so i just wanted to play around a little

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I wonder, where did you learn how to color/do your art? Did you saw a tutorial in youtube. If so please show the link. I'm a newbie in sai. If you did not, I'll check out your tutorial instead. Thanks

I guess when it comes to colouring digitally, it’s all about playing around with layers and options and generally what you like better over something:’)

I don’t have the links, I’m sorry. I can just say that I came from colouring on one (majorly) layer to colouring with lineart and like 23872 other layers, so it’s always a long process:D

Everyone was a newbie at some point, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little, even though at the beginning it might not turn out the way you want it to, or not good enough. 

But I did make a few tutorials on colouring in the past (and although I colour kind of differently now), they still might help you to find out the tweaks of sai. (scroll to the question 11 there:) 


Rackhanne Appreciation Week - Day 5

 Favourite ‘third wheel’

Max • Jack Rackham • Anne Bonny


Charlie + Tom | 2.19

"It was me."

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single dad sousuke with daycare teacher makoto.

can sousuke’s kid be haru who gets attached to makoto and makoto is like the only person that sousuke has ever dated that he actually really likes and he’s always squirming himself in between makoto and sousuke because he just wants to be around makoto and that makes sousuke even more annoyed because really you little twerp i’m trying to kiss him get away 

but no this is actually really cute and i don’t even really ship soumako all that much but oh man that’s so adorable?? like i can’t even begin to imagine stupid lovestruck sousuke that really shouldn’t think this full grown man is adorable but there he is playing with kids and smiling that stupid soft smile and it’s making his heart melt and really he just wants to pick up his kid and go but oh look at that, it’s an hour later and they’re still talking to each other and wow that’s so cute actually ok i’m down with that. 

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How did you actually make it though?

ummm basically I masked the ice spirals using the select > color range option rather than doing it all by hand with the magic wand or quick select tools

once you load up your gif’s frames and layers, save two psd copies of it, because you’re going to edit one of them to just show the spirals and you’ll need the other one to put beneath it.

so basically you get your first image like this:

then go select > color range and click on the colour you want selected (in this case I only wanted the lightest colours to be selected so I eyedropped the very middle of one of the larger spots of ice where it’s mostly white). Play around with the fuzziness option to get it how you want - you can see what parts will end up being selected on the little preview panel

click okay and it will automatically select all of the colours in the range you specified:

copy and paste them onto their own layer, delete the old layer then move onto the next frame and repeat the process again.

When you move onto the next frame make sure that the last frame is hidden below the current layer - if you imported your gif into photoshop using the “import video frames to layer” option you won’t need to worry about it but if you use km player and the “load files into stack” script don’t reverse the frames until the very end

idk how to explain it very well but for instance if you copy+paste the ice fractal that was on layer/frame 1 and then move onto layer/frame 2 to do it again, the spiral 1 will still be visible if you’ve already reversed the frames

like I said, this doesn’t apply if you use the import video frames to layer option and only happens if you use load files into stack instead. If you DO use that option (like me), just don’t press ‘reverse frames’ until after you’re finished masking

BASICALLY just make sure that the previous spiral isn’t visible on-screen when you move onto the next frame/layer otherwise you will get a weird glitch/bleeding effect because the select color range tool will select the colours of the previous frame if they’re still on-screen

Whenever you use select > color range from then on it SHOULD automatically load the last settings you used so don’t tweak them at all or it will look really bad when it’s animated and different colours are randomly appearing and disappearing

once it’s all done you should end up with something like the gif I posted earlier (I added the black background to make the colour stand out more - make sure it’s transparent (also you can now reverse the frames to get them playing in the right order if you use the load files to stack option))

open your second copy of the gif and between the two of them get rid of excess frames and change the frame speed - make sure you do exactly the same thing across both files so that they sync up perfectly when you merge them back together.

When you’re going to crop and resize the gifs down to size do the following:

crop the second image (the main gif) to whatever ratio you want (in my case it was 500x150) and resize it down to 500 wide
just resize the first image to 500 wide… the height will be different but that doesn’t matter.

convert both files into smart objects and sharpen them, then drag and drop image 1 (the spirals) onto image 2 (the background gif) and move image 1 so that it’s overlaid perfectly on top of image 2.

then you can pretty much do whatever you want with it - all we’ve done here is copy the ice spirals onto their own separate animation file so you can edit the background however you want without anything happening to the fractals.

for the gif I posted all I did was do this fade gif that I’ve already talked about a couple of months ago but only applied the gradient layer mask to image 2 and let image 1 overlap the two side gifs beneath it - it’s the same basic idea as something like this but having all of the gifs blend in together rather than putting transparent gaps between them.

it’s probably easier to show you each individual “layer” of the end gif so we have image 2 with the layer mask applied (again, the side parts should actually be transparent but I filled them with black to show how the layers work)

and we have image 1, which is just the fractals and without the layer mask applied:

when you stack image 1 on top of image 2 you get this:

aaand finally there’s 2 gifs on either side that image 2 and image 1 will be stacked on top of again:

so after all that the end result will be this: 

and you can finally take a break to cool down from making one of the most needlessly complicated gifs you’ve ever done lmao


Charlie + Tom | 2.19

"Tell me something, is your ass made out of candy?"

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Hi! I just wanted to thank you for that really cute drawing of Raven with little brother Robin. When Teen Titans first came out my little brother and I would dress up as Robin and Raven and play around all the time so it really hit home. I showed it to my mom and she couldn't believe the resemblance that little Robin had to my brother (it's her phone background right now). I just wanted to thank you for accidentally drawing my childhood. <3 <3 <3 <3

Neato! \o7o/

That’s so awesome to hear! And hahah you’re welcome? Hehe but for real, thanks for sharing me this, it feels nice knowing my stuff does more than just sitting here on my blog.

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Housewife!Eren and Lumberjack!Mikasa is literally my favorite thing. Like imagine Eren with his little toddlers or something, tending to their garden and helping clean around to house (to make mama Mikasa proud of course ;w;). Eren would also be really doting toward his babies! AND MIKASA WOULD BE SO MOTHERLY AND CARING TOWARDS HER CHILDREN UGH.

Omg this is so adorable… I need fan art of this.

Like, Eren would teach them how to grow flowers and vegetables and just play with them outside, then when they go inside Eren would show them how to properly clean and help them reach high places while Mikasa would teach them how to cook (because I think she’s a really good cook idk) and cut wood and at night she would cuddle with them in bed and read bedtime stories and tuck them in and her and Eren would just be so happy with the family they made.

Goodness, I just want them to be happy ;c

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Your art is just wowww ;v; What inspires your colors? Is there a certain reference? Also how do you shape your lineart so well? I tried drawing Jimin and he ended up looking like Jay-Z; wahhhhhh. Thank you! (Also that latest J-Hope portrait was amazing. I cried a little.)

thank you so much! tbh i’m not too good at choosing colors so i’d get my inspiration for colors from either the ref photo itself (i enhance the colors a bit) or from another photograph ; v ; i’ve been collecting photos with pretty colors for quite a while now on my other blog hehe~ you can find them here {x

another option is that i’d put the photo (or gif aha orz) through a color palette generator like so:

i really liked the colors in this gif {x} so i stuck it in this generator here {x} to get a color palette that i used for this portrait {x}

maybe this is a weird way to go about it but this is how i do things lol~ ^^/

 for lines ah.. i just keep drawing lines until i’m satisfied > < you could also try flipping the photo and taking short breaks to help you see what looks ‘off’ ? ; V ;

thanks so much again and i hope this helps a bit! <3

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Hey, mun! I like your style! What kind of brushes do you use?

(( Thanks so much!!  Ahhh I honestly don’t have a lot of variation with brushes for this blog. Wanted to keep it easy and simple, so mostly just sloppy use of the water brush in Paint tool Sai. I’m pretty sure they’re both at the default settings, but I’ll put the water brush up just in case as i play around with the dilution and persistence a little. All line art is done with just the pen tool, and then the coloring/shading is done with this …. ))

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y’know what I really like?

gay robots

y’know what I don’t really like?

being committed to drawing something with a time limit

so I’m combining the two to maybe get more used to it ‘n such since that’s a big part of being an artist fo’ real  :v  I’m giving myself a little wiggle room by skipping around days, though, since who would ever want to start with a hand thing holy shit

y’know, I was actually really surprised to hear from an interview that Thomas is the more outgoing/friendly one and Guy-Man is pretty quiet?  I had it completely backwards!  so I thought if Thomas was ever trying to play around with Guy-Man, he’d take it super seriously and just be like ‘yeah sure whatever’ huehuehue

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Could you write Candy and Nath playing with his new kitty, pretty please?

Nathaniel cheeks hurt from how long he’d been smiling as he watched Candy dangle a piece of string in front of White. Although they’d been playing for almost an hour, the little Burmese was showing no signs of slowing down.

"Oh, you almost got it that time!" Candy giggled as White leapt towards the string, her slightly oversized paws flailing wildly before hitting the living room carpet again.

"You don’t suppose this is teasing, do you?" Nathaniel asked. Although thoroughly enjoying himself, he wanted to be the best owner he could.

Candy giggled again as White spun around in circles, the end of the string lightly touching her tail. “I don’t think so, I mean this is playing isn’t it?”

Just then white pounced and snatched the string in her mouth with a triumphant noise. Nathaniel chuckled and picked up the kitten, touching their noses together affectionately. “I suppose it is. As long as she always loves me, I’m happy.”

25th Feb 2015

AN EVENING WITH NOEL FIELDING - pre-show meet-ups etc

At anon’s request hopefully this will work a little better.  

Just want to say hi to you all, a big thank you, and I guess show you what I look like so that when we meet up pre-shows/intervals etc you don’t think I’m just an odd bod hanging around a park.  Plus want to start playing around with this video diary thing.

Thanks lovelies x x

Neverland (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

A/N: Okay, so I just watched ‘Finding Neverland’ for the first time today and I’ve wanted to see that movie for years. Anyways, I loved it and I love Peter Pan and I just felt inspired to write, so here’s a little nonsense of a scenario to enjoy. ~ Ki *_*

She sat in the park, on the grass, under her favorite tree. It was a nice day in the spring. With the guitar in her hands, she strummed. The same chords she’d played since she were a child rung out, but it stopped short in the area around her.

The children continued to play and dogs ran about. Every so often, a pet would wander over towards her and she’ll smile at it. The owner would call for it and it’d disappear. It was just like her actual life. She’s used to being ignored. It no longer bothered because she turned to music for an escape. Her fingers moved across the guitar with grace as she continued to play the melody.

"That sound beautiful," a voice said as she strummed the final chord. She jumped at the sudden presence. It was a male. He wore a beanie with hood over it, but his curls peaked from underneath it. A smile was plastered across his face, displaying a dimple, and he sat comfortably next to her; as if he’d been there the whole time.

She regained her posture and tried to figure out when he’d gotten there. “Um, th-thank you,” she stuttered out quietly. She looked down, not really knowing what else to say.

The guy gave a small chuckle. “I’m sorry, I must’ve startled you.” The girl looked up and he was still there. “I’m Ashton.” His golden eyes sparkled as he spoke.

His name echoed in her head. She knew she’d never forget. “I’m Mae,” she mumble while looking down.

"That name is beautiful," Ashton complimented. Mae’s heart fluttered and she looked back up to him. A blush rose to her cheeks and she smiled. "Well, Mae, you don’t say much do you?" She shook her head to answer his question, earning another chuckle from him. "People who have little to say usually have a story. What’s your story, Mae?"

She bit her lip and thought about his question. Why was this guy interested in knowing anything about her? “Um, my mother left me and my father when I was little…not too long after that, my dad died from cancer.” She stopped talking to recollect herself. It’s been years, but she still wasn’t over it. “So, um, I was thrown into the foster program, but if you ask me, an orphanage would have been much better.”

Ashton watched her as she talked about her life and his heart broke a little more with each word that she spoke. “I’m really sorry about that,” was all he could think to say.

She merely shrugged. “I don’t want your charity or pity. I’ve got enou—”

"Woah, woah," Ashton interrupted with his hands up. "It wasn’t pity. It was sympathy…" He studied her and she slowly looked up at him. "It sounds like you try not to get too close to people because you think you’ll always get hurt."

Mae looked away. “It always happen,” she sighed. “Sometimes, I just want to escape. Like I don’t want to be here anymore. And maybe it’s because I’m a typical 17-year-old, but I wanna….I wanna…” she paused to think about what to say, but couldn’t find the word to describe what she meant.

"Run away?" Ashton answered. She looked at him in surprised and nodded. His eyes showed something that almost reminded her of what she saw in her own reflection. "Can I see that guitar?"

She looked down and remembered that she was still holding it. “You play?” she asked. He smiled and nodded. She passed the guitar to him and he took it with care. She placed the pick in his hand. Her eyes studied him, wondering what he was going to play. Soon, he began to strum a familiar tune, a song that she’d often to turn to and dream of. "Say goodbye to the halls and the classes, say hello to a job and the taxes…" Recognizing the lyrics, a small smile appeared on her face and her heart fluttered.

When the chorus came around, she sang along with him. By the time the song ended, there was a small crowd that had surrounded the both of them. They applauded and Mae blushed again. Ashton leaned over to her and whispered, “You sounded amazing.”  Her blush deepened and the crowd soon dissipated. They were alone again. “I could do that, you know?”

Mae looked at Ashton, confused. “What?”

"I can take you away like that. To another world, I mean…there’s other places out there and—"

"Are you asking me to leave with you?" she asked in disbelief.

Ashton stumbled over his words, trying to find the way to explain himself without sounding like a creep. “No, no. I mean yes, but..” He sighed and calmed himself before speaking again, “I’m in a band. And I’m currently on a tour with them. I meant that you could come along…if you want. We’re travelling across the country.”

The girl sat there for a moment, trying to figure out how this could happen to her. “Wha- Do you think I can just leave my life behind and just run away with a complete stranger?”

Ashton smirked as if he already knew she was going to ask that. “Wendy did. Come on, Mae, let me take you to Neverland. Maybe I can help you get signed. You’re really talented.” Mae giggled at how cliché he sounded, but then thought seriously about the offer. She weighed her options carefully. “You said it yourself that you didn’t want to be here anymore, but it’s completely up to you.”

She bit her lip and looked back to him with a smile. “I’ve got nothing to lose,” she shrugged. She knew that he wanted to save her and honestly, she had been waiting for this moment for a long time. ”Alright, let’s go!”

**Oh! And we take requests! Send us scenarios and the guy you want us to write about! You can even send us a name and description of yourself if you want a personal imagine ~Ki :3**

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Oh gosh yes!! I'm picturing Lily as Ashton and Xavier is more like his papa, and Lily always makes sure her little brother knows how amazing he is and she's so supportive of him!! And when some of her friends complain about Xavier hanging out with them whenever they play Lily just rolls her eyes because her brother is cool why wouldn't he play with them??

Lily and her friends throwing a ball around and playing tag, things like that, and Xavier just watches until he decides that he wants to play, too!! but he can’t throw the ball very far at all, and when it’s his turn to chase them around, they all run faster than he does and it’s :-( but Lily takes the time to show him how to throw the ball and she cheers whenever he does, and when they play tag she would purposely run a little slower and let him tag her wow I’m ashdsdvjdkj

I kind of feel like I want to change my name, but I have no idea what to. It’s not that there’s anything particularly wrong with Amanda, but it’s such a common name that it doesn’t feel like me at all and I’m tired of getting my hopes up every time someone calls my name and it’s not me. I always used to joke about how I’d start going by my middle name as a kid, but Renee doesn’t feel right either. I guess I don’t know what I’m looking for, I feel like I’d like something more unisex but nothing I’ve seen really strikes my interest. Maybe some sort of a nickname or something would be nice but it’s bad form to give myself a nickname and the only ones I’ve ever gotten are ones I’ve hated so idk

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What were the maguroras first impression of each other?

for Rinchan she’s very very excited to meet Lukanee bc!!!!! another girl!!!!!!!!!!!!11 bc she feels kinda lonely(????) at home with Mikunee being busy with literally everything and oversea tours/concerts and rarely ever have time to relax and play with her and Meichan is too old i mean sometimes Rinchan just wants to talk about Girl Thing and have someone to relate to but tehre is no one so she _(:’3

SO with Lukanee arriving at the crypton household Rinchan dokies bc i have a little sister but no Lukanee Is The Bamf wiht mature aura Rinchan got a little scared she’ll be overshadowed at first wah ;; then she tried to be casual  and hit up with Lukanee and it turns out Lukanee is actually a super nice big sister?!??! still Rinchan is p shy around Lukanee at first bc it’s her first time hanging around a super mature polite family member coughs at everyone else then later she jsut lol becomes clingy little shit

Lukanee is like a freshman at this vocaloid thing and having known Miku is a super successful person at this and there’s the cute Kagamine twins just as great as Miku and then u have Meiko and Kaito the first few people in this line of job she was worried if she’ll be able to keep up with them paps the Lukanee

and then she got to the house and introduce herself or osmething aDN SMALL SHY RINCHAN FIDGETING TRYING TO SAY SOMETHING and lukanee discovered she is gay as hell i mean she thought Rinchan would be the cute shy shy little gril who’s probably a nerd but man was she wrong