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Oh yeah!! Updating my header for Halloween. OuO Originally it was just Edgewoth dressed as Thomas Jefferson just bc of the similarities in the costume, but at the end of the day there seemed hardly any difference from his normal outfit that I had to throw in Nick and Maya costumed-up in there as well.

The Hamilton cosplay was probably Maya’s idea, so they’d appear ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ to the younger generation. Edgeworth’s putting his foot down when it comes to actually learning the lyrics, tho.

So surprisingly enough i wasn’t too sure to watch this movie, it just didn’t caught my attention but my mom really wanted to watched it and OMG was i really impressed, i love it!! I really identify with Buster and i can really identify with the song “I’m Still Standing” so i had to do something to put both things together (plus i really think that perhaps Buster could relate to the lyrics of the song too.

Better Man is sad. It isn’t a love song. It’s a song about losing the one person that you thought you’d never lose. It’s about being pushed away even though you’re holding on so tight. It’s about knowing when it’s time to walk away and not hold on any longer. 

Below, I’ve highlighted parts of the song that stick out to me. I’ve kinda just put context behind certain lines – for the people that either don’t understand them or may be reading them a different way than I am. 

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Why a chapter of WtM takes so ridiculously long to write:

I decide that Katniss is going to sing an adorable German children’s song to Peeta, but I’m an enormous nerd and therefore not happy with the immediately accessible English translations (remember when I found out Füchslein means “little vixen”?) so I put the lyrics word-by-word into Google Translate and tweak the English version, debating whether or not I care if it rhymes and if I should tweak it still more to fit Panem/Everlark/etc.

[And yes, I could ask for help from a German speaker on Tumblr, but this feels like one of those things I need to wrestle through on my own, like a tricky riddle or a word problem… :P]

Case in point: “Alle meine Täubchen…

Translation: “All my doves…” 
Me: (whose knowledge of German is limited to growing up Lutheran and singing some art songs and sacred choral pieces in college) Doesn’t “chen” as a suffix usually mean “little”?
*seeks second opinion*
Google Translate: Täubchen = pigeon
Me: Um, no.
*types “translate Täubchen” into the search bar*
Google Search Result: “And Hansel answered: “I’m saying goodbye to my little dove on the roof." 

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Paramore Lyrics Sentence Meme
  • “Aren’t you tired of always being mad at the world?”
  • “Don’t you know that we’re all alone now?”
  • “Give me attention, I need it now.”
  • “I had it all but not what I wanted.”
  • “I know you’re leaving in the morning when you wake up. Leave me with some kind of proof it’s not a dream.”
  • “I put my faith in you, so much faith, and then you just threw it away.”
  • “I’ve got a tight grip on reality, but I can’t let go of what’s in front of me here.”
  • “If you thought I’d leave, then you were wrong.”
  • “It’s not a walk in the park to love each other but when our fingers interlock, can’t deny you’re worth it.”
  • “It’s not your fault and if it was I wouldn’t care.”
  • “Keep your feet on the ground when your head’s in the clouds.”
  • “Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul that love never lasts.”
  • “No one is as lucky as us.”
  • “Open your eyes like I opened mine. It’s only the real world, a life you will never know.”
  • “Second chances they don’t ever matter, people never change.”
  • “Some of us have to grow up sometimes and so if I have to I’m gonna leave you behind.”
  • “Up until now I have sworn to myself that I’m content with loneliness.”
  • “Well, you can ignore it but only for so long.”
  • “Won’t you just admit you don’t care?”
  • “You do your best to show me love, but you don’t know what love is.”
Mr. Stark said you’d like this (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could you do a (Tom) Peter fic based on the song ‘Tattoed Heart’ by Ariana Grande? I love your blog!

A/N: So I know for some requests you usually put the lyrics in between paragraphs, but I don’t really like doing that and I just used the idea of the song to write an imagine about it. I hope you don’t mind :)

I love the request idea, but for some reason, I hate how this turned out. I hope it is just me and you enjoy it nonetheless. I’m also sorry for how incredibly long it’s taken me to write this -I have had no inspiration. 

‘’I’m going to make it up to you’’ Peter had said the week before, just as he swung off the window during a movie date at his house.
And now there you were, waiting on your couch for him to pick you up, all dolled up.
You heard a knock on the door and got up from the couch, trying not to trip with your heels. You walked to the door, a smile on your face as you opened it and saw Peter in front of you, wearing a suit.
‘’You-you look stunning’’ he said, smiling softly.
‘’I still don’t understand why we have to dress up’’ you told him as you closed the door, chuckling a little. ‘’I’m completely fine with staying home and watching movies.’’
‘’I promised I would make it up to you’’ he said, putting a hand on your lower back and leading you to the car in front of your house. You opened your eyes at the sight of the expensive car, not knowing where Peter got it from. ‘’Mr. Stark lent it to me. He says he ships us’’ he said, chuckling.
You got in and Peter drove silently to a restaurant in the centre of the city. You didn’t really understand what was going on -your dates with Peter tended to be movie dates, a trip to a museum or having dinner at McDonalds.
Getting off of the car and walking into the restaurant, you were taken to a table under Peter’s name. You sat, still in silence, and looked at the menu.
‘’Pete, what’s going on?’’ you asked, voice unsure. ‘’I mean, this is nice, but this doesn’t feel like us.’’
He looked at you, eyes open wide.
‘’I-don’t you like this?’’
‘’I do, but I would prefer to be home cuddling with you, if I’m honest. I don’t really know why you’ve brought me here.’’
He looked at his hands and then back at you, trying to smile.
‘’Mr. Stark-Mr. Stark said you’d like this’’ he started. ‘’I know I have been ditching you a lot lately for superhero stuff, and when I told him he told me to take you somewhere expensive so you wouldn’t break up with me, you know? He said he’d invite us and all.’’
You laughed and put your hand over your mouth, people looking weirdly at you.
‘’Pete, Mr. Stark is a playboy whose girlfriend broke up with him’’ you said when you stopped laughing. ‘’Are you really paying attention to his advice? Besides, I love you for who you are, not for who you try to be. I don’t care about money as long as you love me.’’
‘’I mean… If you put it that way’’ Peter said before bursting out laughing. When he calmed down, he took your hand and smiled at you. ‘’How about we get out of here and get some pizza and have a Netflix marathon?’’
You nodded and walked with him out of the restaurant, eager to get home and put on your pajamas and cuddle your boyfriend.

Hamilton Fic: What happened in Broadway

Author’s note: heyyyy there!! I’m a new blog here in tumblr and I am very excited to post my first hamilton fic!!! Just a few warnings: some grammar may be bad, the writing itself is not amazing since I’m not a professional writer so please keep that in mind. This fic is an idea I spontaneously had so I don’t know if there’s going to be any pairings, so don’t search for daveed x reader or similars because there’s none (by now, they’ll probably be) It’s just an original idea of mine. So yup! enjoy! (And be kind about it plsss!!!)

Words: 1,654

Prompt: you just got in the Hamilton cast!! Quickly, pack your stuff, you’re starting next week! A dream come true. You’re going to be in the greatest city in the world!

Warnings: none

| Chapter 2 |


Chapter One: Greatest City in the world

I could not believe what just happened.

“You got in!” — my friends cheered loudly. — “You’re going to New York!”

I was going to be a part of Hamilton! My career had just started and I was already at the top. How could this possibly be? How could I be so lucky? I guess all the years of theatre and working hard had been worth it.

I stood froze for what might’ve been a solid 30 seconds.

“(Y/N) (Y/SN)? Are you still there?”

My friends looked at me excitedly and gestured me to come back to reality and answer the phone.

“Y-yeah, I’m sorry. I was just shocked. Um-”
“You are starting next week and we need you to be here by wednesday. We can help you get an apartment in the city. I remind you you principally have a 6 month contract which of course can be extended if you work hard. We’ll send you a message as soon as we can to give you the details of the flight. Congratulations once again.”
“Uh, thanks.”— I managed to say before the person on the other side hung up.

I looked over at my friends once again. I noticed the tears from happiness forming in my eyes, and they started cheering as loud as they could again, hugging me as hard as possible.

This was happening. My dream had come true.

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Oh Marceline
  • Oh Marceline
  • Pat McHale
  • Adventure Time Demo

I’m not sure if this has been posted already, but thought I might as well throw it online. When I was working on Season 1 of Adventure Time (2009? 2008?) we had to write a montage song for the episode “Evicted!” while Finn and Jake are looking for a new house. Pen wrote a bunch of lyrics, so I brought them home and fine tuned them and put them to music. I recorded a demo that was too long, so i just digitally sped it up to be the right length (which is the recording above).

It was supposed to sound sort of… lame… like sort of… like a lame singer songwriter guy who’s into Dave Matthews but isn’t nearly as talented. That was, like, a thing in the early 2000s… a lot of people played this certain acoustic guitar style, but I don’t know the name for it. Maybe it has tinges of what was called “Emo”? Or… what does Hoobastank sound like? Uhh, I don’t know. Who cares. I’m old now and I don’t remember anything.

In the end I didn’t want to sing the final version, so Pen did the singing in the show. He did more of a Blink 182 style thing. Blink 182? Is that right?

You Don’t Own Me - Negan x Fem!Reader

Summary: Negan enjoys your little act of defiance towards him.
Rating: E
Author’s Notes: Inspired by this scene from AHS. This is probably one of my favourite fics I’ve written… Probably cause it’s just pure filth, the title and lyrics comes from Lesley Gore’s You Don’t Own Me.
Available on my AO3

The red silken material was cool against your skin. So soft and so supple, you’d forgotten how wonderful the feel of quality lingerie could be against your skin. It had been worth the slight danger you’d put yourself in to get a hold of the red babydoll during the last supply run you’d volunteered for.

Every so often, you would try to find items that reminded you of the world before the outbreak, little things that would help you find some kind of normalcy in the new world order. A small collection of CDs, a pair of black patent high heels in your size… Silly little things that gave you so much comfort.

Your hands traced over your exposed skin, a smile growing on your lips as you applied the bright red lipstick in the mirror. A little treat for yourself… And an act of defiance. A giggle left your lips, puckering your lips and pressed your lips against the cool mirror, pulling away to leave a red lip shaped stain.


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I don’t care if you’re not sorry, I forgive you / And with or without your support I will continue / What I’m trying to say is you never know what you’ve been through / ‘Til you pause and cough it out” (Cough it Out)

The Front Bottom’s Back on Top (2015)

It’s funny, because I had mentioned not getting around to this album last year in last year’s post about The Front Bottoms (here). So hey, look at me! I got around to it! And I loved it! This album is a very fun but serious, lo-fi pop punk, indie sentiment, witty lyric riddled creation. This is their first sorta big(ish?) label record on a label that has like… tarnished cred in the scene… okay I’ll just say it, it’s put out by FBR. But! They retain their sound, spirit, energy, songwriting, etc etc etc while showing that they’ve grown up too. Super respectable! Also, I saw them open for Brand New in November and let me tell you… they’re incredible live. Such a good energy, such strong musicality, so much fun. Their music is even more infectious live. 

Cough it Out speaks directly to my mental state this year. I listened to it a lot as I was headed to and then leaving work and had to tell myself OKAY WE’LL FIGURE THIS SHIT OUT IT’S OKAY. It made me want to be better and stronger and more forgiving and kinder. 

Other Notable Tracks: Laugh Til I Cry, Historic Cemetery, 2YL, Plastic Flowers. 

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in the picture of joons room posted on twitter recently, you can see the cover of the korean version of the book "Breaking Out of The 'Man Box'" and its like. tackling issues of misogyny and social masculinity and such and im just.. i love him so much he puts forth so much effort to better himself (i know he had such a hard time bearing with the guilt he felt and the hate he faced with the lyrics controversy) i hope he knows that we appreciate that so much. i love the amazing person he's become

oh I know it leaves me so conflicted like!!!! yes!!! he’s reading a book about misogyny and violence against women, breaking the mold of women in society like yes babe!! you read about the important issues!! be the voice for millions who can’t fight for themselves. but then at the same time, he more than likely read/is reading this book because of the whole controversy and hate he was getting so that hurts to think about

regardless, namjoon is allllways looking for new ways to learn, grow and become a better version of himself and I admire that

My 76-year-old mother was over the other day and I caught her humming Perfect. I asked her about it and she said she really liked that song a lot, so I reminded her that she had the album at home (I gave her a copy of MITAM last year when it came out and assumed – correctly – that she had put it in a drawer and completely forgotten about it).

Well, she just called to tell me that she’s been listening to MITAM non-stop over the last few days and said, “Those boys have really good voices, and the lyrics are wonderful and the music…oh I just love the music!” (Yes, Mom, I’ve been telling you this for two years.)

She ended by comparing them to her favorite band of all time, The Eagles. I wish I had Niall’s email address so I could let him know.

(J U S T Y)

So here it is! Here we are!

I wanted to write a song about how it feels to simply just want to love someone back to health. I wanted to put into words how it feels to simply want to be with someone and make them utterly happy. So happy that they never even think about whatever pain/heartbreak/hurt they’ve had to endure. I wanted to write a song that would make you want to give love one more try. Enjoy and boost the shit out of this LOL.

Also the ultra cute lyrics are in the description. REBLOG THIS AND TAG SOMEONE WHO YOU WANT TO TRY LOVE ONE MORE TIME!<3 

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Stop Whining (Joshua Fluff)


Hi!! Can you do a Jisoo scenario were he confesses to you?? Super fluffy pleasee!


Sorry for the wait, I’m just so busy with school work. Also sorry for the lack of updates on our blog. Also it’s not necessarily him confessing, but you aren’t either. It’s odd idk, anyways enjoy!

-Admin A

Word Count: 1000+

Genre: Fluff

“Jeonghan.” You whined

“What is it (y/n)?” He was currently going over some of the lyrics Woozi wrote for the new comeback.

“Why is it so hard to get a boyfriend?” Your voice had a slight undertone of a whine.

“Oh, well I mean you never really put yourself out there.” He was calm as he flipped through the pages of lyrics. Somehow he managed to multitask so well. Maybe it had something to do with the fact he is the mom of the group. Or maybe it’s because he is just that gifted.

“But it’s so hard to do that.” Your voice sounded a little whinier this time.

“Stop your whining then if you’re not going to try to get a boyfriend.” He was right. Blatantly honest, but right. You shouldn’t complain about being single if you weren’t going to try to date. In a way you wish you didn’t have to put yourself out there. You wished people would just come to you.

“Thanks Jeonghan.”

“You’re welcome (y/n).” He was intently focused on his work and you didn’t want to bother him much more. Exiting the room, you made sure to close the door quietly, so you wouldn’t break Jeonghan’s trance. It really didn’t matter if you closed it quietly or not, Seungkwan was “singing” with his ever so beautiful voice. Hoshi and Dokyeom were doing some interesting dances. Then all the others were just lying on the floor, being productive as ever. It really seemed like a normal day in the life of Seventeen. Looking around the room you didn’t see Jisoo. You sighed a little. Your real problem was that you thought, no you knew you would never be able to get with your crush. There were so many reasons too. Jisoo was always working, and being an idol didn’t really give you the room to date.

Every time Jisoo smiled you felt flutters in your heart. His laugh just made you smile like a ninny too. To you, he was absolute perfection. No one looked better than him. You couldn’t think of any other person you wanted to date.

“(Y/N)!” Your trance ended as you heard Seungkwan yell.


“Could you call Jisoo? He needs to get here for practice. We’re all waiting for him.”

“Well it doesn’t really look like you guys are actually practicing.”

“This is how we practice! You know this!” You rolled your eyes.

“Alright, I’ll call him.”

Leaving the room, since it was so loud in there, you slowly dialed Jisoo. You oddly felt nervous. You wanted to punch yourself for feeling that way.

“H-hey (y/n).” His voice sounded nervous, but why?

“Hey Jisoo, the boys wanted me to tell you to get to practice, specifically-“ He cut you off.

“Seungkwan, I know. Tell him I’ll be there soon. Thanks (y/n).” He hung up the phone cutting off your goodbye. What was it today; he’s normally so calm and kind. He just seems off. It’s really throwing you off. Why would he act so blunt and in a rush? He must be stressed with all the work he’s doing. Shrugging it off, you reentered the room with the twelve others.

“Where is he?” Hoshi said as he stuffed his mouth with some kind of treat.

“On his way.” You lightly squeezed your phone. As much as you wanted to ignore how Jisoo was acting you couldn’t forget the sound of his voice. He just sounded, so, tense. You watched as Jun and Minghao went over the choreography one more time, before they showed everyone one else it. Jisoo arrived extremely quickly, he must have literally sprinted.

“Gosh Jisoo what took so long?!” Seungkwan spoke.

“I. Ran. Here.” He was still panting. He was slightly bent over as he attempted to catch his breath.

“What matters is that he’s here now.” Seungcheol said, his authority loomed over everyone, they all were chuckling a little bit.

“Anyways, let’s start. Play my music.” The performance unit lined up and began to show everyone the dance. You decided to stay and watch since you had nothing better to do. Watching them practice always led to your entertainment. All of them having their own sense of humor, Seungkwans sassiness being your favorite, led to you being out of breath.

“No Jisoo, like this.” Dino then began to lead him through the movement until he got it.

“Like this?” He then preformed the move. As he spun he looked at you and winked. You felt yourself becoming red. Obviously he was going to tease you. He always did. You covered your face and looked down at your phone, trying to hide your cheeks. As you felt your cheeks go back to normal you looked back up. Staring at Jisoo, you began to daydream. You always ended up daydreaming about him; he was pretty much your ideal type.

You jumped as you felt a tap on your shoulder.

“You’re staring again (y/n).” Jeonghan whispered to you.

“Th-thanks Jeonghan.” Jeonghan was the only one who knew about your crush. He was the only one who really paid attention to you. Well he noticed one day when you and the vocal unit were in the same room. He caught you staring at Jisoo and smiling. He confronted you afterwards, and of course, he was right.

“You know you could always talk to him?” Jeonghan gave you his motherly you know I’m right look.

“I could…” He cut you off.

“But of course you won’t.” You paused; feeling slightly ashamed of yourself.

“Yeah…” He patted your shoulder lovingly, and walked off with the others.

You sighed as you stood up, leaving to go join the others. However before you could walk out you felt something touch your hand. You jumped and yanked your hand away, squealing a little too.

“S-sorry (y/n).”

“It’s fine Jisoo, you just startled me.” He chuckled a little. You began to realize he was in the room the entire time you were talking to Jeonghan.

“Y-you heard my conversation between Jeonghan didn’t you?” You dropped your head, not wanting him to see your embarrassment.

“I did.”

“I didn’t want things to be awkward between us, can you for-“

“(Y/N) you’re cute when you’re embarrassed.” He placed his hand on your shoulder. You looked up and saw him smiling.

“Jisoo.” You whined.

“What? I’m just being honest.” You whined again; feeling yourself become redder by the second.

“Ah, are you always this whiney?” He was teasing you, why was he doing this? That was a dumb question you knew the answer to.

“I like you answer, and you’ve made it clear you like me too.”

“Yeah” You spoke softly.

“No need to be shy (y/n).” He pulled you into an embrace.


“Are you still embarrassed?”

“Yeah.” He laughed.

“How long have you liked me (y/n)?”

“Few months.”

“How many months?” He was so sweet, but such a tease.

“Maybe four…” You mumbled.

“Cute.” You whined. He then kissed you on the forehead.

“You’re so cute…jagi.”

-Admin A

Let's Talk About Zedd's Coachella Show...

Have I ever.
Been more proud to be a Zedd fan as I am in this moment.

What this man just did goes beyond musical interests. It goes beyond his career. It goes beyond your typicial boundaries.

Ever since I first started listening to Zedd, I knew he was a good person. He always had a big heart and adored helping others. He never really put himself first if it meant he could help someone else get to where they needed to be. Caring for others is just what made him happy.

Tonight, Anton not only brought KESHA out on stage to sing his song “True Colours”, but he moved TO THE SIDE OF THE STAGE so she would be up front and he wouldn’t take away from her performance. Not ONLY that, but he allowed her to change the lyrics from “we’ve escaped our capture, yet we have our masters” to “we’ve escaped our capture, and I have no master.”

He let Kesha, a woman who’s been mentally and sexually abused, who was told she’d have no place in music unless she worked with her abuser, have a chance to get back into what she REALLY LOVED. He gave her the thing she missed the most back. I can only IMAGINE how much that meant to her. After all this terror and heartbreak, she finally was able to get back to where she wanted to be – and Anton was more than ready to give up his space, his show, and his time for her to do it.

I am speechless.

  • James: Come On Evans! Go Out me!
  • Lily: Dearest Potter. Allow me to spell this out for you... I don't want to be a priss, I'm just trying to be polite... But it always seems to bite me in the...
  • [Lily gets right up into his face]
  • Lily: You asked me for my address so you could owl, yeah, you put me on the spot... You think that we should hook up, but I think that we should not...
  • James: But-
  • Lily: [cuts him off] You had me at "Hello", then you opened up your mouth... And that is when it started going south...
  • Sirius: OUCH
  • [James tries to stop her from screaming]
  • Lily: [continues] Get your hands off my hips, before I'll punch you in the lips! Stop your staring at my... [angry] Hey!! Take a hint! take a hint!
  • [Lily leaves]
  • James: [sitting stunned]
  • Sirius: Oh she schooled you.....
Transliteration/Translation:  Ao no Exorcist Kyoto Saga OP lyrics (TV Size)

I liked the OP (at least, I assume it’s the opening) of the new Ao no Exorcist series, so I found the lyrics on a japanese lyrics site and decided to transliterate and translate them here.  This is the tv size version, because even though the lyrics site I found them on had the full song, I haven’t heard the entire song yet and can’t vouch for the veracity of the lyrics…so I’m just doing the part that I have heard myself and will put out the entire song transliteration/translation when the single comes out in February.  Keep in mind, until that official version comes out, there may be mistakes in the lyrics, so I will attempt to correct any problems at that time.  This translation is just a first pass, too, so I may mess around with the lyrics until I find wording I like better.  Anyway, here’s my version…

一滴の影響 (Itteki no Eikyou) 

A Drop of Influence

by: UVERworld

許せば進めるし 恨みは立ち止まらず

あれは僕のせいにしな それも僕のせいにしてよ









一番いけないことはさ 自分は駄目だと思うこと

あれは僕のせいにしな それも僕のせいにしてよ



Yuruseba susumeru shi  Urami wa tachidomarazu

Are wa boku no sei ni shina  Sore mo boku no sei ni shite yo

Kimi wo zutto tachidomeru sono subete to

Boku igai wo yurushite susunde yukina yo

Shougai kareru koto no nai hana to nazukete mo

Shougai kareru koto no nai hana ni naru koto wa nai

Majime ni ikite ireba itsuka mukuwareru

Sou yatte iikitte shimaeba sore wa uso ni naru

Mi ni okoru sono suujuu PAASENTO jigou jitoku demo

Nokori no suu PAASENTO dare no sei demo nai sono fubyoudou

Ichiban ikenai koto wa sa  Jibun wa dame da to omou koto

Are wa boku no sei ni shina  Sore mo boku no sei ni shite yo

Boku igai wo yurushite susunde yukina yo

Kimi jishin no koto mo yurushite agete yo

If you can forgive yourself, you can keep going, resentment never stands still

Blame that on me, blame this on me, too

Forgive everything but me that’s kept you standing still for so long,

And keep going forward

You can name a flower that doesn’t wither from adversity

But you can never become that flower yourself

“If you live honestly, you will be rewarded someday”

But if we declare that, it will become a lie

Even though we are to blame for 10% of what happens to us

The remaining percent is no one’s fault, it’s so unfair

The worst thing you can do is think that you are worthless

Blame that on me, blame this on me, too

Forgive everything but me and keep going

Forgive yourself, as well

anonymous asked:

hey its me, nightmare anon, who wishes to send some wacky dreams with u: so i had a dream where i dont think i was u but u were there? i was just kinda observing. so ur on the computer when fucking kennith?? pulls you through the gotdamn screen????????? it was old colorbars kennith. i remmeber he took u through a field of flowers, idk why??? boi?? part two next

part two form nightmare anon! so honestly i have faint memories of there being a plot against u but just… by making sure you couldnt continue to wrtite lyrics/edit music for the series. i guess by just putting u in a field of flowers. it was pretty flowers. also it was mainly frances and kennith doing this, ironic, they both wanna die the most. also henry did not like the plan at all omg. in the end u just kinda went “eh” and idk how it ended. spoilers was there.


well heck!

I was tagged by @isak-evens thank you so much for thinking of me ♥♥

rules: copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you’re done tag up to 10 people
I tag: @williamagnussons // @noorasaetlre // @evakoorhelm // @softly-evak @noorabaetre // @aliciacarey // @evakskam // @noorazsaetre // @gallavich // @isaksvaltersin - I picked you 10 ♥ ||
A – age: 21
B – biggest fear: bugs, small spaces, heights, overcrowded places idk I couldn’t just pick one haha.
C – current time: 4:30pm
D – drink you last had: Coca Cola
E – every day starts with: the lyric “WHY YOU SO OBSESSED WITH ME” by Mariah Carey
F – favourite song: Lush Life - Zara Larsson
G – ghosts, are they real: yes run bitch
H – hometown: I am from New York.
I – in love with: editing online and photoshop - oh and food!
J – jealous of: people who know how to save money like teach me your ways
K – killed someone: shush, it’ll be our little secret ;)
L – last time you cried: I was watching a lifetime movie where the mom saved the daughter and like they hugged in slow mo and it as just sad ok
M – middle name: N/A 
N – number of siblings: From which side? From my mom I have one older brother, from my dad idk tbh probably like a soccer team of siblings.
O – one wish: I wish to finish this upcoming semester with less stress than the previous one.
P – person you last called/text: pretty sure it was @mouthfullofmalik
Q – question you’re always asked: “You’re really Dominican? You don’t look it.”
R – reason to smile: getting an A on a paper, my puppy, just the little things in life make me smile.
S – song last sang: Hello Bitches by CL.
T – time you woke up: maybe 6 or 7 a.m.
U – underwear colour: It’s a boyshort from VS its a baby blue color with the waist band in black.
V – vacation destination: The Dominican Republic to see my family :)
W – worst habit: biting my nails, it got really bad last semester bc of stress.
X – x-rays you’ve had: I can’t remember all of them but my most recent one was at the dentist.
Z – zodiac sign: gemini