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Okay, ignore my shitty promo because i’m a photoshop scrub and I can only do simple shit right now because I’m tired and uninspired at the moment. I’d like to thank all of you for taking a chance on a Sin Hoe named Vanessa! I’ve had this OC on my mind for a long time and i’m so happy that i’m finally getting the chance to flesh her out and build upon her character. I hope that as time goes on I actually sick with Vanessa and build up some plots, relationships, and verses with my lovely and beautiful followers. I hope you all know that I love y’all so much and think that you deserve the world. Anyways, on to the list of wonderful people!

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I hope to god it's just for attention.... Jimin DOES NOT DESERVE THIS. THE SAME GOES FOR THE REST OF BANGTAN

Im pretty sure its just for attention too and she wont do shit, but im so shocked to see someone like that, someone with so much hate in them im??? Ughhhh lets all report her

I like these people already, guess they are “the cool kids” from the title. They indeed seem cool as shit, i can see why Lars wants to hang out with them.

Huh, so Jenny is Kiki’s sister, cool. Does she make as terrible puns as her sister?

Sour Cream must be either a super cool nickname or someone in his family really likes pizza toppings. Sour cream is fucking amazing.

And last but not least, Buck Dewey, who i’m guessing is the Mayor’s son, pretty neat.

Okay, so Lars wants into their group so that he can be cool and popular, a typical teenager scenario which i hope this show executes better than other shows/movies i’ve seen.

I usually hate this type of tropes, but the show hasn’t disappointed me so far, and who knows, there might be some character development for Lars in the end.

These people are talking for the most random shit and still being cool af.

I’d love friends like these, honestly.

Steven i wish i was as sociable and talkative as you when i was younger. 

Seriously, how are you just talking to people without freezing and forgetting everything you wanted to say, without drowning in anxiety? How are you managing to say exactly what you want to say without all the awkward silence and staring at each other?

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Okay so I have a little head cannon for Anti. I like to think he's VERY protective of Jack. Sure, HE can slit Jack's throat and scare the piss out if him. But the second someone else tries to hurt Jack? Anti will make them wish he'd kill them. And then, once every last shred of hope is gone from them, he'll kill them. So I like to think that if Jack and Dark ever met, Anti would be watching, giving Dark the stink eye. (How are you doing today?:D)

Ooooh yes, I like this. I kind of imagine acting like a typical older brother character in a sense? Except way more violent and unhinged lmao.

But yeah man, Anti would TOOOOTALLY be staring Dark down like, “bitch u try to hurt my puppet i’ll fukin deck u”


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Hey Doc. I'm sorry things are rough for you right now. I really hope things get better, since I love what you post here. I saw someone send in a nice animal story earlier, is that something you'd like to see for a while? Or just nice stories in general? Cute pictures? Praise from your adoring public? Anyway, keep doing you, Doc. You're awesome.

I hope things get better too. I’m taking steps to try to ensure they are.

I’m trying to keep my inbox low, so single part things or pictures are nice. I don’t really know what to do with the praise most of the time, but it meant enough for someone to send it to me so I post them.

hmmmm~ whenever someone asks my poor brain won’t come up with anything OTL


What happens when Atem finds out about Kaiba’s daily meetups with AI Yami…?

@hiramiyugioh’s request! I didn’t follow the prompt very faithfully, I hope that’s alright. Someday I’ll have to cobble this stuff together in a meaningful way. Everything I write is so half-formed and fractured.

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a plea on behalf of authors with works in progress

I know people “hate” WIPs and “don’t usually read/comment on them” because “it’s so frustrating waiting for updates” and “what if it never gets finished?”, but let me just say something from the point of view of someone who has written several multi-chaptered fics over the years, including one that has sat unfinished since 2010:

It’s lonely. It’s a huge investment of time and energy into a project that you hope people will like, but most of them will never tell you until it’s finished. It’s easy to get frustrated. To feel like no one cares, or is paying attention. To feel like giving up, or shelving it for later.

Encouragement along the way is like rain on the desert for writers of WIPs. Knowing people are excited about your story, and eager to see what happens next. Your questions and your love can light a fire under a writer, keeping them going when they might otherwise feel like maybe it’s not worth it. Your feedback might even give them a new idea when they are feeling stuck.

So take a risk. What’s the worst that can happen? You get to read something you enjoy, even if it’s unfinished. Balance that against maybe being the reason something does get finished, after all.

on the topic of those goddamn chairs again, but when sherlock went to see the flat for the first time he saw them and he chose the black one immediately and sat their and let himself imagine someone in the chair opposite, talking listening smiling, and was hopeful before he turned so so sad because who would want him for a flatmate, and then one day he brought john h watson to the flat and he just sat in the second chair like he belonged there, and oh, sherlock thought, here you are.


Doodles that I don’t feel like cleaning up any more than this

it’s my favorite friends again ✨

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Your Voltron head cannons give me life tbh

thanks bud here’s some more

  • lance, after getting a paper cut: “this is it…….. This Is How I End”
    • lance, after getting shot: “lol wild. so like…. can someone stick a bandaid on this or something”
  • whenever the paladins get a little too cocky allura’ll join them on the training deck for a few mins to remind them who’s alpha
  • *betrayed whisper* “space has changed you”
  • if shiro’s alone in the control room he’ll stand in the middle and quote the starship enterprise mission statement
  • *voltron does something right* “haha holy shit that actually worked?
  • keith is that friend that’s unsettlingly Down With Murder
    • not even in like an aggressive, bloodthirsty way but like
    • if you tell him you want someone dead, he’s like yeah okay, here’re some suggestions for weapons, here’s where you can drop off the evidence, and you could dump the body here, here, or here, if you need any more help just hit me up i can clear my schedule
  • “hunk can you fix pidge’s bad attitude” “hunk can you build lance a new personality”
  • coran’s solution to every problem is two dudes in a trench coat + big gun
  • pidge has one of those sound keyboards and is constantly playing sounds that have nothing to do with anything
    • *shiro walks into the room* *duck quack*
    • “guys dinner’s ready” *dramatic guitar strumming*
    • “pidge seriously can you stop-” *air horns*

Sometimes it blows my mind that there are actually men out there who refuse to accept that Leia has the Force and that she is the “other hope” that Yoda spoke of like

I’ve seen men argue that it’s actually the protagonist kid Ezra from Star Wars Rebels

I’ve seen them argue that it’s actually referring to someone in the sequel trilogy that we potentially haven’t even met yet

I’ve seen so much convoluted bullshit

It just blows my fucking mind that decades later people are still DESPERATELY trying to downplay Leia’s importance and power and significance because they just want her to be the sexy princess in a bikini and they don’t like the implications that she’s just as important as Luke (which she would be even if she weren’t the second hope).

Did those people even watch Return of the Jedi???? Did they not hear Obi-Wan TELL Luke that Yoda was referring to Leia???? Did they just hold their hands over their ears and hum loudly to drown out Luke telling Leia that she has the Force and that she’s the last hope for the alliance if he dies?????? Did they just look away when she uses the fucking Force onscreen??????????????? Did they miss the moment where Darth Vader’s last words are about Leia, about making sure his daughter knows his final choice????? Did they miss that moment that proves that even though she wasn’t even there, Leia still played a role in Anakin’s redemption????????


Do u ever think about someone who used to be… so important to you after a very bad point in your life and realize “this person was sort of… bad, and I made them out to be a better person than they actually are.”

Maybe you were romantic or platonic or otherwise, but you just clung to them because maybe they paid even a bit of attention to you, or were kind to you or supported you. But then it turns out you were just too in need of some attention and/or validation that you looked past all the shitty things they did to you…


“I’m just trying to look out for him!”


@thatsthat24 has a potentially angst ridden character so here I am with an amazing song from his Ultimate Storytime album!! I think it fits him. I don’t know why I like this character exactly? It’s fun seeing him interact with the other parts of Thomas’ personality (*coughcough*ThePrince*coughcough*). But I like his character and honestly? I might be projecting but he also just seems like the type who would hide his own anxiety and fears and sadness and just feeling in general? I know he has them because you can’t be the embodiment of someone anxiety and not. So I mean. 
Anyways, I hope you like your little gift Thomas!!

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do you happen to have any more Lance headcanons?

i have. so many

  • “lance was that really necessary” “no, but it was dope”
  • he doesn’t know it but the mice like him (bc he feeds them) so they start covering for his ass if allura ever asks about him
  • jokingly says “i would die for u”, is never actually joking
  • initiates Keith’s Jacket Discourse
    • it just??? covers his arms????? what’s the point????
    • he argues about the functional purpose of it to anyone who’ll listen for weeks
    • “someone buy this poor orphan a whole jacket”
  • he and hunk can have entire conversations consisting entirely of the word bro in different tones
  • *sees cute alien* *checks breath, smooths hair*
  • whenever someone takes off their gloves he acts like they’re streaking
    • lance, covering pidge’s eyes: “put those things away!! there are children present!!!!” “lance it’s just my fingers why are you like this”
  • has definitely tried to finger gun his way out of a life or death situation
  • lance: “shallow?? i’ll have you know i’m an enigma. a complex puzzle. I’m driven by very complicated and very deep motivations” pidge: “are they ass and titties”

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I have seen several people in varying politeness ask/tell/demand that you basically treat evil societal destroying fuckwads like someone that bailed on helping you move or showed up 2 hours late for a dinner. How in hell can we make the country better by having said fuckwads in charge and having far too many people saying it will work out... give them a chance... let's all forgive one another and be brothers while these fucktards destroy our world?

Part of what makes us liberals is our empathy and our hope for kindness to prevail, so I get it.

But when someone is stabbing you in the face, you don’t politely ask them to stop. You fight back.

When someone is stabbing someone else in the face, you don’t wait for them to stop, and then ask them to talk about their feelings. You stop them.

And, to be quite honest, the majority – and I mean the vast majority – of people telling me that we have to be patient and understanding with Nazis, or that we really need to just think about the deep game theory of blah blah blah are white dudes who aren’t worried about money or influence, who aren’t threatened in any meaningful way by the Nazis we all need to punch more.

So keep punching Nazis and then punch them some more, until they are all gone.

  • y'all: i hope 5sos never change, always trust us and love us. they deserve the world, happiness, everything
  • 5sos: are comfortable enough to post pictures with their girlfriends
  • y'all: *send hate to the boys, their girlfriends* lol their relationship is so fake he is obviously not happy
ot4 things
  • group chat has to remind mari to eat/sleep/stretch if she’s been designing for too long
    • alya: hi mari this is your hourly reminder to fucking get up and stretch oh my god you’re probably crouched over that chair like a shut in go for a walk gdi
    • adrien: ok so…..i texted you four hours later… you told me…..i hope you’re eating. lunch is important.
    • nino: get some h2o up in that bitch or i swear to god dude
  • alya has to call a fucking intervention every time she loses more than ten ladyblog followers overnight
    • one day, just to fuck with her, the three of them all unfollow her the same day and she bursts into class screaming 
    • “we’re not mutuals anymore ????? who the fuck why the fuck ???”
  • when someone’s sick or having a bad day, adrien stops by their house and drops off little care packages bc he’s literally perfect
    • photocopied notes from class, homework, water bottles, snacks, medicine, candy, a get well card, you name it
    • alya takes pictures of all of them and keeps an album
    • mari keeps the cards in a scrapbook for her shitty days
    • nino cries almost every time he gets one
    • the three of them pitch in to do one for adrien when he’s sick but he somehow manages to outdo all three of them consistently
  • nino starts an instagram account that’s literally just videos of mari and chloe fighting. alya and adrien both help moderate it
    • mari has no idea it exists so like sometimes the three of them will be cackling over nino’s phone and try to cover up what they were doing when she walks by
    • she thinks she missed out on a meme or something
    • everyone in school follows it
  • they rabbit a new anime every week bc adrien just keeps finding new ones and he always says “no trust me they’re so good” and they can’t say no to that face, he’s so excited, literally how adrien
    • kid has a good taste in anime, so six hour binges on saturday night are at least entertaining 
    • yuri on ice left mari and nino crying and adrien recorded it for posterity
  • adrien and mari make gym days a thing on sundays bc for some reason they’re fitness freaks and when did that happen they’re also so ripped like how ? ?
    • mari and adrien go through the whole shebang: cardio weights, machines, stretching, you have it
    • alya just stays on the elliptical the whole time watching reality tv on the televisions above her
    • nino stays on his phone the whole time walking on the treadmill instead of actually running
    • adrien: they’re working up to it. 
    • mari: we’re going for a run next week. no technology allowed. 

Tadashi Hamada + Icons

Free to use!

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Big Hero 6!!!

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My future husband says whaaaaat hahaha :’D

SORRY NOT SORRY, you guys wanted more D.VA and Lucio ship so I DID IT hahaha

This joke was too perfect not be done, I even woke up in the middle of the night and wrote it on my iPad so that I didn’t forget about it the next day LOL

Since this ship is now kinda popular I guess it should have a name. I always called them Frog & Rabbit (like Tiger & Rabbit) but someone on Know Your Meme suggested we call this “Bunnyribbit” and I think it’s kinda cute. What do you think? :)

I hope you like this! :D

Art © Blueem

Overwatch © Blizzard

Honestly Shallura is such a pure good ship, like They’ve both lost so much already just please let them find something new and warm and full of hope together

- let them be there for each other when they can’t show the team the strain they’re under

- Let them hold each other deep into the night and wake up to sleepy kisses and dazed smiles

- Let them wake up and know they’re not alone in their fighting anymore

- Let Shiro have someone to love him despite everything he’s been through and how broken he thinks he is

- Let Allura have someone to love and hold now that her family and planet are all gone

- Let them have someone by their side

- Let them not have to keep up pretences around each other

- Let them have fun and be in love

- Let them have this