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Weasley Twins x Reader Part 3 (Final)

(Sorry anon, but I can only do fluff. Hope you enjoy this!)

Lately, people have been giving you weird looks and some of the girls even glared at you. People never noticed you before so how come—oh right. Fred and George Weasley. Dating you. Oh how cliché you thought.

“Is there something the matter, y/n?” Fred, who was on your left asked you.

“Nothing serious, it’s just that I’ve been noticing people glaring daggers at me. Not that I’m not used to it. Well, I kind of understand them since I’m, uh, dating you two.” you faked cough, your face heating a bit.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t think about it much. The important thing is we are together now and I really don’t care what people think.” George who was on your right shrugged, slinging his arm around your waist.

“Just like what George said, no worries at all. Are you having problems with both of us dating you, y/n? We can break up if you want.” Fred said hesitantly with a concerned look and at this you hastily replied to him,

“Merlin, I didn’t say that I wanted to break up! It’s just that it feels so cliché right now. Like some kind of a fairy tale.”

“You say fairy tale, but we say a dream come true for the both us.” George smiled, not just him but Fred also. Their smiles are really contagious that you can’t help but to smile too.

“That reminds me, you said that you have been waiting for me to confess to you guys. How long did you know that I have a crush on you two?”

“About that, it started since we knew that you drew a portrait of us.” Fred answered casually,

“Though, we didn’t confirm yet if it was really us that you were crushing on so we didn’t say anything about it.” George added,

“Until you yourself spitted it out saying that we are attractive, funny, and hot.” Fred and George chuckled at that.

“Oh bloody hell, shut up. I didn’t know someone was eavesdropping on me and Luna.” You huffed while pouting at it.

“Don’t worry darling, we found it cute when you confessed to us like that.” Fred pecked at your cheeks.

“We are still waiting for the kiss on the lips though.” George smirked.

“You know I can’t do that yet. I feel embarrassed doing it.” You said exasperatedly. “This dating thing is new to me since.. this is my first time.” You looked away, face redden more at the statement.

“Are you serious? Not joking around?” Fred asked and he with George looked surprised at this, and you shake your head ‘no’.

“Merlin, guess we are the first one then.” Both of them smiled at the new information they got.

“Yeah, you should be honored.” You rolled your eyes playfully at them.

“Say, you never did once kissed us. Not even a peck on the cheek. Why not trying it now? It’s better now than never.” George raised his eyebrow at you.

“I guess so.. Just a peck on the cheek though. No funny business. Just, low down your body a bit. You’re freakishly tall for your own good.” At this, George rolled his eyes and bend his body down a bit, enough for you to get close to his face. As you were almost about to give a peck on his cheek, he turned his head and your lips ended up on his own. You pulled away quickly, your face flushed bright red and your mind trying to comprehend what just happened.

“Hey, no fair! You get to kiss her first on the lips!” Fred pouted, smacking his brother while at it.

“First come, first serve.” George smirked at his twin.

Your mind finally clicked and you were so ready to leave them and thinking about what the heck just happened. Unfortunately, the twins noticed this and managed to get a grip on your waist.

“Look, her face is really red right now.” Fred laughed.

“y/n, you look really cute right now. Merlin, I want to kiss you again.” George smiled again, feeling content that he finally got to kiss you and trying to resist the urge to kiss you senseless.

“No,no. Lord, just let me go I’m so embarrassed right now and want to go hide in a hole right now.” Your arms flail, trying to escape from the twins grip.

“Next time, it’s my turn dear brother.” Fred huffed at his twin, clearly dissatisfied with him stealing your first kiss.

“Stop talking like I’m not here!”

“Ah y/n, we are almost late to class. Come on then, move along.” Fred and George said in unison, dragging you with them to escort you to Transfiguration class since you were a fourth year (You always said to them that they didn’t have to escort you to class but they insist and knowing the twins, saying no won’t stop them). You spotted the Golden Trio and Hermione along with Harry waved at you, even smiling at your situation. You huffed in annoyance but not really and you waved them back, smiling. And this is how you spent your everyday life with the twins, and it was pure bliss. You were glad that you somehow managed to confess to them at that day and them accepting you. Not once did you regret making that choice. Well, except for the times when they pranked you. But it only happened once in a while so it’s okay. It was in their nature to prank people anyway.

(And that’s it folks, the ending for this story. Feel free to send any request or prompt ^^)

It’s messed up that the only thing that keeps me in the OUAT fandom is CS, because I used to love this show in it’s entirety (except from Regina for personal reasons) and the plot used to be so magical. I’d feel that spark of hope after each episode, you know? Now I just wait for any CS, Captain Charming, EmmaxSnowing scenes - which half the time none of these are written very well because the plot is too broad to focus on one character let alone the 75 million side characters added. I just wish the show would start focusing on hope again rather than repeating storylines (*cough* Regina’s fake and all too easy redemption and Rumple’s random good/bad crap because he was fine the was he used to be *cough*). I miss feeling excited to see Emma bond with her parents, rather than her being occasionally cared for. That’s one of the reasons Killian is so essential to the show, his number one priority is Emma (and he is the only person who keeps her his priority).
I just wish being excited for episodes rather than hoping a season wont be suckish.