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first. it was his brightest smile that you’ll notice

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second. you wont be able to resist his weirdness, his antics, his tricks, old gags and his overall positive aura

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third. his beautiful gentle voice would reach your soul and would make you feel his passion for music and singing

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and then you’ll get to see lee jinki. the boy who dreamed of singing in front of many people. the person who said that even if there’s only 10 people left, he would still be thankful as long as he gets to sing for them. that leader of shinee who comforts a crying member first even if he’s also at the verge of crying. the kind hearted person who only wants his group to be a good example to many youth. that person who sometimes find it hard to express himself in words but we get to see who he really is through his actions anyways.

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may he find healing and peace of mind amidst everything. as someone who follows him through the years, i only wanted him to be genuinely happy and to find fulfillment and contentment in everything that he’s doing and will continue to do.

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may he never again think that he needs to do something to be worthy to be a part of SHINee as what he said on his letter. he has already been doing so much for the past years. you don’t need to prove anything anymore jinki. You are SHINee. The five of you are a part of that whole.  Forever and Always.

thank you for being born. you are loved - never ever forget that.

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feel a little rush (I think I’ve got a crush) [1/2]

I made this ridiculous post a while ago and somehow ended up being the one to write it. so. it’s been a while since I’ve written and I can only thank @high-seas-swan​ for her cheerleading and her brilliant beta skills that saved this from not making any sense.

anyway, au where high school lit teacher killian jones ends up on the hotdudesreading instagram page and is very, very confused by it all.

ao3 | ffn

The giggling isn’t new, but he will say he hasn’t heard it in a while. On this Monday morning, however, the soft echoes of laughter follow him from the parking lot and through the corridors.

He’s being paranoid, he thinks. Until he turns around just before he reaches his classroom and watches a group of girls disperse, eyes shifting down quickly to their phones, their mouths quivering with restraint.

Killian knows restraint, and he definitely knows when something feels off.

Still, he’s a professional. So he straightens his back and puts as much bounce in his step as one might need to convince seventeen year olds that Shakespeare is fun. It works, most days. 

But today–

His first class is uncharacteristically quiet, most of them fidgeting, thinking twice before raising hands to ask questions. His second is filled with students who can barely get through reading the first scene of the second act of Othello without laughing. (Which, with all the deceit and plotting, Killian should think to be problematic.)

And, well. Killian can tell today isn’t going to be like most days.

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I'm introverted and have anxiety and I called my congressman about net neutrality. I was nervous so it wasn't very eloquent but I got my point across. Also Jack Douglass (jacksfilms) said that if Net neutrality is still a thing after tomorrow, he'd change his name to LitFam.

It’s okay that you had a bit of trouble, what matters is that you did it despite your anxiety! It’s super hard to make phone calls, especially to important people like that. Good job, bub :D


But my mom was watching the news and she said that the polls were like, 80+% against the FCC so we’ll see! <3

I was rewatching Rise of the Guardians and the whole time I couldn’t get this out of my head

Rise of the Guardians AU 

a piece I made for my deaf culture final! It’s a message to the hearing community; open your ears and learn to listen.

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Can I have 💍for kirideku please

💍: draw a character reacting to being proposed to

Sorry it took me so long for this one, anon orz 

actually i didn’t know what to do since i’m bad with this kind of theme and in the end i left it in my inbox but then i was like, no i have to do this one and so you get this


Jikook Star AU- “Our walls are really thin and I heard you crying in the shower, are you okay?” 30/?

omg finally namjin!! there ya go. okay so I understand yall might be getting annoyed that jikook are taking forever to get together, but im trying to make the story as realistic as possible?? itll happen very soon though! also, this is set nearly a year after the breakup. and a few months after the attempt, and jungkook is getting better! he finds social interaction easier and less anxiety inducing, he also is dealing with his art classes a lot easier, and is the top of the class! (pure talent apparently) he also is opening up to tae more, and theyre getting a lot closer. still, jimin is the only one that knows about his childhood, and he plans on keeping it that way. ((i thought id add little things that i couldnt really put in the updates))

Hi everyone~ ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡ So, despite me being kind of inactive here (due to internet problems and school being tough) I still managed to hit 100 followers! I’m still in shock, really, because I never thought I’d get so many lovely mutuals and I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for being amazing and for making me happy~ 

(Also some of you changed your url’s between the time I drew this and now so your new url’s aren’t on the picture, but I hope I still tagged you alright~) 

It’s christmas soon, right? So consider this is my christmas gift to all of you~  🎊🎁 Love you lots!

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“He had his arm around her and she was showing off a ring.”