so i hope you don't hate it but regardless happy birthday

mrarska987  asked:

I see you have a absense of the DR1 gals. How about starting short yet sweet, S/O (gender neutral if possible) getting them the gift they hoped for their birthday? If for some reason you don't want to do DR1 girls, V3 gals is fine.

Of course! They deserve more love so here you are :3

DR1 Girls receiving birthday presents from S/O

Kyoko Kirigiri:

- You thought long and hard what she could possibly want

- But she wasn’t making it obvious in any way

- So after long extremely subtle tries you finally manages to find a perfect gift

- “Kyoko - chan! Happy birthday, here here!”

- You hand her a small box with a purple ribbon

- She gives you a questioning look but gently unwraps it only to find a bottle of perfume

- “Blueberry?”

- “It’s your favourite isn’t it? I know it’s kind of expensive but you really liked it so-”

- She puts a finger on your lips before you can finish and smiles

- “It’s perfect, thank you”

Toko Fukawa:

- You asked her who her favourite author was

- And then you just kinda went down that route

- You got her, her favourite book with the author’s signature and a bouquet of cherry blossom roses

- “Here, Toko - chan!”

- “E-Eh? For m-me?”

- “Of course! It’s your special day afterall”

- She just starts giggling to herself and mumbling before gladly accepting

- “Hehehe S/O… Y-You must have…”

- At this point she hugs herself


- You just kinda stand there, a blush forming on your face 

Sayaka Maizono:

- You had no idea what to get her

- I mean, she’s an idol right? What did she not have?

- You finally decided to settle on an origami set and chocolates

- Once you were handing it to her you felt kind of dumb and expected her to hate it

- But boy were you wrong

- “NO WAY! This is exactly what I wanted!”

- Instantly runs over and gives you a hug

- “H-Huh?”

- “S/O - san/kun! How did you know? You really are the best!”

- Literally jumping with joy

Aoi Asahina:

- You were hesitant at first

- Would getting her a new swimming costume be.. Appropriate?

- You finally settled on getting her a box of her favourite doughnuts and an invitation to go shopping

- When she sees the box her jaw drops

- “Seriously? For me? Like, all of them?”

- You nod and hand her the box

- “I’d also like to invite you shopping, I thought you’d like a new swimming costume”

- “S/O ( - chan), how did I find someone as amazing as you?!”

- You let out a little laugh before offering your hand to her

- “Shall we go then?”

- She nods enthusiastically 

Sakura Oogami:

- You’d ask her what she want but she always told you that as long as you’re there it’s enough

- You however, wanted to treat her

- So you got the best protein shakes on the market

- Additionally, you got her a premium membership card on the gym

- As soon as she opened the gift her lips formed a smile

- “You shouldn’t have…”

- “Don’t say that! You deserve that, and much more… I just couldn’t find anything else!”

- She laughs before pulling you into a semi-death hug

Celestia Ludenberg:

- You didn’t really have a lot of money seeing as you kept losing it whilst gambling with her

- But you had enough for a new set of playing cards

- And a rose whip

- You managed to find a black decorative ribbon which you were super proud of

- “Oh? Ready to lose more money?”

- “Actually… No. This is for you”

- You hand her the gift and wait as she unwraps it

- “Hmm… This present… Not quite A Class but I’d say it’s a strong B”

- “Wh- Don’t tease me!”

- She lets out her little laugh as she walks over to you and plants a soft kiss on your lips

Junko Enoshima:

- You were stressing

- What could you possibly get her?!

- More importantly, how could you keep it secret from her, she knows like… Everything!

- You managed to save up enough to get her the newest fashion collection, complete with accessories

- “Hm? You got me a present?”

- “Well duh, it’s your birthd-”

- “Boring.”

- She takes the box regardless and rips the wrapping off

- “Haha! How fitting of us!”

- Oh she’s in her queen personality now

- She sure was a hectic one, but it seems like she really liked the present

Mukuro Ikusaba:

- You knew what you could get her

- But is it really suitable to give your girlfriend a knife for her birthday?

- Probably not

- So you settled on her favourite chocolates (arranged in the shape of a heart) and a ticket to a theme park

- “F-For me?2

- “Well duh! Who else?”

- “Junko - chan..”

- “Don’t be silly! Besides I love you not her, remember?”

- She blushes but nods

- You smile and take her hand as you make your way to the park