so i just wanted to play around a little

EXO Reaction to You (GF) Being Good With Kids

I absolutely love children. Being around them is just so much fun and I think a girl who is good with kids would be super cute to the boys. But it would also be cute to see them around children as well. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction. <3

I do not own these gifs

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Baekhyun: He watched as you picked up your niece and held carried her around the zoo. You were telling her all about the lions and listening to her giggle. The toddler seemed so happy in your arms and Baekhyun could feel his smile growing wider. “Jagi! I want one!” He cried, out of nowhere. You looked up at him in shook. He just smiled back at you, a little embarrassed that he said it out loud.

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Chanyeol: He played along with you as you played with the toddler you were babysitting. You were tickling him and he couldn’t help but chuckle, acting like a tickle monster and helping the little boy fight you off. After playing, you set the child down for lunch and he helped you feed him. “Don’t you think we would make perfect parents?” He asked you with a warm smile as you continued to feed the little boy.

Chen: You were playing with the children at the daycare that you worked at. Chen had stopped by to see if you wanted anything for lunch, but when he got there he saw you reading to the children for their nap time. You were doing goofy voices for each character and the kids were loving it. Once you were done, you tucked each child in individually. You looked up at him after turning off the light and smiled brightly at him. He smiled and waved back at you, loving the sight of you being so loving with the kids.

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D.O.: You were walking down the street with D.O. when you saw a little girl fall and scrap her knee. You were quick to go over and help her up. You reached into your bag and pulled out the spare band-aid that you carried with you in case of emergencies. You calmed the little girl down, making her smile easily. D.O. watched you in amazement and had a small smile on his face. “(Y/N), do you think you would ever want a child of our own?” He asked once you returned to his side. You couldn’t help but blush when he asked.

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Kai: He had invited you over with him to help take care of his niece. The moment he placed her in your arms, he could feel himself becoming overwhelmed with emotions. You were holding her lovingly, playing with her little teddy bear and making her giggle. He just couldn’t handle how cute it was and his cheeks were hurting from smiling so much. “Jagiya, you should come take care of her more often.” He suggested, wanting to see you take care of her a lot more.

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Lay: “We should have a daughter of our own.” He said randomly as you held the newborn baby. Your sister was taking a nap, tired after giving birth, and you told her you would take care of your new niece. You were rocking with the baby in the rocking chair in the corner and listened to Lay play the piano. He was watching you with a huge smile on his face. He could already imagine the two of you with a family of your own.

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Sehun: You were taking care of some of the little boy who lived next door to you. His parents sometimes paid you to babysit him, but Sehun did not expect him to be there on the day you had planned to hang out with him. He was a little disappointed to see your attention was not on him, but at the same time, he loved seeing you taking care of the little boy. He watched as you told the little boy a story and couldn’t help but chuckle a little as you got into the story; making silly faces to get the child to laugh. When you looked at him though, he was giving attitude. “You know your boyfriend is here too.” He whined mockingly.

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Suho: The second he saw you taking care of your baby nephew, his mind started racing with ideas of your own children. He was freaking out over the little boy, making sure he didn’t get hurt and caused you to chuckle. You picked up your nephew and reassured Suho that you wouldn’t let him get hurt. “You are going to be such a caring mother. Maybe we should start setting up a room for this little guy until we have our own.” He said with a smile as he started listing items you would need for a nursery.

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Xiumin: He was making faces at the children at the park that you were watching over. You were running your own personal daycare, and had decided to take the kids to a nearby park. Xiumin tagged along and couldn’t help but become one of the children. He watched as you frantically ran around, making sure none of the children got hurt while still making sure that they were still having fun. He smiled at you in awe; thinking about how great of a mother you would be.

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I just spent the last ten minutes playing around with the personalized Little Mermaid book... I changed the child of the story into a wee Anna (SUPER CUTE), then a wee Kristoff (HELLA CUTE) and then a wee Hans (SOOOOO CUUUUUTE) and now I want to buy like three copies of that book so I can have three different stories about my favorite Frozen characters hanging out with Ariel.

I am absolutely doing this for my daughter :D She’s too little to really appreciate it yet but who cares

time needs to pass just a little faster… 

I so desperately want to be back in BC with my boyfriend, playing Super Mario Bros, hanging out with him, going to the beach, exploring, being silly, being cute, being even more in love than before. I want us to go camping and to roll around in the grass taking naked photos of each other. I want to skinny dip and wrap myself around him in the water. I want to wake him up with kisses and blowjobs, and cuddle all day. I want to go out and dance with him and spend ages walking home from town together, taking even longer to get home because we keep stopping to talk and sit along the way (like we did last year). I miss walking over bridges with him, or going on bus rides and having him point out places and tell me stories about what he’d done there. 

I miss having barbecues with our friends, and having him pull me onto his lap, not caring about what the others would think. I miss that day we spent on a balcony, lying around in the sun, listening to music and being in each other’s presence, doing our own thinking and growing for ourselves, but appreciating the other being there. I miss that night the same day, when we pulled a mattress out onto the balcony and slept under the stars. I miss going out to brunch at our favourite restaurant. I miss doing the little things for him, like bringing him unexpected gifts of his favourite candy, or picking something up that reminds me of him. I miss him doing it back, and the amount of care and love that we show best when we’re together in person. 

all in all, I just miss him and can’t wait to see him again.

Do You Want To Play Mythomagic?
  • *setting in 1940*
  • Nico:Bianca? *knocks door* do you want to play mythomagic? Come on, this game really rules! Why you ignore? Come out the door; you used to be so cool. You never play with me, all you do is tease, I wish you would tell me why! you want to play mythomagic? It doesn't have to be mythomagic!
  • Bianca:go away Nico!
  • Nico:*sigh* okay bye
  • *Skip years to Lotus Casino*
  • Nico:do you wanna play mythomagic? Or run around in the halls? These adults as company is overdue, so I've started talking to, the pictures on the walls! (Hang in there Caesar) It gets a little boring, with no kids around, just watching the hours tick by....
  • *skip years when Bianca died*
  • Nico:Bianca?...please I know you're in there..I just want to know how you've been...I try to summon you, but you won't come through, and now I'm alone again...we had only each other, just us you're gone and dead...*sniffs* do you want to play mythomagic?

Yahoooooo again~ Fufufufu! How cute are these little guys? I want Reiji of course!

How’re you guys all doing today? Good I hope! I’m super excited and hyper and just full of way too much energy.

Anyway! I come with a new surprise from Rejet. The Rejet shop just recently announced these “Kiss Collection” acrylic charms!

The release date is today and it’s 500 yen for one play smile emoticon so basically it’s random. 500 yen is around $4 american dollars.

If you’re interested you can read more here!

<3 Mrsyuisakamaki

A few weeks ago I got this tattoo, in loving memory of my late grandfather. He was an amazingly kind man, who cared so deeply for everyone around him, big and small. At his funeral we played Liten Fuggel(Little Bird) by the Norwegian band Vamp. I knew early on that I wanted to get something to remember him by, and a small bird was a natural choice for me.

I’m not usually sentimental, I just wanted to post this today, when the tattoo is all healed up and beautiful. And to tell those of you who have lost someone: it gets better. The sad memories will be replaced with good ones, and you will think of those you’ve lost in loving memory. I’m not a religious person, but I believe that we will meet again. I’m going to leave this sentimental rant on a quote from Dumbledore in Prisoner of Azkaban

“You think the dead we love ever truly leave us? You think that we don’t recall them more clearly than ever in times of great trouble?“

Played around with hand lettering for the first time this summer! Here’s a little something I did for fun (:

Also I just wanted to say thank you to all of my followers and welcome to all of my new ones! I appreciate every single one of you guys and it makes me so happy that so many people like my art! You guys are all AWESOME! (:

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I really want little mix and nicki to meet up and they sing the acapella of hey how you doing so she can hear their voices and jesy beat boxing

omg i just pictured nicki walking around backstage and listening a bomb ass little mix playing in the background so she decides to check it and is like ‘YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS’ (u kno? the nicki YASSSS) holy shit

I went camping

Got to hang out up at Marsh Lake in the Uintas and draw pictures and play guitar around the fire. On the drive I listened to Noam Chomsky’s On Anarchism, seeing if Anarcho-Socialism is a viable outlook for me (it is and I like it).

The thing about being far from the city, especially at such a high elevation, is that you can see the stars the way humans did until just the last century or so. They’re inspiring and amazing and made me cry just a little.

So who wants to go camping with me?

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OMG!!! I love your writes, Please! Please! More Modern Stalka and Little Hiccup! I just love this family :DD

I’m so glad someone else loves the stuff I’m playing around with!! I have VERY VERY elaborate headcanons about everything, if anyone ever wants to see it.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on writing more of this particular story, so here’s a bit of a sneak peek. :)


“I’ll be right down, I promise,” she said. She set her glasses back on the bridge of her nose. “Five minutes, tops.”

“I’ll tell Dad,” he said, scratching Cloudjumper behind the ears before heading back to the kitchen.

He could hear his dad and his godfather bickering long before he saw them. “I can’t believe you didn’t listen to me!” Gobber was bellowing. “Don’t you know anything about marinating a steak?”

“Of course I do!” Stoick said. “More than you, I’d say.”

Hiccup ducked under Gobber’s arm and sidestepped his dad’s German Shepherd, Skullcrusher, who was sprawled out on the kitchen floor. “Hey, Gobber,” he said.

“Hullo, Hiccup,” Gobber said, ruffling his hair as he passed by. “Now, as I was saying-”

Stoick slammed the refrigerator door. “Your mother coming down?” he asked.

“She said five minutes,” Hiccup reported. “She’s really into her paper right now.”

“Ah, but it’s a holiday,” Gobber said. “Surely she can leave work behind for a holiday.”

“Why do we even go so crazy over the fourth of July?” Hiccup asked, climbing up to sit on the counter. “We’re not even American. You and Dad are Scottish. And Mom’s Canadian.”

“You were born here,” Stoick pointed out.

“It’s just an excuse for your father to use the grill,” Gobber said. “Badly, though.”

Stoick launched back into the argument, brandishing a spatula for emphasis. Hiccup grinned to himself, swinging his legs and kicking his heels against the cabinets. Their argument over the proper way of cooking steaks was family tradition. As was his father sweet-talking his mother out of trying to make dessert, because Valka couldn’t tell the difference between salt and sugar or baking soda and baking powder. (He still got queasy when he thought about the cake from his seventh birthday.)

Valka walked into the kitchen, braiding her long hair over her shoulder. “Gobber, I thought that was you shouting,” she said.

“You came out of hiding,” Stoick teased, smiling broadly as he bent to kiss her. “How’s the paper coming, my love?”

“Like pulling teeth,” she sighed.

“Well, then it’s good for you to take a break,” Stoick said. “You can enjoy yourself and go back to work on it tomorrow.”

“I was thinking maybe tonight-”

“Tomorrow,” Stoick said firmly.

Valka shot him a fond, exasperated look and leaned her elbows on the counter beside Hiccup. “If you’re going to drag me out of my cave, can I at least help with things?” she said. “Maybe if I just made a-”

“Nope, nope, everything’s under control, Val,” Stoick said quickly.

“Oh, yeah, I think Ingrid Hofferson is taking care of desserts,” Gobber added. “And you know Halla brings that ice cream cake every year.”

Valka tipped her head back to look at Hiccup. “Do you think maybe they’re trying to keep me out of the kitchen?” she asked dryly.

He grinned and rested his chin on her forehead. “Hate to break it to you, Mom, but your cooking sucks,” he said. She stuck out her tongue at him.

The doorbell rang and Valka straightened immediately, her playful expression falling. Stoick squeezed her arm. “I’ll get it,” he said. “It’s probably Spite and his family.” He took off his apron and tossed it to Gobber, who tied it on with a gleeful chuckle. “Be right back.”

Valka bit her lip. Hiccup leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her neck; she patted his wrists absently. His mother did fine with her family and her animals and her students at the university, but she got a bit anxious when she was supposed to be around other people. “Hey, Mom?” he said.


He rested his chin on her shoulder. “I don’t have to babysit Camicazi today, right?” he asked.

“Ah, did Dad already say you had to?” she asked, grinning at him.

“Yes,” he said reluctantly.

She squeezed his hands. “You know better than to get an answer from one parent and then run to the other when you don’t like it,” she teased.

“Yeah, but if she does anything crazy or breaks a bone or something I don’t want to be the one responsible for her,” Hiccup said.

Loud voices echoed in the foyer and Valka gently tugged his arms off her shoulders. “Just be smart and you’ll be fine,” she said.

“And don’t let her near the lawnmower,” Gobber added. “We learned that the hard way.”


“Don’t fucking call me a little girl!
I could turn you into ashes in a heartbeat!”
Don’t make the little phoenix woman mad. After that whole things with Flandre, it’s very plausible that she would burn Remilia.

“I was just teasing you a little, try to calm down. I already know what you are capable of.” And you don’t want to try that fire either, so it’s better if you don’t play around that much. “At first I thought that you were human but…what with being immortal?”

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hi i was just wondering abt something- im 16 and white and going to india this summer to help out at an orphanage, which when i think abt it just screams "racist" like honestly whenever i think abt it i get embarrassed bc i truly don't want to play the white hero?this is such a cliché but i adore travelling, and india's one of the places i've always wanted to go to since its so rich and diverse in its culture, and wanted to find a way to explore it while helping people.what do you feel abt this?

ill be honest it does come off as a little problematic and thats just my take on it

orphanages have been nothing but trouble around asia, this is highlighted through these articles (x) (x) (x) (x) and they share a similar pattern of abuse and exploitation of the people in india. i really honestly don’t recommend you volunteer at an orphanage but if you must please research the orphanage you’re going to

its great that you adore india, but to be real, unless you have a set of valuable skills such as in a trade or in medicine or something then you really cannot be any real help to the people of india, and you’ll only be seen as just another western tourist being a voluntourist who will serve as no practical help in the future and therefore the cycle of poverty will continue. 

if you love india just travel there, just go to the cool places with a cheap tour package or something (compass is ok, my uncle worked there but idk how cheap), check out the rich and complex history, talk to the people of india, stay in a host family even. i mean, in my opinion doing what i suggested is the best way to express your love for my country, not voluntourism.

-mod N

Ughhhh there is this teen couple who tool around the town where I work on a bicycle built for two and they play cool music from some nifty kind of speakers and she has great beach hair here in the middle west and wears vaguely boho little shorts and he wears little sneakers and Ray bans. They are so cool and also cute and they have their youth and their lives are just rose colored. I just want to murder them, honestly. But then also they are 16 and living in an ad for some kind of cool brand I haven’t even heard of, and this might be their peak. Where can they go from here but down?

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Can I request a jimin smut where you two are just hanging out and out of nowhere he gets turned on just by looking at you. And you notice so you kinda tease him somehow and yeahhhhh 😁😁😁😁 thank you haha

“How about Iron Man?” Jimin called from the living room. Tonight you had invited your boyfriend over for a movie but knowing Jimin he’d want to take it farther than that. You decided you played a little with him tonight. “Yeah, Iron Man’s fine!” You answered from the kitchen as you place a package of popcorn in the microwave. He walked into the kitchen behind you and placed his arms around your waist. “I’m so glad we’re getting to spend time together tonight.” He whispered into your ear while kissing your neck. You smirked inwardly and started on your plan to tease him. “Me too.” You moaned. He held your waist tighter as he ground his waist into you. You reached down and grabbed his already hard member making him hiss in pleasure. Just as things were getting heated the microwave dinged.“That’s the popcorn.” You pulled away and opened a cabinet. You felt your shirt ride up past your belly button as you reached for a bowl on the top shelf. You turned around seeing him bite his lip as he watched you. Getting the steaming popcorn out and pouring it into a bowl, he came behind you again. You smiled as you turned around and sashayed out of the kitchen. He watched you walk past him and into the living room. “Come on Iron Man’s not gonna wait all day.” You called from the living room. “God you’re such a tease.” He groaned.

-Admin C xx
Sorry this took so long! I’m sorry it’s so short and I hope it’s what you wanted!!

teenytinydinosaurfarm replied to your post: The last batch of new babies we ordere…

Aww, I just hatched out a few white crested black, my white crested blues didn’t make it. :( I wish you much better luck. Do you let your Polish forage? I have mostly large breed hens, and I worry about hawks with the Polish

My Polish from earlier this spring run around in the chicken/duck/turkey yard, but in the past I let them run wherever they wanted. Unfortunately, Lu loves their bobbing white heads and thinks they are toys. She tries to play with them, so for now I’m keeping them in the yard.

Despite their size I have found they are tough little birds, but yeah, they are bait for predators of all types so we have to be more careful with them. I just love the little nuts.

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You do know that almost every loz blogger is 'Link's wife' you're just more...loud about it?? From what I gathered you never stated your favorite so are you 'married' to all of the adult links? (which is weird I feel like each Link is a little different, you seem to refer to them all as one person) while other bloggers just have one specific so I mean at least we're not claiming all of them?? Come on, Kat don't be mad that we want to express our love too T^T

Ganondorf, I know that’s you, stop playing around, man.

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Aquarius and luke!!!

aquarius - roommate!5sos (im switching it a little though)

it was finals week and needless to say, you were staying up pretty late to cram and make sure that you had everything down. it was your first year in college and you had no idea what to expect, so you didn’t want to take any chances on studying too little. somewhere around 2am, you make your way to the kitchen area, telling yourself that if i just have one more cup of coffee and some cereal i’ll be fine. you’d quietly play some upbeat music and you couldn’t help but dance around as you got a bowl and cereal and started up the coffee. as the song ended, you’d hear someone say “nice moves and nice song” and you’d nearly have a heart attack when you looked up and saw luke, your rather attractive next-door-dorm-neighbor smiling at you with an empty mug of coffee in his hands. “how much of that did you see?” you asked, blushing. “enough to know that we’d make a killer dance team,” he’d reply, shimmying over to you as the next song started, giggling as you danced around, completely and thankfully forgetting about exams for a little while

send me things!

Oh my gosh I want to join a little folksy band so much, play at markets, paint my face and swish around and sing and make people happy. I don’t want fame or anything, I just want to let it out.

Was tagged by theforcee and starwarsrebelsnerd to list five things that make me happy so here we go:

1. Star Wars, mainly ahsoka tano

2. Making friends with animals, some of my happiest moments are when I have the affection and trust of an animal, they are some of my best friends.

3. Playing games like tag or hide and go seek with kids, I just really like playing with little kids.

4. Staying up so late everything is funny and becoming the biggest klutz when you try to move around in the dark.

5. Being alone in nature (climbing trees, watching the rain or running around it, getting muddy and using puddles to paint my face with stripes) or play wrestling/fighting with friends I really can’t decide.

I tag: entering-hyperspace, ganodi, autisticsabe, avatar-ahsoka, darkamp007, ahsokkatanoo, the-flying-elephant sofirofa apple-grass-and-smiles, nnnnickel

Whoever wants to!