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Dating Alex Standall would include...


Anonymous: hi, I really liked your ‘dating zach would include’ thing and I was wondering if you can do something similiar with alex :)💗



- Alex was murmuring some sort of internet-meme joke when Justin made a fool of himself in class, and no one heard it except you, which was why you bursted out laughing – causing everyone to look at you oddly.

- Alex thought this was cute though, since not many people understand his humour, sarcastic and sassy.

- One day during class, he gets picked on for a maths question, to save his embarrassment of not knowing the question, you answer it for him, so he waits outside after class for you to finish asking the teacher a homework question just to say thanks for saving his ass.

“ You really saved my life in there, me and math are clearly not a match made in heaven.”

- You offering to tutor him but he turns it down bc poor Alex is too awkward at first.

- He finally gives in, and your friendship blossoms from there.


- You catch him staring at you in class and he plays it off by ‘dropping’ his pen on the floor or faking a massive cough fit. (This is how I personally deal with awkward situations LMAO)

- Everyone being suspicious on how he was acting towards you.

“I have to cancel our study session today, I’ve got a date – well hopefully I do.”

“Who’s the lucky girl, Standall?”


- Sending each other SO MANY memes. And I mean SPAMMING LEVEL.

- Poor Alex getting teased so much when you guys became official. Mainly because the boys were not used to Alex talking to girls.

- A lot of the guys try to flirt with you to piss Alex off for fun, but their tactics don’t work on you – bc Alex is an angel and you’re so grateful to be his girlfriend.

“They’re idiots, don’t worry about them,” he says, before putting his arm around your shoulder and walking away.

- Alex needs to vent A LOT, because he keeps a lot of his emotions inside, and being the kind hearted person that you are, you’re always there to listen.

- When either of you are sad, it’s an automatic call for a cuddle session, usually on the couch, usually with pizza delivery and usually with a massive fluffy blanket.

“Wow you seem like you love that blanket more than me. Why are you snuggling it and leaving ME, it feels like the north pole over here!”

- *The type of person that says horror movies don’t scare them but starts shaking 10 minutes in.*


- You being the first person to ever see him cry, and the sight of him in such despair broke you heart.

- However, even though it’s you, he still has trouble with confiding his thoughts with you. Especially when he thought that you’d be sick and tired of what he thought, was a whiny attitude.

- You and Alex would never have fights, unless it was about him keeping things from you; him not wanting you to be upset or think badly of him, or leave him for his insecurities.

- You’d have to reinforce it to him SO MANY times, but don’t worry, he’s improving.

- You guys pull strengths from each other – in other words, he completes you and you make him feel the same. Alex doesn’t really have anyone to rely on, to trust, to love, but that changed when he met you. But this also means that he is extremely scared of losing you.

“I love you, you know that right?”

“Yes Alex, and I love you too!”

“Please don’t ever leave me, I know I’m not perfe-”


- ALWAYS asking for your opinion about EVERYTHING. Clothes. Studying. Life. Name it.

- He’s always texting you in the middle of class whenever you guys have different subjects, 99.8% of the time it’s bitching about how boring school is, or how annoying everyone is or that he’s counting down the minutes until he gets to see you.


- You getting slightly scraped when you fell to the ground trying to separate his fight with Montgomery in the carpark.

- When he saw the cut on your elbow, he could have thrown Mr Porter into Montgomery’s Jeep and try to beat the shit out of Monte but he didn’t want to leave you hurt and by yourself.

- As much as you love Alex, he is incredibly stubborn and will refuse to believe that he is ever wrong, until you start ignoring him and that’s when it finally makes sense to him.

- Forehead kisses bc even though you’ve been dating for a while, the bOY IS STILL AWKWARD AF SOMETIMES so he just goes for the forehead, he finds it affectionate and adorable. (Plus he wants to smell your hair bc it’s always a nice flowery scent)- weird but very true

- Resting his head on your shoulder, or lying on your lap, explaining to you his dilemma of dorky things.

“ I don’t know whether I should read the Harry Potter series again, or watch the movies AND THEN read the books!” He says frustratedly.

“Why should it matter, goodness you’re such a geek!”

“I’m a cute one though.”

“I’d have to agree on that.”


FEEL FREE TO REQUEST ME ABOUT ANYTHING: I can do any character in 13 Reasons Why!

Note: Yes, the main message of 13 Reasons Why was to raise awareness for mental illness, peer pressure, rape and suicide, and how it can affect the lives of not only the victim, but those around them. 

If you ever need to talk, feel free to message me, or if not, talk to someone – an adult/parents/friends. :)


A/N: Hello everyone! It’s been a hot minute. Hopefully this new series makes up for everything J I haven’t written hybrid!au stuff before, but I find it really hot so why the fuck not right?

There will be smut in later chapters!

If you’re not into that kind of stuff, then I wouldn’t read this story.

Based sorta on this J-Drama called Kimi Wa Petto, if you wanna check it out its super cute.

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Hey, hi, sorry to be a bother, but... Something happened and I was really down. When I went to ask for some support, my mom, without looking up from her phone, decided that me sobbing was the perfect moment to start berating me on my food aversion, which got worse after I was hospitalized recently, and I just... NEED some fluffy, Bucky-gets-lots-of-support fics. Thanks ♡

Ok yes i for sure have some for you.  I hope things get better for you soon <3

I got nothing here without you by agent_of_marvel

Bucky proceeds to have a small panic attack after yelling at Steve for his self destructive tendencies.

Stem by IamShadow21

Bucky Barnes discovers sugar, demands coffee, makes a variety of involuntary noises, cuddles up to Steve Rogers, regrows a limb, and fakes it ‘til he makes it at being a person.

stuck on you by wearing_tearing

“Bucky? You don’t look so hot.”

Bucky makes a tiny little sound in the back of his throat, only to start coughing. Of course he doesn’t look hot. He’s sick and he’s dying and Steve obviously isn’t attracted to him.

Touch Has A Memory by regent

Bucky’s so used to touch only bringing pain. He’s forgotten that a hand coming towards his face does not always constitute an attack. The first time Steve reaches to curl a hand around the back of Bucky’s neck (“Just for a hug, Buck. God, I’m so sorry, I should’ve warned you”), Bucky flinches, jerks back. He has to relearn everything. He has to relearn touch.

Late night

Summary: the reader, who is working for Transigen, & that one time when she had to work late.

Warnings: swearing. 

Autor’s note: this is my first experience writing on Tumblr & English is not my native language so don’t judge too hard <3

It was already half past nine and you still had a ton of work ahead of you. You were working as a biomedical engineer at the Transigen for about five years now but never were you working so late. As your fellow colleagues were departing, you became more irritated. While you were trying to be don emperor with work as soon as possible, your tablet decided for you and freezed.

‘For fuck’s sake…’ you muttered under your breath, rubbing your eyes. You’ve heard a chuckle from behind you and turned sharply. Donald Pierce was leaning  against the doorframe, smirking. The chief of security was not a good news most of the time. He was arrogant, supercilious, impudent, ruthless and horrifyingly cruel to the mutants in the facility. And even if you couldn’t deny that he was very handsome and his confident pousture has its charm, you were glad he was not a frequent visitor in your office.

‘Problems, doc?’ 

You rolled your eyes on that remark and turn back to your desk.

‘Are you lost?’ you asked trying to make your tablet unfreeze. Pierce sighed. 

‘No need to be like that, y/l/n. I’m just checking on you.’ he said walking in the desks in the office and then added with a fake concern voice: ‘Who knows what might happen with this things around.’ He found an x-rays of one of the mutants, that were taken earlier today, and now examined them with interest. 

‘'They are not things, Pierce, they are…’ you wanted to say “children” but held your tounge, you knew better. You fake cough. ‘They are… subjects.’ 

But Donald figured you out and scoffed. ‘ Mhm, whatever.’ he threw x-rays carelessly on the table. ‘'I was actually hoping you wouldn’t mind my company since everyone else is gone.’

He grabs a chair and sits next to you, putting his human hand on the back of your chair, metall fingers of his right hand tapping on the table. You’ve shifted uncomfortably - he is way too close. So close that you can smell alcohol in his hot breath. 

‘Drinking at work, are we?’ you chuckle nervously, making, however, no attempt to move away. He shrugged.

‘Ah, just a bit, don’t be a prude’ fingers of his human hand started playing with the ends of your h/c hair. You clear your throat. 

‘Umm… D-do you want something? I’m kinda busy right now and it’s late, so…’ you fall silent hoping he would get the hint, but he chuckles and suddenly moves right up against you.

‘'I want something alright.’ Pierce wishper huskly, his lips touching your ear and then slide down to your neck, leaving an open mouth kisses. You close your eyes, taking a sharp inhale, too surprised to do anything. You feel his right hand moving up your thigh to the hem of your dress. 

What are you doing, goddamit?!’ you thought and mentally slap yourself.

Flinching, you try to stand up, but his biotic hand grabs you across the waist and puts you back on the chair.

‘Sit the fuck down.’ Donald growls in your ear, but before he can do anything else, there is loud alarm sound coming from the corridor.

‘Fuck!’ he exlames and let’s out an irritated sigh.

‘We’ll finish this later, darling.’ With this and a quick kiss on the cheek, Pierce leaves you shocked and speechless. You can only make a note to yourself never stay too late at work.

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Honeymooners Pt 3

Thanks so much everyone who left lovely comments and mail, it made me geek out so happily!

“So it’s just an open buffet?” Loki muttered, holding his tray of food.

You stood close to him, feeling nervous. “I guess so, we grab what we want, then err, find a seat.”

Loki sighed, “And on our special day, every seat is taken.”

“There’s a booth over there, that couple looks nice, maybe we could get to know them, see if they’ve seen anything suspicious.”

Loki raised his eyebrow and glanced down at you. “Darling, I don’t know if you’ve forgotten, but mortals aren’t the most aware of magical activity, you thought you were alone in the universe for centuries. Something as small as a magical portal, hidden by the operator of this establishment would certainly go unnoticed.”

You bit your lip, “Well, shouldn’t we mingle or something? If we keep to ourselves, will that look suspicious?”

“How am I to know, these mortal customs are ridiculous.”

“I’m sure you have weird customs.”

“We do but this one is far stranger.”

You pinched the bridge of your nose, balancing your tray in one hand and sighed. “Look, husband, darling, light of my life,” Loki snorted and you continued, “as your wife, I’m saying that we go befriend a couple so I can uh, show my husband off. Because I’m more in love and proud that he took me here, alright? Besides, people are going to start wondering why we’re standing in a corner and not just eating.”

Loki scowled, “Couldn’t we go back to the room and eat?”

“No, I’m not having people think weird things about me.”

Chuckling, Loki shook his head, “The food you chose is hardly conducive to such activities anyways.”

“I know, I chose them on purpose.” You called over your shoulder, making your way through the tables and over to the solitary booth.

“Hey there, I’m sorry to be rude, but there’s no other tables available.” You trailed off, looking around the room to double check that there were indeed no tables.

“Oh absolutely! Come sit by us! We were so lucky to steal this table from another couple that got up at the last second, you’d think that they wouldn’t over book like this, or at least have as many tables as rooms.” The woman shook her head. She was short and petite with deeply tanned skin and long auburn hair that trailed past her shoulders. Her eyes were the color of deep caramel and she seemed to glow in the presence of her new husband. “I’m Clara by the way.”

You told her your name and glanced over your shoulder, making sure Loki was behind you. “And this is Loki, my husband, it feels so weird finally saying it.”

“Doesn’t it though?” Clara beamed, “this is my husband, Toran.” The man beside her appeared tall, not as tall as Loki but still taller than you. He had broad shoulders, built in a way that reminded you of Thor - bulky - but you didn’t doubt Loki was stronger than him. Why that suddenly mattered to you was beyond your knowledge and you forced the thought away. His hair was dirty blonde, short cropped and he had a small blonde soul patch growing under his lower lip.

“Hey there.” Toran offered his hand for you to shake.

You shook it and thanked them for making space for the two of you. Toran stood up and moved around to sit beside his wife and you slid into the booth, allowing Loki to have the edge.

Loki glanced distrustfully at Toran but finally sat down and forced a smile.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just shy.” You looked at Loki and smiled.

Loki’s eyes darkened, that scowl ready to spread across his face but he was supposed to be a happy newlywed and forced a smile. “Forgive me, I’d rather have my beloved all to myself but it seems only right that I show her off.”

Clara giggled, “He’s so sweet. Toran and I have been in our room all day, we got married yesterday, it’s been so lovely, just really having time to ourselves.”

Loki snorted into his drink and you elbowed him in the ribs.

She continued, “Have you two been, you know, not to be too forward or anything, I’m just not sure how much is normal here, Toran says he’s tired and needs some time to recoup.”

You flushed deeply and Loki took another drink to stifle his laugh. “Well we just got here a few hours ago, but wanted to uh, take things slow a bit, really enjoy the time getting to err…” You trailed off, looking to Loki for help.

Loki’s eyes sparkled as he looked down at you, “Whatever you want, my love, it’s about us I know, but you deserve to be worshiped, you are the princess of my life after all.”

You grit your teeth and forced a smile, turning back to the couple across from you, “Isn’t he sweet?”

“He calls you his princess?” Clara cooed, “Toran, you don’t have that many pet names for me, how come?” She glared at him and he glared across at Loki.

You jumped, knee hitting the table as Loki squeezed a particularly sensitive spot on your leg. “Sorry, thought there was a bug.” You managed to grumble as Loki faked a coughing fit to hide his laughter.

“Oh I hope it wasn’t a spider, I absolutely hate those things.” Clara’s eyes widened as she scanned the booth for signs of the bug.

“It was probably nothing.” You quickly added.

“My darling here gets a little jumpy sometimes.” Loki managed to choke out, his laughter finally subsiding.

“So are you two going to take advantage of the shops here, or the hot tubs, they’re natural and built into the side of the mountain, hot streams come right up and this place was built around it.” Toran asked the pair of you.

“I hadn’t really thought that far ahead.”

“Really? Clara has spent years making her plans for this place.”

“I, oh…” You trailed off, worried that this could blow your cover.

“I made a list,” Clara interjected, “but that’s just me. I think it’s lovely that you’re more just go with the flow, I think that’s more romantic, don’t you Toran?” He nodded and she continued, “but we were thinking of visiting the beach tomorrow, you know the tram that is a never ending cycle up and down, so you can go at any time. Thought if we weren’t too tired we’d see the sunrise or maybe just enjoy the water.”

“I was thinking of doing that tomorrow as well.” You glanced at Loki and he shrugged.

“It’s clothing optional, there’s little cordoned off places for privacy if couples want to, you know.” She cleared her throat and blushed again, glancing at Toran.

You blinked hard, “Right, right, of course.”

Loki wrapped his arm around your shoulder, lacing his fingers into your hand, “My beloved here is awfully shy.”

Toran interrupted, “Actually it’s nude required, no clothes allowed once you step foot on the sand. At least, that’s what I read, not sure how enforced it is.” He looked Clara up and down, clearly mentally undressing her.

You glanced at Loki, the two of you making eye contact and swallowed nervously. Seeing Loki in all his glory tomorrow? Could you handle that?

“Oh, watch for the seismic activity, that’s what we were told, the floors kinda tremble at night sometimes and that lovely hotelier said that it’s just the deep set volcanic activity.” Clara said as she stood up, “We should probably get back to our room, look forward to seeing you two tomorrow at the beach.” Her eyes trailed over Loki for a minute and you felt a surge of jealousy and possessiveness well within you.

Loki seemed oblivious to her look, simply staring at you still. Toran followed after Clara, the pair bidding you both good night and left.

“Could that be the portal, I thought you said it was an inactive volcano?” Loki lowered his voice to ask you.

You forced your thoughts away from the look Clara had given Loki and considered it. “If it’s a big and powerful enough portal, siphoning who knows what through it, that would make sense that the ground trembles. Awfully irresponsible that the owner wouldn’t know.”

“Unless he’s in on it.”

“Well hopefully we’ll run into him tomorrow.”

“Not on the nude beach though.” Loki added absently, munching on the last of his food.

You groaned, resting your head on the table, “Don’t remind me.”

Loki chuckled, “Come now, love, only a week more of this, it will be lovely. Let’s get back to our room and figure out our sleeping arrangements.”

“I kinda hate you right now.” You grumbled.

“You can’t hate me pet, we’ve only been married one day.”

“My next husband better bring me here too.”

Loki laughed, a smile widening across his face as he gently kissed your cheek, his fingers playing with your hair. “Shall I carry you to bed?”

“No, you’ll make a scene. Every other guy here will think he has to in order to please his wife.”

“I would carry my wife, she would want for nothing.”

“She’d want a divorce, putting up with you.”

“You wound me.”

You straightened up, making sure you hadn’t actually upset him but Loki continued to grin at you, eyes alight with mischief. Rolling your eyes, you playfully shoved his chest. Loki caught your hand and pressed a kiss to the back of it.

“Shall we, love?”

You rolled your eyes again, “C’mon you goon, let’s go figure out how to sleep in that sex bed.”


I’ve been getting a lot of boyfriend requests lately so I figured I’d make a separate masterlist for it, a similar one like this! As of right now they’re just tags, so you could either go through this post or just search “boyfriend [insert member of choice]” on my tumblr, whatever you prefer!!

I hope this gets a lot more organized in the future cough cough

the snaps from the other mini masterlist featuring the dreamies are not included in this one


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It Wasn't Acting

Summary: Heartbroken after catching his boyfriend - Oliver - cheating, Phil decides to leave him but then two weeks later, the doorbell rings and there stood his now-ex-boyfriend claiming that he wants Phil back. Phil denies Oliver’s pleas, leading him to become more aggressive but after secretly listening in on the conversation, Dan decides to interfere.

Length: little under 2k words

extra tags: fake relationship au, protective 


Phil’s POV
“I’ll get him for this, I promise. I will get him back.” Dan whispered, embracing me in a comforting hug as my tears soaked his shirt. He stroked my hair as I sobbed into his neck.
~ Time Lapse ~
I knocked on his door three times waiting for my boyfriend Oliver to open the door.
“Phil! What are you doing here?!” He gasped in a hushed tone.
“I’m sorry, it’s just… I’ve had a really bad day, and I was hoping that you could make me feel a little better.” I sighed reaching my arms out for a hug. Hesitantly, he hugged back.
“I’m sorry Phil,” he began, pulling away from the hug. “You-…you can’t be here.”
“Why not?” I asked concerned.
“It… It’s not the best time.” He exclaimed. “It’s just, I’ve got a lot of work… I don’t have a lot of spare time. I’m sorry.” He babbled.
“Okay, love,” I sighed. “I’ll leave you to your work, but text me, okay?” I asked.
“I will, don’t worry.” He smiled, leaning forwards and pecking my lips. “Love you.”
“I love you too-”
“Babe! What’s taking you so long?!”
Oliver’s face went white and his body tensed. I furrowed my brow in confusion before looking into his apartment to see a man wearing only an unbuttoned shirt, leaning against the doorframe to Oliver’s bedroom. My blood ran cold and I stood glued to the floor.
“Phil,” Oliver began cautiously. “I can explain.” He said, moving his hand into mine.
“Get off me.” I said, my voice trembling. I reached my hand up to my mouth and wiped my lips, thinking of how many other lips have touched Oliver’s. “Y-You…” I stammered, my lips quivering. “H-How could y-you?!” I screamed; my throat tightening,  my stomach twisting and hands and legs shaking made me feel sick. I had to get out of here. I had to leave.
“Phil! Please wait!” Oliver called as I ran with tears streaming down my face.
~ Back to Current Time ~
My eyes slowly fluttered open and squinted as the sun rays shone into my pupils. I stretched my body across my green and blue bedsheets when i suddenly became aware of the booming noise in my ears.
Bbbzzzzz! Bbzzz!
I groaned with annoyance before slowly getting out of bed and making my way to the door. I opened the door before freezing cold to the floor.
“What are you doing here?” I demanded, looking at the disgusting figure who stood in front of me.
“I need you back Phil.”
Dan’s POV
Bbbzzzzz! Bbzzz!
I lifted my heavy eyelids with frustration reaching over to my phone resting on the bedside counter. Who the hell is ringing the doorbell at 10am on a Saturday? No-one in their right mind would think to get up this early.
I smiled as the infuriating noise came to a stop as I heard Phil answer the front door. I rolled back onto my stomach and began to fall back asleep.
“What are you doing here?” I heard from the front door. Phil’s voice is normally so relaxed and calm, but he sounded panicked and somewhat scared.
“I need you back Phil.”
I sat up immediately, my eyes widening and body tensing.
My jaw clenched and fists tightened at the thought of his name. How could he cheat on Phil? I have felt resentment towards him since I met him; the way he wrapped his arms around Phil roughly, always controlling him. His stupid light brown wavy hair that matched his stupid eyes that looked at Phil with love and care, only to realise that it wasn’t only Phil that he looked at like this. How could anyone cheat on someone so funny, so caring, so kind…. so perfect.
“It’s been months now. I’ve moved on. Besides, you are expecting my forgiveness after I caught another guy… In your bedroom.” Phil rambled.
I got up from bed and ran down the hallway quietly before hiding behind the wall and spied on them both at the doorway.
“I was wrong Phil. I was so, so, wrong to have done that to you. I love you. I love you so much.” He pled, reaching his hand out to stroke Phil’s cheek. “Please, Philly.” He whispered hoarsely into his ear.
Blood began to boil beneath my skin as I watched him mess with Phil’s emotions like this.
“Please, just leave.” Phil snapped, motioning for Oliver to leave.
“Come on Philly, I know you still love me.” He smirked stepping closer.
“Stop calling me ‘Philly’!” He shrieked.
'I’ll get him for this, I promise. I will get him back.’ The words echoed through my head and that’s when I decided I had to do something. I shot my eyes around the room desperately when my gaze landed on a purple felt pen resting on the table behind me and I was struck with a sudden idea.
Phil’s POV
“Stop calling me Philly!” I screeched.
“Sorry, baby.” He apologised, yet kept the smirk on his face. “I’ve missed you.” He exclaimed. “You complete me Phil. I love you. I need you.” Oliver finished, looking into my eyes, looking so innocent and pure. I smiled unconsciously at his small declaration. But that’s when I saw his eyes change. After seeing my reaction, they returned to their arrogant gaze filled with smugness and he began edging closer.
Biting his lip, I gulped as I remembered who he was and what he did - I don’t want this at all, I felt fear rise in my throat before I saw Oliver’s gaze drift from my face to behind me. Before I knew it I felt arms wrap around my neck pulling me backwards a few steps.
The arms then moved to my waist, pulling me firmly against a body behind me and I felt a face press into my neck.
“Come back to bed.” I heard Dan whisper hoarsely and sexually into my ear, loud enough for Oliver to hear.
“Dan?!” Oliver spluttered, looking as shocked as I felt.
“Oh, hey Oliver.” Dan greeted with no welcoming tone at all, kissing my neck gently before moving his mouth to my ear. “Philly, do you want to-”
“Wait, wh- no! What the fuck?!” Oliver broke in, dazed. I looked around at Dan casually - trying not to let Oliver know I was as confused as him. But then, my eyes widened as my gaze was caught on a huge purple blotch on his neck. Oliver must have followed my gaze as I heard his gasp.
Dan stood behind me, holding me suggestively against him with love bites all over his neck which then led me to noticing that he wasn’t wearing a top. His usually bare chest was now littered in dozens of purple marks which made it difficult for me not to gasp. His hair was messed up with the ends curling as if he’d been sweating-… Oh God.
“Oh my-… Have you two…” He choked, pointing to Dan’s love bite and then to me.
Dan swiftly winked at me as casually and as secretive as possible. Then - it clicked.
“We’re dating.” I muttered, hoping to God that I hadn’t made a mistake. But then I felt Dan let out a sigh of relief behind me, making me calmer.
“For how long?” He barked.
“I’ve always liked him.” Dan giggled. Saying it with such confidence, almost made it sound true not only to Oliver, but to me too.
“It’s been nearly a month.” I answered as I felt Dan press his lips to my cheek, causing me to blush furiously.
“Ugh, I should have known.” Oliver huffed. “The way you always looked at him when we went out or were cuddling on the sofa.” He spat at me, leering Dan aggressively. 'The way you always looked at him’? What was that supposed to mean? “When you cancelled our date because Dan was ill, when you couldn’t get a coffee with me because you were making a video with Dan- why didn’t I see this from the start?!” He snapped.
“Maybe you were too busy cheating.” I argued.
“Shut up you-!” He shouted, raising his fist and clenching. I froze with fear like deer in headlights and squinted my eyes, preparing for the pain.
“Leave. Now.” I looked up to see that Dan had untangled himself from me and caught Oliver’s arm mid-air. Oliver and Dan stood glaring at each other with hatred for what felt like years before Oliver yanked his arm from Dan’s grip.
“Goodbye, Phil, Dan.” He grumbled, before leaving the flat for what I hope is the final time. As the door slammed closed, I suddenly felt dizzy, my vision began to blur and I felt my body begin to lose balance.


Dan’s POV
It had now been two hours since Phil fainted. When he fell to the floor, I was absolutely terrified but then I rested his body on the sofa and checked his pulse and thankfully, he was just sleeping. I moved a blanket over him and couldn’t help but capture how adorable yet vulnerable he looked.  
“Dan…” He mumbled, causing me to snap out of my daydream. I dived forward and sat in front of him before whispering: “Phil, are you awake?”
“Can you lie with me?” He asked, with his eyes fluttering half-open.
“Okay.” I agreed, climbing behind him and wrapping my arms around him waist to feel him sigh in comfort.
“What was that all about earlier?” He asked breaking the comfortable silence.
“I felt like I needed to do something. I made a promise, remember?” He snuggled into me tighter.
“Yes.” He answered. “…and where did those love bites come from?” He giggled and I instantly blushed.
“It was pen.” I chuckled.
“That’s a lot of effort for me.”
“You’re worth the effort.”
Phil smiled before speaking again: “When you said you 'always liked’ me, for a second, it sounded real.”
My body became rigid. He can’t know.
“Well, I… Err…” I coughed as my voice broke. “…I’m glad that my acting skills are of such a high standard.” I exclaimed with a fake laugh. After hearing no reply, I began to wonder if he had fallen asleep again.
“I was hoping you weren’t acting.” He said. My eyes widened and I stared at the man who was pressed up against me with his raven-black hair and eyes so blue he could make an ocean’s colour envious.
“What?” I gulped, my heart palpitating faster than humanly possible.

  "I…“ He hesitated. "I- I love you Dan.” He admitted, squeezing his eyes shut with the fear of rejection. My stomach filled with butterflies and my heart was not stopping it’s racing pace. I quickly spun his body around to face me and leant my forehead against his.

“I wasn’t acting.” I whispered with a smile. “I love you too.”

Thank you so much for reading ^-^ 

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Cold day (Colossus x Reader)

Tons of things to say: Sorry for not bringing any request, and sorry for making this even though I said my brain was not working. First Colossus one, shortie but well, it’s not even that good. Whoopsie.

  • Words:  696
  • Pairing: Colossus x Mutant!Reader
  • Warnings: Little fluff.
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name

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You sat on the cold wooden floor right in front of the stove. It had some chopped logs inside but you couldn’t find the matches to light the fire. The Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters didn’t have some freaking matches anywhere. The convenient thing though, was that you could actually light the fire with only the flick of your fingers.
Earlier that day you were had been training the physical part until some of the younger students went to you for some help trying to turn on that stupid thing. The day was extremely cold indeed and you thought you might catch a cold for going into such a cold place being all sweaty and hot.
“Having all the contacts around the globe, neither Charles Xavier nor Jean Grey could get radiators or something to warm this thing up, right?” You said while crossing your legs and arranging again the logs “Because let’s make students use their powers to burn stuff and have them making fire for the rest of the school, institution, loony bin that they will eventually call home, right?” You flicked your fingers and set some fire just to see it die a few seconds later “Come one, why won’t you cooperate with me?” You whined and complained “Everyone in this place does and you, and immobile and completely dead thing won’t help me? Why dear god, why?” You raise your hand asking for heaven’s help.
Some heavy steps came your way and it was only one person in the whole school that walked like that. Professor Piotr Rasputin, also known as Colossus by the ones who feared him the most. Well, to the others he was “professor”, to you he was “darling”, “honey” and sometimes “baby”. He tried to hold back his laughter halfway of you because he heard you saying things out loud but with no one to hear them.        
“Have you already gone crazy, my love?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest and giving you a ‘good god help me, this girl is nuts’         “Vat are you trying to do (Y/N)?” His thick accent spilled out and you loved how everything sounded with his voice.
“I’m not crazy” You roll your eyes, still very focused in the stove “I’m just trying to get this lighted up”
“Vy is that?” He asks, holding a chuckle “Are you feeling cold?”
“Yes I am, look at my attire please”
The students that came to you never gave you time to get changed or at least showered, so you were in your shorts and a loose top that wasn’t very warming or covering. Piotr checked you out and decided to sit next to you. He placed an arm behind you and made you lean closer to his body. For some reason he was always warm and you always felt very comfortable in there.
“You should go and get changed, don’t you think?” He asked, patting your hair.
“This school should get some central heating, don’t you think?” You complained.
“I asked first”
“I need to get this, if not I’m gonna catch a cold” You pouted “Then, I promise to get a shower”
“You’ll get a cold anyvay; being half-naked and sitting on the cold floor is definitely contributing” He smiled and giving you a fatherly look.
You arranged the logs one last time and silently prayed for it to work. You set different parts on fire, hoping that this would finally work. Piotr was really enjoying the scene of you, placing your hands together and pleading to any source of religion for this to work out.
“Yay!” You squealed when you saw the fire taking over the logs and finally heating the place. You clapped your hands like a little child and a huge grin drew across your face.
“Now, bathroom and getting into some varmer clothing” Piotr ordered “I can walk with you so you don’t get lost in the vay”
“I’m already feeling a little sick, professor” You faked two coughs and he lifted you so he could give you a piggyback ride “Thank you, honey” You whispered to his ear and kissed his always perfectly shaved cheek.

Stiles Stilinski

(Guess who’s back, back again. Lexa’s back, tell a friend. Finally got around to writing for my boy Stiles Stilinski and I am so happy with how this turned out. Please let me know what you think! It’s not New Year’s where I am yet, but I know it’s already the start of 2017 in other places so Happy New Year’s puddins! Enjoy!)

Happy New Year’s

Was there anything you enjoyed more than sleeping? Probably not, and everyone knew your number one rule. If Y/N is asleep, do not wake her unless it’s an emergency!

Stiles always seemed to forget that rule.

It’s the slamming of the front door and the loud footsteps running up your stairs that wakes you.

You groan because you know who it is.

Stiles comes crashing into your room “Y/N, come on get up!” he says bouncing up and down on your bed and shaking you by the shoulders.

“Stiles, it’s 9:00am. What are you doing here?”

“Babe, it’s 2:00 in the afternoon! Get up, we’re not spending New Year’s Eve in bed.”

“Why not?” you sigh.

“Because, I have something planned for us tonight. So get up!”

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Getting Caught - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Prompt: Could write a Teen Wolf imagine where the reader is Stiles’ or Scott’s younger sister and she’s dating Liam, and they catch them making out? Please and thank you so much!!

GIF Credit: imaginexteenwolf 

My Teen Wolf Master List

Family movie night in the Stilinski household was a must weekly thing. It’s something the Sheriff decided to do to bond with his kids after his wife passed away. The agreement was movie night once night a week, preferably a night when the Sheriff was off, wouldn’t interfere with Stiles’ lacrosse games, and Y/N’s orchestra commitments; as well as no inviting a friend over. Movie night was strictly for the three of them only.

Y/N loved movie nights with her dad and older brother, except for tonight she/d rather be with Liam, especially considering how well things were going between the two of them. There was an instant connection the moment Stiles introduced his baby sister to Liam one day after lacrosse practice. Since then, the two have been sneaking around over the last two months to see each other In janitor closets and the locker rooms during school hours, and of course in bedrooms in empty houses. The two were so into each other; they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and the excitement of sneaking around made their relationship more fun.

It was Stiles’ turn to pick a movie for the night and of course he picked Star Wars; Y/N’s least favorite movie in the world. She tried so hard to focus on the movie but it was hard to enjoy it with Liam on her mind. Picturing his breathtaking blue eyes, his cute baby face, picture perfect smile and his full lips.

At that moment her phone buzzed with a new text message from Liam. 

I hope you don’t mind but I snuck out of my house just to see you. Go to your room ;)

She tried not to smile. Instead she faked a cough followed by a fake sneeze. “Dad, I’m not feeling so good. Can I be excused? I’d like to go to bed.”

“Of course, sweetheart. Take something before you go to bed, okay?” 

She nodded and said good night. She fought so hard not to run up the stairs or climb them two steps at a time, but when she finally got to her room she quickly opened the door. She leaned her back against the door after closing it and looked at Liam who was sitting on her bed. A warm breeze came from the open window Liam came through.

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Simon never expected he was going to be working at the forefront of modern medical science when he took the job at the resort – the irrelevance of his position actually played a substantial part in his final decision to take the offer. Days like this one, however, were practically pushing the limit of what a thoroughly boring day could even look like. He had spent a large portion of his shift just rearranging the files on his computer before moving to shuffle the staff files hoping to find someone needed a checkup, just so he could get some other person in there. 

All of that that had to at least partially explain why, when someone finally walked into his office, Simon blurted out enthusiastically:

“Yes, finally!” He suddenly felt the urge to fake a cough. “I mean, good afternoon… you all right?”

Broken lies

Summary: Don’t lie to Suga. He doesn’t like it. But then you get to make up and that’s always fun.
Genre: Angst that turns to fluff, as requested :)
Pairing: You/Suga(Yoongi) BTS
Words: ~ 2,000 (One Shot)

I asked for a request and got one, yey! I bust this out in a few hours so it’s not awesome, but it’s not too bad. I hope it’s an enjoyable read for the Suga stan in us all.

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“So sorry to cancel, Babe,” you said into your phone, followed by a fake cough. “I don’t want to get you sick though.” You thought you might actually be sick from lying to your boyfriend, but it was in his own interest, so you tried not to feel too bad about it.

He couldn’t hide the disappointment from his voice. “We only get a few days off here and there. Are you sure you’re that sick?”

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Chapter 17

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything! The storyline and characterizations are completely fictional. Any real life similarities are completely coincidental. Don’t be offended and don’t sue me.

Notes: Smut Warning! A special thanks to my new friend ringohime78 for putting up with me, she knows how hard I worked on getting this chapter out for you today!

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Weasley Twins x Reader Part 3 (Final)

(Sorry anon, but I can only do fluff. Hope you enjoy this!)

Lately, people have been giving you weird looks and some of the girls even glared at you. People never noticed you before so how come—oh right. Fred and George Weasley. Dating you. Oh how cliché you thought.

“Is there something the matter, y/n?” Fred, who was on your left asked you.

“Nothing serious, it’s just that I’ve been noticing people glaring daggers at me. Not that I’m not used to it. Well, I kind of understand them since I’m, uh, dating you two.” you faked cough, your face heating a bit.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t think about it much. The important thing is we are together now and I really don’t care what people think.” George who was on your right shrugged, slinging his arm around your waist.

“Just like what George said, no worries at all. Are you having problems with both of us dating you, y/n? We can break up if you want.” Fred said hesitantly with a concerned look and at this you hastily replied to him,

“Merlin, I didn’t say that I wanted to break up! It’s just that it feels so cliché right now. Like some kind of a fairy tale.”

“You say fairy tale, but we say a dream come true for the both us.” George smiled, not just him but Fred also. Their smiles are really contagious that you can’t help but to smile too.

“That reminds me, you said that you have been waiting for me to confess to you guys. How long did you know that I have a crush on you two?”

“About that, it started since we knew that you drew a portrait of us.” Fred answered casually,

“Though, we didn’t confirm yet if it was really us that you were crushing on so we didn’t say anything about it.” George added,

“Until you yourself spitted it out saying that we are attractive, funny, and hot.” Fred and George chuckled at that.

“Oh bloody hell, shut up. I didn’t know someone was eavesdropping on me and Luna.” You huffed while pouting at it.

“Don’t worry darling, we found it cute when you confessed to us like that.” Fred pecked at your cheeks.

“We are still waiting for the kiss on the lips though.” George smirked.

“You know I can’t do that yet. I feel embarrassed doing it.” You said exasperatedly. “This dating thing is new to me since.. this is my first time.” You looked away, face redden more at the statement.

“Are you serious? Not joking around?” Fred asked and he with George looked surprised at this, and you shake your head ‘no’.

“Merlin, guess we are the first one then.” Both of them smiled at the new information they got.

“Yeah, you should be honored.” You rolled your eyes playfully at them.

“Say, you never did once kissed us. Not even a peck on the cheek. Why not trying it now? It’s better now than never.” George raised his eyebrow at you.

“I guess so.. Just a peck on the cheek though. No funny business. Just, low down your body a bit. You’re freakishly tall for your own good.” At this, George rolled his eyes and bend his body down a bit, enough for you to get close to his face. As you were almost about to give a peck on his cheek, he turned his head and your lips ended up on his own. You pulled away quickly, your face flushed bright red and your mind trying to comprehend what just happened.

“Hey, no fair! You get to kiss her first on the lips!” Fred pouted, smacking his brother while at it.

“First come, first serve.” George smirked at his twin.

Your mind finally clicked and you were so ready to leave them and thinking about what the heck just happened. Unfortunately, the twins noticed this and managed to get a grip on your waist.

“Look, her face is really red right now.” Fred laughed.

“y/n, you look really cute right now. Merlin, I want to kiss you again.” George smiled again, feeling content that he finally got to kiss you and trying to resist the urge to kiss you senseless.

“No,no. Lord, just let me go I’m so embarrassed right now and want to go hide in a hole right now.” Your arms flail, trying to escape from the twins grip.

“Next time, it’s my turn dear brother.” Fred huffed at his twin, clearly dissatisfied with him stealing your first kiss.

“Stop talking like I’m not here!”

“Ah y/n, we are almost late to class. Come on then, move along.” Fred and George said in unison, dragging you with them to escort you to Transfiguration class since you were a fourth year (You always said to them that they didn’t have to escort you to class but they insist and knowing the twins, saying no won’t stop them). You spotted the Golden Trio and Hermione along with Harry waved at you, even smiling at your situation. You huffed in annoyance but not really and you waved them back, smiling. And this is how you spent your everyday life with the twins, and it was pure bliss. You were glad that you somehow managed to confess to them at that day and them accepting you. Not once did you regret making that choice. Well, except for the times when they pranked you. But it only happened once in a while so it’s okay. It was in their nature to prank people anyway.

(And that’s it folks, the ending for this story. Feel free to send any request or prompt ^^)

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Rin, Sousuke, Makoto and Seijuurou's reactions to their s.o cooking something for them BUT it tastes horrible. Would they tell the truth or lie to not hurt their feelings? XD

(ohhh noOOOO)

Makoto: He’d hope his partner couldn’t see how his face was visibly paling the moment their cooking touched his tongue, but he immediately plasters on the happiest fake smile when he sees them staring at him so expectantly. “I-It’s really good! You should teach me how to cook sometime, too.” He immediately regrets saying that since he’s not any better than them, but he can at least stop them from doing things like overcooking or adding random ingredients next time.

Rin: He coughs a few times and has to cover his mouth with his hand for a while, looking away from his partner since he had to figure out how he was going to word this. “It’s… not bad, but…” He groans and gives up. “Ah, sorry! It’s pretty bad. How did you even mix up the sugar and salt? Aren’t they labeled?” He lectures them for a few minutes on kitchen safety and how to keep everything organized, but he feels so guilty over their disappointed face he has to kiss them on the forehead.

Sousuke: His eyebrow twitches and he nearly chokes, but he keeps it together until he can swallow the first bite. “…It’s good,” he mumbles from around the spoon in his mouth, biting on it gently to distract himself from what he just ate. Unfortunately his partner would be able to see through his horrible acting and call him out, saying he didn’t need to lie, but he just shakes his head like it’s not registering in his brain. “What, what’re you saying, it’s good. I said, it’s good. What, I’m not lying-” He forces himself to keep eating and ends up wrestling his partner for the spoon.

Seijuurou: No matter how unappealing the dish looks at first glance, his smiling partner waiting for him to eat it would end up making him smile, too. After his loud declaration of joy he’d start eating, but then go blue in the face from how bad it tasted. (Surely his partner would notice his pained expression and start to worry.) Without another word he’d quickly shove all of it into his mouth and down an entire glass of water, even if he felt like he’d throw up at any second now. He ruffles their hair with a big smile and a thumbs-up. “Thanks for the food! Ah, that was good. How about we try cooking together next time?” 

The Good, The Bad, and The Annoyed

For bestiemcmic ! Jealous Ben and Jay (fighting over Carlos). Prompts are still open! Don’t forget to like, reblog, and follow!

Carlos liked spending time with his friends, spending time with Dude, and spending time on his homework. Auradon has been treating him well and he thought it couldn’t get better, and it didn’t. It got worse, but only for a few hours.

Ben had left a note slid under Carlos’s door, that he had seen when getting back from class. He smiled, a blush appearing on his cheeks. “Meet me by my dorm at 3 -Ben ♡” He had time to kill, so he went to do his homework, but for once /ever/ he couldn’t concentrate. All that was on his mind was what Ben had waiting for him, another thought crossed his mind that wasn’t as pleasant. What was Jay going to say? Carlos sighed, checking the door at least 10 times in 3 minutes, both relieved and stressed when Jay came in. 

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downside to having super pale skin: when you fake being unwell and everyone around you is like “yeah you do look really sickly and horrible actually” when they don’t even know the truth and i can’t say anything back bc i’m faking it so i’m just going to aggressively cough on you and hope you catch what i don’t actually have you fucking bitch

Thanks, Princess - Theo Raeken Imagine

Thanks, Princess – TW Imagine

Prompt: Theo, the biggest flirt at Beacon Hills High approaches you and asks you to pretend to be your girlfriend for a bet. A quick, boring imagine!

A/N: Here’s a quick crappy and short imagine! I don’t know, just a random filler I guess. I’ve got exams tomorrow so I can’t upload for the next couple days, at least I don’t think I can. Hope this made sense and yeah, enjoy! :)

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Word Count: 1408

Originally posted by lets-be-a-queen

Your POV

I was outside on one of the benches, alone, reading a book I bought yesterday. Again, I was alone. Nice and peaceful from all the gossiping and chattering inside the school halls. Unlike most students, I liked to spend my lunches reading alone in silence.

That was when Theo Raeken, Beacon Hills ‘bad boy hottie’ approached me. “I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend.” He sat down next to me, panting. I didn’t flinch or look up. This boy was trouble, and I knew it. I continued my book and turned the page over, completely ignoring Theo’s presence.

“Please, Princess?” He begged. I sighed and closed my book, making sure to leave my bookmark on the page I was on. “How many times have I told you not to call me that, Raeken?” I said annoyed. I’ve known Theo since we were little, since him and my family were close friends. I wasn’t shy around him, and I definitely wasn’t drooling around him. I’m not like the other girls where they like to daydream and suck up to him, and he knows that. That’s why he knows calling me ‘Princess’ annoys me. I wasn’t going to deny, he was pretty good looking. Just shitty personality. Well, I don’t know.

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🙋 + Amelia babysitting her baby niece.

So I’m combining this one with an anon prompt I got ages ago about Amelia watching Ellis when she was home sick from school –– meaning she’s a bit older than baby, but only because I’ve written a few of Amelia with baby Ellie already. ( Dedicated, as always, to my Little Bear @pxsthumus )

“So, what’s up, Fakey McFakerson?” Amelia asked, warming herself into the cushions of her sister-in-law’s sofa.

Ellis coughed. “What?”

“I saw you hold that thermometer up to the lightbulb when your mom had her back turned. Vaseline on your forehead to mimic sweat. Coughs that sound so forced it’s almost laughable. Your faking game is weak, kid.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the young girl replied, frowning as she turned away from her aunt.

Amelia raised a brow, staring her down.

“I’m not faking!”

“Look, I waited ‘til your mom left because I’m not going to rat on you, but I faked enough illnesses in my day, so don’t play that with me, kid. What’s going on? Math test? Embarrassing moment you’re hoping everyone forgets about?”

The small brunette fell silent, staring down at her nails and pouting that she had been so easily caught. She didn’t want to talk about it. She didn’t want to think about it. She just wanted to stay home and forget this entire stupid day even existed. And when her mom said she had an early surgery she couldn’t miss, it was all the better. Home alone? Fantastic. Except she was only eleven, which meant her mother still thought she needed a babysitter. ( Ridiculous. She could take care of herself! ) Of course she would pick the person who could see through anything; the one person to whom she could never lie.


The youngest Shepherd swallowed, refusing eye contact. “I just didn’t want to go, okay?”

Amelia exhaled, chewing on her lip as she decided whether to push or just drop it. Something was going on –– that much was obvious –– but her niece was a tough girl. She could handle herself. She just didn’t need to do it alone. “Little Bear, talk to me.”


“Look, you can tell me what’s going on or we can sit here all day in awkward silence. Your pick.”

“Aunt Amy––” she tried to protest before letting out a resigned sigh. “Promise you won’t tell Mom?”

“Do I ever?“

“It’s career day at school.”


“So everyone’s bringing in their parents,” Ellis answered, her voice dropping barely above a whisper. “And I didn’t want to see all the other kids with their dads.”

Her heart dropped, muscles tensing. Oh.

It was a feeling she knew all-too-well. That disconnection as all the other boys and girls paraded through the school with their dads by their sides. It was that knowing, that reminder that she had lost something so precious; something she would never get back. It was that emptiness in her chest that would never be filled, and that same hollow spot that now resided in the heart of her youngest niece.

“I know, I know, I can’t avoid it forever,” Ellie frowned, “I just––”

“I get it,” Amelia interrupted, moving to wrap her arms around the younger girl. Fingers twisted softly through dark tangles as she brushed the hair from Ellie’s eyes. A hand moved to cup her cheek a moment before dropping back to her lap.

“You do?” the preteen asked. “But you’re not afraid of anything. You’d probably just have marched right in there like it was nothing instead of hiding at home.”

Brows raised. “You know, when I was eight, there was this big father-daughter dance at school. A really formal thing with poofy dresses and all the girls were so excited for it. I swear, it’s all I heard about for weeks. And my mom didn’t want me to miss out, so despite every protest, every fit I tried to throw, she forced me to go, and she sent your dad with me.”

“You actually went? See? That’s exactly what I mean.”

“Please.” A small smile tugged at her lips. “No way in hell were they getting me in that building,” Amelia replied. “Derek took one look at me and pulled me up into a piggyback and the moment our mom was out of sight, he carried me off to an arcade down the street. We played ski ball and whack-a-mole and ate ice cream all night instead.”

“Was Grandma mad?”

“Are you kidding? We never told her,” she smirked.

“So why are you telling me this?”

“Because I understand. You don’t have to hide this stuff from me,” Amelia stated, eyes fixed on the younger girl. “And because I want you to know it’s okay not to be strong all the time. You’re right. You can’t avoid this stuff forever, but it’s okay to hurt. There’s some things in life that you can’t change, and you have to learn to live with them any way you can. But you don’t have to live with them alone.”

“I don’t like making people worry.”

“I know. But we’re your family. It’s our job to be here for you when you need us.”

“But like you said, it’s not going to change anything,” Ellie argued.

“It won’t bring him back, but maybe it’ll help you feel better. And it’ll definitely get you all the ice cream you want,” she answered, offering up a playful grin.

A tentative smile tugged at Ellis’ lips for just a moment. “Thanks, Aunt Amy,” she breathed. “I just… I miss him.”

“I know, Little Bear. I do, too. Every day. But wherever he is, you know he’s watching over you. Like your own personal guardian angel.”

“I know, I just–– I wish I got to meet him. It’s not fair!”

“No, it’s not. It sucks. And it’s always going to suck. And if I could change it, I would. He should have been here. You should have known him. You should have had him to take you in for career day today.” Amelia bit her lip. “I know I can’t replace your dad, Elle, but for what it’s worth, you’ll always have me. Don’t ever forget that, okay?”

Ellie’s gaze dropped and she just gave a simple nod, sniffing back her tears. She fell silent, jaw clenching as she took a deep breath. Amelia’s hand reached out for hers and for a moment they just stayed there like that. Quiet but together. Connected.

A few beats passed and the preteen finally looked up at her aunt, swallowing despite the dryness in her throat. “Aunt Amy?”

“Yeah, kid?”

“Can you take me to career day?”

“Are you sure?”

Ellis nodded. “Yeah.”

“Okay. Get yourself cleaned up and I’ll take you in.”

“Okay,” the girl agreed, getting to her feet but pausing in the doorway. “But can we get that ice cream on the way, too?” she asked, allowing a grin to form.

“Grab your stuff. And don’t tell your mom I spoiled your lunch.”