so i just have all these drawings of dog heads


I decided that I needed to draw, you know, more than just Tucker, Wash, and Junior for the mermaid/man au, so have some sketches for, as follows:

Caboose, Local Church Enthusiast and his behemoth sized english mastiff dog, Freckles

Church, local computer tech and support shop owner, and unfortunate frequent victim of Caboose hugs

Palomo, Jensen, Bitters, and Andersmith are all employees and various marine life handlers at the New Republic Marine Institute, as well as part time mermaid conspiracists (or at least, Palomo is)

(heads up I’m tagging the whole au as “tuckington merman au”)

cheeky lil sprace soulmate au for yall!

The lines started appearing when Race was seventeen. One moment in class, he was working through a few physics problems, completely focused, and the next, he was staring at the black line on his arm. It was thin and scratchy like a ballpoint pen, and didn’t seem to follow any discernable pattern. Race watched in shock at the line continued slowly across the top of his forearm before coming to a close back at the start. He stared at the shape, trying to find any meaning in it, before realizing that it looked a little bit like a dog. After uncapping his pen, Race drew a quick face on what may or may not have been a dog, along with a bone.

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Hunters Prey - Chapter 2

Bounty Hunter!BaekhyunXReader

Theme: Action and Angst

Word Count: 2,294 (wow I thought this would be shorter)

Warnings: Just really bad writing skills and story plot development XD

Kit- I’m dying- What is writing anymore? I hope this is ok ;; I know I don’t have to many people following me so to the people who reads this stuff thank you for waiting. I’ve b so busy with stuff and haven’t had the motivation to write more so for some odd reason today was a day where my brain wanted to be creative. But yeah please enjoy ^^”

Previous Chapter-


You picked up the red colored crayon, placing it on the paper to draw circles. After a while you had felt satisfied with the picture you had perfectly created taking it over to your dad.

“Daddy look what I drew!” You shoved the picture in your dad’s lap making him look at it.

The man gave a hearty laugh picking you up to sit on his lap. He lifts the picture to look at it.

“It’s you and mommy plus me and brother!” You pointed to each one as you stated each member of the family you drew.

He chuckled patting your head. “You’re such an artist Y/n~” He smiled pointing to your version of your mom. “You even captured how beautiful your mother is.”

You heard your mom laugh and groan in the kitchen.  The man grinned handing you the picture. “Why don’t you go show this to your brother, daddy needs to have a talk with mommy.”

You nodded, happily hopping off his lap running to your brothers room.  

“Did she draw another picture?” She asked slightly chuckling.  

The man hugged the woman from behind, laying his head on her shoulder nodding.

“Did she draw…”

“Yeah… again.” The man buried his face into the woman’s shoulder holding on tightly.

The woman frowned laying her head back against the mans. “I feel so bad for her, having to deal with losing a sibling? Just like that…?”

“She may be six but I think she understands why it happened.” His grip on the women became tighter, reassuring her. All the women could do was nod, and hug her husband back.

“Look Channy, I made another drawing of us.” You sat in front of a picture of a small boy with puppy dog ears. You taped the drawing next to another one you had drawn two weeks ago.

“I really miss you.” You smiled sadly.

“I wonder what it’s like up in heaven. Mommy reads to me from a book filled with stories about it, but it isn’t just all about heaven.”

You giggled smiling.

“There’s one chapter that talks about what heaven will be like. Is it true? Are the roads made of gold? Will we get to ride dinosaurs?? I would love to ride a dinosaur.”

Your eyes start to water.

“I wish you were here with us. Mommy and Daddy miss you a lot. Especially daddy, it’s easy to tell when he’s sad. His dog ears droop really low.”

“Y/n! Dinner time.”

“Looks like it dinner time, I’ll be back after dinner Channy.” You got up running back into the diner room to eat.

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Special Room Pt.4

Summary: Negan being a little shit before the two of you go out on that ‘run’.
POV: You
Characters: Negan, Y/N
Word Count: 1739
Authors note:  Just so you all know, I post new fics at 2. P.Mish Eastern time. 
Parts: 4/? - (Part One)  (Part Two)  (Part Three) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven)
Quote of the story: “Please don’t tell me that I have to sit in the bed of the truck just so sweet Lucille can have shotgun.”


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Shah’do and Rayfa from Ace Attorney 6, Spirit of Justice! (All design references are straight from the concept art, ha ha. No way I could draw that dog otherwise.)

Just a heads up, (it’s been two months but still,) I have the good old “I have spoiler-y things I want to draw”! So if that happens, I’m planning on tagging them as the following: ‘#aa6 spoilers’, ‘#ace attorney spoilers’ and ‘#ace attorney: spirit of justice spoilers’. If there’s some other obvious tag I’m missing, let me know!

anonymous asked:

I really liked your write up on borzoi heads, and your artwork is so nice. I was wondering if you could do some drawing examples of good borzoi heads? I am having a lot of trouble making my drawings look like borzois.

Hopefully my writing is legible ^^;
I’ve seen some people with “borzoi OCs” with the bottom most sparkle-dog-esque example lol. I don’t mean to harp on beginners– we all start somewhere! I just think it’s important to recognize a breed’s traits, and those huge foxy pointy ears, enormous stop, and cheek ruff aren’t characteristic of borzoi at all :) 

When in doubt, make the nose longer, make the ears shorter, make the stop disappear entirely, and chances are you’ll get something that will probably look like a borzoi. 

I’ve been seeing a lot of preacher fans saying lately that they’re quiting the show because of the dog killing scene or they hate Tulip because of that scene. To them let me say this: of all the horrible scenes that have happened in Preacher so far a dog being eaten is were you draw the line? A child is eaten by birds, scalped people are hanging from trees, a man holds up his daughter’s guts, a boy watches his father get shot in the head, and a guy gets his penis shot off but a dog being killed is were you draw the line? That just screams a “I care more about animal life than human life” mindset.

And I love how they hate Tulip for feeding Cassidy the dog (which was clearly hard for her to do) but yet say nothing about hating Cassidy for eating the dog himself. It really gets on my nerves when women in a series can’t sneeze without getting hated for it, meanwhile the men characters do worse and they are still loved and supported.

Y'all watch shows like Game of Thrones were women get raped yet a dog being killed is too much to handle. I’ll say the same thing you tell us when we discuss violence against women on TV: It’s fiction get over it.

trebaelyan  asked:

Hey Rhys if you ever get time or feel like it would you do a lil tutorial on how to draw canines? Its ok if you just want to explain it step by step or draw it. Whatever works best for you ^w^

keep in mind that my canines tend to be very cartoony, but i’ll do my best! since i mostly draw dogs, i’ll keep this mostly dog-based. canines have a lot of different structures.

the dogs i draw have really blocky snouts, and i find that when i do sketches drawing circles where their cheeks are in the sketch can really help me give them personality when i go on to draw their actual face shapes 

also, getting in the habit of drawing different muzzles and noses on each really helped me diversify, same-face on dogs is really easy to do and i did it for years. just manipulate blocky shapes, round out noses or don’t round out noses, exaggerate, etc

dogs with lots of fur have bodies under there! try drawing the builds before you draw the fur, and keep in mind the fur direction. 

drawing dog titties can help you position arms, too. at least, i think so? you can choose to leave them there or not, but i like them. once you figure out fur direction (by looking at a lot of refs from actual dogs) you can make a lot of weird and blocky shapes out of it that look like fur, but in a cartoony way. 

also, front paws?? 

hind legs n junk

also you really don’t have to make the heads so big, everyone tends to draw huge heads on dogs, just shrink em a little when you sketch them to see if it looks better

thats all the advice i feel like i can give given my level of skill w/ dogs but i hope it helps! the only advice i can give that is 100% correct is looking at references.

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Do you have any western style examples of a gender swapped 'frank cho draws girl furries' thing from that previous ask? Cuz most examples I can think of are pretty cat/dog-boys from anime/anime-inspired media, where it's all "no they're totally not furries they just have the ears and tails geez"

the closest i could think of would be patrick fillion and eric mars’/class comics’ “ani-males” and… listen i already don’t like fillion’s art style, or eric mars’ art style or a lot of mainstream print gay porn’s art styles, so i’m biased, but…

it’s more… animalistic, but i still hate everything about it, especially fucking mr. clean head shaped smooth forehead fucking bunny over there.

i really, really hate it. 

there’s also a furry con orgy scene in the comic, and it is like the most unerotic thing i can think of. not because “oh no, furries”, because, you know, fucking look at me, but because it just looks goddamn terrible.

i remember coming across patrick fillion’s art as a wee queer lad figuring out themselves, and their and so much more of the work out there struck me as “is this seriously what i’m supposed to like?”

small wonder i ended up in furry, right? there’s a big disconnect between mainstream gay stuff and a lot of queer people, and no wonder a lot of ‘em end up in furry or the like.

5sos Preference: Raking Leaves

Michael: “Stop!” You laughed, trying to fix your pile of leaves. “What?” he smirked, standing up against the rake. “You keep wrecking my pile! Do you see me running through yours?” you put your hand on your hip waiting for a response. “No, but you’re cute when you laugh and try to be mad. Makes my day just a little bit better.”

Luke: “I think we should put all the leaves in orange bags.” you pulled your eye brows together, tilting yourhead in question. “You know, and then draw pumpkin faces on them. Then put them in the front yard. So many pumpkins!” you shook your head, smiling. “Where do you get these ideas?” you continued to rake the leaves while Luke ran inside. “I’m going to get orange bags!”

Ashton: “Dad, please come out and play in the leaves with us.” they both gave him the puppy dog eyes, tugging at his shirt. “Please, we have piles out there just waiting for us to run through.” they grinned, getting Ashton to smile too. “Those piles are whimpy! Lets go rake them together into one GIANT one." 

Calum: "Why do we have to this on a saturday?” he whined, looking at you with a blank expression. “Because, then tomorrow we can stay in bed all day because all the house work is finished.” you winked. His arms started move faster to get the leaves raked up into a neat pile and pulled you into it. “Let’s just lay here and look at the clouds. That one looks like a turkey.” he said. “It does not.” You laughed, making him frown. “Where is your imagination?"