so i just stuck with regular gifs


This is the first them I’m giving away for public use after a lot of persuading and a lot of personal thought as well. I used to make them for my old theme blog flowerpower-themes but I wasn’t active there and it was hard to keep up with requests, so I figure that just posting them to my personal would be a lot easier– so here ya go! Now here are the specs and what not. 

  • Theme is optimized for Chrome and screens 1366x768
  • Infinite scroll
  • Posts are 400 pixels and are stuck that way. 
  • Two sidebar images 177x200 in dimension but get resized to a width of 95 pixels. Please make sure the dimensions are somewhere around there or they’re going to get seriously warped. 
  • Background image option, repeated and the size of whatever image you upload– I chose to just use a regular color. 
  • Two different description boxes: one for a shorter quote and the bottom one sizing itself to whatever you put in the description. 
  • Six links with the seventh being the credit. DO NOT DELETE.

Please do not delete any of the credit I have on the blog but edit to your hearts content! Do not use my theme as a base code and if you take anything out of my theme make sure to credit me. You can find a link to the pastebin here and a link to a live preview here. If you use this theme please reblog and/or like this post!