so i just have his hair some flare

Just Following Orders, Sir - Mitch Rapp

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Mitch Rapp/Reader

Word Count: 11,985

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Oral (both receiving), Multiple Orgasms, Shower Sex, Teasing, Death of bad guys, Sir, Squirting, Voyeurism, Boob Job

Notes: I know this is long overdue, but the word count makes up for it right? I got delayed because of Howler Con (I lost 3 says yo). I hope you guys like this. I liked this idea a lot actually.

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Marluxia and Larxene now join the crew of ‘who I’ve gotten around to finally designing’. Once again I followed with the idea I wanted to keep elements of what their known for but - to mix it up a bit.  So in the AU, Marluxia actually has shorter hair, I still wanted to keep the flare of his hair however. And admittedly, you can maybe spy a flowery look about how the top of his hair flows ( How it looks like a flower. )

Larxene, on her behalf I did have some aid from all you guys, but the second choice won out and - so now her  little antennas curl forwards. Over all, I’m happy with both their designs.

Camp Mockingjay - Ch 3

We asked, you voted, and now Katniss and Gale are teaching archery together at Camp Mockingjay! So, here it is, the next installment of our story, brought to you by @peetabreadgirl. You have 48 hours to vote on the direction of the next chapter of the story (until noon EDT on Wednesday, July 5th). Remember: vote in the comments, not in the tags! And don’t forget to spread the word by reblogging. The more fans playing this game, the more fun it will be.

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The next morning, the female counsellors are eating our oatmeal together in the mess hall and I notice a few of the teen girls whispering and pointing at some of the male counsellors. When Peeta says good morning to me as he passes by, I think I see hearts in their boy-crazy eyes. I spot Gale at the guys’ table, watching me. I wave but he looks away. Weird. Maybe he wasn’t looking at me? I shrug a shoulder and try to follow the conversation going on around me. Bad idea. For the rest of breakfast I dodge questions about whether or not Gale and I have a thing going on, and if not, then do I want there to be. I thought we looked more like brother and sister than a couple, but Johanna is certain the way he looks at me means he wants more than friendship. The whole idea gives me a queer feeling in my stomach, so I shovel my oatmeal in a little faster in an effort to finish up and get outside.

For the rest of breakfast, I have to listen to Johanna detailing the best spots in camp for hook-ups, in case we need to know. Ugh. I’m not here for boys. The only useful information she gives us is a reminder about the big bonfire tonight for the counsellors, and an invite to an all-girls swim at the lake tomorrow morning. I’m not much better with girl talk than with boys, but a swim with no kids sounds nice, and I really should try to make friends. Otherwise, it’ll be a long summer.

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leather jacket

This is the third time you’ve seen Min Yoongi, and he’s still wearing that black leather jacket.

“Does he have any other jackets?” you whisper to your housemate Jimin, who snorts and covers his mouth with his hand. “I swear I’ve only seen him wearing this one jacket.”

“He just really loves this jacket,” Jimin says, his eyes curved into cute crescents as he lowers his hands to smile at his rapidly approaching hyung. “Hey, hyung! How are you doing?”

“I’m dying,” Yoongi says flatly, sliding into the armchair beside them. The student lounge is mostly empty at this time of night, but Yoongi still keeps his voice down out of respect for the students studying in random corners. “That asshole professor told me to redo my project but didn’t tell me what was wrong with it, so now I have less than two days to finish two projects and a paper.”

“Just don’t tell Tae-Tae, or he’ll give you some really dangerous energy drink mixes,” Jimin warns, reaching over and patting Yoongi sympathetically on the shoulder. “It’s okay, hyung, you’ll get through it.”

“Yeah,” Yoongi mutters, running a hand through his dyed mint colored hair. He catches your eye and raises an eyebrow. “What?”

“Nothing,” you say quickly, ignoring the heat that flares across your cheeks. Damn him for looking so good. Damn that stupid jacket.

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Taunts & Sex (Jerome x Reader)

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So I combined two seperate requests I got, they just worked really well together. 

Kink Challenge - REQUEST 1 (#86Really rough, shove-y  sex) + REQUEST 2 (36 Against the wall  +13catching masturbating+22 spanking)

Jerome x Reader

Warnings: Smut… lots of it. Masturbating. Doggy style, aggressive rough sex against a wall. dirty talk. 

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PROMPT: “You just moved into the house next to my mom’s and she has you doing her yardwork” AU (Link to prompt: Here)

- Sirius and Regulus had been living at the Potters for nearly a year now.

- When he ran away from his “home’ July the year before, he had somehow convinced his younger brother to come with him.

- Thank god.

- The Potters took the both of them in straight away, giving them both their own rooms and the parental love they never had before, but craved.

- James wasn’t jealous about that one bit. 

- If anything, he encouraged it.

- That Christmas, after fighting a legal case on their behalf, the Potters presented them with adoption papers.

- Both boys were overwhelmed with joy, cried happily and embraced the Potters.

- Euphemia and Fleamont finally had the amount of children that they had always wished they could have, but were unsuccessful in having. 

- James was their miracle child.

- James had the brothers he always wanted.

- They were one big, happy family.

- Sirius decided to have a lie in since it was Tuesday, it was the summer holidays and he just because he could.

- Mrs Potter let herself in around 12:30pm to wake him up.

- She tried sweet talking him awake and nudging him slightly, but it didn’t work.

- So instead she decided to throw open the curtains letting the sunny day shine in.

- Sirius jumped awake and shield his precious eyes whilst simultaneously screeching like a pterodactyl

- “Muum!” He groan, but smiled all the same because he got to call her that now.

- Giggling quietly to herself, she stood by the end of his bed with her hands on her hips.

- “Sirius, it’s not good for you to stay in bed this long. You should be up and about with James and Reggie! They’re going to go down to the lake, you should get up and join them.”

- Sirius yawned loudly and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

- “Yeah … yeah okay, I’ll get up now.”

- Mrs Potter sighed happily and patted Sirius’ shoulder comfortingly. 

- “There’s some bacon and toast downstairs when your ready.” 

- With the promise of food, he woke up immediately and jumped out of bed.

- Mrs Potter laughed heartily and walked out of the room.

- Sirius stretched his body out when he stood, face scrunched up and let out a little groan of pleasure at the feeling of his joints popping into place.

- When he opened his eyes he realise he was stood in front of the window, which overlooked the acres of land the Potters owned, in nothing but his boxers

- And there was a cute guy around his age in their garden wearing three quarter’s and white vest top that sweat was pouring down, cutting at the hedges. 

- He stop and stared at him for a moment.

- The boy had blondish-brown curly hair that was styled in an undercut, his arms were slightly bulky but not overly so, his skin had a slight sun kissed glow and was covered head to toe in freckles, and it appeared as if he had a few scars on his face, arms and legs. 

- Who is this boy? Why is he here? Why doesn’t he know about him? And could he get his number?

- Then the beautiful boy looked up to the window to see half naked Sirius stood gorping at him.

- He jumped in a panic with a yelp and ducked down underneath the windowsill. 

- Chancing a look, he lifted his head up slightly so only the top of his head and eyes were showing.

- The other boy smiled brightly and chuckled to himself whilst turning back to the hedges.

- Sirius wanted to both die from embarrassment and stay in this position all day to watch this incredible creature.

- “Sirius! Bacon!” Came the shout of James from the stairs. 

- Taking a deep breath, he crawled over to his wardrobe, not taking a chance on standing up and being seen again, and started to tug on the bottom of some of his clothes to make them fall down.

- “What the hell are you doing?” James asked from where he leant on the door frame, staring at Sirius.

- Sirius jumped and hit his head on the side of the wardrobe, making all of his clothes fall down on top of him.

- “Ahh, fuck! James! Don’t sneak up on me, you Berk!”

- “I’m just wondering when you’re on the floor.” He grinned and jumped up onto Sirius’ bed. “I don’t see the appeal, myself.”

- “I just … don’t want to be seen is all.” He mumbled, picking up his clothes and quickly discarding his less sexy looking shirts by throwing them over his shoulder.

- “Don’t want to be seen by who-” James looked at the window, then did a double take.

- “Oh, you mean by Remus?” 

- “How the hell do you know who he is?” Sirius spun to look at James with furrowed brows.

- James shugged.

- “He’s our neighbour. He moved in about a month ago? His mum got friendly with our mum and she mentioned that he was looking for work and she offered him the Gardening job since Dobby retired. He’s been working here for about a week, he’s a pretty stand up guy, he’s quite open about being gay too, and wanted to make sure we were all fine with it cause he’s had trouble in the past with his employees ‘cause of it. He seems like he’d be great marauder material if I’m honest. He’s starting at Hogwarts in September with us.”

- “How the hell did I not know he worked here but you did?! And why do you you know so much about him?” 

- “Oh I don’t know … maybe because you don’t get out of bed until like 2pm and he finishes at 1pm?” James’ tone was sarcastic. “Or maybe because I introduced myself to him and actually had multiple conversations with him? Or perhaps its because when Mum told us she was hiring someone new to do the gardening and wanted us to meet them cause they were our age and new to the area, you said, and I quote ‘Yeah, sure, pass us the syrup?’”

- “She had pancakes, James. At the time, that was a more pressing matter.” 

- James just laughed and threw Sirius’ pillow at him. 

- “Why you so bothered, anyway? Got a crush there, Pads?” James winked.

- Sirius blushed. He tried to stutter out a reply but nothing was coming out.

- James’ eyes went wide as his jaw fell open.

- “I was just kidding! You do, don’t you?!” He cheered, jumping of the bed.

- “W-what? M-me? C-cr-ru-sh? N-no. No! Shut up, James.”

- But James was too elated and threw open Sirius window and stuck his head out of it. 

- Sirius eyes flew open in a panic.

- “James?!” 



- Oh god. Sirius smacked his hand to his face and groaned. James just laughed.


- “James! Oh my god, stooooop!” Sirius cringed. 

- Remus just beamed and chuckled under his breath.


- James stuck his thumbs up at him and closed the window. 

- He turned back to Sirius with a look of no regret.

- Sirius was vibrating with both anger at his dumb brother but also excitement. 

- “Well, hurry up and get changed There’s bacon downstairs.” He winked and ran out the room before Sirius came to his senses and attacked him.

- Sirius sat on the floor a little while longer, biting his lip with apprehension

- Remus was a wonderful name, and his voice sounded like how melted chocolate tasted.

- Heavenly.

- When he did come back to his senses, he got changed into a pair of his tightest skinny jeans that showed off his arse gloriously, a loose hanging David bowie vest top, big black biker boots, tied his hair into a bun and went downstairs to finally have some bacon.

- And if he was beaming from now until Remus came to the house, nobody said.

- But everyone knew Sirius was gone.

I was going to write this last night but got a little apprehensive after that anon and then my colitis was flaring, so hopefully you enjoy it? I might write a second part tomorrow

Relationship Advice

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Requested by anonymous: Hiiii hope you’re doing well. Could you possibly do a spiderman x reader where the reader and Peter are arguing because she thinks he’s keeping something from her and the reader (who works at Stark industries or something) gets advice from Tony and he tells her to just trust Peter? Thanks xx

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: [N/A]
Fandom: Marvel

Admittedly you weren’t exactly working. You were an intern at Stark industries and honestly you loved it but after what happened earlier with your boyfriend Peter you just couldn’t manage to focus.

Peter’s been different lately. He’s been busy way too often, he was always making up excuses, and he just acted… different. At first you thought you were being ridiculous but decided to confront Peter anyway. That conversation however proved that you weren’t in fact overreacting.

“It just seems like you’re hiding something from me” you said as you and Peter walked out of school “what’s going on with you Pete? And don’t you dare say nothing”.

“I want to tell you, I really do but I can’t”.

“Why?” You demanded.

“I just… can’t” Peter sighed running his hand through his hair.

You flared your nostrils. Did he not trust you? You told him everything. What could possibly be so important that he had to keep it from you? He was only Peter Parker after all, not some freaking secret agent.

“I have to go” you said through gritted teeth “I’m late for work”.

“[Y/N] can we talk about this?” Peter asked attempting to take hold of your hand but you pulled away shaking your head.

“What so you can lie to me some more? No thanks”.
Before Peter could say anymore you were gone. He stood there just watching you leave with a sad look on his face.

Now here you were, regretting being so crossed with him. I mean you probably wouldn’t be able to find someone as sweet as Peter but what was a relationship without trust?

Your phone buzzed and you picked it up to see Peter had texted. You completely ignored it and placed your phone screen face down so you couldn’t see it. You weren’t just ignoring him because you were still upset but also because you didn’t know what to say. You sighed yet again and rubbed your face with your hands. You suddenly felt so exhausted.

“Not working [Y/L/N]?” You looked up and became immediately flustered.

“M…Mr Stark? Oh no I’m working sir I was er just… taking a little break”. ~p>The man gave you a look that said “sure kid” then he pulled up a chair and sat next to you. This was quite unusual. You’ve actually never spoken directly to Tony Stark before so him suddenly showing an interest in you was quite overwhelming.

“You and Peter fighting huh?” He asked making you blink in shock. You knew Mr Stark and Peter knew each other. Peter had taken an internship with Stark Industries as well and from what your boyfriend told you it sounded like he had a bit of one on one time with the billionaire.

“Did he er tell you sir? How could possibly have known that?” You asked shifting uncomfortably in your seat.

“I’m a genius kid” he reminded “plus I heard you talking. If your going to talk to yourself out loud you should probably speak quieter”.

You went red “good suggestion sir”.

“So what’s the fight about?”.

“Er I don’t know if I should be discussing this with you sir. Aren’t we supposed to keep our private lives to ourselves?”.

“Yes but I’m your boss and I’m bored so give me to scoop”.

If there wasn’t the fear of getting fired on your mind you probably wouldn’t have told him anything but you did. In the end it felt good to rant, to tell someone how you really felt even if that person happen to be your billionaire boss.

“I just don’t understand why he’s keeping stuff from me?” You sighed “d…do you think he’s… cheating”.

“I highly doubt it. We all have our secrets you know”.

“Sir no offence but you literally told the whole world that you were Iron Man. That’s the biggest secret a person can have”

“Well yeah but… Think about it this way kid. There’s certain things you wouldn’t tell your partner. For example if you picked your nose…”


“Just for example. Would you want to tell Peter that?”.

Where was this going exactly?

“Well you’re still lying aren’t you? Or at least keeping the truth to yourself. Peter’s a good kid, if he’s keeping something from you I’m sure it’s beneficial to the both of you if you don’t know”.

If you didn’t know better you’d think Mr Stark knew exactly what Peter’s secret was. Just the way he talked… it was as if he already knew everything that was going on. Perhaps he was right though. Peter was practically the perfect boyfriend and if he was keeping something to himself it was silly to think that Peter, Peter Parker of all people could possibly be cheating on you.

“Hey but what do I know right? I’m not exactly the best with maintaining relationships with people… Just talk to him alright” he said standing back up and adjusting his tie “now if you’ll excuse me I have some dangerous inventions to test”.
With that he walked away.

Who knew you’d ever receive relationship advice from Tony Stark. No matter how strange it was somewhat helpful. Yet again your phone buzzed. You didn’t have to guess who it was obviously. You picked it up and finally texted Peter back.

Hey can I meet you at the pizza shop after I’m done at work? I just want to say sorry for everything that happened…
You texted.