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It Was Nice To See You Again (Brohm Dead By Daylight AU)

Okay, like promised, here’s my first Brohm oneshot!

@gochilad requested “ I was wondering if you’d like to make a Dead by Daylight AU where Ohm is the lonely killer who just wants somebody to love and then Bryce comes in and he’s like “oh shit a beautiful person”.” This isn’t quite what you asked for, but I think it’s relatively close, so there’s that, at least! I tried to mix in actual Dead By Daylight mythos, too, with where the killers are presumed to come from. I hope you enjoy!

Bryce raced through the woods, terror fueling his run. His breath came out of his mouth in harsh pants.

A twig snapped somewhere behind him, and he pushed himself to go faster, before crouching down behind a large tree.

He didn’t remember how long he’d been doing this. It felt like years since he’d last seen the real world. There was just the endless repetition of waking up in the forest, finding generators, and either escaping through the doors or the hatch, or dying to whatever monster was after them that time.

There was the sound of clunking boots, and then, practically right next to him, just on the other side of the tree, he heard a trap getting set. A generator banged on the opposite side of the enclosed yard, and the boots clunked away towards it.

Bryce crept out from behind the tree, and started to fiddle with the trap. He doubted that he’d be able to do anything, as he didn’t have a toolbox handy, but he always tried if he got the chance.

The bear trap remained stubbornly open. Bryce muttered angrily under his breath, and decided to give up and try and get a generator.

Before he could even start off in any direction, there was an ear-piercing shriek from the direction of the wall which encased the yard. The direction the trapper, the monster, had gone in. It was accompanied by a familiar, sickening crunch.

Someone had been hanged on a hook.

Bryce considered going towards them, helping them get off of the hook, but he was tired. He was so tired of going to save people, just to watch them die right before he got there. Someone else could save them, and he’d work on a generator.

By the time he was done, the screaming had grown. It must’ve been a new victim, someone that had only just been pulled from the real world into this horror filled reality. They were still adjusting to the torturous cycle that all the humans were stuck in.

They only needed one generator. Bryce could go get it done. But at the same time, the other human was still hanging from the hook, surely nearly dead by now. He could go save them. Or at least try to.

He started to creep ever so slowly in the direction that the screaming had come from, cautious. If the coast was clear, he’d save them. If the trapper was anywhere nearby, he was just going to go after the last generator.

He could see the victim now, struggling against the spider-like claws. The monster was nowhere in sight Bryce ran towards the other person, a woman, he thought, though in the dark it was hard to tell, and started to pull them down from the hook.

“Th-thank you. Thank you so much….” She started to sob into his shoulder. Yeah, she was definitely new to this whole thing. Only the newest victims took the time to thank those that saved them. It wasted valuable time.

“Don’t thank me yet. We have to go. Like, now. Run!” He pushed her in a random direction, then took off, heading to the left, as soon as her instincts took over and she started to leave, as fast as she could.


Oh, god, he was in so much pain. His mind went practically blank, only sensing the agony that was the bear trap around his leg. He started to struggle, desperately. As he did, lights went up around the perimeter, flashing for a minute before fading away. Someone had gotten the last generator. The victims could escape. But Bryce was stuck, trapped, all because he’d gone over to help someone. Typical.

The trapper came up behind him, and Bryce struggled all the more fiercely, even as he felt the metal grinding on his bones. But the trapper just stared for a second, before walking away towards the door. Apparently, Bryce wasn’t as much of a risk, which he was grateful for. The monster would go after the others, leaving Bryce with enough time to free himself from the bear trap, then get to the door himself.

But before he had a chance, the trapper came back, cursing loudly. The others must’ve escaped already. Bryce tried to shift back into the tall grass, but just whimpered in pain.

“Well, I guess you’re all that’s left, then.” The monster grumbled. He went to reach down for Bryce.

Bryce blinked, eyebrows furrowing in confusion, even as he tried to duck under the massive man’s arm. “H-have I heard your voice before?”

The man paused. “What?”

“Your voice sounds familiar. Like this guy I knew, back when I first showed up in this forest.” Bryce had accepted the fact that he’d lost this time, was going to die on a hook, but he couldn’t drop the question. It was important. And he didn’t know when he’d next be in this trapper’s yard, so he had to ask now. “He’d been here way longer than me. He was a cool guy. Really smart.” The trapper had stilled. Bryce couldn’t see his face under the mask, but he could see the man’s fingers flexing, like he was thinking, but also irritated. “We kinda made out once or twice. I don’t actually know how much he cared about me, but honestly, it was just nice to see a friendly face.” At this point, he wasn’t even talking for the sake of the question, just rambling, fear leading him to remember more than he had in a long time. “I stopped ever seeing him, well, a while ago. I miss him.” Suddenly, Bryce realized that the trapper, a potentially supernatural killer, was staring at him like he was insane, and he blushed. “I just- you sound like him, is all I’m saying.”

“Uh-huh.” He could sense the raised eyebrow, rather than see it. His blush grew.

“His name was Ohm. Have you at least seen him, while you’ve done your murdery things? It’d be nice to know he was still alive. Then again, you probably don’t ask people’s names much, do you?”

The trapper was silent for a moment, then spoke, sounding practically human. “When the humans in the forest lose hope, they turn into one of us, the killers. He probably doesn’t remember you.” With that, the trapper reached down and pulled the stricken Bryce out of the bear trap, and flung him over his shoulder.

No. Ohm couldn’t be a monster. He’d taught Bryce everything there was to know about the forest. He’d been so good at everything. How could he have lost hope? How could he have turned into, into one of them? The killers?

Bryce was so distracted by his thoughts, he didn’t even notice where the trapper was carrying him to. He was dropped in front of a trapdoor.

He blinked, then glanced up at the trapper. “W- what?”

“Just go. You managed to bore me with your rambling.” The trapper crossed his arms and stared at him.

“Okay.” Bryce crawled into the hatch. Once he was there, he practically instinctively started to run, well, jog, with his injured leg, down the passageway.

“And Bryce?”

Bryce froze. The only person in the entire forest he’d ever told his name to was-

“It was nice to see you again.” Ohm said, before shutting the trapdoor behind him. As soon as the threat of being killed was gone, the entire cycle reset, and Bryce woke up in a clearing by a campfire, with three people he didn’t know.

They didn’t understand why he started crying.


hhhhhoooOOOOOLLY crap this took days. This started as a sketchdump and then I was like “nah better color it and spend too much time on it till it’s dead o'clock.” I kinda enjoy the final product at least, so there’s that.
Our two lovely heroines from the ATLA!au unleashing two cans of whoop ass on somebody. @mirsan’s interpretation was that Kagome was like the new avatar (so she’s in her avatar state) and Sango is an earth bender who mastered metal bending (hence the chain whip thing). Overall I’m super happy I got some Sango art colored since the last piece of her and a certain monk has yet to be inked (blame college, not me). Before I ramble anymore, I seriously need to sleep. Night all🤘

Your Lie in April Ask Meme
  • “Music is freedom.”
  • “Sorry a million times over.”
  • “Maybe, just maybe, the light can reach the bottom of a dark ocean.”
  • “What did you have in your heart?”
  • “Hey, did you get taller? Oh, I see. It’s because you’re not looking down anymore.” 
  • “ For people like us, a life without music is death.” 
  • “I’ll never forget about us.”
  • “I just told a single lie.”
  • “It brought you to me.”
  • “You’d better not hit “reset”!”
  • “Was I able to live inside your heart?” 
  • “I hope I can reach you.”
  • “Do you think you’ll remember me at least a little?”
  • “When you’re in love with somebody, everything looks colorful.”
  • “Look at me. Look up and look at me. you’re always looking down.”
  • “Everything you say and do; it all sparkles so brightly. It’s too blinding for me, and I end up closing my eyes. But I can’t help aspiring to be like you.”
  • “We women are combative creatures. Do you understand?”
  • “Just one person matters to me. Only you matter.”
  • “Heroes are lonely… and they walk off alone in the last scene.“
  • “She moves me. With such power, like the pounding of my heart. I can hear your sound. You’re here.”

anonymous asked:

Honestly, when I first saw that BB is running from police I get impression that he is doing it kinda on purpose? I mean idk maybe he want to find something/someone, or talk (lol talk) with somebody... At least I hope so xD I mean dude, you're both super fast and you can fly. And you have Lockjaw.

I’ve no idea what to make of this footage.  For all we know it could just be an add for some cologne Anson Mount is hawking in conjunction with the show…

‘Terrigen Mists’ from Calvin Klien… ‘smell like eugenics.’  

lets be honest. the real reason people dislike davekat so much isnt because they think its abusive or came out of left field. we know its not abusive for this reason and ive already compiled how their relationship developed here. so those are just excuses. no, the real reason people cant get into davekat is because most of the fandom likes the popular ships and like 90% of those ships revolve around dave being paired with somebody else. d*vejade, j*hndave, d*verezi (i censor so hate wont show up in those ships’ tags cause at least ive got some decent fucking manners). literally people will say anything to deny dave isnt dating karkat, often painting karkat in a bad light, so they can hold out hope that their ship will prevail. but hussie isnt an idiot. he checks up on the fandom and sees whats goin down. almost all of homestuck is reactive to its fandom. so the hold out on canoninity isnt to leave people wondering or hoping. hes gonna flip your shit sideways in the most horrendous of ways like hes always done. mark my words. davekat is gonna become so fucking canon its gonna hurt.

We are Fires in the Night - Mia

“Oh geez oh geezz oh geez…” I was muttering. I knew I was, I didn’t particularly care - I mean, I could feel the fire, but it didn’t hurt.

There was an awful lot of it though.

And the park was full of flammable stuff…like trees. They deserved better than flame - they deserved better than a tiny park in the city as well, but hey…progress.

Ah shit somebody’s here. Who is going for a walk in city parks at midnight?

“Get out of the way please!” I shouted at the woman, running past her and tossing myself into the fountain hoping to quench, or at least control, the flames engulfing me, before they got entirely out of control and risked the trees.

Miseyere will be very displeased if I burn down a whole forest…dryads are so picky! She’s right though, don’t want to hurt the trees…oh please go out. Note to self, choose a more suitable location to experiment with new potions.

You’d think I’d have learned by now.



Lily started down the stairs once her name was announced, picking up the dress Guinevere had given her and making sure the flower crown stayed on her head. It was still weird being treated like royalty since she was a nobody in Storybrooke, but she guessed she was somebody now. She scanned the crowd until she found George, and she smiled brightly before going over to him?

“Well?” She asked with a quirked eyebrow. The Camelot women had spent a fair amount of time making her up, so she had least hoped they did a good job.

i really hope adam knows how many rabid fans he has.  ok I know the devotion might be a little hard to process, but it must mean something to him that he’s made so many people so happy?  just by existing, but also by being an awesome actor.  as he doesn’t do social media and seems he is a bit of a luddite its hard to know how much he knows.  I’m sure his manager at least does media monitoring - I hope messages like this one get caught up in that.

can somebody out there that knows him or someone that knows him make sure he does?  thanks.  It is actually important to me (and I know to others as well) that he really truly knows that he has a fandom that has his back. 

curses for when you really want to curse the shit out of somebody but you’re namby-pamby and don’t actually want to invoke death or rabies or anything

I hope your favourite old TV show gets a reboot that completely misses the point of what you liked about it.

I hope your friends and family somehow get the idea that you really like a particular thing that you’ve never cared for and every birthday and other annual gift-giving festivity you get at least three things of this thing and everyone is so sure you like it that no matter how many times you tell them that you don’t, as soon as you are out of sight their brains reset to believing you like it.  (If you really deserve to suffer, it’s merchandise of your favourite old TV show’s point-missing reboot.)

I hope you reach out in the dark and touch something moist and clammy that isn’t supposed to be there.

I hope you exhale sharply and a bogey flies out of your nose and hits you in the lip.

I hope you go swimming and a stranger’s lost Band-Aid drifts up and touches you on the face.
Help, I Need Somebody (Not Just Anybody) - Chapter 7 - thesummerofrain - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 7: Let Peace Be Yours Tonight