so i just read this *nosebleeds*

EXO react to their gf wanting to try anal sex

*dramatic anime nosebleed* o////o So, I’ll just be writing their reaction to their girlfriend wanting to try it, not actually writing the sex. If you want me to go in depth on the sex, please do send me that request. 

*As always, gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due. 


Xiumin: Something tells me he would love this, more than he displays it. I still believe Minseok to be a giving partner rather than a demanding one, so anything his girlfriend wants, he’ll be attentive and diligent in fulfilling even her most libidinous desires and fantasies. His eyes would light up briefly as he approaches her with a look of satisfaction. “Mmm, my jagi…you always surprise me.” 

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Luhan: If he agrees, it would be reluctantly. Luhan has a very traditional approach with sex, so this request would definitely catch him off guard. “Y-you want what?” he would inquire in disbelief, rubbing the back of his neck while chuckling softly, lucidly flustered at his girlfriend’s request. “I mean if you really want it..” Luhan would acquiesce softly, hands coming to rest upon her hips. 

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Kris: Of all the members, I feel like Kris would love this the most, agreeing without a trace of vacillation. His eyes would darken with a carnal sensuality at his girlfriend’s request. “That…can be arranged,” he would mutter huskily in concurrence. This is the perfect means of sex to exert Kris’s feral dominance. Casting aside all hesitation, he would be atop of her in no time, growling lowly into her ear as his hand traverse below her waist: “you’re in for it now baobei.” 

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Suho: Omg, he would be so perplexed at this; Suho’s reaction would be congruous to Luhan’s. His face would flush over with a soft roseate hue upon hearing his girlfriend’s request. Like Luhan, Suho is rather vanilla, so this would be a strangely, pleasant astonishment. “Jagi! You never told me about this before..” Over his vanilla disposition, Suho is willing to please his girlfriend. Though he may not feel the idea initially, he’ll warm up to it eventually. This would be the perfect type of sex to release Joonmyun’s ravenous libido. 

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Lay: Though Yixing is the most vanilla member to me, he has a vast avidity. He would attempt to conceal his bashful expression when his girlfriend approaches him about her desire. However, Yixing’s only discontent with the idea would be the possibility of hurting her. “Baobei…wouldn’t that hurt you?” He would take it upon himself to properly ensure that his girlfriend will not feel any discomfort. 

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Baekhyun: He’ll chuckle with a mixture of bashfulness and amusement upon hearing his girlfriend’s request. He’ll quickly see the allure to his girlfriend’s desire however. Baekhyun would lower his gaze wantonly, smirking widely as he runs a hand towards her butt. “Babe that’s so…naughty~” Giving her butt a light, playful squeeze, Baek would lead her to the nearest couch, fervidly running his hand all over her most erogenous areas. “You should ask for this more often~” 

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Chen: Next to Kris, Jongdae would love this A LOT. No second thoughts, no reluctance would be traced towards Jongdae the second his girlfriend brings this up to him. A wry smirk would manifest upon his features as he chuckles lowly, eyebrows raised. “Mm, that’s hot babe. Never thought you’d ask.” Promptly, he would sneakily lay a well rounded spank to his girlfriend’s ass before encircling her within a back hug. “I’m really happy you asked~”

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Chanyeol: “O-of course! Y-you want to do what?” He’s rendered evidently dumbfounded at his girlfriend’s words. Chanyeol is almost certain that she’s playing some sort of practical prank on him that entails getting a laughable reaction out of him. He’s having dreaded flashbacks to when he ended up pranking her and piecing the clues together that this is her attempt at getting back at him. Once he catches his girlfriend’s genuine drift, he’d still be stuttering for a response. “Y-you’re serious? You’re serious! Wow jagi! You’re incredible!” 

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D.O: He’d attempt to conceal himself coughing so suddenly at his girlfriend’s words. “You’re into this? Since when?” he’s genuinely caught off guard by this however contemplative over her words. Though this isn’t a personal kink for Kyungsoo, I think he’d still be relatively enticed (as I’ve mentioned he has a lustful side along with his romantic side) Something tells me Kyungsoo would love this mostly due to the dominating role he’d be given. 

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Tao: He’d giggle uncontrollably upon registering his girlfriend’s words, beginning to prod at her cheeks playfully. “Well that’s different baobei~ What have you been watching to come up with that?!” Tao would be most comical in this instance with his girlfriend. But the mood will shift quickly as his gaze darkens and his hands begin to wander his girlfriend’s body cheekily. “So….should we arrange something?” 

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Kai: Surprisingly, Jongin would be the most bashful of all the members in this scenario. His face would flush over soft roseate hues at his girlfriend’s request, while he places a hand at the back of his neck, coughing awkwardly into a fist. “W-what gave you that idea?” Genuinely inquisitive as to her reasoning, he would listen to her pensively with a widened smirk to accompany his expression. “It’s not a bad idea jagi,” he’d murmur softly before running a hand down her face. 

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Sehun: He’d do well in masking the initial befuddlement when asked about the matter. Allowing the thought to register properly with Sehun, he would slowly adjust to the idea; becoming gradually enticed by his girlfriend’s request. “Well, we both wanted to try new things,” he would accede while eyeing her fervidly, becoming increasingly anxious to start with her.  

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the one issue I had with the cmbyn movie is that they omitted “if not later, when?” and “you’ll kill me if you stop” and those two lines in the book are so essential for pushing elio forward and encouraging him to go for oliver like especially “you’ll kill me if you stop” but also I think the movie is kind of a companion to the book more than it is a recreation of it just because if you read the book before seeing the movie (or even after) you get to know everything elio is thinking and feeling to the fullest extent which really makes the film so much better like when he gets the nosebleed you don’t see them playing footsie (you just see them sharing loving glances) but you know that they are and I don’t know this was one long sentence but that’s my piece on that

Slow Fade (3)

Overview: Being forced out of the only life you want comes with its hardships, but hiding it from the two people you care about the most proves to be the most challenging situation you’ll face.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Reader

Warnings: mild language

Word Count: 1,780ish

A/N: Some insights are given… I’m curious to see what you guys think ;)

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I had been in the office well past a comfortable wait time. The uncomfortable gray chair had been abandoned long ago, the chic designer look doing nothing but make my back hurt. I’d lost count of how many times I’d walked the gray stripe in the dingy rug that took up most of the room when the door finally opened, making me pause in my pacing.

“Ms. Y/LN, so sorry. We… the tests took longer to analyze than we thought they would.” The clinic doctor strode into the room, his arms laden with various papers and brightly colored files. For being such a short man, and completely bald at that, he walked with a confidence that only those used to being in charge carry, the kind that emitted a feeling one could only describe as snobby. I hadn’t liked him the moment I’d laid eyes on him.

I settled back into the uncomfortable chair and leaned forward to rest my elbows on my knees. “So what’s the prognosis, Doc? Prescribe me an antibiotic, call it a day?”

He pushed his wire rimmed glasses back up onto the bridge of his nose, “I’m afraid it’s not as simple as that, Ms. Y/LN.”

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Maybe this is not the first time you’ve seen this picture. I believe I have seen this picture somewhere. But I just read the story behind this picture and what a silly story it is 😂😂😂

My point is…. LOOK AT THOSE SIX PACKS Even Kuroko’s abs is in six packs!

(Insert fangirling and pool of nosebleed in here)

Kiseki no Seidai is just so dreamy even though they are dorks. No one object right?? 😍😍😍

The Hei Briskeby fairytale. Plot-line & Analysis (please help me out)

First, I am sorry, this is a bit long but please hang on… Okay, so I have read the two fairytales the boys translates in Hei Briskeby. Since I’m Danish, I didn’t read them as a child. But I was like, wait a minute.. I’ve read this before?.. The twelve wild ducks is a total rip-off of  H.C. Andersen The wild swans… Wtf Norway? You can’t just steal our fairytales.


I found the 12 wild ducks most interesting for analysis. So let me just break the plot down for you.

There is a queen. She has 12 sons. One day she gets a nosebleed that drips down in the white snow, which makes her realize how much she misses a princess. An ogress comes by, and says she can give her a princess, if she is willing to sacrifice her 12 sons. The queen agrees, and her 12 sons will become wild ducks at her daughter’s christening.

Just before the princess’s christening, the queen gets all of her children a silver spoon. The pinces transform and fly away as wild ducks.

The princess grow up, but she was often sad and mournful, and no one knew why. One day the queen was sad too because she had many strange thoughts when she thought of her sons. She asks the princes why she’s sad. If there is anything she wants, she can have it. The princess says she miss having siblings, and the queen tells her she once had 12 sons, but she gave them all up to have her.

The Princess felt really bad and the queen cried a lot about it. It made the princess feel so guilty, that she leaves the castle to find her brothers.

She finds the princes’ home, that is empty. There is 12 of everything incl. their silver spoon, so she knows it’s their home. She goes to sleep in one of their beds.

At nighttime, the princes return as ducks, and transforms into princes for the night. They see the princess’s spoon in their home and wants to kill her, because they find her guilty of their suffering. But the youngest prince objects. If anyone is guilty, it is the queen. She should be killed. They search for the princess, and find her in the bed. The oldest prince again wants to kill her, but she begs for mercy and says she will do anything.

They tell her to make all of them cloths of thistle, and while she does this she cannot speak… This takes quite a while. When she is almost done, and goes to collect her last badge on the field, a king comes by. He finds her nice, and wants to marry her. Since she cannot speak, she cannot object (you know the drill). So, he takes her home to the castle. The old queen (stepmom to the king) becomes jealous of the princess, and says she’s a witch. The king doesn’t care.

The princess gives birth to a son. In her sleep the old queen kills him and pour some blood on the princess’s lips. She accuses her of eating her son. The king gives her a second chance. She gives birth to a new son, and the same happens. She then gives birth to a daughter, and it happens again. The king then gives in, and they want to burn her as a witch.

They put her on the fire, and wants to burn the almost done cloths she has made for her brothers as well. But before they lit the fire, the 12 duck princes come, and take the clothes from the fire. They put it on, and turns into princes (one of them still has a wing, because the shirt wasn’t fully done). They tell her to speak up, now that the curse is cured. And she tells the king about the old queen killing their children. They kill the old queen and go home.

This was the short version of the fairytale, but you got the plot and all its characters.

So what does it mean? What is the symbolism?  The first part of the story, made me have no doubt, but then everything became a bit confusing, so I’m not so sure anymore. The first thing to notice is of course the nose bleeding queen. Even is of course the first you think of, hence the trailer. The queen sacrifices the princes, because she misses a princess. First thing that comes to mind, Even misses an Isak, and sacrifices the princes for that – The princes are the Bakka boys he sacrifices for his sexuality. That all seemed pretty straight forward… Then I read on. The queen is sad about missing her sons, and the princess feels so much guilt, that she go search for her brothers. This make sense too. Even missing the Bakka boys, Isak could maybe feel some guilt about it, even though we haven’t seen that yet?

But then I came to the killing part, and I was like, wow wow wow, hold up for just one second. They want to kill Isak? But then Even, and then Isak again? No no, I don’t like that!!… But then I read on, and then I became really confused on how the second half could be analyzed to fit in with SKAM. The King, the evil queen. The silent princess. Does the character paring even make sense anymore? All of a sudden it all made more sense with Even being the silent princess… But what about Sana? Does she fit in to any of this?… It is literally midnight now, and I can’t think anymore… But pleeease please give me your thought? Does any of this make sense to you. Do you see something I don’t see?

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hi nissi how are u??? so i saw that you recommend a while ago some jikook smut fics and i was wondering if u could recommend some vmin ones ???? and btw i love the latest fic you posted, so good!!!!

ahhhh thank you !! these are just gna be rated m and up vmins that i read recently
call it magic, call it true by pjmin
the sweetest poison by namakemono
- getting started by dallianceee
- you heart’s too big for your body by untested_waters
inspiration by mintyoongee
- if the sea carries me away by pinkbts
i can’t live if i lose you by tjkm96
- acid cement | pablo honey, is this desire? by nonheather
nosebleed summer by gangbang
call me (whenever you want me) by anonymous
- wolf like me by sterekvibes
queen sized by taehyunngi
- common good by chihiro
war of pheromone by maknaeline
- come up for air by lissome

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you are a master at writing deancas fluff

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at first i was watching it and was like ok this movie was way overhyped and i was just not feeling it the way everyone else was but holy fuck when elio got the nosebleed and oliver went after him??? idk why but that stood out to me and i just fell in love at that point and im still in the process of reading the book so their interaction at the end WOW CRUSHED MY HEART poor elio im aware oliver must be hurting as well but damn

i understand this. It’s like the movie is so… quiet?? that it takes awhile to see how truly invested you are in the events and the characters? I fell in love with the movie from the moment Oliver was like “what re you thinking?” and Elio gave that lil smirky smirk and was like “it’s private” from then on i was like nah give all the awards this movie invented cinema.

But that end scene. THAT end scene. who even.. how does one…cope? after that? no i love that movie so much in all its quiet glory

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a book where a guy fucks a peach????????????


- ‘An effortless and unaffected erudition; a brutal, rigorous mastery of language… This is an elegy, a celebration, a meditation on the truth of passion that is nuanced and universal.’ – Francesca Segal, Observer

- ‘Brave, acute, elated, naked, brutal, tender, humane and beautiful… Open the cover and let Aciman pull the pin from the grenade.’ – Nicole Krauss, author of The History of Love

- ‘An exceptionally beautiful book… A first novel that abounds in moments of emotional abandon… As much a story of paradise found as it is of paradise lost… Exquisite… Extraordinary.’ – Stacey D'Erasmo, New York Times

- ‘Few novels since Proust’s In Search of Lost Time are this adept at capturing the nuances of human emotion.’ – Diana Fuss, New York Magazine

- ‘Superb… The beauty of Aciman’s writing and the purity of his passions should place this extraordinary first novel within the canon of great romantic love stories for everyone.’ – Charles Kaiser, The Washington Post


tl;dr yes he fucks a peach

I’m reading call me by your name and the writing is so beautiful but the actual subject matter continuously disgusts me?? I mean obviously the age difference is a bit ick but beyond that, there are so many painfully gross scenes. like the peach scene…..and just now….the bathroom scene. he watches him take a shit…and it’s meant to be…romantic? “Don’t flush. I want to look.” what the actual fuck? I’m gagging PLEASE STOP

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Okay but what happens when Warren finds out Nathan is dead,,, I need the feels

In Life is Strange, Max couldn’t rewind her powers above a certain point, because it was too far in the past. I feel like Warren, too, has this same dilemma.
I also think Nathan knew this.
He leaves in the middle of the night, while Warren is sleeping. There’s absolutely no way Warren can rewind /that/ far.
… And Nathan knows this.
So, the the next morning, Nathan’s not there. He was with Warren yesterday, but now…?
… That’s when Warren sees the letter.
‘Okay, Warren. Let’s not freak out yet… He could’ve gotten… Breakfast or something…’
He reads the letter and can’t do anything but scream when he sees it.
He’s just… Screaming and crying.
He brings his hand up to try and reverse time, but it won’t go back that far. However, that doesn’t stop him from trying to reverse…
And again.
And again.
He’s crying and screaming- there’s blood everywhere from rewinding so much, and causing a nosebleed.
But he can’t just… Stop.
He needs to at least /try/.
I think Max and Warren can feel when each other shift time.
Max is sitting with Chloe in her room and just feels all these shifts continually happening. Warren isn’t stopping at all.
And I feel that Max just… Knows.
Nathan is gone.

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I’m not sure if my ask was sent bc the wifi here is awful so I’ll send you again.. can you explain to me all the nose bleeding thing.. why it happens and why is so significant in the story please? :)

hey anon! I actually did a pretty long meta on this scene a few weeks ago :) Here’s the link to that! 

But before you read that– the nosebleed comes out of a moment of excitement and new and Elio is probably just a bit overwhelmed by everything. What’s happening under the table–literally–is crucial to understanding why the tension is so palpable during that scene and why Oliver asks if the nosebleed is his fault. So, go ahead, read away! :) Let me know if you have more questions on the scene that it doesn’t cover! 

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Vee! I just saw your tags about HL getting handsy backstage and so I can't not share! Last night I was v cheeky and was sat (so that I could sit with other rainbow directioners) in a seat which was meant to be covered because it's so far back you can see offstage. Anyway, I could see glimpses of the steps leading them down to their little toilet just behind the stage. And they would often stop and chat for a few seconds to the crew people there. Anyway at one point both H and L were offstage.

L was on the steps talking to crew and H was coming up, I presume from the toilet. And as H passed L I swear to go he did a thing! Like, he kind of wiggled his hand, as if he was making a tickling gesture into Louis’ chest and it looked jokey. I couldn’t see either of their faces but just the body language was so cute. Cute is the only word. I can’t think what else it could be. It didn’t look like a serious gesture or anything that’d accompany words. It looked like touching for the sake of it! Anyway, just wanted to share because it’s not enough of a thing to make an actual post of but it was one of the best parts of the show for me!! Just goes to show that “Limited View” seating isn’t necessarily quite so limited after all.


Okay, this is seriously cute and reading it gave me total flashbacks to what I saw at my very first 1D show in 2013

I was sitting high in the nosebleed section, nearly level with the stage. Because of the angle of my seat, I could see some of backstage, specifically the area under the floating platform, which drops to a lower level than the actual stage and leads to the entrance of their five trapdoors. I can’t remember which song it was, but after they first descended on their individual platforms (Harry on the middle, Louis on the one furthest from me) I saw Louis appear in that under-stage gap, level with his trapdoor. The other three boys ran straight past, but Louis walked to the middle, waited until Harry emerged from his trapdoor and they walked backstage together.

To anyone who doesn’t believe in Larry Stylinson, this might not seem like a big deal, but it certainly begs the question, if they interact as soon as they think they can’t be seen, why are they invisible to each other on stage??

Those sappy, handsy bastards, I bet they’re glued to each other’s sides while they’re backstage.