so i have to wait for that to download

Update SASHA Hair :)

Ok so I just updated the hair and I really hope it will work for everyone now 
It will probably take a few hours until the update takes place so wait a little bit before re-downloading ;) I also added no.2 on the cas thumbnail so that way you will know if you have the latest version or not <3
Sorry once again for all this mess :/ 

I think I’m going to use Caldey Isle for my medieval BC. I downloaded it today and I can’t wait to go explore it for a good location :) Updates for the challenge will be tagged LALBC for Lords and Ladies BC. I don’t know exactly when this project will happen, but I have plenty of time to work on the island where it’ll take place and then I’ll post rules and let people sign up to create sims for it. So I promise it’ll happen <3 


love you like fireburst (4/8)
↳ from jungkook to taehyung


Yes. Part one. Because I don’t know when to stop. 

Anyways, pretty straight forward I recolored four base game tops in @smubuh‘s Freshly Brewed Palette so I hope you guys enjoy ‘em!


  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Requires no mesh (they’re basegame, duh)
  • Four separate files for each recolor

Download: Simfileshare


Palette by @smubuh

Meshes by EA


“Let’s go on a date”

Another edit of an EA dress. The BG maid’s dress, turned into a short blouse with a cute little bow on the back. Comes in the 4 original colours, plus my palette (36 colours), so 40 colour options in total!! <3
🌞 Info 🌞
Comes in 40 colours
All LODs
Does have a custom thumbnail
🌞 Credits 🌞
EA for the original mesh
🌞 TOU 🌞
Please feel free to recolour, I can’t wait to see your beautiful recolours
No paysites and do not claim as your own pls
If you want to recolour, please don’t include the mesh
🌞 Download  Links 🌞


As usual, if you use this blouse or any of my creations, I’d love to see them in your game and reblog your posts, so use the tag #playwithlifesimblr <3

ANNOUNCEMENT - thebrotherswinchester on AO3

Hello everyone!

This is really long. Sorry about that. But I hope you read all of it.

Basically, I have some news.

It’s very good news.

I have written a book, and that book is going to be published.

I am super excited about this. I can’t tell you anything about the story yet—it’s hush hush for now—but it’s a story I really believe in, and it’s only the first step in what I hope will be a very long career of writing books.


I am going to be published. My name is gonna be out there in the Real World. And my fandom accounts—my Tumblr, my AO3—have been around long enough that they’re kind of inextricably linked to my actual real life name.

I don’t actually mind that. Like I said, it’s inextricable. I’m not ashamed of my fandom life, especially because writing fic is the single best thing I have ever done for myself As A Writer. Fic has helped me improve more than college ever did. And beyond that: all your feedback, and all your incredibly kind comments, has helped me as a person. I don’t know where I would be right now if I hadn’t spent my teenage years writing fic. I would be a worse writer, that’s for sure. And there have been plenty of times when reading over your comments was the only thing that made me actually open up a new doc and start typing.

That said, I do want to enter the world of publishing and “professional” writing with a clean slate.

So in about 24 hours (May 19, 12:00AM EST) I will be taking down my all my fics and then deleting my AO3 account.

I’m really sad about this, guys. Again: I cannot put into words how much YOUR words have encouraged me over the years. I have read all your comments (all of them twice, some 10+ times). I appreciate every single comment I have ever gotten. Your excitement, your emotions, your passion for the characters we both love—it keeps me writing. It’s why I want to write books.

I’m going to lose your comments. I am really, really sad about that.

But I don’t want you to lose my work. You’ve told me that it makes you happy, and that makes me happy. So heck it—I’m taking it off the internet, but the reason I’m waiting a day is because I want to give you a chance to keep it.

So: if you want to download my work (and you haven’t already), now is the time. Download away, y’all. Put it on your Kindle, print it out, take screenshots, whatever you want. It’s yours.

There will still be podfics and translations up—I’m not asking anyone else to delete their hard work. Just the originals will be gone. (My Tumblr is staying up for now, though I might end up deleting that too.)

If you want to contact me—or hear updates about my Book Thing—feel free to follow me on Twitter.

So…that’s it. All that’s left to say is: thank you. Thank you so, so, so much. For your comments, for your kudos, for your endless support. Thank you to the people who have read and commented on everything I’ve ever posted; thank you for the silent kudos-ers; thank you to the lurkers. Every single one of you made me a better writer. Thank you.

Much love.

anonymous asked:

Can you give me some advices/tutorials on how to make gifs? I suck at it and hell, I've been trying to gif for two days and I still can't :(

Of course! Let me just say when you start off making gifs it can be very difficult and confusing (I know it was for me). So I’m going to try and give you lots of tips and things that I’ve learned so hopefully you can skip lots of the hard parts I had to learn on my own. Also don’t get discouraged if you feel like your gifs aren’t turning out amazing, you’ve just started and it’s taken me over the course of 3 years to start making ones I’m actually happy with, as always practice gives you experience! Anyways enough of my rambling lets get started.

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Just a quick little edit of the EA dress which comes with CL, into a cute crop top. I’m assuming someone’s already made something similar so I do apologise! Comes in 15 of the original colours, plus my palette (36 colours), so 51 colour options in total!! <3

🌞 Info 🌞
Comes in 51 colours
All LODs
Does have a custom thumbnail
🌞 Credits 🌞
EA for the original mesh
🌞 TOU 🌞
Please feel free to recolour, I can’t wait to see your beautiful recolours
No paysites and do not claim as your own pls
If you want to recolour, please don’t include the mesh
🌞 Download  Links 🌞


As usual, if you use this top or any of my creations, I’d love to see them in your game and reblog your posts, so use the tag #playwithlifesimblr <3

It’s Number -- 10!!!

Hey what’s up everyone! There are a few important messages about our Mewsim.

Do you remember our vote? Well, we have a winner and it’s number – 10!!! As a bonus, I decided to polish number 5 a little too :) So, here they are, and number 10 is going to the coloring process.

One more important thing here – It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finished Mewsim iOS update, and you can download the game from the store. Sorry, Android polishing requires a little more time, please wait and don’t download the old version – I hope our shiny new MewSim Android will be along shortly =^.^=

The next important thing – I’ve created some promo codes on my meow-pink-cooker and you can test this feature right now. Promo codes give a lot in the game, so hurry up, each one can be activated only once, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!


As usual any ideas for the game are welcome and don’t forget to write your review in the store, it will help Mewsim to conquer the world! 

Monsta X reaction to their innocent s/o doing a dance cover of CL’s ‘Hello Bitches’ with the same clothes as her

requested by anon~


Originally posted by garisanee

Shownu; The boys recently found out about your youtube channel and they were practically surprised to see you doing dance covers, especially Shownu. It was during break time when Shownu decided to watch some videos on your channel when he saw your recent video, a dance cover to CL’s Hello Bitches. Clicking it without thinking twice, the video of you wearing the exact replica of CL’s outfit got him flushed. And with you dancing just made him turn into another shade of red. He never expected that you’d have that in you and well, this boy would be freaking proud and…. turned on. And maybe after seeing this, he’d actually ask if you want to do a cover with him… that involves touching okay im just kidding

“Hey, babe. I just saw your recent dance cover and it was awesome.”

“H-huh?! You found my channel?!”

“Yeah, do you want to do some dance cover with me in the future?”

Originally posted by wonho-be-mine

Wonho; The moment your dance cover of CL’s Hello Bitches starts playing in his phone, he’d already be gawking at it. He’s never seen this side of you so he’s pretty much surprised at the sight of you totally wearing the same outfit with CL. Wonho would be speechless to the point that he’d be quiet throughout the whole dance cover. When the boys would ask him about what he’s watching, he’d just look at them blankly since he couldn’t fathom what he had seen.

Hyung, what are you watching?”

“*shows them his phone without uttering a word*”

“….. WAIT. IS THAT [Y/N]?!?!?!?!”

“*nods head and pulls his phone away before they could take a good look of how hot you were*”

Originally posted by kihqun

Minhyuk; This boy would be wondering when did you shoot this video. He’d be surprised but then just like the other boys, he’d be surprised. But then he’d be really curious about it to be honest. Like the two of you were always together, how were you able to study and learn the choreo and even buy the same outfit as hers and like when did you film that when we’re like 24/7 sticking to each other. And being the Minhyuk that he is, he’d for sure leave a lot of comments in your dance cover since supportive boyfriend.

“Babe, are you Minminmoong?”

“H-huh? What are you talking about?”

“Well, Minminmoong just left me a comment that I’m so hot that he can’t wait to have me to himself tonight.”

“A-ah… hehehe… Oops, I did it again? Hehehe”

Originally posted by gifsmonstax

Kihyun; Just watching the very first seconds got him excited. He’d be freaking turned on to be honest. But then he’d also be surprised and ecstatic to see this side of yours since you’ve always been innocent in his eyes but now, you’re also badass and sexy. Just seeing your outfit would literally not let him take his eyes off of you. Like he’d be focused on your body, then face then back to body then back to the face. Kihyun would also download the video… so that he can watch it when he’s missing you.

Babe, where did you buy your outfit from your dance cover of CL sunbae-nim’s Hello Bitches?”

“Oh, I bought it online.”

“Really? Then can you wear it tonight?”

“W-what? That outfit is at the laundry shop tho.”

Originally posted by garisanee

Hyungwon; Hyungwon would be shook. So shook that he’d just be staring at the screen with a bottle of water in hands, and he’d be in that same position for the whole dance cover. But then by the time your dance cover finishes, he’d look at his members then back at the monitor, only to finally notice your outfit, making him choke in his own saliva. He’d rewatch the whole thing again to be honest, until someone from the boys stop him from drooling over you.

Hyung, for the nth time, we have to go now and stop staring at [y/n]’s body!”

“But… dang… I didn’t expect [y/n] to have this side…”

“So what now? Are you turned on or have fallen more for [y/n]?”

“I think…. so… Omo…. My heart’s beating so fast right now.. I think I should watch this again then watch [y/n]’s other videos.

Originally posted by jooheonbebe

Jooheon; Jooheon would be freaking proud to be honest. Not only his baby’s innocent but also has this wild and sexy side. He’d be watching the video with Changkyun and would throw lots of praises and compliments on your performance and he’d even thought of having you as his main dancer for his performance. But then, he’d also be like Kihyun to be honest… he’d also download the your dance cover just in case you take down the only video with you wearing that kind of outfit. And he’d be surprised to see so much swag from you. 

Honey, where did you find this video of me?”

“Youtube. Changkyun and I found your youtube channel and wow, you’re pretty amazing baby.”

“B-but… Oh gosh, this is embarrassing.”

“Don’t be. I was even thinking, would you want to be my lead dancer for this performance that also involves that kind of outfit?”

Originally posted by bts-bap-trash

I.M; Changkyun would be up for it. He’d be constantly rewatching your dance cover and he’d even share it with the boys!!! It was the first time that he’s seen you wearing that so he’d better flaunt it to the boys, telling them that your his and he’s sorry for them and whatnots. Changkyun would also be that type of person who’d tease you until you die from embarrassment. He’d take multiple screenshots, and those screenshots are….. on the sexy side… 

Dang babe, when I saw your dance cover of CL’s Hello Bitches, you literally turned me on that I had to see you right away that night.”

“Shut up, Changkyun.”

“Man, I never thought that you’d have that side of yours. You were sexy and cute at the same time… even when we’re–”

“OKAY CHANGKYUN, I THINK I’VE HEARD ENOUGH. U-uh, why don’t we go and get some i-ice cream? Yes? Alright, let’s go.”

Who You Are

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1.2K

Warning(s): swearing

Summary: You are on a mission of your own when you get caught by a certain superhero.

You take in a deep breath before taking a step out of the bright yellow taxi and shutting the door. You look straight up, scanning the wide, glass covered, thirty-floor building looking for anything out of the ordinary. You then nervously fix your blouse and straighten out your skirt before heading towards the main doors of the building. You understood why they picked you for this mission, but you were just the healer. You didn’t put your life at risk like this. Like the others….

“Y/N once you get through the doors there will be a security checkpoint. You are going to need to use the I.D. badge that I gave you and swipe it at the scanner. It should hopefully work and get you in,” says one of your teammates, Ida, through the intercom placed in your ear.

“Hopefully?” you hiss quietly, “You mean to tell me this might not work?”

“I am 99% sure that this will work. I mean, come on. It’s me we are talking about,” she replies rather smug.

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there's a new app or something
  • Girl: Did you get the new app?
  • Boy: What app?
  • Girl: The new app, stupid.
  • Boy: What does it do?
  • Girl: It's new! Check it out. *fires up app*
  • New App: *in a fresh and cool voice* Welcome to the new app.
  • Boy: I still don't understand what it does.
  • Girl: You can press this button here and it checks for the latest version of the new app. Watch. *boop*
  • New App: Boop received. There are ZERO new updates.
  • Girl: Isn't it cool?
  • Boy: I'm really not into it.
  • Girl: C'mon. You have to be. Everyone's using it.
  • Boy: I'm not really into the same things everyone else is.
  • Girl: You're always such a hispter, but that's your choice.
  • Boy: Yeah, it's my choice and I'm proud of it.
  • *later, elsewhere*
  • Group of People: Wow, the new app rules, right? I love it. I like booping it to see if there's any new updates. We should all boop it now. No, I think we should wait. You're stupid. Yeah, let's all boop it forget the other guy. *boopboopboopboopboopboop*
  • New App: Bbbooooppppp rreeecciiieeeevvvveeedddd. Ooonneeeeee nnnnnneewwww uuuuppppdddaaaattttteeeeeee aaaaavvvvvvvaaaillllllabbbbbl-
  • Boy: *watching from afar* What a bunch of sheep. How can they get excited over a stupid app that does nothing. It's mob mentality if I've ever seen it. One person downloads a useless app, so everyone else has to. Thank god that I'm appless and entirely free from banal social dogma.
  • New App: New update has finished downloading. Activating new feature, outcast locater. One outcast located directly to the south of your group. He's watching from the alleyway.
  • Boy: Huh?
  • Group of People: *rush over the alleyway* Whoa, there really was a guy watching us from the alleyway! What a weirdo! Does he really not have the app? No one doesn't have the app, it's the newest app. Hey, do you not have the app?
  • Boy: I have to go.
  • Group of People: Don't go! Why don't you have the app? Actually, fuck off if you don't have the new app, freak!
  • Boy: *runs away* Why did they all gang up on me like? *stomach growls* Now I'm hungry after running like that. I best go to that sandwich shop over yonder and eat a... hmmm sandwich.
  • Cashier: Hello, sweetie. What kind of sandwich can I get you today?
  • Boy: Just a bread sandwich. Like, a sandwich with three slices of bread and meats, vegetables, cheeses, or condiments.
  • Cashier: *phone vibrates* Hold on, sweetie. The new app is booping me, there might be a new update.
  • New App: Hey, do you see the kid standing in front of you?
  • Cashier: You mean that very cute boy?
  • New App: Yes, him. He doesn't have the new app.
  • Cashier: What!?
  • New App: It's true.
  • Cashier: You have the new app, don't you?
  • Boy: Well, no.
  • Janitor: *stops mopping the floor* That's kind of weird.
  • Cashier: It's actually very weird.
  • Boy: I don't understand what the big deal is, it's just a dumb app.
  • Cashier: It's not dumb, everyone's using it!
  • Janitor: *locks the doors* It's suspicious that you're not using it, son. Why don't you take a seat and wait here for a moment.
  • Cashier: Yeah, me an my colleague, the janitor, have to talk. Your sandwich will be out in a moment.
  • Boy: *nervously sits*
  • *the janitor and cashier huddle behind the counter and whisper to each other*
  • Boy: *internally* This is ridiculous. Why is this stupid app getting me into so much trouble. I'm not required to download it. It's just an app. So why is everyone getting so aggressive about it.
  • Cops: *knock at the door*
  • Janitor: *lets them in* Welcome officers.
  • Cops: So we hear that someone isn't using the new app, eh?
  • Janitor: Yes officer, he's sitting right over there. He's terrible! TERRIBLE!
  • Cops: Calm down, sir. We'll take care of this. *walks over to the boy, very authoritatively* Hello, son. Now, don't be intimidated just because we're cops and all. We simply want to know why you aren't using the new app.
  • Boy: I don't know, I just don't feel like using it.
  • Cops: But you realize it's the most innovative app to be released in the past decade. It was developed by Darkheart Studios, and you know those Darkhearts always make good stuff.
  • Boy: I just don't get why I have to download it. Like, what's the big deal? All it does is update itself.
  • *cops look at each other puzzled*
  • Cops: *phone vibrates* Oh, looks like the app has something to tell us. Lemme just give it a boop. *boop*
  • New App: Boop received. New has update finished downloading. Activating new feature, extermination of the sacrilegious. Kill the boy, officers. End his miserable life.
  • Cops: Are you telling us to shoot the boy because he hasn't downloaded the app.
  • New App: Not necessarily, but any means of extermination is sufficient.
  • Cops: I don't think we should kill the boy. The new app is great an all, but not worth killing over. In fact, it's getting kind of old. I think we should take the boy down to the station for safe keeping while we figure out what's going with this here bizarre app. Hey there, little guy... oh.
  • Boy: *gone*
  • Cops: He's gone. Now where did he run off too?
  • Boy: *runs panicked down the street, the cellphone of every single person vibrating and ringing as he passes them*
  • Boy: *runs into his house and locks himself in his bedroom* What did I do to deserve this? I should just download the app and spare myself this hell. No! I refuse, I won't fall in with trends like all the sheeple. I'm special. I'm different.
  • Sister: *knocks at the boy's bedroom door, clutching a knife behind her back* Little brother, open up. I have to talk to you about something. It's important.
  • Boy: I don't feel like talking, leave me alone.
  • Sister: Come on, I'm your sister. You can trust me, open up. *tries to force the door open* Open the fucking door!
  • Boy: You're acting crazy, leave me alone!
  • Sister: Fine. *stomps off*
  • Boy: *hides under his blankets*
  • *a cacophony of cellphone notification sounds come from outside of the bedroom window*
  • Boy: *sheepishly peaks out the window, his blanket still wrapped around him*
  • *a mob of people, some armed with weapons stand in his backyard*
  • Leader of the Mob: Kid, we all know you didn't download the new app. Unfortunately, the app says we gotta kill you unless you do. I personally think that's unreasonable, but it is the new app after all, and who am I to question it?
  • Boy: Fuck your stupid app! It doesn't even do anything!
  • Leader of the Mob: What a bad attitude. It's the new sensation.
  • Boy: You're sheep!! You're all stupid sheep!! I'm never downloading the stupid fucking app!!
  • Leader of the Mob: Then we have to burn down your house, kid.
  • Boy: My dad is super rich and influential. If you burn down my house, he'll have you guys taken care of.
  • Dad: *from the mob* I actually support them, son. It's disconcerting to me as a father that you don't have the new app when everyone else does. I could support your through anything, but not this.
  • Boy: Wha- dad!? Argh! Just burn the house! I don't care! I'm not afraid to die!! At the end of the day, I'll be a martyr and you'll all still be fucking nobodies!!
  • Leader of the Mob: Whatever ya say, kid. *tosses torch at the house*
  • *the rest of the mob follows and the house quickly goes up in flames*
  • Boy: I guess this is it. This is how I die. All over a dumb app that doesn't do anything but boop.
  • *flames reach the bedroom window*
  • Boy: Oh god, oh god, oh god! I've changed my mind! I don't want to die!! *frantically pulls out his phone as the flames grow and downloads the new app*
  • New App: *boop* Thank you for downloading the new app, boy. Now, you've been forgiven. You may live. Please be sure to boop me to check for updates.
  • Boy: I feel so fucking stupid, but at least I'll live. I just have to get out of here.
  • Boy: *rushes into the hallway, but the flames have engulfed the entire house*
  • *the ceiling collapses, trapping the boy in the hallway and ceiling any exits*
  • Boy: No! Someone help me! *coughs* I'm sorry! Please help! I downloaded the app!
  • Boy: *curls up in fetal position* I don't want to die. Fire fighters will come and save me or something like that, I'm sure of it! I'm so scared! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! It can't end like this!
  • *The End*

So, here are the books! (sorry they look so blue, my room was weirdly lit when I took them) If you would like a physical copy message me and I’ll reply privately. There will only be a limited number available at a time because I’m doing these for free, so I’ll probably give them to people on a first-come-first-serve basis. I will be printing more copies when I get the chance. For now I have three books available for you all.

Just so everyone is aware, the font on some pages is quite small and some of the lines to write on are quite light. This is just because it is the first printed copy. Now that I know how it looks I will be fixing up these things for the next copies. It’s still perfectly usable, but if you have trouble reading small fonts then I would recommend waiting until the next round.

I have also put the file up on Google Drive so anyone can go and download it or look through it.

Aaaand now the more awkward part..because each copy of the book is going to be costing me ~AU$25 to send out, there is an optional way you can ‘donate’. I have set up an amazon wishlist here and if you want to you can get something off there. It will kinda work the same way as donating and will help funding more copies (ie. the money I spend not buying this stuff can go towards printing & postage). Again this is completely optional, you are under no obligation to do this.

Anyway, message in if you’d like a physical copy and I’ll get it sent out as soon as I can!

-Winter xx

anonymous asked:

is there more to the ADHD Lance hc or just that? is it by any chance based on how he acts canonly or.. ?

Evidence for ADHD Lance:

  • I can Sense™ the ADHD because I have it myself. I look at him and I think “Boy… That boy has ADHD”
  • He’s waaaaaaay impulsive; my boy was doing loop-de-loops in the simulator, didn’t even hesitate to try and sneak out of a military base just to have some fun, literally approached a crashed spaceship and busted in just ‘cause he saw Keith was doing it, found a giant blue lion and went ‘fuckin SWEET.’ This literally all happened in the first like, ten minutes of the show.
    • Other examples of impulsiveness right off the top of my head: He heard Coran crying out for help and ran into a goddamn airlock without even thinking, the whole thing with Nyma lmao, Lance’s pretty reckless style of flying. 
    • As a whole Lance is mostly ‘act first, party later’ which could be an example of the ‘Irresponsible Teenage Boy’ trope but c’mon… C’mon.
  • In that one scene where everyone is crowded around Sendak waiting for the memories to download or whatever, Lance is the one constantly moving. At one point he even gets on the floor and starts cycling his legs in the air. 
    • And this isn’t just an example of ‘Oh, Lance gets bored, so what’- Lance was literally the last person to leave Shiro, he could have ditched like everyone else but because he wanted to stay he forced his body into moving so he would stay focused. I do this all the time lmao.
  • Lance talks a lot with his hands and also uses lots of gestures, I do this too a lot because I instinctively keep my hands busy at all times lmao. I’m pretty sure if you put anything within Lance’s grasp in a few minutes he’ll start fiddling with it.
  • Lance never fucking shuts up, something which my ADHD ass finds #RELATABLE. He’s constantly interjecting, even when it’s just a really lame one-liner, which to me is evidence that he just says whatever’s off the top of his head.
  • I find driving a car to be one of the hardest things in the world (there’s so much shit going on, constantly) so can you imagine flying a giant blue lion in SPACE? No wonder Lance always seems to crash into things, there’s like a hundred distractions at any given moment. Plus, he’s also always running his mouth.
  • There are moments in the show where I’m like “Oh my god, Lance is totally hyperfocusing right now.” It’s usually while the team is forming Voltron. I also imagine that’s why Lance is so good with his gun- while you stare down the scope there’s only one target, and if you hyperfocus on that… Goddamn.
  • The fact that Lance sleeps with an eye mask AND with music. Sleeping with ADHD is so goddamn hard, I hate it. I get the best sleep of my life when I use an eyemask and listen to music, I need to start doing this again.
  • Lance has a lot of mood swings, he goes from overexcited to pissed off to flirty in like two seconds. He also can be overly aggressive and shows a lack of restraint sometimes. Evidence: His rivalry with Keith and the fact that they literally flew their Lions straight down into the ground like. I want to make fun of Lance for that, but I would literally end up doing the same thing lmao. 
  • Lance also seems to get along really well with his Lion. The way Lions communicate with their Paladins seems to be through wordless suggestions/impulses. ADHD Lance would be used to going along with whatever the strongest idea in his head is, so while everyone is struggling with having another presence in their mind Lance is like ’LOL this feels normal’ and forms a super tight bond with Blue.
  • Lance has ADHD, bye.

after that one ask i got and waiting 5000 years for mangago to approve chapter 19 i finally got frustrated enough so i set up my private blog right now in which you can get the downloads/gd links and view the chapters in advance!!

i only have ch 19 uploaded right now but eventually ill upload the rest of the chapters, im just kinda lazy,,,

just go to, type in the password as shown in the tags and you can view it

Alright. Let’s have a civil conversation about this.

See unlike you I don’t need to call you names or disrespect others to make my self feel better. I knew one day that someone would hide behind a screenshot and post on simsecret to post their rude opinion about me. It was inevitable. 

Now I’m not a “fangirl” of hallowsims and yes I do also have a problem with them in my own way. For the fact they had two adfly links, that bothered me. It was a waste of my time but you know what I did? I GOT OVER IT. There was no need for me to work my self up. You want to know why? The content was still free. Now unlike another site I know of giving others content out and you have to pay for it. But they’re so big that no one bats an eye. They steal content and sell it. Yet the original creator is giving it out for free. I’ll probably get hate for this but clearly it needs to be said.  

Here I’ll use Newsea for an example.

Pretty little hair right? Why not have it for males. 

BAM now you have it for males. Let’s just scroll down and downl….

Oh wait. You cant, cause you have to have points??
Now from what I remember you get like what? 1 point maybe 2 everytime you post or comment? Well then, Why not just click on “quick download” 

OH WAIT?? You have to pay for that. 

And you know what people are going to do? They’re going to take the easy way out, They’re going to pay for it. OH BUT THAT’S OKAY BECAUSE NEWSEA GAVE IT OUT FREE RIGHT?? RIGHT?

No. You guy’s got angry at one creator who was just trying to make others happy, just as Maysims is doing. The only difference is Hallowsims was giving things out for free. Yes FREE. Adfly gives you shit all you’re lucky to make $10 a month. Maysims is taking 2 dollars every month so you guys can have a quick download. But that’s fair right? We can let them slide by but not hallow sims. NOPE

rowaelinherondale  asked:

Can everyone just stop attacking Victoria for a second?? Being an author is hard enough as it is, wanting your books bought and not downloaded shouldn't be such an issue. I understand for some that it's a little more expensive, but if you have to wait a little longer to read her amazing novels then so be it. All I've been seeing is angry messages towards her when we should be celebrating and congratulating her for King's Cage. Victoria, you are amazing, what you do is amazing, so thank you ❤

Thanks for your support. I do understand that many people are in difficult positions, and I may seem like someone who piracy wouldn’t affect, but that’s just not true. It’s stealing, and not just from me. I’m very sorry to anyone who is offended by this, but I’m never going to agree that stealing my work (or the work of others) is acceptable.

Canadian Netflix vs. American Netflix

Fans in America are so excited that Riverdale is finally on Netflix…I’m sitting here in Canada having already watched every episode 157 times and waiting for February 2018 so I can download to my device again.