so i just derived my own meaning out of it


[Re]Introducing the Elven Queen, Elithien! Just a bunch of doodles of new designs and variations of dresses, crowns and hairstyles for the queen. I also tweaked her hair colour to be slightly more platinum and silvery. Also AT LAST I have finally given her a name. I’ve spent ages and ages on it, searching far and wide for all sorts of Sindarin names and coming up with my own. Elithien comes from the derivative of ‘Elia’ - meaning to bless and ‘calithil’ - meaning moonlight. It was originally Elithileth but it didn’t roll on the tongue nicely so feminineelf helped me rename it to Elithien to smoothen it out. Personally I love the name (because I worked so damn hard on it gdi) but I understand if it’s not your cup of tea. I just felt I should give my own Queen a name. Also thanks to everyone who suggested me names for her! I really appreciate the effort <333 Although you can always let me know about your opinion on the name I gave her?

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What do you think about L's monster speech?

… well, I think it is very far removed from manga canon. That’s probably not the first thing that you want to hear but that is the very first thing that comes to mind for me. I’m not trying to devalue anime-focused interpretations (though I am personally not that fond of most anime!only implications), but as a first thing I’d really like to use this example to contrast just how different manga and anime can be. It is easy to underestimate this with DN.

There is a manga equivalent to the monster speech and the contrast is amazing. I really wish I knew which came out first, but since they both appeared in 2008, I’m not really sure in how far they influenced each other and in what potential order. I suppose it doesn’t matter. Both anime and manga have a special that features L talking to the Wammy kids. 

Here’s the manga version:

“It’s not a sense of justice. Figuring out difficult cases is my hobby. If you measured good and evil deeds by current laws, I would be responsible for many crimes. The same way you all like to solve mysteries and riddles, or clear video games more quickly … For me, too, it’s simply prolonging doing something I enjoy doing. That’s why I only take on cases that pique my interest. It’s not justice at all. And if it means being able to clear a case, I don’t play fair, I’m a dishonest cheating human being who hates losing.”

So basically, all we already could derive from canon anyway is laid out for us and the Wammy kids to hear: L doesn’t have noteworthy morals, he just does it all for himself and his own amusement. Hurray.

In contrast, the actual monster speech from the Relight.

There are many types of monsters in this world. Monsters who will not show themselves and who cause trouble. Monsters who abduct children, monsters who devour dreams, monsters who suck blood, and, monsters who always tell lies. Lying monsters are a real nuisance, they are much more cunning than other monsters. They pose as humans, even though they have no understanding of the human heart. They eat, even though they’ve never experienced hunger. They study even though they have no interest in academics. They seek friendship even though they do not know how to love. If I were to encounter such a monster, I would likely be eaten by it, because in truth, I am that monster.

Well, look at the drama.
In essence both these sequences say the same thing. L is stating he is a complete liar. But, boy, does the way of phrasing make a world of difference. The anime’s tendency to make all characters more sympathetic and emotion-focused strikes once again - with vengeance, I dare-say.
Anime!L and manga!L are different characters when it comes down to it.

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