so i know how to make knots

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Teen Wolf-Scooby Doo, as in, the Teen Wolf crew driving around in the Jeep solving supernatural mysteries. Just me?

So I don’t know what this is, but this fic turned out to be my ARCH NEMESIS, so, you know, make of that what you will. It’s even alternating POVs, which I haven’t written in years upon years. So please appreciate how much this story wanted to kill me, and how we’re still eyeing each other with open hostility from different corners of the room.

The groundskeeper has gnarled, knotted fingers and rheumy eyes, and it takes five hundred years for him to turn the key in the rusted padlock.  The gate creaks almost as loud as his bones, and Derek flicks an ear in irritation.

“That’s a big dog you’ve got there,” he says, only mildly curious.

Stiles buries one hand in the scruff around Derek’s neck. “Not sure he is one,” Stiles says, and Derek cocks his head up at him.

Scott has the van idling behind them.

Derek takes a deep breath and sneezes. Decay, old blood, and sulfur flood his senses—he whines softly. He doesn’t have a good feeling about this.

The old house looms in front of them, stone and spires, ominous, cloaked in shadows thrown by the nearly full moon. His skin ripples under his fur, uneasy, and he tucks his tail between his legs.

“Relax,” Stiles murmurs to him. “This is easy money, right? A simple salt and burn.”

Derek huffs, knocks into Stiles’ side as he hastily turns around, and then slinks back to the van. He doesn’t like this place. He never likes haunted places, too much lingering despair that stirs up old guilt, but this house feels like it’s made out of skeleton bones, dread sits like a stone in his belly.

Lydia already has the side of the van open. He hops in, slides past Kira, and then digs into Stiles’ open duffle, buries his snout in an old t-shirt that smells a little bit like Scott, too.

“Dude,” Stiles says when he climbs in after him. “Come on.”

Derek growls, low in his throat, and Stiles backs off with a huffy, “Fine, be that way.”

The van grinds into gear and rolls forward slowly, tires bumping over the cobblestone drive, and Derek feels like his chest is caving in.

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Save Tonight

This is for @dr-dean ‘s A/B/O Birthday Challenge! My prompt was the song Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry. I hope you enjoy it, love!

Summary: Dean and Cas prepare to face yet another doomed situation.

Warning: Smut, a/b/o dynamics including knotting, alpha!Cas and omega!Dean, angst

Word Count: 1700ish

A/N: Feedback always welcome! XOXO

“How many times have we saved the world now?” Dean asks.

He sounds so tired. Too tired. Cas wants to put him to bed and make him sleep until those dark circles under his eyes are gone. But that’s not an option right now. It’s never an option. “Quite a few,” Cas answers instead, watching Dean closely as he takes a drink of his beer.

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Hi hello hi how're you. I can't be the only one who thinks you're the master of drawing paws, especially when it comes to paws doing things paws aren't supposed to be doing (referring to that one page of Wurr where Soo was tying knots). I was wondering if you'd maybe consider making like a... uhh... sketch tutorial for us less talented, kinda like showing us the process of drawing paws in different activity and poses? I'm sorry in advance if this is too time consuming. Thank you anyway.


I… actually don’t know how to answer this. I’ve been drawing for over two decades, and at some point paws became so familiar to me, that I don’t really need to think about them that much. Like how you know how to ride a bike, but trying to explain the motions to someone who’s never done it themself?

But basically know how hands and dog paws work and then mush their anatomies together. How my paws work is that they’re human hands pretending to look like dog paws (=shorter fingers and hugely exaggerated finger pads), and thumb being in a funny angle (because the ACTUAL dog thumbs are useless).

(Also kind of ironic that you gave the Soo’s knot tying as an example, because I had actually no idea how to make that work, so I had my brainstorm buddy tie a knot in front of me, so I could draw her hands instead of from my own brain. So basically it’s a live referenced pair of human hands, but without pinky fingers and drawn just shorter and fatter.)

Urgent Prayer Request 12/3/16

Ive been sitting here trying to think how to write this through all these tears. My stomach is in knots an I feel so sick. I have cried so much this day over Ash that my eyes burn and hurt.
Let me first get this out…  I HATE CANCER. I HATE BRAIN CANCER. UGH! 

Please know I’m not posting this to gain popularity on here or attention. Im posting this because I desperately need it to spread. Please reblog this and pray for Ash daily. He really needs them. Pray for his strength. Pray that he makes it. This is such a hard battle on him. He promiced me he’s gonna fight. Thats what hes doing. He hasn’t given up on me yet. Hes came close. But hes still pushing with all he has in him. 

Where do I start?

5am I wake up to a text message.  “Im at the hospital.” and every bit of this day has gone downhill fast.

Ash has been fighting a fever for three days now. Last night he had a bad nose bleed that wouldnt stop. He got sick an started vomiting blood he got so nausious an that scared him. But the worst part up in the night his eyes got stuck wide open. He cannot close them or blink but he is able to move them; an now they are bloodshot red. The hospital has admited him. They have told him that this is very dangerous.
Theyve given him pain medicine, muscle relaxers, took blood the whole nine yards.

He came back to tell me after they had covered his eyes an put drops in them to protect him from infection that he is so tired an exausted. They scanned him again the second Brain Tumor in the back of his head has gotten worse.Its very deep. They are now planning his surgery they said he cannot make it to January that it has to happen now. So now the time frame is 10 days. Anytime that the main surgen flys in they can do it. I just pray that he hurries up and I also pray that his Family hurries up an gets to him before its to late. He is all alone, nobodys there and it kills me. God please comfort him.

“The human brain its very complicated an this can be one of the new Tumor damages” This keeps ringing inside my mind. That tumor has destroyed his eyes an now they cannot close…. WHY! 

Im on a time watch with Ashi an I cant stand it. This is so hard.
I am so heartbroken.  Why does God give you people to make you so happy an then take them away just to be sad again?

Please pray everyone. Pray hard. Pray for healing an peace. Pray for Ash’s Family. Ive lost people in my life to Cancer but this is the hardest one ive ever had to go through. 


Help us Father God!

How to fold your Gi

So here’s how to properly fold your uniform to save space, and how to tie a knot that allows you to carry your Gi over your shoulder.

Pictures pretty much speak for themselves, so I’m not gonna waste your time making you guys read long explanations, but if anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know. 

Also, not my Gi. This one is my niece’s medium weight Gi. The lighter it is, the easier to fold, but it’s the exact same process for a heavyweight.

01. Spread out the Jacket as shown.

02. Fold pants as you would any other, and place with the top of the pants right where the jacket lapels meet.

03. Fold right side on top of pants.

04-05. Fold the sleeve. If the sleeve is shorter, you may not need to fold it twice.

06. Repeat same fold with left side.

07. Fold what remains of the pants, upwards.

08. Fold the top down from where the top of the pants is.

09-10. Fold the bottom part upwards, more or less in half. Now here, especially with a heavyweight Gi, make sure you leave that gap in the center, so that the space allows for the final fold.


For reference on how small the Gi ends up, that tile is 18 x 18 inches, so the Gi ends up being about a 10 x 8, more or less, depending on the Gi size and weight. This saves a lot of space in your bag, especially when traveling, and even more when you have more than one Gi.

Here’s mine (Heavyweight 14oz) folded, compared to my niece’s (7.5)

No more huge bags, just to carry one Gi, and if you, in fact, only carry one Gi (no equipment), you can use the knot below, and you can discard using a bag at all, as you can just throw the Gi over your shoulder.


Important note: If you fold your uniform after class, and don’t plan on washing it as soon as you get home, please don’t forget to spread it out and let it get some air. You don’t want a sweaty Gi to spend too much time folded up like this, trust me, hahaha.

Happy folding, guys!

Sherlock insisting on putting in the Christmas lights himself, because, after all ‘I know just how to do this quickly and efficiently, John! You’ll mess it up!’

So John watches affectionately as Sherlock is struggling with six different cords at once, surrounded by the soft glow of the Christmas lights. He watches as Sherlock starts scowling because the lights are obviously refusing to cooperate with him. 

And he smiles, one of those warm smiles that makes Sherlock’s stomach flutter, when John rises and easily untangles one of the knots that formed in one of the cords. 

John kisses his cheek. 

‘Need a hand, love?’

Sherlock’s cheeks are bright red when he mutters out a ‘yes’. 

peter pettigrew has a knot in his stomach.

it’s always there; a constant representation of how unworthy he is. how unworthy of his magic. how unworthy of gryffindor house. he is no warrior, and he knows it. his first year at hogwarts, the knot is so tight that he can hardly breathe.

but then he makes friends. and he knows enough to know that his friends are not ordinary; that they are something precious. he loves them. he wants to be like them. and as he gets closer to sirius black, james potter, and remus lupin - as he gets drawn into their stupid pranks and escapades, as he begins to learn hogwarts like the back of his hand - he can feel the knot start to loosen.

once he goes to james about it and tries to tell him that it makes him a coward. james laughs. 

“come on mate. i’ve got one too. being scared doesn’t make you a coward. you belong in this house as much as anyone.” 

peter smiles and tells him thank you and doesn’t even try to explain that it is different. that there is something wrong. he knows that james potter feels fear like an annoyance; something to be swatted away. 

  it doesn’t matter now anyway. the knot is nearly gone.

until graduation. until the years that follow. on halloween night, 1981, the knot in peter pettigrew’s stomach turns to steel. it stays that way for sixteen years.

but sixteen years later, for just a moment, peter feels like the version of himself that existed at hogwarts. he looks into the eyes of a boy - lily’s eyes - and he sees that they are afraid. and then he sees this child, the spitting image of james potter, swat the fear away like an annoyance. and peter feels everything at once.

he saves harry potter’s life. 

and the last thing that he thinks, as the world begins to fade, is that the knot in his stomach doesn’t feel so much like steel anymore.

  • kitty to anyone but kurt: i love kurt wagner so much hes so great. fuck u if you dont like him he is literally the most amazing person in the whole world he is so pure. did u know he spent a week learning to moonwalk and like he still cant do it just right but he just has such a good time doing it and how can u not like him he is literally the sunshine and i love him. he is mine. i hug him anytime i want and he is my best friend. see this bracelet? he made it for me. ok i made it but he tried to make it bc he is the best but he cant actually tie knots but he did his best okay and his effort was 100000% appreciated and did i mention i love kurt wagner.
  • kitty to kurt: ew ur such a nerd go away.
drivemetogeek replied to your post “Answers About Ukuleles”

If your interested, there’s a very active ukulele group in Boston (just search on meetup). Basic meetups are strum-alongs from shared music and then time for folks to do solo performances if they choose.

I AM interested! But I probably won’t have time while I’m there this time. Still, that gives me an idea to look at Chicago meetups…

walnuttreefairy replied to your post “Answers About Ukuleles”

harp player here: no, we don’t really get any training. My teacher showed me how to make the proper knots, but I and most people I know fail at replicating them, so we mostly muddle through. And trust me, nylon strings, gut strings and even the strings wrapped in metal can and will snap at you.

Good to know! Though I still fear nygut less than I would steel strings. That shit is terrifying. 

The knots on my ukulele look fairly complex but the diagrams I’m seeing make it seem much more straightforward. I’m sure the truth is somewhere inbetween…

every time i remind myself, or am reminded, of how urgent it is to be getting into work and not reliant on parental support, i become so ashamed and disgusted with myself that it’s a hindrance rather than a help and it immediately makes it impossible to talk to me because i get caught in mental knots of apologising and thanking people profusely for every minor thing and internally suicidal ideation starts happening and that just makes me more ashamed and disgusted with myself. i don’t know how to fix this

Celtic knot tutorial

This tutorial is how I make celtic knot, the method that work for me, you might found you need to change a few things here and there. I used a red pen to show new lines between steps, hope it is understandable. If something is unclear let me know.

Rather long post so click to read further

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You're A Good Boy And You Know It
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Words:  3234

#Larry AU #HarryTops


Harry Styles a big famous porn star, a young alfa sensation. Big and strong with tattoos all over his body, and a big alfa cock.
And Louis Tomlinson is just a barely legal omega who is about to make his big debut in the porn industry, about to be knotted for the first time by the one and only Harry Styles.

-“So Louis, how old are you?”

Louis bites his lip innocently and then looks directly at the camera.

“I’m eighteen, barely legal…” he says with a playful smile.

-“Okay Louis, so I’ve heard you’ve never been knotted before.”

Louis giggles and shakes his head softly.

-“Aw, don’t worry. You know why? ‘Cause we’ve got Harry Styles here, a big twenty four year old alpha, and he’s very interested in you, so we’ve heard… and he’s going to make it all better. Do you happen to know him?”

Louis runs the tip of his index finger over his pink lips and bites the tip and he winks at the camera.

“I’ve heard of him…”

And so it began…

Secret good hobbies of Bleach villains

As requested by anon. :)

As the requester explained to me, the inspiration for this list was the revelation that the guy Ichigo fought in plushie form, the one who seemed shady and creepy, was secretly a kindergarten teacher. So what if all of the Bleach villains had kindhearted or community-minded hobbies? What would each of them do? 

1. Aizen: Volunteers at nursing homes

There he hosts tea parties, listens patiently to the residents’ stories, and basically makes them feel like they are the center of his universe.

Aizen: Why yes, Ms. Krumpnik, I can teach you how to tie a proper bondage knot.

Aizen: No I don’t need to know why.

2. Bazz-B: Volunteers for Locks of Love

He not only cuts the hair, but also makes people feel good about their new look.

Bazz-B: Of course short hair is punk rock!

Bazz-B: I shaved my head for the cause, and now I have this cool mohawk that everybody loves!

3. Starrk: Looks for people’s lost pets

You can “hire” him (he’s free), but he’ll also just look when he sees a missing pet poster.

Starrk: Losing a pet is lonely.

Starrk: And soul wolves are surprisingly good at tracking.

4. Gin: Works at a soup kitchen

Not that he will admit it to anyone.

Gin: I’m okay with a lot of things.

Gin: But not hungry kids. 

5. Giselle: Does pronoun training

For companies, schools, anyone who’s interested.

Giselle: And if anyone misgenders you, feel free to kill them!

Giselle: …

Giselle: I never understand why everyone laughs there.

6. BG9: Visits children’s hospitals

So that the kids can see a *real* robot.

Parent: Your robot costume is so amazing, thank you!

BG9: My “costume,” yes.

7. Gerard: Visits children’s hospitals

Because apparently all the kids these days love Thor.

Parent: Your Thor costume is so amazing, thank you!

Gerard: No but this is my real look.

Parent:  Ha ha of course it is!

8. Ginjo: Buys carloads of instant ramen and takes it to food banks

A bit more often than the food banks want.

Employee: Sir please we still haven’t gone through your last car load of ramen.

Ginjo: But it’s been several days!

9. Tsukishima: Makes dinner for his neighbors when they are sick

Or if they’ve lost a loved one. Or if he noticed they were ordering takeout again for like the third straight night.

Tsukishima: Take the homemade casserole.

Tsukishima: Love yourself.

10. Grimmjow: Coaches kids’ sports leagues

And he always brings orange slices.

Grimmjow: Remember, it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game that counts!

Ichigo: Who are you?


11. Meninas: Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity

She can build an entire house by herself. Very quickly.

Meninas: I guess most people need a crew?’

Meninas: Weird.

12. Szayel: Throws kids’ birthday parties

He brings (non-poisonous) sweets, does (SFW) science experiments, and will even decorate if the parent wants.

Parent: Pink? This party is for a boy!

Szayel: And your point is….?

13. Aaroniero: Teaches community theater

He wanted a higher paying gig, but they were the only ones who would take him.

Aaroniero: No! You have to BE the part!

14. Tosen: Gives free legal advice

Most of it is carefully researched and helpful. But he always ends by suggesting that they try starting a revolution instead.

Tosen: All I’m saying is that the legal system basically sucks.

15. Ulquiorra: Reads to children at the library

His lack of inflection isn’t his *worst* problem.

Ulquiorra: What do you mean Edgar Allen Poe isn’t suitable material for the children?

Ulquiorra: Children love ravens.

Take a good look at the girl in front of you,
And tell me,
What do you see?
Do you see,
The soft hair,
The rosy cheeks,
The bright eyes,
The wide smile.
Tell me,
What do you see when you look at me?
That’s always been a question I’ve wanted to ask to every new person I meet because I was curious of how other people saw me.
I wanted to know what other people saw and compare it to what I saw in the mirror.
So when I ask,
What do you see when you look at me?
Would your answer be,
The soft hair,
The rosy cheeks,
The bright eyes,
The wide smile.
Would your answer be,
The knots in my hair from all the pulling because of nerves and anxiety.
The make up pasted on my face to hide the imperfections.
The bags under my eyes that tell you how many sleepless nights I’ve had.
The mask that has pulled my mouth into a permanent smile because I no longer knew how to do it myself.
Tell me,
What do you see?
Because what you see is not the same,
From what I see in the mirror.
When I look in the mirror I see,
The anxiety,
The insecurities,
The depression,
The lie that is hiding my face,
The lie that is hiding who I am.
I believe I woke up one morning,
And I realized,
That I was wearing a mask,
That hid everything that made me who I am,
And when I realized this,
I realized it was to late to remove it.
So tell me,
Do you see the mask?
Do you see me?
I believe this is how one loses them self.

Day one: first kiss

Kakashi doesn’t invite Iruka to dinner, nor does he make small talk in the corridors of the Hokage Tower – but he never declines those, either. Kakashi is the kind of man who knows how to play the air around him; he would crush the small knot in the pit of Iruka’s stomach, that visceral pull of expectation, if he didn’t want it there.

Nonetheless, Iruka has to wonder if he didn’t just convince himself along the way, fueling his own desire of being wanted back. It is more convenient, after all, to think Kakashi is good at discreetly manipulating interpersonal exchanges than to accept that Kakashi might have been too polite, oblivious, or simply too indifferent to dismiss a good meal and decent company.

Iruka decides they have danced around it for an appropriate amount of time. If he is to be rejected, then he ought to get it over with.

They are standing at the crossroad where they would usually part ways, not far from their favorite restaurant. Iruka asks Kakashi to wait, and takes a moment to decide which excuse he is going to use in case Kakashi turns him down – the alcohol running in his bloodstream is the best choice –, and finally blurts out, “May I kiss you?”

Kakashi lands on the nearest rooftop the next moment. Iruka isn’t sure what makes him leap after the older man; it may be the anger of not receiving a proper reply, plain impulse, or the impression of a faint blush he caught right above Kakashi’s mask a second ago.

“I don’t do drunk kissing, sensei,” Kakashi announces as he deftly jumps from a rooftop to a tree branch to another rooftop. “Consent is everything,” he says, and Iruka swears there is a challenging color to his casual tone.

Iruka is too preoccupied chasing after Kakashi to his apartment building, so he doesn’t register how far his home actually is from their crossroad, let alone their favorite restaurant. And neither does Iruka make a point of noticing that that shabby restaurant is his personal favorite (after Ichiraku), nor how convenient it was that Kakashi claimed to live around the area.

As Iruka yanks Kakashi’s mask down to reveal an annoyingly charming grin, both of them forget to consider Iruka learned to hold his liquor very well after years of bureaucracy by Tsunade’s side – well enough that it couldn’t justify his chuckling when he presses his lips to Kakashi’s. They also choose not to mention that a former ANBU, soon-to-be Hokage jounin wouldn’t be pinned to a wall by some stubborn, soon-to-be the Academy headmaster chuunin, unless he wanted to.

Messaged one of my best friends last night about how I have developed feelings for him so need some time to figure out whats going on. It was fucking difficult to send, for obvious reasons. And he hasn’t responded at all. It’s been like 20 hours and nothing. Nada. What makes it worse is I don’t know what he’s gonna say. I can’t imagine it. So my stomach has been in knots all day and I have no idea what to do about it

I’ve tied my stomach in knots and I’m ready to know
I’ll put it on the line if you’d just give it a go
Cause I want to be the only one to hold you so close and so tight
And if it’s cool with you I’d really love to spend the night

You say you never wanna be saved
Well that’s okay cause I wouldn’t know how
Just know that the best that I’ll ever be
Is whatever you make me and wherever you are

You’re on my mind
And the things that you say hurt me most of the time
But I’m on your side,
Cause I know I’m not easy to deal with sometimes
But I’m sinking fast so it’s alright

She’s The Prettiest Girl At The Party, And She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook- FRNKIERO ANDTHE CELLABRATION

(lol i got carried away with a widowtracer hsau-ish pic. that song always makes me think of them in that setting xd.)

I pretend I have a knife
And I am making a clean incision
From the pit beneath my ribs,
To the space in between my hips.
I pretend I have industrial strength bleach
And I am carefully taking out my stomach,
And my liver and my kidneys,
And all the veins knotted up inside me.
I pretend I am a doctor
And I know how to safely soak my organs in bleach
So that when I put the puzzle back together in my abdominal cavity,
The dirt will not be caked so thick and so deep in my cells.
I pretend I put my heart back.
I put back my lungs and my gall bladder,
And all the sludge and muck and oil is gone,
And for once I am clean on the inside,
And for once I can breathe.

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  • 1. Here we go for the hundredth time.
  • 2. I'm going out of my fucking mind.
  • 3. Find a new place to hang this noose.
  • 4. String me up from atop these roofs.
  • 5. Knot it tight so I won't get loose.
  • 6. Truth is, you can stop and stare.
  • 7. I bled myself out and no one cares.
  • 8. Help me, I've been cursed.
  • 9. Death is rolling in every verse.
  • 10. Fuck, this hurts.
  • 11. I won't lie.
  • 12. Doesn't matter how hard I try.
  • 13. Half the words don't mean a thing.
  • 14. I know that I won't be satisfied.
  • 15. So why try ignoring him?
  • 16. I've opened up these scars.
  • 17. I'll make you face this.
  • 18. I've pulled myself so far.