so i just have all these drawings of dog heads

Shah’do and Rayfa from Ace Attorney 6, Spirit of Justice! (All design references are straight from the concept art, ha ha. No way I could draw that dog otherwise.)

Just a heads up, (it’s been two months but still,) I have the good old “I have spoiler-y things I want to draw”! So if that happens, I’m planning on tagging them as the following: ‘#aa6 spoilers’, ‘#ace attorney spoilers’ and ‘#ace attorney: spirit of justice spoilers’. If there’s some other obvious tag I’m missing, let me know!

I’ve been seeing a lot of preacher fans saying lately that they’re quiting the show because of the dog killing scene or they hate Tulip because of that scene. To them let me say this: of all the horrible scenes that have happened in Preacher so far a dog being eaten is were you draw the line? A child is eaten by birds, scalped people are hanging from trees, a man holds up his daughter’s guts, a boy watches his father get shot in the head, and a guy gets his penis shot off but a dog being killed is were you draw the line? That just screams a “I care more about animal life than human life” mindset.

And I love how they hate Tulip for feeding Cassidy the dog (which was clearly hard for her to do) but yet say nothing about hating Cassidy for eating the dog himself. It really gets on my nerves when women in a series can’t sneeze without getting hated for it, meanwhile the men characters do worse and they are still loved and supported.

Y'all watch shows like Game of Thrones were women get raped yet a dog being killed is too much to handle. I’ll say the same thing you tell us when we discuss violence against women on TV: It’s fiction get over it.