so i know what i'm seeing this weekend

you know that feeling when you realize that you’re so fucking gay and just want a cuteass girlfriend to cuddle with and tell stupid jokes to and go to early morning coffee shops with and fall asleep on top of and take weekend car trips with while listening to the most cliche songs and singing at the top of your lungs

and then you remember that you’re not out yet and have no clue how to even find said girlfriend

Hey guys…

So, after my migraines over the weekend, my vision hasn’t been right. I can still see, but not well. I have no idea what’s going on and I plan to go to the doctor tomorrow. Until I know what’s going on, I shouldn’t try to draw. I did yesterday and it was hard af and it didn’t look right.

Thank you for your patience! I’m sorry for these inconveniences


Thought I should tell you lovely lot what’s been going on the last couple of weeks. I’ve started my internship and the dingly dangly dongle works sometimes, but the internet is quite slow and it doesn’t really like loading much of tumblr… I’m going home about every second weekend though so if you see me pop up around that time on your notes you know why! 

ALSO, for those following the UK election… you should have seen my grin this morning. Everything I could have hoped for. Tory losses in England (enough for a hung parliament!!), gains in Scotland (and yes, this is /kinda/ good from the standpoint that I want Sturgeon to shut up about independence and the Tory’s line for getting votes was “vote us and stop the SNP”. Even better, the SNP lost a hefty number of seats. And now the rest of labour can shut up about Corbyn being unelectable. HUZZAH!

I'm Married: Modern AU Astrid tells a random guy off

“Hey, I saw you kick ass in that volleyball game last night.”

Astrid turned to see a tall, blond-haired guy behind her. “Oh…uh…thanks.”

“Astrid, right?” the guy asked.

“Yeah, that’s me.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Tom.” Tom stuck his hand out for Astrid to shake.

“Nice to meet you, too,” Astrid returned cautiously.

Tom looked Astrid in the eye. “So, what are you doing this weekend? You know, I’d love to have a girl as good-looking as you are stay over at my place.”

“Oh, you know, I’m just getting drinks with my husband.”


“Yeah, I’m married.” Astrid held out her left hand to display her wedding ring.

“Are you guys serious, or is it the kind of marriage that leaves room for hookups on the side?”

Narrowing her eyes, Astrid asked, “What do you think I meant by ‘I’m married?’ I’m committed to my husband, I love my husband, I only go on dates with my husband, and with the amazing sex my husband gives me, I have no reason to go looking for hookups.”

“But –”

“But nothing. Now leave me the hell alone before I kick your crotch so hard that you’ll never wanna have sex again.”

With that, Astrid hurried away, leaving Tom standing speechless in the middle of the hall.

  • when the MC first met Hunt: nice to meet you where you been
  • whenever the MC has the option to flirt with Hunt: I could show you incredible things
  • pretty much what people's reactions would be like if the MC dated Hunt: magic, madness, heaven, sin
  • when the MC first met Hunt again: saw you there and I thought
  • fangirls: oh my god
  • jawline: look at that face
  • probably Hunt's reaction to all this: you look like my next mistake
  • sort of the attitude the MC has on the date: love's a game, wanna plaaaay
  • benefactor maybe: new money, suit and tie
  • "deep down you hoped it was me!" : I can read you like a magazine
  • that idea someone posted about the MC being blackmailed with info about her relationship with Hunt: ain't it funny, rumors lie
  • Hunt's attitude basically: and I know you heard about me
  • we should hang out some time tommy boy: so hey, let's be friends
  • fucking ending to the hunt date: I'm dying to see how this one ends
  • hunt wears prada: grab your passport and my hand
  • hunt wears prada pt 2: I can make the bad guys good for a weekend
  • --chorus--
  • when the mask is still on: SO IT'S GONNA BE FOREVER
  • once the mask is off: OR IT'S GONNA GO DOWN IN FLAMES
  • kind of what the MC is conveying once Hunt gets mad about the seduction: you can tell me when it's over
  • "this whole night was a mistake?" "I didn't say that" : if the high was worth the pain
  • addison, ethan, chris, victoria: got a long list of ex-lovers
  • probably why they keep on going all over-the-top with the dates (because maybe we're high maintenance): they'll tell you I'm insane
  • the MC is technically dating as many people as she wants: 'cause you know I love the players
  • lol hunt doesn't love the game: and you love the game
  • whenever MC has 'yolo' attitude: 'cause we're young and we're reckless
  • was kissing hunt too far: we'll take this way too far
  • hunt's attitude during the date: it'll leave you breathless
  • hunt's attitude afterwards: or with a nasty scar
  • addison, ethan, chris, victoria: got a long list of ex-lovers
  • probably why they keep on going all over-the-top with the dates (because maybe we're high maintenance): they'll tell you I'm insane
  • "insanely hot professor" : but I got a blank space baby and I'll write your name
  • --chorus ends--
  • what do I put for this one: cherry lips, crystal skies
  • whenever the MC has the option to flirt with Hunt: I could show you incredible things
  • if Hunt kisses the MC during the date: stolen kisses, pretty lies
  • they're both celebrities: you're the king baby I'm your queen
  • whenever the MC tries getting close to hunt: find out what you want
  • this only works if the MC is a girl: be that girl for a month
  • once hunt takes off the MC's mask: wait the worst is yet to cooooome, oh no
  • fangirls' reactions to the date's ending: screaming, crying, perfect storms
  • if your MC is one of the rude ones: I can make all the tables turn
  • implied to be Hunt's impression of the MC: rose gardens filled with thorns
  • what HUNT does to US: keep you second guessing like
  • apparently priya singh: oh my god, who is she
  • "what we could have been, thomas": I get drunk on jealousy
  • whenever hunt lets his softer side show: but you'll come back each time you leave
  • also Hunt's impression: 'cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream
  • --skipping the chorus you already know--
  • dat angst with hunt's date tho: boys only want love if it's torture
  • well the MC DID drop hints: don't say I didn't, say I didn't warn ya
  • hunt's date struck a chord with me and I'm not even part of the hunt crush: boys only want love if it's torture
  • seriously MC dropped hints: don't say I didn't, say I didn't warn yaaAAA
  • (I was only going to do the first verse but I got carried away goddammit)

When @smolsickficwriter comes back from a weekend holiday but it felt like years ;-;

@stillstreetjoshua I really don’t know what to say… this weekend was a mess but I’d still do it again. Despite people butting in, minor hiccups, and getting sick on the last day of your trip. All of that just adds to the stories we’ll tell our children. It’s just life experience. I love you so much and believe me when I say that I did have fun. It was worth it to me because I got to see my best friend. I’ll see you again in November and I’ll make sure to have a lot of vitamin c leading up to it.

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I don't even know you, but I literally can't get over the fact that you went to London and somehow ended up seeing Harry Styles. Like. You picked a weekend to see a friend, went there to have a chill weekend, and somehow saw Harry Styles live???? I think about it 5 times a day. You really deserved it tho, I'm so happy for you, but what are the fucking coincidence? Blows my mind

Anon, trust me, I’ve repeated this exact same speech about six hundred times in that weekend alone. It’s so fucking weird? It’s honestly what dreams are made of? This is honestly luck on a whole other level 😂 I think about it five times a day, too, it was wild

As it was happening I was very aware of how special it was and that this was a once in a lifetime™ thing, though


A/N: I posted this before but tumblr screwed up so I’m posting it again. 

Description: Phil isn’t sure what they are any more. Then he screws up. 

Word Count: 2K

Their situation is fucked up. Like… well and truly beyond what is normal.

Phil first met Dan four years ago. At the time Dan had a girlfriend. Phil can still remember the disappointment he’d felt at that. Dan was… everything he was attracted to. Smart, funny, sarcastic, quick witted… the fact that he was also very nice to look at didn’t help Phil’s immediate crush at all.

The first year he knew Dan was confusing. There were moments. Many moments between them. And Phil wasn’t sure if he was just projecting the feelings he couldn’t seem to will away on to innocent situations, or if there was actually tension between them.

They were glances amongst conversation when no one else was paying attention. Late nights texting each other well in to early hours of the morning. It was Dan always making sure he was sitting next to Phil and nudging him at every inside joke they had (because in that first year they shared so many jokes between them).

And it could have all been innocent.

But Phil wasn’t sure.

Then, exactly a year after they had met, Dan told him.

‘Emily and I broke up.’

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Are you just like. Best friends with rob and rich? If so how do I do that bc they're such cuties I wanna be buddy buddy with them

if best friendship looks like this:

then yes

just yell

Anonymous said:

with how much Rob fangirls over you I was hoping you’d be doing something for KoC in some kind of Official Affiliated capacity and even though I have no idea what it is I’m excited for ur KoC content!! and excited for you too Scout that’s so awesome :D

LOL AW thanks!! after this weekend, i’m really excited to see what the future holds, and a lot of it is so much thanks to your guys’ support. i wanna make you all proud!!

Anonymous said:

It was great meeting you! And thanks for signing the comic! (I was the girl who bought the angel grace and book while wearing a supernatural collage shirt and said I loved your art)

LIKEWISE and of course!! you’re great. thank you so much for stopping by!

Erwin openly flirts with Eren every chance he gets. Usually he’ll only flirt with Eren when Levi is around because he enjoys seeing Levi’s reaction when it comes to people touching what’s “his”. Erwin found out about Levi’s little infatuation with the young man after both he and hanji let it slip at their weekend bar time so he makes it his mission to see how far he can push Levi’s buttons until the man himself will just come out and tell Eren he’s in love with him.

  • "The lights are so bright."
  • "You can want who you want."
  • "You know you wouldn't change anything."
  • "I could show you incredible things."
  • "You look like my next mistake."
  • "I can read you like a magazine."
  • "I know you heard about me."
  • "I'm dying to see how this one ends."
  • "I can make the bad guys good for a weekend."
  • "It's gonna be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames."
  • "They'll tell you I'm insane."
  • "I love the players, and you love the game."
  • "Find out what you want."
  • "I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream."
  • "Don't say I didn't warn you."
  • "Come and pick me up, no headlights."
  • "I should just tell you to leave 'cause I know exactly where it leads."
  • "I heard you've been out and about with some other girl."
  • "What you heard is true but I can't stop thinking about you."
  • "Looking at it now, it all seemed so simple."
  • "Are we out of the woods yet?"
  • "Are we in the clear yet?"
  • "We were built to fall apart, and fall back together."
  • "When you started crying, baby, I did too."
  • "I'm setting you free."
  • "All you had to do was stay."
  • "Let me remind you, this is what you wanted."
  • "You were all I wanted, but not like this."
  • "My ex-man brought his new girlfriend."
  • "I wish you would come back."
  • "I wish you were right here, right now, it's all good."
  • "I miss you too much to be mad anymore."
  • "You always knew how to push my buttons."
  • "Take a look at what you've done."
  • "Now we've got problems and I don't think we can solve them."
  • "I was thinking that you could be trusted."
  • "Did you think we'd be fine?"
  • "Did you think it all through?"
  • "You say sorry just for show."
  • "Let's get out of this town."
  • "Say you'll remember me."
  • "Say you'll see me again."
  • "No one has to know what we do."
  • "It's been a long six months."
  • "I want you for worse or better."
  • "I would wait forever and ever."
  • "You know that I don't want you to go."
  • "Remind me how it used to be."
  • "I never dreamed of this."
  • "This love is good, this love is bad."
  • "It's a bad sign."
  • "Something happens when everybody finds out."
  • "I know places we can hide."
  • "Just grab my hand and don't ever drop it."
  • "I think I am finally clean."
  • "We took a wrong turn and we fell down a rabbit hole."
  • "Didn't they tell us don't rush into things?"
  • "Didn't it all seem new and exciting?"
  • "It's all fun and games til someone loses their mind."
  • "There were strangers watching..."
  • "I reached for you but you were gone."
  • "You are in love."
  • "He is in love."
  • "We play dumb but we know exactly what we're doing."
  • "Every day is like a battle."
  • "Please take me dancing."
Not Temporary
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: *smiles coldly* So, to what do I owe the...pleasure?
  • Mummy Holmes: *watching Toby the cat sleeping in Sherlock's lap*
  • Sherlock: *places tea on coffee table* It's temporary.
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* Moriarty has returned.
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: *points* Look, she is my friend. My vulnerable friend so whatever you're implying...
  • Mummy Holmes: *glances at Molly's photo on the coffee table*
  • Sherlock: *waves a hand* Well, I wanted her to feel at home.
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: *grits his teeth* If you must know, she stays in the spare bedroom *quietly* Sort of.
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *huffs* Fine! We've been 'dating' *makes air quotes* Molly's my girlfriend. Happy now?
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: *folds his arms defensively* Oh, I didn't tell you because you'd interfere, put her off *dismissive* Anyway, it's none of your business.
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: *irritated* Alright, fine, fine! Have it your way. We'll visit at the weekend.
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Mummy Holmes: *takes a deep breath* I'm going to the flower show with Mike. That's why I'm down here.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *swallows* So, h-he didn't tell you about...
  • Mummy Holmes: *shakes her head*
  • Sherlock: Ah.
  • Mummy Holmes: *grins slowly*
  • Sherlock: *defeated* We'll see you this weekend.

I had every intention of posting up pictures of my Moonlight Falls makeover this week, but then I decided that I just *had* to edit this cornice fencing by Awesims first. When I started, I primarily just wanted to add a fourth channel, improve the mapping, and lighten the base texture, but I ended up completely tearing apart the mesh and doing a whole bunch of little fix-ups to it. So far I’ve corrected most of the in-game flickering problems, evened out the irregular spacing of the dentil molding bits, repaired the squashed tiling on various pieces of the mesh, remade both the base texture and the mask, and re-meshed the end post so it looks nice and uniform from all sides. I still have some texture work left to do, but before I get to that I need to figure out how to make a fence tile seamlessly. So far that has completely thrown me for a loop, but I’m going to keep poking at it this weekend. :)

I kind of really wish I’d stop seeing the phrase “feminist movie” or “feminist book” applied to any piece of media that does a better than usual job of handling it’s female characters.

Feminism is not the absence of sexism, it’s a word for the movement dedicated to raising awareness of and eradicating institutionalized sexism.  A feminist movie would be a movie ABOUT the feminist movement, or a movie that directly identifies and addresses issues of structural inquality between genders.

Just having a female character you don’t sexualize in a piece of media doesn’t make it a grand stand against the patriarchy.  It literally just makes it a little less sexist than most everything else.  It doesn’t make you a feminist film director for making it, it just makes you not a fucking asshole with his head so far up his ass he can’t see the way the world is actually built.

Is SW:TFA a feminist movie?  No, not even close, not even a little tiny bit at all.  The movie’s not ABOUT gender or related struggles, ideas and philosophies.

But is it a movie that respects its female characters, gives them usually-limited-to-men levels of agency and power over the plot, makes sure there are women in the background of shots, and doesn’t sexualize them?  Yes, abso-fucking-lutely yes.

SW:TFA is a movie feminists will like (at least parts of it), it is a movie that demonstrates some of the basic, basic things Feminism wants from media, but it’s not a feminist movie.

It’s just not really sexist.

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About a month ago I found out I had a brain tumor, while leaving the hospital I found out it was cancer. I only told 4 people and one of those people replied with "At least it's not serious." Idk what to do, I feel so alone and I start radiation soon, I don't go to school right now, I only see my friends on the weekend and I don't know how to tell anyone I'm scared. They refer to me as the rock, and when I talk about cancer they tell me to become the girl from "The Fault in Our Stars"

I’m really sorry but I’m not able to talk about this. Maybe some people could help you by hearting this and you could message them. I can’t handle this topic, I’m sorry.