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vixx's Ravi + cuddling + "I really need you"

➸ word count: 579

➸ fluff/tiny bit of angst

➸ general audience

It’s not often that ________ finds herself awake at half past two am. However, it was a particularly hot summer night and the room felt incredibly stuffy. Even with the air conditioner running, she could still feel the humid heat radiating from outside. 

She looked over and envied how Wonsik did not seem one bit perturbed with the heat. He even had the entire blanket wrapped around his body. 

As she tossed and turned in hopes of finding a semi cool spot on her side of the bed, she grew more hot. Huffing in annoyance, she threw herself off the bed and headed towards the kitchen for a drink of water–maybe she could even stuff her head in the freezer or rub an ice cube all over her face. 

Anything was welcomed of she was being frank.  

Leaving the room, she missed Wonsik’s small whimper. 

Wonsik wasn’t sure if he was having trouble breathing because of the summer night heat, or because of the nightmare he’d just awoken from. 

Either way, he’d shot up in bed, startled and drenched in sweat. He peeled off the bed sheets from his body and sighed as he fell back on his pillow. 

Reaching out towards the left side of the bed in search of ________’s sleeping body, he came up empty handed clutching only a slightly cooled and empty side. 

He surged up in bed once more, a wave of panic bubbling in the pits of his chest as his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room. 

“Jagi?” he called out softly his voice a bit shaky. He was just about to get out of bed when ________ walked into the room, a cold glass of water on her hand. 

“Wonsik?” she called out once she noticed him sitting up on the bed. She was sure he’d been deeply asleep when she first left. 

“Jagi” Wonsik breathed out in relief. ________ sensed his distress and quickly made her way actoss the room to kneel by his side. 

“Baby, what’s wrong?” ________ asked worriedly as she placed her glass of water on the bedside table next to Wonsik’s side. 

“I just–I had a bad dream” Wonsik sighs closing his eyes when her hand comes up to caress the side o his face. 

“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked him sweetly. He shook his head and kissed the inside of her palm. 

“I–well, all I really need is you. Just you. I really need you” he confessed. ________ smiles softly and rises up on her feet to kiss him on the forehead. 

“Come on, let’s get into bed yeah?” ________ whispers squeezing his big hands in her smaller ones. 

She walks around the bed and hops back on on her side. She settles against the headboard, pepping a pillow behind her. She pulls on Wonsik’s hand until she has him face pressed to her chest. 

She begins to card her fingers through his hair while humming a lullaby. Wonsik sighs in relief, his body sagging against ________’s finally letting go of the tension he had. He drapes an arm over her stomach and nuzzles closer to her. 

“I love you ________, so much” he whispers. 

“I love you too baby”

She kisses the top of his head and smiles fondly. Soon enough she can feel Wonsik’s breathing steadying, giving away that he’s fallen asleep once more. 

Forgetting her initial struggle with the night’s heat, ________ finds herself finding comfort in Wonsik’s warmth and she too soon falls asleep. 

a/n: hello! this was pretty short, but i think this might be the length I’ll try to continue for the last remaining drabbles in my ask. hope no one minds. mind you, i said I’ll try. sometimes i get carried away. but anyways i hope some of y'all find enjoyment in this little piece. 😘 I’ll be opening my ask again soon, maybe post another drabble game or something who knows or we can keep the old one. okay I’ll stop rambling I’m sorry. thanks for reading!

ps. as always please forgive any typos and mistakes there’s only so much i can do when writing on my phone ;____; im sorry lol