrapped around things for a binding spell or wish spell. For instance write a wish, wrap the straw paper around the straw, blow through it to charge.
  • Write a spell on the paper of a wrapped straw, then tear open one end and blow through the straw to launch the paper and spell!
  • A cocktail sword is now your tiny ritual knife. Rejoice.
  • Logo/corporate magic: you can use discarded items with a company’s logo with it to draw upon that company for help or even attack it. Use the money attached to the Starbucks brand to make a Starbucks cup the focus of a money jar spell, etc. Or just curse Blockbuster. Oh wait, too late.
  • Glass that changes the light (curved, warped etc) can be used for magnification or focus spells. Colors of glass can add certain aspects depending on how you associate colors. Green is commonly associated with money; there’s lots of green glass out there since it’s a common drink bottle color!
  • All your tiny metal/glass/concrete bits are great jingles for a spell jar that should be shaken, or even a jar bell just for making noise.
  • Flatter lighter shiny clinky bits can be tied up on a frame as a wind chime, gathering wind energy or just being decorative. Add string/knotwork if you want! Great to do with found silverware.
  • A chunk of a place helps call up the presence of that place or draw on the energy of that place or influence that place. This applies to dirt, rocks, roads, concrete, bricks, asphalt, etc. Get macro (a whole city) or micro (this corner of the street) but either way, tap that!
  • Pendant materials abound if you look in the right places, especially if you know how to wire-wrap a weird chunk of chrome.
  • Broken window glass to shatter illusions, break defenses, and expose lies.
  • Broken mirror for scrying mirrors or defensive traps.
  • The right rocks can be used to draw on concrete in lieu of chalk, do a scratch test.
  • Mark the corners of your neighborhood or yard with innocuous, tiny bits of rocks and other things that aren’t likely to be picked up. Even just arbitrarily moving bits of stuff around helps increase your sovereignty over a location. Be aware of who else might control the area though!
  • Trash is useful for shadow work. Find a trash object that you can meditate on or use for an energy focus. A lot of feelings can resonate with trash - the feeling of BEING trash, being discarded or used, being broken. These can be focused on for catharsis or for calm. Walk through the life of this trash item, empathize with its journey, see where its journey parallels yours. Give it a new home if you’ve found some part of yourself you’re reclaiming (a lot of “trash” is actually worth keeping and was mistakenly devalued!); if you’ve found parts of yourself to let go and move on from then throw them away with the object.
  • This can also be a focus for luck or serendipity workings - do a working to find something precious, then do a trash hunt and see what comes up!

Collect safely!

  • Broken glass and sharp metal bits ABOUND in the places where the best trash is. So you’ll want good gloves and I suggest keeping your tetanus shot up to date.
  • Depending on what you’re doing, eyewear may be good too, and I’d wear tough jeans and a shirt you won’t mind getting snagged.
  • Watch where you hunt trash. Some other people may be trying to get returnable bottles or metal for money; I suggest just giving them right of way.
  • People and animals are unpredictable so only work with those you trust and know the rules for if you’re out of your element.
  • Sometimes places with interesting trash are already occupied by belligerent spirit entities who are keeping that as their hoard. Only approach if you’re willing to bargain fairly or otherwise if you’re willing to fight the entity. (I suggest bargaining or leaving. Remember, it’s just trash.)
  • Look, if you pick anything up that’s squishy keep some hand sanitizer on you and some resealable bags.
  • Actually resealable bags are a good idea anyway, stay organized! Label with date/place if you like to draw on specific associations.
  • Add sigils or cleaning/sealing spells to your bags to keep newly-collected materials from causing spiritual/magical problems before you have a chance to take them home and deal with them. If you have an on-the-go cleanse spell then that’s important to use, but sometimes an extra layer helps for really gunky stuff, and trash tends to have a history attached to it.
  • Animal parts - please do some research before you collect so you know how to safely do it and preserve things without violating the Migratory Bird Act and other local laws. There are a lot of “vulture culture” people on tumblr alone, see if you can talk to someone who works with animal spirits so you’ll know how to respectfully harvest materials.
  • If it looks too nasty to touch or reach for or get to, let it go. It’s just trash.
  • Remember that rooting through other people’s trash that’s part of their property is technically crime and a theft. Be aware of when you are trespassing.

Add some stuff! Be trashy with me!

An Arranged Marriage Chapter 13

Dean Winchester x Reader

1500 Words

Story Summary: An AU of sorts. Where hunter’s have communities, and arrange marriages for their young. Y/N is from the Northwest region, arranged to marry Dean, from the midwest region.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Feeling lips brush your cheek, you tried to wake up, struggling when darkness met your eyes. “Shh, this won’t hurt. Just because I’m Lucifer doesn’t mean I’m going to hurt everyone I meet.”

Your heart pounding, you tried to crawl up the bed, away from the glowing red eyes in the darkened room. “Leave me alone!” You screamed, as you tried to climb off the bed. Falling to the floor, you crawled over to the nightstand, reaching up to grab your knife, even though you knew it would do nothing but piss him off.

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Novocaine-Chapter 14

Summary: Shadow attempts to track Cas, but something unexpected happens

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Dean x Reader, Cas x Reader, Sam x Reader

Warnings: None.

Word count: 1039

You stretch out your mind following the pull of Cas’s grace. It was a faint trail, nothing more than a wisp but it was there. You weren’t a supernatural creature, warding and sigils had no effect on you. It blurred the edges of the person in question, but you could quite quickly pinpoint a location.

Except now. You had no idea how Cas had managed it, but you kept hitting the same wall. A creature far more powerful than you had ever encountered had to be shielding him because you couldn’t even get a read on Kelly. Insanely frustrated, you reach out your arms, sparks of electricity shooting from your fingertips, testing the limits of your psychic abilities.

Slowly, a picture starts to form. An abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Hues of brown and orange surround it, encompassed by a faint blue glow, growing in intensity as the picture clears. A beautiful brown haired woman steps out of the dilapidated house, large brown eyes set in an oval face. Her caramel skin glows faintly.

Your head begins to pound, the edges of the scene tinging red. Panic bubbles as you realize there’s someone piggybacking in your mind. You struggle to push them out as maniacal laughter sounds in your head.

The pregnant woman’s eyes snap to yours, fear set in them. You can hear shouting, distant and afraid. Dean’s voice you think. Hands pull at you but are repelled instantly as the electricity dancing across your skin shocks them away.

You concentrate your power on the intruder, desperately attempting to shove them from your mind. The evil, the malice this entity exudes is near suffocating, and you wonder why it feels so familiar like you have come across it before in a dark alley. A distant chamber, flashes of chains and screaming are implanted into your head, skin being flayed from bone, gasps, and moans of pain, burning flesh and bubbling sinew, and you swallow down a scream as the pain threatens to overwhelm you.

The blue light becomes brighter, the red recoiling as it touches. The pressure in your head lessening as light overcomes dark, the anger dissipating as the blue fills your vision.

This is not the end, pet. A voice like daggers whispers in your mind before you’re shoved out of the vision. A pained yell escapes your throat as you’re thrown bodily across the room, landing in a crumpled heap on the floor having hit the opposite wall with bruising force. Groaning loudly you crack open an eye to find Dean’s worried face peering down at you.

“Are you hurt?” he snaps, grabbing you by the arm and hauling you to your feet, inspecting you from head to toe, hands roaming your body seeking any signs of injury. “(Y/N) are you hurt?!” he demands, tipping your chin to look at him.

Sam peers over his brother’s shoulder, his face pinched into a worried frown.

“Fine, I’m fine,” you gasp, swatting Dean’s hands away from your face. “I think we have a bigger problem than me getting my bell rung, boys,” you quip.

Dean stops his fussing, staring you down, his face morphing into a hardened hunter in what feels like an instant.

“I had a piggy backer in my head,” you explain. Dean’s face is blank, Sam’s masked in confusion, sighing loudly, you move toward the couch, taking a seat and dropping your head backward, screwing your eyes shut tightly. “Sending out power like mine, it’s like a signal, a beacon instantly recognizable if you know what you’re looking for, and a skilled person could hop onto it, see what I see, feel what I feel, like an amplified radio station. One could even manipulate what I see if they had the power,” you explain.

Dean nods his head, dropping his head into his hands while Sam cocks his head to the side, processing the information like only Sam can.

“So what you’re saying is, someone, hopped the signal and came along for the ride?” Sam asks.

“Exactly, and I’m afraid it wasn’t friendly,” your eyes trained on Dean, he lifts his head, rubbing his lips with a finger.

“How much did it see?” he asks quietly.

You swallow thickly, knowing Dean might fly off the handle with your next words. “Everything. It saw everything,” you reply tightly.

Dean groans out loud, and Sam raises a hand, his eyes snapping to yours.

“What did you see, Shadow?” Sam barks, his voice demanding, businesslike, no hint of Sammy left, only the trained hunter, the one that had seen hell and survived it, the one who had spent time with Lucifer in the cage, who watched his fiance burn.

Your boys, they had lived through so much, seen so much. Dean, who had survived purgatory, been to hell, died countless times, watched everyone he loved die, including Sammy, who drowned himself in whiskey and junk food. Yet they still went on, still fought the good fight, trying to rid the world of its evil, receiving no thanks and no breaks for their troubles. Your boys who deserved more than this.

“I’m sorry,” you begin, “I tried to push it out, but I couldn’t. It was too strong. I didn’t have enough power,” you babble.

Dean stands and strides toward you plopping himself next to you on the couch and drawing you to him. “It’s not your fault, sweetheart, just tell us what you know,” he says soothingly.

You snuggle closer to him, placing a quick kiss on his chest. “I know where they are, exactly, I know how to get there, but we don’t have much time. The thing saw it, too. I’m afraid it might get there before us.” You tense at the realization.

Dean’s hand tangles in your hair. It never failed to soothe you. “No, it won’t, sweetheart,” Dean says fiercely, nodding discreetly at Sam who rises to begin the packing.

Strangely, you believe him. It was Dean after all. He always found a way to kill the thing, save the world, and protect people. It was the family business after all.

You had no reason to doubt his word. You only hoped you would all come out of this unscathed.

Tag List: under the cut

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Harry Potter AU

My hand slipped and this came out. 

Let me know if you want me to continue this nonsense, haha. Just a note that I had the first year at Hogwarts be when kids are 16 not 11. Just wanted to increase their age so the romance between our two leads works out lol Also don’t ask me yet how the Houses and Government stuff work out as I’m still figuring that all out.

All credits go to @bloomsbury and her amazing fanart!!!

Don’t have a title yet, but here’s my take on the Game of Thrones: Harry Potter AU edition. I’ll post this up next week on AO3 when I get my account.

Btw, Dany shows up in Chap 2. Chap 1 is just Jon and Stark family. FYI.

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Broken - 12x23 Coda Fic

Summary: He rubs a hand over his face, looking down at the angel again. In reality, he’d known. For a while. I mean, who makes a mixtape for a platonic friend? Of course Castiel hadn’t known the meaning of it, but… it’d made Dean feel better. Like he’d actually expressed himself. Of course he couldn’t do it with words. He’d only ever said those words to his mother in the last… however many years since all this shit started.

Read here on AO3

Featherless. Bent. Broken.

Please, Chuck, please come back. I need you to bring him back. I need him.

“You stupid fucking son of a bitch. We told you the plan. We told you. We had it under control. And you waltzed right the fuck in there and got yourself killed. You fucking idiot, Cas. Damn it.” He ignores the breaks in his voice and the tears rolling down his cheeks, opting to focus his eyes on the sky again. He takes a few deep breaths, his eyes fluttering closed after a moment.

He was gone. Castiel was really and truly gone. Of course, it felt like that every time, but this time… This time was different. His wings were burned on the ground around Dean, and Chuck… Chuck flapped off to who knows where with Amara. There was no doubt in Dean’s mind that Chuck wouldn’t be of any help to them.

So this was it. This was the last time. Castiel’s final death. Hardly seemed fitting, him being stabbed in the back by Lucifer. The one problem they’d never managed to take care of. Of course that’s the thing that would come back to bite them in the ass. Things were too good. Mom was back and Cas… Cas was somewhat normal again.

Dean had gotten too happy. That was his mistake. He’d let himself believe after Ketch’s death that they would all come out of this okay. That somehow, they’d all make it back to the bunker and Lucifer would be iced and they could focus on the Nephilim problem. They’d put the Bunker back in order, and Castiel and Mary could move into their rooms permanently. Dean would cook and they would all hunt, and everything would be okay.

He shakes his head at his own foolishness, a broken sob escaping his lips. He’s surprised he can feel anything right now. He’d watched the blade rip through Castiel’s chest, watched Lucifer smirk at him as the lo- as his best friend’s grace burned out and his wings burned into the ground. He lets out a sigh, looking up at the sky again. Fuck it. He’s too damn old for this. Lucifer had smirked at him as the love of his life’s wings had burned into the ground.

He rubs a hand over his face, looking down at the angel again. In reality, he’d known. For a while. I mean, who makes a mixtape for a platonic friend? Of course, Castiel hadn’t known the meaning of it, but… it’d made Dean feel better. Like he’d actually expressed himself. Of course he couldn’t do it with words. He’d only ever said those words to his mother in the last… however many years since all this shit started.

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marked | jonerys [got] fic | jonerys week

Title: Marked
Characters/Pairings: Jon/Dany, Sam, Sansa, Tyrion, Original Child Character, mentions of past relationships
Rating: M
Spoilers/Warnings: Mild Sexual Content, Soul Mate AU, Cunnilingus, R + L = J
Word Count: ~6,333
Summary: Marks are not for bastards but Jon Snow had been born with one right on his chest, where anyone could see the three headed dragon. Daenerys Stormborn had been born, like all princesses, with a mark, hiden between her legs, on her right thigh. Why was her mark a wolf, she couldn’t understand.
A/N: My computer crashed last night and it took a while to get her to work again. I got it back a couple of hours ago, but was busy with family dinner and so, and so, and that’s why this is being posted so damn late.Yet, I’m happy I got to share this piece. I really liked it. And as for the day I lost *sighs*, I’ll post it tomorrow or later today, I still have to revise that story. But I will post it, I promise! This was wrote for Jonerys week, day 6: Soulmates.

AO3 | Read on my blog:

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An Arranged Marriage Chapter 15

Dean Winchester x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary:  An AU of sorts. Where hunter’s have communities, and arrange marriages for their young. Y/N is from the Northwest region, arranged to marry Dean, from the midwest region.

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Lucifer flashing his red eyes at you, his lips pulled back in a snarl had you curling back on the bed, fear making your hands shake. You knew he was Lucifer, the devil himself, but he had seemed so loose, so at ease. But it had change in once second, reminding you this was the man who could kill thousands of people with a snap of his fingers. And you were his play toy, living in his little house until he decided what he wanted to do with you.

Pacing the room, he mumbled to himself, never loud enough for you to hear what he was saying, but his eyes occasionally flashed red, his emotions getting in the way of his planning. Turning to face you, a smile slowly grew on his face, scaring you almost more than his glowing red eyes did. “I know exactly what I want to do!” He exclaimed, clapping his hands together in excitement. “We’re going to go visit this wonderful little community I made you talk about.”

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Chasing Reality, Part 1

Title: Chasing Reality, Part 1

Dean x Reader (eventually)

Word Count: 1,383

Warnings: language, mild angst.

A/N: This is the first part of a new series. Sorry if the whole theme is kind of silly. It came from a dream. Shoot me an ask if you could like to be added to the tag list. Thanks!

Series Summary: After losing your job, all you want is to be left alone. But, since moving back in with your parents, that simple wish doesn’t seem possible. Life couldn’t get any more irritating. That is until two unexpected visitors show up at your door. Not only is their visit both unexpected and astonishing, their existence is absolutely impossible. But the real question is, what do they want? 

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You slammed your laptop closed and tossed it to the other side of your bed. Shit. Boredom really sucked. It was your third week without a job. And, after sending at least forty different job applications for every type of job imaginable, you needed a break from your computer.

The small bookshop that you had been the manager of for the last four years had suddenly closed its doors. No one was buying paper books anymore. So many people had e-readers, or bought books online online. Even the larger, chain bookstores were struggling.

But, that didn’t matter anymore. You had no steady income, only working odd jobs in your parent’s neighborhood to pay your bills. You even moved back in with them, since the rent in the area was hard enough to pay with a regular pay check. And, to make things even better, your parents were retired. That meant they had nothing better to do than breathe down your neck.

“Y/N, are you hungry? You haven’t left your room in hours,” your mother called out from the hallway. You let out a deep sigh. She meant well; she really did. But, hearing her voice shrieking down the hallway every fifteen minutes was making you mental. And you knew you couldn’t find a better job, let alone maintain your sanity, in this environment.

You jumped as you watched the email notification on your phone pop up. Eagerly, you opened your app, hoping for your first job bite.

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robb stark x reader

robb stark // language of love

this is some late night writing, bc I was inspired by the loveliest bouquet of sunflowers (yes, sunflowers!) that I received today. so here it is, my first published imagine, if I am confident enough to post it.

plot summary: the reader is very shy and uses her knowledge of flowers to subtly tell people how she feels. but when it comes to robb stark, where does she even begin?


if she were given a coin for every flower she picked, she would surely enough be the richest girl in westeros. from lone wild flowers to sprigs in thin ribbon, a full head of words were channelled into a small head of petals. flowers were emotional tokens, but hard ones to read. a single tulip, to a grandiose bouquet could alter the meanings drastically, as well as their colours, their arrangement, what bound them together.

to her enemies, of which she had very little, she would present an orange lily. in their understanding, her gestures were sweet and to their discretion, not so nearly as malicious as had been intended. she wove together the stalks like sentences, some heartfelt, tongue-in-cheek, but also for sad things, like the passing over of friends or the departing of lovers.

the long summer would soon prove to be fleeting, however. the flowers could only last so long before they were buried in snow; and all that winter could possibly leave behind were thistles and brambles, or the rare winter rose buried in a thicket. searches for flowers would be less fruitful and too icy for numbing hands.

so she had to say it quickly, before her feelings wilted.

robb stark was a practical man. he ate when he was hungry, sparred when angry and always walked with a destination in mind. so when white carnations lay on his windowsill, he didn’t quite know what to make of it. sure, they were elegant, beautiful things, but of what use were they? admire them, yes, for a week or so, though they rot soon and die ugly.

he ordered a servant to fetch them water and display them anyway. he did muse giving them to his mother, but she was too busy raising 5 children, a ward and a bastard to literally stop and smell the roses. so each flower would be swept away by a handmaiden and cast into a small blue vase, where it would lull in the water until it’s death.

y/n, by this time, was growing anxious. her stay in Winterfell was drawing to a close. her three month stay was a mere two weeks away from ending and robb still had no clue. her house sigil would soon be seen turning away from the north and heading south to her home, where the sun would shine for longer, yet still in the washed-out wintery sort of way.

the following day was not as productive as she would have liked. she handed a white rose to sansa, her good friend, and listened to her talk of ‘womanly’ things for just a little over half an hour; from the fashion in Kings Landing to her profound love of lemon cakes. it was fun to hear her friend talk of such things and she made small yet infrequent contributions to conversation, but that was all that her nature allowed. even sansa found it hard to evoke much out of y/n, she was all smiles and politeness.

next, she wheeled bran to the stables, where hodor would lift him into his horse. bran was more understanding of y/n’s silences, and that was how they spent most of their time, in long comfortable silence. although it seemed everyone was up for a conversation today.

“so, when do you plan on telling him?” bran says, matter-o-factly.

she was very taken-aback, panicking at the thought. did robb know himself? was she being too obvious, too bold? what if everyone has known, but has been too polite to tell her of such intimate matters of the heart? but she tries to stay calm, and denies.

“w-what are you talking about? tell who?”

“why the caution? robb, of course! you’ve been leaving him flowers, little white carnations.”

“and what of it?” she mumbles, eyeing him.

“I’ve never seen you give those to anyone.” he looks up at her from his chair.

“s-so? maybe I just found some nearby and thought they would suit.”

“yes, how convenient. but I don’t see much convenience in slipping them near his room at night.” he smirks, watching her horrified and stunned expression turn her white.

“you’re not as hard to read as you think, y/n. from three months of observation I can tell how ardently you admire my brother.”

she went quiet.

“you’d make a fitting couple.” is all he says.

“s-speak a word of this to no-one.” she squeaks.

“certainly not.”

afterwards, was archery with arya. she had little patience for it, and was more of a dab-hand with a sword or a spear, yet she tried nonetheless. y/n stressed the importance of relaxing the shoulders and drawing back against the cheek, but arya clumsily strung arrows about, hazardously flying in and around the targets.

In the end, after about one hour, only one good shot would do, as arya finally gave the technique some application, striking only a fraction left of a bullseye. with that, y/n handed her a sprig of baby’s breath and made haste for the forest, where she would try and search for more flowers before nightfall.

the tress that crowned the hills slowly winded down a sloping valley clearing, alive by the veins of a small stream, echoing its gentle trickling across the wood. here grew an abundance of various species of flower. however, she would have to travel further because this was a bouquet and she did not have time to dawdle amongst the simpleness of daisies and buttercups.

descending further into the valley, wicker basket on arm, she sifted through bushes and thickets alike to find a rarity that she had purged nights before. the white carnations were in full bloom, pristine and soft. it was as she shuffled through the underside of a thorny entanglement that something caught her eye. a dash of yellow.


she was convinced that they did not grow here, from not seeing one in her long stay. the foraging proved that although they were far north, a favourite of hers still blossomed. speedily plucking them (getting a few thorny scratches along her fingers) she turned on her heels, back up the valley.

darkness was descending fast and the night drew cold. she clutched at her shawl for warmth, yet the thin fabric did nothing to calm the shivering tremors racking at her wrists. not too long was to go and soon enough she reached the clearing of daisies and buttercups. Winterfell was only through a wall of trees.


She whipped around to see a silhouette. A horse galloped towards her in long strides, the sounds of heavy armour clacking against the force. It petrified her, staring at such a spectacle of mystery, strength, yet also danger. and so she fled.

careful to keep her basket from swaying, she clutched it to her chest, desperately trying to navigate through the tall pines and wide oaks that separated her and Winterfell. the sounds of the man and horse got closer and closer, until she knew she was done for.

she braced herself, leaning against a tree, facing the chaser. her breath was ragged and body buzzing from the heat of exercise, which helped with the cold. her heart hammered though, and from the running or the fear she could not distinguish which. knees close to buckling, the person was close enough to come into full view.

oh no.

“y/n?” asked robb stark, swinging off of his stallion.

she nodded her head, hesitantly.

“what are you doing out so late? I thought you an enemy, it’s too dangerous in these woods for people after dark, women most of all.”

“I-I was just taking a stroll, sir.”

“nonsense, call me robb. now please, get on my horse. you’re freezing cold and scared to death, no thanks to me, I’m taking you back to your chamber.”

“yes robb, t-thank you.” her cheeks burned and her stomach fluttered.

as he helped her onto his horse, her heart beating rapidly, he inquired.

“so what’s that basket you have there?”

“I-I-I it’s nothing, just some random things I found whilst in the forest.” She lied terribly, nervously laughing at the end of her sentence, feeling him swing onto the horse behind her. the pressure of his chest against her back increased as he leaned over, peeking over her shoulder.

“nonsense”, he chides for the second time that evening, “show me.”

“n-no really-”

“flowers?” he says in surprise.

she stifles a sigh and lowers her head, a deep burning blush crawling up her neck. in the basket lay the same white carnations she had plucked for him, but she had prayed to the seven that it was too dark for him to notice.

“I keep receiving flowers, y'know. little white ones.”

“r-really now? what kind?” she tried to pass it off as if she didn’t know.

“I had no clue until I asked a servant-girl, coronations? no, that’s not it… characerations?”

y/n giggled, “carnations?”

“yes! carnations. but, y/n, what does this all mean? is someone trying to stink out my chambers with sweet perfumes?”

“well, flowers actually have meanings. depending on how many there are or what colour or species, medieval people often used flowers to express their feelings. it’s less common now, only really practiced at weddings or funerals.”

“really? seems like a lot of work… so what do white carnations mean then?”

play it cool.

“I-i-innocence and pure love.” she gulped, feeling his breath tickle the back of her ear.

“no way! so I have a secret admirer?!”

“perhaps.” she mumbles.

they returned to the winterfell courtyard, where robb tugged his horse to a halt.

“what kind of flower do you have in your basket, y/n?”

“o-oh just a bunch of different ones, I’m making a bouquet.”

“for who?” he furrows his brow.

“anyone, really. I just enjoy making them.” lies.

“may I see you make one?” his eyes sparkle, as they wander inside.

“m-maybe tomorrow. I’m quite tired, thank you for offering me a ride though, it was very generous of you.” she smiles.

“the pleasure is all mine, until tomorrow.” he clutched her hand, pressing a kiss to her electric skin.

“until tomorrow.”

when he had turned left for his chambers, she bolted with her basket straight up the stairs to her own. her hand was still reminiscing in the tender touch of his kiss, as it ghosted on her skin. she spread the array of secret flowers onto her bed, admiring them and imagining the finished bouquet. but then a thought crossed her mind and she simply could not wait.


robb awoke to a light knock against his heavy oak door. first light had just broken and shone through the tower windows, soaking his porcelain skin and animal furs in a fresh, crisp glow. throwing on a shirt and breeches, he languidly ambled to the door.

although, he opened it to nothingness. had his servant not just knocked minutes ago? or was he dreaming? but his eyes scanned downward to see the prettiest bundle of flowers on the floor.

with anticipation, he hastily picked them up and retreated back to his room, placing them back down on the fluffy pelts. amongst the stalks, tied in a satin ribbon, was a small piece of card. his fingers immediately scrambled at the note, folding it out into the size of a letter. The writing was cursive, written in black ink, he read it quickly.

“ daffodils - unrequited love
maidenhair fern - secret bond of love
white carnations - pure love
mistletoe - kiss me ”

he gazed at the bouquet, and suddenly everything fell into place. his perspectives on flowers was changing, so much so that he grinned, a wide toothy smile. so it was her all along. purely ecstatic, robb launched off of his bed and out of the door, bouquet in hand. he hazardously bounded down the spiral of stairs, buttons undone on his loose shirt and feet barely in his iron-toed boots. he flew through the winterfell corridors like a lightning bolt, weaving through passages and corners, running away from curious looks.

he burst through her door, startling her as she rose from her dressing table.


“it was you, all along!” she cowered, thinking him angry. she thought the gesture would be the easiest way to convey her feelings, she only had 10 more days to spare in the north and would have to wait many more for her to come back.

“y-yes I’m sorr- wait where are the daffodils?” her eyes widened in realisation as he came nearer, towering above her with his piercing gaze.

“well, I didn’t think they were needed.” he smirks, dipping low, close to her ear.


“oh, sweet y/n.” he plucks a single branch of mistletoe from the bunch and dangles it over the pair.

“so”, he raises an eyebrow, “kiss me.”

she slowly rests his hands on his cheeks, eyelids fluttering. he indulges in the kiss, and the mistletoe drops to the floor. his hands go to her waist, as he moves his lips against hers, feeling the paramount build-up of secret feelings finally come to light.

she was delicate in his hands, shy, but she was blossoming, smiling into the kiss. his new, precious flower.

Stark!reader x Aegon...

Word Count: 1,909

Warning: None

((I hope you like it! I LOVE it! My Targaryen feels are even greater now though so…oops? Lol))

They found you in the woods of the Stormlands after taking Griffin’s Roost. There was a war raging throughout ALL of Westeros, and so they had been able to land and secure the Stormlands for their own before any of the five kings could stop them. Where there was five, there was now six with the long lost son of Prince Rhaegar, Aegon the Sixth of his name, being yet another claimant to the throne.

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The Contest Part 13- FINISHED VERSION

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N:  My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, @oriona75 . So I’m actually telling two stories here, Jared and Y/N’s, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Cliff, Emily (OC) other Supernatural cast and crew

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Dr. Jenkins came running up to the set.  Emily had regained consciousness but was very disoriented.  I was holding her hand and talking to her softly to try to keep her calm.  He knew I was a nurse so he asked me to give him a report.  I kept it brief.  “She’s 37 weeks pregnant.  Gestational diabetes.  Started seizing.  I tested her sugar, it was 500.  She told me her blood  pressure has been running high lately.”

The EMT’s had arrived and Dr. Jenkins filled them in.  We all stood around while they did a quick assessment.  Jared came up next to me and held my hand while we waited.  They loaded Emily on to the gurney in preparation to take her to the hospital.

“Do you need someone to go with her?  I’ll go.” I told them.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but we have to get this episode in the can today.  You still have scenes to shoot.  Dr. Jenkins can go with Emily.” Phil said.

I opened my mouth to protest, but a warning elbow in the ribs from Nikki made me shut it. Oh yeah. I’m not a nurse now, I’m an actress.  The show comes first.  I flashed Phil a smile.  “No problem, Phil.  I understand, the show must go on.”

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Dropping By (5/5)

Helping hunters with research and patching them up brings them to your house at all hours of the day & night. But what happens when your close friends , the Winchesters, are the ones showing up? What happens when a certain Winchester crawls into bed with you ?
 Warnings : swearing, flirting, slight smut.

Pairings :  Dean x reader

2 weeks later..

    You’ve been staying with Jody and the girls since that night, you drove through the night to Sioux falls . When you arrived at her house,  you both try to figure out how the demons found you,and why. The only logical explanation you came up with was that they were associated with the hunter you helped out the night before.  They must have outed you to the demons.  You cant seem to figure out why though . You’ve had your house warded so strongly, Castiel couldn’t even find it until you gave him your location. So how did they?  You’ve spent the last two weeks helping Jody around the house,and spending time with the girls.  Jody requested you keep an eye on Claire, she’s still hung up on being a hunter.  You do as  she asks,  when Claire brings cases to you , you look them over, but find the flaw , showing her it isn’t really a case. 

   As you lay on your bed, Claire comes in, laying down next to you. It’s silent for a while, until Claire speaks up,“   Why havent you gone back to your house? Not saying I want you to leave, but isnt you life there? Your clothes, the lore books. I know you’re going crazy sitting around here.”

Shes not wrong, I am starting to go stir crazy .

" Honestly, im scared. I’ve never been in the physical part of hunting, only the research . You’re right though, I need to go back . Atleast to get my things."  You stand up , grabbing your keys off and phone off your night stand.

Claire follows you down the stairs to Jody ,“ I didnt mean right now Y/n !” She says from behind you . Jody looks up , raising her eyebrow at you  

  “ I’m going to head back home, grab some things. Ill be back .I’ll be back on the road before its dark .” You kiss her on the cheek, then Claire ,and try to head out before she can stop you .

 “ Y/n wait !” Jody is only a couple steps behind you . 

 “ Jody , its safer to do it during the day! “

“ let me come with!” 

  “ You have work J . I can do this. Ill call you when I get there!” You hop in your car, starting on our journey back home.

You finally pull into your home, you didnt really realize just how homesick you really were. You love being with Jody and the girls, but that isnt your home. 

 As you get step onto your porch , you glance around, checking your surroundings . When the coast is clear, you head inside. It looks the exact same as you left it. You immediately go to the sigil hidden behind your mirror in the entrance. You scratch out the symbol that blocks angels from finding you . Just in case.

  You fly around your house, grabbing clothes and shoving them in a duffel, then filling another bag with lore books. The suns about to set, so you begin heading out. When you open your front door, you come face to face with a man . He was taller than you, slicked back brown hair and big brown eyes. A sickening grin forms on his face. I was so close. 

“Finally , you came home. We’ve been waiting.”  You slam your door shut, Thank God for the devils traps all over.

  He starts banging on the door, you also begin hearing banging coming from your back door.  “ You can’t hide forever sweetheart.”

 “ What do you want from me?” you yell back

 “ Your little hunter friend outted you in attempt to save his own ass. The last thing any of us need is someone supplying hunters with information to kill us. So , you see I can’t let you go”

  Fear overtakes your body . They arent going to let me go . You take a deep breath, close your eyes and pray to Cas.

Cas, im in a little bit of tight spot here. Please help me.

 You hear the tell tale sound of wings fluttering, opening your eyes you see Cas standing right infront of you .

  “ I dont think i’ve ever been happier to see you” you breath out, wrapping your arms around his shoulders in a tight hug. You’ve met Cas a couple times while you were with the boys, he instantly won a place in your heart. You could see how much he cared for the Winchesters, just like you do .

  Cas returns the hug, “ Why are there demons outside your home Y/n?” He asks concerned.

You pull away and pick your bags back up . “ A hunter tried to save himself by outing me aparantly, and now they want me dead .I just came to grab some things and then head out.”

  “ This isn’t the first time they’ve been here has it?”

  “ No , it was about two weeks ago , i’ve been staying at -” You’re cut off by him transporting you out of your house. You look around your new surroundings, not recognizing where you were. It looks like a war room, theres a giant table with a map as the top. Chairs circling around it. “ Cas where the hell did you take me? I just wanted you poof me back to Jody’s !” you half yell. Before he answers ,another voice appears.

“ y/n?” Oh hell. Thanks a lot Castiel.

“ You are welcome” He answers, you send him a glare. You forget he can hear thoughts sometimes. You turn and face Sam , a tight smile on your face.

 “ Hey Sammy” You say awkardly as you swing your bags back and forth .

“ What are you doing here ? Is something wrong ?” You sigh , tossing your bags onto a nearby chair.

  “ Noo.. I was just stopping by for a visit !”you try to play it off, He’s going to kill me for not telling him.

“ He will not kill you Y/n , Sam deeply cares about you .”Sam sends you a “what are you hiding look”

“ Who does Sammy deeply care about?” Son of a bitch.

Dean comes strolling in the room ,beer in hand. His eyes widen when he sees you . You don’t say anything , not even hello .

“ Well Y/n, what’s going on?” Sam questions , his arms crossed over his chest,and he is sending you his classic bitch face.

Castiel speaks for you ,“ Two weeks ago demons showed up outside her house, a hunter told themof her in hopes of saving his own life.She’s been staying with Jody ,until today she went back to retrieve some of her things and they reappeared. She called me , and I brought her here. I thought that would be best .” He sends you a soft smile, that you return to him. You can’t even be mad at Cas, he was only trying to help. He flutters away , before anyone says anything. You look between the boys, both giving you disapproving looks. 

Originally posted by devoiddean

“ Oh shut up, I handled it. Now if you don’t mind, I need to get back to Jody .” You go for your phone, ready to call Jody and see if her or Claire will come get you 

“ Oh no Sweetheart, you’re not getting out of this conversation.” Dean grabs your phone out of you hand. You send him an annoyed glare, “ Dean im fine, its dealt with . ““ You’re not going back to Jodys Y/n .” Sam spoke up  Well this is going to go well.

“ And why the hell not?” Annoyance clear in your tone.

Originally posted by halsteadlindsaycpd

 “ What if they trace you back to Sioux Falls? Huh? You want to risk putting Jody and the girls in even more danger than you already have?” Your face falls, How did I not think of that .

Dean aggressively places your phone on the table, making you flinch. “ Damn it Y/n ,why wouldnt you just call us !” He roared. You shrunk even more ,

  “ Because I didnt need you to play hero ! I thought I had this covered !”

“ Well you didnt! Now you’re going to stay here until this is taken care of, dont even fucking argue.” He storms out of the room , leaving you standing there, tears about to spill over to your cheeks.

  Sam walks over to you , pulling you into a hug. “ Why didn’t you really call us Y/n, no crap about having this handled.” You sigh , How can he even tell when im lieing.

“ After you guys left, you’re the only one that called me Sam. Dean didn’t even try to contact me. I figured he wanted to forget about being at my house. So I didnt want to drag your guys back to me.” You say , barely above a whisper     

  Sam doesn’t respond, but Dean does.” Sam , can you give us a minute.“ his voice doesn’t have any hint of hostilly, or anger left in it . But it isn’t exactly a friendly tone either. Sam kisses the top of you head, then leaves the room. Dean sits in one of the chairs around the table, he’s tapping his finger against the table.  Here comes there rejection speech . I should of just stayed at Jodys, none of this would be happening. I didn’t even need my crap anyway  .

   It feels like forever before he speaks, but when he does his voice is softer than you expect. ” Is that really why you didn’t call us for help? You thought I wanted to forget about what happened? “ He’s staring at you while you keep your gaze on the floor.

"  Your mood completely flipped when you left,  you went from not wanting to leave to, ’ get me the hell out of here ’ within minutes Dean . Your brother is the one that was calling me, not you . So my fucking bad that I assumed it was just something to pass your time with ” it comes out cold, no other emotion besides anger running through you  . You hear him scoff as he stands from the chair. He makes his way infront of you , stopping barely 2 inches away from you. You stand your ground, not letting him intimidate you .

 " You think  you have me figured out don’t you? I was already attached to you before we spent the week at your house, I always felt something for you , but I wasn’t sure what it was. And I didn’t need to know since we only saw you once in a while. Spending that week with you , made me even more attached to you. Having you sleep in my arms, waking up next to you , just being near you made things feel semi normal . Do you know how dangerous it is to be associated with  a hunter, let alone a Winchester!? Everyone we care for dies ,Y/n . I couldn’t have that happen to you .I realized that when  I had to push myself to leave you . That’s why I didn’t call. I knew you were okay , Sam would tell me. But this, “ he signals between the two of you , ” can’t happen. I wont let it . I can’t lose you like I lost everyone else. No matter how much I love you .“ As the words slip out of his mouth , his eyes widen.

Originally posted by spn-spam

  Did he just …. but then he said we cant… why is Dean Winchester so complicated.

   The air is thick between the two of you , both in shock of Deans words.

 ” You .. you love me?“ You finally manage to squeak out. You look up and see him looking anywhere but your face. You lift your hand to his face, guiding his eyes to yours.

 ” I’m not saying it again.  “ He turns, grabs your bags off the chair & starts to walk away .  You can feel your heart about to beat out of you chest.He says he cant be with me, so why am I staying?

 You follow behind him, he leads you to an empty room. It was bigger than the one you stayed in at Jody’s, it had a normal size closet and two nightstands next to the bed. The bed was quite big, reminding you of your own bed at home.I just want to go home.

  Dean drops your bags on the bed, and goes to leave.Oh no you don’t Winchester.

    You grab his wrist, spinning him around to face you . You move your hands to fist in his red flannel, and pull his lips to yours. He doesn’t push you away , instead his hands grab onto your waist, pulling you closer. Your lips are molded to his in a heated , fast kiss. He nips on your bottom lip, making you moan . His hands entangle in your hair, bringing your lips tighter against his. The kiss is frantic, but perfect. You can feel a tingle wave through your body . Deans hands land behind your thighs, making you jump and wrap your legs around his waist.You can feel his erection press against your heated core, making another moan erupt from your mouth. Dean begins kissing every part of you neck he can reach and he slams your back against the nearest wall. You begin grinding yourself down on his bulge, pulling a groan from him. 

Originally posted by brokenheartstrings16

 He removes your back from the wall, proceeding to drop you onto the bed. You land with a bounce, a shocked gasp escapes your mouth . You look at Dean , his eyes glazing over with what you assume to be lust. He moves to hover over you , his lips right above yours as his body pins you to the bed.

 ” I mean what I said Y/n , we can’t .“ He starts to move away from you .

"Oh I don’t think so Dean .” You lock your legs around his waist before he moves any farther. You quickly flip the both of you so now Deans on his back. His eyes are wide, and he’s about to protest, but you beat him to it .

“ You don’t get to make this decision for me . I get you don’t want me in danger, but guess what? I already have a fucking target on my back ,and surprise, its not because of a Winchester . No one is safe when they have anything to do with hunting. Regardless if they are physically killing things, or doing the research . So get it through your thick skull Dean Winchester, I love you . And I’m not letting you push me away because you’re being a big fucking baby .” you’re out of breath by the time you finish your speech . Deans staring up at you , hands resting on your waist, his lips slightly parted.  His breathing is heavy , but so if yours. You stay straddling him for a few minutes, before the silence ends.

 " You love me?“ he asks timidly . You let out a laugh , shaking your head.

 ” You’re just processing that now? Yes D, I love you . If you don’t want to be with me for a different reason than my safety, tell me . But if that is the main reason, then you’re out of luck, because I’m not accepting it. “ A dazzling smile appears on his face, making you raise your eyebrow at him . He then turns the tables, flipping you so you’re beneath him now. He is back hovering over you, but he doesn’t hesitate to kiss you this time. His lips are soft against yours, completely different than previous kisses from today . His lips slowly move with yours, he slowly traces your bottom lip with his tongue, you part you lips, letting his tongue tangle with yours.

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Your fingers interlock in his hair, pulling him deeper in to your lips. He moves his lips from yours, beginning to trail kisses from underneath your ear down to the collar of your shirt. He leans back , and you take the cue to take your shirt off. He mimics your actions, stripping his layers off. You both take a minute to look at eachother , then continue taking the rest of each others clothing off.  In a matter minutes, you’re both completely naked, and Deans lips are back on yours. He gives you a quick kiss, then moves his lips lower. Slowly dragging them down your neck , to your breasts. He wraps his lips around your hardened peak ,while his hand tweaks your other one. He swirls his tongue around the bud, making you let out a string of moans. He switches boobs, but slides his hand down your body , finally ending up on your clit. Your aching your back into him as he sucks at your chest, and circles a finger around your clit.

” Dean , please .“ You whine  He picks his head up, releasing your nipple with a pop, giving you a  mischievous smirk .  He moves himself down your body , until hes right infront of your core. You move your hands to his hair, as he licks through your soaking folds.

 ” You’re soaked Sweetheart, is this all because of me?“ He asks as he presses down on your clit with his thumb. You whimper and nod, causing him to chuckle. He dives his head back down, and sucks your sensitive clit into his mouth . Your grip tightens on his hair as you moan his name.

” Dean please,  I need you inside me. Do this another time !“ you beg. He smiles, pulling himself back up and planting a lingering kiss on your lips. You reach down, taking his hard length in your hand. You begin to guide it to your entrance, he takes control, and pushes into you. It’s uncomfortable at first, but you adjust to his impressive size quickly. As he starts moving slowly, thrusting slowly but still deep. You rake your nails down his back ,as moans fly out of you . He keeps a slow steady pace, but you want more.

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” Dean please, go faster “ you whimper out. He does as you ask ,and begins slamming into you. The sounds coming out of you are obscene, but you can tell Dean enjoys them. He switches positions,  so your legs are spread open to him while hes on his knees. He grips onto your hips, beginning to pound into you even harder. ” Oh my God. Dean “  you breath out, you can feel yourself getting closer to the edge.  You hear Dean grunt, he slides is hand from your hip to you clit, pulling his thumb in tight circles against it. You feel yourself tightening around his cock as his thrust become sloppy. ” Come on D, cum for me. “ You whisper as he slams into you particularly hard. His thrust throws you over the edge into the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had. Dean finishes at the same time, moans of pleasure leaving both of you.  He rolls himself off you , pulling you into his side as he adjusts himself. You’re chests are both still heaving.

” So- I guess the games over now, huh?“  You ask as you trace circles over his bare stomach. He lets out a laugh , and kisses your forehead.

” Yeah I guess it is. Now we just get to go straight to the good part sweetheart". you laugh

“ Dean , I love you.” You say suddenly. He tilts your face up to his, a smile beaming at you

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“ I love you too "  He goes to kiss you again , but a knock at the door stops him .

” Are you two done now? “ You hear Sam’s sass through the door. You both laugh , and get out of bed. You throw on the flannel Dean had on , and pull up your sweats.  Dean opens the door as he pulls his shirt on , Sam’s got a blush on his face as he rubs the back of his neck.

” You okay there Sammy? “ Dean asks with a laugh , ” Whats up?“

Sam clears his throat  before talking, ” I called Crowley , had him look into the demons that showed up at Y/n’s. He said he took care of it . Everything should be clear. “ You feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.  But what happens now? I don’t l think I can leave Dean now…

” Well that’s great ! Now we can go get the rest of y/n’s stuff. “ You and Sam both snap you eyes to Dean sending him confused looks.

” You don’t think you’re going back there now that demons know where you live , do you? Because that’s not happening. You’re staying here with us. “

 You cant control the smile that forms on your lips. ” Dean Winchester, are you asking me to move in the Bunker?“ You ask slowly but playful .

 ” Not asking, it’s happening Sweetheart. “ He pulls you to his side, planting a kiss on your head.

 thank God for that damn Game.

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 @redeyed-winchester @allison-rosewood-maximoff @ykcim24-7

In The Flesh 4

Pairing: Casifer x Reader

Summary: Reader flees and attempts to hide from the Devil that is still in disguise of Castiel but there is no hiding from the Devil. Especially when they Winchester’s believe him to be their best friend and trusty Angel.

Word Count: 3,943

Warnings: Language, oral (reader receiving), Casifer teasing the Reader, Possessive!Casifer, gonna put trigger as a warning just in case because Casifer ends up “burning off a tattooed sigil on the Reader” so please don’t read if it will upset you!

A/N: you will notice something strange in this chapter but know that it is meant to be that way and it is not at all random. You will find out more about it in the next chapter.


It almost scared you how much you slept. Maybe it was because you felt you had no other option or it was just that the bed was so damn comfy. Either way your comfort and your situation didn’t stop you from jumping into almost a damn full on panic attack. Your heart beat was echoing in your eardrums and you knew something was coming. There was a strange tingle in the back of your mind and your vision flashed. You closed your eyes and then you saw it.

Something that could go against Amara. A hand of God. You weren’t sure if it was even real but you had to give it a chance. The only question was how did you get the valuable information to your friends? How did you escape without Lucifer finding you. Before you would have wanted to give the information to him but you saw Lucifer for the snake he really was. He went back on your deal by kidnapping you so you were going to do the same by running away.

A sign flashed in your vision and you knew what it was. A sigil. Lucifer still was technically an angel so a sigil would help keep you under his radar. Now all you had to do was find your way out of the house to escape, get the sigil, contact  the Winchesters and presto! All would be good.

You forced yourself to get out of the bed and immediately went to the window. You  didn’t see any demons outside. Maybe it would be better to just climb out your window and run. But then again you wouldn’t want to break a leg or something. You frowned at the idea and then walked over to your door as quietly as possible.

“Do you think she’s still asleep?” A man’s voice came through the door.

“Probably. I don’t get why we’re babysitting a stupid human.” A deeper voice rumbled in response.

Keep reading