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Before the End of Halloween

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Summary: Nat gives you a list on Halloween.

Characters: Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff

Word Count: 2,758 words

Warnings: Just a bunch of fluff, basically. Maybe a little bit of cursing but I don’t think so.

A/N: This is for the lovely @just-some-drabbles 4k followers writing challenge. My prompt was autumn, although it is more Halloween than anything else. I kept on stopping and then starting again, so hopefully it turned out okay. Enjoy! 

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Tell Me (Part One) (Stucky/ Poly/ Tattoo Shop AU)(NSFW)

Welcome to Book Three of my Tattoo Parlor Love Story Series!
Tattoo Shop AU with college age Stucky, and Tattoo Artists Clint and Natasha.

If you haven’t read Books One and Two, find them HERE. Not necessary, but it helps with context!

I tagged everyone who read “Safe Word” or liked the excerpt I posted a few days ago, so if you want to be added to/ removed from the tag list just let me know!

Saturday Morning

“So tell me. When ya gonna let me tap that ass, Captain?”

Steve jumped when Clint spoke, spilling his cereal down his front, and cursed.

“Have we moved on from only swearing in the bedroom? Thank god, I was starting to feel self conscious about my language. And it’s not right for a man to feel self conscious in his own home.” Clint pushed off the wall, and headed for the fridge, followed closely by Natasha.

“Clint, what are you–why would you–?” Steve gave up trying to wipe his shirt off and just stripped it off, tossing it towards the laundry room and glaring at him.

“Look at that, darling.” Natasha giggled from where she had perched on the kitchen counter, wearing… well almost nothing. Tiny shorts and a thin camisole. “You got Steve stripping before 9am.”

“Yeah, I won that bet didn’t I?” Clint planted a messy kiss on his girlfriends pouty lips, wrapping her nearly bare legs around his waist to pull her close. “How should I take my winnings?”
Natasha murmured something in his ear, that had Clint groaning and rocking forward into her, and Steve coughed, looking away. He was getting used to their hands on antics, their lack of respect for his personal space and boundaries, Natasha’s disconcerting lack of modesty, and Clint’s shockingly high sex drive, but he still blushed more times than not.

“Don’t pretend you are shy, love.” Natasha’s green eyes sparkled at him. “I thought we got rid of shy in this household last month when you and Clint started sharing Bucky.”

“You had a go at him too, if I remember correctly.” Steve protested, then–of course-  blushed nearly scarlet when Clint burst out laughing.

Listen to the man, sounding jealous and snarky. Ah, captain you are coming along nicely aren’t you? A year ago you were good and straight and nice and now you’re sarcastic and gay and into threesomes.” He waggled his eyebrows in a way that made Steve entirely uncomfortable, and the blond actually took a step back.

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weekend horoscopes!!
  • I know that a lot of people finish their first week of school tomorrow, and that can be stressful, so I thought I'd post this and give everyone some advice and just an idea of what's happening transit-wise. Hope it helps somehow <3
  • Aries: The Sun is squaring Mars right now and that's really difficult for you - you may like what you're passionate about and what's best for you aren't the same right now. I know that having Uranus in your sign for so long must have been messing stuff up anyway, so it's not really looking that good for you, I'm afraid. Just relax, I promise staying still for a while won't kill you. Try to be calm and have some you time.
  • Taurus: Venus is in Libra at the moment, making this a top time for you. Virgo isn't a bad sign for the sun to be in, either. So make the most of the favourable transits and pamper yourself this weekend, or spend time with friends. The Moon and Venus are in sextile currently which makes this a good time for deepening relationships or opening up to partners emotionally. Good luck with whatever you choose to do!
  • Gemini: You really do hate a Mercury retrograde, don't you? There's a slow on your usually quick thoughts and you may have had trouble adjusting to school again (if you go.) Try and put academia out of your mind this weekend by getting any homework done soon, and then engaging in a hobby of yours that doesn't need your brain to not be sludge! Make sure you concentrate hard on that work, though, and don't rush through it.
  • Cancer: The Moon is currently moving through Sagittarius, encouraging you to explore emotionally and this is very important for you. Its sextile with Venus means it could be time to confess to someone your deeper feelings, testing out new ground in a relationship. Don't be afraid - I know that it sounds cliched, but you'll never get anywhere if you don't try. You can do this. Don't worry.
  • Leo: You're always charging ahead, and Mars in Sagittarius is making you want to do so even more, but Mercury retrograde is a time to reflect, not to create, unfortunately. Think back over the past week. What went right, and what went not so right? Think about how you can make sure that the rest of the year goes as smoothly as possible, giving you space to have fun, too. Don't make all the same mistakes again.
  • Virgo: This Mercury retrograde is probably more annoying for you than anyone, because being confused and forgetting something will be stressing you out even more than usual. It is in conjunction with Jupiter right now though, so I would try writing down your feelings - communicating them through any medium could well turn out for the better, and you might even get a stroke of luck and find it's a masterpiece.
  • Libra: Jupiter's about to move into your sign! It's tremendously exciting. Time to prepare for a year of (let me be eloquent about this) pure awesomeness. It's not about to happen straight away, but pretty soon. My advice is to keep your chin up and don't worry too much. Whatever happens now will be easier to sort out when Jupiter moves - you'll feel more at ease, and have a sense of hope and luck.
  • Scorpio: Right now the Sun is trining Pluto; the most beautiful of aspects, and the planet that you feel most at home with. This will result in a general positive feeling for you, although the Moon having recently left your sign may have left you feeling a little disoriented. Try to enjoy the good while it lasts and don't do anything you don't want to, this is a good time for you to be you and no-one else.
  • Sagittarius: The Moon's in your sign and you're lapping it up. Your feelings are going in all sorts of crazy directions, but hey! That's fine by you. You've also got Mars lumped in there and you'll be full of energy if you let yourself. Don't let school tire you out, because this weekend will be crazy fun if you let it. Staying in all the time will drive you insane, so go out and enjoy yourself! You deserve it.
  • Capricorn: Pluto's been in your sign for a while, which was always going to bug you, but right now it's squaring Venus, meaning that your tendency to destroy and rebuild right now could be messing with your love life. For the next few days, stop trying to weed out all the bad, and just enjoy the good for what it is. Perhaps it would be better to address your problems once the Moon moves into Capricorn.
  • Aquarius: Mercury retrograde's getting on everyone's nerves and you're definitely no exception. Don't beat yourself up if you forget the answer in class a couple times, or leave your bus pass at home by mistake. This weekend, get your homework over with quickly and spend time with friends. Don't talk about school, it'll just end up stressing you out, and you won't be in the right mindset to make next week better.
  • Pisces: Neptune's a slow moving planet, so you've been enjoying the effects of it being in its home sign - yours! - for a while now. But currently, it has unfavourable aspects with both the Moon and the Sun, so try not to get stuck in dreams as you often do. Doing so will not be best for you and could land you in a bit of trouble.
Being a Member of a Long Running Roleplay: Helpful Tips and Gentle Warnings.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’ve recently joined (or worse, created) an incredible roleplay. Everything seems wonderful. Shall we even go so far as to say too good to be true. It has nice graphics, well done bios, friendly roleplayers - a good plot… and yet, suddenly, after sometimes as short as a week or as long as a month or two, activity drops off. Sometimes suddenly, sometimes less so. You feel stagnant, bored with your character and so either you leave or the RP itself dies out.

Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve had this happen to me quite a lot over the years. For some people, this is a good system. It means they get to create new characters every month or so, and try out new things. Which is awesome! Unfortunately, if you’re like me, when this ends up happening instead of feeling excited about moving to the next idea you can’t help but grumble ‘all that character development wasted’ or ‘great, time to make another email and tumblr account - like I don’t already have enough trouble remembering the 25 I already have’ or, probably most irritating of all ‘where the hell am I going to find someone now who writes that well for that one character I love, everything is ruined’.

The following guide will cover:

  • How to create and maintain a successful, long running running roleplay.
  • How to contribute as a member to keep an RP healthy, fun and active.

Now I know what you’re saying. ‘Why the heck should I listen to you Mr. Tommy? Where are your credentials? Do you have a doctorate in advanced roleplaying that we don’t know about?’  Well, I can’t really give a good answer to that I’m afraid besides the fact that while I’m sure very similar lists like this have been done in the past, when I went looking I couldn’t find any, so I decided to create my own. I am currently a member of a roleplay which has been active for over two years, which in tumblr terms is almost unheard of. I’ve also experienced the golden ‘two weeks of activity’ bellcurve, and let me tell you - not a fun experience, so I feel like I can offer some insight into what works and what doesn’t.

This guide will be split into three parts, for convenience sake.

PART ONE: what can you, as a roleplayer, do to keep a RP healthy?

PART TWO: what can you, as a mod, do when starting a RP with the goal of longevity in mind?

PART THREE: what can you do, as a mod, to maintain longevity in an RP?

Under the cut I will be making a make a bullet point list and then breaking each point down separately to show you potential things that can help with keeping a roleplay alive both initially and once it’s starting plot has hit the floor running as a member.

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Preference #95 You have a stupid fear:


“Can I at least have a hint?!” You begged. “Nope!” Harry laughed. “Not even for a reward?” You wondered placing a hand on his thigh and kissing his cheek. Harry took a deep breath “D-don’t be all cheeky with me (Y/N). I’m not telling you anything! Now please put on that blindfold we’re almost there.” You rolled your eyes and put on the blindfold as Harry continued to drive, taking you on spontaneous day trip. “Are we going uphill??” you asked nervously. “Shhh babe, just sit back and relax.” Harry told you. Within the next 5 minutes you had arrived. Harry told you keep your blindfold on and he’d guide you to wherever the surprise was. “It’s really windy here” you noticed. The path felt rocky and you heard the sounds of birds singing. “Ok I brought you here because I really felt like we needed this, some time to ourselves with no one else here.” Harry said. You smiled and Harry allowed you to take off your blindfold. When you opened your eyes you found yourself on the top of a high cliff. Down below you, you could see the whole city below you. You almost screamed, running back to the car and breathing heavily. “(Y/N)?! Are you ok?! what’s going on?!” He said. “….too…….. high ……I-I-I’m scared of heights ….I’m feeling a little…dizzy…now” You said taking deep breaths between almost every word. “Oh my goodness (Y/N)! I’m so sorry! I had no idea!” Harry said gently wrapping his arms around you. You both stayed like that for a while, Harry telling you comforting things. “Harry I really feel terrible, you planed this whole thing and put so much thought into all this and I’m ruining it because I’m a big baby” you sighed. “It’s ok sweetheart, everyone has their fears. I had planed for us to have a picnic and see the sunset but we I’m sure we can just find another spot that’s not as high up” he told you, him still hugging you.


“NIALLLLLLLLL!” You scream. Running out of the bathroom and closing the door. Niall raced up the stairs “(Y/N)?! What’s going on?! What happened?!?” He said, questions flying from his mouth.“th-there’s a spider in there” you said pointing to the bathroom, your voice shaking. Niall sighed and chuckled. “(Y/N)!! Don’t do that to me I actually thought there was an actual emergency!” He told you, now able to catch his breath. “Excuse me, this is an emergency!” you said. Niall went into the bathroom to go and get the bug, “Are you kidding?! This little thing in here scared you?!” Niall said. “Shut up that thing could eat me dinner if it wanted” you exaggerated. Niall laughed, “(Y/N) think about how big you are, and how big the bug is? Its gonna be more scared of you than you should be of it.”. You rolled your eyes. “Oh just kill the damn bug.” you said pouting. Niall killed it with some paper towel and wrapped it up in the tissue. “Ahhh scary” Niall mocked you, he held the tissue close to you. “ Ahhhh ewww!!!!! Niall get that thing away from my face!!” You almost screamed. Niall couldn’t stop laughing. “God I love you…” he trailed off, going to flush the spider in the toilet. 


“Hey would you mind giving me a hand in here?” Liam asked from the kitchen. “Not at all, what can I do to help?” You asked. “Just cut up those vegetables while I work on the pasta?” Liam requested. Your stomach dropped when you saw the large chef knife Liam expected you to use. “Um…why don’t you cut those and I’ll do the pasta” you said. “Why you afraid that Louis is goon find out you’ve been around carrots?” Liam laughed. You laughed too. “No, no, I just…I’m um….I’m not too fond of knives, especially big ones, like that” you pointed. Liam started laughing. “Are you laughing at me!?” you said punching his arm. “Ouch babe!! I wasn’t laughing at you, I was just laughing because, you don’t like knives and I don’t like spoons! Forks for the win!” he said. You laughed. “Yes! Go forks! So you can cut things if we need a knife, and I can scoop something if we need a spoon. We balance each other out” you said happily. “We sure do”, Liam said kissing your forehead and starting to cut the vegetables. 


When you first told Louis that you were afraid of the dark, he thought you were joking. “No, I’m serious, like why do you think I always like to sleep with the door cracked open? Or why do you think I light so many candles at night time?” you questioned. “Oh…your right….but why? why are you scared of the dark?” he asked. “because thats when the boogie man comes out!” You joked, trying to lighten the mood. “No, I don’t really know why, just the fact that you don’t know what’s there or whats around you.” you admitted. “Aww, love don’t worry I’ll be here if you need me, ever.” he said. You smiled. “Thank you Lou.”


“So I’ve got good news and bad news which do you want to hear first?” Zayn said after coming home from work. You hugged and kissed him, greeting him after a long day. “Um…bad news.” you said. “Ok, we’re going on tour…” he said, unsure of how you would respond. “Oh, um ok….where?” you wondered, your mood sort of dropping. “Australia and New zealand” you told you. “Oh well…um…I hear its beautiful there, I’m sure it will be fun” you said, doing your best to contain your tears. “Aww, baby don’t cry just yet I haven’t told you the good news.” he said, lifting your chin up, so you were  looking into his eyes. “Paul said that you can come and visit me anytime you want! You could come for a few weekends or a few weeks or a month or the whole time we’re there, just catch a plane and come out and see me when ever you want!” He said. You sighed. “I guess that’s supposed to make me really excited because I get to see you, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to go at all” you said. “What?! Why?!” “Well I’m scared of flying on planes…” you told him. He looked concerned. He took hold of your hands, “(Y/N) planes are nothing to be afraid of, I promise. Its just like getting in a car, you could die on a plane and you could die in a car too, you could die anywhere, anything could happen. But you just cant live like that, you cant live your life in fear because of stories you’ve heard before. You’ve heard of plane crashes, and you’ve heard of car crashes, yet you’re not afraid of cars are you?” He said. You shook your head, he was completely right. “Look how about this, you’ll come with us on our plane to Australia, that way I’ll be right there to hold your hand the whole entire way.” He said. You smiled. “That would be perfect Zayn, thank you.”

5sos Imagine: Getting Lost Part I

*(y/n) POV* 

It was the band’s second week of break from touring and promoting the latest album and they wanted to get away from the media for a little bit. So they decided to go on a camping trip because they figured they wouldn’t run into paparazzi. Originally it was just going to be just the four boys, but they invited me because we hadn’t spent much time together during the tour. We all piled into Ashton’s car and packed light enough for the weekend- Luke had to pack an extra bag for his hair products- which we all made fun of him for the whole car ride.

Ashton left the car parked in the beginning of the woods, so that it was barely visible from the road. Calum had talked us into hiking farther into the woods to set up camp so that our campfire wouldn’t be visible. Michael refused to carry his stuff far, so Calum had to carry 2 bags. Luke oddly decided to grab my bag before I could reach it, and he looked quite funny struggling to carry 3 bags while walking the narrow trail. After about a mile, Michael stepped off the path into a small grassy clearing and he announced that he would be setting his tent up there.

“Really Michael? You’re going set up the tent…” Luke teases as he sets the bags down and starts working on the tent spikes. Michael sighs because he knows Luke is right. I start to unravel the tent canvas but it’s so big that I’m struggling to reach the ends. Before I know what’s happening the other end lays flat, and Michael laughs at me for needing his help. Before the sun starts going behind the pines, our little campsite is set complete with a small fire pit courtesy of Ashton. Having grabbed dinner at a cutesy diner on the way, everyone settles around the campfire for a dessert of s'mores

“How about a little game of truth or dare?” Calum suggests after Michael burns another round of marshmallows. Luke groans but shakes his head in agreement, naturally Ashton goes first. “Luke! Truth or Dare??” Luke quietly says truth. “Would you date (y/n)?” Luke’s cheeks glow red under the fire light and he takes a little too long to answer, “Well I wouldn’t not date (y/n).” He leaves the reason vague and quickly changes the subject by asking Calum truth or dare. “I’m feeling frisky, how about a dare?” Luke puts his hand underneath his cheek while he thinks. “Okay wellI dare you to kiss Ashton.” Calum gets up a little too quickly and gives Ashton a quick peck on the cheek. Ashton smiles and laughs as he jokingly wipes his face. “Well that wasn’t weird at all.” you comment as none of the boys are phased. “My turn!” Michael says in an off pitched voice. “It’s mine though.” Calum starts to protest but Michael interrupts ,“Shut up stop being such a Luke.” Luke raises his eyebrows but lets Michael continue. “Anyways.. (y/n) Truth or dare?” I looked up confused, because I had lost track of the conversation. “Dare!” I blurted instantly regretting it. Michael slyly grinned, “Kiss one of us, you pick.” Four sets of eyes are suddenly locked on me. Ashton and Calum look the same, if not a little disinterested by the change of the game. Michael looks a little nervous and Luke’s expression is unreadable. I lean towards Luke because he’s the closest and he leans into me. I kiss the bottom of his lips hoping that it’s not as awkward. Luke instinctively deepens the kiss and I let it happen for a minute before I realize what we’re doing. I pull away and stand up mumbling something about going to sleep before anyone can make me feel awkward about the kiss. “I think that’s a good idea, I think I’ll do the same.” Ashton comments before putting out the fire. The tent space is limited so you pick a spot on the end hoping that you don’t roll too much in your sleep.

I wake up alone in the tent and I quickly dress. “So what are we doing today?” you ask as you grab a clif bar from your backpack. “We’re hiking!” Calum motions towards his backpack that he has clipped around his waist. “Shouldn’t we take a map or something?” I ask as I join them on the trail. “That’s why we have phones.” Michael explains. “We can always just backtrack too.” Ashton points out. “We’re just going to circle the campsite and go by the lake.” Luke says finally stepping out from behind Calum. Calum and Ashton lead the way, Calum uses a giant branch he found on the trail as a hiking stick. Luke walks next to me for the most part but occasionally steps in front of me when the trail gets narrow. Michael trails behind me occasionally poking my hair with a stick, which causes him to laugh. After a few hours I start to grow concerned that we still haven’t ran into the lake yet. “Shouldn’t we have reached the lake yet?” I ask as I stop walking because the trail has become dense. “I don’t think we are on a trail any more.” Luke comments and leans his arm on my shoulder as he also stops. “Yeah It’s been fun but I don’t know where we are?” Calum nervously wedges his walking stick into the ground. “Let me check google maps, I thought we were heading the right direction.” “Well we have been heading in one direction for sure.” Michael throws in a puke worthy pun to lighten the mood as Ashton scrolls through his phone. Ashton frowns for a minute as he looks at his phone, “Guys..I’m not getting service. The app won’t even load.” “Well thats okay, don’t you have a compass?” I try to stay patient. “Funny thing about that, I might have deleted that for more space.” Ashton smiles stupidly, while running a hand through his hair. “Seriously?” Luke complains. “Yeah! I had to download some more vampire weekend.” Ashton defends as if it’s a decent excuse to not have a compass app while hiking in the woods. “Let’s just head back the way we came,” I suggest. “That’s a good idea but now that we have lost the path I don’t know if we would even be going the right way..” Michael says as he puts his backpack down and sits on it. We all take Michael’s cue and discuss possible ways back to camp. The sun peaks in the sky and we decide that we should try to walk back. 

It’s been an hour and we have to stop because we have gotten further into the woods and it’s difficult to walk. I’ve fallen a little behind because I’m not used to the extra exercise. “Here let me,” Luke crouches and picks me up so that I don’t get wet crossing the small stream. “Thanks, I’m sorry I’m a bit heavy.” Luke looks down at me, “You’re not heavy, could you hold on tighter? I don’t want to drop you.” I grasp his bicep tighter and I notice that he lightly grasps back. Once we get to the end of the stream we sit down by Calum and Ashton near the bank.

“Well I think it’s official we are fucking lost in the woods.” Michael says into his hands. “Don’t swear.” Ashton reminds him. “Ashton,we are literally fucking lost. I don’t think anyone cares.” “Let him be Michael.” Luke tries to settle everyone down. It’s starting to get dark and the edge of the moon starts to appear. “We should stay the night here, because we are close to the water and the moon reflects off the water so it’s not so dark.” Ashton leans back using his pack as a pillow. “Does anyone have some food?” Calum says as his stomach growls. I unzip my bag and toss everyone a clif bar. Everyone is tired from the day of walking and the bug bites are starting to set in. “We should write a song about this when we get back.” Calum says out of the blue. “No one cares Calum.” Michael groans already half asleep. “I think it’s a good idea but we should talk about it when we aren’t stuck in the middle of no where.” I smile at Calum trying to lighten the mood. Ashton fell asleep around the same time as Michael and Calum soon follows. I’m too scared to fall asleep and

to be continued