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Hi! do you have any tips or tutorials for begginers? i really want to start drawing but i have no idea where to begin. do i look for a book to teach me or something? honestly i have no idea

Honestly the best I could say is just draw. Like …just put the pencil to the paper and draw that thing my dude! Like there’s no one way to start, it’s different for everybody.

I personally learned a lot from how to draw books growing up and if you have some available (or the funds to buy some) I would highly recommend it! As for specific book recommendations well after glancing at my bookshelf I think the “How to draw manga: Sketching manga style” series is pretty good for new artists. 

Like the first one teaches a lot about anatomy and just a bunch of beginner stuff!

Like they have a bunch of stuff explaining different parts of the body and even have sketches where they show just the muscles to get an idea of how the body looks in different positions and cool stuff like that!

I also have volume 2 and 5. 2 is all about proportions which can be a tricky thing to keep in mind for a lot of artists ovo;;;

It even has a section on perspective which high school (and current) me was (is) super greatful for <3

5 is sketching props which sounds kinda silly but honestly it’s something that I was desperately needing (and still need) in a lot of my work. Like it’s so easy to make a blank lifeless world but this book helps with reminders of “hey there’s shit going on in this world and it looks way more interesting if you add props ya dingus!”

Only problem is these books are now rare so they can be pricey as hell (saw them go up to 200 bucks!) so I would honestly recommend finding these online as a pdf if you can. Though these aren’t the only good books out there I’m sure, just the only ones I can think of that would be super helpful off the top of my head!

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so.. I’ve just hit my follower target a while ago and I’m really really thankful and happy for all you guys and I thought it’d be nice to celebrate with a little giveaway!! 😊😊

It’s not a looot cuz I’m still a broke college student ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚, and i got most of these from my recent trip to japan/korea uwu

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i hope you guys will like this!! good luck!!! ☄💫 


elle, here’s part two: the soundtrack.


wanderlust x crush | i still need x miso | 잼잼 jam jam x iu | leave a trace x chvrches | hard times x paramore | sober x childish gambino | location x khalid | liar x taek | july x kris wu | ribs x lorde | heart out x the 1975 | paradise x got7 | g# x kitten | xoxo (kisses & hugs) x exo | love you to death x taeyang

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Is that why you stopped posting about Zayn then? Ive been following you since you were zainaesthetic and I was just curious what made you switch over completely. I hope I'm not being too nosy!! I'm just wondering.

Holy shit man if you’ve been following me since I was a zayn blog and you’ve stuck around u deserve a medal, but I dont mind you asking at all, dont worry! I’m gonna put this under a read more tho so it doesnt annoy everyone

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Ooooo, I really like it!!

awww thank you, @tyranttortoise-! ;v;

i noticed you’ve been particularly into horrortale sans, so here’s a little small avatar sprite of him for you & your sweet self <3

My fellow space-loving asexuals! I wanted some cool ace stuff so I made a logo for us based on a certain famous space agency! (it’s to remind you that you’re out of this world ♥︎)

If you want to buy it as a sticker or t-shirt etc you can find it on my redbubble here


persona 5 wallpapers - requested by anon

I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*


✩ “I have to work harder than anyone else to make it! I’ll never catch up otherwise…! I want to be like you…! Like you. The strongest hero!” (๑و•̀ω•́)و  ✩
Midoriya Izuku | Aka Deku | Birthday gift for my lovely Olivia~ (*’∀’人)♥

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hi yes your voltron headcanons are beautiful and i love them thank you

hi yes thank you i love you

  • pidge, answering her comms: “what’s the sitch”
  • i feel like most people look at lance and hunk and assume that lance is the one with no respect for personal boundaries but no. it’s hunk
    • lance: will maybe get up in your face once or twice
    • hunk: will go through your personal belongings, read your diary, take your treasured pictures of MIA family members, and tell everyone about your secret girlfriend
  • coran’s current personality is 70% him compensating for that emo phase he had
  • one time lance talks shiro into letting them use codenames on a mission for the express purpose of being able to unironically call hunk “hunkules” for three hours
  • [someone pisses allura off] “oh shit you’ve done it now buddy… you’ve angered the lion goddess”
  • keith’s jacket is absolutely an aesthetic choice
    • because like. it has no other functional purpose? at most it’ll keep his arms warm?? maybe his neck a little??? he only wears it because he thinks it looks neat
    • “keith dude are you cold” keith, who can no longer feel his belly button: “no”
  • shiro: “from now on no one’s allowed to start their mission debriefings with ‘okay so in my defense’”