so i have this huge crush on this woman

Seduction Assist

Context; Same session as “Intimidation is key to Seduction”. This is an Overwatch-based session, and we have just met Zarya - a Goliath woman - who challenged us all to a spar. Now, my half-elf Ranger is a huge Lesbian Disaster™ and decides she wants to seduce the woman that could crush her with two fingers. Our Halfling Rogue, Halfling Cleric, and our Air Mephit Bard decide to help doing so.

Robin: (Rogue) I cover her eyes by jumping up her back!

Fenley: (Cleric) And I sweep her off her feet.

DM: Alright, Robin roll me Dexterity, and Fen roll me Athetics. (Robin rolled a 17, and Fenley a 15. Zarya failed her dex saving throw) Alright, she is toppling over and falling. You gonna go catch her, Adrie?

Adrie: (Me) Oh, definitely. I have a -2 on strength though, the only way this is gonna work is if I Nat20 it. [proceeds to roll a Nat20] Oh.

Windy: (Bard) [barely stifled laughter while the rest of the group hollers]

DM: [laughing] Alright, you just catch her in your big womanly arms, and she lands right in your lap. What now?

Me: (OOC) Honestly, I didn’t think I’d get this far. Help me out y'all. Help the twig hook up with the mountain of a woman.

Windy: Hm.. Oh! Pretend you’re hurt and that you have to go see Mercy.

Me: How– Oh, I get it. Perfect.

(Shenanigans happen, and Robin and Fenley have to roll persuasion rolls that I am simply too hurt to be treated by the - very capable - Cleric)

DM: Adrie, I’m gonna need you to roll me either a Deception or a Performance check to convince her.

Me: (OOC) Oh man.. I’m horrible at both! Well, here goes nothing. [rolls a Nat20 in Performance] Oh my god. The dice are with me!!

At that point, the entire party began laughing and hollering again.

DM: Alright, I think we can leave it at this point for this week. Since you’re all going out to drinks later in the session, maybe you can take her out to dinner then.

Me: [wheezing with laughter] Definitely.

Rant abt me and my sexuality + compulsory heterosexuality

Listen, I’m not expecting anyone to read or respond to this. It’s long as fuck but I needed to write out my feelings. 

Ever since I was a lil kid I think I’ve always known there was something gay about me. But at the same time, I didn’t know? If that makes sense. It’s like, it was there, but I didn’t realise it was gay until I realised I was gay. 

I came out as bisexual to my family/friends in 2015 and since then I’ve had a gf (who is now an ex) which sorta helped people just… find out I wasn’t straight (which funnily enough still didn’t help some people realise). But now, in 2017 and the months of 2016 leading up to it, I’ve started questioning my sexuality again. And this time feels a lot more difficult. When I came out as bi I  was pretty solidly sure about it for a while. But now I’m thinking I could be a lesbian and it’s so difficult to work out. And it sounds silly because it really doesn’t sound like it should be so difficult, but it is?! 

I began questioning it when I realised that my relationships with men have never worked out. I’ve always felt uncomfortable and out of place in them and I’ve cut off the relationship. But when I was with my girlfriend, it all seemed so much better. I was comfortable with her. I talked to her, I was okay with affection; I really wasn’t with guys. It felt so wrong to me. 

A few months ago in my drama class, I was having some ‘banter’ with a guy friend who likes throwing me around and picking me up because I’m so small. A few girls in the class immediately came over to me once he left and started asking me questions like ‘What’s going on with you two?’ ‘He likes you!’ and I assured them we were just friends. Later I told my friends about this encounter and they told me that they were shocked I hadn’t seen it myself. However, I stayed confident he didn’t like me like that. But it led me into thinking of what it would be like in a relationship with him. Just thinking about it made me feel weird and strange. So then, I thought about a relationship with any guy. And it just didn’t give me a warm, excited feeling like being with a woman does. 

Then, an ex approached me after school. He was nice, funny. I’d split up with him after a week. He got the bus home with me and it was nice to catch up. And when I got home he’d messaged me. He started saying how he’s missed us speaking and how we should go out sometime. And then I felt it. The uncomfortable feeling I feel whenever a guy shows interest in me. He keeps texting me and without sounding narcissistic, it’s clear he’s into me. But I always feel this dread when his name pops up on my notifications. 

I know compulsory heterosexuality exists. Maybe that explains my crushes on unattainable celebrity males in the past that I’ve never actually felt the desire to date or have sex with. I don’t think I’ve ever had the desire to have sex with a man. 

I’ve had crushes on guys before. But the thought of it actually working out does not appeal to me. But whenever I think about my future I know I want to be married to a woman. I want a huge gay ass wedding with a wife. 

For now, I’m identifying as a lesbian. Just to myself. And once I’ve really figured it out I’ll come out again if I need to. But having this blog has been a really helpful way of projecting all of my feelings into what I post and reblog so thank you for putting up with my posts because it honestly helps me so much. 

A new start, part 5

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 2793

Warnings: Language and fluff

Part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4


Chris stared at you in total shock.  His answer felt like a punch to the stomach.  Your mind whirling with what felt like rejection.  Stomping off to the kitchen you pulled an open bottle of wine out of the fridge and poured a rather large glass for yourself.  He stood in the same spot in the living room unsure of what to say.

“Just go home Chris. I’m sorry I said anything.  It won’t affect work or the movie, okay? But please go.”  It was difficult to look at him so you just concentrated on your glass as you stood at the kitchen island.  He walked into the kitchen slowly, as though he were afraid to startle you.

“I don’t want to go, [Y/N]. I was just surprised to hear you say that.  I mean, come on, why would you, this amazingly talented and wonderful woman, want a dork like me?  I have had this huge crush on your since walking into that trailer.  Holy shit, I think my heart stopped when I saw you.” You looked up quickly at him.  Not sure if you could believe the words that were coming out of his mouth.  “I knew I couldn’t act on them.  You had been so hurt by that asshole and you needed a friend.  So I wanted to try to be that friend.  You know what?”  You shook your head at him.

“What?”  Chris had moved close but stopped before getting too close.

“We became good friends. It felt good.  I knew I couldn’t have more than that with you but I was happy, am happy being your friend.”  Letting go a breath you had been holding.

“So you mean you just want to stay friends?”  He put up his hands quickly.

“No, no.  Not what I mean.  Shit, what the hell am I trying to say?  [Y/N] I meant I don’t want you to think that I only became your friend because I wanted to take advantage of it.  You have become a real friend.”  You canted your head looking at him as you leaned against the island.

“So, you are my friend. And again it sounds like you just want to be my friend.”  A look of confusion on your face.  Chris raked his hand through his hair.

“Fuck.  This is not coming out right.  I am nervous as hell right now and my brain obviously can’t get my mouth to say anything right.  Okay, let me try again.”  Taking a long pull from the wine glass, you stared at him.  The sweet taste and bubbles helping to settle your stomach that was doing flips as Chris paced back and forth in front of you.  “[Y/N], I like you a lot.  I have since day one.  I was lucky enough that you let me become your friend.  But I want more.  I want to be more than your friend.  I want you to see that there are guys out there that aren’t lying, cheating fuckers.  Well maybe not other guys out there, but see that I am not like that.”  You laughed as he fumbled through what he was trying to say. Finally getting to the point.

“So if I understand you now, you like me?”  He laughed quietly taking a tentative step closer.

“Yes.  I like you.”

“What do we do then?” Crossing your arms over your chest, you looked back at him.  Chris shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

“Maybe we should go out. See how things go, being more than friends.  Like normal people.”  You bit your lip as though you were thinking very hard over the offer.  When truly, you were trying not to throw up.  Your heart furiously in your chest.

“I think that is a good idea. When?”  

“Tomorrow?  I know you are off the afternoon.  I should be done by six.  Maybe pick you up here by seven?”  

“Seven is good.  So tomorrow?”  He nodded, as everything felt a bit awkward now.  Why did it have to be awkward?  This man had been your friend for the last several months.  You had told him things you had not told anyone else. Now, it was awkward.

“Yes, tomorrow.  Umm I should probably go.  It’s late and umm yeah.”

“Yes it is… late.”  

“Okay, see you tomorrow, [Y/N].”  He walked towards the door.  You followed behind, to see him out.  As he opened the door, he turned back startling you and causing you to bump into him.

“Oh sorry.  I wasn’t….”  Chris laughed, relaxing his stance.

“Can I hug you at least? I have missed you this weekend. Not talking to you since last night sucked.”  A flush of blood surged to your cheeks and you smiled shyly.

“Yeah you can hug me. I missed you too Chris.  It was just… hard to concentrate on my thoughts about you when you were right there.  I needed a step back for a moment.”  He took the moment to step forward with his arms out, enclosing them around you in a tight hug.

“I understand that now. I’m sorry for acting like an ass. But I promise I will make it up to you tomorrow.”  Returning the hug you squeezed tight.  It felt good in his arms.  You wanted to continue the feeling but he slowly pulled back.  His face gave the impression it was reluctantly.  “See you in the morning.”  Chris walked towards his car throwing a grin over his shoulder. You waved like an idiot as you leaned against the doorframe.  As he drove off the realization hit you that you were actually going on a date with Chris. Not just friends hanging out and having a pizza.  A real date.

“Fuck, what did I get myself into?”  Rubbing your face, you closed the door and went upstairs to get ready for bed.  It was going to be a long day tomorrow.

After a fitful sleep, two large cups of coffee and an hour in the hair and makeup chair you were ready to get work started for the morning.  The crew was setting up the shot as you sat in your chair waiting for the director to call you into the scene.  Your phone started going off with a FaceTime message.  Jake, for whatever reason, was calling.  “Yes Jake?  I’m kinda working here.”

“Well don’t you look all fancy ‘Miss I’mma super star actress.”  Rolling your eyes at him through the screen you asked again.

“What do you need Jake? I don’t have much time.”  He laughed as he moved the phone to show a beautiful black horse.

“Seems this girl right here needs a new home.  She is great with other horses and…”

“Yes.  I want her!  She is gorgeous.  How old is she?  Where did she come from?”  You excitedly sat up in the chair and squealed causing a few odd looks from those around you.  Jake laughed petting the horse’s nose.

“She is five and has all her papers and looks pretty healthy.  Going to have the vet check her out before I load her up in the trailer. I figured you would want her so he is already on his way.”  Your brother knew you well.  

“I hope Boots and Talladega like her.  Jake you are the best.”  

“I know, I know.  Glad you appreciate that.  Now did you tell that guy you like him yet?  You look like you are in a better mood.  Get a little something last night when you got back?” He wiggled his eyebrows with a smirk. You did not realize at that point in the conversation, Chris had walked up behind you, now he was trying not to laugh.

“Ugh, Jake you are worse than mom, you nosey ass.  I have to go. Send me the info when you get her home please.”  Turning the phone off, you did not wait for him to say goodbye.  You leaned back in your chair with a groan.

“So you told your family about me?”  Chris whispered in your ear, causing you to scream and jump out of the chair.  He had a wide grin on his face.

“You scared the crap out of me!”  He continued to grin at you.  It was infectious and you could not help but start to smile.  “And maybe.”

“Sounds like a yes.  I think I like it.  Don’t worry I told my mom, well she actually dragged it out of me, but she knows I have this giant crush on you.”  Laughing you turned to sit back in your chair. Chris came around to sit next to you.  He looked so handsome in old military costume.  Just looking at him made your cheeks flush.

“Fine, yes I told my brother and my dad.  Who probably told my mother.  They noticed how we were texting all weekend.  So they got nosey.”  A look of pure happiness crossed his face.  If you were telling your family there must be something there for you.  He tried to give you that nonchalant look again as he turned to watch the set.  It was not fooling you but you were not going to push the issue.

“So where are you taking me tonight?”  You looked at him out of the corner of your eye, trying to play him at his own game.

“It’s a surprise.  Don’t worry you’ll enjoy it.”  That did not give you any information.

“Well how am I supposed to know what to wear?”  That damn smirk of his appeared again.  

“Wear that red and blue swirled dress.  That looks gorgeous on you.”  You raised a brow at him.  If you remembered correctly, you had only worn that dress once during the whole time you had been in North Carolina.  

“Okay, if you like it that much.”  Before either of you could continue the director called you both to the scene. The morning was busy with trying to get as much done before the afternoon shots with Chris and change of location.

By the time the afternoon started to turn into evening, you were trying to calm the butterflies in your stomach.  Chris would be at the house in little less than an hour.  You had showered and pulled out the dress and sandals.  The things that were most difficult were your hair and makeup.  Makeup wise you did not want to look over done.  Not that you could ever do what the makeup artists did to you on a daily basis. You wanted to look like you, just a prettier version.  Once that was finished you worked on your mess of [Y/H/C] hair.  Finally getting it up into a loose but pretty bun.  The doorbell rang as you slipped into your sandals. Of course he was two minutes early. As you opened the door, looking at the man standing there it took a moment to remember to breathe.  Chris looked amazing in a khaki colored pair of dress pants and a white long sleeved dress shirt with the top button undone.  “Wow, [Y/N] you look… just wow.”

You beamed at him.  It felt good that he thought you were beautiful.  “Thank you. You look so handsome.  Let me grab my purse and we can go.”  He nodded sliding his hands into his pockets.  

The car ride started off quiet, both of you nervous and afraid to say the wrong thing.  “[Y/N] I’m sorry.  I don’t want this to be weird.  I want you to have a good time tonight.”

“I think you are worrying too much.  I always have a good time with you.  Remember we have been out so many times before.  They just weren’t technically dates.  So this should be easy.  Like before, just with more feelings.”  Chris looked over at you a moment as he tried to read your face.

“True.  Okay easy then.  Let’s try for that.”  You moved your hand over to his and squeezed to show him it would be all right.  But you did not expect him to squeeze back and hold tight to your hand.  He did not want to let go.  There went your heart; it was now somewhere lodged in your throat beating at ridiculous rate.  You wanted your hand to stay in his, so there you left it.  The smile he gave you as you did just that made your toes curl. Damn this man was going to kill you one way or another.  You felt like a school girl on a date with the football star.

The restaurant was situated on a grassy area that looked over the beach.  While there was dining inside Chris had reserved a table outside under the stars.  There was a small band playing with several couples dancing in the middle of the tables that were scattered about.  Twinkling lights ran the edges of the outside area.  It was beautiful, quiet, and just perfect.  With the wine ordered, he stretched his arm across the table and took your hand in his.  Your mind started over thinking everything again.  Like should you be feeling this way?  He was your friend.  Your friend who was now looking at you like more than a friend and was holding your hand. However, it felt good, it felt right.

“Stop trying to over analyze this, [Y/N].  It’s dinner. If you don’t like it then we will go back to being friends.  I promise.” Fear flashed in his eyes the moment he said it.  But he was a man of his word and would never force you to do something you did not want to.

“You know me too well. I’m sorry I know.  I over think everything.   But don’t think I don’t want to be here with you, I do.  It is just a big step for me.”  This time he was the one to squeeze your hand in reassurance.

“How about we not worry about it?  Let’s have a good time.  Tell me about your new horse.  You were so excited today.”  Chris knew what to say to distract you from yourself.  The conversation after that flowed easily just as it always had with him. You told him all about the new horse as well as your other two back home.  He went on to tell you stories of learning to ride for a movie years back then falling off and bruising his tailbone.  You laughed so loud you had to cover your mouth.  When the meal came each of you fed the other a bite of your meals just to try them out.  After finishing and chatting for a little while longer Chris stood up holding his hand out to you.  “Dance with me?”

You bit your lip nervously as you took his hand and stood with him.  He drew you alongside of him and out onto the dance floor.  Twirling you around first before he took you in his arms.  The two of you danced just staring into the others eyes.  It was then you realized this was how it was supposed to be.  This was the person who made the world look beautiful and bright.  You had spent the last four months getting to know him and becoming his friend.  Now there was more.  So much more.  Closing your eyes, you laid your head on his shoulder drawing close into his arms. Chris leaned his head against yours. Neither of you wanted to move.  However, after several songs, you knew it was time to go.

The ride home was similar to earlier in the quiet of it.  The difference though was the air about it all.  Both of your hands encircled his as he drove back to the beach house. He would look over at you for a moment and you would grin at him, causing him to return the smile.  When you arrived home he got out, opened your door, and walked you up to the house. “Do you want to come inside for a bit?  We can have a glass of wine.”  

“I want to.  But I think it’s best if I go home.  I am not going to rush this.  I want you to be able to see me as someone you want to be with and who will do anything for you.  Especially wait for you. I’m not in a rush nor am I going anywhere.  Remember that. I will call you in the morning if that’s all right.”  You nodded with tears welling up in your eyes.  This man did not know what he was doing to your heart.  Chris took your hand and kissed it before walking back to his car.  There you stood on the front porch watching until you could no longer see his taillights. It had been a wonderful night.  

“Oh shit, I have it bad….”

Part 6

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Besides Loras is there any other evidence that Renly looked down on Brienne?

I don’t think and don’t remember that Renly ever treated Brienne with open contempt; he gave her the public honor of a rainbow cloak the moment she asked for it without sneering or even batting an eyelid at her being a woman, he let her carry his standard and help him don his armor; in other words, on the surface, he was courteous and respectful of her dignity and role as a member of his kingsguard. So I’ll credit him for that. This is also why it’s hard to find objective evidence of Renly looking down on her, since we don’t have his pov.     

We have however Catelyn’s impression of the Brienne/Renly dynamic, and it’s not positive:

The way she looked at the king - looked down at him, she was a good hand higher, though Renly was near as tall as his brother had been - was painful to see.

Brienne dropped to her knees. “If I must part from Your Grace, grant me the honor of arming you for battle.” Catelyn heard someone snigger behind her. She loves him, poor thing, she thought sadly. She’d play his squire just to touch him, and never care how great a fool they think her.

Brienne was on her feet as well. “Your Grace, give me but a moment to don my mail. You should not be without protection.” King Renly smiled. “If I am not safe in the heart of Lord Caswell’s castle, with my own host around me, one sword will make no matter… not even your sword, Brienne. Sit and eat. If I have need of you, I’ll send for you.His words seemed to strike the girl harder than any blow she had taken that afternoon. “As you will, Your Grace.” Brienne sat, eyes downcast.

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Listen I'm a white straight woman and I have a huge crush on DG!! She's beautiful and smart and talented and I can totally get why everyone on the cast likes her! Especially the men! She's charmed them all! I have seen pictures and video of AL, NR, JDM, DM, but after I saw a gif of her and Michael Rooker joking I was sold that she's a QUEEN!!

I know, right? She is so frustratingly charming. I spent all of two minutes with her, and she made me forget I was married, so I absolutely see why they’re all over her. And I’m so jealous that Andy gets paid to kiss up and rub up and feel up on her all the time. Like, sign me up? Please?

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YOI kinda lines up sports anime tropes to shoot em down, especially in the first few episodes. Yuuko's introduction was one: it's set up so that we expect her to be Yuuri's childhood crush, but then we learn later on that she's married with three kids and not only is he not sad/jealous about her marriage, he doesn't even bring her up when he's asked about his romantic past--they were really just friends all along. 1/2

2/2 Another is that sports protags are almost always talented amateurs who start at the bottom and work their way up to the top over the course of the story. Yuuri starts off as a professional, who’s been in competition for years, who was good enough to make it to the biggest competitions. Regular sports protagonists gain confidence as they learn more about the sport, while Yuuri just has a huge case of impostor syndrome to work through.

Thanks for that addition! I didn’t watch sports anime before yoi so it wasn’t until I joined fandom when I understood how revolutionary it is but even then I was impressed with the way Yuuko was introduced. In western media, you too have that trope of a childhood crush/friend that turns out to be a beauty and ends up as a plot device rather than a real character while Yuuko is never objectified or sexualized. It applies to all the woman in yoi and it’s definitely worth noticing.

And you’re right with that, of course, I believe that Yuuri is in whole a very original main character. I think that while Yurio is taken from a specific tradition of protagonists (again, I’m not a specialist in anime but Kubo-sensei told in an interview that he was the first character she had in mind because she knew the specific type of character she wanted to use), Yuuri seems to be a wonderful character because he’s something new. Like, his age, his place in the sport, his experience, his anxiety, his sexuality, all of this makes his characters so much interesting and relatable and it also means the classic scheme won’t work for him. But again, this is just one of so many things yoi does good and differently. I could talk for hours about why characters are so well-written here but I think you said the most important thing. Thanks for your message!

So I decided to splurge and have someone else cut and dye my hair today. It’s growing on me, but MAN this woman spent so many words trying to convince me this was the “toned down red” I had asked for. This is brunette to me? Burgundy maybe. Oh well whatever. It’s a better work look, anyway. Ugh. The deaf guy at my grocery store who I have a huge crush on communicated that he liked it so there’s that.

APRIL 9: Kristen Stewart (1990-)

If you’re like me, you loved to hate Kristen Stewart in Twilight (which, let’s face it, is all around mind-numbingly awful), while (not so) secretly harboring a small (huge) crush on her (look at that, the old “I hate her so much” diversion technique).

And when rumors started spreading that she was, in fact, Not A Straight™, you sat back with your arms crossed, slowly nodded, and whispered: “well, duh.”

You may have guessed: today is Kristen Stewart’s birthday. The woman who has been described as Shane but for millennials was born twenty-seven years ago in Los Angeles, where she was raised. She started acting super early, and because of her schedule, was homeschooled throughout the end of middle school and high school. She already had several films to her credit, like Catch That Kid or Into the Wild, before appearing in what gave her international visibility - the Twilight franchise. Many criticized her performance, calling her wooden and too expressionless, but that didn’t stop her from making it into the top 10 on several “Sexiest Women in the World” lists in 2010.

Ever since then, she’s played strong, complex roles in many high-profile movies, and broken more than a few hearts along the way. Her sexuality was the source of many rumors over the past few years, and while she was reticent to talk about it for a very long time (which is completely understandable - and this is a reminder that no matter your level of fame or your sexuality, you don’t owe anyone an explanation about your identity), she did recently confirm that she wasn’t straight at all. It doesn’t look like she’s embracing any one label in particular, although it seems she jams pretty well with “bisexual”:

She found herself embraced as Hollywood’s most high-profile gay actor, a de-facto poster-girl for the LGBT community.                      

“Well, yeah,” she says. “And that’s been nothing but positive. I mean, it’s hard to talk about. I don’t want to seem presumptuous, because everyone has their own experience. The whole issue of sexuality is so grey. I’m just trying to acknowledge that fluidity, that greyness, which has always existed. But maybe only now are we allowed to start talking about it.”

“You’re not confused if you’re bisexual. It’s not confusing at all. For me, it’s quite the opposite.”

Right now, she’s dating Stella Maxwell, and her latest movie is Personal Shopper, a psychological thriller that looks intense and involves Kristen smoldering a lot.


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miles x blake x lynn headcanons? im curious they seem really cute together

anon i owe u my life for letting me talk abt them i LOVE this ot3

• ok ok so the way i see this… everyone knows i have a hc they all went to college together so theres THAT, miles and lynn r fast bffs bc they take all the same writing/journalism classes
• blake and lynn r dating and miles Absolutely Does Not hide his huge longstanding crush on blake (both of them already know anyway)
• after like five times of them all going to parties and getting trashed and it ending w blake and miles drunkenly making out lynn is just like ‘alright neither of you need to be drunk for this all its doing is ruining your liver just fuckin kiss damn i obviously dont mind!!’
• so theyre an ot3 but a lot of it is just them sharing blake and being the best bffs otherwise?? miles is 2 gay for this yall
• blake is the only damn person between the 3 who can actually cook. miles runs on a diet of monster-laced coffee and lynn is just too fuckin busy to learn ok shes got shit to do!!!
• blake really thought he’d feel kinda weird about their arrangement but also lynn and miles are practically the same person sometimes its like hes dating one person in two different bodies
• lynn loves them both dearly but she is SO DONE w them sometimes!!! she and blake know when to not be gross in public but miles and blake just have no boundaries
• lynn: this is my husband blake and his boyfriend miles. so blake is gay, but he’s straight for me but gay for miles and miles is really gay for blake. and i hate miles.
• (except she loves miles w her whole heart)
• christmas at the langermann-upshur household is a dangerous time bc miles will put mistletoe EVERYWHERE. he just wants to smooch his bff and their boyfriend y'all
• also when blake and lynn get married miles is just there drunkenly weeping bc he loves them so much. hes a drunk crier what can i say
• blake regularly wakes up at 3 am hearing lynn and miles bicker over something one of them is writing “lynn i fuckin KNOW what i just wrote” “you just wrote the year as 1317 miles you arent even writing about this fuckin decade” “SO IM BAD AT MATH”
• blake still does his cameraman stuff for lynn and he offers for miles too but miles is just like nope not me i do that shit MYSELF i just need ME thats IT
• blake and lynn r both like ‘yeah u just need urself which is why youre dating two people’
• THEY SLEEP SNUGGLED MARK MY WORDS!! they switch whos in the middle just depending on who goes to bed when but they always snuggle.
• one time blake came to bed and lynn and miles were sleeping snuggled w each other and blake was just like OW MY HEART


Vadaphra AU where Sidious for some reason is trying to embrace his Naboo roots so he orders Vader to now have handmaidens as per Naboo tradition. Aphra is offered the job due to her expertise with droids, weapons, and anything mechanical and she accepts to get out of a prison sentence (and also because of her huge fangirl crush on Vader). So with Aphra being the only one qualified and who even wants the job in the first place, Vader is stuck with this tiny, talkative woman following him around while trying not to trip over her gown. The Imperials look over at them in confusion and horror.

(this is what i imagine aphra wearing as a handmaiden. she loves that it matches vader. he does not.)

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"Caboose was a SPARTAN-II" fic prompt: there are holes in his memories, gaps and things he knows didn't happen but were put there by cold people. Caboose is used to his head being a strange place, though. and when a sister from his past drops onto Chorus, he (and his friends) will have to reevaluate everything they thought they knew about the cheerful Blue.

[So this is more like a preview for a longform story I’m inspired to do with this idea – possibly for the Big Bang? we’ll see : ) ]

“Michael Caboose?”

There were eighteen of them, when he was home. Eighteen. One big family – huge, really. And he was the only boy besides his dad. But his dad was dead. So there was his mom and his sisters and…

Eighteen really was a big number. But he knew them, each and every one. He was the peace keeper. 

There weren’t always eighteen of them. He didn’t always have seventeen sisters but–

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Olicity fanfic: Fifty bucks says, Chapter 2

Word count: 8,785
Rating: Teen
Chapters: 2/3
Summary: Turns out, Tommy, Digg and Thea are a little bit more competitive than is strictly healthy. Then again, hundreds of dollars are on the line, so…

Author’s note: Y'all, the response to this story has blown me away! I had the warm and fuzzies for days because of your kind comments.

Also, it’s my birthday today! So to celebrate, I made this chapter a little bit longer. :) Hope you enjoy it!

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Chapter 2

Nine months

The thing about being in a group wager with hundreds of dollars on the line means that anything goes.

What’s that saying? All’s fair in love and war?

Well this just happened to be both.

“I don’t know about this, Tommy,” McKenna said as she and Tommy walked up to Oliver’s apartment. “I mean, I wasn’t invited.”

“I invited you,” he reminded her. “Besides, Ollie will be excited to see you. It’s been a long time.” Tommy grinned a little and leaned forward to whisper, “Don’t tell him I told you this, but he used to have a huge crush on you in high school.”

McKenna’s eyes widened. “No he didn’t. Oliver Queen? The Oliver Queen?”

“Yes he did!” Tommy winked. “So trust me when I tell you, you have nothing to worry about.”

“But wait,” she called out, grabbing Tommy’s shoulder to stop him from knocking. “Didn’t you say he’s living with someone? A girl?”

Tommy waved a dismissive hand. “Yeah, but it’s totally platonic. They’re just living together as roommates. Nothing going on between the two of them.”

She raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Seriously? You’re telling me that Oliver Queen is platonically living with some woman? Are you sure we’re talking about the same Oliver Queen?”

He turned to McKenna and put his hands on her shoulders. “McKenna, trust me: there is absolutely nothing going on between Felicity and Oliver. You are more than free to flirt with the man. In fact, I encourage it.”

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Confession// I have a huge Tumblr crush on you and I-want-spankings but besides her being with Aries and you establishing yourself I know for a fact you guys are out of my league anyways. But I'm still a big admirer of you both lovely woman ❤️

Aww, you’re so cute. No one’s in @i-want-spankings ‘ league (besides Aries) so don’t stress about it.
And I don’t have a league Honey, so I'm sure you’re good.
Thank you for the dual love xx

I Won’t Give Up

Word Total: 828…  

Request: Anonymous asked: Feel free to add this to a request if you have any that it will fit with, but what if the reader is not very strong, kinda weak, but so brave and a bit reckless and her friend (and crush) Cassian isn’t a huge fan but she saves him? Maybe like on the Jedha mission? Thank you!!

Pairing:  Cassian x Reader

Y/N sighed as Cassian told her to stay back with K2 on the U-Wing. “It’s for your own safety” K2 commented and kicked Jyn’s things, she just nodded picking up Jyn’s brown bag. “He just is trying to protect you” It added walking behind her. “You have bad aim and─”

“I get it, thank you” Y/N growled throwing Jyn’s bag into the U-Wing. “Oh take the almighty wonder woman” she said sarcastically sitting at the entrance of the ship. Y/N put her elbows on her legs and her palms on her cheeks. “Let’s leave the useless things behind” she added bitterly.

“I am not useless, I can do more computations per seconds than your human brain” K2 said typing on the U-Wing’s computer. Y/N groaned and hide her face on her hands. “You had the opportunity to stay behind, on the base” it added as he typed fast into the small keyboard.

Y/N stood at the entrance asking herself why she was here on the first place. She joined the Resistance to make a difference, but the only difference she had made was piss-off Cassian. She glanced back at the K2, it was busy by itself talking about the probabilities. She silently reached for Jyn’s bag, her hand inaudibly search inside it. Y/N smiled when she felt cold metal.

“I am going to do human’s things” Y/N said, K2 simply nodded and return back to the computer. She put the blaster on the back of her pants and ran down the mountain. Y/N was going to show Cassian she was very capable of doing things. She entered the small city and smiled it was busy with people walking around it. Y/N frowned when she saw Stormtroopers walking, her eyes perked up when something started to move fast above her. People were running at the roofs of the buildings above her.

She heard a big explosion a few meters away from her. Y/N ran to the site and saw a Cassian and Jyn. As a reflex Cassian turned to look at her, he glared at her. She waved her hand at him. “Sorry” Y/N rubbed the back of her neck, Cassian shocked his head and turned back to look at Jyn.

“Psh… I could do─” Y/N heard a loud noise, right behind Cassian and Jyn; there were busy killing Stormtroopers in front of them; was an entire squadron of Stormtroopers with their blasters ready to shoot them. . “Hey! You pigs!” She waved her hands frantically to get their attention, “You have worse aimed than my grandma!” Y/N smirk with triumph as they turned their whole attention towards her.

“Y/N!” Cassian yelled as she ran away and the Stormtroopers followed her. Y/N just gave him a thumbs up. He cursed under his breath, Cassian couldn’t go and save her like so many times. More Stormtroopers appeared out of nowhere.

She ran with all her might as the laser went by pass her head. “See, I told you” Y/N added she smiled touching her small bag on her hip and took out her small bombs. As she ran she leaved them down on her path. A smirk formed on her face as the bombs exploded behind her.

Y/N put a hand on her ribs, they hurt so much; only if she had listened to Cassian and stay on the ship. She walked a few more steps and stopped seeing a couple of Stormtroopers pointing at Cassian, Jyn and K2. Silently she took her blaster and closed her eyes. Y/N had very bad aimed hopefully she didn’t hit any of them.

She opened her eyes and saw that all the Stormtroopers we on the floor. Cassian, K2 and Jyn looked at her. “What? I killed them, you should at least thank me!” Y/N shouted shaking her head. “You’re welcome” she added sarcastically putting the blaster back on her pants. Y/N almost had a heart attack seeing Cassian marched very angrily towards her.

“What were you thinking?” Cassian asked angrily taking her arm. “Answer me!”

Y/N tugged her arm off his grasp and glared at Cassian. “To save your lives, what else? They were about to shoot you, why I was supposed to do? Hey, I am the weak one I shall stay on the ship and wait for you to come back” she shouted and pointed her finger at Cassian. “A thank you would suffice” she rubbed her arm.

“I was not talking about this, before this” Cassian said passing a hand through his dark hair angrily than rubbed his face. “That was very reckless,”

“Or very brave” Jyn said standing beside Cassian. Y/N smiled at Jyn, she wasn’t that bad.

“Do that again and you’re going to stay with K2 in every mission” Cassian said angrily walking away.

“But, I just saved your life twice Cassian!” Y/N shouted back

“Well the ratio of him saving you it’s at least 600% higher” K2 said, Y/N glared at the droid.

“Shut up, K2”

Throw Back Tuesday! (AU MASTERLIST)

So, I decided to make a masterlist with the most popular AUs I have made. This ones are the ones that got more than 500 notes. Hope you enjoy!

+ Going on tour with your boyfriend Zayn.

+ The boys love talking about you and Niall on interviews.

+ You and Harry are long time best friends, but he has a huge crush on you.

+ Harry is really interested in you, but you are a tad reluctant due the womanizer fame he has.

+ Song Based: Irrisistible (Zayn)

+ Niall finds out he’s going to be a dad.

+ You and Harry, two famous popstars, are dating.

+ You are Niall’s girlfriend and best friend’s with the rest of the boys.

+ You and Harry are secretly dating, and even though his fans think you’re just friends, they ship you two together; until Harry spills unintentionally you are dating.

+ Going on tour with your boyfriend Harry.

+ Harry falls in love with a fan.

+ Going on tour with your boyfried Niall.

+ You are a really good friend of the One Direction boys, and they talk about you at some interviews.

+ You go on tour with your boyfriend Harry, and you’re very close to the other boys, Liam being your best friend.

+ Harry really wants to have babies, but you’re not ready yet.

+ You are a famous singer that collaborates with One Direction, and Harry instantly falls in love with you.

+ One Direction Snapchatting you on tour.

+ Being Harry’s girlfriend and Louis’ best friend.

+ You date Harry and live with the boys, and they’re always sharing their funny experiences with you.

+ You and Niall both have feelings for each other, but since you’re very close to Harry, Niall thinks you have feelings for your friend.

+ Being Louis’ best friend.

+ Being Niall’s best friend.

+ Harry fell in love with you, but you were really hard to get, taking him a while to get you.

+ You and Harry are celebrety best friend, and he always gets asked if you two are together because you are so close. However, Harry’s secretly in love with you.

+ Being Harry’s girlfriend.

+ Being Niall’s girlfiend.

+ You and Niall are friends, but he secretly has feelings for you.

+ Your best friend is a boy, but your boyfriend Harry is really jealous of him.

+ You and Harry are really just friends, but you love teasing each other.

+ You are like the boys little sister, and they are very protective over you.

+ You and Zayn are childhood best friends.

+ After a long time being just being friends, Liam finally had the guts to ask you out after Zayn unintentionally said he had a crush on you. After that, you two started dating for good.

+ After a while without seeing your boyfriend Harry, you decide to join him on tour for a few weeks.

+ Everybody thinks you and Niall are the perfect fit because you two very outgoing, always doing crazy things together.

+ You are a huge celebrety like Harry, and you two are dating.

+ You’re Liam’s girlfriend and even though you make him really happy, you still get a lot of hate from some fans.

+ Being Harry’s childhood best friend, you finially make things right between you two.

+ You work with One Direction as their stylist and you all have a very special bond.

+ Being Harry’s childhood best friend, he starts feeling really jealous over you, but he doesn’t understand why.

+ Being Harry’s childhood best friend, you two have a lot of good memories together.

+ You’re Harry’s girlfriend and he is madly in love with you.

+ Harry always looked for someone funny to be his girlfriend, and you’re one of the funniest people he knows. When he met you, he knew you’d be perfect for him.

“When I was in high school, I was waiting for the bus at a bus stop. The bus stop was on the right side of a big avenue that had a flower garden across the road on the left side. And in front of me, there was a fountain. When I was standing there, an old woman who was picking up waste paper started to walk toward the flower garden on the other side of the road. There were some boxes piled up near the garden. She slid by so close to me that she would almost be in arm’s reach if I had stretched out my hand, or she would have heard me if I had just spoken. Yet, she was hit by a car. It was a huge vehicle with six wheels, and the first two wheels on one side crushed her. The blood flowed toward my feet. The old woman died right there just like that. After that, wherever I go, I always think, ‘I’ve got to keep an eye on that person.’ You know there are those friends who feel out of place at school. Even though you can’t stop them from feeling left out, if I know how hard it is for them, and if they know that I know, they might be able to speak out their minds, at least to me.”

“고등학생 때 버스 정류장에서 버스를 기다리고 있었어요. 앞에 분수대가 있고 왼쪽 맞은편 인도에 화단이 있는 대로변이었어요. 거기 서있는데 폐지 줍는 할머니가 건너편 화단 쪽으로 걸어가시는 거예요. 화단 쪽에 박스들이 좀 모여있었거든요. 손을 뻗어서 잡으면 잡힐 듯한 거리일 정도로, 혹은 그저 말로만 해도 할머니께서 알아들으실 정도로 가깝게 제 옆을 스쳐 지나가시는데, 그대로 차에 치이셨어요. 바퀴가 여섯 개인 대형 차량이었는데, 한 측면의 앞 바퀴 두 개가 할머니를 짓밟고 지나갔어요. 피가 제 발 아래로 주욱 흘러 내리더라고요. 거기서 할머니는 그대로 돌아가셨어요. 그 일 이후로는 어딜 가든 항상 ‘저 사람은 내가 많이 살펴봐야겠다.’같은 생각을 하게 돼요. 학교에서도 겉도는 친구들 있잖아요. 비록 따돌림을 막아주진 못하더라도 그 애들이 힘들어하는 걸 제가 알고 있고, 그게 그 사람에게 전해진다면 나한테라도 무언가를 얘기할 수 있지 않을까 싶어서…”