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things people in my theatre class have said (part 2)

“and then emma is going to cross downstage—where’s emma” (everyone simultaneously looks up. emma is on the catwalk) “hey guys you look really short from up here”

(violent twirling of ribbons) “IM A WATERBENDER”

“so im going to write a musical called tree #3 the musical and the whole thing is just the tree standing onstage and singing this note:” (high-pitched screeching) “sounds groundbreaking”

“my favorite musical that we did was probably seussical” “isnt that the one where you face planted on the stage” “shhhh we don’t talk about that”

“wait i get to fake slap aidan” “yeah” “FINALLY”

“can you maybe chill?” “how bout maybe you chill?” “OH MY GOD YOU TOO?”

“there’s literally no music i can play right now. it’s all percussion. what the fuck.”

“one word summary of yourself” “gay”

“wow i can’t believe how good friends elphaba and glinda are” “harold…..” “wait what my name’s michael” “…harold….”


“actually, did you know that in 19th century russia—” (from across the stage) “WE WRITE LETTERS WE WRITE LETTERS”

“see we call the small max maxahundred cause hes the youngest. then the medium max is maxathousand. then the big max is maximillian.” “OH MY GOD”

“when you think about it….. everything is illuminati”

Early Honeymoon(Jung Hoseok AMBW Smut)

“I now pronounce you husband and wife.” The preacher said to the both of you causing a bunch of loud cheers to erupt throughout the grand church. Hoseok laughed softly, turning to face you, his hands gripped onto your veil pulling it up and backwards against the top of your head to reveal you face, your tears streaming down your flushed brown cheeks that were turning shades. Your soft big eyes staring up at him with the most love and adoration that you could muster. The soft red lipstick against your plump lips bringing out your features in the white dress. Hoseok smiled leaning down to press his lips against yours, sharing a deep kiss between the both of you. One of his hands cupped at your cheek to keep you close to him and you happily followed pressing your lips back against his, the hoots and hollers not really registering to your ears because you were so caught up in how it felt to have this male sliding his tongue into your mouth sucking on your tongue. A soft groan left your lips, your body pushing closer to his as your hand moved to grip his bicep.

“Hey-HEY! My daughter is in here can you maybe tone down the rated scene for later goodness?!” Taehyung exclaimed with a playful smile clapping his hands as he watched you guys. Hoseok pulled back licking over his lips grinning like a kid in a candy store.

“I love you y/n. I’m so glad you are finally mine.” He was so sweet just knocking your breath away from your lungs. You nodded shyly seeing so many reporters and new stations that were there filming the BTS member getting married.

“I am happy I am too. I fought your fans hard enough for it.” You teased playfully slapping at his arm as he gripped onto your hand. Hoseok grinned pulling you down from the stairs at the alter before walking down the aisle. You both did a couple rounds of walking up and down the aisle that were decorated with pink and white ribbons and the little red rose pedals that the flower girl had put down. If you had to choose a highlight for your wedding it would have been watching Yoongi’s three-year-old son waddle down the aisle with Taehyung’s five-year-old daughter. They were both so cute and they had stolen everyone’s hearts away including yours to the point where you just wanted to hold them both.

“Don’t worry we will make our own now, yeobo.” Hoseok whispered hotly against your ear kissing the lobe as the camera man told your bridesmaids were to go. You could feel your cheeks heat up, turning to look up at the male that was smirking playfully down at you, you had to admit you really wanted him but you had to tell yourself not to do it.

“Hoseok, don’t tease me when you know we have all day for this.” You groaned trying to not think about it too much. Hoseok chuckled as you both started to pose for pictures dropping the conversation for now. Once the pictures were taken you were both being escorted outside while they showered you both with rice throwing it gently over your heads.

“Don’t waste food!” Hoseok shouted playfully but caught some of the rice as he led you towards a limo that you had rented out for the day. He picked you up sliding you into the limo as he slid in beside you both of you heading to the reception.

You couldn’t believe that you had gotten there in one piece, Hoseok was a tease saying little things and giving you soft little touches here and there, but only laughing it off as he grabbed your hands and got you out of the limo. Hoseok had led you towards the big dance hall that was decorated with your wedding colors, a bag in his hand as he led you towards one of the bathrooms locking it behind him as you bypassed so many guests that were waiting for you. Hoseok helped you strip out of your grand dress almost tripping on the train as he picked the dress you and laid it against the counter. He eyed you hungrily, his hands moving to grope at your body and pull you close to him, his hand moving to dip down the front of your panties and rub against your clit causing you to moan.

“Holy, shit Hoseok why!” You whined as your hips bucked against his hand wanting to feel more, your legs spreading wide. Hoseok chuckled moving you to look into the bathroom mirror, his hand going to cup at your breast and play with your nipples, leaning down to suck on your ear humming.

“You look in the mirror and tell me I don’t have one of the most breath-taking women on the planet? How could you ask me to keep my hands from you?” He asked softly moving his middle finger up and down your slit, before he pressed his middle finger deep inside of your pussy. Your head threw back as you tried to hold in your cries from being too loud, your hips ground in a circle as you pushed down against his finger fucking yourself for him to have a show. You pressed your ass back against his dress pants feeling the dent in the slacks as he rolled his hips against your ass. You were on could nine loving those thick fingers that would finger you. He added another one, scissoring you open as he finger fucked you, the wet lewd sounds started to produce and drench your lavender panties that were part of your lingerie set.

“Please keep going, make me cum daddy.” You whispered out to him who was more than happy to oblige. He shoved his fingers in and out of you deeper, letting your wetness coat at his fingers as he released a soft growl, your stomach knotted, your hand moved to grip at his wrist as you got closer, your legs were bucking as a loud mewl escaped your lips but suddenly a knock on the door made you both freeze.

“Hoseok! Come dance with your mother! Hurry up you two!! She gets to hog you later.” His mother playfully yelled walking away from the door because if she didn’t get you out, you would both stay in there fucking and she had a pretty good idea of it.

Hoseok chuckled looking at you apologetically pulling his hands back from your pussy. He sucked on them moaning at your taste, his free hand pushing his brown hair from his forehead.

“I’m sorry baby I promise to make it up to you later.” He leaned down to kiss your pouty lips knowing you were hating him at this moment. You were sulking, but you tried to let it go, dressing up in the short off the shoulder white sundress, you put on your white zip up heels that was accented in gold, a lazy smirk on your lips as you planned on getting your husband back. He changed into white jeans that were baggy on his body and a pink button-down shirt, with the first few buttons undone he smiled at you. You rolled your eyes being the first out of the room and towards your parents. You guys had someone come to clean up behind you and put your dress and his tux in the car so with all the worries gone away and the wedding behind you, both of you started to relax and just enjoy your time. You moved around and danced with your parents, taking pictures with anyone who wanted to be in your presence. You even allowed some of the fans to come in and experience the reception as long as they were not crazy and trying to ruin things because you were with their favorite bias.

When it was time for you guys to give a toast, you all sat down at a long white table filled with food and seats for everyone that you allowed up there. Namjoon was the first up to speak, being the leader and everything he had to go first to set the mood and make things interesting. Telling embarrassing stories and just things about Hoseok that were endearing in your eyes. Your mind however was going to something else, your panties were still very much drenched and your pussy was clenching just hearing the male beside you chuckle or say something in a low tone to you. Even when you were dancing he purposefully held his hands closed to your ass gripping on your hips too much to bring you closer to his body when there wasn’t even space. You were buzzing with the need to get him back. Sitting against him, your hand came up to slide up his thighs slowly causing him to clear his throat while you smiled sweetly continuing to laugh and look at everyone glad that the table cloth was down long enough so no one could see. Your hand placed against Hoseok’s bulge, rubbing up and down against the outline of his shaft, feeling it twitch under your hand. He groaned and cleared his throat trying to smile as he leaned close to you to whisper.

“The harder you get me the harder I am going to fuck you.” He said with a sweet smile, kissing your lips making it seem like it was a lovingly conversation.

“Then, what happens if you can’t get any harder?” You asked him nuzzling your noses together licking across his bottom lip quickly.

“Then, I will fuck you as hard as I can and I’m not stopping until I get you screaming and sore from my hips slamming against yours.” He spoke against your lips and you shuddered pulling back from him as Hoseok was called to stand up and give a speech. While he was doing it, your hands moved to trace the inside of his thigh, you couldn’t go too high because you would get in trouble but you were going to try and push as much as you could, humming in pride at the fact that he was losing his mind and trying to play it off but his cheeks were tinting red.

Once he was done, he sat down to look at you giving you a breathtaking kiss as his lips slammed against yours, until you couldn’t breathe anymore. He pulled back winking at you. It was his silent promise to you and you knew what that meant, and boy were you ready for it.

For some of the reception you stayed with the little babies, finding Yoongi’s son’s cheeks so adorable. Pinching them gently you held him in your lap as many more people came around you to talk and say sweet things to you and Hoseok both. A lot of people told you to have kids, and you couldn’t help but feel so shy and flustered from that conversation alone. It wasn’t the thought of having his kids, it was how he looked at you like a predator that was more than ready to pounce on its prey whenever it was time to. When the reception was over, and everything was being cleaned up you both were urged to go and head towards the plane so that you could fly out for your honeymoon. Your heart was beating fast and you kept trying to push it off and stay around because you knew that Hoseok was more than ready for you. He chuckled picking you up, kissing your lips and shutting you up as he carried your flailing body towards the limo.

“Driver, please whatever you hear.. Don’t blame me. And I promise I will paint your room when I get back.” Hoseok told his cousin that he bribed to drive as he rolled up the window between you and the front. You shook your head as Hoseok pulled you on his lap whispering to him as he moved your panties to the side and gripped you around your waist to stay pressed against him.

“I warned you one too many times.” Hoseok recalled as his dick was free, he gripped it with one hand slapping it against your wet slit smirking as he pushed you down to grind your wet lips against his shaft that was eager and pulsing ready to feel you.

“I behaved!” You tried to reason and he shook his head.

“You aren’t behaving now. You’re trying to run from this dick. I only have so long so unless you want to be standing outside of the airport letting everyone else see us shake I suggest you take it now, because the longer I wait, the worse it will be on you.. We don’t have toys in here kitten.” Hoseok looked up at you. Nodding your head quickly you agreed, knowing that he was speaking truth and you didn’t want to be punished later and denied orgasms on your honeymoon.

Hoseok grinned proudly, gripping at the base of his shaft, he pushed his dick into you slowly burying himself inch by inch until he was having you rested in his lap, buried inside of you to the hilt. Hoseok had been already moaning, your warm wet walls wrapped tightly around his walls, and your hips circled lightly around him, making sure he was inside of you making sure that you could feel him all. Your hands moved to grip at the male’s shoulders, slamming yourself down on his shaft immediately. You pulled back until just the tip of his dick was inside of you. He watched you moaning in pleasure as you bounced roughly in his lap, his hands moved to grip at your ass cheeks. He helped bounced you on your lap after a while, his own hips starting to meet up against yours.

“Does it feel good? Are you happy that you’re finally riding my dick you little needy girl?” He asked you slapping at your ass cheeks. He leaned close to run his tongue against your collarbones, sucking on your skin, he made sure that you had blistering red bruises on your body.” You nodded your head, bouncing as hard as you could but keeping in mind that you were in a car you had to be careful of how you fucked him not wanting anything to happen while you were on the road.

“Yes daddy, your needy little kitten is so happy her daddy’s dick is buried deep inside of her pussy.” He groaned immediately gripping at your body to wrap his arms around your waist, holding you closely he started to snap his hips up against you pounding deep inside of your pussy, the wet lewd sounds being heard even though music started to play in the car. He bit on your jaw, harshly sucking on that skin as well just trying to mark you as his dick switched angles and searched for your spot. Once your hips reacted and you released a cry of his name with your fingers tangled into his locks, Hoseok aimed for it over and over making sure he assaulted that spot with the tip of his dick, your legs were shaking and you were crying out for him, incoherent cries and a mix of his name, your eyes drifting shut as you clung to him. Hoseok let his hips go, pushing them up as fast and hard as he could growling and grunting out calling your name in between as he focused on you, moving to his limits for you. It paid off when you were gripping tightly at his hair and pressing your head down against your own arms crying out his name as you let your orgasm hit you. Your legs locked around his thighs and your pussy gripped him like a vice, keeping him close to your body. Hoseok kept pounding into you until his own shaft was ready to release, his cum burying inside of your tight space, and he made sure to push his hips deep as he pulled you down on his lap making you take all his cum. He took deep breaths kissing along your jaw, your chest heaving as you swallowed air letting your limbs slowly unlock. Hoseok released you from the tight hold letting his hands rub up and down your back soothingly as he kissed on your face.

“We may be done now, but I don’t think I fucked you hard enough. I’ll make sure to redo when we get to our destination. Let’s hope you are a good girl because I have no problem finding out ways to bury my fingers deep inside of your pussy on this plane, princess.” He warned and you nodded, holding onto him, deciding in your mind if you should act out or take heed to his warning.


Aaaaaaalll-RIGHT, sportsfans! I spent six hours on Friday finally slapping together the first version of my Interdimensional Traveler costume so I could give it a trial run at Indy PopCon. I got some GREAT reactions/feedback, and now I feel ready to show ya’ll! Meet my new Cosplay character, who I am calling Riv for the moment. Read below for the deets!

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If you're taking prompts could you do a fic where Easter is Stiles' favorite holiday and Derek uses and Easter egg to propose? much appreciated :D

“Is that supposed to say marry?”

Derek clenches his jaw, nods curtly as he continues to ice the dark chocolate Easter egg. 

Scott leans over his shoulder, clucks his tongue, “Dude.”

“What. What’s wrong, now?”

“Nothing! It’s just,” Scott leans closer, peers at the lettering. “It looks like it says will you massg me. He’d probably think it was short hand for massage and be totally down for it. He’s pretty fond of touching you.” Scott scrunches up his face. “Things I once never thought I’d say to you.”

"I’m so thrilled you can say them now,” Derek says flatly. He curses as the e on his me drips into a rather sinister looking g, and tosses the icing piper on the table. “I can’t do this.”

Scott hums thoughtfully, picks up a discarded milk chocolate bunny and bites the tail off.

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How does everyone wrap presents? Who's the messiest, who's the neatest? Who gets so frustrated they put it in a box, wraps the box in duct tape and plonks a bow on top? Does anyone go completely overboard with multiple layers of paper then geet themselves tangled up in the meters and meters of ribbon they use? (It's what I do. It's fun watching them struggle with it on the day)

jim is that asshole who wraps your present all nice and good looking but he makes sure to put tape over every single seam in the wrapping paper so you have to resort to opening it with your teeth

bones is meticulous with his first present but it slowly dissolves into him sort of slapping a bow on something and calling it a day if he has to wrap more than maybe five things because he just cannot be bothered

and then spock would either wrap things so that they were perfect and looked like they were wrapped professionally, all done up with ribbons and bows and everything, OR spock would wrap things and it would look like a five year old had done it and there would be tape everywhere, rips in the wrapping paper and he would get so frustrated at not being able to wrap anything

I was reading @passivechara ‘s Alphatale theories and i got a lot of ideas…_(:‘3 」∠)_ sooo this is my take on the Cyan soul mage!

Following the soul colour = name theme, I named her Kyanon, a greek name / word meaning cyan. She was going to have a more blue colour scheme but it clashed horribly with her ribbons OTL so now we have a little red riding hood cyan soul mage -//slapped… Also long sleeves were supposed to be a thing but the pose was dumb and I also forgot about drawing them when I came back from my break. Let’s just pretend she pushed her sleeves up or something OTL-

Personal headcanons!

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Still trapped within the labyrinth of the dungeon, Noir and Angel felt much more at ease being alone then before. After all, they were together. They had formed this team and had made it through many many dungeons in the past, so this was like old times to them. They paced themselves, keeping close and watching one another for anything that was remotely triggering for danger. It was such a relief to be alone for the first time in years.. But behind that relief was still the nagging fear something would go wrong.

“Do you remember our first dungeon together?” Angel finally broke the silence as she and Noir found themselves leaping over a fallen pillar. He snorted and rolled his eyes, obviously recalling their…misfortune.

“Yeah I remember alright. That was one doozie of a forest eh? And that Ariados…” he shuddered, having a deep disdain for bugs and especially spiders. “I think it would have gone better had you not tried to take her treasure-”

Angel stopped dead and slapped a paw down, “HOLD ON NOW I recalled YOU wanting ME to grab some dumb trinket as you distracted her!” she laughed and shoved him playfully,

“Don’t even TRY to put that blame on me, Mister ‘I’ll go it alone and trigger every trap on the way’ ”

 “ Well- we were young! And I wanted to get that ‘dumb trinket’ so we could get paid! ” Noir shoved her back, giving her a toothy grin while wiggling his brows. It seemed just like old times..

The two laughed together, walking much closer now as Angels ribbon touched his cheek. A gesture of affection if any, though their joy faded quickly. “ I also remember those rocks. I didn’t protect you.. Nearly lost you, Ang.. And your beautiful ribbons- ”

Angel hushed him and nuzzled his neck, “ Noir I wouldn’t be here now if not for your leadership skills. You have no reason to apologize. ” She smiled as he sighed deeply, letting his frustrations go with the comfort of his mate. They had been through so much together, and he had so much hope that they would continue to grow and flourish in the years to come. This momentary comfort.. A small window of peace in darkness.. It was all they needed to feel right. But it was truly crushed in an instant as an echoed and familiar scream filled their ears and rang through the hall.

The uneasiness returned and Noir regretted ever coming down into these catacombs. With angel by his side, the two dashed off in the direction of said scream, more afraid then ever before at what they would see when they got there.


Guest art accreditation goes to; @askapoppy | @askpokeshamans | @asktheminees | | @askkyubeon


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