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Wedding thoughts


I’m just going to assume that if you’re reading this you’re aware that there are reports of an Olicity wedding being filmed as part of the crossover. While this isn’t my ideal scenario I quite honestly don’t care at this point. Marry them on the street, in the lair, at City Hall, in a big fancy to-do, in Vegas, on the moon. I. Don’t. Care. Just let them get married ffs! 

So that being said, I’m not pressed about a crossover wedding. I’m one of the rare breeds that actually LOVES the crossovers. I watch all four shows and I always get super excited when anyone in the expanded universe gets to interact. 

Narratively speaking though a true double wedding makes zero sense. I do not believe for a second that these two couples are actually planning a shared wedding. With the limited info we have right now my thoughts are that everyone is gathered for Barry and Iris’s wedding. Then the big bad shows up (how convenient! All our heroes have assembled!). At some point in this whether it’s the middle or the end I see Olicity sort of spur of the moment deciding to just go ahead and do it. 

By the time the crossover airs Oliver has been outed as GA, which means (in theory) that anyone in Central City would also know that he’s GA. How much speculation does that bring if Oliver Queen, mayor of Star City and also GA has a double wedding with some random CSI? It just doesn’t make much sense. 

I DO NOT think we’re getting a wedding dress/tux full works wedding. They’ve already given us that. Even if it was a fake wedding, at least from their perspective they have given Arrow an Olicity wedding. I think we’re getting more of a ‘field’ type wedding. Maybe not full on-dire straights-we might die so marry me right now- sort of thing, but more of a we’ve waited long enough theres someone here who can marry us so lets do it-sort of thing. And I think that’s actually really fitting for them. 

One distinction I’d like to see asked to try and get some spoilers though is we now know there are two weddings but are there two marriages. Very important distinction. Smallville pulled this shit with Lois and Clark. They got the wedding but it was interrupted by a big bad before they got to say ‘I do’. I wouldn’t be surprised if something like that happened with WA and might be the catalyst for the Olicity wedding. So maybe two weddings but only one marriage? 

All that said, this is Arrow and narrative sense often means nothing! So if Felicity and Iris are spending the first seven eps planning their epic double wedding I also wouldn’t be surprised. Because it’s Arrow. 

Ideally I would have liked to have found out that they got married off camera over the hiatus. Just went to the JOP and got it done once they got back from the island and they haven’t made it public. There could always be a flashback to when it happened. 

But again I say, as long as they get married any way, any time, I’m good.