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I was walking home from work few minutes ago, and the sky is so blue today, not even a cloud just blue. And then my favorite song started playing and I was singing while walking and I looked up at the moon and all around me it was white, as if it was snowing. I saw like these little snowflakes flying and falling and I was like ‘wtf’ then I realised that it was pollen and it really felt like it was snowing even if the sky was so blue and the sun was shining.. and in that moment I thought about all the times I didn’t want to breathe or be okay and I kinda felt like crying because, as cheesy as it sounds, life is amazing and I can’t believe I didn’t want to see things like that anymore.

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I just rewatched Book 2 and noticed a depressing detail. A boy tells Team Avatar that the Beifong family do not have a daughter. Meaning that Toph's parents must have been so ashamed and neglectful of her, they lied to everyone else about having her.

I don’t think they’re ashamed or neglectful, just overly protective. They don’t want any villagers to know about her because then…she could get hurt? I mean I suppose it’s a bit neglectful that they have no clue she is sneaking out at night and kicking asses in a fighting ring, but at the same time they don’t think she’s capable of blowing on her soup so I doubt they understand that she can move around well at all.

Though they did give her earthbending lessons since she was little for some reason, even if it was “just the basics.” I’m wondering if Toph played own her abilities in these lessons, or if they never let her actually bend and just worked on stances or something?

But yeah, I don’t think they’re ashamed. They’re just freaked out that she’s going to be hurt, and really have made no attempt to see her as anything but blind. Which is a problem, for sure, but it’s a little better than being neglectful, no?


My grandmother gave me a bunch of seashells a while ago, and I recently found the bag and decided to start playing around with them.

Originally I wanted to make this into a necklace, but the shell was just too large so I scrapped the idea. I will revisit it with smaller shells in the future, once I have an opportunity to head to the beach and go looking for some. :)

This little glow in the dark octopus headed out the other day as a thank you gift for some repeat customers. I hope they like him!

| M.C. | Video Games

Based off the request: “could you please write a ddlg Michael smut where Michael is your daddy and you’re his little girl and you’re acting like a brat so he puts you in your place if u know what I mean”

“Michael!” I groaned for what seemed like the hundredth time in the past two minutes. Michael had been playing video games for the past hour and I just wanted to cuddle with him but he kept ignoring me. I was straddling his lap with my arms wrapped around his neck and head on his chest.

“I’m almost done just hold on.” He mumbled clearly lying since he had said the same thing multiple times.

I knew there was nothing more that Michael loved than sex, well I guess video games and pizza were up there but he absolutely loved having me beg for his cock.

I sighed dramatically and began grinding myself onto his lap moaning as I felt him starting to get hard.

After a few moments of me repeatedly doing this and complaining about how all he did was play video games and not spend time with me, he paused the game and grabbed me by the hips stopping my movements.

“Fucking stop (Y/N) damnit! I told you so many times today that the fucking guys were coming to work on songs and I can’t have a boner as I’m trying to work. You’re acting like a brat. Just leave me alone, fuck.” He huffed running a hand through his hair.

I knew Michael had been stressed lately about working on the album and not getting much sleep because of it so I guess this was his way of getting his anger out. By yelling at his girlfriend.

I scoffed and got off his lap while storming off to our bedroom but not before stopping and turning to face him.

“You know what no! Fuck YOU Michael! All I wanted to do was spend one fucking minute with you but never fucking mind!” I screamed at the top of my lungs with my hands in fists. He didn’t even acknowledge what I was saying and just continued on playing his stupid video games. I swiftly turned back around and made my way to the bedroom.


After skimming through random TV channels for the past twenty minutes and hearing the guys arrive I decided to make an appearance outside. This time only wearing one of Michael’s t shirts that barely covered my ass. Did I mention I also wasn’t wearing a bra?

I sauntered out to where the guys were and rested my side against the wall as I gave them all a wave.

“Hi guys!” I smiled crossing my arms over my chest which made my shirt rise a little higher.

Everybody but Michael was staring at me with their jaws dropped and speechless due to my lack of clothing. “Um hey (Y/N). Luke smiled clearing his throat and looking away.

"YOU LOOK FUCKING SEXY!” Calum exclaimed eyes going wide as he scanned up and down my body. Ashton blushed and let out a giggle fist bumping with Calum letting him know he agreed with his comment.

This finally made Michael look up from the paper in front of him and to me. He gave me a confused look and then turned to Calum punching him in the arm for saying what he did to me. “Don’t fucking talk to her like that.” He growled narrowing his eyes. He let out a huff and stood up from the table locking eyes with me. “We need to talk. Now.” He demanded walking straight towards me and grabbing me by the arm dragging us to what I assumed was our bedroom.

“What the fuck was that?” He asked slamming our bedroom door shut and hovering over me.

“What was what, Michael?” I asked innocently taking a step back to lean against the wall. “I was only saying hi to the guys?” I questioned.

“You damn well know what I’m talking about (Y/N). Dressed like that and coming out to see my mates?” He scoffed. “I think daddy’s little girl needs to be punished.” He whispered putting a piece of hair behind my ear.

Finally! I thought as I smirked up at Michael. I love acting out of place and having Michael punish me.

“I’ve been a very bad girl.” I replied biting my lip. “Punish me, daddy.”

With that Michael picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist and smashing his lips onto mine. After a couple minutes of a heated make out session and receiving multiple hickeys, he laid me on the bed hovering over me once again.

“Daddy’s going to tease you just like you teased daddy.” He said removing his shirt from over my head. “Now come here and suck daddy off.”

He got up from bed and removed his shirt and jeans and I knelt down in front of him ready to take his massive cock into my mouth.

I took just the tip in and lightly swirled my tongue as I looked up and made eye contact with him. He let out a hiss and ran his hands through my hair collecting it in a sloppy ponytail.

“Cmon I know you can take more than that.” He said rolling his hips forward so I was deep throating him.

After a minute of sucking as hard as I could he pulled out saying he was about to come.

He picked me up and pushed me against the wall running his tip between my slit.

“Do you want daddy’s cock?” He asked breathing heavily.

“Yes please daddy I need your cock inside of me so bad.” I moaned throwing my head back.

He laughed and let me down as he kneeled in front of me. “Well too bad. You’ve been a bad girl. Not yet.”

He lifted my legs over his shoulders and began running his tongue up and down my slit focusing on my clit.

“Fuck! Daddy oh my gosh that feels so good.” I moaned grabbing a fistful of his hair.

He kept teasing and pulling away every couple of seconds repeating how much of a naughty girl I was.

Finally right before I was about to come, he pulled away completely and stood up.

I let out of a groan of dissatisfaction but before I knew it he had entered me and I let out the loudest moan I had all day. By now I’m sure the guys could hear what was going on but I didn’t even care.

"Daddy fuck!” I yelled grabbing onto his shoulders and dragging my nails along them.

“You like that, huh?” He asked going at an even faster pace I didn’t know was possible.

“Yes daddy I love your thick cock please let me come daddy.” I said cradling my face into his neck. “Please daddy.” I breathed.

“Come baby.” He told me breathing heavily into my neck. “Come all around daddy.” With that I felt my release and also his, both of us loudly moaning and a few swear words from Michael.

He pulled out of me a second later and leaned his head against mine. “I love you (Y/N).” He told me. “But please don’t tease me like that again. Especially when the guys are coming over or even when they’re over.” He growled at the last part. “You’re mine. And only mine.” 

I let out a giggle and apologized kissing him lightly on the lips. “But maybe I will do that again, actually.” I told him smiling. “That fucking was amazing.” I laughed giving him a kiss on the cheek.


“I know, let’s play house!”

After riding their bikes around the neighborhood for a long time, Dean, Sam, Jo, and Cas have been restricted to the Winchester’s backyard, and have been bickering about what game they should play for a long time. Dean and Sam groan and whine a little when Jo suggests it, but when she challenges them to come up with a better idea they have to give in. Cas just quietly goes along with the plan, as he does with most of his friends’ shenanigans.

“Well fine,” Dean relents, “but if we’re playing this I get to be the dad.”

No one objects, so Dean continues. “Sammy’ll be the son, and Jo, you be the daughter.”

“What? No way!” the blonde girl protests. “I’m the only girl, so that makes me the wife!”

Dean pulls a face at that. “Blegh, no way! You’re like my little sister, I can’t be married to my sister! Besides, you and Sam are the same age, so it makes more sense anyway.”

Jo opens her mouth to protest, but Dean cuts in with “or you could be the dog. You get to pick….”

“Fine,” Jo sighs, “I’ll be the daughter. But then who’s gonna be the mom?”


The quiet boy looks up suddenly from where he’s been intently picking at the grass, content to let the others fight over their roles amongst themselves. “Huh?”

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Best date night ever...

She came over late but brought a six pack of an India Red Ale from a local brewery, and my buddy left his ps3 over, so we had Red Dead Redemption, which she was overly stoked about, cuz it’s like the GTA of the Wild West, right? So anyway, she and I spent like five hours snuggled on the couch with our arms and bodies wrapped around each other playing Red Dead and taking turns, sometimes kissing and making out between. She’s actually hella good at video games and so into them. Like I asked what she wanted to do and she’s just staring at the case for Red Dead smiling and biting her lip haha so that happened. But it was great, and then we took a break from the game and made out a little on the couch and then we were both sleepy so she laid down on my chest and we both almost fell asleep stretched out on the couch listening to Sum 41, and then my roommates came out to turn the music off and were giggling at how cute we were which woke us up. I swear to god our goodbyes take thirty minutes of walking to the door, hugging, kissing, talking, kissing, joking, talking, and finally some grand gesture and last kiss when she’s in the doorway, and then goodbye.

She’s great. Idk what else to say. She is. Who can say they played video games while cuddling with their girl for five hours? Best date ever. Also it’s nice having no pressure for sexual stuff, she’s interested in me more than that, which is chill, although I’m bummed she’s gone this weekend again so still no more sleepovers :/ but that’s okay, she’s rad as hell, we have so much in common that she admitted last night it scares her how much she already trusts me and how much she’s been sharing with me about herself, and I feel the same way. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one, and also that she’s serious and cautious as well.

Anyway, this girl is great, she’s beautiful, she’s funny, her personality is overflowing, she can joke and talk and I can tell she has a brilliant mind, which is so attractive to me, while she jokingly tries to kick me in the head over her shoulder while we wrestled briefly last night, and then proceeded to explain while laughing which section of my brain she was aiming for to cause short term memory loss, and oh yeah, by the way, she’s down to joke and wrestle, I fucking love it. We’re a pretty even match :)

So yeah, don’t mind my stupid ass rant. I hope to ask this girl to be my girlfriend sometime in the future :)


It sucks to be a university student and interning full-time and working temp jobs, amongst maybe 2000 other things that I need to do, because I just cannot sit down and play my DiaLovers game properly(T__T)

This here is the official fanbook for Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival, which of course, was a must-get for me. I’ve actually gotten the game for months now ever since it came out, but I still have not gotten around to playing it, since I’m currently stuck at More, Blood. I’m a little past half-way into the game now. However, because I just want to do every single character (since I’ve spent good money on the game right), for characters that I don’t care so much for, I just become slower / less interested while doing them. Currently I’m finishing up Subaru, but I still got Yuma, Reiji, Kou and Shu to complete…

Vandead Carnival seems really exciting to me and I’m still anticipating playing the game very much. The fan book, as usual, covers all the bases; From character profiles to complete CGs to individual routes. They also have special messages from the characters and a look into the art and settings in VC, which btw, I must say looks really good. Good job artists!

I have too much DiaLovers unboxing stuff on this blog so if you’ll like to see more, the tag is HERE.







We went to a little league jamboree today for something called the “Challenger League”.

Described by the guy we went to support as “Baseball the way it’s meant to be played, just so happens all the players are special needs kids”.

It was thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening in a lot of ways.

Romy, Gavin, and I found an unused bullpen in between games and Gavin was having a blast running around and jumping on home plate.

I was trying to teach him “Safe!” Along with the arm motions and he came up with what you watched above.

A lot of memories from 20 some odd years ago when I was in little league and I got all excited that one day he may want to play. It was hard for me to contain my excitement at the prospect of playing catch and bonding over baseball.

Still, I’m not going to force him into any of that but I sure hope he shows interest.

At the end of the day though I enjoyed running around with my 17 month old and wife. He’s growing up so fast as it is that I’m not going to wish away this time just for the sake of throwing a ball.

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You know that little piano trill that plays when Steve falls from the helicarrier in cap 2. I've always imagined it playing but like a full song of it when steeb and Bucky meet again like it's still really sad but it has a whole tune and everything and they're just standing there with each other and probs most def hugging and a mess and the camera moves around them but- in the distance you can hear the piano music from the fall. BUT LIK IDK??

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imagine a klapollo prank war! Klavier would probably switch Apollo's hair gel for some kinda hair dye so the next day Apollo would wake up with bright red hair and then the agency gets involved and it turns into a full-blown WAA vs Prosecutor's office prank war? oh my god that'd be so funny

in my defence, klavier says after the dust has settled, a sheepish grin on his face and his arms raised in surrender, i didn’t think it would be like this.

and he didn’t. it started off as innocent as apple pie. he wanted to play around with apollo, just a little, maybe get him mad enough to fuck him through the mattress until he begged for mercy but the dyes must have been switched around. he wanted the dye to be a gentle change, something blondish yellow, so he could tweak the antenna and say morning, pikachu when he saw him next.

he didn’t expect to be wakened by a furious yell, and be jerked into full alert by apollo ripping open the bathroom door, seething with a red, angry face and metaphorical devil horns on his head

except no, wait, they’re literal devil horns because the dye was a bright red.

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I mentioned in my last update that I was using female helmet pattern as a base to modify for Adrienne’s armor, but it was a bit small for me. So, I just finished playing with a scaled-up version of it at 120%, and it fits pretty good. I will have to make some more modifications to get it to look like how it does in the comic, such as added some cheeks and eye curves and lengthening the back and getting that little upward curve, but it’s okay. I’m unsure if  I want use 120% or drop to 110%, but I have an idea of where to go now.

Oh, FYI: the top one I played around with the pattern before putting it together so it looked closer to Adrienne’s. The bottom is unmodified other than scale/size.

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little shuu wants a cat but he cant cuz his parents doesn't allow it so matsumae buys him a plush cat with lots of cats petting stuff and shuu drags that cat around everywhere and plays with it and shit. its still a very guilty secret of his bcs he still cuddles with it

Sooo cuuute. Ahh a little ratted up plush that he can’t sleep without, even as an adult, haha.

I wonder if he’d go outside and collect strays OR TAKE A NEIGHBOR’S PET and Matsumae is just “SHUU-SAMA NO” and he’d have to give it back and apologize. One day, she’s tidying up a room and feels something brush her leg, looks down and there’s a rabbit and she’s just ??? Later that night when she’s tucking Tsukiyama into bed, he’s crying that he can’t find Benjime and Matsumae asks who that is and Tsukiyama is like, “he’s my friend” and Matsumae is just “is your friend a rabbit…” And Tsukiyama admits very quietly, “yes…..” She’d put the rabbit outside hours ago, oops, so she assures him that maybe he’s just going on rabbit adventures.

Just imagine what it would be like to wake up to Nathan in the morning.

Like he would just play with your hair gently and make sure he doesn’t wake you up and smile as he watches your face, eventually getting bored and kissing you all over your face until you wake up. And then he would wine because he wants you to make him a cuppa.

Or he would still be asleep with his arms around you and his legs tangled with yours, your head against his chest as he breathes slowly against your hair and just keep you warm and safe.

I clearly need to wake up to this man every morning.

A little update

Friday I had cramps, but instead of lying around, I walked around the playground while Ryland played with a couple other 2 year old boys. 2.4 mi. Not the run I wanted, but better than nothing.

Yesterday we played kickball, so I didn’t do as much running around as I would’ve if we played something else. I had one kick that impressed everyone, but of course, it was caught. I also slid into 2nd and (accidentally) landed in a split. I rode the recumbent bike last night when we got home for 8.5 miles.

I know this will make me sound like a broken record, but I’m ready to seriously work on fighting my food compulsions. I’m going to give the no-S “diet” another try, adding “secret eating” as an S along with snack, sweets, and seconds. This will give me the weekend (and legit special occasions) to eat sweets, and even allow myself a secret bite of I still want it after resisting all week. 

I considered making a side blog of weight loss to keep it off this blog, but I decided it would be best to post it here, under a cut (when I remember to use one). I don’t want to get obsessive again, and I know I can count on y’all to help keep me in check.

So I weighed in today, and I was back up to 158. I have 20 lbs for sure to lose. I’m not going to push it much after than. I want something healthy and sustainable.

I wasn’t sure about this lens because I was always taught to only invest in same brand primes. I needed an 85mm, so I rented this sigma 2 weeks ago. I played around with it and loved it so when I returned my rental I bought a new one. This @sigmaphoto lens was 2/3 the price of the branded one that I wanted so my pockets don’t feel as bad. The auto-focus is a little weird and loud compared to my Nikon lenses, but I focus manually most of the time anyway. I got to use it on set a couple days ago with Johana and Arianny. The natural depth was awesome and it wasn’t even all the way open. Just thought I’d share.

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1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 on HakYona ^___^;;;

LOL! So in other words, anon just wants all the headcanons? You are my new favorite person since I wanted to do them all already. Enjoy

1. How do you think they first met? What were their opinions on each other then? Did they get along? Do they ever think back to this day?

Gosh I hope this is covered in canon. But until we know for sure I like to think that Mundok brought Hak to the castle just a little before that time the three of them got sick after playing in the snow. So he was about 8? It was at a time when Soo-won was not around the castle, so they met first before he met Soo-won. Due to being from the Wind Tribe, Hak had it ingrained in him that older kids watch over and help the younger. The fact that she was the princess and a girl didn’t really process in his brain too much at the time. She was just a younger kid that was just extremely excited to have someone to play with–and he knew what was expected of him. For him, it doesn’t stick out hugely though he remembers it well.

Yona on the other hand remembers it very fondly because it wasn’t very often that kids her age were around the castle. Just having someone to play with was something out of the norm, let alone someone willing to let her tag along and do things she normally wouldn’t do. It was very different from the sort of play she’d do with Soo-won. There were games. They explored. Soo-won tended to do what she wanted to do, play pretend and dress up and more laid back activities while Hak brought the more physical ideas. They got along great because Hak was used to dealing with kids. For Yona, Soo-won was comfort and Hak was excitement. So though she was younger, it stands out to her probably more than Hak.

2. Who developed feelings first? How did they react to this? Did the other notice?

Hak, of course. It had probably been there all along but he didn’t realize it until he actually grasped the concept that she was a girl. At first he’d get annoyed when she wanted to do what he considered girly things. It morphed into annoyance with Soo-won actually catering to what she wanted to do when he didn’t want to do that. Then he’d get mad because he’d feel excluded. Which would make him more irritated because she preferred being around Soo-won. But it was hard to be mad at Soo-won because Soo-won always wanted him there too. He was about 10 when he actually identified he was jealous of the attention Yona gave Soo-won and started putting up a wall to protect himself.

Yona didn’t notice his feelings but she did notice the wall and was very hurt because she felt like she had somewhat lost one of her only friends. He didn’t seem to want to be around a whole lot and didn’t want to play with her anymore. It was also around that time him and Soo-won began doing things on their own that she wasn’t allowed to participate in. She ended up turning it into a competition with Hak in her mind over Soo-won.

4. Who confessed first? What was their reaction? How did the other feel?

Yona. It probably took a few times to get it through Hak’s head that she was actually confessing, which hurt her at first because she thought her feelings were being dismissed and he wasn’t interested. For Hak’s part, she says things way too often that if someone doesn’t know better can be misconstrued as interest and so he just assumed…

She was extremely self-conscious of things after that yet he didn’t seem to even be bothered by the confession in the least to the point that she wondered if she dreamed doing it. But that self-consciousness just made her realize a few things she hadn’t noticed in his actions and she got the confidence to try again.

Hak will probably never recover and always be in shock by this. Even 20 years later.

5. What was their first time like? Who ignited it? What was their opinion on it? Were they in a relationship before this?

I’m torn on this one. I can see it going one of two ways. There are a lot of similarities between them though. First, it would be unexpected and very unplanned. Very much ignited by Hak. They would be a relationship but probably not quite at THAT point yet when it just happens one day. Either Yona does something that pulls out that incredibly proud side of Hak that gets turned on by badass Yona, which results in him giving her a reward that gets really out of hand quickly and in a random place like against a tree when they are first alone after that. Either way, it’s frantic and fast and he never meant to go that far but she was very willing and encouraging. The other way was slow but he’s completely in a body worship mode as he’s just in a total “I can’t believe this is all mine” stupor and her willingness to go along with everything he’s doing keeps moving things further and further until it just happens as part of it all.

Either situation they are both just like “What just happened?” after, with Hak feeling like the worlds biggest jerk and Yona just catching her breath all “That was amazing…” before climbing on top of him to get him to start round two.

7. Who is more likely to engage in showing affection? How does the other feel about it?

Both. But I think they do it in different ways. Where Yona is a hugger, hand holder, and kissing his cheeks publicly…I imagine Hak constantly has his hands on her in more inappropriate ways and tries to get away with it publically without anyone else noticing. Publically seducing her away from what she’s supposed to be doing instead is one of his favorite hobbies…. He also likes to hear her publically say his name with exasperation and annoyance and no one else having a clue why–it amuses him.

9. Who throws their body over the other during sleep? What does the other think of it?

Hak takes up way too much space not to do this. He’s all over her and likes to sleep with her tucked up right against his body while he’s completely wrapped around her to the point that you can barely see her between all his limbs.

She loves it when it’s cold and gets annoyed and sweaty when it’s hot but no matter how much she tries to extract herself at night, he eventually draws her in again.

11. Who wins at playful wrestle?

Hak, usually. With a huge grin and a demand for a prize–which is usually some sort of token of affection or saying something amazing about him. He doesn’t go easy on her and expects her to come at him with everything she’s got. She usually starts it all anyway by attacking him, so it’s fair.