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I love my mom so much for sitting and listening to me ramble on about how hype I am for the upcoming Marvel and D.C. movies for over 2 hours. She listened to an explanation of every character and storyline, comic book and onscreen, with no complaints. She thoughtfully looked at every promo and cast picture I pulled up. She listened to me read articles and squeal in excitement and watched me flail around like a fish out of water every time the urge came over me. And at the end she said, “I’m so happy for you but I no longer want to hear your voice.“ And I just 😍😍😍. Wow I love this woman.

Aquaman: Recommended Reading

Aquaman Masterpost/Recommended Reading Order:
I’ve been asked for Aquaman comic recs by several people over the last few months so I thought I’d make one masterpost of all Aquaman stand alone comics and the order I think you should read them in. This is just a basic guide and you don’t have to follow this order at all. I hope this helps if you’re starting out reading Aquaman comics, or if you don’t know what to read next. ***If you need help finding downloads, or somewhere to read them online let me know

New 52 Aquaman: Several people I know have started with New 52 Aquaman and  they’ve fallen in love with him straight away. For new readers I would definitely suggest  starting at this point.

- Aquaman Vol 7 #0-25: is Geoff Johns’ New 52 run and is definitely one of the greatest  Aquaman runs. John’s Ocean Master and Black Manta issues (#23.1 and #23.2) are  well worth checking out as well. 
- Aquaman Vol 7 #26-40: is Jeff Parker’s run on Aquaman. There’s a bit of retconning in his last book but it’s a pretty great run.   
- Aquaman Vol 7 #41-46: (the latest issue released) is Bunn’s run. It’s…not great and generally a painful experience for Aquaman fans. Only read these issues if your love for Arthur can overcome all odds.
- Aquaman and the Others #1-11: is a great stand alone series about Aquaman and his team, the Others. If you have time I definitely recommend checking it out.


Pre New 52 Aquaman: I started reading Pre 52 Aquaman and if you want to get familiar with Aquaman’s history before reading his New 52 run I’d recommend starting here.

- Time and Tide by Peter David: Time and Tide is regarded as the definitive Aquaman origin story and it’s the best place to start in my opinion. This is the comic that made me fall in love with Aquaman. 
- Death of the Prince arc: Adventure Comics #435-437, #441-445 and Aquaman Vol 1 #57-63  It’s important to read this after Time and Tide, and before Vol 5 because it directly influences events in Vol 5.
- Aquaman Vol 5: #1-46 follows Time and Tide and is, in my opinion, the greatest Aquaman run ever. It’s an epic adventure written by Peter David and it’s not one to miss. Peter David left Aquaman after #46 but #47-75 is worth reading as well. If you have time also check out the Atlantis Chronicles which is Peter David’s 7 issue series about the history of the Atlantean Royal Family. There are also five Aquaman Annuals attached to Volume 5 (1995-1999) which are all great.
- Next I would move on to JLA: Obsidian Age which is a wild comic about the JLA going back in time to retrieve Aquaman, Mera and the lost Atlanteans. Events in Obsidian Age are directly influence by Volume 5 and in turn influence the events in Aquaman Vol 6 so its important to read Obsidian Age before stating Vol 6.
- Aquaman Vol 6 #1-14:
Aquaman has been expelled from Atlantis and is on the run from the new Atlantean rulers. It’s a great run full of great character development and Arthurian Legend allusions. Also contains Black Manta’s Pre 52 Origin Story. 
- Aquaman Vol 6 #15-20:
is the American Tidal Arc and is one of the greatest Aquaman arcs. It’s not one to be missed. #21-36 are well worth reading also. 
- Also in Volume 6 is the Sword of Atlantis Arc #40-57 which follows Arthur Joseph Curry (also known as fake Aquaman). It’s…interesting and the original Aquaman is in it (he looks like a weird squid) so it’s worth reading. 


Further Reading if you’re a hardcore Aquaman fan: 

- If you wish to read Aquaman’s first appearance it’s in More Fun Comics #73. It’s a 1940s comic so just keep that in mind. 
- Aquaman Vol 1 #1-63: - Aquaman’s first stand alone run. Arthur is extremely different to the modern day Aquaman but it’s fun and explores Arthur’s relationships with the Justice League, Aqualad, Atlantis and Mera. 
- Aquaman Vol 2 #1-4: Very short run but well worth checking out. The art is…wild. 
- Aquaman Vol 3 #1-5: Another short run but it’s one every Aquaman fan should read. 
- Aquaman Vol 4 #1-12: Again, short but a must read for Aquaman fans. 

Events/JL books involving heavy Aquaman characterisation: JLA: Rock Ages, Brightest Day/Blackest Night, Flashpoint, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Throne of Atlantis. 

And that brings us to the end of this post. I hope this has been helpful in some way and if you need recs for Mera, Aqualad/Tempest, Ocean Master or Black Manta don’t hesitate to ask!