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I think it’s hilarious when people are talking about height differences in ships and they think it’s all sunshine and rainbows, but as a friend and I were just discussing: I am tiny (at only about 5'2") while my husband is tall (6'3") and built like a house. I know what it’s like to be in a relationship like this, so please consider:

*The tiny one trying to reach something on the top shelf and the big one coming by to scoop them up and lift them with one hand so they can reach it.

*The big one has a bigger vehicle so they can stretch their legs out and the tiny one has to run and hop into it

*The big one can’t get their shoulders through a doorway and gets stuck like twice while the tiny one just slips through and laughs at them

*(my husband does this to me every so often) the tiny one caught in an uncomfortable conversation so the tall one just comes over and picks them up, puts them on their hip like a toddler, and carries them away.

*The tiny one is the scary one

*The big one is a big softie and a nerd and he just loves the tiny sarcastic one to bits

*The tiny one let’s the big one rest on them every now and then but careful don’t smoosh them

*The big one carrying the tiny one away from an argument over their shoulder

*The tiny one will fucking fight you don’t fuck with their massive teddy bear don’t get stabbed hoe

I got more. So so much more.

Anonymous requested: BTS reaction to finding their g/f sleeping with another member but it’s totally innocent just sleep 👀

A/N: This is my first reaction ever, so be nice pls. This is honestly pretty cute. I think as a whole all the members feel pretty comfortable with eachother, so something like this wouldn’t be a huge deal, but a few of them might get a little jealous. 


He wouldn’t be upset about finding you curled up on the couch with Yoongi after he got home from working in the studio. He would just smirk and laugh under his breath as he scooped up your sleeping form and carried you off to his bed where he got his cuddles, but then he would tease you about falling asleep with Yoongi in the coming weeks to which Yoongi grumbled because he was sick of hearing it.

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You would have fallen asleep on his lap while watching a new drama with him and Jungkook, but when you shifted without waking up and grabbed onto Jungkook’s arm and nuzzled into it, he might be a little jealous. He give you shit for it off and on months later even though you told him a million times that you couldn’t help it and he knew that, but teasing you for it made you look cute when you got all riled up and it made him laugh.

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When Yoongi came home from working on his new mixtape to find you curled up in Jin’s bed with Jin he would probably get a little jealous and just kind of sit on his bed staring at the two of you with this look on his face(in the gif), mumbling to himself, “Well, I mean if Jin is better at cuddling than me then I guess its fine…” but really he was hoping that you would wake up and get into bed with him(which you would in the middle of the night). Also, when you freaked out about it the next morning apologizing to him for falling asleep with Jin he would be like, “Yeah. Sure. No really, its fine.” in a completely sarcastic tone.

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He would be talking to Namjoon as he walked in the dorm, then all the sudden see you and Jimin sleeping on the couch together under the same blanket. It really took him by surprise at first because you had never done that before, but it really didn’t surprise him considering how close the three of you were so he didn’t really worry about it once he thought through the whole situation. But then again, he would weasel his way in between you guys and get his cuddles after he showered. 

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Jimin would have been taking a shower or something and when he was walking to his room he caught out of the corner of his eye your brightly coloured sweater in Taehyung’s bed… but with Taehyung right next to you! He would slowly make his way into the room and crouch down next to the bed and lightly poke you and whisper, “Jagi, jagi.” until you woke up and he would innocently look at you(like in the gif) and say, “Don’t you like my cuddles anymore?” and pout a little. 

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He would walk into the dorm and find you sleeping on the couch with Namjoon in the middle of the day, which confused him in the first place because why would you be taking a nap at noon?. So he would wait around until you woke up and found him then he would be like, “What the hell? I waited for hours, can we please go play outside now??” 

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He would come out of the shower and find you sleeping on Hoseok’s lap as he played video games(which is normally what you did with him so he was kind of just like wtf). Then Hoseok would speak in a hushed tone saying, “She fell asleep watching me, isn’t that funny?” and Jungkook would be making this face(in the gif) as he tried to smile while speaking through his teeth, “Yeah, so funny.” 

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seventeen scenario (fluff/sort of angsty/ a little nsfw)

seventeen reactions of you wearing a short skirt/dress out

vernon- short flowy skirt- ok vernon wouldn’t like the idea of you wearing the skirt out but he would let you cause he’s a chill guy but then like every time you moved the skirt would sort of lift up in the back and he would see and get protective and he would eventually just back hug and walk with you so to make sure no-one saw you skirt flying everywhere.

scoops- pleated skirt- immediately after seeing you exit you room scoups would practically tear off his jumper and run towards you tying it around your waist and you would kinda stop and look at him like ‘I’m old enough to wear what i want’ and he would be all annoyed and say something like “if anyones going to see you ass its gonna be me” and you would like stand there and in shock and be like “damn ok ill put on a longer skirt”

mingyu- pencil skirt- ok mingyu oh my god- ok so mingyu would see you and he’d start like stomping his foot and wiggling his shoulders and he would make this ‘eung’ sort of whiney noise and you would ask ‘whats wrong?’ and he’d be like ‘how can other men see you like this *still while stamping his foot and wiggling his shoulders* and you would be like ‘what do you mean?’ and he’d be like ‘your mineeeee’ so soon you would give into his cuteness and go change into something longer.

wonwoo- black (clingy) dress- oh my god ok so like it would be wonwoos birthday and he would have been dropping hints like ‘i really like that short black dress you have its a shame i haven’t seen it on you yet’ but you’d be like ok ok i see you so for his birthday you would wear the dress to his party and he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you and he would constantly be like ‘you need to wear this more often’ then blatantly stare at you ass gjnoewFSXK

dino- emerald green satin dress- his jaw would literally hit the floor like he would just stand there looking at you in shock and you be like ‘what??’ and he’d be like ‘you look really sexy in that’ and you’d be like really taken aback and go red cause you never saw this side of dino and would like pull you close to him but grabbing your waist and you’d be like really read and would mumble a lot.

the8- tight white skirt- oh my god ok so like you would be introducing the8 to your parents and he would come and knock on the door and when he saw you open it in that skirt the tips of his ears would go all red and he would immediately like look at the ground and like your parents would be in the background like laughing and you would giggle at him too and he would just be all red eh.

jun- tight red lacy dress- the biggest smile would spread across his face and every chance he got he would sneak up behind you and like grab your hips and like rub his hands up and down and then he’d wrap his hands around your waist then rest his head on your shoulder and whisper things like ‘i love you’ and like pull you closer to him oh my god tnijtkewf

hoshi- oh my god if hoshi saw you in anything above the knee he would just get all giggly and all like ‘I’m in a dream’ sort of feel to him and he would just stare at you non stop and giggle and you would be like ‘kwon hoshi get your head out of the gutter’ and he would like lazily giggle *if you know what i mean* and be like ‘but you look so good’ and he would be complete fool for you for the rest of the day and follow you around like lost little puppy ahh.

woozi- navy blue velvet dress- woozi would be looking for you at a party and see you across the room and he would go racing over grabbing your waist from as to cover your butt and he would be like ‘you look amazing but that dress is a little short’ and he would pull you over to a corner so no one would be able to see how short your dress was and protectively stand next to you for the whole night.

dk- gold/black flow and layered dress- dk would be all about you in a short flow dress and he would legit just cling to you the whole day and would not stop staring at you and you’d be like ‘why’ and he’d be like you ‘just looks so beautiful in that’ and you’d like giggle and lightly hit him on the arm and he would giggle and his eyes would turn into little crescents ehh.

joshua- red (clingy) mini dress- *don’t kill me but like i just want to see joshua’s like more smutty side- anyway*  his like mouth would fall to the ground and he would like just walk up to you and put his hands around you waist and like pull you into a really intense kiss and he’d whisper into your ear ‘I’m gonna make everybody jealous tonight’ gfjkgnsdkew.

seungkwan- red skirt with a slit up one side- you would surprise seungkwan cause you never wore anything risque round him and as soon as he saw you he would take a step back and look you up and down a few time and then you would start to walk closer to him and like lean in really close to his face and like whisper in his ear ‘i wore it for you’ and he would be really taken aback and his ears and face would go super read and you be like ‘you’re the same colour as my skirt’ lmao.

jeonghan- white short frilly skirt- you’d be sitting on the couch under a blanket at svt’s dorm and you would sometimes be like ‘oh I’m just gonna get some water’ but before you could get up jeonghan would have gotten it for you and this would keep happening and you’d finally be like ‘i can do stuff on my own you know’ and you would stand up and the blanket would fall of your legs and jeonghan would be like ‘aLL THE OTEHR MEMBERS WILL SWOON AROUND YOu if they see you like this’ and then he’d like look at the members and be like ‘if i see any of you guys look anywhere below her waist your dead’ but ofc the first thing the member would do is look at your short skirt and jeonghan would just like run at them screaming ‘YOUR ALL GOING TO DIE TODAY’

Lie to Me

Written in response to @breeeliss and @siderealsandman‘s challenge to the ML fandom to write for Femslash February. (Based on this post.) I rolled a 7 and a 9, and I came up with this.

“This project is pointless,” Lila grumbled, setting aside her tablet and folding her arms over her chest.

“It’s about Ladybug.” Alix shot her a glare.


“I thought you said you knew her.”

Lila scowled. “I was wrong.”

“Shocking,” Alix muttered.

“Ladybug wasn’t the person I thought she was,” Lila snapped, scooping up her tablet to focus on something else besides her own lingering disappointment.

“She called you out. So what? You lied to everyone.” Alix frowned.

“I just-” Lila grimaced. “Yeah, I get it. I screwed up, and now everyone hates me.” She sighed. “It’s fine. We’ll probably be moving in a year anyway.”

“Oh, boo hoo. New kid in class. Cry me a river.” Alix dropped her tablet and scoffed. “You act like no one else has ever moved to a new school before. Last year, I was the new kid.”

“Yeah, but you’re cool. People like you.”

“So? You’re pretty and you’re smart. People would have liked you if you hadn’t lied then went around insulting Ladybug.”

Lila’s grip on her tablet tightened. “I just don’t get why everyone likes her so much.”

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How about the boys’ reaction to their normally quiet s/o yelling a bunch of curse words really loudly because the s/o got hurt? Like the s/o slammed their hand on the door or something? Thanks and I love the blog!

Certainly! I hope you like this! We love you as well~.

Kaito Momota

  • In seconds, he’s by your side making sure you’re okay.
  • Your well-being is the top priority, after all!
  • He’ll talk to you later about… the unexpected language.
  • He just laughs, he thinks it’s the funniest thing ever.
  • Not that you got hurt, but the fact that you actually cursed is just… so funny.
  • He stops laughing after a bit and tends to you.
  • “So, you do have it in ya, then?” He’d say before scooping you up in a hug.

Rantarou Amami

  • He has… a bit of a delayed reaction.
  • He’s in another room at the time, so he just shrugs it off.
  • It’s probably just Ouma or one of the others outside.
  • He goes to find you because he just wants to see you.
  • Nope. It was not Ouma.
  • It was you and you’re on the floor, holding your index finger.
  • Looks like you got in jammed in the door.
  • He rushes to your side and playfully asks if he should kiss it better.
  • You pout at him and quietly ask for a hug.
  • And boy, does he deliver.

Kokichi Ouma

  • He’s trying to stop laughing.
  • He is truly trying.
  • But this is just so perfect! Innocent, cute little you… cursing?!
  • This is just gold.
  • After you yell at him because you’re in pain, he stops.
  • You two probably just spend the rest of the day on the couch, hugging each other.


  • Before tending to you, he must make it known that this is not appropriate!
  • He loves you so much, but bad language is a big no!
  • After he sees your face, he just lets it slide.
  • You’re obviously in pain and you clearly need him.
  • He doesn’t truly know what to do since he can’t get hurt himself, so he just clings onto you.
  • He hopes you feel better soon.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • To be completely honest, it scares him.
  • He jumps the minute you cry out.
  • It was just so… unexpected.
  • After about a minute of awkward silence, he just chuckles.
  • “I didn’t know you had that in you… that was quite the surprise.”
  • You just smile and apologise for scaring him.
  • Of course, he forgives you.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He actually cries out himself when he hears you.
  • What can he say?
  • It scared the life out of him.
  • He rushes over to you and makes sure you’re fine.
  • Once he makes sure you are, he tells you that you scared him.
  • You apologise and wrap your arms around him.
  • But of course, this scares him even more than you cursing.
  • Good end?

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He’s very worried!
  • You’re hurt, you’re in pain!
  • That’s very, very bad!
  • Although, as soon as he hears you curse…
  • He just stands there in pure shock.
  • Weren’t you raised better?!
  • That is not allowed, that is not appropriate at all!
  • Looks like you’ve banged your head on a shelf.
  • Not to worry, Gonta’s on the case!
  • Bandaids are hastily offered.
  • Even though this doesn’t help, you can’t help but feel better.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He doesn’t care at all that you’ve just cursed.
  • In fact, he does it himself sometimes.
  • Although…
  • Considering you’re so quiet, he does chuckle a bit.
  • He’s currently realizing how funny this is.
  • He doesn’t even attempt to comfort you.
  • He doesn’t think he’d be of any use.
By the way, on the note of pornbots

Any of yall notice there’s a new breed of them going around that’s actually reblogging posts?  Usually they just scoop a random one up and add the comment “I just got out of the shower” or something no being with two braincells to rub together would fall for and then post a sketchy looking goo.gleorsomething link behind it~  Following was one thing but not smearing your own posts across these trash heaps so they can weasel in on the search results?!  Jfc yall this is insane, seriously!  I know I’m just supposed to ignore them, and that Tumblr Staff obviously don’t seem to have any way *or desire it seems* to get rid of them, but really now it’s just kinda getting on my nerves that I have to keep an idle eye out every day to flag and block all these nonsense posts AND bot follows!

Blitzstone things:

- One of them coming off of anesthesia that Magnus had to put them under and saying/signing really lovey dovey things to the other, “who are you? did they send you on here? you’re the most beautiful man i’ve ever seen. your eyes are perfect” etc

- Hearth getting frustrated with how slow Blitz is walking, so he scoops him up and tries to carry him. He’s not strong enough, though, so Blitz just gets this devilish smile and, with his forger’s strength, picks up Hearth, no problem.

- Blitz creating a hat that shines natural light on Hearth’s face for stormy days (not super bright, bc that would make it impossible to see past the glare)

- Blitz forging and Hearth pumping the bellows and generally just them being a great team while they’re working

- Hearth trying out new spells and Blitz keeping busy across the room but always nearby, watching, to make sure that Hearth doesn’t overexert himself.

Add to this!!!!

titothebluekat  asked:

Can you do some asanoya?? Thanks if you can😸

This is probably one of the weirdest things I have ever wanted to do so desperately. 

There I stood, staring at Asahi with a look I’m sure was heavy determination. (Even thought it was actually an embarrassed, lovesick expression.) it had been on my mind for the past few days, and I’m not even entirely sure why. But I just..god.

I wanted to hug Asahi. 

Why, you ask?  I dont know. Something about his form and height clashed with mine so perfectly in my mind that all I could imagine was being scooped up in his arms and carried around the gym. Weird, huh? I know, I know. But its what I wanted. I dont know why I wanted it so badly, but I just did. I couldnt get the thought out of my mind. I imaged what his strong arms would feel like around me as I-

Okay, enough of that.

The world around me seemed to be moving without me noticing. Sure, I heard a few people talking, saw a few of my teammates running around and hitting the volleyball across the court, but I didnt seem to focus on anything. We werent practicing yet, as we were waiting for everyone to show up. That way, my out-of-place staring wasnt making me miss out on anything too important.

I still dont know why I feel this was so important to me. I’ve wanted to hug a lot of people. Hinata is pretty nice to hug. He always seems to so warm and open to the affection. Ryu is pretty fun to hug, even though he usually squeezes me too hard and pats my back with more strength that I thought he had in him.

But this much different. I expected some sort of.. warmth. Some more affection than what I usually got from the others I hugged. I imagined this..scene. He would wrap his arms around me and press close, telling me sweet things in that caramel voice of his and-

Okay, stop.

I dont know exactly how long I was staring into space at nothing, but soon enough I was pulled out of my thoughts. I felt a soft, strong hand on my shoulder and, before I even needed to turn around I knew who it was.

Now was the time, you can do it.

“Nishinoya, are you oka-”

Before he could finish his sentence, I gave it all I’ve got and hugged onto him tightly. My face was buried into Asahi’s shoulder as I clung to him with all the strength I could. I could feel him tense up, but it didnt make me pull away. 

I stood there, clinging to my friend tightly as I just enjoyed the warmth. It was so..pleasant. His breathing had calmed very quickly as I felt him melt into the embrace. 

Not too long after, I felt his arms around me, making me tense and squeak happily. At the sudden flinch, Asahi pulled back. I guess he was worried he hurt me or something.

As I felt him pull away, I began to panic. I was finally hugging him, there was no way I was going to let it end so quickly. I whimpered a little and weakly grabbed his arm, unsure of what to do.

Apparently, Asahi knew what to do, thank god.. He leaned down, pressing a sweet kiss to my cheek. Almost everything in my heart exploded into a firework of holyshit and ohmygod. I felt my face flush brightly, the heat spreading across my cheeks, but Asahi just pulled away and stepped back a little. 

He smiled warmly at me, backing away some more and laughing.

“Come on, we’re about to start.”


I was right, that was different from the others..

reasons why i love j

💕 i wanted to say something abt my csa nd i couldn’t say it without crying so he gave me a piece of paper to write it on
💕 he holds me really close to him and he cups my head to his chest and he gives me kisses on my head
💕when we are walking sometimes he will twirl me or he’ll randomly scoop me up and carry me
💕he always makes sure im okay
💕when we are apart he always calls me before bed time so we can sleep on the phone bc he knows i have nightmares
💕he goes out of his way to make sure im happy and safe
💕 he always rubs his thumb on my hand when we hold hands
💕when he thinks im asleep he gives me kisses on my forehead or head

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So after seeing Stevenbomb 5, how would you describe Gems' (Crystal and Homeworld) opinion on humans?

Homeworld as a whole pretty much doesn’t care. Certain gems like Pink Diamond saw them the way humans see wild animals from foreign countries: they’re just WEIRD and INTERESTING! I bet the zoo was popular with gems for a while and then they just sort of lost interest. Just a fad. Now it’s pretty vacant and nobody visits anymore. The gems have lost interest.

Blue Diamond was completely surprised a human could empathize with her, but even then? She just scooped him up as something else to watch with fascination. She didn’t consider him his own person, really.

For the Crystal Gems pre-Steven, only Rose really seems to have any interest in them. She is utterly fascinated by the way they live. It’s better than the way Pink Diamond might have, but she’s still a bit zoo-ish when she looks at them. Slowly (mainly through Greg), she’s able to actually realize their worth. She fought for humans, but only then is she able to fully appreciate them.

The other CGs certainly GET what Rose means, but… they don’t fully understand humans. They’re just sort of… there. It’s only after Steven comes around do they slowly understand what Rose saw.

Hey guys! So here’s the scoop: I just set up a Patreon for my art so I can help pay for college by doing something I love and care about! It would be really great if you could chip in what you can and I would really appreciate it, but I understand that money is tough so even a reblog would help me a lot to get the word out.
Right now I have several tiers set up:
• $1 for high quality process photos like the one above.
• $5 for high resolution scans of all my work and other updates.
• $10 for monthly stickers and/or temporary tattoos. And all digital tiers.
• $20 for a high quality print or two of my work and a sticker and all digital tiers.
• more to come once I get on my feet, like monthly t shirts which I’m personally very excited for.

If you want an example of my work (I mostly do printmaking and painting) pop on over to my Instagram: OpticTuna
If you want more info dm me or shoot me an email over at <>

Thanks a million for lending me an ear! Have a good day!

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What's your favorite way to be eaten?

I love being eaten with other food.

I know there is danger involved with that, but you can ask my good friend @punkx3love that I am obsessed with watching men eat. Especially when you can hear them swallow and you see their jaw muscles working. There is just something that is so attractive about it, and I like seeing them chew.

So while it dangerous I want to be sitting in a bowl full of soup or something and have a spoon come down and scoop me up with everything else and just put me in this gaping hungry maw. 

I just want to feel those powerful jaw muscles working against me. The struggle, the adrenaline…it all seems like so much fun.

star-pines20  asked:

Fiddauthor hc: Fidds forehead kisses mean 'Words can't describe how much I love you' and he does it to Tate and Ford a lot.

a good pure headcanon 10/10 

he does this all the time bc he loves them both so much and it’s hard to find words to show his appreciation sometimes. especially when tate shows him something he’s made and he’s just filled with pride for his son and he just scoops him up in his arms and kisses his forehead. he also does this whenever ford makes some kind of sweet/romantic gesture because he knows ford is very shy and awkward about doing traditional couple-y things and it makes fidds really happy and grateful to see ford stepping out of his comfort zone just to do something sappy for him. 

Today, I fucked up... by giving a customer their ice cream

This happened about 4 hours ago.

So imagine me, a young 20 year old with a bright and cheery disposition, working in an ice cream shop in a very (VERY) small town. At this particular time, a fairly decent little rush of touring people came in. It quickly got very loud in the building, but as my only coworker was on break, I took it upon myself to both tend the cash register AND scoop the ice cream. Nothing new!

But alas, there was something new! We just got a new flavor, Coconut Pinapple. Now here’s the thing: the person working the cash register writes the tags, and then hangs them to be filled. When we do so, we abreviate the flavors. Coconut Pinapple became “CP.” As I wrote it for the first time, I thought, “Wow, that’s the same letters as child porn. Better not say child porn.”

Well, I eventually filled the first order, and I yelled, above the crowd, “WHO HAD THE SINGLE CUP OF CHILD PORN?” My boss freaked out, I went on break immediately. After I explained, she laughed her ass off and the day went on.

TL;DR: Customer ordered a new flavor of ice cream, I screamed child porn at them.

by ArranMars

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

Honey and Spaghetti

It’s @iddayidnight‘s birthday today and so I thought I would write her a little something. Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I hope you like first kisses and pining because that’s what you are about to get!

“What did you just say?” Derek tries to keep his breathing steady, looking at the plate of food he’s dropped on the floor. The plate of spaghetti. His mom is going to kill him.

Stiles doesn’t even hesitate as he asks again, bounding towards Derek to help him pick the pasta up, scooping it back onto the plate carelessly, before shrugging and eating a few strands. Derek grimaces.

Stiles’ motto in life is dirty food deserves a home too. Well, Derek’s never actually heard him say that, but he’s seen Stiles eat food off the cafeteria floor, okay? He’s pretty sure his gravestone will read ‘Stiles Stilinski: loving son and friend, died of unnecessary food poisoning due to his unsanitary habits’. Okay, so it probably won’t say that, but even so, the point still-

“I want you to kiss me.”


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Jesse: So it's Valentine's Day, and I got these gems and trinkets for you to keep. Not expecting anything in return so just take them.

Without that last comment, he would’ve just let her go… But Tamatoa was nothing if not an opportunist.

“Why thank you, babe~” he responded in an almost disturbingly sultry tone as he scooped up the treasures AND Jesse in his claws. “How very thoughtful~ Though, if you’ve come all this way you must expect something in return~”

Ughhhhhhhhh Pandora has started peeing outside the box. I don’t think she’s territory marking, she seems pretty happy and gets along great with the other cats. I don’t think she’s having any physical problems though (will confirm with a vet visit), so just a weird behavioral thing? We have four litterboxes that I scoop at least every other day. She goes in the litterbox probably 95 percent of the time. But on several occasions now she’s peed on the bed and on my clothes. I hope this is fixable and not just a permanent side effect of growing up feral or something. Ughhh worst kitty ever

Yesterday my dog was carrying my keys in public. She is a retiever and takes great pride in carrying things for me. She put them down for a second and all of a sudden a crowd of people started yelling at her “get the keys! Pick them up!”

When she didn’t immedietly obey (would you listen to a crowd of strangers telling you to do something??) They got louder and more insistent. I said “please don’t give my dog commands.” And stood right in front of AIRLIE blocking her face.

Now they are thinking she is just a bad dog (after all, she won’t do what she’s told!) And they ignored me and kept repeating “get the keys! Get em!”

AIRLIE was getting freaked out (heck, so was I!) So I repeated myself to the crowd and asked her to “dry” (shake off that stress!) Which she happily did and instantly scooped up the keys and we made our escape.

Moral of the story: my dog is not a robot where any command = behavior. My dog is my friend and partner and we work together to solve problems.

Jimmy Reed, Zacky Vengeance, and M Shadows: “Stop eating the rocks!”
  • Jimmy Reed: *scoops up a handful of rocks* Hm, these are the most delicious rocks I’ve ever tasted. Don’t you agree, Zacky?
  • Zacky Vengeance: *smiling* Indeed, they are! There's just something about chocolate and mint that... goes well together!
  • Jimmy Reed: Hmm-hmm! *pops a few more rocks into his mouth!
  • M Shadows: *sharply* Jimmy! Zacky! Stop eating the rocks!
  • Zacky Vengeance: Why?
  • Jimmy Reed: But they taste so good!
  • M Shadows: Well, uh, you won't have room for dinner. You're about as bad as the kids!
  • Zacky Vengeance: Stop bossing us around, Shadows!
  • Jimmy Reed: Almost as bad as the... *glancing at the children* Well, looks like the kiddos are also enjoying the rocks! And, uh, why shouldn't they?
  • M Shadows: *shouting* Well, with the way you keep munching on those rocks, we... There won't be any rocks left, once we leave this place!
  • Gingerbread Mama: *chuckling* Oh, please, don't worry your head off about that. We have a machine manufacturing rocks 24/7/365. Please loosen up, and enjoy yourself!
  • M Shadows: *rolls his eyes, and then shrugs*