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Aw i knew sans was going to come rescue his dear brother ! (Lucy, that is so cute omg) *hug meebs and feed them a Blueberry muffin* good job meebs !

Sans failed many times to rescue his dear brother, what makes u think he’ll do it now? >:D

<noms blueberry muffin> I love muffins, thank you!

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As someone who's been a RWBY fan since the Black trailer, witnessing you fall into the RWBY hole was really hype to be honest. I remember when you use to only be a blog that focused mainly on politics (I think it was you who had the "Don't Tread On Me" profile picture too, right?) and now it's mainly RWBY with some politics now and then. I dunno, I just thought it was sorta neat watching it happen.

Funnily enough, I started this blog as a personal/depression blog about four years ago. I made a fandom blog in January 2014 to keep fandom separate from my personal stuff. I got exposed to the SJW side of Tumblr by nature of getting involved in fandom, and I actually abandoned that blog in January of 2015 because it was becoming political and I didn’t want to go down that road and get thrown to the wolves by radfems and the likes.

This blog turned political in the months following the abandonment of my other blog. I also, around the same time, decided to stop posting negativity and start posting nature as a way to improve my mood. I changed my URL to antifeminist-nature-blog sometime in the late spring/early summer 2015 and that was that.

I changed my URL to egalitarian-nature-blog around the time I started getting into RWBY because I felt increasingly alienated by more extreme anti-feminists and because I feel that the term ‘egalitarian’ is more fitting for me. It also gives a significantly less offensive impression to others, including feminists I wanted to debate and RWBY bloggers who I wanted to talk to. I have been blocked by several fandom bloggers purely because of the antifeminist label in my URL, and it made me hesitant to even follow some of my favorite fandom bloggers for fear of being blocked on principle. I generally don’t have that problem anymore, although one time I did make an (admittedly somewhat rude) comment about Arryn that got me blocked by my favorite blogger (but was resolved civilly, thank god).

My political posting dropped off when my girlfriend left me a few months ago and honestly I just don’t have it in me to get back into it, partly because I’m still not in a great place and partly because a rather significant portion of my followers now are RWBY bloggers who probably wouldn’t stick around if I picked up the fight again. And also because the show and the support of the fandom and the amazing people I’ve met have helped lift me out of the angry, incessantly-irritable mindset that fueled my constant political discussions.

Despite the ridiculous ‘rwde’ stuff that sometimes grinds my gears, this fandom and the show itself have been an absolute blessing to me.

Anyways, sorry that this ended up being a Detailed History of my blog that you didn’t ask for. And yes, my profile picture was this:

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my descent into madness. :p

Persona 4 Dangan Ronpa!AU


  • Yosuke: SHSL Good Luck, and the viewpoint character. Why? His particular type of insecurity translates well into the blend of impostor syndrome and utter disbelief every luckster succumbs to. Plus, it makes it more fun to interact wiiith:
  • Souji/Yu: SHSL ???. Look, he’s a blank protagonist who has no explicit talents outside of what the player gives him, this is perfect. I’d have to write this all out to be sure of exactly what his talent would end up being. Possibly Faith or Sincerity? Hope doesn’t quite work with this crowd.
  • Chie: SHSL Kickboxer. She may not be as well-rounded as Sakura, but this girl’s a scrapper.
  • Yukiko: SHSL Inn Manager. They all but call her this in-game, it’s a no-brainer.
  • Naoto: SHSL Detective. Same.
  • Rise: SHSL Idol. The continued adventures of zero thought.
  • Kanji: SHSL Seamster. Very defensive about it, and probably gives a fake talent at first.
  • Teddie: SHSL Bear! By which we mean SHSL Hacker who took over the basic Monokuma system before everyone else got there. He’s hiding out somewhere for the first couple trials, but is found out after Yosuke (literally) stumbles into his lair. Still calls Souji Sensei for ~*~mysterious plot reasons~*~.
  • Yumi: SHSL Actress. Full disclosure: I haven’t played or watched her SL yet, but I’m still pretty sure on this one. :P
  • Kou: SHSL Basketball Player. Back to the no-brainers.
  • Daisuke: SHSL Soccer Player. Same.
  • Ai: SHSL New Money. Like Togami in that social/financial status is big, but coming from a different place.
  • Ayane: SHSL Flautist. Why flute? Canonically speaking, she’s not supposed to be an excellent trombonist. I thought it would be fun to have her trying to pick up a new instrument to round out her repertoire and then be locked away from the one she’s actually there for. Plus, I like the flute. She continuously finds and tries out different musical instruments, with varying levels of success. Whether she survives or not, her flute only shows up at the very end.
  • Saki: SHSL Hip-Hop Dancer? I was having trouble coming up with talents for the Konishis and this wouldn’t stop popping into my head. I suppose it’s analogous with the idea of being a traitor to her very traditional family and having a side of her no one expects, but really self?
  • Naoki: SHSL Store Manager. Look, we’ve already got school year crossovers, we can have siblings too. Anyway, Naoki’s was a bit of a trick to figure out, since it’s not much of a focus in his SL. That being said, this seems like the best way to retain the sense of social pressure on him to be good at things and continue the family tradition. He’s initially reluctant to embrace it and wondering whether he deserves it at all, but does come into his own strength by the end of things.
  • Teddie: Back again! Though he’s not intentionally villainous, he does open up the “game” by reading through Adachi’s script. He takes his role as umpire and lawkeeper very seriously, though that resolve starts to crumble once he realizes what he’s helping to do and how deeply he’s fucked up. In the end, he decides that the best way to use the Monokuma system is in support of his friends and fellow students.
  • Mitsuo: Controls the second level Monokuma system, using cubist RPG-like robots for Adachi’s dirtier work - hiding bodies, carrying out executions, etc. Neither he nor Teddie know who Adachi is - Mitsuo gets all his orders from a TV broadcast, and Teddie’s piggybacking off of Mitsuo’s signal.
  • Adachi: The game’s Mastermind. Adachi is invested in watching people suffer due to being bored out of his mind, and found the game’s foundational spaces and systems in his work as a hired security consultant. He’s set up the one-way broadcast so that he can have someone else do all the actual work while he kicks back and watches it unfold on his many computer screens. He also has full control of the school’s lockdown mechanisms, so he can lock, unlock, open, and close doors from his main office. There’s no threat of an apocalypse outside, he’s just literally locked them all in and is keeping them away from the overrides with a combination of misdirection and “humorously” timed door closes. Why is the security system so terribly unsafe?
  • Izanami: The school’s negligent former president. Never shows up, but her name is cursed nonetheless.
  • The Fox: Literally just a fox. Shows up with everyone in the introductory scene. If there’s intro screenshots, hers reads “Super…?” at first, and is then stamped with a large, red “FOX.” She is still often helpful, whether by finding clues or slipping through tight spaces. She will steal wallets if they’re left abandoned, though, and is likely to demand some variety of repayment for her services.
  • Margaret: Seems to appear and disappear at random, even from Adachi’s sight. Speaks to Souji in hushed tones about his “progress” and “report,” often mentioning Igor, before vanishing again. [FURTHER INFO REDACTED FOR ~*~MYSTERIOUS PLOT REASONS~*~]
  • Eri: Found wandering one of the later areas, searching for Yuuta. The Investigation Team, as the survivors have nicknamed themselves, promise to bring him back alive.
  • Yuuta: Held hostage by Adachi.
  • Nanako: Also held hostage. Both are being kept in a side room isolated from the rest of the building. It’s a perfectly pleasant place to hang out and play, as long as neither of them think about how they can’t get out and Adachi doesn’t get bored of the students’ lack of antics. Souji in particular seems distressed at her capture, though he offers no initial explanation to the other students.
  • Dojima: Went in to look for Nanako before. Is found dead after one of the later trials. [REDACTED] Souji comes clean to the group about being related to the Dojimas and worries that he won’t be able to care for her alone.


Whoopsie Cutie - I.M.

Request: When you accidentally send him a picture of you that was meant for your friend and he finds it cute.

I.M.: It wasn’t a photo he got, but a video snippet from when you were on Running Man and JiHyo had shamelessly tripped you up during that elastic leash run thing that GD had done a years or so ago, making you face-plant into the mud only to be dragged forcefully back a few meters. Jong Kook had jumped in and hoisted you up out of the water by the back of your collar when you didn’t come back up for a few minutes, and petite little you had clutched onto your collar and curled up like a dazed little wet kitten from his hand. The vine repeated on loop, Jong Kook hoisting you up out of the water over and over again, the caption underneath saying ‘Jong Kook saving (y/n) kitten’. I.M. stared at his phone, watching the vine repeat itself in his messages when a thought bubble popped words onto his screen under the vine. (y/n): 'Great, not only did they broadcast that, but now it’s going viral. Great.’ I.M. frowned at his phone. Either that was sarcasm, or you were actually happy about it. 

I.M.: 'Well, you do look a bit like a half-downed cat being saved, so I guess the video going viral just means your fans want to protect you. Because you are rather cute.' 

A few moments passed before his phone dinged again and he pulled it out of his pocket. 

(y/n): 'Sorry… I meant to send that to my friend.' 

I.M.: 'Well, I can’t complain. You’re pretty cute.’

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The Flash describing Draco Malfoy

“I come from a pretty wealth family, back at England. A long line of generations of old money, tradition, nonsense really and I was the heir. I was their first born son.“


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

Imagine an entire Star Trek show about a group of people who aren’t members of the bridge crew or one of the higher ups, and each week it’s them trying to do their job while crazy shit happens that they don’t really understand, like:

  • They get an announcement from their superior officers that goes “You may notice a child walking around the ship in a captain’s uniform. That is in fact the captain and is to be treated the same as always. We’re quickly working on a solution.”
  • A transporter mishaps causes the chief engineer to turn into a vulcan. They try not to stare at the ears, and move on.
  • Shots of them reacting to superior officers running through the background in the midsts of a red alert that they don’t know what it’s in response to.
  • “Did you hear the away team landed on planet that had five years pass before they got them back?” “Man, I’m glad I got skipped over for that assignment.”
  • Trying to figure out if the rumor that their commander got kidnapped by an alien race that considers them their god is true or just something made up by a bridge crewman to mess with them.
  • Popping in and out of existence and taking bets on which All Powerful race it is that’s doing it and why.
  • anytime Weird Shit happens on the ship it’s never explained. why are there chickens in the Jeffrey Tubes? why does the captain have a double? why did the chief medical examiner briefly turn homicidal? they don’t know and neither do you.
  • Each episode ends with them pouring one out for the crewmembers who died that week.

I saw this lovely comic by Max, and I thought I should add a little something of my own.

They get gold rings, eventually.


Met a friendly enemy D.VA during a skirmish today and the way they told me to heal up after they spawned their mech directly on top of me struck me as super heckin’ cute so I figured I’d share (ノ´・ω・)ノ




Buncha’ Fashionwatch doodles that turned into lighting studies midway through

(What can I say colored lighting is my absolute JAM my dudes)