so i just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas and a very happy new year with this


2013 : The year that saw FC Bayern München conquer it all and beyond.

[shaky off-tune kazoo version of the jaws theme playing in the distance]

Hello, everyone.

First of all, I’m so incredibly sorry for just vanishing for more than half a year, especially because I realized my last post was about a hospital stay (which I did mention was harmless, but probably still looks pretty ominous as a last post.)
I feel terrible for making people worry, especially since there’s already enough upsetting stuff happening :c 

To be honest I’m a little nervous writing this post right now after being gone for so long, but I really wanted to give a life sign! This weekend I finally checked my inbox, and I was incredibly touched by all the sweet messages. I can’t get back to everyone so let me just thank all of you who sent messages or replies, or even just thought about me! I cannot put into words how much it means to me ;-; It made my heart hurt in a good way, and I hope good things happen to you!

(Personal stuff behind the cut)

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the lirry kid!fic rec that nobody asked for but i did it anyway

lately there has been a lot of lirry + kids on my dash and that stuff always makes me a bit (a lot) emotional so i decided to make a list of fics where at least one of them is a parental figure of some kind so you all can be emotional with me.

under the cut are 13 fics, sorted by word count, that are my absolute faves when it comes to lirry and kids. (and 4 bonus fics bc i can’t control myself.) with not only a summary but also my thoughts and feelings (that are mostly just incoherent screaming don’t judge me).

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He's Your Ex Husband and Him And Your Daughter Don't Celebrate Christmas With You


Waking up on Christmas morning is inevitably a joyful feeling. It’s the day for giving and receiving, loving and sharing. Although, this Christmas, Y/n woke up feeling a knew level of loneliness. Harry, her ex husband, is celebrating this years holiday at his girlfriends house. Y/n’s daughter, Tracie, is joining them as well, since Harry had begged to celebrate Christmas with her and his girlfriend at once. Y/n couldn’t say no, considering Harry rarely got to see Tracie with the busyness of his job. She took it as she wasn’t invited. Harry’s new girlfriend, Cara, and her had never gotten along. It was a typical ex wife and new girlfriend move, constant and uncontrollable feelings of jealousy the more minutes spent with one another. 

Sighing, Y/n hops out of bed. She has no plans for the day, so she immediately heads out for a walk. She’s aware of the bitter cold air, and the ice forming around her, but she figures that maybe, just maybe, something could relate to how she’s felt these last couple of months. Hugging the jacket closer, Y/n shivers at the gusts of white winds blowing against her. Her fragile body becoming even more sensitive, and she quickly partakes in the action of taking out a cigarette. Placing it between her lips, lighting it, she is more calm that she has been. 

How did she get so lonely so fast? That’s all she’s been wondering for the past couple of months. She used to be the happiest woman on Earth. Gifted with a beautiful baby girl. Gifted with the perfect husband. Gifted with a roof over her head and love in the air. She doesn’t understand why it ended up with her, walking alone on Christmas morning, burning the pain away. 

A part of her blames Harry. The other parts don’t want to, because she’s undoubtably in love with him, and she wants to forgive him for the mistakes he’s made. But that other part of her, that big part of her, knows that this wouldn’t be her new life if he just would have just loved her. A month after Tracie was born, Harry had told Y/n that he had met another woman. He met her at a business meeting, where she was hired to work under his new company. Ever since the day they met, he had loved her. Harry didn’t cheat, per say, but he had fallen out of love with his wife and fallen in love with a client. It surly was enough to file for divorce, where Y/n later gained custody of Tracie. 

In the thoughts of her daughter, Y/n begins to wonder what she’s doing. What gifts she’s unwrapping, her reactions to them. What Christmas song they’re listening to, if she knows the words. What food they’re making for her, if she’s devoured every bit of it. She decides to call in. It’s around noon, and she knows without a doubt that they are already done, or nearly done, with her gifts. 

Taking a seat on the nearest park bench, Y/n calls Harry. Tracie is opening her last gift when Harry gets the call from Y/n. 

“Tracie! It’s mummy!” Harry calls, smiling before answering the call. 

“Y/n! Merry Christmas!” He cheers. 

“Mummy, mummy, mummy!” Tracie chants, rushing over to her father as she jumps on top of him. 

“Merry Christmas! How is everything going?” Y/n asks, discreetly taking a drag of her half-finished cigarette. 

“It’s going great! Tracie just opened her last gift. Which I believe was a—”

 "A new American Girl Doll! We got matching pajamas and everything!“ Tracie squeals.

"That’s amazing, baby! Mumma misses you very much. You’re going to have to show me your new twin tomorrow, honey!" 

"No! No! I want to show you today! Daddy, can we visit mummy? I miss her and I want her to play dolls with me!" 

"Baby, Cara wanted us to—" 

"But I want mummy.” Tracie pouts, tugging at the hem of his shirt in desperation. 

 Harry sighs, looking at his daughter with so much care and love. Who could say no to her begs? He doesn’t want to see her sad, especially on her favorite holiday. 

“Yeah, yeah, okay. Y/n, we’ll meet you in a bit. Maybe after some lunch at tea?”

 Y/n smiles slightly, throwing her now used up cigarette on the concrete before stepping on it with the bottom of her boots. 

“That’s fine. I have to clean up the house anyways, if you guys are coming over. How about I make some food, or something?" 

"Whatever works for you. We’ll be there in two or so hours. I suppose we can exchange gifts today then?" 

"That’s fine. I should start getting to work. See you later, Harry, bye!" 

After hanging up, Y/n’s quick to walk back to her house. It wasn’t planned for her to see Tracie or Harry until tomorrow evening. She’s been planning on going through a lonely, sad, long Christmas. But now she’s going to be with the two people she loves with all her heart, and she can’t be more excited. 

The first hour and a half have been consisting of constant cleaning and baking. Once everything was complete, she sat down to watch Tracie’s favorite, The Polar Express, to see if her mood would brighten to it’s fullest. It’s in this moment, where she is sitting alone, on Christmas, and having nobody to turn to her time of sadness when she realizes that she misses Harry. Now more than ever, she wishes she could hold him how she had before. She wishes they could love each other the way they used to, that is, if he ever loved her back. It was times like these when she usually had Tracie to pull her back up, but she doesn’t have her now, when she needs her most. And she can’t help but to cry for her pathetic feelings she has for her ex husband, and how much she still relies on him for the sake of her happiness. 

 Wiping her tears, Y/n hears the front door open without warning. 

"Mummy! Mummy!” Tracie calls, clapping her hands in the air in excitement. 

“Oh my little angel!” Y/n cheers, lifting her tiny body up until her neck reached her face. 

She buried her face in her daughter’s neck, thankful for her to be home when she most needed her. 

 "Missed you so much. So, so much" Y/n whispers, peppering soft kisses along her neck. “

That tickles, mummy, that tickles!” Tracie laughs, her squeals of sensitivity bouncing off the walls. She places her down on the floor, and Tracie immediately takes off to watch The Polar Express. Y/n laughs to herself, shaking her head before turning to look at Harry. He looks concerned, but he doesn’t say anything. He’s quick to hug her, and she could tell he was trying his best to make her feel better, for whatever the reason she was upset. 

“Merry Christmas, Y/n” he smiles. 

“Merry Christmas." 

It turns silent, and the only thing that they could make out was the movie blaring from the speakers. Y/n wipes her eyes again, remnants of tears still leaving evidence upon her skin. 

"Well, shall we join Tracie?" 

"Y/n, what’s wrong?" 

"I don't—" 

"I know you more than anybody. I’ve studied every part of you, I know you too much to know something is wrong." 

"Nothing’s wrong! Can we please just watch the movie?” Y/n begs, scared that she’ll end up showing her true emotions. 

“Y/n, why don’t you talk to me anymore? You used to always talk to me.” Harry frowns at his words, because he finally realizes that it hurts him that she doesn’t talk to him like she used to. To this day, even despite the fact he is in love with another woman, Y/n will always be the biggest part of him. She was his everything, his everything and all. But not in the way she used to be. 

“I don’t have to talk to you anymore.” She cries, “besides, it doesn’t matter. Nothing’s changed. I’m always negative, I’ve always been negative. That’s why you fell out of love with me, right? Lets just watch the movie, okay?" 

Harry frowns, but quickly obliges to her suggestion. 

They take a seat on the couch, sitting close together, because that’s how Tracie likes it. Half way through the movie, Tracie has drifted ff to sleep. She had woken up too early to stay up all day, but she wouldn’t be missing much to begin with. 

 "Y/n?” Harry whispers. 

“Mhm?” He fidgets, nervous at what he was about to do.

 Harry figures that what he’s about to do needs to be done, to bring some closure for himself. Maybe even to help her. He has never seen Y/n this upset in his life. She just looks so lost, almost disconnected from her surroundings. Tracie has told him that she cries at night, but he never knew why. But he can  see it now. The way she shies away from him, closes all her barriers around him, he can see it  now. He knows it’s him, it’s him that makes her cry, that makes her burn her insides with toxic, and that makes her lose trust in him.

“Can—can I hold you?”

Y/n’s eyes go wide. What? Why would he ask her that? Why would he do that to her? She’s dying to say no, because he doesn’t love her anymore, but she’s still in love with him, and this will bring her even more pain. 

But she needs this. She needs the comfort and the love and the support she’s had lack of. What else was she supposed to do?

Without replying, she moves into his body. His strong arms hold her tightly against him, as in a way to keep her close. This is all he wants, for her to realize that it doesn’t have to be so bad. She doesn’t have to be so sad.

“I care for you, more than anything. I may be in love with Cara, and madly in love with her, but Y/n, you’re you. My first kiss, my first time, my first love. I gave you everything. You gave me everything. I opened up to you in ways I haven’t even opened up to myself. You showed me the God damn world, Y/n. I still love you. I love you so, so much. I always will. You’re always apart of something in me. I just want you to remember that." 

Y/n has silent tears running down her face. She’s rubbing his skin with her thumb. She’s upset. Upset because she loves him more than anybody. Upset because she will never be able to let him go. She knows she should, she knows. But she can’t. She will never. 

"I just wish it could be how it was before” she sniffles, her gaze blank, falling on the floor. 

Harry pushes her back towards him a bit more, maybe for her body to shield his broken heart. Maybe just to try and understand why he couldn’t love her like that anymore. He doesn’t know. But it was instinct to hold her; protect her. Because he’s still protective of her. He doesn’t want her to shatter and break to pieces. 

“I wish it could be, too.” he whispers. “I really wish it could be.”

i was yours from the start

summary: a pretty darn fluffy oneshot following the events of the following: world unknown, yours to keep, all that i’ll ever need, and merry christmas, here’s to many more.

word count: ~4400

also read on: ao3,

a/n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEAGAN!! (I know, it’s not quite midnight yet for you, but it is for me so it totally counts!!!!) You’re the reason for this whole universe in the first place and you’re the reason I continue to cry every day about it, so I hope you enjoy this fifth installment!! <3  (and everyone go wish my dearest friend @swans-and-pirates a very happy birthday!)

It’s a rarity in the Jones house for there to be a morning of complete silence. Typically, there are two small bodies bouncing on her, begging her to get up. Or, her second favorite way to be awoken- yelling in her face about Daddy being gone.

Emma narrows her eyes at the sight of her alarm clock reading 8:00.

She turns onto her side, facing Killian’s side of the bed. He’s still sound asleep. He got in late and she picked him up from the airport, so he’s probably exhausted and catching up on some well deserved rest. With a small smile, she watches his chest rise and fall gently.

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Byeler Headcanon 🚲💗-Oneshot

This is my ‘Byeler Headcanon 🚲💗’ post, that I’ve turned into a full-length fic, as requested by @otpgod1 I’m sorry it took like a million years to finally post, {In all honesty, I had forgotten about it for a while, I’m so sorry!} But, as requested, here is the fic version of my headcanon! I really hope you enjoy it, and just a little heads up about the sentences…I have no idea, why tumblr has messed with my sentences, there was supposed to be a new line for a new sentence of course, but I’ve tried to get around it a few times, and it keeps arranging my sentences this way! So apologies on that, it was not done intentionally, but I hope you guys really enjoy this, it took me sooo long to write and rewrite etc! Please enjoy, and share if you did enjoy it! Beta by: @noahsbyers A few people to tag who either asked me to tag them, or I’m pretty sure would be interested: @michaelxbyers @sincerely-millie @elevenmlke @come-float-down-here-with-me
On a cold, frosty winter’s morning in 1981, the atmosphere around the small town of Hawkins was unusually quiet. The sun had just started to peek its head over the frosty mountains and small rays of sunshine dimly lit the abandoned streets of the town. Old, screwed up newspapers danced across the empty roads like tumbleweeds in the wind. Frost lay thick on car windows, and a deathly chill could be felt in the air. But this unforgiving winter’s morning was different. Mixed in with the cold and the frost was a feeling of joy. The air seemed crisp, and a touch of something magical could be felt all around. The kind of magic only young hearts feel. The kind of magic that all children believe in, untainted by harsh realities or adulthood. It was a special kind of magic - Christmas magic.
As the sun rose and the fresh snow started to melt, sunlight crept in through Will’s bedroom window. It sent rays through his blinds, creating a streaky effect across his room, illuminating every corner of it. It rested on his face, the sudden light resting on his eyelids waking him up. Will rose out of bed and looked over to his alarm clock in excitement. The time read ‘7:15am’ in a dull, crimson colour. He couldn’t help but smile. It was earlier than last year, and he couldn’t wait to race into the living room to see what gifts Santa had left for him.
In his red Rudolph pyjamas he crept quietly out of his room, slipping into Jonathan’s on the left. The room was murky, with the tiny rays of light forcing themselves through the window. Will could just about make out a figure of his brother lying in his bed, his body sprawled across the covers like a spider. Will silently assessed his brother’s breathing for a moment or two, watching the rise and fall of his chest slightly heighten the bed covers before bringing them back down again. Will waited for his moment, and then pounced. “Wakey-Wakey Jonathan! It’s Christmas Day! It’s Christmas Day!” Jonathan rolled over for a moment, expressing his displeasure of being woken so early by his brother’s yelps with a husked groan before finally opening his eyes to see Will practically on top of him with a look of pure excitement glistening in his eyes. “Okay okay! I’m up, I’m up! Stop yelling!” laughed Jonathan. Will smiled and signalled for him to follow him into Joyce’s room.
“Should I just run in and fling the curtains right open?” Jonathan asked playfully. Will grinned. “Yeah, and I’ll give her a morning wake up call!” The two boys ran into their mother’s room, Jonathan heading straight for the curtains and Will launching himself belly first onto her bed. He adopted the same routine that he had used on his brother, bouncing like crazy all over her and shrieking at her joyously that it was Christmas Day and that she needed to get up. Like Jonathan, she groaned and grunted for a few seconds before waking up with a smile on her face at seeing her two sons looking so happy and excited. She gave Will a little tickle around his sides as she followed him into the living room.
Laid out on the floor under the Christmas tree were a few small boxes all wrapped in different coloured paper, glistening under the light. Will immediately dived into his presents and started carelessly ripping and tearing all the paper off, a magical glow in his eyes. Shrieks of excitement came when opened gifts containing X-Men comics all in mint condition and fresh in their shiny packaging were revealed. Another gift was torn open rapidly revealing a painting set with mini canvases and an array of brightly coloured acrylics. Will sprung up on his feet at this and began bouncing up and down in excitement, rushing over to his mum to thank her for the paints. Joyce knew how much her son loved to paint and draw. He was pretty skilled at it too, often hanging his masterpieces on the fridge or on the walls around the house. So seeing him so delighted in this gift made her smile beamingly.
Finally, after wading through a scatter of discarded wrapping paper and tiny red ribbons that lay strewn across the mahogany carpet, Will eyed the last gift that lay almost hidden under the branches of the tree. It was small and rectangular. Will wondered what it could be. He reached for it, this time slowly and carefully unwrapping the paper to reveal a small piece of white paper. He stared confusingly at it for a moment, before turning it over to reveal what looked like in Joyce’s handwriting, written in black ink, ‘For your final present, you must go outside.’ Will peered out of the window curiously. What could it be? As his mind stared turning over excitedly, wondering at what it could possibly be that he had to go outside for, his heart started racing rapidly and he felt a pang of ecstatic-ness in his stomach…Could the final present be what he’d wanted for so long? What he’d practically been dropping hints at left, right and centre all year? He pressed his feet into the slightly snowy floor beneath him as Joyce and Jonathan followed. The instant touch of ice on his skin made him shiver and shudder, to which his mother and brother shared a giggle at. He didn’t mind the cold though. For some reason, Christmas Day was the only day he could enjoy the cold and smile at the icy gusts of wind batting in his face. It must have been the magic and the atmosphere that Christmas gave to it that made him happy rather than grimace and frown like he would any other day. His arm hairs pricked up at their ends as he turned the corner of the house, hoping to see the bike he so desperately wanted propped up against the wall. However, what he saw was not what he was expecting. Instead, a small, somewhat dingy brownish dog kennel stood in the middle of the white sheet of snow on the grass. Will felt a little disappointment for a moment that it wasn’t the bike that he wanted but soon found a smile, knowing that it was for Chester who needed a new kennel anyways. Will being the happy and grateful little child that he was beamed anyway, knowing that his mum wasn’t very wealthy and was doing her best to make this a good Christmas for him and Jonathan. After all, he’d still gotten some really cool X-Men comics which he knew couldn’t have been cheap considering they were new and not secondhand like most of his other stuff. He knew that must have set her back a bit and he felt grateful that he had even gotten that. So although it wasn’t the shiny blue bike he had his eye on, he still leapt up and down, running towards his mother and embracing her in a warm hug, thanking her for Chester’s new home. Joyce knew that her presents weren’t exactly fantastic, nothing like Mike Wheeler or any of Will’s other friends would be getting, but seeing him always so happy with whatever she got him reassured her and she let out a little laugh of joy as her son squeezed her in a hug. She held his head in her frozen hands and lightly kissed his forehead. “Merry Christmas Will! I’m glad you like your presents. Shall we go inside for some breakfast?” Will nodded and tugged at his mother’s hand, pulling her back inside away from the cold, feeling satisfied with his gifts.
Joyce and the kids were just finishing pulling the last of the Christmas crackers after dinner, the popping sound making Will jump every time, producing laugher out of Joyce and Jonathan again when the shrilling sound of the phone ringing interrupted their childish table-side giggles. Joyce answered and told the caller to ‘hold on just a moment’ as she gestured to Will that the phone was for him.
Will leapt up in a flurry, guessing that it was either Mike, Lucas or Dustin calling to wish him a ‘Merry Christmas’ and talk about what they each got. As he put his ear to the speaker, his mouth curled up at its ends when he heard his best friend Mike’s soft, gentle voice practically squealing down the phone, wishing him a ‘Happy Christmas’ as he had expected and instantly asking him what he had got. Although afterwards Mike didn’t begin to tell Will what he had got, but rather simply asked, “Are you allowed out for a bit?” in an excited tone. Will smirked at this request and quickly flipped ‘round to face Joyce. Without even having to ask, Joyce nodded, smiling. “Yes. You can go over to Mike’s for a bit, but don’t be back too late. I want you home for 10pm, alright? And no more 'just 5 more minutes’ games, alright? We have your grandma coming over tomorrow and you need to get a good night’s sleep, okay?” teased Joyce. Will nodded in obedience and returned back to the receiver. He picked up his handmade card for Mike, as well as a small plastic box which contained another handmade item - a woven green and brown friendship bracelet which he was so excited to give to his best friend. He grabbed his jacket and made his way up the slippery streets towards Mike Wheeler’s house, looking forward to seeing him.
A few weeks after Christmas, when all the excitement had died down and the snow and ice had began to fade away, melting and evaporating into the soggy street’s pavements and the bittersweet feeling of knowing that school was starting back up again, Will got himself all wrapped up, wearing the scarf that Mike had gifted him and the small, blue bobble-hat that accompanied it as he made his way to the corner of the streets that met in the middle to meet Mike, Lucas and Dustin for their walk to school together.
It was approximately 8:30am as Will approached the corner, his feet trudging a little through the remaining icebergs of snow. He smiled realising that he was the first one there again, like he always was. He stood alone for a few moments, breathing in the fresh morning air whilst snuggling his slightly chilly, stinging face into his fluffy scarf, relishing in the warmth it gave him and the slight hint of Mike’s smell embedded into the fibres. He suddenly heard voices and the turning of bike wheels. He looked up and saw his three friends cycling towards him through the mist. “Hey Will!” Shouted Dustin, skidding and stopping just before Will’s feet. “Buddy! I’ve not seen you in ages! Sorry I couldn’t come and visit you over the holidays! I had to go visit my family out of town. It sucked. They didn’t even have real Nilla wafers!” Dustin joked. Will laughed. “It’s okay Dustin. I’m glad to see you! And you Lucas!” Will said, as he began walking besides the boys bikes as they ambled up the street. “What about me Will? Aren’t you happy to see me? I see you’re wearing your new scarf and hat! I take it you like it then?” teased Mike with a small smirk etched on his cheeks. “Of course Mike! I love them! Thank you so much!” rejoiced Will.
As the conversation went on and they made their way up the road, the chatter turned to bikes and more specifically, asked by Dustin, why Will wasn’t riding one. Will blushed, feeling a little bit embarrassed. “Oh,-I-I didn’t get one this year…” Will answered nervously. Dustin frowned, “What? Even after all those hints you dropped? Even though you’ve literally wanted one forever?” Lucas shoved Dustin a little at this comment, giving off a discreet, but clear death stare. Mike noticed that Will felt embarrassed, and a little bit disappointed. At this, he began to feel guilty that all three of them were on new, shiny bikes that they had got for Christmas and poor Will was just walking beside them, looking tiny compared to them all. “I’m sure you’ll get one for your birthday Will!” reassured Lucas. Will smiled in agreement as they continued to wander up the chilly streets of Hawkins, next discussing Dustin’s unhealthy obsession with Nilla Wafers and how he could tell so well if they were real or not. The boys laughed as they all playfully teased at Dustin.
A few days later, after sensing his friend’s low mood, Mike caught Will after school and asked him if he wanted to go for a ride around Hawkins before stopping off for some sweets from the corner store. Will smiled, but then a small frown began to furrow in his brows. “But, I don’t have a bike. How am I going to ride up there without a bike?” Will asked sadly. Mike grinned as he held out his hand, “You can ride on the back of my bike if you like?” Will laughed, “Yay! Are you sure?”
Mike nodded happily. “Of course! It’ll be fun! I’ll be like your little chauffeur or something! What do you think? Master Mike will be your chauffeur today sir, please be careful when getting on and off the bike.” Will responded in fits of laughter, running over to his friend in joy. He grabbed his bobble-hat, gifted to him by Mike and placed it on his black curls. “What’s this for?” chuckled Mike. “It’s your chauffeurs hat Mike, don’t be silly.” laughed Will. Mike’s eyes creased as he laughed at his little friend’s imagination. Will always had an idea for everything, a story for every occasion, for every person. He admired his sense of humour and pure childlike mind. Will carefully clambered onto the back of Mike’s bike, wrapping his arms around Mike’s waist, feeling a sudden rush of butterflies as he did so. Mike beamed as he felt Will’s warm hands resting around his sides. It almost tickled him a little bit, but he didn’t dare laugh – he knew that Will, who had the exact same tickle spot was an expert in knowing how to tickle the hardest in that spot, since he’d had it done to himself so many times before and Mike was due for tickle revenge off Will anyway since last time Will was over at the Wheeler’s house Mike had tackled him to the floor for the 'dog’ monopoly piece and tickled his sides until he screamed, begging him to stop. Will won the fight however, Mike letting him use the 'dog’ piece as Will excellently argued that it reminded him of Chester. But he swore to get Mike back for the agonizing tickle when he least expected it. So Mike kept quiet, not wanting to alert Will of being tickled in fear of his revenge as he started pushing on the pedals and riding away, feeling Will’s tightening grip on his jacket as the bike sped up.
As the boys rode along through the more rural areas of Hawkins, the few spits of rain falling down off tree branches and splashing into their faces, Mike began to feel a ticklish feeling on his back. For a moment he panicked a little. Will wasn’t getting his revenge now, was he? 'Oh god no,’ thought Mike. He let out a small acknowledging giggle, as his back started to squirm at this peculiar feeling. “Will! Will!” he struggled to speak through the inflicted laughter. “What are you doing?” “I’m drawing” Will responded casually. “Drawing? What do you mean? Drawing what?” Mike enquired. “You have to guess…” giggled Will teasingly. “What is this? Am I your art canvas now?” joked Mike. “Okay erm…a dog?” “Is it Chester by any chance?” wheezed Mike. “Noooo! Guess again.” replied Will, giggling at his friend’s inability to breathe properly from the tickling sensation it was giving to his back. “Okay…erm…a rhino?” answered Mike. “Do you give up?” teased Will. “Yes! Yes! You’re tickling me now! Please stop!” squirmed Mike playfully. “Okay, it was Rory.” “What? Rory as in my dinosaur I have at home?” asked Mike, shocked at the answer. “Yeah, why?” quizzed Will. Mike tittered, “Will, you know I think you’re like the best artist around. I have several of your drawings hung around my house, but I’m telling you, that did not feel like a dinosaur to me!” Will shook his head, playfully nudging Mike’s back as he did so. “What? You have no idea what you’re talking about! That was definitely a dinosaur! Your senses must be all messed up or something.” Mike chortled in reply, living for this time he spent with Will alone. He loved Lucas and Dustin, they were like brothers to him, but Will… Will was something special to him. He felt like Will was somehow more than a best friend to him. They had this special bond, everyone knew it. Lucas and Dustin had often commented on how they’d always end up getting side tracked whilst playing D&D over at Mike’s, because Will and Mike would somehow always end up bantering and messing around with each other to the point where eventually Dustin and Lucas would give up trying to get them back on track and join in with whatever they were doing. Tickling each other, playfully arguing or calling each other names or play-fighting. Dustin had often said on many occasions that playing any type of game with Mike and Will was like playing with an old married couple and Lucas had taken it a step further by jokingly referring to either one of them as the others 'husband’, or 'wife’ if they were feeling particularly cheeky and mischievous. This always sent them both blushing profusely, or having Mike whine, “Shut up.” to them as Will smirked, embarrassed. Mike definitely felt closest to Will out of his group of three friends and as much as he loved hanging out with all three of them, he cherished the little moments he got with Will. Like this one.
After this one occasion, Will made riding on the back of Mike’s bike a more occurring and permanent thing. Every morning before school Will would walk up to the corner to meet his friends and jump on the back of Mike’s bike, gripping into his clothing and feeling the warmth of being next to his best friend. This, of course, gave Lucas and Dustin more of an excuse to call them a married couple and jocularly tease them about sharing their 'first means of transportation as a married couple’, which made Will blush more and more every time. He couldn’t lie, he too loved spending time with Mike. Riding on the back of his bike made him feel safe and all warm and tingly inside, if he was being honest with himself. He loved the smell of sweet apple scent that often wafted his way every now and again when the wind would pick up and waft some of Mike’s shampoo his way. He felt delight in the fuzzy feeling it gave him. A feeling of butterflies and warmth…a familiar warmth actually. A warmth he had felt around Mike quite a lot. He liked it. The wind blowing through his hair, the closeness he had with his best friend, the enjoyable ride on Mike’s bike and the nice feelings that came with it were all his favourite things. He cherished it. Until one Sunday afternoon where Mike called him over to his house to 'give him a present’, which made curious Will elated to go…
When he arrived at the Wheeler’s, Mike was stood outside with a huge grin on his face. He looked like he was going to explode from excitement. “What is it, Mike?” questioned Will. Mike smiled teasingly at Will, looking into his deep blue eyes and saying, “Follow me, and you’ll find out…” Will looked puzzled, but trustfully tailed his friend into the garage.
Mike turned to hit the lights, a buzz and an electric hum that filling the the air, before the rusty-smelling garage was illuminated by bright, clinical blue-tinged lighting. Will’s eyes adjusted and he scanned the room for what he was supposed to be looking at, when he spotted something which had an electric blue ribbon neatly tied to its outside. On closer examination, he realised it was Mike’s bike. He looked over at Mike, in hope for an explanation or some sort of answer. “It’s for you!” Mike said, cheerfully. Will’s face froze momentarily in shock. “What?! What do you mean?” “It’s yours Will, that’s what I mean. I don’t need it anymore, I got a new bike, I said my tires were too rusted on this one.” Explained Mike. Will looked up at Mike, looking him in the eyes in utter amazement, his mouth agape. “I don’t understand…I…” Mike cut him off. “Look Will, I know how badly you wanted that bike at Christmas and how disappointed you were - even though you tried not to show it - that you didn’t get it. I hated having a bike when you didn’t. Now I can teach you how to ride it and we can go on bike rides together now and stuff…I mean…if you want?” nervously stuttered Mike. For a moment, only silence passed between them. Will ran up to his friend as fast as his legs could carry him, throwing himself into Mike’s chest, squeezing him tightly and feeling that ever so familiar fuzzy feeling again as he did so. “I take it you like it then?” asked Mike. Will didn’t say anything, but his tightening grip on Mike made the answer abundantly clear. Will looked up at Mike for a moment, meeting his dark brown eyes. “M-Mike? Erm, would it be okay if I…erm…?” Before Will had a chance to finish off his sentence, Mike leaned down and kissed him. Will couldn’t believe what was happening. His heart began to soar and he quickly kissed back. The warmth and the growing intensity of the feeling of butterflies in his stomach made him smile immensely, sending the corner of his mouth peeking upwards. Mike felt it, and it only made his heart beat faster than it was in the moment before he kissed him. Mike stood back up, breaking away from Will as they both gazed into each other’s eyes, still in awe and disbelief at what had just happened. Mike blushed a little more and said, “Come on then. We’d best get started on those lessons! I can’t be your designated chauffeur forever, you’ve got to be mine sometimes too, you know!” Will gleamed, and walked out to the driveway with his newly acquired bike, Mike trailing beside him.
After a few weeks of training from Mike, Will got to be as good as Mike, and they often had races together to the corner of the street in the morning before school, the winner always getting a kiss off the other. Mike would purposely take his time and let Will win, as he loved receiving the kisses, and he knew Will loved giving them. Just as from time to time Will would pretend his bike was in for a repair, just so he could ride on the back of Mike’s again and draw all over his back in his most ticklish areas. Mike knew his bike wasn’t in for a repair, he knew it was just something Will said so he could share a bike with Mike and he didn’t mind. In fact, he loved it. Jokingly bickering with him over what exactly it was that Will was drawing on his back was what made Mike smile the most. Perhaps Dustin and Lucas were right after all. Perhaps they were an old, married couple…

MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HANUKAH/HAPPY HOLIDAYS @edendaphne! i’m your backup filler for the @mlsecretsanta this holiday season ♥

i was flailing a bit for an idea of what you might like, and then i remembered this fantastic piece of ladrien you drew (and the awesome idea that came with it :D) so i thought i’d write something based off of that. i hope you enjoy! ♥♥♥

(@mirthaculous went above and beyond to make this readable, and at 1am, no less ;A; one day i will pay her back, this i swear (9′-’)9)

EDIT: SHIT I FORGOT TO CREDIT @sixsaltysweets / @howdoyousix she helped out a ton with early stage flow betaing god bless ♥♥♥ THANK YOU RUX ;O; 

It figured that the one day Chat had begged out of the signings was the one day an akuma crashed the con.

“All this,” Plagg complained in his ear as Adrien helped direct the panicking crowd. “All this just for a piece of paper someone scribbled on.”

Adrien’s own ‘piece of paper’ burned in his pocket, warm with the memory of Ladybug’s fingers brushing his as she handed it to him, so he didn’t comment. Instead he nudged his grumpy kwami back into his shirt and continued to usher the out-of-town con-goers from towards the exit, wincing at the cacophony.

It was amazing how much three years of constant attacks could desensitize a person to surprise supervillains — and how much panic they could instill in someone who wasn’t desensitized.

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even though it’s 2017

For: @greeneyeswhitehair

I hope you like it, I feel like it’s not my best cause I had to do it 3 time, and I’m sorry for making you wait till the last day! I had some computer issues. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! -NekoZuki

Wes Weston always knew.

Ever since the “Wishing Ghost” incident, Wes knew exactly who Phantom really was. Hell Fenton didn’t even try to hide in that panicking crowd, but Wes knew. He SAW it.

The only problem he had was that no one believed him.

“Fenton? Ahahaha! That wimp could never be Phantom. You got some crazy ideas in that mind of yours Wesley!”

“Isn’t his family a bunch of ghost hunters? They’d totally know if he was Danny Phantom.”

“They don’t look alike at all!”

Wes was so tired of hearing it all! No one believed him, even after all these months, and he didn’t know if it was because everyone couldn’t comprehend that one of Casper Highs students was disguised as a ecto, or because he wasn’t one of those stupid A-lister popular kids. Seems like if you weren’t a football star or cheerleader, you didn’t matter. Basketball players were always second best.

However, if Wesley couldn’t convince his fellow classmates that Danny Fenton was Danny Phantom, maybe he could get the proof himself.

Walking through Casper High School’s hallways as usually, Wes couldn’t help but wear this smug smile.

He had the perfect plan.

Wes currently had a tape recorder smuggled safely away in the pocket of his basketball shorts. If no one would believe his word, perhaps they’d believe Fenton’s!

He had never spoken to the freak before. Nor had he spoken too Sam or Tucker. They were deemed some of the lowest geeks on the Casper High social totem pole. They were even below Mikey because Mikey could at least do the A-Lister’s homework for them.

Wes’s green eyes shifted slightly upward to see the trio walking to Danny’s locker. He hated to be seen anywhere near the band room. They were, or course, some of the lowest on the social totem pole depending on which band geek you wanted to talk about…

After a few moments, Sam and Tucker departed from their black haired friend.
“Now’s my chance…” Wes said to himself as he calmly walked towards Danny Fenton. The Blue eyed boy was currently muddering something about not being able to find his math homework when Wesley tapped on his shoulder.

“GAH!” Danny dropped his things on the floor and turned around quickly, positioned in a defensive fighting style like position.

“Ah, erm. Hi?” Wes blinked, confused as to where such a reaction came from.

“Oh,” Danny dropped his position and chuckled slightly. “You’re Wes Weston aren’t you?” He smiled at the redhead innocently.

Wes only nodded quickly. “Wes, I mean, Yes. That’s my name.” His green eyes shifted uneasily, causing Danny much confusion.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“I’m Fine Phan- Fenton.”

Danny’s eye’s widened a bit at the slip up. Surely that was just an accident right? This boy couldn’t know his secret? He didn’t want to take any chances though. “Did you almost call me Phantom? Haha! That’s really funny there Wes! That guy is so cool. It must be nice to be a hero!” Fenton smiled brightly, but Wes narrowed his eyes.

“Wouldn’t you know?” Wes stiffened up a bit, trying to regain some confidence.

Suddenly, Danny’s ghost sense went off as some girls down the hall screamed. “Oh no…”

Wes glared at him, as if he knew what that blue puff meant.  "What is it Fenton? Got somewhere to be?“

Danny gritted his teeth and Wes could’ve swore his eyes flashed green.

"Look, whatever your name is-” Danny started, but Wes cut him off.

“It’s Wesley Weston, Danny Fenton…” Wes pointed his finger nearly an inch away from Danny’s nose. “Why don’t you tell me you secret now before someone gets hurt! Normally, Phantom would be here now, but I don’t see him…I don’t suppose you know where he is, do you?!”

Suddenly, the Fenton Family Assault Vehicle (AKA the RV) plummeted through the school wall into the hallway. As soon as the vehicle came to a rest, Jack and Maddie Fenton jumped out and raced down the hall where screams on terror were heard.

Danny smacked Wes’s hand away as his parents came to fight the threat. “Looks like Phantom wasn’t needed this time anyhow.” Anger burned in Danny’s eyes as he walked away from the accusing teen.

Wesley stood his ground, crossing his arms and returning the glare. “You can’t hide it forever Fenton. I’ll get my proof! I’ll always know who Phantom really is!”

“Guys, this is serious!” Danny threw his hands up in the air. Currently, he was in his room. His two best friends Sam and Tucker were leaned up against his bed. “He could pose a real problem. He could make it super hard for me to go ghost, or worse, he could actually get proof!”

“Lighten up Danny,” Tucker started. “Did he tell you he knew?”

“Actually, Tucker, Yes. Yes he did.” Danny scowled. “This is just great.”

“Well it’s obvious that he doesn’t have any proof yet…” Sam started, obviously deep in thought as she spoke. “Maybe you can somehow prove that you’re not Phantom. If you did that, maybe he’d get off Danny Fenton’s case.”

Tucker sat forward a bit, “That’s not a bad idea. But Danny can’t be in two places at once.”

“Actually, there is a way-”

Both Sam and Tucker jumped up at Danny, “WE ARE NOT USING THE FENTON GHOST CATCHER AGAIN.”

Danny threw his hands up in defense, “Alright Alright! Geez, it was only a joke.” He sighed in defeat. “What do you supposed we do then?”

“Hey wait. Do you still have any contact with Danielle?” Sam smirked.

Tucker and Danny shared an uneasy glance.

“I do, but why is that relevant?” Danny asked, very curious to what Sam was plotting.

“I’ve got an idea is all…”

The next morning at Casper High was quiet. All was pretty normal, specially in a place like Amity Park. Wesley Weston, making sure his recorder was on in his pocket, knew he could pry it out of Fenton today. He had even convinced a few friends, with some cash,  to take a video of their encounter today.

Yes, Wes had truly come prepared for almost anything today.

However, so did Danny.

Wes walked in the school, heading straight in the direction on the band room. He could just feel it! The adrenaline was pumping inside him. Finally! Maybe people wouldn’t call him crazy. Just one word, a picture, maybe even video proof! The Fenton’s secret would be gone.

Wes reached the band hallway and looked at at the lockers sternly. Fenton was leaned up against them, alone. He was staring at the ceiling. Wes felt like something was off about him. He was wearing a red beanie and a blue jacket over his normal T-shirt. His face seemed a little softer edged compared to what he remembered from yesterday too… Maybe it was his imagination though. It’s not like Wes actually knew the kid. Heck, yesterday was the first time he’d ever even talked to the raven haired boy.

Danny looked up at him as Wes approached him. “Ahh, Wesley Weston yes? Come back to harass me some more?”

“Cut the crap Fenton,” Wes started. His voice seemed so much softer. It almost sounded like a girls. “You are Phantom. I saw you change months ago.”

Danny backed up against his locker the best he could as Wes walked closer and closer with every word. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Wes! There is not a ghostly thing about me! I’m as human as human can get!”

“Yeah right, I know better than that. You disappear too much for that.”

“Can I help my uncontrollable bladder problems? Should I just pee on the floor all the time to please you?” Danny spat back.

“Why are you and Phantom never seen in the same place then huh?”

Danny looked to the floor, “I’m scared of ghosts, okay?”

“Liar! You’re from a family of ghost hunters!”

“That doesn’t mean I’m not scared of ghosts!” Danny threw his hands up into the air. “Phantom is a ghost, so when Phantom is around, I am not!”

Around the corner, Sam, Tucker, and the real Danny Fenton covered their mouths as the quietly snickered.

“Man, your cousin is better at coming up with excuses than you are when you’re parents ask who that naked girl on your computer was!” Tucker sneered, almost chocking on his laughter.

“Dude I know, who knew honestly!” Danny replied, obviously enjoying seeing Wes get angry at his own interrogation.

“Alright guys, think it’s time for step two.” Sam laughed, looking around to see if anyone was around. “You’re clear Danny!”

“I’m going Ghost!” Danny called out in a whisper yell, throwing his arms up at his entire body was engulfed in the white rings, fully transforming him into Amity Parks well known hero, Danny Phantom.

Meanwhile, Dani’s interrogation continued.

“Alright fine, you have severe bladder issues and you hide under anything  and everything wherever there is a ghost nearby! That still doesn’t explain what I saw!”

“Personally, I think you here hallucinating! There is no way that I could be Phantom!”

“You know, He’s right!”

Wes spun around to see Danny Phantom floating behind them. “Wait! How is that-”

“GHOST!” Dani let out this terrified girly scream and took off down the hallway.

“Bahaha! Man, that boy cracks me up. Specially being the son on the Fenton’s.” Phantom laughed.

“Look, you, you, ectoplamic ball of fame!” Wes struggled for a god insult, but failed badly.

“Hey Kid, seriously, you were wrong.” Phantom smiled and shrugged. “No need to hate me for it.”

Wes growled in anger. “This isn’t over… I know exactly what I saw Fenton. I know it!”

“Man some people are just so stubborn….” Danny floated over to Wes and whispered into his ear, “But now that there is video proof that Danny Fenton isn’t the ghost boy…” He gestured over to his two friends with the cameras. “No one ever truly believe you.”

Wes’s face grew annoyed. “Not unless I get real proof!”

“Haha! I’m a ghost, Wesley Weston. That’s all the proof you need.” With that, Phantom phased through the floor.

Dani peaked her head around the corner, and Wes’s friend came out of his hiding place. “Woah man! I can’t believe you got that close to Phantom!”

“He is gone…right?” Dani said, looking around uneasily.

“Bahaha! Man, I knew that wimp wasn’t Phantom.” Wes looked at his friend then back to Dani.

With a defeated sigh, Wesley finally nodded. “Yeah. I guess you’re right.”

Later on that day, Wes walked sadly down the hallway when suddenly someone pulled him into the dark janitors closet. “Woah!”

The light came on to reveal former A-lister Valerie Gray.

“Oh great. What do you want? To laugh at me some more?”

“Actually, no.” She paused a moment. “ I saw your video Wes. We need to talk…”



Clara Bow on her way to England, 1932. 

Former ‘It-girl’ on first trip out of America, sends greetings on landing at Southampton. [x]

“I just came back to do one more picture, and I hope that you all would like it very much. I would like to be known as a serious actress and not as a sit girl. And now here’s a big surprise, I want you to meet the most gorgeous man in the world, mister Rex Bell, my husband. […] I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.”

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa 2/2

Originally posted by sebastianslilmonster

You guys have been so good to me with the first part to this little sequel ‘I saw Mommy kissing Santa”. I hope you guys enjoy this one.

Summary: It’s Christmas day and nobody is prepared for what’s gonna happen.  Reader x Sebastian

Warning: Fluff and some smut oh boy.

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Christmas Wishes (Newt x Reader)

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my wonderful followers, just in time– here’s your Christmas special! (I tried to squeeze in the all the recent Christmas requests I got in, hope you enjoy!)

Words: ~3000

Rating: Y’all are gonna need to be resurrected after all this fluff! <3

Hope you enjoy!

Newt Scamander could barely contain himself.

The magizoologist’s fingers would drum along the railing of the boat for a time, then he would pace a bit on the deck as the salt-dusted wind tugged at his mop of honey-hair, fidgeting with the handle of his suitcase to keep the excitement at bay as he observed the dock inch closer with every wave that lapped at the ship’s metal exterior almost hungrily.

When he would grow just a bit too impatient, he would unfold the creased paper in his vest pocket, having almost memorized your latest letter to him by this point.

“My dearest Newt,”

He already had to pause, a giddish grin cracking across his freckled face, his heart leaping in jubilation from such loving words coming from someone he deeply cherished.

“It finally started snowing here in New York, just in time for Christmas! You’d enjoy it this year, it’s not too chilly, but just cold enough to keep the ground covered in sparkling white. Jacob, Queenie, and I already convinced Tina to build a snowman the “No-Maj” way in Central Park yesterday, and he looked very handsome with his scarf and button nose. I wish you would have been here, I could have used you on my team during the snowball fight that ultimately ensued–beware of Tina, she is unstoppable when given enough frozen ammunition!”

Though he enjoyed re-reading your letters whenever he had the chance, Newt skimmed to the bottom of the letter with a surge of nervous excitement.

“It’s sweet of you to ask, though to be honest all I truly want this year for the holidays is to see you again. I’ll be thinking of you as I always do, but I’ll miss you all the more this season.

Yours always,


Newt could barely suppress a light chuckle of excitement, rocking on his heels in anticipation as the ship finally docked on the shore of New York, his second home. Home was where the heart was, and you were certainly proof of that. Newt had never quite felt the same since he had left you in New York, though the consistent letters you two would write to one another certainly kept him going for the last few months.

It was your most recent letter that had pushed him to go through with the Christmas gift he had spent weeks mulling over in his mind. Checking his pocket for the hundredth time, he felt reassured when his fingers brushed over the sealed envelope, tracing the indentation of your hastily scrawled name in the middle.

With tremendous excitement and determination practically seeping from his pores, Newt scurried off the ship and hastily crunched through the snow-coated cobbled streets to his destination, smiling through his tightly wrapped ragged scarf all the way.

“It’s a Christmas miracle, Jacob!”

“It’s somethin’ alright.” Jacob chuckled, revelling at the sight before him. The baker had barely brought Newt from the front door into the kitchen before Queenie appeared from the parlor and enveloped the magizoologist in a loving hug, practically squeezing the poor wizard to death.

“We’ve all missed you so much honey, you didn’t tell us you were comin’ over for the holidays!” She giggled giddily, planting a chaste kiss on Newt’s cheek and giving a grin as she finally pulled away.

“Bit of a surprise,” Newt chuckled in response, “Though I do hope I’m not intruding–”

“Oh no, honey, you’re always welcome!” Queenie quickly informed him, gingerly helping remove his navy coat and striped scarf to hang on the coat rack, adding over her shoulder with a smile, “In fact, we might just make you stay this time, right Teenie?”

Newt turned to where Queenie was looking over his shoulder, revealing Tina walking into the kitchen with a grin on her face. “Well hey there stranger,” she welcomed playfully, embracing Newt warmly, and much less constricting than her sister. “Happy Holidays!”

“You as well,” Newt smiled back, indulging in the warmth of the apartment and it’s inhabitants he had missed dearly, savouring the sight of the merged Christmas and Hanukkah decorations strewn about the apartment, converging traditions and decor that made the space all the merrier and festive. Upon feeling the unmistakable sensation of the envelope in his vest pocket shifting, his herbal eyes lit up, darting around the apartment curiously. “Where’s Y/n?”

“Oh honey, I’m sorry, she’s hasn’t been home for a while…” Queenie trailed off, placing a hand on Newt’s shoulder comfortingly with a sympathetic expression.

Newt felt a wave of dismay wash over his form, the room suddenly feeling much more empty despite the company of good friends. He inwardly berated himself for not notifying you of his visit, though he never thought you would just leave without letting him know, perhaps you didn’t want him to know, or–

Queenie’s eyes immediately widened, pursing her lips in slight embarrassment as she read his thoughts, “Oh, no sweetie I didn’t mean like that, she’s just been out shopping since this morning–”

The distinct unique creaking of the old wooden door to the apartment sent electric shocks of hope and thrill through Newt’s nerves as he swiveled on his heels to find the manifestations of his affections walking through the doorway.

“Sorry I’m late, Mrs. Esposito gave me a lecture on wearing a dress out in the snow a-and….” you trailed off, E/C gaze meeting with sparkling seafoam eyes you hadn’t seen in what felt like ages. You almost thought he was an illusion, standing there in his crisp brown vest, white dress shirt sleeves rolled up asymmetrically on either arm and a disbelieving yet gleeful expression upon his freckled face. A genuine grin tugged at the corners of your lips as you let out a curt laugh of surprise and joy, dropping your bags and instantly dashing toward your beloved wizard.

Newt felt as though he would burst with delight as you jumped into his open arms, relishing in your enchanting giggle as he spun you around excitedly. He set you down gently, pressing a light kiss to the crown of your head as he hugged you tightly to his chest, savouring the warm feeling of you in his arms and your alluring scent of rose petals, rainwater, and what he could only describe as the comforting smell of home.     

“You brought me just what I wanted!” You squealed happily, feeling tears brim your eyes in elation as you craned your neck upwards to relish in the sight of the shy smile you thought about every moment of every day in his absence.

Newt gave a sharp inhale, at first assuming you somehow knew of the contents of the envelope that was snugly hidden in his pocket, though upon seeing the look of adoration in your E/C gaze, he realized you had wholeheartedly meant your humble wish to see him for Christmas. The fondness in your genuine smile, paired with the sensation of your warm hands still entangled around his neck brought him on the verge of melting in bliss. 

Though difficult, he resisted the urge to present his true Christmas gift to you right then and there, instead electing to embrace you once more, eliciting another delighted giggle from you as he grinned, “I missed you terribly.”

“I missed you just as much,” you chuckled into his chest, absentmindedly tracing the curvature of his vest buttons. “If not more.”

“I’m positive I missed you the most,” Newt smirked with raised brows, as if daring you to challenge him on it.

You almost considered it before Jacob spoke up with an admiring laugh. “Neither of you are gonna win that argument, but I’m thinkin’ you both agree on dinner.” He gestured to the dining table, where Queenie and Tina were quickly preparing while humming along to a holiday tune, plates and silverware gently drifting to their respective places on the table before the steaming food floated to the festive platters.  

As you lead Newt to the table, your eyes lit up with anticipation, “I’m so glad you’re here, I have your gifts wrapped but they’re in my bedroom,” your face flushed slightly, “I was going to send them in the mail so they’d get to you on time, but I guess I was secretly hoping you’d be here to open them yourself.”

Newt’s heart swelled at your thoughtfulness, feeling Billywigs flutter in his stomach when you clasped his hand in yours, tugging playfully toward the bedroom, “I can’t wait for you to open them–”

“Y/n, you know the rules,” Tina raised her voice with a knowing smile thrown your way as she pulled an extra chair to the table, nodding for you and Newt to take a seat.

“Presents after dinner.” Queenie finished in a sing-song voice, flicking her wand to finish lighting the candles that were strewn about the kitchen. “We’ve gotta hear all about Newt’s adventures since he’s been gone, don’t we honey?”

“Oh, yes, well, I did recently discover a new ability the Swooping Evil has,” Newt raised his brows excitedly, “Which assisted me in catching the Niffler when the little bugger got loose in a museum.”

“Well now I gotta hear about that,” Jacob chuckled, tucking a napkin in his collar and sitting eagerly before the steaming meal.

Supper conversation drifted on into the evening well past when the meal was finished, Newt recounting his tales of new creature discoveries and the various times the Niffler managed to escape during the most inconvenient of times. The magizoologist was captivated by your ecstatic re-telling of what Jacob called the “most unfair snowball fight in history”, since it was the muggles versus the wizards, though the baker advocated that your persistence during the fight was practically medal-worthy.

Tina took notice of Newt’s entranced staring more than once, and it didn’t take her mind reading for Queenie to know Newt was just as smitten with you as you were with him. The blonde Goldstein sister did, however, find herself suppressing a giddish grin behind her fingers that muffled her giggles as she listened to Newt’s hurricane of anxious thoughts as he subtly traced the outline of the envelope in his pocket in hidden anticipation.

 After the holiday dinner, you all participated in the lovely lighting of the first candle of the menorah that sat patiently upon the windowsill that overlooked the snowy city streets, Queenie and Tina leading you all in reciting blessings as the sky darkened and nighttime approached. 

The rest of the night consisted of gift giving and light conversation. Though the moon rose high and the hours ticked on, the five of you were still huddled by the fireplace in the living room,  trading and unwrapping gifts by the decorated Christmas tree.

Tina was ecstatic with her new coat you had bought her, as you were with the perfectly-fitting boots she had given you. Queenie adored the perfume you found for her in a heart-shaped bottle she wouldn’t stop cooing over, and assured you she would spritz it on every day.

Newt was grateful for the four of you having chipped in on a collective gift of a new charmed suitcase, just in case he would need just that extra bit of room for some new creatures. He thanked you all profusely, and you practically melted at his endearing grin of appreciation.

You adored the little teddy bear Jacob had given you, and the baker was very flattered with your thoughtful kitchenware set gift, “I can’t wait to use these, you’ll have to be my number one taste-tester,” he grinned.

Eventually there were only a few gifts left to open. Though you knew it was silly, you figured the slower you opened each gift the longer Newt could stay.

“This one’s from me,” Queenie bit at her bottom lip eagerly, handing you a bag with light pink tissue paper flowering at the top. You eagerly dug through the paper, only to come into contact with sultry blue and pink silk with decorative lace–”O-oh my, Queenie,” you blushed profusely, covering your mouth with your hand as you gasped surprise, “Why would I need–?”

You paused as Queenie gave you wittily raised brows as her knowing gaze flickered between you and Newt suggestively. “Queenie!” Tina hissed with a playfully reprimanding light slap on her sister’s arm, Jacob only subtly chuckling as Newt shot him a questioning look.

“Scandalous,” you tsked with a giggle, quickly covering the contents with the tissue paper once more. “But thank you,” you added with a ghost of smile on your face, giving Queenie the giggles too.

“What? Did…Did I miss something?” Newt asked innocently, looking to your bag with confusion written on his features.  

“Ladies things,” Queenie shrugged, biting back a grin, waving her hand as if it dismissed the issue entirely. Newt was still unsure of what exactly she had meant, but felt his cheeks heat in slight embarrassment all the same.

You quickly slid a carefully wrapped box with Newt’s name on it toward the magizoologist, flicking at the golden ribbon atop the lid playfully. “This one’s for you.”

Wonderment quickly took over dissipating embarrassment as Newt tugged off the ribbon and tore the festive wrapping paper off. He gingerly pulled the lid off of the box, eyes widening in bewilderment as he pulled out a familiar lengthy striped scarf, admiring the soft texture and tight weave between his freckled fingers.

“Made the muggle way, but I guess you can’t really tell,” you shrugged, fiddling with a piece of stray ribbon on the carpet. “The last time I saw you I noticed yours was looking a bit, um, “loved”, and figured you could use a new one.”

Newt’s heart leaped at your words, looking to the scarf in a new light. The hours of time you had spent, knitting every loop by hand all while thinking of him, the fact you noticed he loved his scarf and you were willing to hand-craft him another, it was enough to practically melt the magizoologist’s heart.

“I adore it,” he breathed sincerely, herbal eyes sparkling as he looked to you appreciatively, “Thank you so much Y/n…”

“I’m so glad!” You sighed in relief, pride swelling in your chest.

Seeing you so pleased and contented with such a simple gesture, Newt felt the impulse to give you his secret gift, and quickly scrambled in his vest pocket for the envelope, “This, ahm, this one is for you,” he stated, a wave of anxious thoughts washing over him as he handed you the sealed gift. He took note of Queenie’s sharp inhale and attempted to bury his thoughts should she accidentally spoil the surprise.

“Aw, thank you Newt,” You smiled as you gently tore open the envelope and peered inside, noting Newt’s anxious lip-gnawing expression from the corner of your vision. Your brow furrowed in curiosity as you gingerly pulled out two slips of paper with times and dates…tickets.

One-way tickets.

One-way tickets…to Britain.

Exuberance blossomed in your chest as you felt your cheeks heat in excitement and hands quiver in disbelief as you lifted your gaze to Newt’s in wonderment. “I-is this…”

Newt swallowed thickly, unsure of how to read your reaction, though the shaky smile you wore gave him the surge of confidence to take your quivering hands in his and confide to you, “Y/n, there’s not a single day–moment, really, that I don’t think of you.” He inhaled deeply, glancing about to his friends for a moment. Queenie was already in tears, having likely read his mind, Tina with a hand over her enormous grin and Jacob staring with delight and raised brows. They all practically oozed with enthusiasm, encouraging him to continue, “I’d love nothing more than for you to, ahm, accompany me in my travels, and I’ve got your room set up back home already,” his cheeks immediately flushed at his confession, his gaze flickering to yours nervously. “O-only if you’re interested, of course, I wouldn’t wish to make you uncomfortable or–”

You cut off the stuttering wizard with a firm kiss of eagerness, taking him by surprise when you cupped his face and repeatedly murmured, “Yes, yes, yes,” in between smaller, tender kisses of devotion along his jaw, cheeks, and nose.

Queenie couldn’t suppress a small squeal of approval, burying her face in her hands as she leaned into Jacob, who chuckled gleefully and gave a thumbs up. Tina gave a giggle of amusement, eyes shining with praise as she smirked at the now intensely blushing magizoologist.

Newt couldn’t contain the jubilant chuckle and glowing smile at your fervent response as you leaned your forehead against his, entwining your fingers with his freckled ones lovingly. “I’d love nothing more,” You murmured, a grin cracking across your face, nose gently brushing Newt’s and sending a shiver of delight up his spine. “Than to go home with you.”

Newt felt his breath slightly hitch at hearing you refer to his home as your own, feeling his heart rate skyrocket and cheeks warm with fervent jubilation. He let out a chuckle of relief and excitement, lost in the heat of the moment as he wrapped you in an affectionate embrace, your laughter like perfectly tuned bells reminding him your presence in his life was something he was eternally grateful for.

Tina and Jacob started a miniature applause, Queenie squealing her endorsement as she showered the both of you in ribbons from the unwrapped Christmas gifts, “Oh Teenie, it’s another Christmas miracle!” She hissed excitedly, giggles bubbling from her chest as a few of the ribbons caught in Newt’s amber-curls and tangled in your H/C hair, the two of you now blending in with the Christmas decorations.

The rest of the night drifted on in comfortable quiet, the twinkling of the lights on the Christmas tree and the crackling of the fireplace eventually lulling the apartment’s inhabitants into a contented slumber. Jacob had fallen asleep in Queenie’s lap, and she too found herself drifting off with Tina on her shoulder as they stared into the fireplace. Newt, however, found sleep almost impossible, feeling as though he were already in a dream as it was. He propped his elbow on the armrest of the couch, head in one hand as he gazed about the tranquil livingroom, his other weaving through your H/C locks in a calming rhythm, counting down the hours until the boat ride home in the next few days.

Home. He smiled at the thought, seafoam gaze drifting down to your sleeping form curled up against him. The wizard was almost in disbelief you had chosen to be a part of home for him, though he would make sure you would know he was grateful every moment of every day in your future together.

While attempting to count every lovely eyelash upon your flickering eyelids, Newt felt the familiar pull of sleep tugging at his conscience. He gave in when you snuggled further into his chest, placing a tender kiss to your head before drifting off.

Though the chilled snow floated through the crisp night air outside, those in the apartment slept soundly and warmly, you and Newt cuddled together, cozy and contented with Christmas wishes fulfilled.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Hope you enjoyed!

Thank you so very much to all who have liked/reblogged, and especially those who have left such wonderful comments and reached out to me with such lovely messages, they make my day and warm my heart, a big hug for all of you!

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Series: Apocalyptic

Title: Warrior Princess

“I really wish you wouldn’t go,” My father, King Ezekiel stated, helping put a bag in the back of my vehicle.

I sighed, cracking my neck, “Dad, I’ll be fine. I can take care of myself,”

“I know… just watch yourself.”

I nodded, “I will,”

Seeing the both of us stand next to one another, you’d think we were brother and sister or even cousins, but that wasn’t the case.

I was the product of a teen pregnancy. Mom was 14 and Dad was 15.

I’m 32 years old now, at least from what I could tell by the calendars that we had laying around.

Dad patted my back and walked with Carol to the infirmary.
Arriving at Alexandria, I was on the mission to check up on their weapons. The last that was heard, the Saviors took all their ammo and artillery, leaving them with just a few knives.

I had my own stash of guns that I was willing to give them. Rick was very apprehensive when I told him, but I was going to deal with Negan and the Saviors if need be.

“When are they suppose to be here?” I asked Rick.


I nodded, “Listen, I will take care of this, don’t worry.”

Harsh knocking on the gate made the folks outside jump.

“Speak of the devil,” Rick muttered, as we went to the gate.

He opened it, a small army all standing behind Negan.

Negan’s grin stretched wide when he saw me.

“Well hello there!” He said, bending back slightly.

“Negan,” I folded my arms across my chest.

He walked through the gate, stepping as close to me as possible, but I wouldn’t dare flinch.

“Where ya been? I missed ya,” He said, biting his lip.

I rolled my eyes, “Come off of it Negan,”

“Oh baby, I would. Just name a time or place,”

“That’s enough!” Rick growled.

While still looking at me, Negan’s brows furrowed as he addressed the irritated sheriff, “Now was I talkin’ to you Rick the Prick?”

Rick chewed on his cheek.

Using his finger, Negan bounced his hand in Rick’s direction, “No, no I was not.”

“Let it be, Negan.” I warned him.

Again, he got in my space, practically rubbing his body on mine, “Or what Sweetheart? What are you gonna do?”

My eye twitched and my nostrils flared. I spund around, calling to him over my shoulder, “A word in private, Negan!”

“Oh, I do hope the Principal gives me a spanking!” Negan said, gleefully.

I walked into Alexandria’s armory, slamming the door shut and locking it as soon as Negan was inside.

He pushed me against the closed door, his hands going up my shirt, palming my breasts as he attacked my neck with nips.

“Fucking turn on, baby,” he growled.

“You… can’t… be… doing that shit!” I panted, holding on to his waist.

I felt his tounge draw lazy small circles on my pulse, making me ache for him, even though I knew it wasn’t right.

Just as I was about to moan loudly, a sharp knock sounded on the metal door.

“Goddamnit!” Negan cursed, backing away from me.

He manhandled his hard length, readjusting himself as I fixed my shirt.

“Y/N!” Rick called, knocking again.

Negan’s chest heaved as he pointed to the door, “I’m gonna kill that mother fucker!”

“No you’re not, Christ almighty!” I hissed, trying to fix my bra.

The rest of the time, Negan pouted in between running his tounge over his bottom lip and giving me dark sultry looks.

As soon as Rick went on his way, Negan was all over me again.

He was rough and damn near primeval, “I want you so goddamn bad, baby.”

I groped him, giving him a good squeeze, “Not here.”

I leaned over and whispered into his ear, “Meet me out in the abandoned house outside the gate.”

“Fuck,” he cursed on a breath, “I’ll fuckin’ be there, baby.”

I gently pushed him away, going about my business as if nothing had happened, “Oh I know you will,”

Turning to face him, I quickly lifted my shirt, flashing him my breasts. I laughed as his eyes rolled into the back of his head.
Later on that night, long after the Saviors left, I snuck out to the worn down house.

The wooden floor creaked, my weight nearly too much.

“Took you long enough,” Negan said, scaring the hell out of me.


His dark chuckle told me I was in store for  some rough lovin’.

He came over to me, pausing when loud gurgling could be heard from outside through the broken windows.

Two walkers spotted our shadows, fumbling over their rotting limbs to get to us.

“Shit!” I yelped, pulling a hunting knife from my belt.

Negan grabbed my shirt, yanking me back, “If one more mother fucker interupts us; dead or alive!”

More walkers surrounded the house, knocking on the dilapidated wood and broken windows.

“You’re lucky as shit that I brought this!” He said, shoving my beloved sword at me.

“What the!? How the fuck did you sneak off with this!?” I demanded, pissed.

“Don’t give me that look Buttercup! I was gonna fuckin’ surprise you!” Negan had to raise his voice over the loud noise.

“What!?” I yelled, the house creaking badly.

“I had it sharpened for you! Merry fuckin’ Christmas, Happy Goddamn Birthday and a Happy fuckin’ New Year!”

My face went slack at his admission. Awwww! Negan was being such a softie!

Dirt fell from the ceiling as the wood began to crack.

“Open the door on my say so!” I twirled my sword, mindful of the freshly sharpen blade.

Before I could count, I grabbed a fistful of Negan’s white tshirt and yanked him down to me. Our kiss was hard and harsh, basically us telling each other to be careful.

“Don’t fuckin’ die on me.” He said, before going back to the door.

Though our communities were vastly different and the circumstances not at the very best that they could be, we still cared for each other.

“Same; don’t be a dick and leave me alone,”

He nodded and waited, Lucille at the ready.


He yanked open the door, letting in tens of walkers.

I swung my sword left and right, lopping their heads either completely off or in half. The fell in a heap, giving us enough space to run.

It was difficult trying to make our way through the decaying bodies. I hated to say it, but we had to split up.

“Go to gates and tell them to let you in!” I shouted.

“Fuck that fuckin’ shit! I’m not leaving you out here alone!”

I shoved my sword through the eye socket of a walker that had snuck up on Negan.

I pushed him away from me, “Do it, NOW!”

“Shit,Y/N!” I heard Negan yell as I took off running.

I jumped, yelled, screamed and even threw shit at the undead, egging them on to follow me.

I found a cliff not too far from Alexandria, where some had fallen over. Others had advanced towards me and I had no where else to go.

By the time I had finished with them, I was covered in head to toe with blood. My already curly hair hung in wet, blood stenched ringlets.

My eyes even began to burn because of the smell.

The lookout above the gate of Alexandria shouted for the others.

I shuffled my feet, my body aching from the exhaustion.

The gate opened enough for me to squeeze my body through.

“And just what the hell were you doing out there!? Where the hell is Ezekiel’s daughter!?” Rick barked out.

“You might want to watch your fuckin’ tone Rick the Prick.”

Rick looked over Negan’s shoulder at me, promptly making Negan spin around.

I stood, my body swaying. Slowly, as the last little bit of adrenaline left me, my body began to shake.

Negan ran to me just as I passed out.
“What’s the name of that one show?”

“Shit kid, which one? There’s a fuck ton of shows.”

“The one with the woman. She had a battle cry and sword.”

“Xena: Warrior Princess,” I croaked out.

“Holy shit!” Negan jumped out of his seat, “You scared the hell outta me woman!”

“What happened?” I asked, wincing.

“You were covered in guts and gore.” The kid said.

“Beat it,” Negan told him with a lift of his chin.

The kid scurried out of the room, his sneakers squeeking on the floor.

“How the fuck are you, baby?”

“Sore. My body feels like dead weight.”

“Dehydrated and exhaustion. Scared the flyin’ fuck outta me.”

“Sorry,” I whispered.

Neagn leaned down, his signature grin showing his edible dimples, “Have to say, you did look hot as fuck.”

“Shut up,” I snorted.

“Serious as shit, baby. Had me rock hard! When you get healed up, I’m gonna fuck the ever lovin’ hell outta you.” Negan vowed.

He chuckled, “Make you scream like that warrior chick.”

“Xena,” I laughed.

“Yeah, Xena,” Negan chuckled, dipping his head down to kiss me.


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Cinnamon Rolls

Request: I absolutely loved your Jackson and JB polyamorous scenario, could I request a Christmas version please? Thank you so much! ☺

Member: Got7′s JB x Got7′s Jackson x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“Jackson, if you keep staring at her like that, she’s going to wake up,” JB muttered, his voice only mildly annoyed. 

“Too late,” I grumbled, rolling over in the comfortable warmth of my bed. 

“Jaebummie! You woke her!” Jackson squealed, flopping around on the mattress beside me. 

“Yeah, I’m sure that’s what it was,” JB hummed. “My talking waking her up.”

“Bummie is right,” I whispered, turning to give Jackson a warm smile. “I woke up when I felt the serial killer stare.”

“Stalker, not serial killer,” JB grinned. “If he were a serial killer, he would’ve taken the opportune moment of you being asleep to kill you.”

Jackson’s jaw dropped slightly as he looked back and forth from JB to me. “You two are weird.”

“Hello, pot? This is kettle. You’re black,” I giggled, rolling over again to cuddle my body into JB. He wrapped his arm carefully around me as I settled into his warmth and sighed. 

“I’m a different kind of weird!” Jackson whined. He scooted his body toward mine, sandwiching me in a cuddle. “Much less dramatic and disturbed.”

“I just want to point out that you choose to date us,” I muttered into JB’s chest. “So who’s really the disturbed one?”

“Look, we can talk about how you two managed to land a catch like me all day, but that still isn’t getting presents opened,” Jackson whispered, tugging me toward him. 

“Oh yeah,” I said, my eyes shooting open. “It’s Christmas!” 

“Merry Christmas my jagi,” JB whispered, kissing me lightly on the forehead. He leaned over, grabbing Jackson by the chin and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “And to you as well babe.”

“Merry Christmas!” Jackson gasped, throwing his arms around both of us and snuggling into our bodies. 

“Merry Christmas Jax,” I sighed, completely at peace with the love radiating around me in this moment. 

“Well, are you going to wake up? JB made cinnamon rolls and-”

“That’s cannibalism,” I sighed, sitting up and leaning forward. 

JB furrowed his brows, setting me with a curious expression. “What?”

“Disregard her, we have presents to open and baked goods to eat!” Jackson growled, motioning again for us to emerge from the bed. 

“You are a cinnamon roll,” I said slowly. “Hence you eating cinnamon rolls…is cannibalism.”

“How am I a cinnamon roll?” JB asked, confusion still written all over his face. 

“Because on the inside your sweet, warm, and squishy - now can we go?” Jackson gasped, completely exasperated. 

“I am not!” JB grumbled. “I am hard, and tough, and -”

“Chic and sexy, yes, yes,” Jackson nodded. “Food, in the kitchen, getting cold. Presents feeling unwanted.”

“Alright, alright,” I sighed, sliding my legs out of the bed. 

“No! We have to discuss this!” JB whined from behind me as I slid into my slippers and began down the hallway, Jackson close behind. 

“We wish you a merry christmas.” I said, just loudly enough to cover up JB’s complaints. “We wish you a merry christmas! We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!” 

“You can’t tune me-” JB attempted just as Jackson decided to join in. 

“We wish you a merry christmas!” Jackson sang, pulling the finished cinnamon rolls from where they were keeping warm in the oven. “We wish you a merry christmas!” 

“You both are so exhausting,” JB muttered, plopping onto a bar stool at the kitchen counter. “And I just woke up.”

“Start eating,” Jackson nodded. “I’ll grab the presents. We have to hurry here and meet up with the other members for our gift exchange in about an hour.”

“I swear if Jinyoung gets me socks again,” I grumbled, picking up a cinnamon roll. 

“He means well and you be happy with whatever gift you are given!” Jackson called over his shoulder. 

“To be fair, he did knit them himself,” JB said, chewing thoughtfully on his food. “I still wear mine on particularly cold nights.”

I rolled my eyes, unable to hide the grin on my face. So maybe Jinyoung’s sock creations weren’t all bad. I think he gave me his first experimental go at toe socks considering mine had a spot for six digits. 

“I’m wearing mine now!” Jackson said, reappearing with a tower of gifts in his hands. He doled out each one, making sure to shout each person’s name as he went. After placing them in front of us, he leaned across the counter, staring intently. 

“Can I help you?” I asked, taking the last bite of my cinnamon roll. 

“You can!” Jackson squealed. “By opening your gifts first!” 

“Oh come on,” I groaned. “Why do I have to go first? I enjoy you and Bummie opening up your stuff way more.”

“Likewise,” JB smiled, giving Jackson a loving side eye. Jackson stepped over, wrapping his arms carefully around me and setting his chin on my shoulder. 

“Open them,” he cooed, placing tiny kisses on my neck. “Come on!”

“Alright, alright,” I sighed, shivering away from him. I had an incredibly sensitive neck and couldn’t stand his teasing for very long. Jackson squeaked in delight as he moved to the opposite side of the counter and cuddled against JB. JB sighed as he wrapped an arm around Jackson’s shoulders and waited. 

“From Jackson,” I read from the label of the small gift bag he handed me. 

“I was going to write something,” he began, already defensive. “But I love you everyday and feel like I show it, so what need do I have for a heartfelt note?”

“Sometimes the words are nice to read,” JB muttered. 

“Well that means someone wrote a heartfelt note,” Jackson hummed, rolling his eyes. He gripped onto JB’s neck more tightly and kissed him on the temple. “There can only be one deeply sensitive one in this relationship anyhow.”

“Yup, that’s what I bring to the table,” JB chuckled. “I’M the sensitive one. Sure.”

I giggled as I watched their exchange, hearts in my eyes during it’s entirely. JB could pretend that Jackson annoyed him to no end, but deep down he loved him with the passion of a thousand burning suns. 

I pulled an equally as small box from the gift bag that Jackson had given to me and smiled. It was a jewelry box, which was one of Jackson’s favorite things to shower me with. I gingerly took ahold of the top, gasping at the beautiful bracelet inside. 

“It has your name on it,” Jackson cooed, moving back around to stand beside me. He had the bracelet out of the box and on my wrist in a matter of seconds. “It’s pretty, like you!” 

“Thanks babe,” I whispered, gazing up at him through my lashes. I placed a soft kiss to the underside of his jaw and nuzzled into his chest. “It’s beautiful, I love it!” 

“It’s the best gift, right? Say it’s the best gift,” Jackson nodded, waiting for the affirmation. JB looked at me, amusement in his eyes and gave a small nod. 

“It’s the best gift,” I chuckled. “Really.”

“It’s the best gift,” Jackson repeated to himself as he moved back over to JB. He set his chin on his shoulder and waited. 

“Jagi -” I whispered, reading JB’s note on the top of his gift. “365 days aren’t enough to show how much I love and appreciate you. If I could, I’d shower you in gold each day as a reminder of my love. Thank you for loving all of me, all of Jax, and our relationship. I know this adventure is crazy, but you have us no matter what. I love you. Merry Christmas.” 

“Heartfelt note,” Jacskon clucked. “You’re right. Such a cinnamon roll.”

JB scoffed, placing his face in his hands. Sometimes silence was a better response to Jackson’s comments than any response at all. 

I pulled the paper from the gift box JB had wrapped and was once again greeted by a jewelry label. I pushed open the top of the box, immediately springing it to open. A white gold ring stared at me and I giggled in amazement. 

“Bummie!” I gasped, popping it out and sliding it onto my finger. I could feel tears begin to well up. It was the exact same, simple, but beautiful ring that JB and Jackson both wore on their ring fingers. “Thank you.”

“It was an overdue gift,” JB grinned. “Couple items should extend to everyone in a relationship.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Jackson cooed. “So don’t be upset with your dainty bracelet you’re about to open.” 

“You got me a tennis bracelet for Christmas?” JB asked, looking up at Jackson with wide eyes. “That you want me to wear?”

“You were the one who said couples items should extend to everyone in a relationship!” Jackson argued, yanking at his sweater sleeve to reveal a small bracelet that matched mine. “You have to admit it’s pretty!”

“It’s a women’s bracelet!” JB grumbled, shaking his head. 

“Are you saying you won’t wear it?” Jackson pouted, plopping on JB’s lap. 

JB rolled his eyes and gave me an exasperated look. “Of course I’ll wear it,” he sighed. “Couples Item Christmas. Lovely.”

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Christmas Episode : Not Just Another Day, Part One.

Yeah and i know we haven’t got past halloween yet.

Starring Dean, Sam, Cas, Jack, special guest star Gabriel.

Warnings, inference of sex, excessive fluffiness, cuteness. word count (about 2300 why does that matter?

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Not just another day.

“Are you sure Sam?” Dean asked for possibly the hundredth time since they had sat down to breakfast. Sam glared at his brother, sometimes Dean could be downright pedantic.

“Yes Dean I’m sure, there are no cases, nothing on the radar-we do indeed have a day off”.

“Are you sure, because you said that last week and then there was that wendigo in Memphis.” Dean was doing his best to sound pissed, Sam laughed.

“Oh yeah, and what did you and Cas do after we ganked it?” Sam enjoyed watching the blush spread over his brother’s face.

“Shut up.”

“You went to Graceland.”

“I said shut up.”

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Christmas Tidings (Loki x reader)

The Avengers didn’t know how, but (Y/N) always gave the best Christmas presents.

The team swore she placed cameras around the tower from the accuracy of her gifts.

Nat got new pointe shoes and the chocolate she adored delivered straight from Germany.

Steve was gifted a brand new record player after his old one was destroyed in a spat between the superhuman tenants.

Bucky received a scrapbook filled with the most random of occurrences over the years, along with very plush socks. He adored both gifts.

Thor opened a delicacy box to reveal homemade fudge, and after having a taste, had the god posed on one knee. To his dismay, (Y/N) refused.

Sam’s gift was two tickets to the museum of flight, and he would most definitely not be bringing Bucky. (He brought Bucky.)

Her father, Tony would find an MP3 player with a playlist of songs she knew helped him sleep and stacks of his favorite chamomile tea bags under the expansive pine, he had insisted they decorate “together as a team!”

Wanda was pleasantly surprised to see the red dress she had been eyeing in the store display window. Complete with matching strappy, black heels.

Pietro laughed as he saw the many pairs of running shoes she had given him. All different brands and styles.

Bruce opened his present with chuckles as he held up the pair of jeans, shirt, and lab coat, all she helped design to be resistant from tearing.

Clint received a gift card that would last him the whole of the new year to his favorite pizza place down the block.

Vision got sweaters, educational books and every other nerdy thing you would expect an android to want.

Loki surveyed everything. The hidden delight on all their faces as they opened their gifts, and the jealousy on his own. He was actually very surprised when she announced his name. (Y/N) aimed one of her award winning smiles and Loki struggled to remain as calm as he had been for the last hour. “Loki! This one’s for you!” She exclaimed as her hands flitted to a medium sized box from the pile of gifts surrounding her.

He pulled the aluminum paper off of the box that was clearly wrapped delicately by hand and let a fond smile drift on to his face as he saw her enthusiasm. The newly opened parcel revealed a jar filled with book suggestions and a framed sketch of the two of them together.

“I remember you saying that you had nothing to read so I wrote out all if my favorite books and stuffed the notes in the jar. So you can randomly pull out a title!” She enthused. The color rising in her cheeks was almost enough to make Loki hyperventilate, not that he would ever let that show. To the others he seemed cool, indifferent even.

Loki gave her a smile; his real one, not the smirks he threw the rest of the team. He murmured his thanks and let his fingers trace the small box inside his jacket pocket. It could wait a few more hours.

The rest of the party consisted of jokes, cake, and the team trying to steal Thor’s fudge, which he defended ‘til the last crumb.

When Loki saw (Y/N) leave for the balcony, he decided this was the best time as any. He still wasn’t allowed to fully leave the tower alone, only being on Midguard so Thor could monitor his behavior, but balconies were fine, or so he thought.

As soon as Loki passed through the doorway, Thor was alerted by Friday and quietly made his way to the balcony.

While Thor was standing behind the wall Loki had caught (Y/N)’s attention.

He hadn’t really thought far ahead enough of how to begin his conversation, and was now just standing in front of her, waiting for words to tumble out of his mouth.

After about 5 seconds, they finally did, and Loki said rather endearingly, “I very much appreciated your gift. It was highly thoughtful of you,” The blush on her cheeks was much darker than before.

“It wasn’t a problem at all. I actually love giving gifts!” She gushed.

Loki smiled before reaching into his jacket and grabbing the small parcel, and murmured, “I hope you don’t mind receiving gifts, also then.”

He handed her the jewelry box, elegantly tied up with satin ribbon, her face lit up in surprise and excitement. When the package was in her hands she carefully untied the ribbon, her frozen fingers stumbling against the knot for a few seconds until the velvet box was revealed for what it was.

She quickly pulled up the lid on the jewelry box and let out a gasp. Lying on the velvet cushion was a gorgeous emerald necklace with a delicate gold chain tying it together. “Loki this is beautiful! But I can’t accept this. It’s far too valuable!”

He was pleased at her reaction and gently shoved the box back into her hands. “I insist, besides your gift to me was the most thoughtful one all night,” his reply still hadn’t fully convinced her, so he lifted the necklace from the box and asked if he could put it on her. After she reluctantly agreed, she wept her hair to the side and turned so he he could clasp the necklace.

His pale hands lingered on her soft skin and she could feel his breath on the back of her neck, causing a shock of pleasure to run through her spine. (Y/N) thought she probably looked like a tomato, she was blushing so bad.

As Loki was about to lean down to kiss her, he saw his brother’s large figure lurking behind the doorway. He quickly pulled away, wishing (Y/N) a hurried “merry Christmas,” and rushed off to find and hopefully kill his brother. What Loki didn’t see was the disappointment on (Y/N)’s face as he left the balcony.

Thor began speaking as soon as (Y/N) was out of earshot, “You gifted her the necklace without telling her of its power,” Thor spoke when they were parted from the rest of the group.

“I did, Brother. Does it bother you?” Loki threw a glance in his brother’s direction.

“You care for her,” it wasn’t said as a question, but as a statement.

“And if I do? What happens then?” Loki was glancing at his hands; his sarcastic mannerisms dropped.

“Nothing. Opposite to your beliefs, you do deserve to be happy, Loki,” Thor placed his large hand on Loki’s shoulder, “And I know that the necklace was from Mother’s designs.”

Loki raised his brow and looked away, “I may have made a stop to her room for her enchantments on our last visit,” Loki looked back at his brother, “But, I only wish for her to be protected.”

Thor sighed, “I know you won’t, but I would rather you tell her than have her be terrified when her enemy is being knocked through the air twenty feet.”

The mischievous grin on Loki’s face only made Thor’s sigh deepen, “While that will be amusing to watch, I just need to know that the scum of this world does not touch her.”

Thor tried not to let his smile show, happy that his brother was not completely gone yet. “Return to her,” he winked, “Besides you looked as if the two of you were in the middle of something!” Loki rolled his eyes as his brother ran off to find Jane.

Loki stood for a moment, before making his way over to where (Y/N) watched the snow blowing by the window, with hot chocolate in her mug. Her face seemed relaxed, and after turning to see who was coming, it lit up in happiness. She set her chocolate down, so not to spill it, and was surprised as he leant down and pressed his lips against hers. She gasped, and was frozen for a moment before wrapping her arms around the back of his neck, sinking deeper into the kiss.

“Hey Reindeer Games, that’s my daughter you’re defiling!” Was soon heard from an angered billionaire.

The pair soon pulled away, but only until they were tucked safely away from prying eyes. This was surely a great way to end the year.

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liam and eleanor angsty but happy ending fic please

Here you go! I hope this fits what you were looking for!

Christmas in Cordonia
By Misha

Disclaimer- Not mine. I’m just borrowing them for a little while and will return them unharmed when I am done.

Author’s Notes- This is a response to a request for angst with a happy ending and it was also inspired by this week’s ChoicesCreates prompt “animals” since my head canon has always involved Liam getting Eleanor a very special present for their first Christmas together.

Pairing- Liam/MC

Rating- PG

Summary- Eleanor is having a hard time adjusting to Christmas in Cordonia until a special surprise from Liam reminds her of the most important things in life.

Words- 862

Christmas was almost my undoing.

I had been in Cordonia six months by then and I thought I was adjusting well. And I was, until December. I don’t know if it was the warm weather or the lack of pine trees, but it suddenly hit me how far from home I was. Except, this was my home.

They celebrated Christmas in Cordonia, of course, it just wasn’t the same as I was used to. I tried to learn the customs of my new home and forget about Christmas in the Us. About the tree at the Rockefeller Centre, the way the streets bustled with Christmas shoppers, and the sounds of Christmas music everywhere I went. Snow.

I’d never spend another Christmas in New York.

“How are these?” Hana asked, motioning to a platter of freshly decorated cookies.

“Perfect,” I said, grabbing one. I had mentioned the other day that one of the things I loved about Christmas was baking cookies with my cousins and Hana had immediately volunteered to bake with me.

So we had taken over the small kitchen in the royal wing of the palace and had spent the day making dozens and dozens of cookies. It was fun.

Chatting with Hana as we baked, stealing cookie dough, watching in awe as Hana turned simple sugar cookies into masterpieces. It reminded me of home.

“I wish there was snow,” I complained, staring at all the green around me.

“You can always spend Christmas with Olivia,” Drake suggested with a smirk, obviously not moved by my plight.

I glared at him, refusing to admit how tempting I found the idea.

“What do you mean I can’t go shopping?” I whined, despite myself, glaring at Bastian.

I had been looking forward to an afternoon wandering the mall, listening to bad Christmas music and shopping for gifts.

“It’s impossible to secure the mall this time of year,” he said apologetically, “we can arrange for you to visit a few of the upscale boutiques or we can have a selection of items brought to the palace for you to consider.”

I wanted to protest some more, but… I didn’t. I guess I had known that by agreeing to marry Liam, I was giving up a “normal” life and apparently that included Christmas shopping.

“Is everything alright?” Liam asked me a few days before Christmas, his blue eyes full of concern.

“Just tired,” I dismissed, not willing to tell him what was bothering me. There was nothing he could do to change my situation and it would just make him feel bad.

“The pre-Christmas whirlwind is a little exhausting,” he agreed, kissing my head. “Are you looking forward to your first Christmas in Cordonia, Eleanor?”

I knew I couldn’t tell him the truth, that I was starting to dread it, so instead, I found another truth to tell him. “I’m looking forward to our first Christmas together.”

He smiled and pulled me close to him, “me too.”

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly,/ Fa la la la la, la la la la/ Tis the season to be jolly,/ Fa la la la la, la la la la.” Maxwell sang loudly on Christmas Eve since Liam and I had invited a few friends to have a private celebration with us.

I laughed for the first time in weeks. There was something so cheerful about Maxwell’s bad singing that it immediately improved my mood.

Just then, Liam entered the room, carrying a big box with a bright red bow.

“I thought we weren’t exchanging gifts until tomorrow,” I commented as he handed me the box.

“This gift is special,” he said with a smile.

I could feel everyone watching me as I carefully lifted the lid and peered into the box. “Liam!” I exclaimed at the sight of the cutest gray and white kitten I had ever seen.

“Merry Christmas, Ellie,” he said with a smile, watching as I picked the kitten up, “I know this Christmas hasn’t been quite what you’re used to and I wanted to do something special. Besides, it’s our first Christmas together, seems like a good time to adopt our first best.”

I beamed at him, cradling my kitten in my arms. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he told me, wrapping his arms around my waist. “What are you going to call her?”

“Noelle,” I said immediately, “after all she’s a Christmas kitten.”

Drake groaned, but Hana smiled. “I think that’s the perfect name. She’s adorable.”

“She really is,” I agreed, bubbling with happiness, my previous melancholy having disappeared at the thoughtfulness of Liam’s gesture.

Maybe Christmas in Cordonia wouldn’t be the same as the ones back home, but my last few Christmases in the States hadn’t been that great, anyway. If I were there, I’d probably be alone or with a few cousins, but desperately missing my parents and longing for the family Christmases we used to have. But here I was, surrounded by people who loved me and who wanted me to be happy.

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to spend Christmas. Even if there was no snow.

-          End

smol volley squad and the day when you become a year older.

Happy belated Birthday, anon! I’m sorry this took a while, but I hope that you had a bright, happy day. :) Here’s to you! P.S. Kuroo is a huge dork and doesn’t understand how cheesy he sounds.

Bokuto Koutarou.

“It’s not a surprise if I know about it.” Akaashi looks at you, alarmed, but the only thing that shows it is the way his brows raise.

“You tell him that, and his heart’s going to break.”

That makes your chest twinge and a soft smile curls itself happily on your cheeks. “You’re right. It’s a surprise, no matter what.”

It’s worth all the trouble, because the moment you turn the heavy, padded doorknob, you can hear the excited breathing from a certain loveable owl of yours, and Akaashi’s right there by your side- equally amused, and equally exasperated. 10/10 for trying, you had to give him, and full points for making you feel so full you’re about to burst, quite like the palpable tension in the darkness. You do your best not to giggle, because this is the worst try of being ‘not here’ you’ve ever seen.

Keep reading

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Hi, I absolutely adore how you write your fics~! If you happened to get the time, Could you maybe do one about the RFA + V + Saeran's first winter/big snow together or maybe a getting into the Christmas Spirit one? <3

OMG thank you! Sorry this took so long. A corporate slave’s work is never done. Also, I decided to do both! I hope this is okay, I’ve never really experienced real snow first hand, and I haven’t celebrated Christmas properly in years, but I hope this is what you were looking for. I also added some extra parts, like how they’d be in a snowball fight, and, I mean, I wouldn’t be me without a little angst, right? So I added their Christmases before MC.

So, without further ado, RFA+V+Unknown’s first winter and Christmas with MC + Christmas before MC and how they’d be in a snowball fight.




“I’ve never played in the snow.” Saeran repeated.

It was snowing out, and MC was telling Saeran about the times they used to play in the snow. MC shouldn’t really have been that surprised considering what he’s been through, but they thought he might have at least done it once out of curiosity.

MC suddenly stood up. “Let’s go, Saeran.”


“Come on, get dressed! We’re going outside!”

MC wanted to start with something simple first, so they decided to build a snowman. Saeran wasn’t really sure about what he was doing at first. He was just sort of following MC’s lead. MC thought it was just the cutest thing, with Saeran patting around the snowman. Eventually, he got more comfortable, and decided to build his own.

They played all day, and Saeran was having fun. He was hesitant at first, because he thought it was for little kids, but he was eventually able to relax and just play.

It was getting colder, so they decided it was time to head home.

“Did you have fun, Saeran?” MC asked.

“Yeah, I did. Maybe we can go again tomorrow.” Saeran said, too embarrassed to look at them.

“Sure!” MC smiled.

Saeran noticed that they were getting colder, so he wrapped his arm around them as they walked. “Better?”

“Yeah.” MC blushed.

“Let’s go get some hot chocolate.”

Christmas before MC:

It was Christmas again. You’d think that ‘the everlasting party’ would actually be having a Christmas party, but that wasn’t the case. His savior said that it would be too dangerous to have them all together in one place. She said that they should just spend the time working so that someday they wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Saeran couldn’t concentrate, so he decided to take a walk to clear his head. Christmas. He recalled the times when his mother would tie him up in the kitchen, but his brother would later sneak into when she passed out so he could untie him and they’d have their own mini Christmas in his room with some bread and candy that he’s been saving. He told him that they’d have a proper Christmas once they got away from that place. He pushed the memory away. Those were all lies.

A family passed him. They were heading home from somewhere, each parent, holding hands with one child. They looked so happy, just chatting in their own little world.

He’d never have that.

Saeran remembered the time his brother snuck him out, how happy he was the first time he saw the sky. Were they looking at the same sky right now?

Stop it.

He was happy, right? His savior gave him everything he needed. He was in paradise, where his savior took away all his pain. Why did he still feel so empty?

Thoughts of his brother came into his head again and he tried his best to push them away. His brother abandoned him. This was his fault. He was the reason Saeran couldn’t enjoy paradise.

He made up his mind. He’d go back and finish work so that he could plan his revenge.

Then he’d be happy, right?


“Th-thank you! P-please come again!”

Saeran was walking around town one day when he saw something in a store window. It reminded him of MC, and Christmas was coming up, so he thought he might as well buy it for them. The store owner was very nice to him as well, and gave him a big discount.

Saeran never really celebrated Christmas. Well, unless you count those times with his brother. Ever since Saeyoung left all those years ago, he’s been spending Christmas angry and alone.

This year was different though, MC wanted their first Christmas together to be something special. They’ve been talking about it for weeks. They decorated the house together just a few weeks before, and of course, Saeyoung wouldn’t be left out of the planning.

He wondered if there was anything he could do to help. I might as well get something for Saeyoung, while I’m here. He thought.

MC held his hand as they sat at the dining table. He still wasn’t used to so many people being nice to him.

“I heard you and MC played in the snow the other day.” Yoosung said, “Next time we should play LOLOL together. I can teach you everything you need to know!”

“Please don’t make a game junkie out of our new member, Yoosung.” Jaehee said.

“But LOLOL’s so fun! MC says we should keep doing what we enjoy. Right, MC?”

“Right.” MC laughed.

They talked like that for a while, everyone trying to include Saeran in the conversation and making him as comfortable as possible. He used to be quite hostile towards everyone whenever they tried to talk to him, but he’s been trying hard to open up more. It was nice. It made him feel good, knowing that they were trying to get to know him, even until now, and MC being there was helping a lot as well.

Saeyoung suddenly jumped out from one of the rooms, wearing a Santa Clause costume. “Present time!” He yelled. Saeyoung skipped around, passing present around. He dumped a huge pile in front of Saeran. “And these are for you, Saeran! You’ve been very good, so you get extra presents!”

Everyone in the RFA smiled, also giving their presents around. Saeran was surprised that he got presents from everyone, and wished that he spent more time shopping. He pulled Saeyoung’s gift out of his bag. “Here.” He handed it to him.


“Don’t make a fuss about it. I just bought it the other day.”

Saeyoung almost cried. Not only was his brother finally spending Christmas with him, he got him a present. Saeyoung gave Saeran a hug. “Merry Christmas, Saeran.”

Saeran was taken aback, but relaxed. “Merry Christmas, Saeyoung.” Saeran smiled.

Saeran was finally happy.

Saeran joined MC again soon after.

“That was really nice of you, Saeran.” They smiled. “I’m sure it meant a lot to him.”

Saeran tried to play it off as nothing, embarrassed. He then remembered that he had a gift for them as well, “Oh, right.” Saeran said, taking out a poorly gift wrapped box from his bag, “I got this for you.”

MC took the box from him, surprised. Saeran was blushing, not looking directly at them. MC smiled, “Thank you Saeran.”

“D-don’t mention it.” Saeran replied, flustered.


Saeran was watching the other RFA members throw snowballs at each other. MC was with him a moment ago, but ran after Saeyoung when he threw a snowball at them. He only ever played in the snow when MC showed him the other day, and they never got around to snowball fights, so he really didn’t know how you joined a snowball fight, and no one even tried to hit him yet. He was about to catch up with MC when Yoosung hit him in the face with a snowball.

Now, Yoosung was really good at snowball fights. It was like he was a soldier or something. But Yoosung was still pretty terrified of Saeran, and he knew it. So he decided to have a little fun. As soon as he whipped the snow off his face, he had this look that almost made Yoosung wet himself.

“You’re going to regret that.”

“S-Saeran, let’s be reasonable here.” Yoosung pleaded.

Saeran formed a snowball, and threw it at Yoosung’s direction.


The snowball didn’t even make it half way. Yoosung tried not to laugh, but he just couldn’t help it. He was laughing so hard, he could barely stand. Now he’s done it. Saeran made another snowball and hit him right in the face.

Huh. This is fun.




“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Saeyoung sang, shaking MC awake.

“Mmm” MC mumbled, pushing his hand away.

“Come on let’s go and play!”

“Shut up, Saeyoung.” They said, covering their head with a pillow.

“MC, wake up!” Saeyoung said, shaking them harder. “MC! MC, wake up!” He pulled the pillow off.

“Saeyoung, it’s Saturday.“

“But MC, it’s snowing!”

“Saeyoung let me sleep.” They pulled the covers over their head.

Saeyoung sighed, “You asked for this, MC.” Saeyoung stood up and picked up the bucket he prepared for this scenario, and dumped the contents all over MC.


“Oh good, you’re up.” He grinned and made a run for it.

As soon as MC was properly dressed, they ran outside to find Saeyoung and Saeran waiting for them. “Finally!” He said, “We’ve been waiting forever!”

“He got you too, huh?” Saeran asked them.

“Come on guys! There’s a whole day of fun to be had!” Saeyoung said.

MC ignored him.

“Aw, come on, MC! Stop giving me the cold shoulder!” He laughed.

MC hit him with a snowball.

“That’s cold, MC.” He laughed again.

MC threw another one at him.

He laughed some more until MC continued throwing them. “haha! Owch! MC- ah! Saeran, help! Aah!”

They spent the whole day playing in the snow. They did every snow activity they could think of. Saeyoung wanted to make sure Saeran did everything and enjoyed, since it was their first time playing in the snow together. Spending it with the love of his life made it more fun for him as well, even though they pelted him with snowballs every few minutes.

They finally decided to head back inside for some hot chocolate. MC ran inside as fast as they could, “Hot chocolate!” They yelled.

As soon as Saeyoung opened the door behind them, a bucket of snow fell off of it, which he easily avoided. ”Did you really think I was gonna fall for that?“ He laughed. “Defender of Justice 707 is not so easily fooled, my love.” He said, walking out of the room. As soon as he left, however, he felt a bucket of snow fall all over him. “AAAAAAHHHHH WHAT THE F*CK!”

Thanks Saeran.

Christmas before MC:

Click. Click. Clack. Click. Clack. Click.

Luciel’s been working all week. He always worked extra hard around this time of year, he didn’t want to have any time to think. Luciel checked the clock and sighed. It was midnight. “Merry Christmas.” He laughed and made a mental note to hear mass the next day. “Well, it’s time for a break.” He opened a bag of Honey Buddha Chips.

This was the second Christmas since Rika died, and as expected, they weren’t celebrating this year either. They used to have celebrations for everything when she was alive. It almost made him forget about his situation. Almost.

“I wonder what Saeran’s doing right now.” He thought. “I hope he’s eating well. I hope he’s healthy.”

Luciel took out the floppy disc Rika gave him the previous year. It was the only thing that kept him sane. “I hope he’s happy.” He placed the disc in his computer and sighed. “Merry Christmas, Saeran.”


“Dashing through the Honey Buddha! In a Christmas Christmas sleigh!” Saeyoung sang as they drove home from mass.

It was Christmas day, and Saeyoung, Saeran, and MC were on their way home to get ready for the Christmas party at their place after the fundraiser.

“Oh you better watch out! Because Saeyoung is meeting ELLY tonight!”

MC was singing random things along with him, and Saeran was in the back seat, grumbling about how annoying they were being. He couldn’t hide his smile though, whenever they sang something he found entertaining. Saeyoung couldn’t be happier.

“Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!” Saeyoung boomed as soon as he walked into the room.

“Saeyoung! That’s my line!” MC said gesturing to their Santa Clause costume.

“Oops! Haha, I guess you’re right.” He said, looking down at his sexy Mrs. Clause outfit.

Zen was the first to arrive and Saeran already let him in. He walked into the living room to greet them, “Marry Chrisma-AAAAAHHHH MY EYES!”

Saeyoung wanted to make this the best Christmas ever. He cleaned and decorated the whole house, served everyone’s favorite food, and he even behaved himself around Elizabeth 3rd and did everything he could so that all the RFA members were satisfied. That didn’t stop him from making his usual jokes though, but it just added to the fun. Even Jaehee was enjoying herself.

Saeyoung jumped out of a room carrying a large sack full of presents.

“Ho ho ho, you’ve all been very good this year!” He said as he passed several presents around.

“Still my line, Saeyoung.” MC laughed, helping him hand out gifts.

“These are for you, Saeran.” Saeyoung grinned, pulling out several boxes from the sack.


“They’re to make up for all the years we didn’t get anything.” He handed Saeran the presents. “We can be like this all the time now, and be a real family.”

Saeran let out a small smile. “Thank you, Saeyoung.”

Saeyoung looked around content, thinking that things are the way they should be. Jumin and Zen were arguing about something, with Zen trying his best not to sneeze when Jumin called Elizabeth 3rd, Jaehee was trying her best to support Zen, without being too rude to Jumin, even Saeran seemed to be opening up more, listening as Yoosung talked to him about LOLOL. Saeyoung turned to MC and gave them a kiss. “Thank you, MC, for giving me the family I’ve always wanted.”


Duck. Roll. Almost trip. Hide behind a tree.

“Agent 606, do you read me? Over.” Saeyoung spoke into his walkie talkie.

“Affirmative. Over.” MC replied, hiding behind a rock.

“Agend 070, do you read me? Over.”

Saeran spoke, “This is ridiculous, brother. And why is my codename 070?”

“You didn’t say ‘over’, 070, over.”


Jumin was out on a stroll with Elizabeth 3rd. He loved how her fur looked out in the snow, and he even bought her an expensive snowsuit to keep her warm.

Target sighted.

Saeyoung spoke into the walkie walkie again, “Agent 606, in to position. Over.”

MC walked out casually, as if they were on a stroll of their own. They ‘noticed’ Jumin and ran up to him. “Jumin! Hi!” They smiled.

“I sense trouble.” Jumin said, as soon as they reached him.

“Fancy seeing you here.”

“I live here.” He gestured up to his penthouse.

“So you do.” They laughed nervously.

Saeran face palmed.

“070, are you in position? Over.”

“Yeah, just give me the signal.”

“Over.” He sighed.

Jumin finally dropped his guard, letting MC pet Elizabeth 3rd.

“Now!” Saeyoung called into the walkie talkie. Saeran pelted Jumin with several pre made snowballs, careful not to hit Elizabeth 3rd. She was so surprised though, that she jumped out of Jumin’s arms. MC immediately ran to their hiding place.

Saeyoung ran in with a battle cry, taking Elizabeth 3rd into his arms. “ELLYYYYYYYY!”

The trio then made a run for it. Jumin tried to catch them, but was stopped by a snowball that Saeyoung threw at his face.

Jumin got a restraining order against all three of them soon after.



“Look, Jumin! It’s snowing!”

MC and Jumin were having breakfast one morning when MC noticed the weather outside. Jumin listened as MC talked about all the times they played in the snow. He was quite curious, considering that he’s never done it before, he’s been skiing, but that was about it. MC smiled and told him that they’d play in the snow together sometime.

All that talk of snow made him remember a scene in one of the romance novels he’s read. In it the couple was taking a stroll outside, holding hands or holding each other.

Jumin suddenly spoke, “Let’s go to the garden.”

“We have to wait a bit so that we can play in the snow, Jumin.” MC smiled.

“I want to see the snow with you.” Jumin picked up Elizabeth 3rd, “Let’s all get properly dressed, then.”

MC was carrying Elizabeth 3rd in her little snowsuit, while Jumin had his arm around them, holding them close. They watched as the garden was slowly covered in a thin layer of white powder.

“I have to admit, Jumin,” MC snuggled closer, “this was a really good idea.”

Eventually, it got a bit too cold for them, and the couple decided to play in the snow another time. They went back inside, Jumin put on a fire, MC made some hot chocolate, and the three snuggled up together on the couch.

Jumin turned to MC, “This was quite a pleasant experience.” He smiled.

“Yes, it was.” MC smiled back.

Jumin pulled them closer. “I wouldn’t mind staying out in the snow again if it means that it would end like this.”

Christmas before MC:

It was Christmas Eve, and Jumin was attending the Christmas party of one of C&R’s associates. His father disappeared a while ago with his current girlfriend, and Jumin was forced to mingle with the other guests alone.

“I love your suit, Mr. Han. Is it Verragamo? I think it is.” Jumin was half listening as the representative of the Cultured Citizens Association tried to flirt with him. The woman made it very difficult for him not to be rude and just walk away.

He would much rather be at home with Elizabeth 3rd at that moment, celebrating with the only creature that could understand him. Of course, that wasn’t always the case. It’s only been a little over a year since Rika passed away, and he couldn’t help but think of her, how it was as if she saw his true self whenever she looked at him.

Jumin shook the thought away. She was never supposed to be his.

Jumin was furious at his father for leaving him there. Christmas was a time to be spent with your family, and all his father did was drag him to a Christmas party he didn’t want to attend, and run off with his girlfriend. He supposed he shouldn’t have been surprised. It’s how he was every year. He just didn’t like how much more alone he felt at that moment.

Jumin thought about the last RFA party. How lively and happy everyone was, how Rika did her best to make everyone happy, how different V was from the man he was now. Jumin missed him. Was he still feeling that much pain over her? Jumin would never understand how he felt, he didn’t want to. He grieved, but soon returned to work instead of thinking of her. That’s how he coped.

Jumin sighed, and gave the woman his most charming smile. He should at least do something productive while he was there.


Jumin went all out. The decorations were perfect, the gifts were all wrapped, they served the finest food, and the tree…

“Wow! It’s huge!” Yoosung exclaimed as soon as he arrived, “It must’ve taken hours to decorate!” He got a closer look at all the cat-shaped ornaments. “Omg, they’re so cute!”

“Hmph, trust fund jerk is flaunting his money again.” Zen mumbled, trying not to sneeze.

“Be nice, Zen. It’s Christmas.”

“Yeah, yea-achoo”

“You look wonderful, my love.” Jumin said as soon as MC finished getting dressed, “I knew this outfit would look perfect on you.”

Jumin and MC were hosting the after party, and he didn’t want them to wear the same outfit to both parties.

“I almost don’t want to send everyone away, just so only I can see you like this.”

MC gave him a look.

“Well,” Jumin cleared his throat, “I suppose we shouldn’t leave our guests waiting.”

Everything was going great. V seemed happier than usual, Seven wasn’t tormenting Elizabeth 3rd as much, everyone enjoyed their gifts, even Zen didn’t seem to have much to complain about, It was probably good that he listened to MC about not giving him a pair of cat ears, and as always, Jumin never left MC’s side. It was perfect.

He wanted to get MC alone, so he led them back into the other room.

“I have a present for you, MC.”

“Jumin, you’ve already given me so many gifts, this is too much!”

“This one’s special my love.” He brought out a box from the closet and handed it to them. “Open it.”

MC couldn’t believe their eyes, it was such a thoughtful gift. “Jumin, thank you.” They gave him a kiss.

“MC, there was something I wanted to try this Christmas.”

They gave him a questioning look. He led them to the door, and pointed up at the mistletoe.

MC grinned and gave him another long kiss.

Jumin had this look in his eye when they pulled apart. “You’re staying here, tonight.”


Jumin and MC were enjoying the snow with the rest of the RFA members. Suddenly, Yoosung got angry and threw a snowball at Seven. Instead of getting revenge on Yoosung, Seven threw one at MC, which they narrowly avoided.

“Oh, you asked for it.” MC said and threw a snowball at Seven’s shoulder.

Jumin looked at them confused.

“Come on, Jumin!” They said, crouching down and forming another snowball, “It’s a snowball fight!” They laughed when they hit Seven right in the face.

Jumin smiled. “What an interesting commoner activity.”

Jumin tried to make a snowball as well, but instead of flying towards the others, it just plopped down on the ground. He stared at it for a moment and tried again, getting the same results.

MC was about to help him when he suddenly got pelted with several snowballs coming from Seven and Zen’s when did he get there? Snow Fort.

“Every man for himself!” MC screamed as they ran away.

A look of betrayal flashed on Jumin’s face as he was pelted with more snowballs.

“I’m sorry, my love! It’s survival of the fittest!”

That night, Jumin decided to learn more about snowball fights. MC was also punished for abandoning him earlier, which they didn’t mind at all.



“Zen, it’s freezing!” MC whined, pulling their coat tighter around themselves.

It was snowing that morning, and Zen, being Zen, wanted to take a romantic stroll in the park.

“Come on, babe! It’ll be so romantic!” He said, tugging on their arm.

Of course, MC couldn’t say no, and that’s how they ended up walking outside at -18C.

“But isn’t it romantic, MC?” Zen smiled, “Here, let me help keep you warm.” He said, pulling them close.

MC smiled back. “Yeah, I guess it is pretty sweet.”

They walked around like that for a while, just enjoying the scenery, taking a selfie, now and then. It really was beautiful, and MC really liked being so close to Zen.

Zen led them to a frozen pond, where there were several people ice skating.

Zen smiled at them, “You didn’t think I’d pass up this opportunity to show you how graceful I am on ice, did you?” He said, holding up two pairs of ice skates.

Zen was… not so graceful. He actually fell down quite a few times. Seven, to be exact, MC was trying their best not to laugh. But he finally got the hang of it after a while. He was skating with MC, acting like he was supporting them, but it was actually the other way around.

“See MC? I told you I was graceful!”

MC looked at him and left his hold, watching him as they skated backwards.

Zen faltered, “MC, wait!”


Christmas before MC:

Zen downed another beer. It was Christmas again, and just like last year, he was spending it alone. He was used to it. He spent it like this all the time before he joined the RFA, but it somehow felt worse after experiencing it with them.

It wasn’t always like this. The RFA members used to spend every special occasion together, Rika would make sure that everyone was there, and that everyone was happy. It was nice, they were almost like a family.

Zen opened another can. He thought about calling them, his parents, and his brother. The phone was in his hand, the number was dialed, and all he needed to do was press call.

He put the phone down.

Sigh. “Maybe next year.”


Zen stood at the front door and hesitated. He had a bad feeling about this.

MC tightened their grip on his hand. “You can do this.” They smiled.

Zen sighed and rang the doorbell.

It was his first Christmas with MC, and they convinced him to leave the RFA Christmas party early so that he could spend time with his family. It wasn’t like it was the first time he’d be meeting his family again, he’s visited them several times since he first called them again, and it wasn’t the first time they were meeting MC either, but things were still a bit tense, and Zen felt as though something was going to go wrong.

His brother was the one to open the door, “Hyun, you’re here!” He turned to MC and smiled. “And it’s always good to see you as well, MC.”

He let them in, and ushered them into the kitchen where his brother’s spouse was helping his mother cook dinner.

His mother smiled and went up to greet them as soon as they entered. He still wasn’t used to seeing her act like this, but he knew she was trying her best, and he appreciated that.

The day was amazing. Zen really didn’t need to worry at all. Everyone congratulated him on how well he was doing. His mother was on her best behavior, never mentioning the scandal he was involved in, once. She even talked about how they watched the most recent production he was in, and they bought a few DVDs of the old ones. Zen never thought he’d see the day.

It also helped how supportive MC was being. When they weren’t playing with his brother’s kids, they were always there to make him feel better when he got too anxious. Whenever he felt stuck in the conversation, MC was there to the rescue. His family actually loved them, and Zen couldn’t have been happier.

There was only one thing that he needed to do to wrap the day up, and he was really quite excited. He led MC away from the others, and went to one of the doors he saw when he arrived. He was lucky that his brother was as much of a romantic as he was, because it meant he wouldn’t have to put one up himself.

MC smiled at him, “What’s this about, Zen?”

Zen just grinned and pointed up at the mistletoe.

MC blushed. “Oh, w-well I guess we have no choice.” They giggled.

Zen looked around to make sure no one was around before he bent down and kissed them. It was his idea, beet red when they were done.

MC couldn’t stop smiling. “I’m really glad to see you so happy, Zen.”

“It’s all because of you, MC.” He stole another kiss. “We should do this again next year.”


Hide. Don’t let him find you.

Zen was making fun of Yoosung again, telling him that he should stop playing LOLOL or else he’d never get a girlfriend. MC was telling him to let up a bit, but he wouldn’t listen and kept pushing Yoosung’s buttons. Finally, Yoosung snapped and started pelting him with snowballs. He couldn’t even fight back, Yoosung was going so fast.

“Zen, come out and play!” Yoosung sang.

Zen felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest. He was hiding behind a pile of snow, cursing his height for the first time, and hoping to god that his white hair made for good camouflage.

“Come on! Don’t you want to show me how useless LOLOL is?”

Zen sunk down lower but accidentally made a sloshing noise in the snow.


Yoosung started throwing snowballs at him, with Zen trying to run away. “Ow! Ah! Yoosung! Owch! MC! Don’t forget me!” Zen ended up fake dying dramatically with MC just watching them amused from a distance.



Yoosung loved snow. He loved playing around in it. And he was especially excited, since he could experience it with MC now.

“Come on, MC!” Yoosung called out, running ahead of them to the top of the hill. It was snowing out, so he and MC decided to go have some fun.

“Are you ready?” He asked once they sat on their sleds. “One, two, three, go!” He kicked off.

“Woohoo! Wasn’t that fun, MC?” He asked once they got to the bottom. It was the third time already, and MC found how excited he was getting, adorable. Yoosung suddenly dropped back on the ground and started making snow angels.

“Yoosung!” MC called out, “You’re gonna get all wet! You could get sick!”

Yoosung stood up once he was done and held them in his arms. “I love having a girl/boyfriend that worries about me.” He gave them a quick kiss. “Come on!” Yoosung said, dusting the snow off his clothes, “Let’s go build snowmen!”

Christmas before MC:

Yoosung★ has entered the chat room.

Yoosung★: Merry Christmas!

Yoosung★: Oh…

Yoosung★: No one’s online again…

Yoosung exited the chat room and sighed. He supposed he shouldn’t have been surprised. No one’s really been active since Rika…

He was alone. Yoosung was hoping that the RFA would have a Christmas party again, like they used to, and decided not to go to his parents’ place until the next day. He waited until Christmas Eve, but he was the only one that actually tried to work it out.

“I guess I should just play some LOLOL.” He said, sitting down at his computer. Yoosung noticed their picture next to his computer and sighed. “Merry Christmas, Rika.”


He wanted everything to be perfect. It was Yoosung’s first Christmas with MC, and he’s been planning for weeks. While he was helping with the RFA party, he often found his mind wandering to what else he could do with them that day. Of course he did his best to help with the party as much as he could, but the thought of actually celebrating Christmas with the one he loved was just too exciting.

“MC, wake up! It’s Christmas!” Yoosung was practically bouncing on the bed, trying to shake them awake. Yoosung could hardly sleep the night before, he was so excited.

“Mmm, morning, Yoosung.” They said, sleepily.

“MC, wake up! We have a big day planned. We have to go get ready!”

“Okay, okay, I’m up.” MC laughed.

The party was a success. They raised a lot of money, and there were still several people around who wanted to help more. Yoosung was so happy to see that Rika’s work lived on, and it was all thanks to MC.

The party was in full swing, and Yoosung decided that that would be the right time. He called Zen to tell him, and went off to find MC.

He ran up behind them and covered their eyes with his hands, “Guess who.” He smiled.

“Mmm, Superman Yoosung?” They laughed.

“That’s right!” He spun them around and gave them a kiss.

“What’s gotten into you?” MC laughed.

“I’m just happy to be spending my first Christmas together with my boy/girlfriend” He kissed them again. Yoosung grabbed their hand, “You wanna get out of here?”

“But what about the party?”

“Don’t worry, I asked Zen to cover for us.”

MC smiled and followed Yoosung out.

It was like a dream. They walked around together, enjoying all the lights and decorations around town. It was so much better with MC by his side.

He had his arm around them as they walked, keeping them warm. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” MC smiled. “Everything’s so pretty.”

Yoosung smiled and gave them a kiss on the cheek. He knew just where he wanted to take them next. They walked a bit further, and ended up at the Seoul Plaza Hotel. Yoosung wanted them to see the big Christmas tree together. As soon as they saw the tree, MC smiled wider, if that was even possible.

“What’s Christmas without a big Christmas tree, right?” Yoosung smiled. “Oh, I got you something.” Yoosung pulled a box out of his bag.

“Yoosung, you didn’t have to get me anything.”

“Well, I wanted to. I wanted to make this the best Christmas ever.”

“Aw, Yoosung,” MC hugged him.

“I love you, MC.” Yoosung smiled, blushing. He gave them a quick kiss on the lips.

“I love you too, Yoosung.” MC giggled.

“Merry Christmas.”


Yoosung was in his element. He loved playing snow, and he really loved snowball fights. Seven challenged him to one, and now it was an all out snow war between all the RFA members. Seven sealed his fate when he kept missing Yoosung and hit the other members. He was probably doing it on purpose.

By now, most of the other members had already given up. V couldn’t join them for obvious reasons, Jumin was dead. He never stood a chance. Zen provoked Yoosung, so you can guess what happened to him.

Yoosung was hiding behind a tree and saw MC and Jaehee taking Seven down. He decided to make a sneak attack. He snuck up behind them, but before he could even get close, Jaehee threw a snowball at his face. “That one was for Zen.”



“It’s cold today, isn’t it?”

MC and Jaehee were finally putting up Christmas decorations around the house. It looked amazing. It was the kind of thing you’d see on a magazine. MC didn’t expect anything less from their girlfriend.

“Yes, it is.” Jaehee said as she added more ornaments to the tree.

“Jaehee, look!” MC pointed out their window. It was snowing out.

Jaehee was glad they decided to put up the decorations outside first.

MC grabbed onto Jaehee’s wrist. “Jaehee, I think it’s time for a break. Let’s go play in the snow for a bit!”

Jaehee smiled. “I suppose that’s alright. Just make sure you dress properly. I don’t want you getting sick.”

The couple went out in their warmest clothes, holding hands and just chatting. They watched as little kids play around in the snow.

“I can’t wait until we get to watch our own kids like this.” Jaehee said, spacing out.

MC smiled at her. “Me neither.”

Jaehee blushed, not realizing she said that out loud. “I-I mean, um,”

MC took her into their arms and she blushed even more. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Christmas before MC:

“Yes. Yes, I know, auntie. I know, I’m sorry I can’t be there. Yes, don’t worry. Of course I’ll have them sent to you. I know, auntie, I really am grateful.” Jaehee sat there, trying her best not to just shut off the phone.

“Yes, I know. I have to get back to work now. Merry Christmas, auntie.”

Jaehee hung up and sighed. She was taking a break, watching her favorite Zen DVD to cheer herself up, when her aunt suddenly called to scold her for not coming home for Christmas. Jumin wanted to start another cat project, which meant she’s be working over the holidays.

Jaehee wondered how it came to this. She thought once she got a job, if she did well, things would get better. However, all that’s happened is she was overworked, and had no time to do anything she wanted to do.

She turned off the TV and sighed again. “I really should get back to work.”


It was Christmas, and the RFA decided to have a small party among themselves after the fundraiser, and Jaehee and MC volunteered to host it.

“Wow! It’s like we’re inside a story book!” Yoosung exclaimed as soon as he saw how their house was decorated.

“It’s really impressive, Jaehee.” Zen said. “It looks like the set for my musical-“

“_______. I know.” MC mumbled, and Jaehee thought it was cute, how jealous they were getting.

“Everything’s so good!” Yoosung said as they ate.

“Of course it is, Jaehee made it!” MC said, proudly, wrapping an arm around Jaehee.

“Come to think of it,” Yoosung continued, “is this the food you’ll be selling at the café you’re opening?”

“It is, actually.” Jaehee smiled, “I just thought I’d see if you all enjoyed it. I’m glad that you do.”

“We’ll be opening next month. You’re all coming, right?” MC asked.

Jumin sulked, while everyone agreed. He was still unhappy that he couldn’t find a proper assistant, and was considering making Yoosung his assistant permanently.

The party was a success, and everyone couldn’t wait to try the rest of the food at their café. The couple sat together on the couch, drinking hot chocolate that Jaehee made.

MC suddenly sat up and pulled a box from the side of the couch. “I got you something, Jaehee.”

“MC, you didn’t have to.”

“I wanted to.” They smiled. “It’s something you can use for the café.”

Jaehee gasped when she opened the box. “Oh, MC, thank you.”

Jaehee thought about everything they’ve been through, how she would never have followed her dreams had she not met this amazing person. She was so thankful that she met them.

Jaehee gave them a kiss on the lips. “This is all thanks to you, MC. Thank you.”


MC and Jaehee were out enjoying the snow with the RFA. Seven had somehow convinced everyone to build snowmen. It was getting a little chilly so Jaehee suggested the two of them go back inside for some hot chocolate. As soon as they turned away, however, Jaehee felt something cold hit her back. She turned back around, and saw Seven, frozen is place, Yoosung’s back was turned to them, but he was also looking at them. Seven pointed at Yoosung.

RIP Seven.


It was getting close to Christmas, and V and MC decided to get some shopping done. They were exiting a shop, when they noticed it was snowing out. MC was so excited. They ran outside so they could enjoy it. V thought it was adorable. He watched as the snowflakes fell around them. Every time he’d think that they couldn’t get any more beautiful, they’d surprise him with something like this. He was so happy he brought his camera.

MC suddenly noticed him taking pictures. “Huh? V, what are you doing?”

“Wait, wait, wait. Just stay like that.” He’d say and take another picture.

“V!” They laughed. “Stop it!”

“Just a few more!” He smiled.

V sat on the couch, staring at the pictures he took. He was so happy, staring at the love of his life, just enjoying themselves. MC walked in with some hot chocolate for the both of them, and sat next to him. He wrapped his arm around their shoulder.

“What are you looking at?” They asked.

V showed them the pictures and MC smiled.

“Next time, I want us to be in it together. It could be our Christmas card!”

V was already planning how they would take it.

Christmas before MC:

It was Christmas, a time to be celebrating with the people most important to you. V missed them, but he couldn’t face them, and he couldn’t bear the thought of celebrating without the person that was most important to him.

V sat on the couch and stared at the photo in his hand. He missed her. He missed having her around and holding her. It’s already been over a year, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Rika… he thought, what are you doing, right now? Are you thinking about me? Are you safe? Are you happy?

He was brought out of his reverie by the sound of his phone ringing.

“Hello?” It was Jumin. “I just called to greet you, Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas.” V greeted back, trying to smile.

“I wanted to check in on you as well. It’s been a while.”

“I’ve just been busy. I’m sorry I haven’t been more active on the messenger.”

“I have no problem with it. But Yoosung’s been getting restless, wondering when we’ll be holding the next party. It has been a while.”

“I still need to think about it.”

“Is it because of Rika?”


“I understand, but you’re the head of the RFA, we can’t hold parties without you. And they’re going to have to find out eventually.”

“I know.”

“You know, I’m always available to talk when you need to.”

“I know, Jumin. Thank you.”

“I’m sorry I have to cut this short. I just received some papers that need my attention.”

“It’s alright. Merry Christmas, Jumin.”

“Merry Christmas. I hope you feel better soon.” Jumin hung up.

V leaned back on the couch and sighed. “Rika, when will you come back to me?”


It was Christmas, and the RFA was finally having another fundraiser. Everyone was working together to make it the best one yet. V couldn’t help much, since he went completely blind a few months back. MC’s been begging him to get the eye surgery for months, but he would always change the topic whenever they brought it up. He still wanted to help though, so he did the jobs he was given as best as he could.

The fundraiser was a huge success. They made much more than their target, and were still receiving many more donations. It warmed V’s heart to know that so many people wanted to share what they had, and he was even happier to be with the one he loved at that moment. He suddenly felt MC jump.

“Is something wrong, MC?” V asked.

“V, it’s snowing!” MC watched as it snowed all around, how beautiful it looked with all the decorations they put up. “Oh, V, I wish you could see this.” They held his hand tighter.

“MC,” V started, “I’ve been thinking about this for a while.”


“I want to be able to see things like this with you, and I want to be able to see you, so, I’m ready to get the surgery.”

“Really, V?” MC faced him. “Oh my god, that’s great!” They gave him a kiss. “I love you, V.”

“I love you too, MC.”


V loved watching the snow with MC, and he loved watching his family, the RFA, enjoy it even more. MC was chatting with Jaehee, when V suddenly grabbed them and moved in front of them.

“V, what-“ MC said but then noticed Luciel standing far behind him. MC checked V’s back and saw that it was covered with snow.

“Uh, bye!” Luciel said, and quickly ran away.

The Cheeky Christmas Present

Originally posted by giffing-the-screen

Request -  Deadpool buys you a sexy Christmas getup or gift. 

Pairing - Wade Wilson X Reader (No Gender specificed) 

Wordcount - 1,165

Warnings - Mature themes, Sexual references, Strong Language, brief mention of a daddy kink. 

It was Christmas Eve, Tony was throwing his annual Christmas Party and you were meant to go. You would have gone as well except Tony had previously banned Wade from the tower so you decided to opt out of the Christmas party this year and stay home with Wade. After all, it was your first Christmas together  in your new apartment, so you ditched the idea of getting insanely drunk at the tower to spend Christmas Eve with your boyfriend, Wade Wilson. Wade was completely unaware of your change in plans for this evening. 

After stopping by a couple of stores to grab some last minute supplies.  Candy canes, a lot of alcohol, dinner for tonight, chocolate and some other things. Weasel was coming for Christmas dinner tomorrow, Weasel was a nice enough person and besides Weasel spent most of his time around yours anyway. He had slowly become a part of your life and certainly a great friend. 

“Honey, I’m home.” You called out as you pushed the door open.

“Stop!” You halted at Wade’s words, what had Wade been up to this time? Please don’t tell me he wired the house with bobby traps again. It took him days to get rid of them all last time. You thought as Wade came running into the hallway, Wade was quick to passionately kiss you. 

“What have you done this time?” You asked. Wade pointed up at the doorframe to notice a sprig of mistletoe. You wished you hadn’t come to conclusions but Wade was known for causing mischief. 

“Nothing. Other than putting mistletoe on every doorframe around the apartment, so you best keep those lips hydrated because I am going to be kissin’ those sweet lips a lot-wait. Why aren’t you at Stark’s extravagant party, the one I am banned from because I might have made a few adjustments to his suit. I happened to think the adjustments made an improvement” You kissed Wade, once more before walking into the apartment, placing the bags down. You still needed to grab all the alcohol from the car. 

“I decided that I would rather spend Christmas Eve with you instead. I spend so much of my time with the Avengers and not that I don’t love them all. I want to spend Christmas Eve with my boyfriend.” Wade was shocked that you wanted to spend Christmas Eve with him. He knew you loved him and he loved you but before you both started seeing each other you always went to Tony Stark’s Christmas Eve party. Wade was glad he didn’t have to spend Chrismas on his own. You retraced your steps walking over to Wade with a smile on your face as you wrapped your arms around him, he kissed your forhead, nose and then your lips, pressing several short kisses to your lips. 

“So I brought some take out, the beer is in the car. I also bought you more candy canes. I’m just going to get the beer from the car and after that why don’t we spend a very relaxed Christmas Eve on the couch.” Wade smiled, removing the hair from your face.

“I’ll go and get the beer from the car, while you get changed. I want that cute ass of yours on the couch by the time I return or so help me there will be consequences.” Wade took your car keys and you began to head to your shared bedroom, Wade was quick to playfully slap your ass. Turning around you winked at him, before running away. 

When Wade returned (much to his disappointment) You were on the couch, changed with a blanket wrapped around you. Wade was highly considering enforcing those consequences anyway. Wade popped open a couple of beers before heading to spend Christmas Eve with his beloved. 

As it got closer and closer to Midnight, Wade was dying to give you one of your Christmas presents now. He thought about it for several moments before  thinking fuck it 

“Hey baby, you know how some couples give each other one gift on Christmas Eve.” Looking up at Wade you nodded, he leant forward kissing you again. He could not keep his hands or his lips off of you, and he wasn’t intending to for much longer either. 

“Why don’t we do that? You gave up Tony’s party to spend time with me so why not?” Sitting up, you turned yourself so you could look at Wade fully. 

“Wade, I didn’t give up Tony’s Christmas Party to spend time with you. I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend on Christmas Eve, which is perfectly normal for anyone, besides I’ve had the best Christmas Eve I’ve had a long time. I’m thinking about spending Christmas this way for a very long time. So let’s exchange one present.” You and Wade got off the couch towards the Christmas tree.  Crouching down beside the tree and next to Wade, you decided to present him with one of his smaller presents. Wade was never one to be paitent so he tore of the paper, exclaiming. 

“You brought me red boxer shorts. How did you know? I will no longer have to worry about bleeding through my pants when I get shoot up mainstream. Thank you love.” Wade leaned over to kiss you softly. You hadn’t expected Wade to take your present so seriously, but regardless knowing that Wade appreciated it ment the world to you. 

When Wade passed you the present he decided to let you open. You tore off the paper, to reveal Wade had bought you a sexy Christmas outfit. A smirk on your lips you dashed off towards your room to get changed. Wade orginally thought you hated his Christmas present but when you came back into the livingroom standing there in his choosen outfit he smirked.  

“Mr Wilson, I believe you still have something to unwrap.” Wade’s eyes widened. Of-course Wade had pictured you in the sexy outfit before he brought it but he could have never imagined how beautiful and sexy it would have looked on you. The way it excentuated your curves, perfectly. 

Wade stood up egger to unwrap his extra Christmas Eve present. He was going to make sure that you enjoyed every inch of his Christmas present, and to make his beautiful partner feel good as well. 

“I’ll be in there a second baby. Don’t you dare do anything. There’s something I gotta do.” You nodded slipping into the bedroom. 

“Hey everyone, and yes I’m talking to you the person who’s reading right now. I just wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas and I hope you have a incrediable new year. Remember to be safe and be kind to one another, you get where I’m going with this right. Anyway, Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Now I’m off begin my own Christmas.” 

“Wade are coming?” You called. 

“I am now. See you later guys, Daddy’s got some unwrapping to do.”