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You Posting a Hot Picture on Social Media while They’re on Tour: BTS


*lips dry up as he gets a better look at your cleavage* he thirsty*


“What can I say? She is so going to regret it when I come back…”


“Yep. That’s my girl. You can watch but not touch.”

Rap Monster:

Will face-time you to announce the punishment he came up with, so that you could get ready.


Will tease you with exposing his body through a video-call.


“Did she just… Yes she did.”


“Why is she like this? How am I going to perform now?!”

Thank you, whoever requested for this. Thank you.



Can you do an imagine where one of the boys,(whoever you want) finds like a secret stash of pictures or like a photo album dedicated to the accomplishments of them as their superhero identity? Does this make sense? 

@batman-robin I hope this is what you meant by your request. I did it based on my Jay-Bear and  I tried really hard on this at 12:16 in the morning. I hope you like it!! 


“Hey Y/N. Have you seen my black boots anywhere?”

You were too busy in the shower to actually look for his boots for him so you went ahead and yelled back at him. “They’re under the bed Jason.”

“I already looked under the bed hun.” he replied, looking under the bed again.

“Well maybe you didn’t look hard enough…” you mumbled under your breath.

“What was that sweet cheeks?”

“Uhh…I said I’ll be out in a minute to help you look for them.”

“Yea. That’s what I thought you said.”

You rolled your eyes as you rinsed the rest of the soap off of your body. You and Jason have been dating for over a year now and you guys have been living together for over 3 months. It’s been pretty good, considering the fact that Jason has been working night shifts from his job. You never noticed how many times he gets hurts on his job, with the amount of times he comes home bruised and bloody. You are concerned. Hell, you were just flat out worried. You don’t say anything though.If he’s happy, then you are happy. Besides, you have your own little hobby after he leaves for work.

You grab your (f/c) towel and wrap it around you. You then walk into the bedroom to help Jason look for his shoes. “Alright Jason. Last time I saw them, they were under the bed. So unless they got up and walked themselves straight out of that door, they have to be under the bed.”

Jason didn’t say anything to you when you walked in. You thought it was strange because Jason is NEVER quiet. EVER.

“Jason? Are you alright?”

That is when you saw it. Your little “hobby” that you have worked hard on for almost a year. It was your box. And inside that box, there were photos. Not just any photos. Photos of the vigilante himself, Red Hood. Every night, you would go out and look for the Red Hood. where ever he was, just to snap a photo of him. Whether it was fighting a bad guy or protecting a citizen, you were there with your camera getting every heroic deed. And now your boyfriend has found your little secret.

He looked at you with questioning eyes and all you could do was shrug. “You mind explaining these?”

You walked over your drawer and pulled out some underwear. “Where should I begin?”

“The beginning would be fine.”

You sighed as you looked for your favorite pair of underwear. “I’ve been taking pictures of the Red Hood.”

“For how long?”

“A little over a year.” You found your underwear and pajamas and motioned with your finger to tell Jason to turn around. When he did, you proceeded dressing. “It was a little bit before we were dating.”

“I can see that.” He sat on the bed and looked at some more photos. When you were done dressing, you came to sit next to him and looked at the picture he was looking at.

“This one was one of my favorites.” You said, grabbing the picture from him. “He was saving a little girl from a burning building on this date. I think it was April 23rd.”

“Do you have a crush on the Red Hood or something?” he asked, getting tense.

You looked at him questioningly. “It’s not like I have a crush on him. I admire him. He does a lot of good for the city.”

“But you know he is a bad guy right?” he said, “He killed a lot of people, ruled over crime bosses. Hell, even almost killed Batman. How could you admire him.”

You shrugged again. “Yeah well, I only get the good shots of him. He still does good deeds. He’s like Batman, but not in way. Batman puts fear into his enemies but Red Hood does things that Batman won’t do. He also does some heroic stuff of his own, Jason. Sure he’s done a lot of wrong but…” You took another picture out of the box and showed it to Jason. It was a picture of him hugging the little girl. “…he does a lot of good for the city too. I admire him Jason. I really do. I hope one day I could meet hi-.”

Jason interrupted you with a kiss. It wasn’t his usual kiss that he gave you. This one was like a sigh of relief kind of kiss. You didn’t know why he would feel that way but you gladly took the kiss anyway and holding him tight.

“You know I think you are crazy right?” he replied after the kiss.

“You’re the crazy one if it gets you hot and bothered from me talking about another man.” you replied. You got up from the bed and headed towards the living room. “I’m gonna order a pizza for dinner and put Netflix on. That cool?”

He smirked. “Sounds like a perfect Netflix and Chill night.”

“Say that again and you won’t get any “chill” tonight.” you said, smacking your ass as you walked away towards the living room.

He looked at all the photos again as he put them all back into the box. He would tell you that he was Red Hood eventually, but right now he just wants you to be able to live a normal life. Though hearing you say all that stuff about him and how you admire him, makes him feel a little more better about himself.

“Damn I’m so photogenic. I beat Dick by a mile. Can’t wait to tell him this.” He put the box under the bed and headed towards the living room with you.

Request: Final Fantasy XV Headcanons Part 2: Kisses <3

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Whoever made this gif, is a beautiful person. It’s adorable!

KC, I hope you like these!

I’ve no experience with kisses, either (I know, what kind of twenty year old student am I?), so I’ve decided to reference several of my favorite romance movies.

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SEVENTEEN’s reaction to their crush curling up on their lap when they're tired

@another-fucked-up-kpop-human Thank you for requesting I hope you like it! It was so cute.


He wouldn’t believe that this was actually happening, he’d think this was all a dream, a dream he wouldn’t want to wake up from. He’d probably think how cute you are. 

‘How can they be so cute??’

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On the outside he’d be calm and would have the warmest smile on his face with his cheeks slightly pink,

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but on the inside he’d be fanboying and being all like “Omgomgomg OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE! IF THIS IS A DREAM WHOEVER WAKE ME UP WILL BE BALD IN THE MORNING”

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He’d be a cheeky little shit, so smug and yet so flustered? He’d be blushing like mad but would be grinning like a smug little shit I swear to God. He’d let you sleep on his lap and when you wake up the first thing you’ll see would be his gorgeous af face.

”Morning Gorgeous~”

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ignore Vernon Jun would be in cloud nine, he’d feel like he might just have a chance now. He’d have this love sick grin on his face and would try to hold in his giggles.

“Am I in heaven? Have I been allowed to go to heaven even though I’ve committed so many sins?”

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This boy needs  more gifs like for real


Can’t handle the feels, so he’d make a weird face while trying not to squeal and giggle and bear hug you to death right then and there.

‘Hnggggg why do they have to be so cuteeeee~??? Ahhh my heart’

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He wouldn’t know what to do, he’d be all shy and flustered and smiley and awwwwww~ just as long as there aren’t the others around that is.

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smiling from ear to ear on the outside, screaming on the inside like there’s no tomorrow.

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He’ll freeze, he wouldn’t know what to do. He’d be confused, flustered, frozen in place and bright red. This shy puppy will just sit there and let you sleep, even if his legs are starting to loose feeling in them he’ll let you sleep cause you obviously need it.

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blush, blush, blushy blush. Minghao would be shy and giggly and did I mention SHY?

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My heart hurts from just looking at his name omg and the more I look at the gif the more I want to cry…my heart, someone stop me He’d smile at your peaceful sleeping face with his cheeks dusted pink, he’d be smug about it later tho, but on the inside he’d be a dying mess. So overwhelmed by all the feels he is currently going through. His heart like mine right now hurts just by looking at you.

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gif explains it better than any of my words will, pretty accurate actually.

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“I’ll just take a picture as proof for my hyungs to see that I DO have a CHANCE with them. Okay and 1. 2..3. Cheeese!”

jkjk…..okay not really

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Momma Hale

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Characters: Y/n, Scott, Stiles, Liam, Derek(mentioned)

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female Reader)

Word count:815

Warning: Swearing, fluff, cuteness 

Summary: Scott and Stiles require Y/n’s help when they have a frightened Liam in the bathtub. 

A/N: This is based on a request i got from an anon-I absolutely love love your pack mom series. Could I request something similar with a female reader like at the beginning of season 4 Scott and stiles kidnap Liam and Scott calls the reader telling her to come attend a “pack mom” or “momma hale” emergency? Thanks x

There were additional info i was given, but I can’t be bothered to add them into the A/N, but i did stick to them mostly. So i hope u like this, whoever requested it. 

Also read my other series The Beginning Of The End- Part 1 link. other parts found in the masterlist below.


“Shit, what the hell are we meant to do?” Stiles whispered to Scott, afraid someone might hear them despite the fact that the only person other than them that was in the house was the poor boy they had tied up and duct taped in the bathtub.

They wracked their brains, wondering how to sort this out. They couldn’t call Scott’s mom or sheriff, they’d go crazy. Lydia would just give them a lecture. Everyone else was basically useless when it came to things like this.

“You think we should call her?” Stiles asked, knowing she would be the best one to help.

“I don’t know, won’t she tell him?”

“If we ask her not to, she won’t”.

Scott nodded, grabbing his phone and handing it to Stiles, who dialled the number and waited for her to answer.

“Stiles, why are you calling?” she asked.

“Hey Momma Hale, listen so we kinda have a situation over here and we were hoping for some help”

“Wait, what’s happened? Do you want me to send Derek over?” she began panicking thinking maybe someone was after them again.

“What?! No no. Don’t send Derek over. We just need you here. Now please” he begged.

She agreed, leaving Derek in the loft as she placed a kiss on her husband’s lips and took the car, driving over to Scott’s house.

“Guys, what did you need?” she shouted as she made her way into the house. The boys rushed downstairs, seeing the woman and pulling her up into the bathroom. Pulling the shower curtain back, they revealed the frightened, freaked out boy sat there, looking at them like they were all crazy.

“What the hell Scott, who the fuck is this?!” she yelled, appalled that this boy was in the bath, obviously unwillingly.

Scott looked at her wide eyed. He hated getting scolded by her. Being the wife of Derek Hale, y/n was actually a whole lot nicer. But at the same time, when she needed to, she was a whole lot more frightening than Derek, even if she wasn’t a supernatural creature of any sort.

“He-he’s the new kid i-in school” he stuttered out, terrified of what she might do. “He-he’s suspicious, I think he might be a werewolf” he said in a hushed whisper, making sure the boy didn’t hear.

Y/n rolled her eyes, knowing this innocent kid most likely was not a werewolf at all.

“Just-just get out” she sighed, pushing the two moronic boys she had come to love out of the bathroom and shutting the door. Turning back towards the other boy in the tub, she kneeled and attempted to calm him slightly.

“Hi there sweetie. I’m y/n. I’m gonna take the duct tape off now. Is that ok?” she asked, her voice gentle and calm. The boy nodded, hoping she wasn’t going to hurt him. She didn’t seem like she would. She seemed nice.

Y/n moved forward and removed the duct tape from his mouth, smiling at him when he thanked her.

“What’s your name sweetheart?”

“Li-Liam. Liam Dunbar” he answered, still slightly frightened.

She smiled at him, attempting to ease his fear.

“Hi Liam. Listen I don’t know what those two morons thought they were doing” she said as she began removing the massive amount of tape from his body, “but they were just being silly I think. No one’s gonna hurt you sweetie. I promise you that” she said as she ran a hand through his soft hair.

He closed his eyes at the feeling, knowing he was going to be safe. After she removed the tape, he clung to her side, grabbing onto her hand as she opened the door, Scott and stiles standing from the bed and stepping forward.

“Ah ah. I don’t think so. You idiots stay here. I’m gonna take him back home and then were gonna have a chat. Is that understood” she asked, her voice stern and strict.

The boys dropped their heads, ashamed and embarrassed, nodding and mumbling yeses.

“Good. Come on now sweetie, let’s get you home” she said, taking Liam to the car and driving him home, Scott and Stiles dreading her return, knowing they were in for a good ass whooping from their Momma.

“Thank you for that” Liam said as she drove, grateful for her help.

“No problem sweetie”.

“Can I ask-why do they call you Momma Hale?” the boy asked, curious as to the origin of the nickname.

Y/n chuckled, “My husband is Derek Hale. He’s sort of the ‘leader’, if you will, of their little group. So I’m Momma”.

Liam nodded as she pulled up to his driveway.

“Thank you. You’d make a really good Momma” he commented, climbing out of the car and walking into the house.

Y/n smiled at the compliment, her hand rubbing her belly, knowing she would be a real Momma in six months’ time.

So yea, fluffiness, even though Derek isn’t actually in this, i had to make me happy with him, cos it’s Derek 


Okay so I really loved this idea a lot, so I wanted to use Their normal colors as well so i hope you dont mind. I did use the color palette you chose for the outfit which i actually really like <3

so here you go a stevonnie that would happen if steven and connie fused at prom lol 

thanks for the request anon! i hope you are also well :D

“But, if I didn’t get jealous, then we wouldn’t be here, would we?” (Luke Hemmings Smut)

“But, if I didn’t get jealous, then we wouldn’t be here, would we?” (Luke Hemmings Smut)

Summary: Luke gets mad at you, but you two make up with kinky make up sex.

Requested: yes

Warnings: Daddy kink, swearing, eating out, fingering, fucking, hickies

A/N: This is the first smut I’ve written, so I hope you all like it! Thank you to whoever requested it! Sorry it took my so long to post it, I was trying to figure out how to write smut!

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“But, if I didn’t get jealous, then we wouldn’t be here, would we?” (Luke Hemmings Smut)

“Luke, calm down, it’s not that big of a deal.”  You say as Luke storms into your apartment.

“It’s not that big of a deal? Are you fucking kidding me?”  Luke’s voice booms as he throws the keys on the table.

“Luke nothing happened, I’m okay.”  You say reassuring him.

“No, it’s not fucking okay! You’re my girl and some fucking douche comes over trying to grind on you.  Grind on my fucking girl.”  Luke says throwing the keys across the room.

But as Luke keeps talking, you aren’t listening anymore.  You are too distracted about how sexy he looks when he’s mad.  His chest is rising up and down fast, as he talking, his biceps flexing, you keep growing wetter and wetter with every word his voice booms.

“Are you even listening to me?” Luke yells at you getting your attention.

You were about to say yes, but you like it when he’s mad so you answer, “No”, innocently.

“I’m thinking about the way that guy felt pressed up against me.  You didn’t dance with me all night, so all I can think about is him.”  You say walking closer to Luke.

“This isn’t funny Y/N.  This is fucking funny, I’m not in the mood.” Luke begins to say but you cut him off.

“The way he held on to my hips and grinding them onto his cock.  It’s getting me wet just thinking about it.” You say walking even closer to Luke.  “But right when I was getting so wet, you pulled me away from him.  What a shame.  I was so close, I mean you know how sensitive I am.”  You say smiling at Luke innocently.

Luke at this moment grabs your hips and pulls you close to him that your chests are right up against each other. “You are mine, not his. Mine.”

You feel the wetness pooling as he shows his possessiveness.  You look him straight in the eye and say, “Then prove it.  Fuck me.”

At that moment, his lips crash into yours, and you are up against the wall.  His hands move down to your ass, down your thighs, and he pulls you up so your legs are wrapped around his torso. As you’re wrapped around him, he begins grinding against your sensitive core, and begins kissing down your neck.  When he gets to right below your ear, he groans sexily in your ear, “You liked the way he grinded on you baby girl?”

You nod your head.  The moment you nod, he begins grinding on you harder and deeper.  You start moaning out, “Yes Luke, yes Daddy.”

“That’s it, baby girl.” He says kissing your neck.  “No one can make you feel this good like Daddy can.”

As Luke keeps kissing and sucking your neck leaving hickies down your neck to your chest, he pulls your dress up.  Your dress rides up to your hips, then slips your thong to the side.  He runs his finger up your slit and says, “Oh baby, you’re so wet.  Who made you this wet?”

“You Luke.  Please, please.” You say begging for his fingers.  

Without a pause, Luke sinks his middle finger into his wet core.  You moan at the feeling of his finger pumping in and out of you.  He then adds another finger and pumps them in and out.

“Do you hear that?” Luke moans in your ear.

You listen and hear the wetness of his fingers going in and out of you.

You moan in response.  As two of his finger pump in and out, he takes his thumb and starts rubbing your clit.  You moan out loudly and tangle your hand in Luke’s hair with one hand while the other is digging into Luke’s bicep.  

Luke kisses the sweet spot right under your ear, and continues fingering you.

“You’re close baby girl.  Just let go.”  He says quickening his fingers.

“Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke!” You voice gets louder as you climax.

After your climax, Luke, holding you, carries you to your bedroom.  Right when you get to the bedroom, you back Luke up so that he is laying on the bed.  He tries to stand back up, but you push him back down on the bed so he is sitting up watching you.  You stand in front of him and slowly strip down into just you bra and underwear and heels.

You walk towards Luke as he is sitting on the bed.  You stand in between his legs as Luke just keeps looking at your body, infatuated.  He puts hands originally on your waist feeling down to your hips looking at you with so much lust.  

You loved this part whenever you and Luke got romantic.  The way Luke looked at you made you feel like you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.  You feel safe, wanted, and loved.  

Luke stand up, brushes your hair behind your ears, and grabs the sides of your face and kisses you passionately.  His hands move down around you waist and he pulls you close to him.  After kissing, your hands move under Luke’s shirt which motions for him to take it off and he does.  As you two kiss more, your clothes and his clothes were off and you were laying on the bed with Luke hovering over you.

Luke first begins with making out, the starts leaving more hickies down your neck.  He stops at your breasts, and takes one of your nipples in his mouth and pulls at it.  He sucks on your breast until your nipple is perked, then does the same to your other breast.  As he sucks on your nipples, your hands tangle up in Luke’s hair.  After Luke was happy with the work of art he made on your chest, he kisses down your stomach, kisses up your thighs and opens your legs wide.
Luke first begins by licking up you wet core slowly, then goes down on you.  He licks and sucks on your clit, and you moan in response.  Your hands are running through Luke’s hair as he lifts your lefts so that they are hanging on his back. His tongue darts into your core feeling your walls.  He then replaces his tongue two of his finger pumping them in and out.

“Ugh yes Luke, yes.” You moan out tugging on his hair where he groans meaning he liked it.  

Luke’s fingers pumped in and out of core faster and faster, as he feels your core tighten around his fingers, he curls them and hits your g-spot.

“Cum for daddy, babygirl.  I want to taste you.  Come on baby girl, cum for me.” Luke says hitting your sweet spot over and over again.

You toes curl under, and you tug on Luke’s hair hard.  After you come down from your high, Luke tastes your juices and moans at your sweet taste.  When Luke lifts his heads up from between your legs, and when he makes eye contact with you, you grab his hand and suck his fingers.  He moans at the sight of this.

“Now, I’ve been pleasing you all night, now time for my pleasure.”  Luke lays down with his hands motioning for you to come over.  You know exactly what he wants.

“Daddy, you’ve been pleasing me all night, I think you deserve to feel good now.”  You say looking up at him with innocent eyes.  You pull down his boxer to reveal his hard rock cock.  You wrap your hand around his cock lightly, but not tight enough for him to get any pleasure from it.

“Please.”  Luke groans.

You pump your hand up and down for times, and lower your mouth on the head of his cock.  You swirl your tongue around the head, and then lower your mouth down.  You lower you head, then lift your head of letting his cock out of your mouth with a “pop”.

Luke grabs a fistful of your hair, and guides you head down on and up.  You begin to feel Luke getting close, but you take your mouth away.

“Babe, babe” Luke whine.

“Shh” You say kissing Luke while lowering yourself onto his hard cock.

You both moan in unison as you sink down completely.  

“Uh, yes, yes.” You moan bouncing up and down.  

As you bounce on his cock, you breasts move up and down, in which Luke grabs and kneads them.  

“Yes, baby.  Ride Daddy’s cock.“ Luke says as you ride him harder.

“Yes Daddy, yes.”  You scratch down his chest as you feel yourself coming close.

As Luke feels you coming close, he flips you two over and starts pounding in your relentlessly.

“Yes Luke, yes. Fuck me, yes.” You say as you start to cum.  Your nails scratch down his back, as you release.  Your legs are wrapped around him as Luke pounds into you through your orgasm.

You grab Luke’s head and pull his ear down to your mouth as your dirty talk him to his high.

“Come on Daddy.  Cum into my tight, wet pussy.”  At your words, Luke releases inside of you, his thrust become sloppier.

After you come down from your highs, Luke lays next to you, with his arm wrapped around you.

“You know you have nothing to worry about.” You say after a while.

“I know.” Luke says kissing the side of your head.  “But, if I didn’t get jealous, then we wouldn’t be here, would we?” He says cutely.

A/N: Thank you for whoever requested this a while ago! Sorry it took me so long to write, I just wanted to get this right.  Thank you!! Requests are open.  I will be updating my stories soon, hopefully.


Bikinis and Jealous Wolfies | Theo Raeken

pairings: theo raeken x reader

a/n: can we address the title for a sec? like seriously i swear my humour is so low theo can see it from the hole he fell in.

request: can you do another protective theo/cody imagine? 💗

a/n: to whoever requested this, it turned out more of a jealous theo rather than protective theo. I know its not exactly what you requested but i hope you still enjoy this.

creds to @thaeken for the inspo: (x)

“babe i’m outside.” Your phone lit up with a message from Theo. You quickly put on your shoes, took your bag and went outside, instantly spotting his car parked in your driveway.

“Hi.” You said sweetly as you pressed a quick kiss on his lips as you got in to sit next to him in the passenger seat.

“Hi babe. So, where to?” He asked.

“Lydias.” You answered as he started driving towards her house, resting his hand on your thigh just moments later. He loved how your heart skipped a beat every time he did it but you just loved how it calmed him down knowing your here with him.

After Theo parked the car you both got out and made your way to Lydias house, even from far away you could see and hear the dozens of half wasted teenagers going wild in her household. But you couldn’t wait, with all of the supernatural drama going around along with as well as some non supernatural drama that came along with being a teenager the pack felt you all needed a well deserved break and with summer just around the corner, a pool party was just what you guys needed.

The both of you entered Lydias house and were quickly greeted by Miss Martin herself.

“Hey you’re here!” She said enthusiastically giving you a small hug.

“And not in a bikini, go change!” She joked, earning a small chuckle from you.

“Where can I change?”

“Um, go up to my room and change there. You can put your stuff there too.”

“Okay thanks.” You said giving her a small peck on the cheek before grabbing Theos hand and walking him towards Lydias room.

“I like where this is going..” He smirked.

“Wrong idea Raeken but if you’ll be nice we can have some fun afterwards.” You smirked back at him before opening the door and stepping inside before locking it shut.

“I just need to change that’s all.”

“Can I at least watch?”

“Nope, turn around.” You smiled cheekily as he groaned before turn his back to you unwillingly, now resulting both your backs facing each other.

“I can feel you staring at my ass Raeken.” You say after taking off your shorts.

“It’s not my fault you have a great ass.”

“Shut up.” You joked as you threw your shorts at him jokingly, which he caught with ease.

“If you wanna throw your shirt at me as well I won’t mind.” He smirked.

You then turned to take off your shirt leaving you in your bikini.

“Happy?” You joked throwing the shirt at him.

“Very much thank you.”

“You know you’re suppose to take your shirt off too right?”

“Yeah but I prefer to do that in front of the rest of the party.” He said coming closer to you, wrapping his hands around your waist.

I’d prefer to not have everyone drooling over you, can’t have some girl try to take you away from me.”

“Trust me, no girl is taking me away from you, ever. I  just wanna show everyone what a hot and sexy boyfriend you have.”

“It’s a good thing you’re modest.” You chuckled.

“Yea I get that a lot, now come on let’s go.” He said giving your a bum a small squeeze.

“If you do that out there I swear I’ll kill you.“

“Won’t happen when your half my size.”

“I could end you.” You sassed.

”Sure fun-size, Now come on.” He said pulling away from you as you two made your way back to the pool area.

“Now can you take your shirt off?” You groaned slightly when you reached the pool.

“Someones eager.” He chuckled as he lifted up his shirt revealing his tight toned chest and muscles. You couldn’t help but smirk and giggle a little bit.

“Eyes up here fun-size.” He said when he notices you staring at his physique.

“Your chest is literally in front of my face, you can’t blame me for looking at it.”

“You’ve got a come back for everything don’t you.”

“They say we’re meaner cause we’re closer to hell.”

“Been there, done that. You wouldn’t last a day there.”

“Yup, they’ll kick me out cause I’m so hot the fire will feel insulted.”

“And you wondered how I got out of there.” He chuckled

For most of the party you two just hung out, talking, drinking a little bit even though Theo was very strict about it with you considering you’re human and plan to go swimming later on he doesn’t want you getting hurt. Occasionally you two broke away to hang out with some others friends, but he would always glance your way and listen to heartbeat just to make sure you were okay.

“Babe.” You nudged his arm to grab his attention before handing him his drink.

“Thanks, Y/N this is Ethan, Jordan and Austin.” He introduced you to the three shirtless friends in front of him.

“Hi.” You smiled at them softly with a small wave as they all sent their smiles and smirks back at you. You stayed with them a couple minutes, occasionally joining into their conversation before notifying Theo you’ll be in the pool with Malia and Kira.

After chatting with them for a bit and dancing in the water to the music thumping through out the speakers Lydia put up you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist, knowing very well who it was you giggled as you relaxed against his chest.

“Excuse me ladies but I’ll be stealing her for a bit.” He said to Malia and Kira as you chuckled a bit when he started pulling you towards the deeper end.

“What are you doing? You know I can barely stand here.”

“I think I can solve your little problem.” He smirked as you felt his arms sneak down to your thighs, lifting you a little higher so you could wrap your legs around his waist; finally not struggling to keep your head above the water.

You looked at him for a couple moments, testing his face expressions and the way his body held you; something was a little off.

“Something’s on your mind.” You said softly as your rested your arms on his shoulder, crossing them around his neck.

“It’s nothing.” He insisted, feeling a little bit better when he saw you immediately realised something was on his mind. He loved that, how you could easily understand him, even though you were no more than human and Theo was rather a hard person to read you always knew when something was up.

“Come on, I know something is bothering you.”

He let out  a soft sigh and looked to his side, “The whole time you were with us Austin kept checking you out, and when you turned to walk away I swore his eyes never left your ass.” He said through his clenched jaw.

“Well, beside that fact that you can’t blame them that you’re girlfriend is smoking hot, which I know you are very well aware of.” You started sarcastically as he raised his brow at you and had his well known smirk on display.

“You know that the only guy I want is currently lifting me up in the pool so I don’t drown in five feet of water.” You chuckled softly.

“But seriously..” You said stroking his cheek. “You have nothing to worry about, I love you. No one else.”

“I know.” He said lifting you up a bit so he could get a better grip on you.

“I love you.” He said leaning in to press a kiss against your lips, which you immediately accepted.

The kiss turned a little heated as you moved to press your hands against the back of his neck, deepening the kiss. You felt his tongue swipe gently against your lower lip, as if he was asking for permission; but Theo as Theo is gave your ass a small squeeze causing you to let out a soft gasp which gave him exactly the entrance he needed. Your tongues danced together but he quickly took over control.

You two would’ve kept going but the realisation that you were at party suddenly hit you, you pulled away much to his dismay. But seeing you with your lips swollen and painted red, your face a little flushed was enough for Theo to smile on the inside knowing he was the only guy making your heart race and your lips swollen.

“Um, Theo.” You pointed out.

“I think Austin took the hint.” You chuckled as he looked over to where his friends stood, Austin giving a thumbs up to Theo, causing Theo to laugh at his friend.

Obvious: A Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Request from Anon: Stiles being jealous because you spend a lot of time with Theo and then admitting his love for you when you two get in an argument and you just kissing him because you actually love him as well

First things first…STYDIA IS REAL CAN I CRY NOW PLEASE THANK YOU I’M SO HAPPY AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH (So naturally the gif below used and it’s appropriate).

Secondly, whoever requested this, I’m sorry it’s taken a while, I’ve been bogged down with so much coursework, but I hope you and whoever else reads it likes it! Enjoy x 

It was obvious. 

Stiles was jealous. 

He couldn’t help it. He couldn’t help the way he felt. Especially when it was Theo the girl he loved was hanging around with. 

Especially when the girl he loved was Y/N. 

He couldn’t help the way his heart beat sped up every time he saw her. He couldn’t help the way the anger flowed through him every time he saw her with Theo. 

He’d already wanted to punch the guy in the face. Now that desire was just so much worse. 

He was watching them now. Y/N and Theo. They were standing against the lockers, him being his smug, stupid self, and her being the perfect human being he knew her to be. 

The small things that nobody noticed about Y/N were the things that Stiles deemed to be obvious. The way her mouth would quirk up at the corner when she smiled, the way she’d tuck her hair behind her ear when she was nervous, the way her eyes would gleam when she was talking about something she was passionate about.

These were the things Stiles noticed. The obvious things. 

It was what also led him to notice that she didn’t tuck that lock of hair behind her ear this time. It was Theo who did that. 

And that was what led Stiles to lose it. 

He marched over, grabbing the front of Theo’s shirt and pushing him against the lockers, the noise reverberating through the corridors of Beacon Hills High School. 

“What’s the matter, Stilinski? Jealous?”

Yes. Oh my god, yes. 

Stiles was about to respond with a simple fist to that smarmy bastard’s face, but was pulled away by a fuming Y/N. 

Her nostrils flared, and her eyes were full of fire. Any normal person would have been scared, but Stiles was far from normal. All it did was make him love her more. 

She pulled him into the nearest classroom before she spoke.

“What the hell was that, Stiles?”

Stiles didn’t answer.

“He’s my friend! I know you don’t like him, but God, that was just petty! What the hell is your problem?”

Stiles thought for a moment before answering. He was going to come up with some lame excuse and let her be angry at him for all the wrong reasons. But instead, he figured that now was a better time than any to tell her.

To tell her the truth. 

“I love you,” he mumbled, meeting her eyes. Her perfect, oval shaped eyes with their angel-like glint that made his heart flutter. 


He shrugged. 

“That’s it. That’s my problem. I love you. I’ve always-”

He didn’t have time to finish his declaration of love as he found Y/N’s hands on his cheeks and her lips on his own. 

She was kissing him.

Y/N was kissing Stiles. 

Y/N’s heart had done somersaults when Stiles had told him he loved her. She just couldn’t help but kiss him. 

Because the truth was that she loved him too. More than anything.

Kissing him was more than she could have imagined. The way his lips melded perfectly with hers, the way his hands rested against the small of her back, the way their foreheads rested together when they’d both pulled apart for air. 

It was like a dream. Except it was reality. 

“What was that for?” Stiles whispered, his eyes closing as Y/N’s breath fanned over his face. 

“Because I love you too,” she whispered back. 

Stiles pecked her on the nose, fully savoring her words. She loved him. She actually loved him. 

He laughed.

“Why are you laughing?” she inquired, her thumb stroking his cheek as she worshiped the moment, never wanting it to end. 

“You love me. You actually love me.”

“Yeah. I know Stiles.”

“I just can’t believe it, that’s all.”

“Why not? I thought it was obvious.”

SF9 as Boyfriends: Rowoon

Just wanted everyone to know, I actually died writing this. I’m typing this from my grave! I love Rowoon so much, so thank you to whoever wanted to know what SF9 are like as bfs. Also, since we are so busy, this is going to become a weekly series instead of daily haha We hope you enjoy the series as much as we love writing it :) ~Admin A

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  • This man is a romanticist without having to try too hard, when he asks you out he’s already had this day planned for months!!
  • Doesn’t make him any less nervous though, he has dreaded and anticipated this moment for so long
  • The two of you have been friends for a long period of time and as long as he’s known you he’s loved you, but you were dating this asshole who he never approved of 
  • BUT the two of you finally broke up last year :-)
  • Rowoon had to seem supportive but let’s be honest he was ecstatic when he heard it was over
  • He asks you out after several months of prepping and asking the rest of the members their advice of the perfect way to do it
  • That day has finally arrived to ask you out, the two of you decided to go to the carnival and Rowoon suggests riding the ferris wheel; which he usually likes to avoid, calling it the lover’s spin cycle (he’s such an old man)
  • You love the ferris wheel though and automatically agree.
  • At the top of the ferris wheel you have a great view of the sky and the stars, you can’t help but compliment how beautiful they are.
  • Rowoon does the cliche, “They may be beautiful, but that doesn’t compare to the sight in front of me. Will you make me the happiest man and let me be the one to claim you as my gorgeous girlfriend?”
  • You have a little breakdown because you can’t believe this is happening, he immediately goes to wipe your tears and bring you into his chest 
  • The two of you have your first kiss that night. It was kinda sloppy and salty because he’s cheesin too hard and your happy tears are still pouring down
  • All that night, the two of you proudly hold hands and swing them back n forth, while he shouts around, “This girl said YESSS. Say hi to my girlfriend everybody!”
  • Everyone else probably thought you were crazy, but neither of you could care less. You were both the happiest you’d ever been, especially Rowoon who had waited so long for this moment
  • FirST OFFIcial DAtE
  • He surprises you with flowers and Rowoon serenades you with Dawon, Inseong, Taeyang and Jaeyoon in the background harmonizing
  • You couldn’t help but laugh at the cute attempt and seeing the boys performing a choreographed dance for you
  • The night ends with the two of you standing in front of a beautiful river and he grabs you from behind, feeling his chin rest on your shoulder as his arms wrap around your waist. 
  • His idea of other cute date nights include going to an FTIsland concert and you go mostly because you know how much to loves them. He waves his light stick in the air and screams all the lyrics while jumping up and down. Looks at you several times with a big smile on his face to check if you’re having fun too
  • Just in general, get used to Rowoon singing all the time: in your ear, in the shower, in the car, sending you voice messages. Everytime he does sing for you, he always asks, “Does this sound good babe?”
  • Rowoon would also be the type to try and teach you sports, especially assisting you from behind to try to initiate skinship  
  • His cheeks getting a little bright when you purposefully push your hips into him, HE BECOMES A BIG MESS
  • Watch out though! When he gets too excited, he can’t control his long ass limbs and might break your nose
  • Just in 4 walls with each other, the two of you just stare at one another
  • He just thinks about how lucky he is to have you, sneaking in little pecks here and there while you’re on the couch watching tv
  • He’s such neat freak, he nags you about everything. He pretty much takes cares of everything at the house: takes out the trash, laundry, dusts, and cooks
  • If you try to help, he just insists you’re doing it wrong and mutters under his breath, “If you want something right done the first place, you have to do it yourself”
  • You bop him in the head with the duster just to tease him and dust flies everywhere. He has a mini mental breakdown and gets a lil angry (imagine an angry Rowoon! IM! A! MESS!)
  • When everything is all cleaned up, the two of you play dress-up where you try on each others clothes and have a fashion walk in the hallways
  • As soon as he sees you in his clothes, he gets really excited and hopes you wear it every time he’s gone so you can smell it and think of him
  • HIS HANDS ALWAYS FIND YOUR WAIST, it’s his favorite place to rest his hands
  • He loves wrapping his tree branches around you like a cocoon, which is surprising comfortable
  • He also loves stroking your head and playing in your hair while you lay on top of him, whilst he smushes your cheeks. He just thinks you’re the cutest lil thing
  • “I still can’t believe I get to call you mine” as he pecks your nose and starts giving you little kisses all over your face
  • Loves tickle fights and wrestling on the bed, he ends up tackling you with his long legs and you’re stuck until you “accidentally” kick him right in his ringa-linga 
  • Prides himself on giving you piggy-back rides, even though your legs are fully capable of walking themselves
  • “I can’t let my princess get tired”
  • Gives you massages anytime you tell him you’re sore, brings out the good smelling lotion
  • The holiday season is so CUTE!!!!
  • The two of you go out to buy a Christmas tree and he, of course, wants to buy the biggest one
  • Tries to bring the whole thing in there house himself to prove to you how strong he is and somehow manages to
  • Carries you to put the angel at the top of the tree and then continues to just holds you up there, suggesting to put you up instead as the angel
  • Buys you a promise ring as your present saying that one day soon there will be an engagement ring as he proceeds to tell you, “There is no other woman I’d want to wake up to every morning.”
  • Texting him is mostly him saying he misses you and how he can’t wait to get home to show you how much he missed you
  • Totally the type to tease you with half-buttoned shirt selfies
  • Also, even tho he is a tol man, he looks like a confused lil puppy 99% of the time. Especially when you wake him up for his schedule in the mornings
  • He pins you down to the bed trapping you with his legs and whines about how he doesn’t want to leave, instead he wants to stay in bed with you
  • Some mornings, he tries to help you do your makeup, but just ends up complimenting how good you look without it on and gets distracted by your lips, slyly kissing you
  • When he first meets your family, he’d be so nervous and you’d have to hold his hand to stop it from shaking
  • Then, your family brings out some games to break the ice. Just imagine party games with him, like twister…
  • He is already a competitive person so he’d own that game, like he’d practically be on top of you the entire time
  • Your family will, of course, love Rowoon and his charming personality. Plus, the fact that he treats you like a QUEEN absolutely helps. 
  • He goes to help your mom in the kitchen with the food, relates to your dad with sports, and is a kid at heart so he loves playing with your younger siblings.
  • Overall, you don’t know what kind of angel you were in your past life to deserve someone as loving, kind-hearted and amazing as Rowoon, but you sure as hell weren’t questioning it.

Inseong (coming soon!)


Jaeyoon (coming soon!)

Dawon (coming soon!)

Zuho (coming soon!)


Taeyang (coming soon!)


Chani (coming soon!)

Attacked Part 2

Hellooo my beautiful people! So this is part two to this imagine, and I’m honestly surprised by how many of yall  requested part 2. I was suffering from a bit of writer’s block(as always) for this story, but I got this idea from an anon, so thank you so much whoever you are. I don’t think it’s all that and a bag of chips, but it’s pretty good. I hope yall like it!!

It’s been weeks since Calum, or anyone, has heard a word from you. After the day you left, it was as if you’d dropped off the face of the earth. You weren’t active on any social media, you wouldn’t reply to anyone’s text, and no one knew where you were. Well, besides your bestfriend of course. You were living with her until you could find a place of your own, but from the looks of it, she wasn’t letting you leave any time soon.

“You gotta get up Y/N. We’ve been locked in my apartment for weeks.”

“I don’t wanna go out there.”

“Are you still scared?” She questioned with a sigh, sitting on the edge of the spare bed.

“No, it’s just…the world is so fucking cruel. I’d rather be locked in here than be out there.”

“Good point, but we’re leaving.”

“Y/BF/N, no.” You whined as she pulled the covers off of you. You attempted to tug them over your head but she yanked harder and they fell to the floor.“ I don’t wanna.”

“But you’re gonna. Now get dressed so we can go catch a movie or I’m dragging you out the house in penguin pajamas.”

“Calum, you’ve seriously have to stop this.”

“Stop what?” He looked up at his best mate in confusion.

“All this moping around.” Luke sighed, plopping beside him in the black SUV.The four boys were just now leaving their hotel for a scheduled meet in greet in thirty minutes.

“I’m not moping.”

“Then what do you call it?”

Calum only stared at Luke blankly for a few seconds before rolling his eyes and letting out an exasperated sigh.

“So what if I’m moping? ”

“Luke, leave Calum be.” Ashton sighed as he and Michael climbed into the next row of leather seats.

“I’m just sayin’.” Luke shrugged his shoulders.

“My girlfriend got attacked, left me, and then disappeared all in the same day.” Calum complained.“I deserve to mope.”

“And I understand that, but-”

“But what?”

“Nothing, mate. Nevermind.” Luke gave up on trying to prove his point knowing it was damn near impossible with Calum. He pulled out his earphones and stared out the window as he drowned his friends out. 

Even though Calum knew that he wouldn’t find anything on your social media pages, he decided to check again just in case. He started off with your twitter, sighing when the last thing he saw was from the day before you left. He then went to check your instagram, his heart beating fast when there was an upload of you and Y/BF/N cheesing at the camera. The two of you seemed to be in a arcade having the time of your lives.

“She uploaded something!” Calum grinned from ear to ear and turned around in his seat to show everybody.

“She looks like she’s okay.”Luke concluded after examining the photo.

“Really? I was starting to think she was dead.” Michael joked.

“Now do you feel better knowing she’s safe and sound with Y/BF/N?” Ashton questioned and Calum nodded.

It was eating him alive that he didn’t know what happened to you or where you went. After you left Calum felt broken; it was as if a piece of him was missing. After being with someone for almost two years and living with them for one, something just always feels off. He often finds himself  subconsciously making and ordering food for two, turning over in the middle of the night to cuddle, and even walking to the other room to show a funny meme even though she’s no longer there. These past few weeks have been hard on him and it definitely didn’t help that he was worried sick about you.  

It didn’t take long for the band to arrive at the venue. Of course it was surrounded by screaming girls and the boys knew that it was going to be a long day. They all smiled kindly and waved at the fans as they walked entered the building to get set up at the long white table, taking their seats and waiting for the security to start allowing the fans to come in. It was going normally; they were asked a lot of questions, goofed around, signed, hugged, and took pictures with the girls. It was only when a two girls showed up and began having a conversation about Y/N with Calum when he really started to get in his feelings.

“Have you heard from Y/N? Is she okay?” The teen asked, reaching to push loose strands of auburn hair into her ponytail. 

“I haven’t been able to talk to her,”Calum shrugged his shoulders,” but she’s okay.”

“I saw what those girls did to her. It was so fucked up.”

“Yeah.” Her friend shook her head.”We were about to ask her for a picture when they just attacked her. She wasn’t doing anything but getting cereal.”

“You were there?” Calum furrowed his eyebrows and the two nodded their heads.

“Yeah, I recorded it and posted it on tumblr. It went viral there, I’m surprised it isn’t viral on twitter.” The girl spoke as she unlocked her phone and began to search for the video.

“It’s time for you girls to move now, we have others who want pictures with Calum.” One of their security guards came to escort them to the exit, but Calum told him to wait.”Calum-”

“It’s about, Y/N, it’s important.” 

That was all it took for the guard to leave them alone. You had made good friends with the 5sos crew. Almost everyone accepted you as if you were their daughter, so when they found out what happened they were devastated.

“Here it is.”

“We haven’t found their twitters or instagrams or whatever, but a lot of people on tumblr are still looking.” Her friend informed and Calum felt his eyes watering as he watched them attack you.

How could they do this to you? How could they do this to anyone? Calum understood the dedication some fans had and he greatly appreciated it, but why would they go this far? He examined the girl’s faces anytime they appeared on camera and made sure to not forget them. 

“Uh, thank you for showing me this.” He sniffed, quickly wiping away the tear that escaped from his eye.

“No, problem. I hope you two can work everything out.” The auburn haired girl smiled and went for a hug, her friend joining in shortly. 

Calum allowed them to write their twitter and instagram accounts on his hand and gave them one more hug before they made their way out. It was around two hours later when there were only a handful of girls left and the meet and greet was almost over. Three girls were going along taking pictures with the others boys while Calum finished up with a dark haired girl.

“Hey, Calum!” A strawberry blonde and her two brunette friends made their way to them with huge smiles on their faces. Calum gave them a grin before bidding the dark haired girl goodbye, turning to give them his full attention.

“I can’t believe I’m actually meeting you!” The taller brunette squealed.

It took Calum some time, but soon he began to realise exactly who these three were. His whole mood was ruined as he felt his breathing become quicker and his body heat up from the anger bubbling inside of him. Calum was a gentleman, he knew he’d never hit a girl, but in that moment he wanted to drop-kick all three.

“It was you.” He simply said as he glared, wishing they’d disintegrate.


“You’re the ones that attacked Y/N!” He suddenly shouted, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Calum, you don’t know if-” Ashton walked over but was interrupted.

“I do! These girls showed me the video earlier and it was them!”

By now almost all of the remaining fans were quiet, watching the altercation with wide eyes. The fandom has seen Calum lose his cool with a sarcastic comment or slight attitude, but this? This was full out anger. Skin flushed, vein popping anger.

“Why would you do that?! What in your fucking mind would tell you to attack my fucking girlfriend and say shit like that to her?  She was minding her own business and you had the damn nerve to go up to her and assault her? What the hell did you think that was going to do, huh? Get you a better chance to be with me? Because I for sure wouldn’t want to go with selfish, evil bitches like you.”

At this point everyone’s mouths were dropped. The three girls stared at Calum with teary eyes, but he didn’t care. All he could see was red and the three girls who caused him and his love pain.

“Did you even think about what that would do to me? To her? Y/N’s fucking amazing! She was the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I was planning on marrying her soon and now you’ve got her too fucking scared to even be in a relationship wit me! I lost a piece of me because you had so much hatred for someone you didn’t even fucking know!” Calum’s eyes welled up with tears as he yelled at the girl.

“Calum, come on.” Michael grabbed his arm and he snatched away.

“No! They deserve this! They just get away with jumping my girlfriend and causing her to disappear from the face of the earth while I suffer and have to pretend that I’m fine when I’m not!”

“But they’re still your fans, Cal, you can’t just-”

“They’re not fans.”He corrected him.” Real fans would see how much I loved her and how happy I was with Y/N/. They wouldn’t attack her while she’s fucking grocery shopping and degrade her.”

Calum closed the top to his permanent marker and slammed it down on the table. He decided that he was done for the day and needed time to himself for now. Before he left, though, he was sure to say one more thing to the three crying girls.

“I have never been so disgusted by someone in my life.” He spat, eyeing them up and down. “The three of you can go fuck yourselves.”

Then he headed towards entrance to call himself a Uber.

Of course like all incidents like this one, it spreaded on social media quick. Everyone was talking about the video of Calum going off on fans, some justifying it, some not. Majority were saying that that’s what the girls deserved, but then again you had few that made Calum just seem like a horrible, out of controlled boy. Calum had his earphones plugged in and was huddled under the plush duvet in his hotel room, scrolling through the multiple tweets about what happened. He even smiled a few times, happy to know that almost everyone was on his side. He felt his phone buzz again and a text notification appeared on the screen. Calum ignored it, thinking that it was either management scolding him or the boys checking to see if he was okay. It was when it buzzed again did he look at the message as it appeared, his heart skipping a beat at the familiar number. He clicked it quickly and chewed his lip as it took him to his messages.

There were three text sent:

Are you okay?
I think we should talk.

Eh, I could’ve ended that better. There will most likely be a third and final part so inbox me if you think I should do that. For everyone who’s sent me a request, I’ve seen them and I’m working on them. Like I said, I have a bit of writer’s block and don’t wanna just give you a shitty imagine, plus I’m dealing with AP classes in school and just ugh.

If you liked this imagine here’s the rest of my writing: Masterlist


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1462

Warnings: Angst, implied smut no descriptions

AN: This just came out as pure angst and I have no idea why. I’m sorry lol. I hope you like it though. Thank you for erasing my doubt @jalove-wecallhimdean. I don’t feel like I am any good at angst but she reassured me this was more than okay.

Request: Request, cause you’re so lovely and such an amazing writer! I love you! Could I request a Whoever you feel compelled to write, with lots of fluff (smut if you so feel inclined) but whoever comes across reader who’s using herself as bait and they hang back to discover she’s in over her head– @plaidstiel-wormstache

Originally posted by supernaturalgifscollection

Being bait was never your idea of fun, but sometimes it was a necessary evil. This was one of those cases. There had been reports of girls fitting your description showing up dead after visiting a local nightclub. The bodies were always found drained of blood and you had found several tiny fangs at the last crime scene. You were definitely dealing with a vampire.

You had to go shopping for a dress that would help catch the attention of the vamp, not that you were looking forward to it. You were definitely more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but you did what you had to do for the job. You squeezed into the tiny black number, trying desperately not to think about how much skin was hanging out for the world to see, and made your way to the club just down the street from your current motel.

You didn’t always hunt alone, at one point in time you had several different hunting partners throughout your career. You just had trust issues that went beyond basic repair, which didn’t make you the easiest person to work with. You’d do anything for the other person, but would never let them do anything for you. Dean Winchester was the only one you had come close enough to trusting, and he had tossed that all out of the window the second his father called him. You understood it in a way, family is supposed to be important, you just never had much of a family to hang onto.

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KaraMel Fanfic #13

Title: Someone Whom She Feels At Peace With

Prompt: Kara teaches him what snow actually is when it freaks Mon-El out.

Requested by @just-netflixing. I hope you like this, honey, because I really enjoyed writing it and it brought a smile on my face :) 

Also posted on AO3.

Kara woke up when she felt two hands on her shoulders, shaking her violently. She was having a pleasant dream, enjoying the long sleep she was having since she didn’t have to go to work or DEO that morning, when someone pulled her out of it. If whoever-it-was wasn’t shaking her so hard, she might’ve pretended like she wasn’t awake, but her superhero senses shot up to the roof as she blinked her eyes open and shot up from the bed, ready to fight if there was a danger.

Instead, she found herself face to face with Mon-El. An extremely freaked out Mon-El. His eyes were wide, his hands gripped Kara’s arms so tightly that Kara was sure it’d break a human’s arms, and he was clenching his teeth as if to keep them from clattering. His face was also paper-white. Kara immediately shook off her sleep, turned on all of her alien senses. “Where’s the threat?” she asked, getting out of the bed and using her X-ray vision to survey the house around her. Mon-El gulped and pointed outside. Well, more like to the curtains, since they were drawn and the window was closed—which was a surprise for Kara. She never slept with curtains closed.

“There’s white stuff out there,” he sputtered. “Falling down. I thought… I thought it might be a poison or something. It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen. And-and it keeps falling down. I can’t stop it.” He looked so helpless and desperate that Kara raised her brows. She vaguely remembered the weather report mentioning something about snow, yet…

That couldn’t be what Mon-El was so scared about, right?

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Mitch Marner #4

Requested by Anon(s): 

1. hi!! can i request a mitchell marner one? :) thank you, i love your writing <3

2.  prompt: you’re trying to study for your midterms/finals but you keep procrastinating. how does the bf react? does he try to help or is HE the distraction? the bf: johnny gaudreau, andre burakovsky, mitch marner, or connor mcdavid? OR whoever you think would fit in this situation 😄

[Thank you so much guys! I hope you like this. Enjoy!!]

Word count: 802

Originally posted by mcdavidconnor

“How long do you have before the test again?” Mitch asked, propping his head on his arms.

“About six hours.” You said, not looking up from the book you were reading.

He let out a low whistle, “that’s not a lot of time.”

You shook your head, “uhmm, no. Not if I wanna sleep.”

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Stay With Me - Part 8

Word count - 3311

Warnings - Killings, blood, guns, abuse, smut.

Requests are open. 

Part 1      Part 2      Part 3      Part 4      Part 5      Part 6      Part 7 

Hey! Hope you like the new part and so sorry for updating late, real life is getting a little bit busy but I will upload the requests and thanks for being patient with me. Thank you so much for reading! 

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Harley fell to the ground from the impact of the bullet, you tried to go towards her but his men stopped you. “Oh calm down, she’s dead and there ain’t much you can do about it.” Joker said, starting to laugh. “NO!” You said, bursting in to tears, hearing Joker laugh and you looked at him, seeing in red, you grabbed the guards wrists and turned them, yelling in pain, you put them down at your height and knocked both of their heads together, you grabbed one of their guns and shot them both dead, you laughed at the blood that was pouring on the ground, from their skulls. “Your turn.” You said, pointing the gun at both of the guards that held Harley and you dropped the gun at seeing her, you ran towards her as fast as you could and you realized that the bullet went to her shoulder, not to her head, making you sigh in relief, you lifted Haley’s head a little bit and kissed her forehead but you saw Harley whimper and you looked at her wound, blood was pouring out, you put your hands and added pressure, seeing Harley start to have tears in her eyes. “Puddin’-“ Harley said, and you shook your head, crying but still putting pressure on her wound. “Don’t you dare say goodbye, you aren’t going to leave me, not today baby, not today. Just stay with me.” You said and she giggled. “I love you puddin’ you know that right?” She said and you nodded, crying in her shoulder. “I know, but no, don’t give up on me.” You said, and she smiled, you caressed her cheek, accidentally and staining her white, pale face with blood. “Call Ivy, get me a private doctor, do not call an ambulance, or they are going to send me to jail.” Harley said and you nodded, grabbing her phone and trying to dial. “Hurry up Y/N!” Harley said and you managed to get Ivy. But then you realized Ivy? “What do you need her for?” You said raising an eyebrow. She rolled her eyes and grabbed the phone. “Hello?” You heard Ivy from the other line, you grabbed Harley’s phone and called Drake, your private doctor. “Done.” You said, hanging up and looking at Harley. “Y/N” Harley said, looking at your eyes, as you saw her, tears brimmed at your eyes, you were so afraid of losing her. “Don’t worry, he’ll pay.” You said, kissing her lips, being afraid that it would be one of the last times that you could taste her sweet lips. “Don’t.” She said, you looked at her and she smiled. “Don’t do it, he’ll kill you, if you do it and I survive I’ll leave you.” She said, you looked at her blankly and she swallowed, hissing in pain. “But, he did this to you.” You signaled at her, laying in your arms. She shook her head. “But you aren’t a monster, you saved me from him, you are my savior and that’s why I love you, that’s why you are the one for me.” She said, crying and becoming paler. “But, I don’t know what I would do without you.” You said, as you felt more tears dripple down your cheek. She smiled and you kissed her again. “You are so strong, I’ll fight, but you don’t need me.” She said and you heard cars, your doctor and Ivy went running, grabbing her neck and putting her in a bed. (A/N I forgot how they are called, so sorry.) You looked at her and she giggled weakly as she saw Ivy. “Red! Are you gonna enjoy the show?” She said, laughing but crying at the same time. “My little maniac, you’ll never change.” Ivy smiled at her and Harley grabbed her hand, pulling her closer and whispering something, Ivy nodded and you saw a few tears escape her eyes. You were on the ground, sitting down, Harley’s blood starting to dry up and you sobbed, you have never cried like this before, you felt a pair of arms starting to soothe you and you saw Ivy, smiling weakly at you. “She’ll be alright, she is a fighter.” Ivy said, looking at the doctor hurry as Harley passed out, losing blood every second. “I don’t know what I would do without her.” You managed to choke out, Ivy started to cry too and you hugged each other. “Me neither.” Ivy said, sobbing in your shoulder.

You both went towards the hospital, Ivy driving, of course. You hugged your knees looking at the road, when you got to Drake’s house, you stayed in his living room, waiting for them to stabilize Harley.

“Drake said that you can take a shower, I’ll go towards your flat and get some clothes. What do you want?” Ivy asked, looking at you painfully. “A black top, black and red sweater and what ever pants.” You said, looking at the ground, looking up you saw Ivy nod and go. As you looked at the floor you thought about Harley, looking at the floor, you remembered the first time that you told her that you loved her.


You heard screams from J’s apartment, smiling about one of his other victims. You entered his apartment, smiling at frost as you looked for Harley.

“Y/N! What a nice surprise, what brings you here?” Joker said, entering the room, taking off his purple gloves with blood, you smiled. “I’m looking for Harley.” You said, confident that he didn’t know about both of you. He growled, smashing a pot on the wall. “Harley’s busy, she’s getting her punishment right now.” He said, pacing in the hall. “Why?” You asked, worried by the inside but trying not to show any emotion on the exterior. “One of my men told me that he heard her moaning in the woman’s bathroom, she’s been cheating on me while I leave the city. Can you believe that! The nerve on that little slut.” He said, growling and looking angry, you heard screams, now recognizing that they were Harley’s. “Can I see her? I mean, who else is punishing her?” You asked, nervous, playing with your fingers. “Well just me, I mean, she’s mine. You can join if you want, you are straight right?” He said smiling and opening the door, you entered and saw Harley, lying down, her body exposed and full of recent cuts. Joker grabbed a whip and hit her, she screamed, looking tired and as you got closer you saw blood coming down her sides, she was sobbing. Joker hit her again but frost called him and he excused himself.

“Baby.” You said, rushing towards her, untying her and putting her on her feet. She threw her arms against your neck, trying to support herself. “Puddin’.” She said, sobbing and trying to walk. “Let’s go.” You said, trying to take her towards the door. Before Joker stepped in, smiling and applauding.

“I knew it! Harley always talked about you Y/N, it was obvious, now let’s get things going.” He said, grabbing Harley and she screamed, crying and being held by Jokers men, as same as you. “You shouldn’t have done that pumpkin.” He said, slapping her hard against her mouth, she cried as Joker went towards you. “And you, little bitch.” He said, grabbing the same whip as he used on Harley. He hit you uncountable times, you hissed in pain, starting to feel the tears well up in your eyes. “No please Mr J, I’ll stop talking to her!” Harley screamed, trying to get herself free, Joker started to hit her again and you sobbed looking at Harley. “Listen, I’m gonna give you a chance to leave.” He said, shooting the men that had apprehended you. “I won’t leave, not without her.” You said, standing up. And grabbing the mens guns. “What? Something wrong?” Joker said and you looked at him in disgust. He grabbed his whip and started to hit her, she was screaming in pain, crying and looking at you, pleading you to go home. You saw that blood was starting to stain the whip and you shot his men. “Stop it.” You said, pointing your gun at him and he smiled. “Go Y/N, stay away from him.” Harley said, tears streaming down her beautiful face. “No, I can’t-“ You said, Joker looked at you, cutting you off and you gave in, you outstretched your hands at him. “Take me, leave her alone.” You said, looking at him with tears in your eyes, he smiled and looked at Harley. “Don’t do anything! I promise that you can take me!” Harley said, trying to go with you. “I’ll be good, I’ll be yours Mr. J, just please don’t hurt her.” Harley said, she went towards you and hugged you as hard as she could, Joker looked at both of you and smiled. “I need one of you, who will it be?” He said and looked at both of you. “I can’t lose another person that I love, please Harley, live.” You whispered and she let out a sob. “I love you Harley, remember that.” You said, burying your face in to the crook of her neck, smelling her for the last times. “You love me?” Harley said, and pulled away, looking at Joker.

“Stop it, J, you ain’t gonna get one of us, you don’t own me now this is what we’re gonna do we’re gonna leave and you will leave us alone got it?” Harley said, grabbing a gun, looking at him, challenging him. “What are you gonna do dollface, kill me? You’ve tried it before and it hasn’t worked.” He said smiling, Harley looked at the ground and smiled. “But I’ve changed puddin’, you can’t hurt me. What, are you the devil?” She said, shooting the Joker in his foot, he yelped in pain and Harley grabbed your arm, pulling you towards the door.

You got out and Harley smiled at you.

“What you said was true puddin’?” She asked and you nodded, she put her hands around your waist and pulled you closer. “Say it again.” She said, almost whispering, her voice husky and low. “I love you Harleen Quinzel, I’ve been in love with you from the first time we met, from the first time that we kissed, I love you and all your insecurities, I love you and all your imperfections, I love you.” You said, she smiled and you grabbed her neck, you were desiring her lips on yours, she smiled and pushed her pink lips on yours, you smiled in to the kiss, you enjoyed the moment and the taste of her lips. “I love you too.” She said and pecked you once more.

End of flashback

You gripped your cup of coffee, feeling one tear come down another, you looked at Ivy and she was with a pack of clothes.

“Here.” She said, handing you your clothes and smiling. “Thanks.” You said, quietly you headed towards the bathroom and started to change, the night was cold and you didn’t have a Jacket so you could only live with it and try not to freeze.

“Harley is okay, you can go in and see her, she is still sedated but she will be alright.” Drake said as you walked out of the bathroom and you went towards Ivy, she smiled and you smiled as well, you didn’t even have to talk to know what was going to happen.

You entered Harley’s room and it broke your heart to see her connected to all the machines, you let out a sob and ran towards her, you hugged her or at least tried to and Ivy sat down. “I think I’ll be going to my place and fresh up.” She said, looking at you and you nodded. She got back up and left the room.

“Oh Harley I’m so sorry.” You said, sobbing in to her one more time. You went to the side of the bed and laid down, next to her, her heat was low but at least you were perceiving it. “I love you.” You said and started to fall asleep.

As you were in a ‘peaceful’ slumber Harley woke up, she was afraid, not knowing where she was. She felt something, someone warm next to her and she turned her head, looking at you asleep, she smiled and kissed the top of your head, she moved her right arm towards you, hugging you. You went closer to her and put your arm against her waist, she smiled but her smile faded as she saw your face, it was stained in tears and she couldn’t help but be sad too. She scratched your head gently, then caressed your cheek, she thought of such a beautiful girlfriend she had and that she didn’t know what she would do without her.

“Good to see that you’re up.” Ivy said, towards Harley and walking towards her. “Did you do what I ask?” Harley said, curiously and gripping your tighter, smelling you and smiling. “Yes, gosh you should’ve seen her waiting for you.” Ivy said, annoyed but Harley smiled, she kissed the top of your head once again and smiled. “Did you give it to  her?” Harley asked, serious but feeling the need to smile because her heart was fluttering of the warmth that you gave her. “No, I left it in her car.” She said, sitting down at Harley’s bed. “Look at her, red.” Harley said, smiling and looking at you, Ivy looked annoyed but Harley ignored it, everything is alright as long as you’re there with her. “Looks like she really loves you.” Ivy sighed and grabbed something. “I know red, gosh I love her so much, she’s my other half, she’s the best girlfriend that someone might ask for. I don’t know what I would do without her.” Harley said, nuzzling next to you and smiling “Here, put it on, everyday, actually let’s start right now, I’ll put it on for you.” Ivy said, removing Harley’s shirt and smiling at her, once she put it on, Harley felt better and Ivy started to look in Harley’s blue eyes. Ivy started to lean in towards Harley, her breath and heart beat accelerated as she got closer to Harley. Harley didn’t know what to do, yes, she had to dodge Ivy but something felt right and Harley just stayed, closing her eyes. Ivy felt Harley’s lips graze hers and she pushed in closer, kissing Harley and savoring her lips, Harley started to move her lips in sync, Ivy started to pull away but Harley didn’t want to, Harley left your embrace and pulled Ivy closer. Once Harley realized what she was doing she pulled away, going back to you.

“I’m in love with you Harls.” Ivy said, and Harley shook her head. “No, you can’t be, I’m with my puddin’, I love her and she is the only one in my life, she saved me from that monster, she’s the only person who has loved me properly.” Harley said, shaking her head. “But Harley if it weren’t for her you’d be fine.” Ivy said and Harley shook her head. “If it weren’t for her I’d be with that monster.” Harley said and looked at Ivy. “I’m happy with her, let me be with her.” Harley said and Ivy nodded, she left her and Harley put her shirt back on. “I love you and only you puddin’” Harley said and leaned in for a kiss. That’s how Harley knew that it was you and that it will always be you, when both of you kissed, she felt fireworks in the pit of her stomach, she could feel electricity throughout her whole body and she felt warm.

Her lips were pushing against yours and she smiled, all those feeling coming back.

You started to open your eyes, looking at Harley and you smiled, you were kissing and that’s what made you feel better. You started to get up and you separated from the kiss. “You’re awake.” You smiled, cupping Harley’s cheek in your hand, nothing could be better. “Of course I am silly, you wouldn’t get rid of me that easily.” She said and you smiled, kissing her again. “I love you.” Harley said and you smiled, pulling her closer to you. “I love you too.” You said and you both kissed, nothing was wrong, you had each other and that was enough.

“I was so worried that I wouldn’t kiss you again baby.” You said, grabbing her hands, hugging her again. Harley tilted your head again and kissed you, slow and passionate, she cupped your cheeks and smiled, you smiled at her and caressed her arm. “Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore puddin’.” She said and smiled. Harley grabbed a T.V remote and started to flip through the channels. You started to suck on her neck, leaving kisses and little bites. “Come on Y/N, I don’t think that we can have sex.” Harley said and you smiled at her. “Maybe we can.” You smiled and Harley turned off the T.V, you sat on her long legs and started to kiss her neck again. “Puddin’ please, you’re gonna turn me on.” Harley said and you smiled, your hand travelled towards her pants, that Drake put her in so that it wouldn’t feel such as a hospital. “That’s my goal baby.” You said and stood up, closing the door and the curtains.

You walked towards her and pulled down her pants, smiling at Harley in lust. “Puddin’ no.” Harley said but you didn’t answer, you started to kiss her. She whimpered and bucked her hips, you grabbed her hips with your hand, and you started to suck on her, Harley was moaning slightly. She rolled her hips with your mouth and started to moan a little bit louder. “Baby, don’t make to much noise.” You said, against her and she moaned. You licked her again and she grabbed your hair, starting ty pull you closer, you shoved your tongue inside her, your hand went towards her and you started to rub her. “Fuck Y/N, don’t stop.” She moaned and you sucked on her once more. She moved her hips and you kept them still with your hands. “I’ll stop when you want baby.” You said, sucking this time harder and shoving a finger inside of her, she moaned and clenched, you knew that she wouldn’t last longer so you smiled and bit her, she grabbed your hair, pulling it once more and moaning. “I’m gonna cum.” She said, before panting and moaning out your name until her juices were on your tongue and you cleaned her up.

“Want to cuddle?” You said, smiling and looking at her, climbing her up. “Of course puddin’!”Harley said outstretching her arms, pulling you in to a hug and you lied down, next to her chest. Harley started to scratch your head gently and hugged you even closer. “I love you Y/N.” She said, sighing and kissing the top of your head. “I love you too Harley. Please stay with me.” You said, nuzzling next to her and enjoying the moment, the silence, the peace, the love, everything was perfect. “Where would I go? You’re the only one for me, you’re my other half.” She said and you smiled as she made your heart flutter. “Just don’t replace me for anyone or anybody.” You said and she chuckled. “Are you going bananas? Nobody is better than you, nobody compares to you, you’re the best person that someone can ever ask, now shut up, I want to enjoy this.” Harley said and kissed you, you felt her soft, plump, pink lips against yours and she took your breath. As your lips moved in sync with hers nothing could molest you.

Mixed Signals ~H.G~


Summery:Hayes keeps on giving y/n mixed signals.


Note:It’s in Hayes pov. I’m not sure if it’s good but I hope you guys like it. P.s sorry to whoever literally waited a month for me to write this.


I pushed, and stumbled through the sweaty bodies as Drake blasted through the speakers so loud I could feel the house vibrate. My white Jordans weren’t very white anymore after some girl puked on them, plus a guy tried fighting me for no reason.

Tonight was not my night at all.

I sat on the couch by the dance floor. Looking around at the people grinding on each other when something caught my eye.

It was Y/n, and a guy.

I kept on taking small glances every few seconds. She then went in for a kiss.

Honestly, I was jealous and mad. I mean, we weren’t official or anything, but we definitely had something going on between us. I think so at least…

I tried ignoring them but she saw me and started walking over.

“Hey!” She yelled over the music pulling me up from the couch.

“Hey…” I mumbled as she tried hugging me. I dodged it instead just took her hands in mine.

“You’re a wonderful person.” I said, forcing a smile. She gave me a confused look, and dropped her hands.

I kissed her on the cheek and walked towards the kitchen with her. She stopped and pulled me a little towards her.

“Are you on your man period or something? Stop giving me mixed signs. Do you like me or not?” She said as her sudden outburst.

“Do you like me? That’s the question.” I asked her, annoyed.

“Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I like you?”

“Really? Because I saw you kiss a guy not that long ago.” After what I saw literally just a few minutes ago I was pretty jealous.

Y/n rolled her eyes at me and crossed her arms.

“That’s because you keep on giving me mixed signals like I said before. I’m pretty sure you don’t even really like me.”

“And that’s the reason you kissed that random dude?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

I sighed and hugged her.

“Do you wanna date than?” I asked. Y/n wrapped her arms around me.

“Yeah, does that mean no more mixed signals?”

“No more mixed signals.” I reassured her.

Show Me Your Wings

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Request: Hey 😊 could I request a reader x lucifer, cas or Gadreel where the angel’s wings are injured and try to hide it from the reader because they don’t want to seem weak, and she ends up helping patch them up? Thanks!

Warnings: Angst?? Mild description of an injury, some fluff.

Word Count: 501

A/N: This. Is. A. Mess. I tried but I don’t know what happened. I hope whoever requested it likes it. And feedback is always appreciated and welcome. 

Gosh, Luci was taking forever to get home. So much so that you were beginning to worry about him. He was rarely ever late, especially not in a night like tonight. Luci had promised to take you out in a fancy date. You had made the extra effort to pick out the perfect dress for him, and so far he was an hour late. Pacing around the room you chewed on your lip nervously. Where was he, what if something had happened to him? You continued paceing, wondering what you were going to do. To your relief you heard the tell-tale sound of rustling wings. Spinning around you came face to face with your lover. 

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1300

Warnings: Implied smut, nothing graphic or described. Lots of fluff

AN: Requested by @autopistaaningunaparte: Congrats! ☺️ Hi there, sweetie! Congratulations for your new milestone!! 😁 I’m kind of obsessed with this song (Ro James - Permission), I don’t know if you would accept this kind of request, but lately I’ve been thinking about a Dean x reader request in which they’ve been hitting on each other for a long time, but none of them seems to make a move, until one night, one of them (whoever you want) decide to make a move and suddenly this song pops up while that happens? :) I don’t know, it can be this or whatever you feel comfortable writing, it’s up to you 😊If you don’t take this kind of request, maybe a Dean x request super fluffy? Thank you so much in advance 💜 PS: love your new theme!

(I hope you like what I was able to do with your request! Thanks to @jalove-wecallhimdean​ for being an amazing beta as always.)

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You and Dean had been dancing around one another for years now. Flirty comments, lingering looks and touches, and behavior that bordered on couple like. Nothing had ever happened between the two of you though, both too afraid of what it would do to your friendship if things were to go south. It also didn’t help that Dean liked the one-nighter lifestyle. He liked the simplicity of a random girl with no expectations. You on the other hand had grown out of that phase a long time ago. You only took someone home when the urge was unbearable and the itch had to be scratched.

Dean and you were at the bunker by yourselves for a change. Sam had gone to help Jody keep Claire from going off on her own hunt by herself, which left you and Dean with no case to work on currently. You had come to the conclusion that if nothing was going to happen between the two of you then you were going to move on and do your own thing, no longer worried about who Dean was sleeping with for the night. You knew it had nothing to do with you, but it still knocked your self esteem down a couple of notches every time he’d rather go home with a random.

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