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Ty climbed up onto the porch beside Kit and sat down. He smelled faintly of desert, sand and sage. Kit thought of the way he liked the sound of Ty’s voice: It was rare to hear someone get that kind of sincere pleasure out of simply sharing information, but Ty did. 

 “Why are you outside?” Ty asked. “Are you thinking about running away again?” 

“No,” Kit said. He wasn’t, really. Maybe a little. Looking at Ty made him not want to think about it. It made him want to discover a mystery so he could present it to Ty for solving, the way you might give someone who loved candy a box of See’s. 

“I wish we all could,” Ty said, with disarming frankness. “It took us a long time to feel safe here, after the Dark War. Now it feels as if the Institute is full of enemies again.” —LORD OF SHADOWS, 5/23/17

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I found Jack through Mark and I think the first thing I saw was his Undertale series. I thought he was a bit much at first, but I started to be envious of his energy and optimism. He is very kind and tries to make as many people feel less lonely as possible and that made me feel seen and appreciated. It made me want to do the same for others. Thank you ❤

Friends I found thanks to Jack: @dork-iplier @markired @bekadmfb @lefreakette @wiishugifs @jacksepticeyegifs @lum1natrix

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I want an inkheart au where nursey is an author and he has this ability that enables him to bring the characters or anything he is describing to life and he accidentally brings dex (a character from his books) to life and falls in love with him

Holy shit. I’m so emotional about this right now?? Idk, what kind of books does Nursey write, is the real question. Are his books fantasy novels, set in a made up land reminiscent of a time when there were kings and dragons? Is Dex a knight or a farmhand or what is he? Are Nursey’s books more modern? Are all of his characters dark and brooding and when Dex comes out of the book all he can do is laugh abt how pretentious Nursey is, how pretentious the world he came from is?
Is Dex the main character? Or just some side character Nursey fit in to fill some plot holes? Was he written as an antagonist of one of the protagonists friends? Or is the book more like Game of Thrones where there are like 200 characters? Like, how important is Dex to the novels, what role does he play? How does Nursey feel about Dex when he’s just a character, rather than this real life thorn in his side who he has to take care of now because this guy doesn’t even have a social security number, let alone, like, money to take care of himself; and if he’s from some fantasy land, he would have no idea where the fuck he is. OR. oh my GOD maybe it’s a futuristic novel, maybe it’s set in space. Maybe Dex is some kind of mechanic on board some major important, or maybe just a cargo ship.
Do they still fight about privilege? How do their fights occur, given that Nursey literally wrote Dex into existence and any flaws or privileges or handicaps that he has were given to him by Nursey? All of the wonderful beautiful things that make up Dex, that Nursey ultimately falls in love with, were given to him by Nursey; we can wonder how much of a character is really created by the writer, and how much the writer was influenced by the character, how much of the character’s persona was just tiny accidents.
Idk. This is just. A really good idea. And I really, really want to flesh it out. Thank u so much ahhhhhhhh.

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you know why we cant make place with all of it? Because Sam Traveller Heughan is only spoted with (kind of: airport, grocery) or in the same area than MM.. What about the other time? Teleportation? Hermit? I am sorry but this is toooooooo much convenient.. and on the bafta he kept his arm on his knee but in the fb Q&A he made this so old gesture "oooh I rub my eyes and my arm end behind her on his own!!!!! Accident"...

yeah let’s not forget that awkward AF arm move at the live stream, I mean COM EON 

and I think I saw it pointed out recently that his hand most likely is on her back, not the chair so you know, whatever, I’m fine


Walk to the ends of the earth and you might just find yourself along the way. 

Star Wars ask meme I made at 5am because why not

1. What are your favourite Star Wars spaceships?
2. If you lived in the Star Wars universe, what would you do? What kind of person would you become?
3. Who are the most relatable Star Wars characters?
4. If you made a Star Wars movie, what would it be about and who would you cast?
5. If you could change your life with one of Star Wars characters for a week, who would you choose?
6. If you were a Padawan and could choose your master, who would they be?
7. If you were a Jedi master and you could choose your padawan, who would they be?
8. If you lived during the Clone Wars, which side do you think you would choose? Republic? Separatists? Staying neutral?
9. Which pilots in Star Wars do you want as your piloting teachers?
10. Which weapons would you use in the Star Wars universe?
11. Do you have any favourite names of Star Wars characters?
12. Your favourite and least favourite character are on the same mission together. What would happen?
13. If you could change one line from Star Wars films, books or animated series into something else, what would it be and what would the new line be?
14. What are your favourite Star Wars aliens species and why?
15. If Star Wars were a musical, which characters would sing which songs in which scenes?
16. If you had a power to help two different characters from different times meet each other, who would those two be?
17. Which Star Wars cast you want to watch Star Wars with?
18. Any great Star Wars merchandise ideas?
19. Who do you think the most well developed Star Wars characters are?
20. What is the main reason you love Star Wars?

louis is so beautiful when he’s working surrounded by professional people doing what he loves and what he’s made for i wish he had this kind of people around all the time

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How do you come up with your OCs? Yours are really cool so I was wondering if anything specific inspires you like a person you know irl or specific characters or anything like that? (You don't have answer this if you don't want to, I'm just a silly fan >w<)

Omfg;;; you are too kind ahh. Uhh they come from personal feelings or events that happened in my life! Or I just wanted them as an aesthetic.

Naru (first oc ever)- was made out of the idea girls are always seen as inferior by everyone so she believed it. It wasn’t until she realized she could be a girl and be strong that it made her confident in herself.

>Also shows that women can be muscular and still be beautiful.

Darrius was made a lot later. Naru helped him through her own abilities but she was so overconfident she denied others help. So darrius was there to teach her its okay to ask for help, and its okay to fall in love.

Berri and Red- symbolizes you have different sides of you and its okay to love them but also realize you are in control. Berri is also like Naru-meant to show girls/women can be strong without being hardcore/damaged.

>Also magical girl aesthetic and fantasy creatures like demons, unicorns, etc.

 Grammy (Ariea)- POC characters I have seen are always thrown to the side. I wanted someone POC and very powerful. Grammy is African American (her hair is extensions) and is also overweight. But she is seen as incredibly beautiful and the most powerful mage in the world.

Thak- Also POC (indian/african american) but also has temper problems. He was adopted and shows that raised in the right conditions you can become someone incredible. Ends up taking kindness for granted and during fights he is cruel and rude, this is something that happens to the best of us with peer pressure. 

>Someone told me “peer pressure can make you think being mean is fun. When in reality all you are left with after those people leave, is regret.”

David- Based on the idea: Nature is important but so is our humanity. He gained his abilities from nature but helps both humans and marine life. His powers are based around social anxiety and depression. Every breathe he takes is limiting to him,he feels like hes being choked by jellyfish. But in reality its a mental wall, he overcomes it slowly (not completely) and gains control over his powers.

All ocs mean something to us. But the main thing is “what do they mean to you?” Or “what do you want them to mean to others?”. Many of my ocs are heterosexual but 4-5 of them are also Bi, pan, and gay. But thats not all they are and not what I want them to be.

Little Family ~ Archie Andrews

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Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Archie Andrews x reader

Words: 1282

Requested?: Yes

Ok so this is kind of an out there type of ask but I saw an imagine kinda similar ish and it made me think of this, but an Archie imagine where him and the reader out a couple years older and have a baby? Just like lots of fluff and stuff?

Warnings: FLUFF!!!

A/N: I bloody love this request so much it’s unbelievable. And yes, I know that being married at 20 is a bit young but it’s true love y’all.

May 23rd 2021

The morning was like any other. I awoke to the sound of my husband wriggling out of bed and plodding to our daughter’s room. Every morning I still think it’s a dream, me waking up next to my highschool sweetheart Archie Andrews and our gorgeous new baby girl Ida. Yes, we’re young and possibly going to make some mistakes but at least we have each other.

I could hear his sweet voice nursing her from slumber to prepare for our busy day that is Archie’s first day of recording in a studio. We had flown out to LA just after Ida was born so that Archie could finally record his first song for his EP. I was apprehensive but once I saw how happy it made him, I agreed. 

It was hard living away from our families but both were supportive of our relationship and Archie’s talent so we left Riverdale for LA.

“C’mon pretty, let’s go get mommy up for the day. It’s a big day for daddy and everyone in the studio.” He chuckled as he returned to our room and gently sat on the bed. 

My eyes had yet to open and meet the sunlight streaming in through the largest window of our bedroom. Our apartment that was provided by the record company was too good to be true. Big white walls with modern furnishings, a lovely kitchen and three great bedrooms. Our belongings were neatly placed in the wardrobes once we arrived and that’s when it started to become home.

“Babygirl, it’s time to get up.” Archie said quietly as Ida cooed in my ear. Her little noises and cute laughs finally made my eyes open as I turned to face to my loving husband.

“Hello bigshot.” I said in a croaky voice. I scared myself with the sound of my voice and made a funny face which caused Archie to laugh and little Ida to grin.

“Come get up, we’ve got to be at the studio in two hours. I made breakfast last night so we wouldn’t have to worry this morning and all the bags are packed so we can just eat, shower, get dressed and leave.” He smiled kissing my cheek with a gentleness I will never get used to. Then like a lightbulb going off in my mind I recounted the few sentences Archie had uttered to me. He made breakfast.

“Archie, please tell me you didn’t burn the kitchen down making breakfast.” I sighed and he laughed shaking his head. He placed his left hand on my cheek and I felt the cool metal of his wedding band against my warm skin.

“It’s cereal. Honey, when I said made I meant poured two bowls of Cheerios and left a bottle of milk on the middle shelf of the fridge. I have little missy’s breakfast all ready to go as well.” He smiled at our daughter. Even though she’s only 5 months old, she looks more and more like her father everyday. Even though she has my hair, she was lucky enough to inherit Archie’s beautiful eyes.

“Well then, let’s get the Andrews family ready for the day.” I smiled as I took Ida from Archie and hopped out of bed to go to the kitchen. Archie turned on the radio in the kitchen as I put Ida into her highchair. 

Castle on the Hill was blaring throughout the rooms making me have a greater spring in my step. I looked up to see my husband dancing around our kitchen in his grey sweatpants using the milk bottle as a microphone. I laughed loudly almost doubling over. This was a regular occurrence in our household.

“How did I get so lucky?” Archie suddenly said pouring the milk into the bowls. That sentence made me stop in my tracks. 

“Sweetheart, what do you mean?” I questioned walking closer to him. I put both my elbows on the cold marble work surface. I was genuinely confused.

“I’m so blessed that I’ve been given the chance to record for this label and have this apartment and a beautiful daughter and the most amazingly beautiful, caring, loving, kind, sexy, best wife in the whole world. I’m only 20 and I’ve been given this much. I can’t thank you enough babygirl.” Archie said pulling me into a sweet and loving kiss.


We broke away from the kiss quickly to turn and face our daughter, covered in applesauce and milk. No surprises there.

“Well bless you honeybun.” Archie laughed as I did too. I look at the clock on the wall seeing it was 11 am. I quickly kissed him once more and almost fell over my own feet.

“Archie! We only have an hour left!” I shouted as I bolted to Ida to take her to shower and do my makeup simultaneously. I could hear Archie tripping over his own feet and running into the bathroom.

“You, put your war paint on, I’ll clean baby.” He said turning the bath on and taking Ida from me. I quickly applied primer and realised I didn’t have time for foundation so I plastered concealer across my face, powdered like a mad woman and drew my eyebrows on. I swiped mascara over my lashes and applied a quick layer of liquid lipstick.

“Baby is clean and dressed, quick we’ve 20 minutes until we have to leave, that’ll make it 11 30 and that gives us 30 minutes to get there.” Archie panicked pulling on a baseball tee and jeans. I picked out my favourite outfit and put it on quickly before running to Ida’s crib and placing her in car seat.

“We’re leaving in 5 honey!” I shouted running down the hallway to the door. I grabbed my shoes and bag from beside the door and rushed down the stairs that led to the entrance of our house. I placed Ida into the car and strapped her in.

“Go go go baby!” Archie shouted from the door as he locked it and I hopped into the passenger seat. He ran down the stairs and got into the car and began driving.

“Archie, this is really happening. You’re gonna be famous.” I smiled as he took my hand and laced his fingers through mine as he navigated the short drive to the studio.

“Might baby. I might be.” He chuckled lightly a he turned the corner. Just then, the studio came into view. 

He pulled into a parking space and as a family, we went inside. The lovely workers brought us to the studio where Archie’s producer and mixer were with a team of many others. They were all lovely and took a liking to Ida.

“Ok Archie, you ready to start?” James, his producer asked as I sat down with Ida on the couch facing the booth. Archie was smiling brightly inside as he nodded and the music began to play. His voice soothed my ears and made Ida clap her hands loudly making everyone in the room smile.

“Dada!” Ida squealed as Archie stopped singing with surprise and my jaw dropped. The music stopped and everyone turned to face the little girl on my lap.

“Ida! You little smartie!” I screamed hugging her tightly as Archie ran into the mixing room.

“She’s 5 months and talking! Oh god Daddy is so proud of you baby!” Archie smiled kissing her head and hugging me.

“I’ve a lovely little family.” I smiled as everyone “awwed” behind us. Archie laughed and kissed my forehead lightly.

“I love you.” Archie sighed brushing a stray piece of hair away from my face. I smiled widely and chuckled.

“I love you too Andrews.”

pahkdahdjskah i just hit 1k???? tysm to all of you for putting up with me! when i made this blog six months ago, i never thought that i’d go so far, and honestly im just so amazed. all of you are so good to me, and i still don’t know how tf I’ve never even gotten an unironic hateful anon, despite all of the shit that i do! i owe all of this to all of you, bc you are all so kind and sweet! so here’s a follow forever to appreciate some of my favorite mutuals and shout abt how much i love them! i 11/10 recommend following all of these wonderful blogs! (if we’re not mutuals and i included you or if we’re good friends and i forgot you then please deck me) 

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nintendo creativity

I feel like there’s a constant buzz complaining about Nintendo’s copyright strikes and IP protection. So I gotta small rant about how this behavior is expected from a company proud of creativity and uniqueness

You got the guys who made AM2R, a remake of Metroid copying the metroid style as best they can, and fans saying Nintendo should hire them. Why should they? There’s no creativity in copying someone else. No point holding idols so high that you can only emulate them.

Then there’s Snipperclips. An indie studio created a one-of-a-kind mechanics-driven game with cute characters and instant accessibility. Nintendo hires THESE guys (at least for one game).

Nintendo respects other people’s IP and expects others to do the same. That may not make sense in the age of memeing and recycling others’ content, but Nintendo is that way because they are the kind of creative force with consistent innovation. 

Also, it is highly hypocritical of me saying this because I am so obsessed with Nintendo, I always draw fanart. Honestly, if Ninty shut down all my fanart it may make be a better artist

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Wow!!! Sad friendo anon. I wasn't expecting such a fast response you're so kind omg. You made me smile a lot thank you ❤️

I happened to be awake and on tumblr, and it was no trouble at all, so if I could help you smile a bit, I’m glad. <3 Keep your head up, friend. I hope that you feel better. :)

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when did you start feeling confident about your art? like i wanna be able to post drawings online but i just feel like its not good yet and i would be embarrassed :/ did you ever feel like you didn't want other people to see your art because it wasn't good enough?

I started posting my art online since I was 11 years old haha. My art was complete shit, but I was always proud of it for some reason, probably because it was one of the few things that made me happy in life. Which is kind of hypocritical of me to say because I am SUPER critical over my own art. When it comes to artists, you improve along the way. Like I look back at some MM art stuff I posted back then (which was only back in September) and I’m just like “Wow, I drew that??? It looks like crap compared to how I draw now!” But, honestly, if you don’t think you’re good enough now, then when? There’s no set skill level you have to be when you can post your art. You just do it lol.

Here, if it makes you feel better, let me show you one of my FIRST works that I posted online that my very childish self was super proud of lmaooo

You see this shit? It was supposed to say Dark Angel (I was super into DNAngel at the time lmao) but dumb ass me spelled it Dark Angle. This was actually for this online magazine club I was part of in 6th grade that my teacher created. And you know what makes it even worst??? It’s the fact that I misspelled angel, aND MY MOTHERFUCKING ENGLISH TEACHER DIDN’T EVEN POINT ANYTHING OUT… AND HE WAS THE ONE RUNNING THE DAMN CLUB smh. 

@ravenbellclarke remember that time mulder flew the fuck to antarctica by himself, on a whim to save scully from aliens, with no clear plan of action, right after he broke out of a hospital because he was SHOT IN THE FACE?????


Turnadette Tuesday

Reflection #5


Today’s reflection is more of a different kind of thought than some previous ones, in that it’s not really a parallel scene but more of a memory brought on by one element of a scene. I’m not sure if this correlation was deliberate or not, but I made this connection based on the number of the Turners’ new house. Thanks again to @mg-bsl381 the 6x05 screencap and also for helping me formulate some ideas for this week’s post. More thoughts follow:

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