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Is kaneki really not fighting for coexistance like takizawa said??

Oh, definitely. It’s very obvious even in this chapter alone that Kaneki is disconnected from the perspective of most ghouls. That is why when all the ghouls are depressed because they are losing the media battle, Kaneki is naively thinking this is an opportunity for them. 

I’ll elaborate what I mean under the cut. 

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Imagine you and Cassian's child (either boy or girl you choose) asking about Cassian because he's not around. :'(

Guess who’s baaaaack. So it’s been a while since I’ve written, and honestly I have missed it so much. I won’t go into detail, but basically I had my heart broken by somebody and it’s taken me a while to feel like my old self. :( I’m not 100% okay just yet, and I won’t be for a while but I’m at least feeling up to writing again which is a good sign. 

I’m probably a little rusty, so this request isn’t very long. I hope you lovelies like it though. And I chose boy for this because choosing a name for a girl gave me a headache and with a boy I used Cassian’s middle name. :P

Warnings: None

Words: 687

Jeron looked so much like his father.

As soon as he’d been born, you had known that he would look just like Cassian.

Call it a hunch or a mother’s instinct, but you had known he’d take after him.

What you hadn’t known, though, was how painful it was going to be for you.

It killed you. Jeron’s perfect resemblance to his father—it absolutely killed you. 

Whenever you looked into his face, into his dark brown eyes, you saw him.

You saw Cassian in Jeron and it shattered your heart into pieces every time.

“Mama? Can I ask you a question?”

It was late in the evening and you were finishing tucking Jeron into his bed. 

“If it has anything to do with you staying up late to watch holograms, the answer to that question is no, not a chance,” You answered, giving him knowing smile.

Jeron playfully rolled his eyes. “Fine, then can I ask you another question?”

“Of course, sweetheart,” You replied, pulling his woolen blankets up to his chin.

“Well, it’s just today in Galactic History, we learned about the Battle of Scarif.”

You instantly froze on the spot and your eyes went wide. 

It wasn’t like Jeron didn’t know about his father.

He knew that for most of his life, Cassian had been part of the Rebel Alliance.

Jeron also knew that he had died as an officer on a mission. But that was all that you had told him, even though he constantly asked to know more about Cassian and The Rebel Alliance. “Maybe when you’re a little older,” You would answer, to Jeron’s disappointment. He was only nine years old, and you thought it was best to wait a little longer before you told him everything—about Kaytoo, about Galen and Jyn Erso, about The Death Star. 

“Oh,” You said, trying your best to keep an even, steady tone. “Is that so?”

He nodded. “Is it true that Pappa died in that battle?”

You chewed anxiously on your bottom lip. How were you supposed to do this?


You hesitated for a moment before finally replying, “Yes, sweetheart. It’s true. He died during that battle.” You let out a small sigh and sat down on the bed beside him. “You weren’t even a year old when it happened.”

Jeron frowned. “Is that why I don’t remember him?”

“You were only just a baby, then. You hadn’t been out of my tummy very long.”

“Everyone says that he was really brave.”

You smiled sadly. “Your Pappa was very brave. He was the bravest man I knew.”

Jeron’s eyes met yours and you felt that familiar aching inside of your chest.

“I wish that he was still here, Mama.”

You leaned forward, kissing his forehead. “Me too, my love. But the sacrifice that he made, the sacrifice that everyone in that battle made, it was all for the greater good. It was so that you could have a better future.” You paused for a second as the memory of the day you had said goodbye to Cassian flooded your mind. You cried and cried, and with your infant son in your arms, you begged him not to go on that mission, you pleaded him not to get on that ship with the other Rebels. It was a wound that refused to heal, even after all these years. “He did it for us. He went on that mission so that we could be safe from The Empire.”

Jeron went completely silent.

“Are you alright?” You asked, worried that the discussion had upset him.

Slowly, he nodded. “Yes, Mama. But I have another question about Pappa.”

“What is it?”

“Did he love me?”

You smiled sadly. “Oh yes. Your Pappa loved you very much. He loved you more than anything and anyone in the whole entire galaxy.”

He beamed. “Really?”

“Of course. You were the best thing that ever happened to him—to the both of us.”

Jeron reached over his blanket, taking your hand. “Thank you, Mama.”

“For what, my love?”

“For telling me about my Pappa.”

Definitely rusty. :( but I hope to shake it off quickly! 

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Hi there! Do you have any long, slow-burn fics to recommend? It's okay if you don't, thanks :)

Ooooh thank you for the request! Many of my favorite fics ever are long slow-burns!

Wild by Seefin (93K)- “No,” Harry said, by way of greeting. Malfoy’s blonde head rose slowly, carelessly. “Get out.”
“I feel as though we’ve already established this, Potter,” Malfoy responded. “And I feel that what we established was that you telling me to get out of places really doesn’t make me more likely to vacate them.”

This is a really really REALLY lovely fic in which Draco shows up one day to complete his potions studies at the house in the Irish countryside where Harry lives with several amazing badass OC girls. At first they (drarry) don’t get along at all and it’s so fun to watch them come together! This fic also contains some Linny, which I love <3 Also Seefin is an amazing author in general and you should honestly read every one of their other fics as well (hi @seefin, you don’t know me but i love you!)

What We Pretend We Can’t See by gyzym (131K)- Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.
I read this fic relatively recently and within the first 10,000 words I knew it was my new number one favorite fic, and I WAS RIGHT. I can’t even explain what makes this fic so good besides just flailing about how incredibly well-written and compelling and hilarious it is. Draco has bought Grimmauld Place (which is sentient!) and turned it into a museum, and Harry is an auror who needs to track down whoever is mysteriously after Draco. A few months later and I still can’t get over this fic and how WONDERFUL it is.

Mental by sara_holmes (186.5K)- Harry has had quite enough of sharing his mind with someone else, thankyouverymuch. A miscast Legilimecy spell says otherwise.
This is also one of my favorites of all time (again, read everything by this author if by some miracle you haven’t already). Draco and Harry get stuck with a mental bond (!!!yes!!!) which makes it really hard for them to hide things from each other. At first they can’t control it but eventually they can, and the moment they first use it willingly was just SO GREAT. Really, the whole fic is just so great.

Heartache by Bixgirl1 (25.5K)- “Harry doesn’t think about Malfoy anymore. Not really. Not intentionally. What if the one person you least expect is the only one who really understands what you’ve gone through?
Does this count as long? Regardless, you should read this one because when I made notes on what I thought of it, I wrote “slow and sweet,” and I stand my that assessment. There is lots of hurt/comfort and the getting together is lovely and gradual. For more wonderful hurt/comfort slow-burn, you should definitely also see her fic Balance, Imperfect (91,000 words) in which Draco is Harry’s physiotherapist. But it’s been recced a lot recently so I thought I’d give one of her older fics some love too! (also this is my second @bixgirl1 rec in one day; I’m clearly obsessed)

Domestic by frostywonder (55K)- Harry finds a stray and decides to take him home.
Draco is down on his luck, so what’s Harry to do but take him in? As you can guess from the title, there is tons of domesticity in this fic, and it’s just so cute and there are TONS of truly hilarious moments (including one of my favorite gems ever about Malfoy bowel-movements). They live together, it’s a secret, Draco learns to cook… what more could you ask for? This one just makes me feel so warm and fluffy, I’ve probably read it at least three times.

All Life is Yours to Miss by Saras_Girl (114.5K)- Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.
I you haven’t already read everything by Saras Girl, you are insanely lucky and you should go get started right now. She has many long fics and they are all incredible. This one is one of my favorites, because the boys are Professors and Draco has the most amazing pet (giant) beetle who is full of personality and named Stanley. But I probably should also link to the Foundations!verse because it is VERY good and VERY VERY slow-burn. Like, I was shocked that my interest was held for so long without so much as a kiss but IT WAS.

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by firethesound (149.5K)- Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.
I feel like I’m only recommending the ones everyone has already read anyway, but that’s because they’re the best, so can you blame me?! Draco’s auror partners keep mysteriously dying and Harry can’t get along with any of his, so they are thrown together! The quintessential auror partners fic, with an amazing evolution from not-trusting-each-other to friends to lovers and TONS OF UST.

Bond by AnnaFugazzi (173.5K)- I started to write this before HBP came out, and crossed my fingers that HBP wouldn’t make it totally non-canon. No such luck, I’m afraid. This, therefore, is an AU story, where (SPOILER) still teaches (SPOILER), (SPOILER) didn’t try to (SPOILER), (SPOILER) didn’t succeed in (SPOILER), (SPOILER) never dated (SPOILER), and most importantly, (MAJOR ENDING SPOILERS) never happened.
You’ve all read Bond, right? It’s a (possibly THE?) classic— well— bonding fic. I’ll include it just in case you haven’t heard of it by some miracle (or maybe you want to read it again because last time you were like 15 years old?). The kissing happens kind of early but the romance isn’t until later so I think it still qualifies as slow-burn?

ANYWAY, I hope you find at least one fic on this list that you haven’t read already? They’re all seriously amazing in my opinion (no lukewarm recs from me!) so you can’t go wrong!

balloons - tom holland

Balloons - Tom Holland x Reader | 3rd Person

Prompt: (Y/N) sees Tom across the room at a birthday party. She doesn’t quite find the courage to talk to him, so she ties a balloon to him so that she can find him later to finally say hi.

a/n: lol this is based on a tweet i saw. idk who rebecca is just go with it. anyways, i’m so damn proud of this and i hope you losers like it too. love you guys!

“(Y/N) was standing against the wall at a birthday party for somebody she didn’t even know. The person she came with, Rebecca, left to wish the person a happy birthday, so she was left alone. In her opinion, she looked kind of pathetic. The way she stood alone, staring at her phone, as antisocial as ever.

Deciding it would look better to at least pretend to be social, she went to grab some food. Looking up from her phone, someone caught her eye. He was quite cute with a mess of brown hair and a bright smile playing on his lips. The boy was talking to someone (Y/N) didn’t know and she begun to walk over to him.

Halfway there, she chickened out and immediately changed directions, going to get food. How in the entire goddamn universe would a guy like him talk to her. (Y/N) didn’t even know what he was like, but she knew that he would never like her. But if she didn’t do anything, she would lose him.

Eating some chips from the food table, she couldn’t stop thinking about him. For whatever reason he just stuck in her head. Something in her said that she couldn’t afford to lose him. (Y/N) thought about what to do, just blankly staring at some balloons when it came to her. She knew exactly what to do.

Walking over to the balloons, she attempted to pick one up casually. Knowing herself, it didn’t turn out the way she had hoped. (Y/N) had caused a scene and ended up tangling herself in the balloons. Brushing it off, she managed to get a balloon free. She scanned the large group of people for the brown-haired boy and she found him talking to her friend.

As (Y/N) squeezed through the crowd to get to the boy while still carrying the balloon, she eventually got there. Walking behind the boy, she signaled to her friend to stay quiet as she managed to tie the balloon onto the boy. Rebecca laughed but covered it off with a cough and (Y/N) texted her friend quickly.

don’t let anyone tell him about the balloon. it’s important.

Looking at the phone, Rebecca typed a quick response.

okay, but why?

don’t ask questions. just go with it.

(Y/N) walked away quickly and just prayed she would be able to talk to him. She walked back over to the snack table and just let herself eat all the chips and dip her heart could desire.

What she thought had been five minutes had actually been an hour, she finally convinced herself to talk to him. With a smile plastered on her face and half a bowl of chips in her stomach, (Y/N) walked over to where the balloon was. Quickly walking to where the boy stood, she took a deep breath before tapping on his shoulder.

‘I’m (Y/N), I tied that balloon to you because I’m stupid and lame. I thought you were cute and I was too scared to talk to you and I tied a balloon to you so I could find you later to say hi. So hi.’ (Y/N) said to him, looking at her feet.

‘Well, I’m Tom and I think you’re quite cute, too. Your friend told me about the balloon and I thought it was adorable so I kept it on. I was hoping you would come and find me.’ The boy–Tom–said to her as she looked up and met his eyes. And that, kiddies, is how your parents got together.” Rebecca said, looking at the two children.

“We’re not 7, Aunt Becca,” Alex, (Y/N) and Tom’s son, said, “I’m 16, and she’s 14. But I have to admit, that was pretty fucking cute.”

“Language!” (Y/N) said, scolding her son.

“But mom it’s true!” Jessica, their daughter, exclaimed, “You guys are really fucking cute!”

“Hey, language!” Tom scolded, walking into the room, “So what are we talking about?”

“How you and mom met,” Jessica said to her dad.

“Now that, is an interesting story,” (Y/N) said wrapping an arm around Tom, “And to think, it all started with a balloon.”

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BMC Orphan AU

Heck my dudes I’m supposed to be studying rn BUT I really wanted to share with you this random lil AU @justpidgance and I came up with.

Basically, Jeremy’s parents die or leave him or something when he was very young (Like 4-5 ish). But before they go, they get him to take a Squip, in the hopes that at least somebody will be there to take care of their son.

Below the cut is a copy-paste dump of ideas we had. Enjoy!

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Fuckboy Not A Gentleman (M)

               Have you ever met someone that made you sick to your stomach whenever you look at them? That’s how I feel about Jung Hoseok. He was what you would call a fuckboy. Always had girls surrounding him and his sex escapades were legendary. I had a class with him and even sat next to him which wasn’t the best thing in the world. He would talk to me during class and would try to flirt with me and it would annoy me. When I would turn to look at him and tell him to shut up, he would bite his lip and say something along the lines of “You know you like when I talk like that.” I wanted to punch him in his smug ass face.

               One Saturday night I was in my room studying for an upcoming final when my roommate ran into my bedroom.

“Cass what the fuck is wrong with you and why do you look like you just ran a mile?” I asked.

“Put that book down and get dressed. My cousin Yoongi is throwing a party at his and Namjoon’s spot tonight and everyone is going to be there.” Cass replied.

“Is Hoseok going to be there?” I asked.

“Probably but don’t let him ruin your fun. Now go get ready!” Cass answered.

I took a shower then slipped on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a white shirt and a black leather jacket. Did my makeup as normal and put my hair in a ponytail. I put on my favorite pair of black boots and followed Cass out of our dorm and we made our way towards Yoongi and Namjoon’s place. I was hoping that I wouldn’t run into Hoseok at the party because I was in no mood to deal with his shit. I was cool with everyone else but Hoseok was another story. When we got to the party the entire place was packed. Yoongi was part of one of the most popular group of people on campus and if you knew them, consider yourself lucky.

“Hey Cass hey (y/n) you guys made it!” Yoongi shouted over the music.

“Yeah I had to drag miss bookworm out of bed to come with me.” Cass teased.

“I’m not a bookworm! I just wanted to study for this final that’s coming up.” I huffed.

“Stop bickering for a second and come say hi to the guys. They were asking about you two.” Yoongi said.

               I rolled my eyes and followed Cass and Yoongi to the other side of the room where the rest of the guys were. When I looked up, I saw the one person that I was hoping that I wouldn’t see at this party.

“Well if it isn’t the sexy (y/n). You look really good tonight.” Hoseok smirked.

“Hoseok I am in no mood to deal with your bullshit. I just came here to hang out and see everyone. So don’t even try to be slick.” I snapped.

“Wow somebody is feisty. Long time no see (y/n).” Jimin smiled.

“Hey Chim Chim. I’ve been super busy with stuff so I haven’t been able to hang out with you guys. Well some of you at least.” I said side eyeing Hoseok.

“Aw don’t be like that (y/n). You know you like me.” Hoseok smiled.

“Like you? Ha I wouldn’t touch you with a 10ft pole.” I said.

“Alright you two enough fighting. Let’s go get a drink girl.” Cass said grabbing my arm.

We walked to the kitchen and grabbed some drinks. I’m usually not a big drinker but I wanted to drink just enough to forget that Hoseok existed.

               An hour passed and I was a few drinks in. I could feel Hoseok’s eyes on me but I could care less. I was too busy having a good time and socializing. We would make eye contact and would flip him off and he would smirk at me and go back to talking to one of the girls that he was surrounded by. I could see why girls liked him so much. He was good looking and was a really good dancer and I would probably sleep with him if he wasn’t such a fuckboy! I got up to use the restroom and to freshen up and saw Hoseok look at me. I gave him a nasty look and walked to the restroom. After I did my business I pulled out my lipstick and did a quick touchup before I headed back out. I opened up the door to leave when I was stopped.

“Going somewhere princess?” Hoseok asked.

“I’m going back to the party now move Hoseok.” I said.

“Well we could have our own party here.” Hoseok grinned closing the door and locking it.

“I’m not doing this Jung Hoseok now unlock this door!” I demanded.

“Aw where’s the fun in that? Come on (y/n) just give me five minutes. I know you want me. I can see it in your eyes.” He said getting closer to me.

“No I don’t want you at all now let me leave damn it.” I yelled.

               Hoseok pinned me against the bathroom sink and put his hands on my waist. He smelled really good but I would never admit that to him. He started to kiss my neck and when he reached the weak spot on my neck, he sucked on it giving me a hickey. I let out a small moan.

“Hoseok stop…” I whispered.

“You sure you don’t want me? You sure you don’t want me to bend you over this sink and fuck you until you are a shaking mess?” He asked taking one of his hands and rubbing the front of my pants.

I looked at him in the eyes and pressed my lips to his. As we made out I undid his pants and stroked him a few times as he undid mine and slipped his hand inside my panties and rubbed my clit and slipped a finger inside.

“You’re so wet princess. I’m going to enjoy fucking the shit out of you.” He whispered.

“Stop talking and just fuck me already.” I hissed.

Hoseok chuckled as he took his hand out of my panties and pulled them down and turned me around and bent me over the sink. He wasted no time and slipped his cock deep inside me.

“Jesus you’re so tight (y/n).” Hoseok grunted.

Hoseok pumped into me at a fast pace and the way he would move his hips as he pumped made the pleasure too much that I couldn’t even look at us in the mirror. He pulled on my ponytail and forced me to look in the mirror.

“You look so pretty while being fucked. I want you to see how pretty you look.” He growled

               I looked up in the mirror and the sight was erotic. He had a look of concentration on his face and was biting his lip. I was getting closer to my orgasm and I just wanted my sweet release.

“Hoseok I’m almost there. Fuck me faster please.” I panted.

“You gonna cum princess? Cum all over my cock baby.” He panted.

I gripped the sink as my body began to shake and let my body take over as I came all over his cock. He pumped a few more times and released inside me. We stayed in that position for a moment before he pulled out and we cleaned up and got dressed. I followed him out of the bathroom and walked back downstairs. When we joined our group of friends they all looked at us as if they knew what was up.

“You guys were gone for a long time. You guys fucked in the bathroom huh?” Cass asked.

I gave her a smirk and glanced over at Hoseok who gave me a wink. Maybe he’s not so bad after all.

This is my first one shot on here so I hope you enjoyed it!-admin kris

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Hello dear! I hope you're doing better. But could you please do a bullet form imagine of what it would be like being in a relationship with Eric? Thx! I love you and your imagines so much, I miss you! <3

hello love ! first off, i would like to thank all of u for all ur lovely messages. it means so much, u guys have no clue. i haven’t responded to everyone just yet because there’s so many but i’m trying my best to get back to all of u guys. i’m slowly trying to get myself back on here so as soon as i got this request i decided it’s time to post something for u guys. it’s not much, i know, but at least it’s something. so here u go anon, i hope this is what u wanted ! ♥

eric as your boyfriend would include;

- i’m not gonna lie and be all like “he would be so sweet and love you to death” because uh huh, we all know that shit ain’t true

 - you two meeting in your freshman year and him having an eye on you ever since  

- being in a relationship with eric would be both lovely and difficult at the same time.

- he would easily get jealous and be over protective because you know, he would NOT allow somebody else to  snatch you away from him

- but over all your relationship would be pretty okay even if you two would have heated arguments pretty often

- he would constantly have his hands on you; it didn’t matter where you guys where, he would always find a way to sneak his arms around you or hold your hand

- “oh c'mon y/n, stop fucking stealing my shirts all the god damn time!” but secretly he would love you walking around in his way to big shirts.

- dinner with his parents would literally be the best (even if eric hated it)

- not being able to leave the house without dyl joining which wasn’t that big of a problem

- he’d like to show others you’re his so pda at school would be a thing, but not that much

- and the sex!!!! i feel like it would be so good and he’d be so into trying out new things

- but in the end of the day he preferred it best when you would fuck yourself lazily on top of him and he’d be able to scan your whole body and appreciate you

- honestly, i feel like you’d be the only one who got to see his more emotional side and not the more tough side of him that he’d like to show at school or any other places where there was a lot of people 

- “eric david harris, get off of me!” “absolutely not.

- but in the end of the day he would love you uncontrollably and he’d be so thankful for each day that passed with you by his side, even if he could be the biggest douche sometimes.

OOC: Spread the Love

A few of you might have noticed that I’m putting random good vibes in your inbox. Chances are if you are a mutual, I will be tracking you down to tell you what I appreciate about you, your writing, and your content in general. Everybody seems to be having a rough time so I decided to break up the monotony of doing nothing, and try spreading a little bit of positivity. Felt like the community needed it. 

Problem is, I can only send so many asks at a time before I get hit with the spam blocker. So! I encourage everyone to spread some positivity of their own. Reach out to someone you appreciate, or even better, reach out to that someone you haven’t interacted with and let them know what you like about their work! It’s only a few minutes out of your day to say a kind word or two to somebody, and I think the community needs that given the stressful set of circumstances that seem to have hit everybody these past few weeks. 

So if you’re reading this, I want you to go be a positive influence on some one today. At the very least, I hope my shenanigans manage to cheer up a couple people. I intend to be doing this over the course of the next week, and hope to see some people joining me on this mission to share the love. 

- Mitch

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do you think they will do a version for the new gods, like their version of coming to america? if so what do you think they will be like

Somebody on Twitter last week mentioned the idea of a standalone New Gods episode, and I think this would be really cool. I hope in season two we get at least some backstory on the new gods. I’m confident we probably will.

 For Technical Boy and Media, anyway, I would imagine their origin stories would show their evolution over the past century or two within America. Forms of technology and media have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, but I imagine their birth as gods wouldn’t have happened until a point when we could reasonably say that technology and media became objects/concepts of “worship.” 

We know Media has been around since at least the 1930s, when the War of the Worlds radio drama was first broadcast. I imagine that her story in America truly begins with newspaper, though.

I would imagine that Tech Boy’s origins don’t come until the middle of the twentieth century, because while technology has been around longer than that, of course, it seems to me that up until that point, time and attention was devoted to the content that came through that technology (i.e. Media) rather than the pieces of technology themselves. The advent of color television, computers, gaming systems, things like that – that’s probably when Technical Boy comes into being.

Something about the shipping in vnc

Guys, really… I’m reading too much complaints that the Vanoé squad and the Vanijeanne squad don’t get along well because they always want them to ship their own ship.

Really guys, how ridiculous is this?? I mean, it’s like you want some people to wear your own clothes that don’t fit them at all.


Dear Vanijeanne shippers:

-let us see gayness everywhere we want to - it doesn’t need to be just because we like gay people or so. Most of our shippers don’t care about genders at all, at least I’m like this. And you want Vanijeanne to get canon so let us have our hopes too

-if there is somebody of our Vanoé squad who can’t deal with you because of the Vanijeanne, just tell them to fucking stop with e.g. the clothes example.

-It’s OK if you don’t like Vanoé - nobody needs to like every ship. But please don’t insult us for having theories, OTP feels. You have to understand the OTP feels.

Dear Vanoé-squad:

-I mean… guys why are you fucking insulting Vanijeanne and the shippers. Nobody cares what they ship right? And well, actually, if there was somebody who says ’ I don’t ship Vanoé because Homosexuality is very strange and awful’ then you’re allowed to do anything to then you want to. xD homosexuality is fucking ok.

-just let them ship what they want to.

-actually I don’t think we’ll get Vanoé - it’s Jun were talking about. Pls think about it.

I don’t want reblogs and likes but please … reblog so that people can see this because this shipwar is fucking annoying. ^-^’

Dear Friend,

April 1, 2017

It’s April Fool’s day. 
I promise you I won’t be telling you any jokes in this letter. 
Instead, I promise you that it will be a handful of truths that you wish were a joke, or maybe just a story that I’ve made up. 
Unfortunately, my life doesn’t work that way. 
It’s been a mess ever since he left me. 

I don’t think I’ve ever told you his name - nickname at least.
I call him Voldemort. 
Why, you ask?
Well, there was this time in my life - about a year ago - he left to another city up north in Texas called Austin. 
He didn’t tell anyone bye. 
Not even me. 
I didn’t know I was an “anyone” to him. 
I thought I was at least a “someone.”
I guess I was mistaken. 

He left without notice. 
It caught me off guard when he did. 
I sent him so many texts. 
I never got a reply. 

This was going on for over five months. 
Text after text after text AFTER text, I kept giving in! 
Why do I give in?
You would think that after a month of not replying I’d get the hint. 
I did get the hint, I just didn’t want to give up on him. 
He was such a dear friend to me. 
I couldn’t just pretend that he didn’t exist even though he was doing just that to me. 

As the months went on, it got harder and harder for me to think about him. 
Every day, I’d hear his name, see his face, or hear his voice in my head. 
It was so difficult. 
It got to the point that I hated hearing his name so much that when I’d talk about him to my friends I’d call him Voldemort. 

“Voldemort? Who’s Voldemort? Like from Harry Potter?” my friends would question. 

“Yes. Voldemort! That’s what I’m going to call him from now on because I hate hearing his name. He’s my version of JK Rowling’s ‘He Who Must Not Be Named.’”

So, that’s how he got his nickname. 
It’s quite funny though how history decides to repeat itself. 
On January 15, 2017, I sent you a letter telling you about the last time I saw him. 
Referring to that - I still haven’t seen him since then. 
In the past three months, he has only sent me one text message. 
It’s happening all over again. 
And this time I feel like I have lost him for good. 

When he did this to me last year, I was so worried for him. 
I was constantly thinking about him and his health and his well-being. 
I was always wondering what he was doing. 
And most of all, I always wondered if he was happy. 

Now, it’s different. 
Now, he’s not over three hundred miles away from me. 
In fact, he’s less than two miles away from me. 
I haven’t seen him in months. 
I haven’t talked to him in months. 

I still worry about him. 
I still want to know if he’s healthy. 
I still constantly think about him.
And I still wonder what he’s doing,

He doesn’t know this, mostly because it’s a little creepy, but I do take a drive by his house every once in a while.
I got a new car, so he doesn’t know what I’ve been driving.
I always go with the hopes of running into him while he’s outside.
All I want to do is see his face.
Is that too much to ask for?

There wasn’t many differences between the first time he pretended I didn’t exist and the time that I’m going through now. 
The one main difference between then and now, is that I know he’s happy.
He’s happy… 

He doesn’t need me anymore. 
He’s with the girl of his dreams and I’m just figuratively watching him from the sidelines.
I’m watching him be happy with someone else. 
He just used me. 
I was just a distraction until she came back into his life. 
He ran faster to her than he would’ve ever run to me. 
I love him, but he loves her. 
He’s my soul mate, but I’m not his. 

I hate hearing his name again. 
I hate seeing his blue car when it’s not even his. 
I hate going to places where we shared the most memories. 
I just hate thinking about him so much because I know he’s not thinking of me.

I wish I was more prepared for this.
I’m going through the exact same thing as last year, so why does it feel worse than better?
Is it because I want to believe that he was starting to fall for me?
Is it because I know he was happy with me too?
He was.
Is it because he broke the walls around my heart down?

We started doing so many things together. 
He started to make me come out of my shell - as did I with him. 
I saw the look in his eyes when he looked at me. 
I heard the tone of his voice when he told me he really liked me. 
And I heard the sarcasm every time he told me “I hate you.” 
He didn’t mean that. 
Maybe he was secretly telling me “I love you,” but he was just too afraid to say it. 

It’s sad… because I can’t begin to understand what he goes through on a daily basis. 
I don’t know what it’s like to be in love with a guy when you can’t even admit to yourself. 
I can’t begin to understand what he goes through when someone would ask him who I was. 
Was I “just a friend?”
What if they questioned him why we would hang out so much. 
How would I handle that if I was in his shoes?

I want to believe that he was falling in love with me, because it would be the only reasonable explanation as to why he won’t talk to me. 
He got scared. 
I get it. 
His family doesn’t know about his attraction toward men. 
I get it. 

What I don’t get is why he would go back to her?
From what I can recall, in my opinion, she makes him feel so insecure about himself. 
She tells him things like:
He’s a bad influence.
He’s making you do things - drink and other things that happen behind closed, locked doors. 
He’s not a good person. 
You’re better than that. 
That’s not like you. 
You don’t do those things. 

Why does she have to degrade me like that?
And to her own boyfriend too.
I honestly feel like she makes him feel ashamed of himself. 

I hope he doesn’t listen to her. 
I hope he knows that it’s okay to be gay. 
I hope he knows that it’s okay to be in love with a guy. 
Especially someone that would treat him right for the rest of his life.
He’s too beautiful, inside and out to not be treated the right way. 

I remember one thing he told me when he started talking to her again and he and I were on good terms. 
He was telling me that one time when she said something offensive to him, he replied with, “You know what? Sometimes you treat me like a nobody. Unlike Alex, at least he treats me like I’m a somebody.” 

Hearing that brought so much joy to my ears. 
It was wonderful. 
If only he still stuck by that comment and chose me instead of her. 
To be honest, I hope he still compares me to her a lot. 
I want him to know what he’s missing. 
I want him to know what he could’ve had. 
True, real happiness with no judgement. 

I’m not saying he’s not happy now.
I’m just saying, maybe all the comments she made about him not being “him” aren’t true because she doesn’t know the real him. 
Maybe he opened up to me in ways he never did with her.
I feel like I met the real Voldemort.
I feel like I made him feel comfortable. 
He knew I wouldn’t have judged him. 
I think that’s all he needs. 
To be with someone who won’t judge him for what he truly is.  

I want to talk to him. 
I want to hear his soothing voice, especially during sad times like these.
When I’m home alone on the bar writing to you, lights flickering, music playing and surrounded by darkness. 
I feel so empty tonight. 
I wish I knew how to fill this void without needing him.

To be honest, I don’t think it will ever be filled until he comes back to me. 
I’ve tried seeing other people. 
I’ve tried letting someone see my vulnerable side.
I’ve tried finding someone with the same taste in music, games, movies and tv shows like me.
I haven’t found anyone so far.
He and I had so much in common. 
He’s going to be so hard to replace. 

Incidentally, in my previous letter I mentioned some things that I should probably keep you updated on.
I ended up talking to my Management professor after all. 
She almost cried during our talk. 
Her eyes got so glossy, especially after I told her that it’s been difficult for me to get out of bed. 
I could tell that she understood.
She gave me some advice and told me I should go see a counselor - if I wanted to of course. 
She wasn’t forcing the decision upon me. 
I knew she was right when she told me that it would help me a lot. 

Also, my friend from Chicago left this week. 
I miss her already. 
We had such a good time while she was here. 
We went to the beach. 
We went shopping. 
We ate my favorite restaurants. 
I took her to her old home. 
And of course we watched our favorite movies. 
I had such a great time with her. 
I can’t wait until I get to visit her next. 

Love Always,

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#5 Terra and Namine Friendship please :>


#05. things you didn’t say at all

summaryShe’s so used to adults demanding things of her, with zero regard for her own wishes or comfort, that the drastic change is like a breath of fresh air. He’s giving her time to think, to choose for herself whether she wants to be open with him or not. She decides that she does. [Terra + Naminé, post-KH3.]

Ao3 version here

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I've been scrolling down ypur blog, and oh my gosh, you're amazing! Plus I kind of feel like LucasNana is one of the most underrated ships, and you draw it a lot! That's so nice! I love every single MOTHER 3 child NPC, and you draw them all so well~ Plus you like Lloyd and somebody who likes it has to be pretty good at least XD I think I love tumblr a bit more for recomending me your blog :D (also sorry for the long message)

I hope I didn’t make you wait too long!  This has got to be the nicest thing for me to return to after my trip and I couldn’t stop smiling,, you’re too kind! <333 What I love most is to be able to make people happy in ways like through my art, so hearing that you love my drawings of these characters makes me very happy! especially of the ones that don’t get as much love, I have a really big passion for them x) and I’m glad your tumblr experience has gotten better for it recommending my blog to you!! please have this doodle of the kiddos as an extra thanks! <3

I’ve said I’m very anti-spoilers, so obviously not looking to ruin anything for somebody else, but this is a pretty generic pic with zero context so I don’t feel jerky putting it up.  Still tagging spoilers though if you’re super rigid with filtering that stuff.

Anyway I stumbled over this season 8 set pic, and given how they are both clearly in costume, that would indicate C and D have actual screen time together in (at least one of) the front end episodes, just like in the olden days when we didn’t regularly curse the showrunners.  So hope springs eternal (or at least until October) that the fuckery of season 7′s plotline and filming structure, was a horrible anomaly that won’t be repeated again :)

Help needed again

Yea here we go with the comic project. I would like to know your characters’ knowledge of magical stuff - thanks to my idea that families of Jorvik believe in the druids and it’s not unusual if somebody visits Valedale once in a while and studies magic. Also we have members of the Keepers of Aideen everywhere. I can imagine that some of characters already mastered their skills (probably the ones who always lived on Jorvik or at least spent some time there) or in this druid training thing. Some heard about magic but nah they don’t believe. . So yea let me know please. Okay it’s messy, hope you understand (I’m tired forgive me but I wanted to write this thing here for weeks)

Ok, if they kill HR (which is so stupid that I’m gonna throw things like Harry when it happens), I so don’t want it to be a quick thing. Like, I don’t know, Jim Gordon’s fake-death in The Dark Knight or even Eo’s. I want somebody to hold him, talk to him and him to talk back (preferably Cisco or Tracy or both). That’s all I want. Any reasoning behind that decision gonna be stupid so, if it happens, at least give him some Boromir kind of farewell. HR deserves as much and more.

based on this request (x) // warning: swearing 

You opened up your geography book. All you had in mind was how nice it would be to take a nap right now. You’ve been up all night since your best friend Nick kept you from sleeping. He watched the season finale of The Walking Dead and his favorite character died in the last scene, so he seemed to think he could keep you awake all night to tell you what kind of bullshit the finale was. Something like that was more likely typical of you but now you know how annoying it is. 

And now, you had your least favorite class, so it would be the perfect time to take a nap if you wouldn’t sit in the front row right in front of the teacher. Your teacher called out the pairings for the next bigger project you would be doing. Secretly you hoped to work with Nick but you knew that your teacher wouldn’t let that happen. He already sat you on different seats, far away from each other, so you stopped talking during the lessons. “I decided to make things easier, you work together with the person who’s sitting right next to you” your teacher announced insanely proud as if he had the idea of the year. 

You glanced at your partner Alex. At least you had somebody nice. Alex was a football player but he was probably the nicest that ever existed in your school. “So, seems like we’re going to work together” Alex smiled at you. You smiled back at him and nodded. 

While you had no problem to work with Alex, Nick eyed you two like he was ready to kill Alex on the spot. Even if this was just a science project. The guy right next to his best friend was a god damn football player and you two would probably work together after school at home. Nick didn’t even want to imagine what could happen. The idea of Alex and you together made him wanna puke. Not because he didn’t allow you but because you two looked the perfect couple. Alex was the perfect guy for you; tall, popular, polite and protective. And you looked the perfect girl for him; natural, nice, helpful and extremely good-looking. This wouldn’t end good. 

Day 1: Alex and you met to talk about your project. Everything worked perfectly out and you two were glad to get it done as fast as you could. Yet Nick didn’t reply to all of your texts the whole day. Maybe he was busy, you thought to not bring yourself down. 

Day 2: Normally Nick was always earlier at school and came to your car as soon as you parked because you got the morning coffee for both of you. This morning Alex came instead to tell you he wouldn’t made it to your meeting today because he had an important football training. You told him it was alright and ended up giving him the other coffee since Nick never came. In the afternoon you called him at least five times but every time the mailbox answered. 

Day 3: Alex and you worked on your project at his house. His dad invited you to stay for dinner since he wanted to grill. You texted Nick if he wanted to meet up. If he only had answer, you had deny the invitation but in the end you stayed there and had a good time with Alex’s family. 

Day 4: Nick didn’t came in the morning to your car and you shared your coffee with Alex again. You cancelled your meeting with him since you wanted to know what was up with Nick and drove to his house, only to get told by his mother that he wasn’t at home, even though in his room was the light on and his car was standing in the driveway. 

Day 5: Nick was ignoring you the whole day, even when you tried to talk with him during P.E. You drove Alex home and picked him up later to drive through the city and take photos at the best places for your project. 

Day 6: Today you brought the second coffee especially for Alex and not Nick. He invited you to the next football game and you happily thanked him for the invitation. You met Nick at your lockers today during lunch and eyed him for a second. He didn’t waste one glance at you. Suddenly you felt like you should stop caring about this bullshit if he was acting like that. 

Day 7: Your mom firstly asked you about Nick and why he hasn’t been in your house for a while now. You told her that he was busy. With a accepting nod, she told you how much she liked Alex and that he would make a great boyfriend. You smiled at little and your heart hurt. You missed your best friend. 

Day 8: You went to the football game Alex invited you to and cheered for him. It made you feel better than you felt yesterday. 

Day 9: You couldn’t focus during your projects and apologized more than thirty times to Alex. He said everybody has a bad day here and there before he left you alone, so you could get some rest. All you did was looking at old photos of Nick and you. 

Day 10: You had enough. If he really needs to ignore you then you at least deserve a good reason for that. You drove to earlier to school to catch him. You hide a bit away from his usual parking spot and walked fast to it as soon as he parked his car. Nick rolled his eyes as he saw you but you didn’t care. You grabbed him by the wrists to stop him from walking away. 

“Are you fucking serious right now?” you almost yelled at him and tighten your grip. “Why are you ignoring me?” 

Nick glanced firstly at your hand around his wrists and then at you. “Could you please let go of me?” he asked annoyed. 

“No” you exclaimed. “Because you will only walked away again like you did the whole last week. What is wrong with you? Have I done something wrong to you or why are you acting like an asshole?” 

You didn’t meant to call him an asshole but you were more than angry at him. You two were best friends since a life time and now, suddenly he was ignoring you. “Answer me” you begged him angrier as wanted. 

“Why don’t you just go back to your boyfriend and stop annoying me!?” he asked you. 

You frowned. “What are you talking about?” 

Nick freed his hand out of yours before he turned around and walked away. “Go back to Alex, Y/N” 

You sighed and ran in front of him to stop him with your whole body. “Please Nick, stop walking away from me and talk to me. You’re my best friend, remember?” your voice broke. 

Nick glanced at you as you continued talking. “Are you acting so weird because Alex and I are working at the geography project together?” 

Nick didn’t answer but you knew it was the reason why. “There’s nothing you have to be jealous-” Nick cut you off. “I’m not jealous!” 

“Of course” you replied. “Seriously Nick, there’s nothing you have to be jealous at. Alex and I are just friends and he knows exactly that I’m not interested in him. Actually he told me that he was kind of terrified to still work with me because you’ve been looking at him like you want to kill him” 

A laugh escaped your lips. “I’m not dating him and I don’t want to date him” 

“And why do hang out with him so often?” Nick asked quietly. 

You smiled. “Because you stopped hanging out with me. He was just being polite”

Nick stay silent but you grabbed both of his hands into yours. “Back to normal?” you asked him. 

A smile grew on his face. “Back to normal, I promise” With that you leaned forward and hugged him tight. 

Your Lie in April Ask Meme
  • “Music is freedom.”
  • “Sorry a million times over.”
  • “Maybe, just maybe, the light can reach the bottom of a dark ocean.”
  • “What did you have in your heart?”
  • “Hey, did you get taller? Oh, I see. It’s because you’re not looking down anymore.” 
  • “ For people like us, a life without music is death.” 
  • “I’ll never forget about us.”
  • “I just told a single lie.”
  • “It brought you to me.”
  • “You’d better not hit “reset”!”
  • “Was I able to live inside your heart?” 
  • “I hope I can reach you.”
  • “Do you think you’ll remember me at least a little?”
  • “When you’re in love with somebody, everything looks colorful.”
  • “Look at me. Look up and look at me. you’re always looking down.”
  • “Everything you say and do; it all sparkles so brightly. It’s too blinding for me, and I end up closing my eyes. But I can’t help aspiring to be like you.”
  • “We women are combative creatures. Do you understand?”
  • “Just one person matters to me. Only you matter.”
  • “Heroes are lonely… and they walk off alone in the last scene.“
  • “She moves me. With such power, like the pounding of my heart. I can hear your sound. You’re here.”

my grandparents are visiting and they’re actually adorable together? like they’ve been married…over 50 years and they still cuddled on the couch last night when we were all watching a movie and he rubs her feet and she always makes sure he has extra food and i just…i hope i meet somebody and still want to cuddle with the in 50 years

acafellas - why kurtcedes is so great

1. That first locker scene starts of with Mercedes sharing the vulnerability of how lonely she is.  (Well, they all are.  But they don’t always say it.)  "Have you ever kissed anybody?“

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