so i have to wait for that to download

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I'm fairly new to lezhin comics but there are many things I'm confused about. Is there any way to earn coins without purchasing it? And if I'm not wrong when you make an account you get 10 coins? But I never got them. And for the locked chapters if we wait a weak one of the chapters are unlocked? As I said before I'm new to lezhin comics so I'm very confused here.

Hi there! No worries! That’s why we’re here, to answer all your questions :) For methods for earning free Coins, we have free Coin giveaways on our facebook ( and twitter page (@lezhincomics_us) now and then so make sure to check them out. As for getting 10 Coins, they’re not given to everyone who makes an account on our website but when you download our stand-alone app (only available on Android). For more information, please click on the following link: We do unlock episodes for free for certain comics, such as Something About Us, At the End of the Road, and Unknown Code. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


love you like fireburst (4/8)
↳ from jungkook to taehyung


Real life Twilight-Zone.

It’s Number -- 10!!!

Hey what’s up everyone! There are a few important messages about our Mewsim.

Do you remember our vote? Well, we have a winner and it’s number – 10!!! As a bonus, I decided to polish number 5 a little too :) So, here they are, and number 10 is going to the coloring process.

One more important thing here – It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finished Mewsim iOS update, and you can download the game from the store. Sorry, Android polishing requires a little more time, please wait and don’t download the old version – I hope our shiny new MewSim Android will be along shortly =^.^=

The next important thing – I’ve created some promo codes on my meow-pink-cooker and you can test this feature right now. Promo codes give a lot in the game, so hurry up, each one can be activated only once, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!


As usual any ideas for the game are welcome and don’t forget to write your review in the store, it will help Mewsim to conquer the world! 

Hey, Zelda fans, wanna see something that’ll mess up your head?

This here is the official model for Fi from Hyrule Warriors (program is XNALara, it’s free to download):

Seems normal, right? But wait, there’s more! Lemme just roll the mouse over here and…

… What. ‘Head ears left’?


So yeah, Fi has ears. They’re not shrunken down or anything, all I did was move the ear out a bit. It’s just pressed right up beneath her hair and completely invisible in-game.

And for the record, I already looked and NO, she does not have arms tucked beneath her cloak. Her cape flaps ARE her arms!!!

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Can everyone just stop attacking Victoria for a second?? Being an author is hard enough as it is, wanting your books bought and not downloaded shouldn't be such an issue. I understand for some that it's a little more expensive, but if you have to wait a little longer to read her amazing novels then so be it. All I've been seeing is angry messages towards her when we should be celebrating and congratulating her for King's Cage. Victoria, you are amazing, what you do is amazing, so thank you ❤

Thanks for your support. I do understand that many people are in difficult positions, and I may seem like someone who piracy wouldn’t affect, but that’s just not true. It’s stealing, and not just from me. I’m very sorry to anyone who is offended by this, but I’m never going to agree that stealing my work (or the work of others) is acceptable.

The person who has the google drive contacted me and I’ve told them to take it down immediately and not to take it down tomorrow (so that people have time to download it) like they planned and they said they will. EDIT:  IT HAS BEEN DELETED.  The person who did this will now be purchasing multiple bundles to hopefully make up for the loss and out of guilt.  Purchase the bundle, look for contests, ask someone to gift it to you, wait until you have the financial means to do so.  Hell, it’s better to ask for a friend’s log in instead of getting it for free because at least someone paid for it.  And if someone gifts it to you, don’t spread it around, don’t make the gifter feel guilty about gifting it to you.  They’ve done something generous only for you to break their trust and this might make people more hesitant about gifting the bundle.

If any new links in the future pop up, don’t hesitate to contact @hotladypants @anamatics @carmillaseries  I think that was the biggest mistake I’ve done and I think it has to do with the fact I was in complete shock and didn’t want this link to be spread around so I kept it hushed.

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Hi Akui! I wanted to ask you if you know where can I find DLMB Reijis sequel scanlated, or if you have its japanese raw, I would really appreciate it! <3

(;゙°´ω°´)  I have the raws of his sequel, but it’s not scanlated. I’ve also given it to other people to scanlate but nothing has happened with it.  So I really don’t know if it’s being done or not. IT’S THE NEW SUBARU HDB SEQUEL //shot. Subaru’s sequel wasn’t scanlated for like a year or so and then it got done.

But uh, I was going to scanlate it. ɿ(。・ɜ・)ɾ  Then the fandom was being demanding and just ew overall.

(;´・∀・)ゝ  I’ll just leave these two pages I did back then and waddle off. Doo de doo~

Here’s the deal, guys. After thinking it over, I’ve decided to upload the full episode as well as the clips. I’m going to do this for several reasons, for those who just want to watch the episode, for those who don’t want to wait for split clips, etc. 

In order to do this, I’ve opened a separate tumblr and added a password to it. Those who want to download the episode, clips, or screencaps will have to send me an ask off anon. and I will send you the password. You will only have to ask once for it. 

You can also give the password to friends only if they don’t have a tumblr as long as it’s private and not posted publicly. 

I’ll post updates on this blog of course so that you don’t need to refresh the page every 5 seconds (I’ve been there!) , and screencaps will still be available publicly. 

I’m doing this to reduce the chances of links being taken down and my main blog being removed. I hope you understand why I’m doing it this way! 

So bookmark the link:

Currently available:
Full episode links: 201, 202, 203
Split clips: 201 and 202

Screencaps are uploading and clips will be up later today! 


“Your fears can’t hurt you. They are just thoughts and feelings. You don’t have to own them. They’re not who you are! You’re stronger than that, you’re better than that, you’re–“

my hair is a mess, but so am i

sexy has 4 letters and so does meee

i need a hug(e amount of cash money)

waking up everyday seems a little excessive

do u know how cute i would be if i had more money

netflix and don’t talk to me

where can i download motivation

i wish my wallet came with free refills

me waking up: wow i can’t wait to go to sleep tonight 

started from the bottom and i was somehow able to get lower 

sometimes i check my messages to make sure i still have none 

i hope ur day was as nice as my butt

people need to get it into their heads that knowing english doesn’t determine your intelligence one bit that’s such a western standard

baby let me get u some lobster, matter fact let me get u some seafood, rice, and lobster

our generation has lost the value of romance, the value of trust, the value of conversation, sadly small talk is the new deep

u know u found the right person when doing anything with them feels like a whole rush of excitement just because it’s them

i cant decide if i need a hug, 6 shots or 3 months of sleep

pizza loves you even if ur ugly

food is always the answer

y hate when we can date?

did it hurt when u fell from heaven bc it hurt when i did

be nice to me i may be hot one day

is everything expensive or am i just poor?

if you use or save please give a credit to @tverella on twitter

cute squad 🌷💌✨

Ok so I had an idea! Who would like to be a part of a really cute group chat with around 10-15 (maybe 20?) other gals!? ✨

It would probably be on iMessage so u’d need some kind of Apple device I guess (if a lot of people don’t have apple though, alternatively we could all download an app for it)..

It would also be cool if we could all be from kind of a similar time zone (i live in Europe) bUt if ur not in that timezone then that’s fine too!! 🌷

In order to “"enter”“ just reblog this post and message me ur Apple ID (for iMessage)!! 💌

[ill be adding people today already, but u can keep “entering” for maybe a week or so until we reach a maximum]

Get rebloggin’, I can’t wait ✨✨

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I hate that image of the PSP jerking cause I used to do that. I didn't have a phone or a computer but I had a PSP (It was after it was out of date tech so I got it cheap as a present) and I'd just download fucking shit off Pornhub and wait 20 minutes then jerk off. It was terrible

Are you me?

I know

that a lot of you are getting error messages, etc on both dropbox and googledrive :/ I know a lot of people have downloaded either the dropbox app or the googledrive app (or copied the file to their own drive) and it worked for them, so maybe try that?? :))

If not you’ll just have to wait until I get home later today, because right now I’m going to spend the next couple of hours with my family before they leave again :(( ♥ Sorry there’s nothing more I can do for you right now ♥ 

Account Terminated

OMG GUYS thank god my tumblr is back! It was terminated due to reblogs of posts using the little bee for us to wait 5 seconds I know you know what I’m talking about. 

Seriously though, be careful and check the links of the posts you reblog, or else tumblr may close your tumblr too. 

Also, to all of you people using it for your links, I was so fine downloading stuff with it a few months ago, but lately friends and I are getting those pop up windows and even need to close our browser with the ctrl, alt, delete and this is not ok, we shouldn’t have to do that to just download one creation that is so not fair. I am sure you can find another way to get a little something for your hard work, so please, think about it :)


Okay, so as you can see, i’m using Adblock currently, and most of us cc hoarders use it for making the downloading process a bit more comfortable.

The problem with TSR though, is that they won’t allow you to download their stuff without ads (unless you pay for the VIP, and let’s be honest here, no-one wants to actually pay for that lmao)

I did some googling today to find a way to use Adblock with TSR, since i have the crappiest computer ever and the pages with items i want to download take forever to load because of all the ads. There were some ways of avoiding the ads, but not too many and not too good ones. So, i decided to find a way myself. And i did it :)

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I really try not to be too harsh bc I love bts with all of my heart but I get why people are a little bit "upset" that the new album only has 4 new songs... ofc they just released a new album so they have to rest, so why don't they just do that and wait a bit more before the new album ? I own wings but what am I supposed to do with YNWA ? It just feels like a commercial moves only

i see your point, but i just think we have different views on the entire situation. honestly for me i just see buying their albums as a way to support them bc i don’t ever use the cd anyways. i just download the music off of spotify. i buy them for the concept photos and so i can support them on charts, but other than that i never use the actual album for anything other than display, so i’m not upset at the fact that it’s a repackage. yes, bighit should’ve communicated more that there were only going to be a few new songs on the album, but they’re a business. they have to make money. some people don’t like the fact that bighit always churns out things to sell to us, but that’s their job? that’s how they make money to give us seven high budget teasers for wings, along with a high quality mv for bs&t. and also on another note, that’s how most pre-orders are in general. you don’t know what your getting, but you buy the album anyways just bc you know you want to support your favs. it was possible to wait and buy the album until the tracklisting was relaeased, but most people didn’t do that, so i can’t really see how some people are so angry over it when they made that choice. i mean sure, of course i would’ve loved a mini with a few more new songs, but i also get that they’re preparing for a world tour and expecting them to produce an entire new album in the span of four months just isn’t reasonable to me. but regardless i know people are going to be upset anyways bc they were expecting something that they didn’t get, and it’s okay bc that’s their opinion. but on the bright side for all of those people, and people who are okay with it being a repackage, it’s probable that now bts can obtain that title of being ‘million sellers’ since it is after all considered a repackage. so hopefully they can reach that status with this album if the sales reach high enough, which i’m sure (hopefully lol) they will. so yeah let’s just all be happy for the comeback and support them. they’re so excited about the new songs, and that’s really all we can ask for. them being able to promote music that they actually enjoy and are proud of