so i just watched the pilot :')

Listen: I accepted after the pilot that this show was going to be cancelled. The ratings were low, the reviews were bad, ABC did no promotion and I had to personally convince people to watch it because they had no idea what the fuck it was.

So this week was a bit “meh” for me.

But then Torrance over here starts tweeting, and I lose it. Because this cast is so lovely and they deserved way better than this. I know that when Lashana and Medalion, especially, tweet saying goodbye to this show I’m not gonna survive. So for me, I’m sad for this cast. They did such an amazing job with what they were given, were the sweetest and most communicative with their fans, and… now it’s over for them.

So at this point, I’m just grateful we will definitely see all of the episodes. I’m grateful we’ll (likely) get a satisfying conclusion and wrap-up. I’m just grateful that this story (book and tv show) entered my life at all, because these characters and ships just make me so happy and give me so much inspiration and introduced me to new friends.

And now I just hope we get a DVD release so I can just always rewatch and reread the story to my heart’s content.

keith and lance ft. arguing+in love:

  • they’ll get bickering and all up in each others’ faces and it hits them at the same time how Gay they are
    • “No way, dude.”
    • “Uh, yeah way.
    • “REALLY?”
    • REALLY REALLY” and then they just. start making out
  • “every time you call me “mullet” you have to kiss me.”
    • “fine. but every time you don’t address me either as “the tailor” or “sharpshooter” you have to kiss me
    • “guess we better have a practice run just to make sure we’re clear on the rules then, huh lance?
    • “looks like it, mullet.”
  • they’re piloting their little fighter drones and lance’ll elbow keith when he one-ups him, and keith’ll shove him back and lance will giggle and be like “stop” and poke keith in the ribs and keith laughs “I’m not doing anything!!” and before long they’re just a tangled puddle
    • allura: “boys! we are under attack!
    • lance: “I knOW keith is attacking me please hELP”
  • the only thing that can keep them from bickering with each other is when they team up on someone else. 
  • one of the blade of mimosa ppl offhandedly mentions that their fighting is sloppy and keith and lance devour him
    • “uh? Excuse You? did you see keith’s moves out there?”
    • “were you even watching the same battle? lance did great.”
    • “he freaking destroyed those guys and if you think he didn’t then you gotta answer to me”
    • “yeah and I’d like to see you pilot a 10,000 yr old warship, buddy”
    • “so just, turn around? and never insult my bf again”
    • “the door’s right over there. away from lance.”
  • the dude just backs away slowly, then turns and runs from the sheer burning force of their gay power

Yeah so this is kind of a funny story. 1st pic is Lars from the pilot episode of steven universe, around the time og picture two someone said on tumblr that i looked like Lars (this was from 2014 or something). I see that now. Yesterday i dyed my hair pastel pink, and tonight i watched the latest episodes of steven universe from season 5. I cried so many times. Buy especially when Lars turned pink!!! Lars has changed and so have I (lol) but I really can relate. I just had to do a low key cosplay of Lars because we are so similar!!! And lol I also have had Ginger hair like Lars what. Is. It. With. Me. Making. Patterns. Everywhere. Idk I just thought this was cute. And yeah who doesn’t love Steven Universe???


This history, uh… Starts in Columbus, Ohio. And, uh… There was few years ago, and, that was before Josh and I were able to make money playing music. And, uh, I called him up and I said “Hey Josh, you wanna come over to my rental house and watch the GRAMMYs?”, and he said “Yeah, who’s hanging in there?”, I said “A couple of my roommates, just coming to watch the GRAMMYs with us”, and, uh, as we were watching we noticed that every single one of us was in our underwear… And, seriously, Josh turned to me and we were no one at that time, he turned to me and he said “You know, if we ever go to the GRAMMYs, if we ever win a GRAMMY, we should receive it just like this”.


When I got the call, I knew it was going to be life-changing. I knew people were already passionate about this project, and the fact that I had booked one of the lead roles on a CW pilot meant so much. I started crying. I knew that my life changed, in that moment. I was with my friend, when I got the call, and when I hung up he was like, “I just watched your life change, in front of my eyes.” It really did.

I just read a great meta about Dean’s leather jacket by @dustydreamsanddirtyscars and happened to watch the pilot just afterward and I noticed he wasn’t wearing the jacket at the beginning of the episode, but rather gets it halfway through. I haven’t been in the fandom long, so I had no idea that the jacket actually was one of the things John left behind in his hotel room when he went missing. I guess I always assumed it was given to him by John, like the Impala was, and now that just adds new layers to Dean’s character, this jacket he wrapped himself up in when Dad went missing, which he went on to cherish after John died. It’s also interesting that we never really see John noticing that I remember hello rewatch that Dean has it, and he certainly doesn’t seem to mind. So, for anyone else who didn’t realize, here you go: 

While looking for John, Sam and Dean find the hotel where John stayed, where a lot of his personal belongings have been left behind. Dean is wearing a canvas jacket at that point, which has been muddied up by his fall in the river. 

Dean goes to take a shower and you can see the shelf with a brown piece of clothing but it’s hard to tell what it is: 

And then Dean comes out of the shower and: 

Grabs the piece of clothing, goes outside and voila

The iconic leather jacket.


you have sixty minutes to complete this test. not a minute more, not a minute less. follow the damn rules, for once.
answer every question to the best of your ability. if the question is too difficult or even unanswerable, raise your hand and someone will come.
(will someone really help? you can never know.)
if you need a drink of water, exit the room and enter the first door on your left. try not to drown, the water fountain leaks.

question 1

which of the following is not like the others?

a) i peer out of the window of my car, road rules be damned. we’re hitting seventy, maybe eighty, and it almost feels like the wind is trying to blow me out of the car and away, away, away. maybe i want it to.

b) the grass feels warm and supple beneath my bare legs, and i pluck out a dandelion. the earth sighs, but i do not hear. as i draw breath, the wind does my job for me, and the wisps have floated away. i never got to make a wish.

c) i’m at the very top of the rollercoaster, and i’m staring down at the fall before me. the wind tips us over, and i’m light as a feather and i’m falling, and i’m not falling anymore, i’m flying, and my wings skim the top of the lake and i fall again.

d) i’m looking at you again, and the wind seems to have found a home in your eyes. a light wind could blow me away, and maybe it does; maybe i’m as fragile as a blank sheet of paper in the wind and just as empty, maybe the sound of the wind against my fingertips is home.

e) the wind is my home, the wind is where i am safe, the wind is all i can hear and my world is disappearing with the wind and my heart is shattering and the pieces are floating away in the wind and there’s something thumping against my chest and it’s the wind; the wind is all i know.

question 2

order the following events in chronological order:

- there is nothing here to find.
- not all wars are cold.
- i can see empires beyond the horizon line.
- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
- the only part of me not buried in ash is you.
- the guillotine falls again and again and again.
- there is smoke in the air and smoke inside me.
- i sign myself away with a stroke of a quill.
- our monuments have all crumbled.
- we notch our arrows and let fly our bullets.
- rise up, rise up, rise up.
- how did this happen?

question 3

identify which of the following statements are true and which are false:

i. when i bite the my lips i taste blood
ii. when i bite yours i taste ichor
iii. did you fall from the sky to meet me?
iv. or did i rise from the earth to find you?
v. yes, i can see it now, i can see it all
vi. maybe that’s why everything you touch turns to gold
vii. and everything i touch shatters

question 4

is there a right answer for anything? or is it just the stars whispering nonsense in your ears, trying to watch you explode like they themselves did so many billions of years ago? is it just the rain hitting the paper? or is it the ink from your standardized 0.7 pilot gel pen spilling out in quicksilver rivulets all around you?

(use mla citations, and use the space below - all 93 billion light-years of space provided must be utilized.)

you have completed the test. congratulations.

this was the easy part. step outside the door to your right, and face the world again. that’s the hard part.

- the final // s.g

legitopal  asked:

So basically it's the Force pointing at VLD squad like "Who are these sassy gay children?" And "Your HOW old?"

(re: the voltron force pilots vs the legendary defender paladins)

black lion pilots don’t start fights, but they can finish them

he’s just going to keep him there until shiro arrives to explain (and apologise)

anonymous asked:

Did you start shipping sheith back in s1 and if so why? Not an anti! Just curious.

Oh, I have no problem believing you’re just curious. Back in s1 days I had not one but four of my friends ask me why I shipped it.

So yes, I did start shipping it back in season 1 but it’s not like they were an OTP or anything. In fact, I only started to actively ship it at the s1 finale. Here’s how it went for me. 

There I am, watching the pilot episode, having a grand time and feeling nostalgic and really enjoying myself. When this happens. 

This scene set off all kinds of alarms inside my head. Now, it’s not like I started shipping it here but this interaction caught my interest because it indicated that these two clearly knew each other. This was further confirmed after Shiro is awake and they have their little shoulder touch “Good to have you back”/”Good to be back”. So I was eagerly awaiting some backstory, that I have yet to get >_>

The series moved forward though and I was enjoying the ride. Shiro quickly became my favourite, so I always paid particular attention to him when he was on screen, even if he was in the background. So that meant I noticed that Keith was just there a lot too. That led me to realize that it wasn’t simply that Shiro and Keith knew each other, but that they were really close, and had been as such before the series started. Even just in the first episode I kept noticing things.

Also Keith is always looking out for Shiro and is very protective and worried for him.

Meanwhile Shiro really respects Keith’s abilities and trusts him 100%. 

There’s just a lot of subtle moments between them that build up to the finale. And oh boy, the finale!

That’s when it really hit me because Keith is desperate and brutal in his attempts to save Shiro and the Black Lion. Keith also has no personal reasons to be as invested in taking down Zarkon as he is in the finale, to the point of shutting off Coran, so I have to assume that it relates to what the Galra did to Shiro. I mean, rewatch that fight. It feels so personal and I was sitting there watching it thinking damn Keith, what did the Galra ever do to you? Well, they took Shiro away and tortured him for an entire year. 

And Shiro saves Keith back which was really great.

So yeah I already shipped it in season 1 because these two were clearly close, had a lot of mutual respect and trust in each other and were just very tender and intimate with each other. And that’s my shipping aesthetic. 

So I just watched the first two episodes of GoLion and it has a very interesting take on Voltron’s origins.

DotU basically just states Voltron is the protector of all that is good, enemy of evil, and was struck down by Haggar because it was in the way of the empire, and that Zarkon wants to destroy it.

However, in GoLion, Voltron (technically GoLion) is described as rampaging across the galaxy. It ultimately challenged, and was struck down by, some kind of deity, who scolded it for being unable to control its power.

The entire time, for the record, there is absolutely no reference given to pilots. She talks to GoLion directly.

So the “space goddess” strikes GoLion down, splits it into the five Lions, and flings them away, where they end up crashing on Altea, and it’s only then that positive connotations start rolling in- Raible (Coran’s counterpart) describes GoLion as having become the guardian deity of the planet.

So what’s really interesting about this?

A disturbingly large amount of it fits with VLD’s backstory of the Lions. The Lions were seemingly separated, considering Black and only Black from what we saw crashed down on Zarkon’s planet. Black is reforged by Alfor into the mechanical Black Lion we’re familiar with, but we don’t see what was in that meteor. Presumably, something heavily injured, if the only recompense was completely rebuilding her body from nothing.

But the Lions are incredibly close, to the point that they literally combine into one being. So they had to have come from a single source, that was then, seemingly, near-destroyed, and scattered.

Red is described as very proud, and while all of the Lions are fairly kind towards their paladins and one another, we’ve seen they’re an incredible force to be reckoned with, and not particularly kind to their enemies. And again, much of what the Lions are capable of is comparable to some of the nastier creatures we’ve encountered, such as the Baku.

Does this suggest even long before Zarkon had anything to do with it, there’s a troubled history to the Lions themselves? I mean, GoLion was hecking dark, in a way that Legendary Defender really isn’t- I mean, references to cannibalism, thermonuclear war, the total annihilation of Earth, Shiro being murdered… Dark. To the point of “I don’t even think you’re making a genuine point with this scene as much as ‘dude look at all of these suffering corpses’” So I wouldn’t take GoLion as gospel for everything, but it’s sure interesting.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Once Upon a Time' Bosses Break Down Our 5 Most Anticipated Songs from the Musical Episode!

Once Upon a Time’s musical episode is almost here!

For weeks, we’ve been teasing and tantalizing fans with details about the highly anticipated musical extravaganza that is headed to Storybrooke on Sunday, May 7 – and now it’s time to share the eight official song titles from the episode…

“Powerful Magic”
“The Queen Sings”
“Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance”
“Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine”
“Wicked Always Wins”
“Charmings vs. Evil Queen”
“Emma’s Theme”
“A Happy Beginning”

Once Upon a Time’s co-executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis confess to ET that bringing the musical episode to life from script to screen was a “really emotional” process for all involved.

“For us, we’ve been with them on this journey for 130-something episodes, so these moments where you’re doing something new, it’s exciting! It’s really why you do it,” Kitsis explains. “Every episode, you want to be you favorite episode and there was something magical about seeing these characters come to life and sing. And watching these actors getting to show off their talents that they normally don’t get to do, that was very inspiring for me and Adam and the rest of the writers and crew.”

To help get you even more excited for Sunday’s episode, entitled “A Song in Your Heart,” the Once showrunners are sharing exclusive scoop on our five most highly anticipated songs!

1. “A Happy Beginning”: “The inspiration was that we wanted this wedding to not just be about the two of them – it’s about this whole town,” Kitsis shares of Emma and Killian’s special moment. “How everyone is facing this together and how this family has come together. So for us, we wanted it start with [Emma and Hook singing,] but then stretch out to everybody because that is the core of the show.”

2. “Wicked Always Wins”: “It’s a solo for Zelena,” Horowitz reveals. “She is amazing and Rebecca [Mader] does a phenomenal job with that song. We don’t want to give away exactly what is going in it, but it’s all sort of pertaining to the stuff that is happening.”

“I would say that this is Zelena’s moment to shine,” Kitsis adds. “And she’s never been shy of the spotlight.”

3.“Powerful Magic”: “I think that what I love most about [Snow and Charming’s] duet is there is a very pilot feel to it in a sense,” Horowitz says. “[Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas] were so excited to do the musical that when you watch them do their duet – in fact, throughout the whole episode – their enthusiasm is like you can feel it. You see it on their face, and they’re so excited, and it really just makes them come alive. I don’t know how to describe it other than It’s the Snow and Charming you love the most.”

4. “The Queen Sings”: “This is going to be an Evil Queen song,” Kitsis confirms. “I think one of the goals for this episode was if you watch Once Upon a Time, you know that a Rumpelstiltskin episode is much different in tone than a Snow and Charming episode, and we wanted the songs to reflect the people who are singing them.”

Kitsis continues, “So, ‘Wicked Always Wins’ is a Zelena song and the Evil Queen song is very much a Regina song. For the tone, I think we say it’s kind of David Bowie meets Rocky Horror.”

5. “Emma’s Theme”: “Emma has a big solo,” Horowitz dishes before adding that Jennifer Morrison sounds “amazing” on the track. “It is a super emotional song that really – we hope – kind of expresses essence of the character and, in may ways, sums up her journey thus far.”


i went back and watched the pilot of htgawm, and not only does laurel give wes the answer to the question so the attention is taken off of him on the very first day of class, but when connor calls him ‘wait list’ for the first time, she immediately says, “don’t call him that.”

she’s literally been standing up for him since the very first day.

of course she’s grieving the loss of him.  she’s cared about him from the start, even as just a friend.  add in that he was her boyfriend, and the father of her child, why would she not be upset by this?


Tom Holland Imagine: Jealous

Summary: tom is jealous of how close you are with Josh while you’re on tour with twenty one pilots

A/N: josh and Tyler are literally my loves so if anyone gives me crap about them I will personally come for you. This also fucking sucks so I’m sorry


“Y/N! We’re going bowling! Wanna come with us?” Josh called from the door.

“Yeah! Just let me get my shoes!” I called back.

I grabbed my tennis shoes and then was out the door. Josh, Tyler and Jenna were all waiting for me by the car when I reached them.

“Hey, kiddo. You ready to go?”

I nodded and climbed in next to Josh in the back seat. Josh yawned and laid his head in my lap as Tyler pulled out of the venue. I began to run my fingers through Josh’s bright yellow hair as Tyler told us a story about a past experience he had with bowling that ended with him being tossed out and banned from the bowling place in Columbus. I looked down when I felt Josh laugh and smiled at him.

“So, Y/N. How are things with Tom?” Josh asked once Tyler finished his story.

“Yeah! How is he? He still a knight in shinning armor?” Jenna asked.

I smiled and looked out the window at the mention of Tom’s name.

“He’s great. He’s super busy with Spider-Man and everything though so I haven’t been able to talk to him much.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m sure he’ll call the second he has a chance, though.”

I smiled at Jenna before I turned my gaze back towards the buildings we were passing. Tyler and Jenna began to tell more stories as I felt Josh watching me. I knew he wanted to talk about Tom, but I just wasn’t up for it. After a few minutes pass, we finally pull up to the bowling alley. Tyler made us all sit still for a moment while their manager called him about details for tonight. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and pulled it out to see Tom was trying to FaceTime me.

“Hey, Tom!” I said as I answered the call.

“Hey, Y/N. it’s Harrison actually as you can see. Tom’s doing an interview and I was bored and my phone died. So I decided to use his and talk to you.”

“Oh, hey Haz. That’s cool. How’s the press tour going?”

“Good. Tom’s exhausted though. What’re you up to?”

“I’m with Tyler, Josh and Jenna. We’re going bowling. Say hi, Josh!”

I turned the camera to show Josh laying in my lap. Josh made a funny face before we both started laughing.

“Oh, hey Josh. Well, I gotta go, Y/N. Tom’s almost done…”

“Oh. Okay. Bye, Haz.”

“Bye, Y/N.”

I felt my heart drop as the screen went black. I was hoping to at least see Tom’s face or hear his voice.

“Ready to go, Y/N?” Tyler asked.

I nodded and tried to ignore their sympathetic looks as we walked into the building.


By the time we were done bowling, all thoughts of Tom had left my mind. Tyler and Josh tried to keep my laughing at all seconds which ended with us getting kicked out. Not really a surprise though since at one point Josh literally ran down the alley and knocked some other kid’s ball in the gutter.

On the way back to the venue, I posted a picture of me sitting on Josh’s lap and Tyler and Jenna standing behind us making funny faces. I knew the picture would make the fans laugh.

When we arrived back at the venue, I ran to get ready for my set.

Josh and Tyler high fived me as I walked onto the stage.

The crowd went insane as I sang my heart out and Josh drummed in the back. Since my drummer was sick, Josh was filling in for the night. After I finished, Josh came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek. The crowd went insane as we walked off the stage with Josh’s arm around me.

“Alright guys. Good luck! I’m beat so I’m gonna head back to the hotel.”

Tyler and Josh said goodnight to me and then I was on my way to the hotel.

As soon as I closed the door behind me, I felt my phone begin to vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out to see Tom trying to call me. It was probably Harrison again, though.

“Harrison? Is this you again?”

“What the fuck, Y/N!?” I heard Tom’s voice yell.

“Woah, calm down. What’s wrong?”

“Don’t give me that shit! What is going on between you and Josh!?”

“Me and Josh!? What are you talking about!?”

“Harrison told me he was laying in your lap, and then the picture and then him kissing you tonight!? Is there something you would like to tell me!?”

“Tom you need to calm down! There is nothing going on between me and Josh! He is like my brother! And like you would even care! It’s been like 2 weeks since I’ve talked to you!”

I heard Tom sigh on the other side of the phone.

“I know, love. I’m sorry. I’ve just been so busy I barely have time to breathe. And I’ve never stopped thinking about you and I just wanna see you so bad but I knew I couldn’t ask that of you when you’re on your dream tour and then when Harrison told me about Josh laying on your lap and then you posted the picture of you in his lap and then the kiss tonight, I just snapped. I’m so sorry, love.”

“I love Josh, but as a friend. I’m IN love with you, Tom. I haven’t stopped thinking of you either. I miss you so much.”

“Good. Cause I’m standing outside your hotel room.”


“I have tomorrow off. And I just need to be with you. Come let me in, love.”

I hung up the phone and ran over to the door. I opened the door to see my beautiful boyfriend standing on the other side smiling at me. I jumped into his arms and nuzzled my face into his neck. Tom wrapped his arms around my waist before picking my up and carrying me into the hotel room. Tom laid me down on the bed before pressing his lips against mine and sliding his hands up and down my sides. I moaned into kiss and Tom smirked. I knew I was in for one hell of a night.


“Well, this is a surprise.” Jenna said as her and Tyler walked down to breakfast the next morning.

I smiled and laid my head on Tom’s shoulder.

“I have the day off so I decided to visit my beautiful girlfriend.” Tom said as he kissed my forehead.

But the beautiful moment was soon cut short once Josh came into the room.

I rubbed Tom’s shoulder to calm him down as he death glared Josh.

“Tom, please behave.” I whispered into his ear.

“Well, Josh. Seems like your plan worked.” Tyler said to him.

“Wait, hold on, what plan?” I asked.

“Well, Josh noticed how upset you were about Tom being so busy so he decided to MAKE Tom have time for you…” Jenna said as she stirred her coffee.

“What do you mean?”

“He was ummm… kinda going above and beyond to seem flirty with you to piss Tom off…”


“I’m sorry, Y/n! I really am, but you were just so sad and I knew he would call if he thought he was losing you! And it worked didn’t it!?” Josh said.

“I’m gonna kill you, Dun.”

Josh’s eyes went wide as I began to chase him through the hotel.

“That’s my girl.” Tom laughed as he watched me chase Josh up and down the halls.

Photographs (Josh Dun)

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Pairing: Josh Dun/Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Self-concsiousness
A/N: more josh dun? More Josh Dun. sorry if this seems all over the place, Idk were I was going with it. Alsoooo I made a reference to one of their old vines :3c

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