so i just started watching this and i love it

simon and izzy are really starting to annoy me all they do is use raphael at this point i just ship raphael + happiness.

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I love how much you love Natasha and Elise. Can you share some of your thoughts on their chemistry and how they play Hollstein so well? I'd love to read that

I feel like they embody the characters so well that we don’t only see it, we feel it.  There’s still so much of us, even after it’s over, that still feels the affects that Hollstein left us because of how powerful and compelling Natasha and Elise portrayed Carmilla and Laura, their love, and their story.  

I think Carmilla is such a good show to start off on when you’re just starting to realize you may like the same gender because Hollstein feels so genuine.  Like do you ever just watch a show but it’s so clearly directed and the actors are obviously trying to think of where their next blocking is?  Like they don’t know what to do with their hands, or how to kiss, or how to show affection etc?  I’ll often watch a show with so much PDA but it doesn’t feel genuine and it actually makes me sick to look at.  It tries too hard that it looks artificial and the movements are robotic.  It looks more like bodies on a screen rather than the characters, more so focussing on angles and cinematography (which isn’t a bad thing but there needs to be a balance) which in turn loses the emotions they’re trying to evoke from the audience.

I just often forget that it’s a web series that I’m watching because Hollstein and their love feel so authentic.  Natasha and Elise are given (and trusted) such freedom and some people wouldn’t know what to do without direction or would be at a lost with too much freedom, but they just get into character so smoothly, so effortlessly and it just comes so naturally to them.

It’s also the fact that they put so much trust and are so comfortable with each other that it doesn’t look awkward so they’re more capable of making a scene much more beautiful than the words on the script could ever be imagined or depicted as.  I feel like with any other actresses, they would limit themselves and be afraid to push the boundaries but Natasha and Elise just “goes there,” they go the extra mile to illustrate Hollstein as precisely, meticulously, and detailed as possible.  They show what the script doesn’t tell and what’s between the lines, which at times, even the script fails to deliver the true love between Hollstein unless exaggerated intensely and passionately by the acting, with occasional ad libs by Natasha and Elise.  I also love how they both love their characters and root for them as much as we do.  It’s not an exaggeration when they both say magic happens when they’re together because I’ve never seen an illusion so believable and convincing.

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Wow! David Duchovny singing 'Because the night' was something I didn't know I needed in my life till now! He absolutely rocked it! 👌😍❤️

I loved it!  I may have watched the two versions a few…well, many…okay, lots and lots of times.  :D

If you haven’t seen both, they’re here: (x) and (x).  You’ve got to see them.  And if you’ve already seen them, watch again.  :)

I think we need to start a petition to get David to include it on his album, because his voice is perfect for it and he sounds so damn sexy singing it.

Plus, it would be perfect for a pre-sleep song.  (Just saying.)

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headcanon: shiro likes "traditional" dates (ex: candlelit dinners at fancy, expensive restaurants) but pidge is like "if it requires putting pants on, i'm not doing it" so the majority of their date nights are spent at home watching netflix

OMG THIS IS REALLY CUTE I LOVE IT…. it’s not even the “going out” aspect shiro loves as much as just the act of doing something romantic together? so when he and pidge start going steady it takes him some time to adjust to netflix dates being PIDGE’S ideal romantic activity LOL (sometimes he wares her down into going out to museums and aquariums and stuff like that together tho)

i’m rewatching the boondock saints with my sister & let me just tell you - this movie fucks me up more than literally any movie, i am a new man reborn every time i watch it

the premise is that these two irish twins in boston get a vision from god to start killing all the bad guys, all the mobsters, so they…… do

meanwhile a self-hating gay cop who’s a goddamn genius chases after them and eventually helps them

it’s the perfect convergence of my thing about religion, violence, twins, and queerness…….. it’s literally everything i could possibly want & there’s no romantic subplot (unless you count their doomed friendship with their best friend who’s involved with the mob, and i’m tempted to count it, bc at one point one brother puts his hand over the best friend’s mouth and kisses it)


So I woke up to 409 followers, which means I finally have an excuse to post a bias list of my favourite people! When I first started this blog, I had just started watching season one of Shadowhunters. Something drew me to the character of Alec and I wanted to try my hand at writing, as I’d recently left the previous roleplay community I was in.

I was terrified to interact with anyone and didn’t feel good enough (I still don’t, but it’s something I’m working on). But with over 400 of you here, I actually feel good enough to play Alec. There’s been a lot of setbacks recently and there are certain people who have had a role in me not feeling good enough, but I’m a lot better now and why? It’s because of all of you.

My Person

@highwarlockxbane: You have been my friend for four years now, and I cannot thank you enough. You’ve always been my rock, always been there for me and refuse to let other people bring me down. I have always said I probably wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for you, and it’s the truth. You and I have been for a lot and I’m glad I still have you, even after everything that’s happened between us. Four years is a long time and I will always be grateful you sent me that anonymous message on my Blaine Anderson roleplay account because you liked how I wrote him. Oh, and I’m really glad I made you get your Magnus indie.

Those who have been there from the start

@goldtouched: You were one of the first blogs I interacted with when I started my Alec account and I’m so glad you were still around after I got my ass off my four month hiatus. Thank you for letting me ramble to you about Jalec and thank you for still being there when I want to vent.

@magnusofbane: Let’s be honest, I was kind of intimidated by you when we first started talking because you were such a good writer. But then I actually got to talk to you and you’re the cutest dragon/tol on the planet. I know you’re going to fight me for saying that but it’s the truth! I adore writing with you and I’m glad we still get to write the cutest Malec plot ever.

The Cuties

@warstopper; @arrowbythebooks; @remembcr; @fallenregent; @heartguided; @willraisehell; @fxirchild; @camillebelcourtme; @justoldnews

Those I Admire

@finestglitter; @pandoraspuxis; @ofangelveins; @nephiliminheels; @dirtrepellent;  @firecaged; @warbleralways; @offershope; @inthequiver; @giingerstallion; @tragiichearts

I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone! I’m really not good at remembering things, but just know I love each and every one of you ♥

Richonne 7x12 Party

Day 1: When did you start shipping them?

I was kind of a late comer to TWD.  I started watching during the season 3 hiatus, prompted by a co-worker.  It was really background noise I watched on my days off.  So my superfan obsession didn’t start until one episode, Home, when I fell in love with Daryl Dixon. (Don’t even ask why that’s not a thing anymore).  Anywho, I say all that to explain why I missed the initial Richonne signs.  I was never much of a shipper, and just wasn’t on my radar when watching this show.  Then season 4 started.  I was watching in earnest because of my newfound obsession with Daryl Dixon, and I started to really take notice of these additional characters.  Then season 4B started.  I caught up with the live airings.  I officially fell in love with Rick, Michonne and Carl in “After”, when before I didn’t care for them much at all. Then, I noticed a little somepin’, somepin’ in After, with the “It’s for you” scene.  Then, claimed as Rick checked out Michonne, and she was being so attentive to both Grimes boys.  Then it happened.  "A".  Rick was worried about how he was going to be perceived after ripping out Joe’s jugular.  Then the “I’m ok, cause I’m ok too” scene happened. I was literally alone, and looked around the room, to ask the non-existent person, “Um, what? Did I just? See? Something? Happening?”.  Luckily the non-existent person didn’t answer, and it was just me officially on board the Richonne train.  From that moment on, it has been a wild and wonderful ride.  Bumpy at times, all from outside forces negating and hating.  But I never lost sight.  And was only rewarded at every turn with more evidence and reason to know it wasn’t a matter of if, BUT when.

So my long explanation is to say, even though I didn’t see it at the fence, or other since before, it was because I wasn’t paying attention.  On rewatch I’m like, DUH. Anyway that’s my story.  the scene I started shipping Richonne……..

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Hey, do you have a top tens list for shows you think everyone should watch?

I don’t have any definite top ten per se so I’m just going to name ten shows (of various genres) that I really like:

This Is Us– This show has such a way with connecting to the human experience, it’s unbelievable. And Randall Pearson is such a well written and important character. The most recent episode, “Memphis”, was stellar. A truly unforgettable episode.

Brooklyn 99- I haven’t even finished this one yet (just started S3) but I already love it. Holt and Peralta consistently have the best interactions.

The Wire- god I wish I could go back in time and experience watching this show for the first time again. The writing is amazing. I love shows that respect the audience and their intelligence, and this is one of those shows.

Breaking Bad- I binged watched this entire show (5 seasons) in two weeks while still being in grad school, just so I could watch the last three episodes live. Ozymandias is still one of the craziest and greatest hours of TV I’ve ever watched.

Six Feet Under–this show literally changed my life, like it made me a more spiritual person. Also, this show has the greatest series finale of all time.

Parks and Rec- took awhile for this show to find its stride (s1 and s2 are okay, but s3 is where it takes off), but man when it did, it really did. Leslie and Ben >>>>>> Jim and Pam. Sorry not sorry.

Scrubs- one of the few shows to make me both laugh hysterically and then cry hysterically in the span of a few minutes on a fairly regular basis. also, despite the goofiness and JD’s fantasies, it’s the most relatable medical/healthcare show out there.

The Get Down- I don’t get why this show is slept on so much?? It is honestly one of the greatest things Netflix has ever produced and April 7 (s2) can’t come soon enough

Arrested Development- my favorite dysfunctional family. I wish they hadn’t done s4 though tbh. The reboot wasn’t awful, but the strength of the show comes from the whole ensemble interaction, which you just don’t get as much in s4 because of how they had to film things due to people’s schedules.

The Golden Girls- i watched this with my grandmother growing up so there’s definitely nostalgia involved, but these ladies had some impeccable comedic timing. also in Hollywood where youth is so idolized, it’s nice to see a show about four older women and their friendship

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Hey! So I've just watch the Catch me mv and I feel in love with their visuals and voices, can you tell me where can I know more about them? And tell me how is each member? Thank you ♡♡

Ahh of course I’d love to help you out! 

Well I’ll start by telling you that these girls were previously already a group named Minx (minus Gahyeon and Handong as they only joined now) but they weren’t that famous or got nearly as much reception as they are now. Happyface Entertainment decided to disband them in around 2015. They’ve just come back now as a new group named Dreamcatcher with their debut MV “Chase Me”!

I’ll go in order of age for each member.

So the oldest and the leader of Dreamcatcher is Jiu.

She’s an absolute angel, she has “fake makane” tendencies which means she’ll act all childish even though she’s much much older than the maknae of the group, she’s very very sweet and friendly. On her fan cafe posts she often calls the members by “my kids” or “the kids” when referring to them. She seems extremely close to Handong even though Handong is a new member and obviously hasn’t known her as long as the others and I think that gives you and idea of how inviting and friendly Jiu really is.

The next is Sua

She’s the main dancer and even so she shows her amazing vocal abilities. She’s also very sweet, she can be seen as extremely confident on stage but really she’s a total softie. She’ll always be clinging onto the other members or staying around them in behind the scenes videos. Sua radiates a literal aura of beauty and flawlessness like I can’t even explain, and at heart she’s a real dork.

This is Siyeon

Siyeon has the most powerful vocals and has actually hit some near whistle notes if you listen closely at the end of “Why Did You Come To My Home” back in their Minx days. Siyeon can seem a little intimadating at first but she’s really all witty humour and fake coldness. Siyeon is actually very soft at heart, she literally spent 10 minutes calling after a little cat to come to her in the behind the scenes of their MV filming. She makes lots of cute faces off stage with her dongsaengs and seems to be an overall amazing big sister.

This is Handong!

You’d think Handong would find it hard fitting in as a new member and the only foreign one(she is from China!) as well,but the girls have been nothing but warm and close and loving. They all seem like the best of friends and Handong is no different, she’s always hanging around the member’s and trying her best in speaking korean, even if she might be a little confused with what she’s pronouncing she’ll still play it off perfectly and confidently.

Now we have Yoohyeon

Yoohyeon is and absolutely adorable member, she’s always clinging to her fellow members and being extremely touchy and cuddly with them. Yoohyeon is also very playful and sweet and is often joking around with the maknae. She’s also very dorky and confident about it, she loves overwatch and she’s a pro at doing silly things and still looking adorable. She’s really funny and sweet and can be extremely hilarious like pretending to accept a Miss Korea award and dramatically thanking her family and friends (which she did in a behind the scenes Dreamcatcher’s note episode.)

Next we have another 97′ liner, Dami

Dami can come off as reserved or uninterested by she’s just very soft spoken, you really see her social side come out around the fans or when another one of the members is being extremely extra… which is quite often. Dami is super adorable in the sense that she can even imitate the sounds of chirping birds and still has such a great confident and sexy stage presence. She masters being an intriguing rapper and being sweet and caring to the fans off stage.

Finally we have our maknae Gahyeon!

Gahyeon is extremely wonderful. She’s a general light and everyone literally gravitates towards her. If i have to say anything it’s that Gahyeon loves makes dorky faces, she’s great at them and she also looks so cute. Gahyeon has such a compelling and interesting stage presence while being an absolutely adorable puppy off stage. She’s the type to be following around her unnie and bothering them with dumb questions just because she can. Gahyeon is super super cute in every way while also being extremely beautiful.

You can learn more about them by watching their “Dreamcatcher’s Note” episodes on Happyface Entertainment’s Youtube Channel. Also here’s a link to a playlist I made if you want a cute intro to their personalities.

And thats all I have for the members! I hope this helped you get a feel for their personalities! I love these girls with all my heart, they really deserve it all.

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How do you think Zen would react to finding out MC is also allergic to cats but owns them anyway?


  • he was so happy when he found out you were allergic too
  • no cats to worry about..success!
  • but when he came by the apartment, his allergies started acting up as soon as he walked into the room
  • “uh MC? i thought you said you were allergic?”
  • “oh i am, but they’re just so cute i can’t help myself,”
  • cue zen crying
  • bc allergies bc he loves you too much to ask you to get rid of them
  • it was hard for awhile getting the cats to stay away from him
  • the farther away they were the less he sneezed
  • but once they did, he actually started to like them
  • or rather he liked watching you play with them and try to hold back your sneezes
  • ‘mc is so cute’
  • you even caught him playing with them one night


Richonne 7x12 Party Day 1 : Scene That Made You Ship Richonne

I’m going to make this a low-sodium post. I started watching TWD in real time in 5B. I had followed the wiki episode guides before, but they don’t ship, so I only knew plot points coming into 5B. I had no idea of the slow burn prior. I immediately loved the quiet and powerful Michonne who was just trying to keep her family inside the walls of the ASZ while her best friend went crazy in this living time capsule. He went around flirting in quiet corners and secluded garages with a completely basic and weak person. A while after the basic person died, Rick removes his wedding ring, available bachelor. He starts flirting outright with his best friend in private conversation and making out in empty rooms. So, I’m happy for Michonne but still not seeing her choosen partner as redeemed enough. 

Then they go in the RV to the Hilltop. And we see that Rick isn’t flirting. He isn’t peacocking. He is fucking head over heels in love. He cannot stop himself from touching her in front of their family and Jesus. Family Official Dating.  No more secluded corners. And when she grabs for his hand and you see his breath hitch because he is thrilled and scared and so in love, I died my first beautiful Richonne death.  

Had I watched the show earlier, my ship scene would have been “I’m ok, too.” But, I’m glad I got to binge watch TWD after Richonne Canon. It just made all those scenes and every glance obvious and delicious. But, I also tend to be more salty than long term shippers. 

oh guys I need to tell this mothafuckin whump community about the shittiest anime I’ve ever watched

So this shit was called Rumbling Hearts

and it’s about this girl (orange hair chick) who falls in love with one of those guys (who are both so dull I can’t even remember which fucking one it was)

so she gets hit by a car and goes into a coma

for ten years

and while she’s out, blue haired chick starts to take care of her bf because he’s stopped eating, showering, etc (see why I watched it? such whump potential, but just wait for it)

so she wakes up ten years later and the doctors tell her friends that it’s gonna be too much of a shock to tell her how long she’s been asleep, so they should act like it’s only been a few days

but this bitch’s hair has not been cut at all and it’s literally a foot longer

but nevertheless they decide to fuckin roll with it. So her sister squeezes her enormous fucking anime tits into her middle school uniform and they’re all in her hospital room, noticeably older, and she’s just like “yo I slept through Wednesday? that sucks”

but then the old boyfriend gets fed up randomly and shouts “You’ve been in a coma for TEN YEARS”

which shocks her





And that’s the worst anime I’ve ever fucking seen in my life.

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I can't stop watching your Mean Girls x BTS edit. It's just... so perfect. You're a genius, Jen, a GENIUS. The time when the Plastics appear I start to yell and giggle at the same time. Thank you for that work of art :) I just found your blog through this vid and followed right away. (Hmm yeah, sorry if I sound super awkward... it's just the way I am.) - awkward bean

ahahahaha this was so cute! thank you so much :) you’re not awkward don’t worry love! i love you <3

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I just started watching One Day at a Time, and it is now one of my favorite shows ever. It is honestly so relatable and funny. It is now filling the voided space that appeared after I decided to stop watching Supergirl.

odaat is great i love it so much :’)

me playing any non-BioWare game: I’m so glad my ship didn’t kiss at the end of the game. I love them so much but them just sitting together watching sunset after saving the world is so much more meaningful
me playing a BioWare game: No I dont want to do another sidequest. I dont care that I just started the game, WHEN WILL THEY SMOOCH U FINALLY???

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so i fell in love with jon because he was loved by so few and yet he cared for others so strongly. i love jon because he can barely love himself. i just love jon for who he is. though that cool direwolf of his sure doesn't hurt the deal either! haha!

gushing about Jon Snow (ALWAYS ACCEPTING TBH) || @bastardpup

on today’s list of headcanons that are accepted:

  • he was loved by so few and yet he cared for others so strongly
  • he can barely love himself
  • i just love jon for who he is
  • that cool direwolf

and may i also add:

  • Catelyn was horrible to him the day he left Winterfell (much more in the books than in the show; reminder that Cat literally told him face to face it should have been you) and yet when Robb asked him of it, he did not call her out – he said she was very kind;
  • he started off by being a spoiled brat towards both Tyrion and the rest of the recruits of the Watch, and had the decency to realize what he was doing wrong and to apologize for it – he actually called Tyrion friend when they parted ways;
  • he stood up for Sam immediately, even if that gained him the endless hatred of Thorne and, after that, of Chett (that horrible steward of maester Aemon who needs to die slowly and painfully lbr);
  • okay i am following p much every of his chapters in the books and i’m not even halfway through with AGOT right now so i’ll shut up but;
  • reminder that Jon never wanted to be the Lord Commander and i have no doubts that, if he could have given his life to bring back Jeor Mormont, he would have done so – yet he accepted the responsibility despite the fact he was only 16 and at least half the Watch hated him and thought him a traitor and he tried his very best to make things better;

okay i’ll shut up now.


I was just watching the Oscars and I was only watching for Chris Evans and when he came on stage I started screaming and and the I embarrassingly started crying in front of my mum. And I just cried. And im still tearing up every time I see him in the crowd. This earth is so goddamn lucky to have Chris Evans!!! And I wish him the best luck in his future endeavours!!! I love you Chris!!! Thank you so much!!!! 😍❤😍❤😍

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“It’s getting kinda late, your fam ok with you out at night?”
“I um.. I live by myself..”
“Yeah? That’s gotta be fun though.”
“K-Kinda lonely, to be honest…”
“Oh, sorry to hear..”
“Well, I mean…. I guess that’s my fault for running away…”
“Ya ran away from home?”
“I don’t know if I’d really call an orphanage a home…”

Sorry for my handwriting lmao I added text just in case.
I have no idea how to draw grass and I’m not even gonna try to draw starts lol

I imagine them just talking a lot when they’re not running around with Bishop or going on adventures in the woods. They just get a snack and chill, watching the clouds until it turns to night.

Yo this is so nice and I love this interaction I might have to continue off of this later on.

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Do you think you'll ever give the Metarex saga of Sonic X a watch?

I dunno. I did start watching it when it first began airing in Japan, and it just never caught on with me. You can definitely tell it wasn’t ever intended to be part of the main storyline. Sonic X wrapped up pretty thoroughly, so for them to go “Oh wait Chris Thorndyke is back and even though he was an adult now he’s a kid again because of inter-dimensional science magic and okay now let’s go to space with our new Mary Sue character that everybody loves, especially Tails

And just…

I really dunno. The window for that has passed for me, I think.