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So you don't think, as someone has said, that Harry signed with them because they probably said "Sign with us and we set Louis free"? Sorry if I ask, but I'm so confused because I think Harry had his reasons to sign with them since he is a smart boy. And I thought he could have sign for Louis

i don’t have a definitive answer, i’m sorry. i’m leaning towards columbia offering him a better deal than anyone else (which could 100% entail his relationship with louis in some way) because like that post said, sony has been slobbering all over solo harry for years, so why not use that as leverage. we’ve all seen artifact, we know how irving azoff has advised people to sign to former labels when it means getting what you want from them and how unsatisfying it may seem from an outsider’s point of view. so i’m leaning towards harry having sony by the balls tbh.

I feel like I just got schooled, but it also feels amazing. xD

And it just proves the point, I guess, there is never a clear cut answer about anything. The world isn’t divided into only “yes” or “no,” it’s never just one or the other. There are never really only two ways to look at things - it’s not us or them. There is so much in between and above and below. Humans are weird and complicated.



Please enjoy some real life footage of me trying to deal with feelings:




And now I will go to bed.

And that’s how the story goes. Jack is born into the world on the day his father seals the ultimate of evils, destined to take up that same mantle and battle one day himself.

Where his father failed, Jack must unmake Aku completely, a task ultimately even the gods failed in. A challenge like no other.

A long way to go still.

A long journey for them all.

So that was that, the history of Aku, how he came to be and the origin of the divine sword that is his bane. It was interesting, definitely, though frustrating too for there’s no legitimate explanation for why the gods, aware of Aku, chose to have a human deal with it instead. And went on to do nothing after Jack was cast in time and Aku took over completely.

I’ll give this part an 8/10 like the last to follow, interesting and enjoyable, but nothing ground-shaking. Next episode, and the last of season 3, tomorrow.

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I don't think there's any right or wrong way to deal with grief, but I'm just wondering- how did you/are you still dealing with Alfie's death? Do you still really miss him, or was it easier to move on than you might have thought it'd be? My Cat is currently sick and hopefully it won't get to that point, but I'm scared it will & I'll have no idea how to deal. He's not a pet, he's my child. I know you really loved Alfie.

I definitely still miss Alfie so much.  He was my first child and was definitely a momma’s boy.  I find peace in knowing that I did absolutely everything (within reason) for him.  It was his time to go and he went peacefully.  Little Leo was born probably the same day, or around the time that Alfie passed so I like to think he’s a little Alfie reincarnated.  It gets easier with time but sometimes I’ll go through my phone or computer and find a picture or video of him and I get sad again.  And that’s okay.  

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If Emmerdale go completely unrealistic with the contraception thing, wouldn't it be even more realistic for her to actually have the baby? I feel like it'd be way more in character for her to get an abortion than decide to be a single mother...

tbh, what part of Rebecca's character screams, YES I WANT TO BE A SINGLE MOM! (like not even I am that level of petty to have a child to spite someone)

like, nothing about her screams maternal. even the way she treated lachlan was so crazy. I can’t imagine she’d want to deal with a child. like honestly, if I had a nephew like lachlan I’d never have children.

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Hey, I love your blog and the advice that you give! I've identified as ace for 5+ years now, and have had a romantic crush on my best friend for several years as well... Recently we did things of the sexual nature and now I can't stop thinking about him that way, and it's been stressing me out. I've identified solidly as ace for many years, but now I'm questioning weather I should call myself that now.

Hey Anon,

So here’s the deal.  I’m thinking that what you’re describing sounds a lot like demisexual.  That’s when you have to develop a close personal bond with an individual before sexual attraction can occur.  And the thing is, many demisexuals don’t realize they are demi until a situation like yours happens.

A lot of demis believe they are ace, but then something happens between them and a friend, and BOOM!  they start questioning themselves.  There’s nothing wrong with this at all!  It does not mean you have been lying to yourself or any other such nonsense.  You followed what you believed to be true, and now there’s new things happening.  So you re-adjust.  Take some time for some introspection.  How do you feel about your friend now?  What kind of emotions are you feeling?

Introspection can be complicated to sort through sometimes, so I recommend stream-of-consciousness writing.  This style of writing is exactly what it sounds like.  You simply write what you’re thinking at that moment.  You may want to start with a question to get you started, something like “How do I feel about my friend?”  The process of writing all of this down (either by hand or on a computer) can be very therapeutic, and really help organize your thoughts.

I hope this has helped you out, Anon.  We’re here if you ever want to message us for more advice or just to chat.

~Mod Elise

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Anxious Art Major anon here! I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to respond to my message :) Your words helped me calm down a great deal and also made me realize that I'm way in the wrong mind frame. I got stuck in the "get the job you want right away" trap and it was seriously messing with me haha. Your advice makes perfect sense and thank you for even sharing some of your personal story. I've calmed down significantly and am way better then I was. So, yeah! Thanks a lot! <3

Aww anon I’m glad my words helped and that you’re feeling better. <3 I hope you’re having a wonderful day!!! :)

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I'm sure you get a shitload of racist hate in your e-mail and whatnot, so I'm wondering if you have any particular way of dealing with that shit?

I usually just delete that shit, unless I got the time to try to bait them into saying something I can publish.

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Purely hypothetical, if sony/syco matched any offer that louis got and he had to stay with them, could they then prevent him from releasing music/ drag it out as long as they can? I have read before that labels can defer releases if they want to. So that essentially they have him under contract but don't have to pay him for it since he never delivered? Or would they definitely have to pay upfront? (Either way, it still seems weird that they wouldn't make use of this potential stream of revenue)

It depends on the deal. And, yes, there are issues with a label not releasing things, but that’s after an artist has delivered the album. I honestly have no clue what’s going on with him. It seems so complicated that I can’t even begin to make sense of it with what information we have.

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hi! weird question: what do i do if someone commissioned something for me, and before they paid i let them know i had a bit of a line and it would take time to get to theirs, they agreed anyway and went ahead and paid, and now a few days later they tell me to cancel the commission and refund their money in full as they've given it to someone else because i'm working on too much atm?

hey! i think if u havent started their commission yet, u should definitely fully refund them. they changed their mind and u have to respect that. if u did already start their commission tho, i’d say it depends on how much u managed to draw, and maybe like..substract that from the original refund? ive never been in that situation before tho so i cant tell u if thats 100% the correct way to deal with this

Anyway so. I’m going to the pallbearer show tomorrow ? Which seems so fast which also means that all my final projects are due within the next two weeks too…I am also MOVING! My room mates are a headache and I have had to deal with this at work and at home for the past like month. But I’m excited to move into my new house. And I get a tattoo on Saturday w my Best Bud and my boyfriend n I are going to a few breweries on the way back home…also get to see my mommy for a little bit Friday after the show she’s going to stay up and wait for me and jake to come over. Then I graduate then it’s my birthday????? This is a wild time

@aviewfromtheclouds25: Tunnel vision, that’s exactly it sadly! The only way to deal with spoilers is to view them from the angle of every storyline in the show, to see how they all fit, not just Robron… (Alternatively, we can just ignore them!)

Spoilers are not meant to be examined this critically, we’re not in english class people, honestly, I wish we didn’t get spoilers, the fandom would be so much more of a calm place if we didn’t have them.

Me: Knows that fear is a bad motivator

Me: Has been busting my ass for the past 4 years to try to get as good as I can at sound tech and music because I know my range of potential jobs is extremely limited bc of disability so I have to over-compensate and over-prepare to enter into a tiny-ass field with way too much competition and I am also absolutely terrified of being overlooked for somebody who is sighted and thus “easier to deal with” so I have to compensate for that as well by making as high quality of a product as I possibly can and being ruthlessly confident and assertive and charismatic, even though I am shy as fuck IRL

@allistics who want to cure autism

It seems that most of the argument on curing autism and other disabilities is that people “don’t want anyone to suffer it”

But here’s the thing about autism. We’re born autistic. We don’t know anything else. And as long as I have access to my coping methods, I’m totally fine.

I’ve been autistic my entire life. I didn’t know it until a couple years ago, but I’ve been finding my own ways to deal with sensory issues since I was born. It’s not really a problem to me. I have soundproof earbuds to block out extra noise. I have a necklace full of perfume in case of a bad smell, stim toys in case I get anxious. I know ASL in case I have a nonverbal shutdown. I know how and where to seek out accommodations for myself if I need them. My autism-related problems are hardly problems at all. They’re just life for me.

So here are the reasons I suffer due to my autism:

  • when I get overwhelmed but can’t leave the room because people accuse me of being rude
  • when I can’t plug my ears if there’s a sound I can’t deal with because people accuse me of being rude
  • when I get ridiculed for stimming in public
  • when I get ridiculed for whatever my special interest is
  • when people force me to eat food I can’t eat
  • when people force me to use spoken English when I’ve gone nonverbal
  • when people talk down to me because I’m autistic
  • when people try to force me to do things that my brain can’t handle under the assumption that I can do it if I believe in myself

Notice what all those things have in common? They’re all problems caused by people who don’t try to understand that our brains are different.

We don’t suffer because of our autism. We suffer because of YOU.

So don’t give me that “nobody should have to suffer the burden of having autism” crap. If you actually cared about autistic people, you’d let us be different and try to understand the way our specialized brains work. You don’t care about us. You just don’t want to deal with us.

supergirl headcanon that at some point in the future after alex and maggie get married and when they decide to try and have a kid, they choose not to tell anyone until they know it worked bc knowing their friends (family, really), those weirdos will be be way more excited than even they are 

so ya know they go to their doctor, pick a donor etc etc (alex is gonna be the one having the lil babe) and some time later (i’m not a fertility expert, i dont know how long these things take), there’s a super squad game night at kara’s place and everyone’s there (winn, james, mon el [i’m assuming he stays], lena, j’onn, m’gann, alex and maggie) and kara comes home a little late after having to deal with a mix up of stories w snapper and kinda discards her stuff and looks a little fondly at her fam who are all goofing around by the tv but then something is weird abt like, the background noise in her super hearing and she focuses and something just isn’t right 

and alex notices the expression on her face as kara comes a little closer trying to figure out what it is and says “hey kara, you okay?” and kara’s like “i dunno … i thought i heard … i mean, i do hear … but that’s … there’s only eight people here - i must just be rlly tired or something, don’t worry.” and winn teases her about it a little and james jokes “supergirl’s having an off day, huh?” but alex suddenly realises what it could be and as kara moves to sit beside lena, alex grabs her arm and goes “wait, kara, what did you hear?” and kara sees the look on her face and says very slowly “what do you think i heard?” and alex is like “you tell me first” and kara says “you tell me first” and winn just stares at them with raised eyebrows and goes “you both maybe wanna tell the rest of us what’s going on?” and kara’s eyes flicker between maggie and alex before she says, still super slowly bc she doesn’t know if she and alex are on the same page “there’s only eight people in this room … but -” and alex finishes for her going “but kara hears nine heartbeats.” and nobody picks up on anything for a second, like j’onn and m’gann and mon el try focusing their hearing and the others just looks around sorta confused and then suddenly maggie chokes on her beer and her gaze snaps over to alex and goes “wait a second - does that mean …?” and alex breaks into the biggest grin and kara lets out the hugest shriek and goes “oh my god you’re pregnant!” and chaos just erupts in the apartment

one of the reasons mental illness sucks so fucking much is because people around you can literally tell you again and again that they love you, that they think you’re cool and funny, that they support you in every way, that you’re talented or intelligent, and no matter how many times they say it you’ll always cringe and shake your head and say “no, no i’m not, really” but the SECOND someone says one bad thing about you, even just once. You believe it completely. 

Important - Please read

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a good day!

So, as many of us know very well, anything you post on internet could be taken, in other words….STOLEN - for people who wants to get a piece of the cake by the easy way. This is not new for me since I’ve been dealing with stolen content since my Youtube Channel became “popular” in the Undertale community.

I always have to check channels  that are stealing my videos and claiming them as theirs, without credit, cropping my watermark or even placing another watermark over mine…I’ve been claiming the copyrights of my videos around 100 times since the first animation of Underverse I made there. And still counting.

Now, I’m not talking about this as the big deal. The BIG, DISGUSTING and of course UNFAIR thing I’m really talking about, is that I found a video of mine uploaded three days ago (of course stolen) but asking for help with A PATREON WITH THE SAME NAME OF MY PATREON, with the difference that this person added another word to “Jakeinimation” to obtain that account, to have money behind my back with MY WORK and maybe with other artists’ content.

So, I checked the link of that Patreon but It seems it was deleted. Anyway, I’ll make sure to the channel of this person will be deleted for using my videos and pretending to be me.

That’s a pretty upsetting situation because I can’t believe what some people are able to. And I don’t want people that really want to support the original artists could be fooled by them. So, if you see someone is using a patreon or paypal or any other platform for paying artists with a similar name of the original ones, be careful and check what kind of works are they promoting, as well if you notice someone is trying to make money with other’s work without permission or trying to obtain more followers.