so i just followed how the anon spelled it

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Hi! I'm a bit confused about the characters' names in AkaYona: you spell "Negur" what the scanlation team writes "Neguro", same for Voldo/Vold. So... there are different ways to read in Japanese or something? (your blog is great btw :D)


The truth is, anon, that we’re all just throwing darts in the dark here, guessing at how to romanise the characters’ names. The Five Stars’ names appear katakanised as follows in the original Japanese:

  1. Negur: NE - GU - RO
  2. Yotaka: YO - TA - KA
  3. Mizari: MI - ZA - RI
  4. Voldo: VO - RU - DO
  5. Argila: A - RU - GI - RA

The thing is the AkaYona universe is supposed to be an amalgamation of all East Asian cultures (Chinese, Korean & Japanese), so the names don’t have to be strictly speaking “Japanese”. In the Japanese language, words never end in consonants  as consonants must be followed by vowels (except for N, that’s the only consonant you can end words with), so when foreign names such as Edward get katakanised, suddenly they end up having a bunch of vowels that weren’t there before: EDUWARUDO. This is why we sometimes we don’t romanise AkaYona names as they are - because we’re guessing at what the name was really supposed to sound like. Hence why I dropped the last “o” in “Negur” and why the scanlations dropped it in “Vold.”

In truth, though, there’s no right way to spell their names in the Latin alphabet as of yet. We’ll have to wait for the official English release to reach the Xing arc to find out.

Also: I’m so happy to hear you like my blog!!