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Collect Call Part 3

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“Hey pumpkin.” He said as a small smile spread across his lips.
He couldn’t stop his eyes from studying you.
Your hair fell in simple curls around your shoulders. Your lips gleamed from where you had licked them and your cheeks were blushed. Your eyes watched him through your long lashes and his eyes followed your body.
He looked at the curve of your breasts beneath your shirt and felt himself harden slightly.
“You look good.” He husked and you blushed.
“How are things with you?” You asked nervously.
Happy raised is eyebrows and smirked at you.
“Im in prison, (y/n).” He said and you smirked too.
“Im sorry about your husband, and your baby.” He said quietly and your face fell.
You nodded and looked at your hands, fighting the urge to cry.
“Hows your mom?” You asked him.
“Shes doing okay. Up and down.” You both nodded and fell silent again as you watched each other.
“Fuck.” You said and laughed.
The sound of your laugh lit the darkest corners of Happys soul and he watched you intensely, hypnotised by the curves of your lips.
“Are we just gonna make small talk?” You asked with a smirk on your face, your eyes glowing.
Happy smirked at you and shook his head.
You had planned to play it cool. Planned to make sure he knew how hurt you were. But the moment you saw him all of that was out the window.
You felt like a teenager again, sitting on the river bank and in love with your best friend.
“Ive missed you, pumpkin.” Happy said, his voice barely a whisper.
You nodded and smiled.
“So why now?” You asked and leant your elbows on the table.
Happy shrugged and gazed into your eyes.
“Ive done a lot of bad things, (y/n). Im a criminal. Ive stolen, vandalised, I run guns for a living and Ive killed people. A lot of people. Ive done a lot of bad things but the worst thing I ever did was let you go.”

His dark eyes studied your features and you stared back at him, unsure of what to say.
“Happy, I-“
“Let me say something.” He interrupted you.
“Im sorry, pumpkin. Im sorry I left you. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have put the club before our.. friendship. Dammit, (y/n), I was so in love with you!” He said.
Your eye brows shot up and your mouth opened slightly.
“You loved me?” You asked quietly.
Happy rolled his eyes.
“Of course I was. Everyone knew it. Your parents knew it. My ma knew it. Everyone but you.”
“Why didn’t you say anything?” You whispered.
“All you used to talk about was how you wanted to get out of that town. See the world. I couldn’t follow you, and I couldn’t hold you back.”
You laughed loudly and he looked at you with furrowed brows.
“Jesus, we were so stupid, Hap.” You laughed again.
He turned his head to the side, confusion on his face.
“I was in love with you, Happy. Ya know why I wanted to leave so badly? To travel? Cause I was trying to run away from my feelings. I thought that you would never love me the way i loved you. Thats why I wanted to leave.”
Happy closed his eyes as he smirked and shook his head.
“I guess mom was right when she said smoking weed with you would make me dumb.” You said and he chuckled lightly.
You both stared at each other, your eyes glowing and smiles on your faces.
“So where does that leave us now?” Happy asked.
“I dunno, Hap. All I know is I still feel the same.” Happy smiled at you and you continued.
“I loved my husband. I really did, I still do. He was a good guy and he deserved so much better.”
Happy opened his mouth to argue with you but you held a finger up, silencing him.
“He deserved more. I loved him with a heart that belongs to someone else. Its always been you, Happy.”
You watched as his smile spread and his dark eyes lit up, like a fire was burning inside him.
“Youve always been my pumpkin pie.” Happy smirked and you laughed, both of you grinning at each other like the high teenagers you used to be.

Two weeks had passed since you’d first gone to see Happy, and you slowly felt joy and hope creeping back into your life.
He called you every few nights and you would talk for as long as you could, catching up on lost time and reminiscing. He told you about his club and his mom and you soaked in the sound of his voice, hanging on to every word he spoke. But he hadn’t called for the last four nights and you were nervous, scared that maybe he had changed his mind.
Your foot tapped against the carpet and you clutched the phone tightly in your hands.
Any minute now he would call, and you couldn’t keep still. It felt nice, to have something to look forward to again and you realised how miserable you had been.
The tv was humming on the background but you couldn’t focus on it, your eyes were glued to the phone, waiting to hear the shrill sound as it rang and the raspy voice on the other end.
You heard a knock on the door and you jumped. You weren’t expecting anyone, you never had visitors.
You looked at the phone in your hands again and decided to ignore whoever it was outside. The phone might ring while you spoke to them and you didn’t want to waste any of your precious time.
You sat on the couch and chewed your lip, your knees bouncing as you waited for the phone to ring.
Another knock.
You glanced between the phone and the door and sighed, leaping out of your seat and practically running for the door.
“Yeah?” You yelled as you opened it.
Your heart stopped as you looked into the familiar dark eyes.
Happy stood in the doorway, leaning casually against the house.

He wore a white t-shirt and his clubs kutte and your jaw dropped as you took in every inch of him.
“Thats no way to greet your guests, (y/n).” He smirked at you.
The sound of his voice bought you back to reality and you flung your body towards him.
“Happy!” You yelled as you wrapped your arms around his neck.
His strong arms wrapped around your waist and he lifted you off your feet.
You buried your face in his neck, breathing in the scent of him. He still smelt the same as he did when you were growing up, weed and beer mixed with his natural smell.
You pulled your head back and he placed you on the ground, but his arms stayed wrapped around your waist.
“You stage a prison break, Lowman?” You asked with your eye brows raised and a mischievous smirk on your lips.
Happy grinned down at you.
“Somethin like that.” He said and you watched as he licked his lips.
Butterflies fluttered in your belly and you felt every inch of your skin tingle.
“You know, theres something I shoulda done along time ago.” He said, his voice playful and you hung on every word, his voice like honey and you bit your lip as he leant in closer to you.
“Whats that?” You whispered, suddenly feeling weak as you felt his hot breath on your lips.
“This.” Happy whispered and he moved his lips forward and pressed them against yours.
You could have sworn the rest of the world fell away the moment your lips touched, and it was just you and Happy left, kissing on your front porch.
Every inch of your skin burnt with a hunger for more, and your fingers clutched desperately at his shoulders.
His lips moved in perfect harmony with yours, like the most beautiful song in the world was being written in that moment.
Happy arms held you tightly to his body, the sweet taste of your lips filling his mouth. He had dreamt about this moment for years, and none of his imaginations did it any justice.
Suddenly everything in your lives clicked into place, like pieces of a puzzle that had been lost, but were now found, and now the puzzle was complete.
You knew Happy was your soulmate, you had no doubt about it, and your body was bursting with love for him.
He kissed you deeply, hungrily, desperate to make up for lost time.
You had finally got your best friend back, and Happy had got his pumpkin pie.


•My Little Plum•

•Bucky Barnes Imagine•

•Summery: Your sick but help Bucky make some plum tart•

•Set during Captain America: Civil War before anything happened• 

•Warning: Don’t actually follow the rules for baking since I didn’t even look up the recipe. Also very bad writing, so don’t complain, Story might seem a bit unreal (but come on, the dude has a metal arm!) also just imagine Bucky’s apartment had what I said, ALSO BAD WRITTING SO YOUVE BEEN WARNED•

I watched as still as a mouse from my frosted window pane as the soft feather like flakes drifting on the midnight air, soft howls of gushing air creaked the trees nude branches. While I jabbed with the fire logs and admired as they flickered and crackled. Ash crumbled to the gathering pit and contributes to melt and mark its position. The heat releasing from the blaze was very warm and inviting. I looked back at the clock hung above the holocaust, it chimed twelve, it’s rhythmical song echoed throughout the empty house.

“-(Y/N) Doll, I think the dough is ready.” Bucky’s voice came through as my gaze followed his voice in to the kitchen.  I didn’t heed him much thought and returned to prod the logs. It’s satisfying crepitate made me close my eyes and burry my face deep in the scarf I had wrapped around lossy around my shoulders.

“Doll,” Bucky started, his voice laced with apprehension, his eyebrows knitted together and nose crinkled up, frown stitched to his face. “Doll Face, I called you-” He contributed to press, watching as I just shook my heavy head, my long hair curling in waves.

My stomach lurched forward and crunched, as if someone had continuously rammed there foot right in the middle of my stomach, my head felt as if someone had dropped a huge book shelve on it, I tried to stand up leaning on the side in agony hitting the old rusty bister couch, watching as the scarf Bucky got me fell in a swirl, grunting and sweating, the whole world spinned over with me, I couldn’t even comprehend exactly where I was at the moment, my stomach felt sick and dissed. I wanted to just fall asleep but the pain was so exasperate that I honestly couldn’t even keep track of my own thoughts.

My eyes closed tight and I was just wishing to die right here and now, just to simply get it over with. My head started throbbing and my ears had a high pitched screeching sound in them, I didn’t understand, it was awfully quite so why was I hearing a screaming voice echo through my ear drums?!

“Sweetheart?” Bucky questioned leaning down beside me, resting his metal elbow on the couches rusty old springs. “Sweetheart, are you fine?” His voice forged ahead to abrade me.

As much as I would love to admit his voice was pure ecstasy to my soul, now wouldn’t be it. His voice was gruff and edgy. His words vibrated to the core and it made me want to press my ears shut away from him. “Bucky I’m fine-” I started, pushing my bangs away from my forehead and tucking the strands of dewy hair behind my small ears. Watching as his hand still clung to my elbow. “Let’s go see the dough, yah?” Gathering whatever energy I had stored in my entire body, plastering a smile I moved along to stand up with his help. His face still composed with worry, but grinned widely as I moved beside him to look at his first hand made dough.

“I tried to make it perfectly like how you do it-” Bucky whispered quirkily, “I just want to make sure it’s risin’” He scratched the back of his head bumping his man bun, releasing a few chestnut strands from their lock, only to frame his perfectly chiseled jawline.

“I’ll see James,” My voice was out of tune, and I was dizzy, my head felt heavy and the aching feeling of puke didn’t help, I honestly just want to lay my whole body down on a nice comfortable matters with pillows wrapped around my whole entire person, but not even that would help, today was a whole other totally different kind of headache.

The pain was unbearable, I swear I feel my brain throbbing and pulsing in my skull, it was like a sharp pain, the same kind of feeling you would get when you would cut your finger and try to clean the wound with an alcohol swab.

The slightest bit of noise would make me see double. Just breathing in and out was hard at most. The pain in my body was different… It was like a dull pulsing, sort of pounding, like how a hammer would go over a nail over…and over…and over again.

My brain feels like it’s overheating, and at the same time can’t process properly. I can’t even move my eyes, just thinking was as if throwing piles and piles of paper on my already overworking brain.

Stumbling to the kitchen counter, I covered it by trying to reach in the counter for a spoon, if the dough was really risen to double its size, then I would need to scrape it from the plate I had it covering the metal bowl.

“Doll face, are you sure your fine?” Buchanans’ hand came slithering at the small of my back. Watching as my eyes glanced emotionlessly,  around the kitchen. “Sweetheart-”

“Bucky I’m fine-”

“Let me see your cheeks-”

“Bucky’s the dough is perfect!” I gushed, feeling my barf hurling up my throat. I didn’t want Bucky to know I woke up sick today, he was so excited to learn how to make a simple tart dough for his plum tart treats, and it was such a different feeling when Bucky came rolling through my door ushering me to get up from bed and teach him how to make it already. If he knew I was sick now his mood would take a hundred eighty degree. Plus, it was Bucky  we’re talking about. He hates his life and doesn’t even want to wake up in the morning so having to see his dazzling grin… Could make anyone a sucker for the one and only, James Buchanan Barnes.

“Now, did you make the filling?” I asked, placing my elbow on the counter and resting my forehead.

“Yah it’s right here.” Bucky grabbed the bowl of nicely chopped plums and pieces of blackberry. “But I still didn’t make the-”

“I already measured everything for you, put it-”

“-In the pan and make sure it starts to simmer until juices starts to flow out- Right?” Bucky repeated, as he tried to impress me. I had already told him what to do but he still felt safe when I was there to confirm his actions one by one.

“Perfect-” The atmosphere stayed quite for a while. The only thing I could hear was the honey and butter being simmered, then milk and the fruits being pored in. A lid clank with the pot, And Bucky sighed in satisfaction for his work. “You look disappointed…” Bucky pointed to my form, as in the face shoved in my palm. Oh, if only he were to know.

“No, you’re fine,"I insufflate deeply, Gathering the dough and kneeling it. But it looked impossible, with so much energy I could burn, this was draining me astonishingly.

"I wan’ try-” Bucky hip bumped me, he chuckled as I stuck out my tong for his actions.

“Now, all you do is keep it in a square-”

“-Form it in’ the container and drop tha’ fillin’- I know Doll,” He reached down to drop a scorching smooch to my head, I could feel his wet lips drag on to my skull, closing my eyes I nestled my body closer to him as he worked with the dough and smoothed it in the long rectangle aluminum container.

“S'cuse me Doll Face,” Bucky stated, as he wiped his hands with a clean baby blue dish towel set beside his dough, then he turned around swiftly removing the lid and placing it in the sink then he  moved the filling around with his spoon, and lastly  grabbed the pan by the handle. “Do I jus’ drop it in, sweetheart?” Bucky asked as he looked for confirmation in my expression. He released an audible sigh of worry when I nodded, “Thank god,” He shook his head from side to side as his lose stands of chestnut hair swiftly moved about with his actions.

He pored in the filling in one place, then dropped the pan in the sink and proceeded to grab the same spoon he stirred the filling with to spread around the delicious treat. Once he finished he turned around to me, for approval. I nodded, but regretted it instantly. If I couldn’t see before, I’m definitely blind now.

“Pop it in the oven until dough is crisp. Right, darling?” I watched as he held the long pan in his hands, questioning the next move. I couldn’t help but smile at how sweet and unsure of himself he was.

“Yes Bucky-” I walked away, already two feet ahead but stopped dead in my tracks. How could I have forgotten to tell him to chop extra fruits and place them on top of the makeshift jam? “Bucky, you need to put raw fruits on top to make it more tasty-”

“I know darling, I’ve seen you make this-”

“Did you smear honey on top of the jam then?”

“Ye- Wait honey?”

“Yes…” He shook his head in disapproval, watching as he opened the old white oven door and pulling the trey with his metal hand. He walked around with the dish in hand until he placed it on the counter next to the ingredients that were pilled up in a corner. With excess flour spread on the working area, honey smeared on the counter, butter melting in one corner with all the mess around it. Bucky sure knows how to make extra work for me.

“There- Anythin’ else you wanna spring on me Doll Face?”

“Dishes.” With that said and placed for demand, I walked back to the couch and slumped in its old cushions. It’s springs instantly poking my skin.

Pictures and thoughts and plans and dates ran through my head, it’s as if when my head is on overdrive, that’s the moment my brain decides to think about everything. My whole thoughts were chasing each other around and around. My mind couldn’t even comprehend a single thought that popped up, All that happened in the end with my brain is having all my thoughts ricochet into my skull.

Faint clicking of the plates was visible but all else was that screeching noise that echoed in the walls of my ears. I didn’t even know what I did yesterday to get this. The father clock chimed two in the afternoon just as I was dozing off into an unconscious dream, instantly stealing my relaxation.

The weather outside was freezing, partially being in the middle of December, but our little apartment- or Bucky’s small apartment- was warm and good for us. I was snuggled up in one of his wool sweater that ate my body and my Captain America shield tights. My body temperature was really moody. I was feeling hot, then frozen, and now sweaty.

I open my eyes, having an agitated feeling at the back of my head. Instantly Bucky came into my perplexed vision. He grabbed his flesh hand and placed it at the top of my steaming head. Instantly I backed away, the cologne he used is so strong I feel like the scent is sending some vibration to my head.

“Your heating up-”

“I’m fin-” Something tightened in my throat causing a coughing fit to ensure. He helped me sit up, grabbing a glass of water from the kitchen behind his beige couch then handing it in my shaking palms.

“Your sick.” He stated, ruthlessness and rage filled his tone of voice. Crossing his hands over his beefy chest, in realization I was lying to him the whole day. I looked down, his feet beside my scarf more interesting and less angry then his eyes.

“Come on’” He sat down beside me and pulled my warm body closer to his. My face squished to his beefy chest, He smuggled in a chaste kiss before pulling my hair behind my back and braiding it away from my flushed face. His metal hands finger plates grazed my skill and lured me to unconsciousness.

“Why did you lie?” His voice was vibrating in my end, but nearly a whisper in his.

Bucky was wonderful, marvelous even miraculous. I could never say no to anything he wants, especially something that he actually had the nerves and courage to ask. A few months back when we met through similar conditions, he was so closed off and non approachable. Weeks passed and we clashed, like paper and pen. It didn’t take a genius to tell we were fully head over heels for each other after a few more encounters. Everything leading up to now, him asking for something he took the slightest bit of interest… Was shocking. He would always think he was being handled. Like he never had much of a choice of his own. That his life even to this day was being planned for him. Poor little boy was broken beyond repair.

“I love you so much.” I admitted, curling up in a ball next to his ridged body. Trying to squeeze through the pain for hope I could lessen it. I dug my nails into his side, where metal met skin, trying to distract myself from the extreme pulsing pain that had consumed my stomach. I deepened my chipped  nails into his chest.

“I love you too-” He strummed my fingers out of his plasma. “Let me get the tart and I’ll be back,” He tucked me in, with the lose throw blanket he had lying on the couch. Placing an animated peck at the hem of my chapped lips, before walking briskly behind the couch.

Hearing him releasing an audible sigh, I wondered if it was because I lied to him or his treat had burnt. Either way I really didn’t have much energy to think this through.

“Here, darling.” Bucky’s soft secret murmur made its way to my ears, I looked down at his perked paw, realizing he grabbed medication for my headache. “Took these when my head hurt.” He nodded to the glass in his other hand. Watching as I drowned them one by one.

“Did it burn?”

“No it’s just fine, I’ll cut you a slice once your feelin’ good, Doll.”

daintily, I laid back on the springy couch cushions. My eyes were half way shut, as I could make a dark shadow of Bucky walking around the room and grabbing his red notebook with a blue star in the middle. He fiddled with the pages, before sitting down and scribbling words and doodling pictures.

Buchanan didn’t know I knew about his secret diary, I even caught a glimpse of what he wrote at some point. It was just what happened. From when he woke up the smell of eggs and how we both had taken a bath together with bubbles that engulfed the tub. Whatever the reason behind that book. I’m glad it sketches a smile on his beguiling features.

James Buchanan Barnes, my sweet, sweet little baby boy.

Without a second thought in mind but my Bucky, everything around me seemed to be encompassing in darkness, my consciousness haltingly depart.


Waking up to a nice warm towel placed on my forehead, warm thick blankets wrapped neatly and cautiously on my body and an incredible heat on my back- I turn around to find Bucky lazily slouching. His long chestnut locks covering his facial features. With little purple jam struck at the brim of his spout right in his stubble. His nostrils flaring and deflating in every intake of breath he took.

I looked back on the old rusty coffee table, a glass plate placed with a big chunky serving of plum tart. Next to the dessert was a ripped pice of paper with one of the crowning hand writings I’ve ever seen.

‘To my baby Doll, -Bucky’

A cramped beam crossed me, earning a low giggle. Bucky Barnes, you will be the death of me, without a single doubt in my whole entire body.

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Publishing Details:
Date: 6/4/2016
Words: 2900 I think…?
Publisher: Fate

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I’ve written this before but fixed it for a Bucky fic*

not anymore (Sam x reader)

A mass stood at your bedroom door, watching as you slept. You were unaware that your parents were dead in the next room over, killed by a werewolf. John stood there watching, not exactly knowing what to tell you when he woke you up. He thought through what happened. The werewolf had ripped out your parent’s hearts. John sighed. He would have to take you in. He had already checked if you had other family but it seemed like your parents were your last relatives and they were now gone. By the looks of it, you were about the same age as Sam, his 9 year old son. John was confident that Sam would take care of you, he knew that the boy’s heart was too big for his own good. John sighed again and strolled toward your blue bed. He shook your shoulder and said your name quietly, not wanting to startle you.

“Y/N” He whisper yelled. You shot up in your bed, eyes wide and frightened. You were too shocked to scream at the strange man who had just woken you up. You did the first thing you could think of.

“MOM DAD COME QUICK” You shouted loudly and the man looked down in something like pity. You waited for your father’s tall form to come running into your room but he didn’t. Not so much as a sound was heard besides your heavy breathing and you thought maybe you heard a fire from outside. You finally looked at the man kneeling at your bedside and asked him a question he knew was coming. “Where are they?” You whispered, fear taking control of you as you started to shake slightly.

“They’re gone” John stated simply.

“What do you mean gone.” You were so confused. Where were they? They would have told you if they had gone somewhere.

“They were killed by a werewolf.” John said a little too calmly. Like this was normal.

“You’re lying. Werewolves aren’t real.” You knew better than to believe in werewolves. You were almost 9 and you had grown out of believing in magic.

John looked down in disappointment. This was going to be harder than he thought. He took pause for a moment and thought about what his plan was. He would have had Sam come in to talk to you but he had left the boys at Bobby’s. He decided he would take you there. He had other jobs to deal with anyways.

“Come with me” He told you like a command. There was no room for argument and you were too confused to question it. You stood and grabbed the man’s outstretched hand. He led you to an old looking car but it was in good condition. He opened the passenger door for you and you crawled onto the leather seat. The engine rumbled and you fell asleep very fast. You hoped it was all a dream.

When you woke up it was light outside but you were still in a strange car with a strange man. The car pulled up to a house that looked run down. You peaked over the dashboard to try and get a better look until the man opened the passenger door for you. When he did you tentatively crawled out of the car, carrying the stuffed duck you always slept with.

“I’m John by the way” The man said as he looked down at you. You were small for your age and you assumed it was because your mom was very small to, especially compared to your dad. You simply looked up at the man you could now call John and nodded. He looked forward again and walked you to the front door of the rickety house. When he knocked you stepped behind his large form. The door opened and you peaked out from behind John. A gruff looking man with kind eyes and a goatee caught sight of you and he smiled.

“You can come out little one. My name is Bobby. Want to come inside?” His voice, though rough, seemed kind and trustworthy. You decided to give him a chance so you nodded and stepped toward him. “What’s your name, sweetheart?”

“I’m Y/N” you giggled. You stopped giggling when two boys came out from behind Bobby. You tilted your head in wonder. One of the boys looked a little older than you and one looked about your age.  You waved shyly and looked at your feet.

“I’m Sam. This is my brother Dean.” The younger boy smiled and you melted right there. You immediately felt a sort of connection to the smaller boy and you smiled a bit.

////// Years and years later\\

“Sammy, you can’t go to Stanford! Please.” You were already in tears as the love of your life packed his bags.

“Princess, you know I have to go. I can’t stand it here. The only thing that’s kept me here so far is you but it’s not enough anymore.” He sighed and your heart broke right there. You weren’t enough. You could feel a huge pain in your chest as you ran to the older brother in the other room. You ran into dean’s chest and the tears wouldn’t stop.

“Hey hey what’s wrong? Y/N/N, you need or calm down. What happened?” Dean asked tentatively as he stroked your hair.

“Sammy is leaving.” You whispered and dean sighed. He kissed your forehead and let go of you to find his little brother. You heard yelling and a car start up. Your tears didn’t stop but got heavier. You breathed into the flannel you wore that belonged to the younger brother. He was leaving. He didn’t love you anymore. Your chest hurt madly as you curled up into a ball on the floor and you heard an engine rev.

He didn’t love you anymore

////// More years later\\

Dean decided he wanted to climb in through the window, instead of the reasonable choice of the front door. You guys made it inside and there were no alarms that went off. Dean walked toward the kitchen and you rolled your eyes and followed him. You didn’t want to be here, you just wanted to go back to Baby and sleep. You didn’t know if you could handle seeing Sammy again. He left. You still loved him though.

Dean wanted a beer apparently so he was rummaging through the fridge. Had Sam not heard you yet? You wondered and then you felt a presence behind you. You kicked back on instinct and someone  grabbed your foot. They pulled back but you pulled yourself into their waist and twisted so they fell to the ground with you on top of them. They flipped you over and straddled your hips and pinned your shoulders down with their hands.

“Y/N?” They asked and you now recognized Sammy. Shit.

“Hi Sam” You whispered. You could feel tears well up in your eyes and Sam got off of you. You stepped back and were going to run away but the hugely tall hunter pulled you back into a hug. Your tears started and you tried to get them to stop. Dean walked in and took notice to your shaking shoulders.

“Already got her crying again? Record time Sammy.” He was sarcastic and snarky as ever. The lights turned on and Sam pulled away quickly.

“Sam? What’s going on?” A feminine voice asked. You searched for the source which became easier when Sam stepped next to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. You put two and two together. Your heart hurt again and the tears in your eyes threatened to fall out.

“Guys, this is Jess. Jess, this is my brother Dean and my best friend Y/N” He explained but it just made you hurt more. Best friend? Is that what you were to him now? You smiled widely but Sam frowned. He could see it didn’t reach your eyes. He didn’t say anything though, big surprise.

“Nice to meet you but I’ll go back to Baby and let Dean explain.” You grabbed the keys from Dean and sprinted out to the impala. It was too much. It hurt too much. Was it too late to go get Bobby? You heard Sam yell at you from the front door and you heard his footsteps, heavy and wide, as he jogged toward you. “Go away Sam. I don’t want to talk to you right now.” Your voice betrayed you and cracked. You broke down on the hood of the impala and sobbed. You felt his large hand on your back but you were done with his shit. Of him not acting like he once loved you. “STOP SAM. YOU DONT GET TO FEEL BAD. YOU DONT GET TO SAY YOURE SORRY OR THAT YOU DIDNT MEAN TO HURT ME. YOU LEFT SAM. YOU LEFT ME CRYING AFTER I HAD BEGGED YOU TO STAY AND YOU BROKE MY HEART. YOU STOPPED LOVING ME WHEN I NEVER DID. I ALWAYS LOVED YOU AND I STILL DO BUT HERE YOU ARE AND YOUVE MOVED ON. YOUR BEST FRIEND? IT THAT WHAT I AM NOW? DID YOU EVER ACTUALLY HAVE ANY FEELINGS FOR ME? BECAUSE AT THIS POINT IM CONVINCED THAT YOU WERE ACTING THE WHOLE TIME.” You were so mad, so angry you were seeing red. You began punching his chest, his size not intimidating you anymore despite him being twice your size. You suddenly stopped punching and looked up at the grown man in front of you and your tears ran down your face. You no longer had any control over them. You asked one question. “Did you ever love me?” You almost whispered it. Just loud enough that he could hear you and you studied his face. His puppy dog eyes that made you melt every time but you stayed strong.

“Of course I did Y/N” he said sadly but it wasn’t any condolence to you. He DID. Past tense. He doesn’t anymore. Now he has jess and you were pushed out of the picture. You nodded and started to walk down the street. You didn’t know where you were headed but anywhere seemed better that there.