so i know what i'm seeing this weekend

sb: so what did you think about batb? 
me, internally: okay but the subtle shifts & updates they made to the story made it a completely different from the original 1991 version in that belle was given so much agency truly a strong female character & not the almost-there version we get in the 1991 animated film who was great yeah but like we didn’t even know what we were missing but now look at what we’ve got with the new one ?? incredible. incredible casting literally every part was perfect every choice amazing i was in awe. back to the story tho ??? making every character more full, more fleshed out, giving them backstories & motivations that made sense within the context of this new story was a stroke of genius. i was even able to sympathize with gaston, with lefou, characters i never even remotely liked before. THIS TIME IT WASN’t JUST A FAIRY TALE LOVE STORY.  IT WAS RELEVANT TO THE PRESENT POLITICAL CULTURAL INTERNATIONAL CLIMATE. IT WAS A STORY ABOUT LOVING SOMEONE BACK TO LIFE & BACK TO THEIR HUMANITY. ABOUT HOW LOVE MAKES US HUMAN & IT MAKES US THE BEST HUMANS WE CAN BE. HOW WE CAN’T TURN A BLIND EYE TO SUFFERING SIMPLY BECAUSE WE HAVE NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE OF IT OR WE FEEL UNQUALIFIED TO HANDLE IT. WE HAVE TO BE BRAVE & WE HAVE TO GIVE LOVE BECAUSE EVERY CREATURE DESERVES IT.
me, externally: yeah it was great  i loved it

Hey guys…

So, after my migraines over the weekend, my vision hasn’t been right. I can still see, but not well. I have no idea what’s going on and I plan to go to the doctor tomorrow. Until I know what’s going on, I shouldn’t try to draw. I did yesterday and it was hard af and it didn’t look right.

Thank you for your patience! I’m sorry for these inconveniences

good morning. I’ve got five minutes alone before the madness begins in this house again and I just need to tell you all that the way everyone came together the past two days was amazing and the purest thing, and I think it’s exactly what Jay would have liked to see.

The love and pride I’ve seen this weekend is immense, and though I wasn’t really here, I felt it all the way through.

So, you know. Thank you all for being here and for being good people and for making sure that no one is alone in this.

gerec  asked:

Thea darling you mentioned you might be going to see Logan again this weekend and I'm wondering if you could do something for me? If you remember? The details and sequence of events at the farmhouse are a little fuzzy for me, so if you could tell me what Charles' last words to Logan are and if it's explicit that he dies on screen (or if he was maybe still alive in the truck after they pull away) that would be SO SO appreciated. I need to know for reasons. And fic lol. xoxo

GER, I am ON IT!!! I can do this for you, friend!

I am also posting this because I think I know the answers to these from my first viewing and I am thus making a public wager: For however close I am to correct, I will write an appropriately-lengthed Xavierine fic of your choosing.

Way off base: 500 words

Some details right: 1,000 words

Mostly right: 2,500 words

95-100% correct: 5,000 MOTHERFUCKING WORDS OF FIC.



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I kind of really wish I’d stop seeing the phrase “feminist movie” or “feminist book” applied to any piece of media that does a better than usual job of handling it’s female characters.

Feminism is not the absence of sexism, it’s a word for the movement dedicated to raising awareness of and eradicating institutionalized sexism.  A feminist movie would be a movie ABOUT the feminist movement, or a movie that directly identifies and addresses issues of structural inquality between genders.

Just having a female character you don’t sexualize in a piece of media doesn’t make it a grand stand against the patriarchy.  It literally just makes it a little less sexist than most everything else.  It doesn’t make you a feminist film director for making it, it just makes you not a fucking asshole with his head so far up his ass he can’t see the way the world is actually built.

Is SW:TFA a feminist movie?  No, not even close, not even a little tiny bit at all.  The movie’s not ABOUT gender or related struggles, ideas and philosophies.

But is it a movie that respects its female characters, gives them usually-limited-to-men levels of agency and power over the plot, makes sure there are women in the background of shots, and doesn’t sexualize them?  Yes, abso-fucking-lutely yes.

SW:TFA is a movie feminists will like (at least parts of it), it is a movie that demonstrates some of the basic, basic things Feminism wants from media, but it’s not a feminist movie.

It’s just not really sexist.

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you know whats the hendall moment that doesn't get talked about enough? and is def one in my top 3 fave hendall moments? the one when harry L I T E R A L L Y the day he finished shooting dunkirk he called kendall to hang out at mels ❤❤ it's so underrated and idk why it's like that but its so fucking cute

💃🏽🎉 ❣️👏🏽 LABOR 👏🏽 FUCKING 👏🏽 DAY 👏🏽WEEKEND 👏🏽❣️🎉💃🏽

they hung out for the majority (if not all) of that weekend, literally from when he finished work to when she started work bc remember the wrap party was on friday someone saw them getting drinks are nobu an then they were at mel’s an then on saturday someone said she saw him with kendall an two other people (cam an kaia) buying balloons an then i don’t think they were seen together on sunday but then they had lunch together on monday before she had to go to New York ❗️❗️❗️

literally they spent the weekend they had off together like wow did you know i love death an dying 🔥🏃🏽