so i have this huge crush on this woman

“When I was in high school, I was waiting for the bus at a bus stop. The bus stop was on the right side of a big avenue that had a flower garden across the road on the left side. And in front of me, there was a fountain. When I was standing there, an old woman who was picking up waste paper started to walk toward the flower garden on the other side of the road. There were some boxes piled up near the garden. She slid by so close to me that she would almost be in arm’s reach if I had stretched out my hand, or she would have heard me if I had just spoken. Yet, she was hit by a car. It was a huge vehicle with six wheels, and the first two wheels on one side crushed her. The blood flowed toward my feet. The old woman died right there just like that. After that, wherever I go, I always think, ‘I’ve got to keep an eye on that person.’ You know there are those friends who feel out of place at school. Even though you can’t stop them from feeling left out, if I know how hard it is for them, and if they know that I know, they might be able to speak out their minds, at least to me.”

“고등학생 때 버스 정류장에서 버스를 기다리고 있었어요. 앞에 분수대가 있고 왼쪽 맞은편 인도에 화단이 있는 대로변이었어요. 거기 서있는데 폐지 줍는 할머니가 건너편 화단 쪽으로 걸어가시는 거예요. 화단 쪽에 박스들이 좀 모여있었거든요. 손을 뻗어서 잡으면 잡힐 듯한 거리일 정도로, 혹은 그저 말로만 해도 할머니께서 알아들으실 정도로 가깝게 제 옆을 스쳐 지나가시는데, 그대로 차에 치이셨어요. 바퀴가 여섯 개인 대형 차량이었는데, 한 측면의 앞 바퀴 두 개가 할머니를 짓밟고 지나갔어요. 피가 제 발 아래로 주욱 흘러 내리더라고요. 거기서 할머니는 그대로 돌아가셨어요. 그 일 이후로는 어딜 가든 항상 ‘저 사람은 내가 많이 살펴봐야겠다.’같은 생각을 하게 돼요. 학교에서도 겉도는 친구들 있잖아요. 비록 따돌림을 막아주진 못하더라도 그 애들이 힘들어하는 걸 제가 알고 있고, 그게 그 사람에게 전해진다면 나한테라도 무언가를 얘기할 수 있지 않을까 싶어서…”

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7, 15, 24, 25

7: perfume, cologne, or “I choose how I want to smell by my deodorant scent” lesbian?

deodorant! (though i wouldn’t mind acquiring a perfume that smelled like lavendel, but i’m a little sensitive to perfume/colognes + a lil lazy)

15: completely unmanicured nails, plain but manicured nails, or colored and manicured nails lesbian?

i never really fix my nails so i’ll have to go with unmanicured! 

24: pool swimming, lake swimming, or ocean swimming lesbian?

i love both lakes and oceans so much, but i think i feel more attached to the ocean as a whole! so ocean swimming lesbian. <3 

25: who was your first celebrity crush on a woman?

i love this! see i crushed on so many women when i was a baby gay, but i never really acknowledged it/considered it crushing? but, keira knightley was a huge crush. i used to think about her smile a lot when i was nine

I get so mad at stuff that paints lesbians as predatory to other women and trans women as predatory to other women because like, idk, and this is such a minor example but my girlfriend and I almost didn’t get together because she was so worried about coming across as like a predatory trans woman lesbian and I was so worried about coming across as a slutty predatory bisexual that we were both scared to make a move on each other. Like to be clear we both KNEW that we both liked each other and had known for some time, there was like two years of mutual heartings and flirting on tumblr, of private messages divulging that “I have a huge crush on you”, etc and the messages that we were both given about our sexualities were so damaging that even in that space, where when we finally met it person it should have been so safe and easy for us to tell each other how we felt, we both felt like we couldn’t. That makes me mad! Because I love my girlfriend! She is wonderful! And I wanna kick and scream at anything that made her feel bad for liking me, and made me feel bad for liking her. We deserve to be able to love each other and be happy.