so i just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas and a very happy new year with this

Hi guys! I’m just hit 550+ followers and now im like wooow. I don’t know how that happened but I’m sooo happy for it, I love you all. <3

For a start i want to say thank you for every single person here who follow me and make me smile with messages and every little thing these all means a lot to me. When I started my blog I didn’t know anyone here but since then I’ve met with a lot of amazing and wonderful people. So I just wanna say thank you!

Anyway 2017 is almost here so I wish you all a merry christmas and a great new year. I hope you had a happy, good and eventful 2016. I don’t really know what else I have to say so once again thank you for everything I love you all so damn very much!!💗

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Sorry if I forgot someone!

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So as some of you may know, Christmas is my favorite holiday and although I don’t really make follow forevers anymore, this is going to be an exception!!

I just want to wish you all happy holidays, a merry christmas and a happy and healthy new year! Make 2016 the best year yet - you deserve all of the happiness in the world

Thank you to my mutuals who have been putting up with my shit lol, I love you all very much and this sounds so cheesy but you can also come and talk to me whenever you feel the need to talk to someone :)

PS: Excuse the ugly ass edit I made

Here’s to 2016!!!!!!


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I’ve started this blog in July and i never expected to gain so many friends, so many followers, and to have a great experience on Tumblr. I’ve just reached 500 FOLLOWERS and I just wanted to make this to thank all of you people I follow and all the people I have met here. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ♡ Bolded below are my mutuals and I hope I didn’t miss anyone!

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Honestly thought I wasn’t going to get this shitty thing done but here it is! Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks so much for making my tumblr experience that much more enjoyable. I also want to thank all my lovely followers for sticking with me so far. And another big thank you to some of my mutuals and friends that have helped me countless times this year. I seriously love and appreciate all of you guys. Just a note: the bolded are either friends/mutuals and/or blogs that I feel I can’t live without! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday! 

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okay alright it’s that time of year again!!!! firstly i want to give cieber​ aka dickhead laura aka fake heaux a big ass s/o for making this beautiful edit she knows i hate her bc she’s fake and a hoe and she’s a pain in the ass lmao thanks!!… well anyways today’s my second anniversary on here and i couldn’t be more grateful for all of you guys! i’ve met so many incredible people and obsessed over so many amazing blogs and some have even become close friends and i honestly couldn’t be any happier that i decided to join this website. 

well as you may also know i’m not the emotional type and most people don’t even bother to read all this so let’s just cut it right there and say i really do love all of you and i’m doing this as a way to thank you for the amazing year you’ve been a part of!!! i wish every single one of you amazing souls a very merry christmas and a happy new year!! on with it..

special s/o to tumblr famous lol: justinbiebertaylorswiftwaakeme-up

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also if you’re bolded it means you’re very near and dear to my heart!!

if you’re not here it doesn’t mean i don’t love you (it just means that my memory is whack lmao) so don’t forget to check out my blogroll & everyone, i wish you all the happiness in the world 😚💕🎊🎁💫😏