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Demons Vs Trees

Our party was making our way through a desert, only to find a forest of cedar, growing in straight lines. Finding a obviously man-created forest in the middle of a desert was a little odd, so our druid (who speaks plant languages) decided to introduce himself. 

Druid: Hello, I’m-
Tree: Do you have the stuff? Am I growing straight enough? I can grow straighter if you give me the stuff!
Druid: The…. Stuff?
Tree: Yeah. You know. The stuff.
Druid: I have no clue what the stuff is.
Tree: Guys, he doesn’t have the stuff. (The other trees groan.) Why would you even come if you don’t have the stuff? 

Meanwhile, the fighter and enchanter find some rocks scattered all over the place that could be used in very strong plant growth potions. They relay this information to the druid.

Druid: I don’t have the stuff, but I can try something. (He casts a spell for speeding plant growth)
Tree: Yes! Yes! Again! More! Do it again!
GM: The trees outside the spell radius are getting agitated and are shaking. They are yelling at you for not casting it on them.
Druid: Holy shit guys, these are addict trees.

Later, in the same forest, we get into an encounter involving a bunch of low level demons.  

Fighter: There’s a lot of them, so no stealing my kills! (Starts off towards the nearest target)
Enchanter: (Uses a spell that vaporizes all of the demons in a 30ft radius)
Fighter: Seriously? What did I just say? (Heads after another)
Druid: (Quietly hands a note to the GM)
GM: Suddenly, the trees begin to shake and branches start falling off left and right. You head thuds through out all of the forest. Luckily, none of you seem to even get a scratch- but all of the demons are dead. After investigating, you find there were more than you thought there were. Maybe about 300 total.
Fighter: Are you kidding me with all this? I wanted to smash something.
Druid: So umm. I might have promised that any trees who helped us in the fight would get a growth spell. We might be in the forest for a while.
Enchanter: I’m still getting over that the battle was won by addict trees.

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if your still doing requests, could you do a fic where Jughead is a serpent and goes to Southside high and Betty is head cheerleader at riverdale and is dating Chuck? thanks and I love your writing!

Jughead held the rag to his nose, cursing under his breath as his friends all tended to their injuries. They had been jumped, absolutely wrecked by some Riverdale goonies in Blue and Yellow Letterman Jackets. Jughead recognized them instantly when they ran onto the Southside Basketball courts, Chuck Clayton leading the way as he and his idiotic, brain dead jock teammates face off against The younger generation of he Southside Serpents, a notorious gang in the darker parts of Riverdale.

Neither side had won the fight, both groups of boys going home with some serious injuries, however they had stolen his Leather Jacket and he was fairly pissed about that.

“I’ll kill them” a burly boy named Dean stated, spitting tobacco on the ground as he cracked his knuckles, nursing a seriously bruised cheek.

“We have to retaliate, maybe hit up that Diner they’re always going too.“A dirty teenager shouted from the back.

Beside him his closest friend and fellow Serpent ,Keith, rolled his eyes, elbowing Jughead with an exasperated shrug.

Jughead shook his head, wincing as he removed the rag

“We’ll get them back, but for now…we make them wait.. they’ll be waiting for us. Make them shake a bit” he said simply, as the other boys nodded in agreement. The Serpents always listened to Jughead, he was the voice of reason
And with his father being the gang leader he had somewhat of a pull.

There was a soft knock on the door, all of the boys went quiet as it slowly opened, revealing the one thing no one was expecting.

In walked an incredibly beautiful, blonde teenaged girl, her long hair pulled tightly in a ponytail and her shiny green eyes looking nervously around the bar, she had on a floral blue skirt and a clean white sweater, considering the fact that it was definitely over eighty degrees the choice of top confused Jughead, she stepped forward a nervous smile gracing her perfect heart shaped lips. She had a familiar leather jacket clenched in her hands and she seemed taken aback by everyone staring at her

“Umm hello. I’m so sorry to interrupt but I have something to return.”

Even her voice was soft like cotton. She held out the leather jacket to the group

“I found this in my boyfriends car, I know it doesn’t belong to him so I thought I would bring it back on my own.” She looked around, waiting for someone to claim it, her fingers twitching.

Snapping out of his daze Jughead walked towards the gorgeous blonde.

“That’s mine, your boyfriends an asshole” he said simply, standing before her and gently taking the jacket, his eyes fluttering closed for a second as he inhaled the fresh vanilla and peach that wafted off of her.

“You have no idea” she smiled sadly, something in her eyes made Jughead want to reach for her, grab her and wrap her up. “I’m so sorry about this, he just.. he gets that way sometimes, Chuck should never have taken your things and he definitely should never have attacked you all.” She looked around, her sad green eyes growing more desperate by the second, he wanted to make her feel better, something he wasn’t used to feeling. Jughead jones didn’t care about anyone but himself and his gang.

“It’s not your fault he’s a dick” he said monotone .

He saw a glint of something in her eyes as she giggled and he felt a tiny bit of pride for being the one to put it there. She coughed a bit and nearly every Serpent ran towards her, shoving beers in her face.

“Oh!” She exclaimed, smiling at the gesture
“That’s very sweet, but I’m okay.” She coughed again and this time Keith pushed his beer a bit too fast, spilling most of it on her sleeves, Jughead shoved his friend away from the blonde and then rest of the Serpents shouted at him, smacking him upside the head

“That’s okay!” She laughed, an honest to god happy laugh “it’s just some beer” she rolled up her sleeves to her elbows and Jughead had to bite back the hiss at what he saw. Her arms were covered in purple and blue bruises, fingerprint shaped marks littered her wrists and by the collective growl he knew the other boys had seen it too. He was going to kill Chuck Clayton.

The Serpents didn’t make the best decisions but one thing they didn’t tolerate was abuse to any woman, especially this gorgeous angel.

Her eyes went wide and she began pulling her sleeves down
“Well, once again I want to apologize for my classmates behavior. I’d like to say it won’t happen again, but when you make Chuck Clayton mad.. well there’s really nothing you can do.” She shrugged helplessly as she headed towards the door, waving slightly to the people she passed.

When she was almost at the door Jughead looked up to see each and every Serpent looking at him with threatening eyes.

“Go after her you dumbass” dean whispered loudly.

Rolling his eyes Jughead headed for the door just in time to catch her before she stepped into her black minivan.

“Hey!” He called, causing her to spin around.

“Is everything okay?” She asked, concerned.

“Everything’s fine, you just didn’t tell me your name.” He smirked, pulling his leather jacket on and sticking a cigarette into his mouth.

Betty stared at him, that same glint he had seen a few moments ago back in her eyes. She plucked the cigarette from his mouth, popping it into her pocket and beaming

“My names Betty Cooper, I’ll see you around…?” she trailed off, waiting for him to fill in the blank.

“Jughead. Jughead Jones” he answered, still in awe of the angel in front of him.

“Okay. I’ll see you around… Jughead Jones.” With that, she got in her car and drove towards her personal hell. Riverdale, the town with pep.

Meanwhile Jughead was staring at her retreating car, his face stuck in a stupid grin.

Keith and Dean came up behind him, calling for the other Serpents.

“So.. what’s her name?” Dean asked as the low mumble of the Serpents came from behind him.

“It’s Betty.. Betty Cooper. Maybe you were right, maybe we should pay the diner a friendly visit sooner than I thought.” He said, his eyes hardening at the thought of Betty’s “boyfriend”

You want a war Chuck Clayton? You got one. And this time?

He was gonna save fair Juliet.


Reaper76 in 2B  and Reinzo in 1C for anons, and Pharmercy in 1B for @captainfareeha

Thank you as always Sopuery for the great challenge

Requests are closed 8)

Fairy Tail Chapter 526 Review

Wow. This chapter.

So looks like “FT memories” is going to be a running theme of covers. On the one hand, I kinda like since the series is ending. On the other hand, you probably should remind people “Hey remember back this was really good”

So picking up from last chapter, we have tons of fighting.

Little side note, the spell Gildarts is using is called “All-Crush” which is also the name of the dark bring from Rave Master which was the inspiration for Gildarts’ powers

August impales Gildarts on his staff (that I didn’t know had such a sharp edge) and talks about love between parent and child (again)

Okay. I get this whole importance of parent and child, and it’s an okay message. The problem is when you put it on infinite repeat. All the dialogue is just prose on this theme and it’s so annoying. I mean, isn’t the theme of fairy tail family as in family that isn’t blood related to you?

So Gildarts rushes forward at August. then we cut away.

Yeah Zeref keep making that hole bigger why don’t you.

And bomb shell, Larcade is a demon. Honestly I’m not surprised but I’m impressed with how he said that he was the best experimental boy for Natsu because when we saw END for the first time people referenced that there were these destroyed containers meaning there was possibly of failed ENDs. But I guess that Larcade had the demon programing like all of Zeref’s demons to want zeref so maybe Larcade’s manifested as, “he’s my father”.

“Look failure Natsu, I have real Natsu to pay attention to so piss off”

Umm before I go into this, no Hades she’s not a grown woman, she’s in her mid teens at best. Mentally fine she’s an adult but she’s not fully grown. Also how did you deliver the baby?

So Hades doesn’t know what to do with the child and I really like the call back to Hades arguing over light and dark because his whole thing was on the true nature and origin of magic. That was what his philosophy was.

Okay let’s go through this panel by panel, first, WOW Hades you are crappy elder. I mean you were guildmaster, you basically were in charge of being the father figure of the guild, good to know you improved.

Next, So wait your magic involves memories, how?

And finally, looks like Zeref is randomly wandering, again.

That’s… Really clever. Like when August ot shot with Crash he made a comment on Gildarts having “an interesting magic”. Meaning he didn’t have knowledge of it before.

Again really clever idea and way of beating him. I just have a few questions, what about the heat pillar he used on Natsu, or the sleep magic on brandish, or the bullet magic on Mirajane? Do you naturally know that magic because no one who knows those magic were in the area.

okay I don’t like this joke of Cana being tsundere-like about her dad it’s really not funny for me.

I’ll break this down panel by panel. So this flashback is interspersed through the action. Again just talking about Zeref.

Also, Gildarts I get what your saying, I just didn’t think that the prosthetic was a magic item I assumed you just could use crash without it breaking.

Oh I so hope August isn’t beaten by this. Mainly because the faces they are making is not the face of the final blow being struck.

Dun Dun Dah, August is Mavis and Zeref’s kid! Oh boy how do I feel about this well I wanted to say this was a stupid twist because it faked us out but the whole point of a twist is to fake you out. Thinking about how the clues have been laid out: August when talking to Jellal never said Larcade he just said “his majesty’s child, also he says how Mavis was the only one who can beat the child and we saw Sting beat Larcade so that would make what august said pointless, August is an old man meaning he’s probably lived those hundred years that pass from the flash backs to the present, also the why didn’t his majesty not love his child at first seemed rhetorical but then became literal possibly due to his memory and living this long. So all the the things laid out was this a good twist I would objectively say yes. My problem kinda comes from Larcade having the color scheme that makes him look like Mavis which if he was a clone of Natsu, why didn’t he look like him? So yeah, the twist is good, however, what will come from it is what needs to be good as well.

Post Chapter follow up: This was a mixed bag. For the cons the repetitive dialogue is annoying. I’m sorry but this parent child thing is just so droning. Also a lot of the facial expressions do not match of the fight they seem reallt cartoonish.

On the plus side, Very good idea with the copy magic. It’s like a magic version of perfect copy from Kuroko no Basket. Really the solution of using only an item type of magic is also clever. I gotta give props to Hiro on that.

The stuff with Larcade does need a little more explanation but I do like that he was the closest to Natsu that Zeref created before END.

The twist may be hit or miss for some people but I guess I have to say I think it’s good I just don’t know how much I like it. Hopefully what comes from it is good.

Final Verdict: 7/10

  • Good ideas
  • Good twist
  • Little bit of annoying dialogue
RFA (+ V, Saeran & Vanderwood) Reacting to an MC with a Prankster Brother

*SPOILERS* Yoosung Kim:
▪The minute you told Yoosung your brother was actually attending the RFA party, he nearly screamed
▪but he????kissed you????
▪and publicly called you a cute lady???
▪"Hi, I’m MC’s brother, you want to date my sister?“
▪PaNiC at the disco
▪tries to backtrack so much
▪"Umm…I mean….uh….“
▪"I’ll let you have my sister’s hand…if you can beat me in a match”
▪gets kind of excited because he thinks your brother meant in LOLOL
▪when Yoosung asks what guild your brother is in, he isn’t quite expecting him to be a real swordsman
▪(or at least he thinks lololol)
▪707 gets in on this too and tries to throw him off course by listing off “important” techniques like the Cat Dragon Sneeze and the Bologna Sandwich
▪god bless this boy but he still loses
▪doesn’t look you in the eye for a full week because he’s scared that he isn’t worthy of you
▪eventually learns later on that the entire thing was a joke but is still wary of your brother from now on


▪laughs it off and plays along
▪I mean
▪he’s literally an actor what do you expect
▪gets down on one knee and kisses your hand
▪"Don’t worry, princess, I’ll win your hand”
▪he winks and like 99.999% of the fans in attendance start swooning Jaehee rotates between nearly fainting and taking 500 selfies for “artistic purposes”
▪definitely dresses up in the full costume and serenades you beforehand
▪what did you expect??
▪on the flip side, he thinks your brother is pretty funny

Jaehee Kang

▪fighting Jaehee? Did you mean: better think again pal lmao my waifu is a trained black belt in judo haha get rekd m8
▪she’s completely calm when he challenges her to the duel, but is confused when she literally drops her clipboard and raises her fists
▪your brother laughs at first
▪your girlfriend thinks she can win a sword fight with her bare hands?
you’re damn right she can
▪literally beats him within seconds and still has time to check over the party schedule before the guests arrive

Jumin Han
▪Umm…excuse me?
▪he won’t lie to you, he’s kind of weirded out
▪immediately tightens his arm around your waist and looks down his nose at your brother
▪your brother wasn’t expecting Jumin to be so cold, in fact he was hoping to break him out of his shell
▪you hide your face in your hands and Jumin, seeing a chance to please you, takes the stupid foam sword
▪Zen is howling from laughter in the background
▪Seven is rushing to get everything on camera
▪Yoosung is trying to get tips for LOLOL
▪and Jaehee is trying to drink away the pain of her boss sword fighting someone in a public setting
▪literally lifts the sword and pokes your brother in the arm awkwardly
▪"I win"
▪your brother is so confused

▪like Zen, he dresses up in a full suit of armor and has an entire speech planned out
▪and if you think he doesn’t own a fully-functional sword then you are sadly mistaken
▪ but the blade is so sharp???
▪Saeyoung wtf why do you own this
▪no I’m being serious, please put the sword down
▪"dO yOu SeE mY lOvE aS a FaRcE, mC????”
▪jfc just calm down
▪he does end up winning the duel but also ends up cutting a curtain in two and impaling a nearby chocolate cake right in the middle
▪At least the cake is cut now though, right? *cue Jaehee’s eye twitching spastically*
▪Seven now has a new pranking buddy!!!!

▪10/10 was actually going to stab your brother
▪pls take the sword away

▪Seven offers to help him out and be his “eyes” but V quickly says no
▪Anyway, your brother sees how genuine and kind V is and doesn’t want to push him
▪legit loves him like his own brother and messes with anyone but V

▪more aggravated that your brother is wasting his time than anything
▪does not put up with this
▪straight up walks outta that joint with his hand on your lower back, he does not care at all

♡ Requests Open! ♡

  • yurio: viktor, uh, can i ask you something?..
  • viktor: yes?
  • yurio: so, umm.. i have a friend that i'm asking for, uh, they like someone and they want to tell them they like them.... do you have any ideas how they can do that?..
  • viktor:
  • yurio:
  • viktor: do you have a crush on otabe-
Life Is Strange

so me and my boyfriend are playing Life Is Strange on his PS4 and I mentioned it being kind of popular lesbian stuff and he just looked at me all confused like: whaat what lesbian there are none… wait you mean Chloe and Max… they are friends..umm but they are cute…ummmmmm I don’t know Kate.

*3 hours later*

Chloe: If you’re hardcore then kiss me Max 
choice one: Kiss Chloe                      
choice two: don’t kiss Chloe

me: ooooh yeeesss finally
boyfriend looks at me grinning while I laugh and try to steal the controller from him: ooooooooookaaay you were right *he himself hits option one* 

both: awwwwwwwwwww 

Originally posted by goldenfluffy

Thanks, bro. 

Rating: T
Word Count: 1,600+
Pairing: Heith

“Can we get two beers?”

The bartender nodded and smiled before grabbing a couple of glasses. Amber-colored liquid poured from the tap into each glass, with bubbles collecting into white foam at their brims. She gingerly placed the cold drinks in front of two young men, both a few years shy of the legal drinking age.

They thanked her under their breath. One instantly reached over and took a gulp, while the other cupped the drink in his hands and looked down at it with guilty eyes.

Keith wiped his mouth with a sleeve and huddled in close to his friend to whisper, “Can you stop being so obvious?”

Hunk, who had been hunched over and making himself small, suddenly sat at attention and loosened the grip on his glass. “I know– I’m trying to be cool– But it’s hard,” he stammered.

“You can start by actually drinking your beer,” Keith suggested.

“Right, right.” Hunk brought the edge of the glass to face, hesitating as the foam touched his mouth. Keith’s smile twitched as he watched Hunk frozen in place.

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bean sprout moodboard 🎠🌱🍧

rules: put together a mood board using at least six images for the sim most associated with your blog (simself, legacy sim, character, etc.) and then tag more people to do it.

thank you for tagging me @suzychi-sims and @ceiuu​ 💘

i don’t really know who to tag cos i have seen so many ppl doing this/getting tagged already!!


hi guys!!!! i was tagged by a couple people since forever to do the selfie tag or some variation of it and now im finally doing it \(。・ω・。)/ thanks @kyungbooo @hellomellowyellowjello @kyungsuoo @yeolology @softbaeksoo @cinnamonraindrops (and some other people i missed im sorry ;n;) thanks for the tag…. i lov y'all!! 🌟💖🌸

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Any chance I can get some b99 blog recs?


@elsaclack is the queen of fanfic and a super nice person i could go on abt how amazing she is forever and ever

@youngsamberg one of the first friends i made in this fandom. she has such quality content and i love her 

@startofamoment makes the most amazing edits??? creates the most beautiful aus???? is just the embodiment of sunshine???? i love erica

@chandlersthripple listen michelle is one of my best friends and she is just the kindest sweetest amazing cutest person and also has amazing Lonely Island content 

@smolperalta such amazing content and gifs like wow very talented


@tall-butt amazing gifsets and amazing content

@thatjakeperalta i love matt he’s amazing and his tags are just Top Quality™

@b99 is the b99 god like always has that Top-Secret Shit and u can always trust Tori for the scoop

@roscoesantangelo such a sweetheart??? so kind??? love jorma taccone and will make his cameo in early season 4 even better 

@peraltiagoisland honestly one of the main reasons i ship Dianetti (Rosa Diaz/Gina Linetti) like she is the driving force behind the ship and i love michelle

i did not mean for this to get so long and im running low on words so *scream* here are more names 

@youdontoutgrowpunk @sxmberg @tiadorable @juliadorable @haylestorming (if u love rogue one like i do and peraltiago she is Amazing) @amyjake @sergeant-santiago @santiagostyles @peraltalinetti @phil-the-stone @peraltasmoak @ginas-opinion @ginarodrigucz @fourdrinkamy @three-drink-amy @daddyperaltaa 

i am forgetting so many amazing people but i hope you find some blogs to follow!!! 

Also so many people seem to have the argument “Umm sweaty, I don’t want to watch 03 because Brotherhood was PERFECT and had NO FLAWS WHATSOEVER and I could never watch an INFERIOR FMA ANIME” and I’m just over here like

Good Luck, Jensen

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,685

Summary: Jensen gets jealous which leads to a fight with the reader. She leaves wanting space but Jensen tracks her down.

Requested by: @marvelfreak019

Jensen can’t wait to stroll through the front door and see your beautiful face. He’s only been gone for about five hours but he misses you already. You’re the best part of his day.

He heads inside after a few rounds of golf with Jared and hears you laughing, the sound always makes him smile.

Then he hears a man’s voice and it makes him stop in his tracks. Jensen listens closely and he immediately recognizes the obnoxious voice.

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Would you want to try a headcanon about the lords, when the MC is visiting her family without him and the lord is left behind in his castle? What would the lords do without the MC? My favorite lords would be Lord Nobunaga, Lord Yukimura and Lord Ieyasu.

Ok nonnie I have no idea what I’ve written so… xD

No seriously, umm… I THANK LADY ODA @singokumaiden AND LADY TOKUGAWA @cottonballwithmustache FOR THEIR HELP WITH NOBU AND YASU BECAUSE IT WOUld have been OOC without their help and well, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT SWEET NONNIE :3

Lord Oda Nobunaga

  • After MC leaves the castle gates he’ll be back to his chambers working to UNIFY THE CLANS, acting nonchalant as his insides burn to run after her and tell her to either stay or let him go with her.
  • He’ll be waiting for MC to bring his dessert for him as she usually does, and will start to lose patience when she’s not there with it. “Where is that foolish girl…” He’d mumble as he stands to look for her.
  • It wouldn’t take him long to remember that MC left to visit her family, and he’ll stride up to the kitchen to ask for his dessert.
  • After he’s done with that he’ll move back to his chamber taking in some of the Konpeitō MC made him before she left.
  • He’ll savor the sweetness of each piece till he catches Hideyoshi and Inuchiyo bickering as they always do. 
  • He hides the Konpeitō and walks toward them while calling for Hideyoshi, “Monkey, entertain me.”
  • Hide and Inu will have to find a way to entertain their lord, and that would go on till nobu gets tired and walks away to his room.
  • He’ll have his dessert and mumble that it doesn’t taste as good as MC’s as he finishes it all up. “No one makes them as good as her.”
  • When night comes, he lays in bed thinking about MC till it hits him, if he misses her then he should go and see her.
  • He leaves his chambers and is on his way to visit MC and no one would stop him. AND I MEAN NO ONE. Not even Mitsuhide

Lord Sanada Yukimura

  • How did MC even manage to leave.
  • He’d stay with her as soon as he hears that she wants to visit her family.
  • He suggests going with her but she refuses because of his many responsibilities. 
  • “I’ll be back in a couple days.” She says to convince him.
  • Yukimura refuses to stay away from her even as the time for her to leave comes.
  • “Can’t I go with you? It’s dangerous for you to go alone.” He would tell her, trying to search for any reason to go with her.
  • He’ll wait at the castle gates even after MC leaves. Saizo has to drag him back inside.
  • He’d spend the rest of the day training to distract himself from thinking of MC.
  • “Looks like our little lord can’t stay away from his lady.” He’d hear Saizo mumble and would try to prove him wrong.
  • He fAILS in the matter of a few seconds.
  • He misses MC when he’s training, he misses her small laugh as she walks towards him with his snacks.
  • He trains HARDER. because thats what he always do
  • He is then dragged away by the retainers to go for some drinks.
  • He is pouty till the sake gets in contact with his lips.
  • He drinks more than he ever did before, smiling and grinning as the other retainers praise him.
  • Yukimura is drunk and Saizo carries him back to his room while sighing and shaking his head. I smh too
  • He falls asleep as soon as his body hits the bedding, but his hands remain wandering the bed as they search for MC all night long.

Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu

  • His eyes widen slightly when he hears that MC wants to leave, but then he flashes her his innocent smile as he tells her to do what she pleases.
  • He’d be happy to see that MC hasn’t left yet without saying goodbye to him.
  • “I see that you have not left yet?” The words leave his lips as she walks towards him.
  • “Don’t tell me that you changed your mind, kitchen wench?” She has to leave soon but that’s his own way of saying goodbye.
  • He wraps his arms around her as he whispers with a pout, pulling her close so she wouldn’t see his face. “Don’t trip and kill yourself on the way.”
  • MC would smile and nod as the time for her to leave comes.
  • He pretends not to look at the gates as she leaves, but his eyes betray him as they keeps on glancing back.
  • After she leaves he tries to go back to work but he can’t help but get distracted by the thoughts of her.
  • “That kitchen wench…” He’d sigh and whisper under his breath.
  • He stands up and leaves his chambers walking towards his men.
  • They are all training hard in the garden as he calls for Tadatsugu.
  • Tadatsugu keeps on mumbling about how quiet and long the days are without MC.
  • Ieyasu gives him his innocent smile, “I wonder how you’ll look without any hair left on your hair, old man.”
  • Tadatsugu tries to run away… that didn’t go so well… let’s say that Tadatsugu has a few hairs left on his head.
  • Tadakatsu whimpers and whines in pleasure as he watches Ieyasu plucking poor old Tadatsugu’s hair.
  • He gets bored and returns to his room.
  • “….” Time is passing slowly and he was growing bored with each passing second.
  • Night has finally come and this day felt like a year.
  • “A couple days… she’ll be gone just for a few days.” He thought.
  • He falls asleep thinking of how he’s gonna pass through those upcoming days.

      “… it all depends on how you see it … the sign could just be a mere  INVITATION  to explore.” he gave a shrug. “so, what do you say  ??   let’s both walk away and you can forget you saw me.”
     he was just curious that’s all. slipping into the restricted section seemed like a good idea at the time, but when he heard footsteps coming toward him at a seemingly rapid speed he instantly flew back toward the rope barrier. jumping over   —    or at least  TRYING   to   —    his foot got caught on the rope and he had enough time to throw his hands out to catch himself on the floor. but he still was sprawled on the floor not able to push himself back up when a pair of shoes appeared in front of his eyes.

Well, I don’t mind, now, I mean … Uh, there was a time when people would say, ‘How do you enjoy playing Holmes?’ and I would say, 'I wouldn’t cross the street to meet him’. I then discovered that, of course, I meant that he wouldn’t cross the street to meet me. Then when I was doing the play, which taught me a very great deal because I was in touch with people, 'cause filming is quite isolated, and I realized how many children were seeing him and how - what a hero he was, to them. I thought, 'Oh, my, didn’t know that’, so I thought, 'My goodness, I have that joy’, umm, of doing it for children.

Jeremy Brett

(On playing Sherlock Holmes).