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Unpopular opinion rant time

Honestly? I have to say I’m disappointed with Magnus in this episode.

Let’s just get something else of the way first.

I believe that Alec was stuck in an impossible situation where there was no good choice to make. Should Magnus be told about the Sword? Probably. Magnus can keep a secret, so Alec could have confined in him.

But would it be fair to put Magnus in a situation where he would have to lie to his own people? No. Not with everything else that Magnus had to deal with. So I can understand why Alec wanted to spare him from that.

Do I think Alec can do no wrong? Absolutely not. He’s fumbling and screwing up more often than not, but that’s understandable. It’s his first relationship - and a very serious one too. He’s trying and learning and he’s only 20-something years old. People are allowed to fuck up, especially when they are that young.

And he’s not fucking up as the Head of the Institute. He’s thrown into a position of power in the middle of the brewing war and he has to juggle the responsibility of being in charge and not letting his heart and his mind clash. I sure as heck didn’t have to handle that kind of burden when I was twenty.

And let’s not forget that he needs to keep himself in mind too. Alec is used to giving and not getting much in return. A couple episodes ago he told Magnus that he could be de-runed for keeping the fact that Luke attacked Valentine away from the Clave. What would happen to him of they suspected that he leaked crucial information to the Downworld?

The position of Head is not chosen by election. It’s not democratic, where the will of the people is the law. The Clave is the law. They can remove Alec from power faster than Magnus can snap his fingers. Even if you disregard Alec’s personal ambitions (which you shouldn’t, he’s allowed to have a career and ambitions and not sacrifice his own dreams for everyone else) and insist that getting removed from power is a price he could pay for not lying to Magnus - what good would that have done? He’s the only Head in a long while who actually gives a shit about Downworlders, who invited them into the Institute to talk and work with them. He’s the one who can make a real difference, if only he has enough time.

And I feel like Magnus doesn’t remember any of that. He’s stuck in a limbo of PTSD after the torture - which is understandable and so very human. But I feel like it’s a really poor writing at this point. Magnus doesn’t act like a hundreds years old warlock, he’s acting like a teenager, lashing out and being illogical. He’s scared and he’s not thinking clearly, letting his emotions rule over his head.

And I get it. I might not like it, but I get it.

But getting personal and comparing Alec to his family was unfair. Who exactly is he comparing him to? His cheating father? His prejudiced mother? Both of them, the ex-members of the Circle who murdered Downworlders? And what was that comparison based on, on the fact that Alec hid one important information from him, the one that would make someone unhappy no matter what he chose to do?

Magnus is allowed to be angry or disappointed by Alec, it’s his right, after everything he has been through lately. But getting this personal and attacking the most vulnerable point of Alec (his low self esteem and the feelings that he’s failing everyone) is just a fucking low blow.

it’s 90 degrees in my house i swear i have my ac on and the tiniest clothes i own and 2 fans blowing on me and im hugging my giant perrier but i’m melting. in other random no one cares news, if i post different sims than my usual family should i just post it here on my main or make a side blog? i know it’s not  big deal either way but it feels weird because i only post tavy and co. here ever so i’m like will it bother people to see different sims? do i care? did i leave my phone in the car? also something you might not know about me i’m a huge sci-fi fantasy nerd and probably only squischy remembers that one time 90 years ago when i posted elves on my blog the shame. and then i posted zombies and then outer space things and that random supernatural challenge i never even started, too. i was all over the place damns. but now i’m kind of bored and i just randomly made a new save one night and it’s like steampunk elves and ??? lmao why do i love elves >.>  anyways should i just post?? my blog is so boring right now like please and this new save has been fun for me (lmao ive played it like twice nice) so lfdsajkfsj *side crawls back into igloo*

My hopes for ks, that are probably totally unrealistic:

  • Sangwoo and Bum never have sex
  • Bum will leave Sangwoo eventually
  • that’s it

I’m probably too “romantic” and delusional, but I’d like to see Bum growing strong enough to abandon Sangwoo. Like Sangwoo obviously tries to groom him not just into a mommy replacement, but also into some kind of accomplice(?). He wants to teach Bum his way of dealing with bullies and people that look down on him. He wants him to understand the satisfaction of killing his tormentors. So I would really like to see that Bum takes his experiences with and “knowledge” from Sangwoo to ultimately use it against him. I’d really enjoy the irony of Sangwoo realizing too late what he has created and that he basically doomed himself. I want the first time that Bum ever really fights back to be when he fights back Sangwoo. But I guess it’s rather impossible because Bum is clearly physically inferior and we know that Sangwoo loves to solve problems with violence or sex.


Oooooh boy.

This isn’t something I see brought up a ton, but I still think it’s worth addressing.

Obviously, this joke is intended to be a jab at Danny, which is pretty harsh, especially since he already has some insecurities regarding whether or not his parents will love and accept him no matter what.

That said, despite being kind of a lame joke, I don’t think Jack intended it that way.

People deal with stress and worry in different ways, and this is actually something I do sometimes. I usually have different reasons, but I get the impression this is Jack just being emotional because his daughter is being quarantined and he’s not being allowed to see her. If it was Danny, I feel like he’d react the same way.

If you’re not convinced, remember that there are plenty of episodes that show that Jack does, in fact, absolutely adore his son. The Million Dollar ghost shows that Danny’s opinion of him means so much to him that he’s not even interested in fighting ghosts if his son thinks he’s terrible at it. Girls Night Out has Jack desperately trying to bond with and impress Danny. In Reality Trip, he’s the first one to run and give Danny a huge bear hug at the end of the episode because he’s so proud of his boy and he needs to know that he loves him. Heck, in 13, Danny’s Jack’s obvious favorite. Jazz is (apparently) being a rebellious teen, and Danny’s being the responsible one. And Jack is so proud of his little mini Jack.

Lookit that proud smile. He loves his boy whose shoulders fit perfectly in his giant hand.

As I’ve mentioned, Maddie and Jack aren’t perfect parents, but they love their kids. Jack loves Danny. He wants to be close to him and be cool in his eyes. Jack will not hesitate to charge into danger if his boy is in danger.

He’s no less important to Jack than Jazz is.

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Is Magnus wrong to be so angry???

in my opinion, no, of course not. magnus is allowed to express his disappointment and frustration if he feels hurt and lied to. and he was lied to.

now, was alec right in lying to him or not? personally, if alec had kept the info to himself i’d have been on his side more, but when he told clary & jace (two shadowhunters who historically are the worst at critical thinking and respecting alec’s leadership) before magnus i did side-eye his decision a bit.

still, neither of them are wrong, both of them have good solid reasons for their actions so this is a good thing. they’re both leaders, their jobs will put these problems in their way from time to time, it’s how they deal with them from now on that’ll be important.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> oh man this person is so great but you have to stop daydreaming 'bout them<p/><b>Me 2 seconds later:</b> .....let's draw them!<p/></p><p/></p>
30 Days Challenge!

Due to the collective Tokio Hotel down in the Tumblr fandom I want to start a little challenge on my blog. Prepare for 30 days full of secrets and confessions!

Day 1: My personal favourite Tokio Hotel Song!

Of course everyone has her or his own favourite song. Some think about the amazing lyrics, others about the melody or the way it makes them feel.
For me the goosebump moment is very important. When I listen to a song, then it should go deep under my skin. Unfortunately I couldn’t just pick up one song. So this is my personal top three of the most amazing TH songs!

1. Gegen meinen Willen: Just imagine cute, little, 12-year old Bill and Tom, sitting in an old storehouse and writing about the divorce of their parents. Dealing with the biggest pain, they have faced until this time. Yelling at their mom and dad for acting against their sons and sharing the same fate with thousands of their fans! Even thinking about their hurt, makes me feel incredibly bad.

2. World behind my wall: I feel like, this song is a scream for freedom. It’s just like, the boys want to urn the walls down, which they had to build up around them to protect themselves.

3. Better: This songactually became my favourite after the concert in Munich. Bill sang it so full of love and pain, his voice was even shaking. I got goosebumps imediately! I will never forget the moment, and how deeply sorry I felt for Tom going through this pain!


First of all, this proved to me that I could have 5 hours of Kyle in something and I would enjoy every second of it.

Second: THE PLOT WAS SO AMAZING. I called it a dream before the episode aired but this was great. Not just a fake Stitch but an actual one, and with such a good plot about an autistic character? Props to the writers - Kane, actually haha, and Jeff - for writing something so unusual yet amazing. 

CAMSTEEEN. I knew something like a dream/the subconscious was gonna make Kirsten fix what has happened over the last weeks and this was a great way to deal with it and solve it, though I wish they had better communication between them. Still, guys, Camsten is so good even in Kirsten mind they work. And the moment they spent before sleeping where Cameron “knew” all those things about her, I can actually see him learning all about her, even though this scene wasn’t real. Hah, my OTP.

Also, have you noticed how subconsciously (?) Kirsten wants Cameron to walk in on her naked and how he was shirtless under the sheets? Also her taking off her clothes? Hahah.

I’m in a constant struggle between “It’s chill guys people know that Gotham is based off the comics so they’ll know that scriddler was a ship consisting of adults way before Gotham came. You’re making a big deal over nothing.” and “The Gotham fandom is filled with people who have never touched the source material and might not realize how the ship came to be. There’s nothing wrong with pointing it out just in case.”

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Okay so I loved your little Lance fic to pieces. It was so great. I was just curious since there wasn't much interaction between Keith and Baby do you think Keith would be with little kids? Like I'm thinking he probably wouldn't really know what to do with them, and the idea of him having to deal with an overly energetic kid Lance running around and/or him dealing with upset Lance on his own is kind of funny to me.

I could go a couple of ways on this. It could be that Keith is better with little kids than anyone expects, because he can relate to them better than he can with peers and adults. Kids are simple, in a way. They just want what they want, and Keith gets that. He can run around with the energetic ones and feed the hungry ones and put the tired ones down for a nap. It’s a lot simpler than trying to figure out nuances of communication that pass him by too often with people older than, say, eight. He could have experience with little kids from his various foster homes, and maybe he found it easier to hang out with the little ones and watch Elmo than try to play baseball or whatever with foster kids his own age.

OR he could be just as terrible at relating with kids as he is with adults. That would be fun, too, and then the story could be about him learning how to deal with kids. Either way I think he’d be nervous around REALLY tiny kids or babies, because he’s afraid he might hurt them accidentally, and he really can’t deal with infants when they cry and he can’t figure out how to fix it in under two minutes. I think that would be really, really stressful for the poor guy.

In Little Boy Blue, Keith is thrown out of whack mostly because this is LANCE, and it’s weird to see him in a new, tiny, extremely cute and vulnerable body. Pidge and Hunk are just overwhelmed with how adorable he is and how much they want to cuddle and play with him, but Keith and to a lesser extent Shiro are nervous about doing the wrong thing or accidentally hurting him. (Especially Shiro with his arm, in that instance, in the sequel there will be probably something to do with that.) And in Keith’s case, it’s just too strange, because he’s figured Lance out by now, they have set ways of interacting, and now that’s all taken away. He can’t tease a baby or challenge him to a fight, and that’s how he and Lance relate to each other. He’s fascinated by baby Lance, very much so, but he’s shy, and it will probably be up to Lance to break the ice like he did with Shiro. That’s going to be a lot of fun to write in the sequel.

So finally read leaked script with Freydis

Um what is the big deal? Why all the hate? If we can write our Heathen Prince being multi-dimensional and in love and having some emotions besides anger and pain, why can’t we accept the love interest on the show? I know it’s debated whether the real Ivar the Boneless married or had children it’s all revisionist history so there’s really no way of telling so the character is based on a real figure but I believe that there is definitely room here for the show’s Creator to take some liberties in Ivar’s case.

I just don’t get it. I think it’s a good idea to show another side of Ivar.

Besides…let us be real. We all wanna see the boneless get boned.

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im imagining alec going on a rant about the sexist way society views parenthood, ex: no diaper changing stations in mens' rooms, strangers asking if he's 'babysitting' his own children, etc. idk if this makes sense but i can see alec getting very heated about that bs

Oh god yes, Alec would have absolutely no patience for all of the ridiculous gender biases in parenthood. And, most importantly, he’d be upset about *all* of the sexist details, regardless of whether they personally affect him negatively or positively.

Obviously he’d be furious at things that are skewed against men (no changing stations in men’s restrooms, people assuming he doesn’t know what he’s doing and saying he should be letting Max’s mother take care of him, even just the general imbalance of parenthood being disproportionately marketed as motherhood), but the double-standard he sees as a stay-at-home father would annoy him significantly more. People giving him undue credit and praise for spending the day with Max, or learning how to take care of Max’s hair, because it’s ~soooo wonderful~ for fathers to do all the basic shit that mothers get no recognition for. Strangers telling him that he should stand up for himself and make his wife take care of the baby instead. Hell, when he buys bottles and formula, strangers will lecture him about how his wife should be breastfeeding instead. The mom-shaming culture in today’s society is so fucked up that strangers will hail Alec as some sort of hero for taking care of his own kid, while simultaneously inventing a non-existent mother for the sole purpose of shaming her for doing something wrong.

Society’s perceptions of parenthood are so fucked-up and sexist, and it’s exhausting.

TalesFromRetail: But this is BOGO FREE!!

I’m a manager at a shoe store and we currently have a sale for specific shoes that are buy one get one free. Seems like a good deal right? Getting an entire pair of shoes for free. Not for this customer.

Our store is also located at an extremely touristy mall, so the weekends get a little crazy. Sundays especially. This happened to be a Sunday as the only manager, with my 6 associates and 1 call out. There were times where everyone was on the register and about 8 people pulling me and my other associate in every which way.

I happened to already be up at the registers helping a woman manually enter her card, when my supervisor asked if I could help her. Of course, it would just have to wait a couple for seconds for this woman’s transaction to go through. The man she was helping did NOT have it. Before I had even been up there, he was berating her on the BOGO free shoes he was buying. When I got to her, the customer had left to grab what he thought were the prices of the shoes. Because “He didn’t understand why this was taking so long.” My supervisor told him to “look at everyone behind this counter… That’s everyone we have here today.”

I will be ME, supervisor mentioned will be S, and the hothead will be HH.

Me: What’s wrong?

S: He doesn’t like the fact that he has to pay $60 for a pair of shoes, while the other one is free.

Me: sigh Okay.

He comes back up and hands me two price tags. Now normally, if there was anything that was marked wrong on our end, we would have an associate check it on the floor and we would either correct it or tell them that it was the shoe next to it or something similar. Happens all the time.

HH: These shoes are buy one get one free.

(In between this first time he said this, he said it about 6 more times like I didn’t know what they were)

ME: Indeed they are, however, this shoe is $54.99 and the one you’re getting for free is $34.99. The tag you brought up here doesn’t match-


ME: Sir, this isn’t the tag for this shoe.


ME: The SKU on the tag doesn’t match the SKU-


ME: You buy one pair and the cheaper pair is free. That’s how our sales work.


ME: Sir, we will GLADLY check to see if we can order it for you!!


At this point I should have done the rest of the transaction myself to keep my cashier’s sanity, but there was somebody waiting on the phone and I walked away saying how incredibly busy it was.

He did end up ordering his second pair of $34.99 shoes, and had the audacity to tell my cashier to “Have a good day!” with a smile. All of my cashiers were pretty upset about the guy and how he talked to S, and the customers in line after him were very apologetic, understanding, and thankful for our jobs.

Now, after he left, I went to check the tag out of curiosity. It happened to be the only one out for that brand, so we could have given him the $49.99. If he wasn’t so unbelievably rude, I might have gone to check that for him. But hey, he still bought two pairs of shoes, and they actually fit his feet! So win/win!

TL:DR; Customer wanted BOGO free shoes that were already BOGO free, he just wanted them cheaper. Super rude about it.

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The supergirl fandom has gone batshit crazy, better get out while you can. Whatever happened to watching tv shows for fun?

I know. Fandom has become so toxic. Like I started watching tv shows as a way to escape some issues I had and to just chill and have fun but now instead of helping me deal with my anxiety and mental issues, it just worsens it. I accept people hating fictional characters because they have no feelings anyway but when they start hurting real people, it really bothers me. 

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this year I went to my town's Pride parade like I normally do, and my new roommate/friend that is autistic asked about it after and seemed really interested in attending. I've been thinking about some ways I could help her deal with the experience (im allistic) so we could go together next year and she can be safe and happy and get to participate in something that means a lot to me, and I know would mean a lot to her :) have any suggestions?

That’s great that you want to include your friend and make sure that she will be safe and happy! We answered a similar query here that is aimed at autistic people going to pride. As a friend, some other things you can do are:

  • Make sure your friend has as much information about the even as possible
  • Keep in mind places that your friend could escape to if needed
  • Talk to your friend about what to do if she has a meltdown/shutdown at the event
  • Give you friend warning about any loud noises or flashing lights if you are able to
  • Talk to your friend to see what else would help her

I hope you both have a great time next year!


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Oh my god your so cocky and elegant that it's even attractive..? I know it sounds like an absolute insult yet such a person with that type of mannerisms is what makes me pay attention even more, not because of your attention causing with won arguments but your personality is a perfect way to deal with literally everything. Is there any other social media I can follow you on because you amaze me so much. 🖤

I’ve been told I’ve a bold way with words but I like to call it “not taking any shit.” Thank you for the compliments, how delightful. I only have my five blogs here on tumblr and my Ao3 account. I am horrid at social media so I deleted everything some years back.

You can follow me to Hell, though. I don’t mind that.

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bonnie is so irritating in this fic. for real. she gives elena permission to do this. then she judges her for it. then she leaves, so she won't have to deal with the mess she contributed to. what is her agenda? does she want damon for herself? did she push elena to stefan so the way could be clear for her? ugh. i hope her judgy ass doesn't show up again.

I think you put way too much responsibility on Bonnie, anon. All she did in the previous section was tell Elena to go to Stefan, she didn’t make her sleep with him, she didn’t even make Elena go, Elena could’ve said you know what Bonnie, I think I’m going to go inside and if she did choose to go to the school, she didn’t have to sleep with Stefan. Elena and Stefan slept together because they wanted to, Bonnie being like you have one night to do whatever you want is really just an excuse because who is Bonnie to grant that kind of permission? She can’t grant permission for something like that, she’s not married to either of them and she’s neither of their keepers, she said something that Elena wanted to hear. And Bonnie does take responsibility for her part, she’s admits repeatedly that she’s going to have to live with the fact that she helped Elena go to Stefan. Bonnie helped Elena go to Stefan because Bonnie can’t not help Elena “live” whether it’s physically living or emotionally living but she leaves because after everything she’s done and is doing for these people, she has the right to excuse herself from the damage they’re going to create themselves. She told Elena not to tell Damon because she had her one night for closure and it’s time to move on, that’s her advice, but she knows Elena isn’t going to take it, that isn’t her responsibility.

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Thank you, THANK YOU for all of the CC goodness this weekend. If FM has a sign of appreciation (pantomimed hand job, from the sounds of it?), I'm sending it your way. :) A few impressions: I'm keeping my grandma away from this show; Josh's kid-in-a-candy-store energy makes me think he's really digging being the bonafide lead in his own show; dark stubble = mmmm, neckbeard = shave, son.

I agree, I think having this chance to be the “main guy” and not being overshadowed by somebody else’s fame this time around, is probably a huge deal for him. He definitely seemed really giddy and really happy to be there. 

And you’re so welcome. I am glad everybody was enjoying the new content so much. Thank YOU for the support and the kind words. <3

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What are your thoughts on Sansa's character in season 7 so far? I'm pleased with the writing for her but I'm so scared that it would change for the worse.

Hello, Nonny,

My thoughts about Sansa’s storyline in season 7?

So far I’m liking the way she is written as well. The character has come a long way and this is the hour of her arc coming to fruition.
They have been teasing Starkbowl this season but nothing happened so far, so I think the real challenge for Sansa will be while Jon is away.
The way she will handle Littlefinger, keeping him close without letting him corrupt her.
How she will deal with her responsibility and ruling the North now that she is the warden of the North in Jon’s stead. Those are all interesting questions to look forward to.
She has shown a consistent view when it comes to leadership: Sansa won’t only rule with the heart and honor. She will use her head more than anything. Because she has learned the harsh way that honor is good, being noble is good but it clouds your perception.

I’m so happy that more and more the Stark Bannermen are agreeing with her. I don’t know why the writers made a point to address it but I think Sansa will play a big part in the game in season 8.
That’s all I have to say so far without stepping into fangirl mode and going nut over Sophie’s great performance in the latest episode.