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I'm a little new to the VM world so I'm wondering if Rob Thomas has ever said what happened immediately following season 3? Like how did Logan and Veronica just not talk for 9 years? They didn't see each other after what happened in the series finale or what? I've seen the movie but I'm still confused!

Welcome to the fandom, anon!

Yep, L/V went nine long years without speaking to each other.  

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The way I understand it, Veronica left for her summer internship at Quantico right after the finale, and never came back.  She transferred to Stanford after the summer and then Columbia Law.  

I don’t think Rob Thomas every spelled it out step-by-step, but if you’d like to read speculation, I highly recommend @bryrosea‘s 9-Years fics:  Waste of Breath and A Quartz Contentment.   They may not be official canon, but they should be.  

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You're so wrong about Haechan. He carried pencils in backpack in the pyjama party vids, and in Markhyuck's vlive he was the one talking about how copying was wrong while Mark endorsed it. It's true that he starts arguments but in My SMT he said it's because his suggestions are better and there's a collage of him with his arm up in quizzes because he's that much of a know-it-all but fandom, just like you, refuses to acknowledge it. Haechan is incredibly clever while Mark can't even spell bicycle.

well, good morning to you too annonie.

let’s address a few points here, shall we?

*sips coffee* damn, it’s too early for this.

1) there is a way you talk to people. this here? not one of them. I considered deleting this ask altogether because I didn’t enjoy the hostility and I consider myself a fairly peaceful blog, but hey, who am I to ignore an annoyed ANON.

2) I’ve said before that i take constructive criticism. “just like you” - not so constructive. and i was with you up until that point, honestly i was, but really?

3a) in all of my writing, in all of my reactions, I have never once claimed to be an expert on an idol. i see how an idol appears TO ME, and write them how i think they would react in a situation. this is how i saw haechan. i ADORE haechan. he’s usually one of the first people i finish writing bullet points for because he’s so fun and can be so shady, i love imagining how he would react to situations.

3b) i do not know these men personally. nor do you. (well, i mean you could, and kudos to you if so) but unless they’re actually American high school students, we’re never going to know what they’re going to do. that’s the point of fanfiction. it’s fun and an artist’s outlet to connect with other fans and the fandom.

4) you can disagree. your disagreements are valid and being upset with how i wrote haechan’s piece is valid. that being said, you are more than free to 1) write your own “NCT as High School Students.” i actually recommend it! writing is fun and cathartic! 2) if you disliked it so vehemently, unfollow (if you are actually following - I have no idea because…well, anon), i don’t want any unhappy campers here.

5a) attacking mark’s intellect to prove how intelligent haechan is? unnecessary. i wrote mark’s piece because a lot of the fandom sees him as he is. a hard worker, constantly thrown into every situation sm had the possibility of throwing him in, and intelligent. he is multilingual for goodness sake, so i’m sure he can spell bicycle.

5b) attacking the fandom? also unnecessary. “but fandom, just like you, refuses to acknowledge it.” general and broad statements are the first way to get me to stop listening. sorry.

all in all, before submitting your opinion again, please remember to be RESPECTFUL. i don’t know what you have going on in your life, but i have more than enough going on in mine, and this isn’t how you speak to someone. especially someone writing for fun and entertainment purposes. i’m not a biographer. if you want to discuss this in a more pleasant and constructive way, i’m all ears! heck, you could even get me to do a rewrite if you’re nice and convincing enough!

i honestly and truly hope you have a beautiful day and find it in your heart to see my writing as it is, fanfiction. my opinion. and how i’m currently keeping my post.

thanks :) <3

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"An Unbearable Weight" ... ??? I have no idea, I just had this sort of feeling of something pressing down on the shoulders and I can't place anything else with the title (almost spelled it tightle, lol).

A/N: So the first thing I thought of with that title, anon, is the show Leverage. I mean, true, it’s not exactly far from my thoughts, but specifically there’s a spiel about how the crew of criminals is the leverage that normal people need to remove the weight that evil rich people have put on them, etc…

And so my brain followed that train of thought to my Friendship is a (Mutual) Con ‘verse, of course. And then, well, with a title like that… this would be a season finale-esque fic within that ‘verse. But what would it specifically be about? Hm…


An Unbearable Weight

Even myths can grow complacent: when that happens, the world shakes.


I’ll be honest, my brain went originally to Atlas Shrugged–as an idea, not the novel itself–but that was very western of me and so I decided to research the equivalent. Namazu is a giant catfish that causes earthquakes, Kashima is the god who is meant to restrain him to prevent that. However, sometimes Kashima fails.

Which I quite liked the idea of, but that seemed a little too specific to be used by name in the summary, so I abstracted the concept enough that really it could be either the western or Japanese myth that I’m referring to!

Anyway, from that summary, I suppose this is later in Team Seven’s “career” when they’re at the top of their game–no con is impossible to them–and they’ve unwittingly created their own enemy. Someone who knows them so well, knows their weaknesses and exactly where to hit.

Part of me, because of the word “weight”–the BEST scene in Naruto will always be Lee taking off his leg weights and beating Gaara’s ass (though I do love him, also)–wants to include at the very least Gai and Lee if not also Neji and TenTen… I wonder if they’re law enforcement who are supposed to be tracking down the “ruthless band of criminals” but are actually quite friendly with Team Seven, not knowing that they are the same.

Like FBI Agents McSweeten and Taggert from Leverage but more competent.

And like in canon, Kakashi and Gai are BFFs which would mean that whoever the big bad in this “episode” would somehow reveal to Gai that Kakashi is the leader of the “dastardly crew of renegades” that he’s been trying to catch for years. Which would, of course, strain their relationship but ALSO impede Kakashi’s ability to act on behalf of his team.

All part of big bad’s plan.

It would all resolve itself in the end–of course–most likely with Team Gai acting as Team Seven’s Detective Bonanno equivalent. That is, Team Seven cons the bad guys and gets the evidence that Team Gai needs to convict them.

… yeah… I like this idea.

So probably Team Gai has shown up in “previous episodes” individually–Shikako is TenTen’s go-to for locksmithing and questions on vaults/security systems, Neji and Sasuke probably met as kids during the upper class soirees that Noble clans all attend, Lee probably had an absolute SNAFU of a case and Sakura was the one who found/healed him… and, of course, Kakashi and Gai are BFFs… but while each of them probably knew Team Gai were FBI (in a vague sort of sense for Sasuke, probably) none of them knew that they were on a task force together and especially not that said task force was assigned to track down/capture Team Seven.

Until, you know, one of Team Seven’s normal milk run cons suddenly gets infested with law enforcement. Familiar law enforcement.

Sakura probably has to fake flirt some information out of Lee, Sasuke and Neji probably have a snooty “Hyuuga” “Uchiha” exchange before hella pummeling each other into the dirt, and Shikako definitely ends up promising TenTen that she’ll tell Shikamaru what it is she actually does for work.

Kakashi mopes around guiltily like the saddest string bean he is, until Gai forgives him in a heartbeat and challenges him to a push up contest.


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