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‘’But let me just say for the record: Freckles are beautiful. Like people with really freckly faces, you know what I’m talking about with really freckly cheeks. I know that some people see, you know, conventional, perfect, beige skin and they don’t like it but trust me, a lot of people like freckles, think they’re very beautiful and unique. If you have freckles, do not feel insecure. They’re like an upgrade. They’re like a bonus you unlock in a video game’’

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i dont know if this is too late but could you please draw punk!remus with soft!Sirius?

Am I doing this right?

Made some fanart for the fic “Hasetsu Nights” by @lucycamui and @victorsporosya!
From the descriptive language to how utterly smitten Victor and Yuuri are with each other, everything in this fic is just so, so incredibly well written ❤️


Is your date scaring the crap out of you? Are they so boring you think you might die? Did they make a casually racist comment halfway through dinner?
Welcome to Hinder, the app that sets you up with an easy excuse to get the hell out of there!

Rescue Me by @phiralovesloki [AO3 and Tumblr]

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rebellious rich girl! lena, scholarship rugby jock! kara: boarding school roomates au; shotgunning ;)

“No Lucy you don’t understand. I’m pretty sure she’s not human. I mean, no human can survive on kale, weed, and water alone and look that good!” Kara’s complaining while she follows Lucy off the field after a less than successful practice. She’s sore and wound up in her own nerves, but relaxing is not something Kara Danvers knows how to do.

“So your hot roommate’s an alien?” Lucy questions, chuckling as Kara loses her bravado at the accusation. “You’re stressed and I swear I’ll bench you if you show up tomorrow playing like you did at practice,” Lucy says simply, pulling her phone out to text Alex. “Oh also Kara, unless you’re dying or dead don’t call tonight. Alex and I are going on an actual date and I don’t want anything to interfere,” Lucy adds, nudging the huffing blonde. “Fine, have fun on your date – don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Kara calls as Lucy jogs towards Alex’s car.

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A Conversation at Dragonstone: Pre episode 7x04 “The Spoils of War.” Daenerys, frustrated at her floundering position, searches for a diversion.

“What update have you on the King in the North?” Daenerys asked indifferently.

Tyrion halted the oft-repeated movement of his wine cup to his mouth.

“He continues to search for the material he seeks, but has not as yet been successful,” Tyrion reported before inhaling another sip of his Dornish red.

Daenerys expended great mental energy on not rolling her eyes. Sometimes, the manner in which the dwarf responded to his daily drink was simply- excessive. One would think he was partaking in some ecstasy-inducing activity that really should be kept private. One would think he preferred wine to food, or gold, or-

-a certain physical activity that she was doubtful he had much indulged in since entering her service.

The gods knew it had been quite some time for her, as well.

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So @inariazuha was doing commissions a while ago and I got her to draw my Shieth Demi-god AU. Her sketch was so good I had to ask to clean it up and color it and she said yes! Which lead to this wonderful picture! I gave Shiro a six pack! XD

Anyway, my demi-god au is basically what if everyone in voltron was a demi-god? Keith wound up as a son of Hecate while Shiro wound up as a son of Apollo. More details for this au can be found here:

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Prompt 11 + Kastle (with frank as the drunk one just to mix it up 😉)

11. things you said when you were drunk

Karen starts keeping a ready stock of beers in her fridge at some point. Dark brews, because neither of them could give much of a care for particular brands but his one stipulation when she asked the first time they met up at a bar to trade information was, simply, “none of that lite shit.” It made her laugh. He gave her a look that was, for the moment, entirely forgetful of the rest of the world.

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Filet Mignon

@notedchampagne man, I hope there’s enough fluff in this to make up for the lame title.

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Come on baby, let’s ride
We can escape to the great sunshine
I know your wife and she wouldn’t mind
We made it out to the other side x

a jen + orange moodboard for @reidbyers

What a Rectangular Jerk

Burgerpants getting back at Mettaton for everything he’s put him through:

1144 words. Request by anonymous.

Another day, another opportunity to shine. It was an easy life being loved and adored by everyone. Mettaton woke with a sparkle in his metaphorical eye, ready for another day of being himself. He’d always been mildly surprised when people took to his box-form so quickly, though he could hardly blame them, he was sexy. It was all in the way he treated people. He was dangerous and mysterious to his audience, always dying to see what he’d do next at the end of each episode, wanting to know what dazzlingly exquisite lines he’d pull out of his articulate mind next time. And to those he knew personally, he was kind and considerate. Every day he’d make his way to the resort and pull the doors open with panache, knowing everyone on the other side would be just dying to see him.

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survived my first day of work!


You’ve made me fall more in love with my favourite characters through your amazing writing and incredible stories. You’ve made me fall in love with characters we haven’t even met yet (read: theseus scamander. Your version will always be my fav).
Your writing is phenomenal, and I have no doubts in my mind about the fact that one day, surely, you will publish a book and it will be absolutely amazing. I will buy 12 of them.
You are such a lovely and kind person, i wish you all the best things in life.
Happy birthday, M. Hope you have a fantastic day! Sending you love, positive vibes, and an apple pie. With Dean. ;)

Love, Sim.




Burnt Into Ashes (OCs, sickfic, part 4)

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4

NOTE: I’m assuming my characters have about as much medical knowledge as I do, which is like none, so I’m sorry for any inconsistencies here or any glaring errors (if they’re so bad that they disrupt your reading, I’ll change it, but otherwise…this part had such a huge revamp, I don’t even want to look at it anymore). Also, putting most of this under a cut because it got way too long I’m sorry.

Liam moved before he had time to think, wrapping his arms around Elliott’s waist as he collapsed. The first thing he noticed when he moved Elliott’s head to rest on his shoulder was the heat. Of course he’d known Elliott was ill, but he hadn’t known he was that ill.

Although, Liam reminded himself bitterly, it wasn’t as if he didn’t know Elliott was miserable.

It wasn’t until moments later that he remembered he wasn’t alone, that Alisa was still standing right there, and on top of it, she was shouting at him.

“–serious?! Couldn’t you see how badly off he was when he got here?” She gestured wildly toward the limp boy as Liam moved to lay him down on a bench in the lobby. “Or yesterday for that matter? Why did you even call him in, it’s not as if we couldn’t have managed–”

“Will you shut up for a moment?” Liam barked, heart racing. This wasn’t the time for panicking, nor was it the time to be reprimanding himself. There would be plenty of time for that later, after he’d gotten Elliott sorted, and he didn’t need Alisa or anyone else coming after him about it.

“I will not!” Alisa said, incredulous. “What he needs is rest, and here you are dragging him out of his house when we don’t even need–”

“Alisa, please,” Liam said, trying to keep the tremor out of his voice. “I’m going to take him home, so watch things here, will you? I’ll see that he’s looked after, just–just please shut up.”

Alisa must have heard the plea in his voice because after a moment of hesitation where Liam was sure she would yell at him again, she backed down. Her glower, however, never wavered.

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