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119: “It’s not a double date, we’re just third and fourth wheeling.”

  • “I’m so happy you guys finally agreed to go on a double date with us,” Lily says happily
  • Across from her, Remus looks at Sirius with a confused look
  • “It’s not a double date, we’re just third and fourth wheeling,” he clarifies slowly, trying to meet Sirius’s eyes in conformation
  • But Sirius is looking down at the mac ‘n cheese he ordered from the kid’s menu, innocently stuffing his face with carbs
  • James tries to contain his laughter from the other side as Remus sets his fork down in a clatter
  • Lily shuts him up by swiftly bringing her hand against his mouth, eager to watch her best friends (hopefully) admit their feelings for each other
  • God knows it’s been “friend zone” long enough
  • “Care to explain, love?” Remus smiles sweetly, a threat behind those stormy eyes of his
  • When he doesn’t get a response, Remus makes his way out of the booth
  • “I’m leaving. I don’t even know why - ”
  • Sirius cuts him off by gently yet firmly grasping Remus’s arms before he can leave
  • Remus hesitantly turns his head and gazes around his shoulder at Sirius, allowing him to explain himself
  • But what he sees is Sirius pulling himself onto the table, Lily and James moving their plates out of the way with nervous expressions
  • Sirius stands on the table, a picture of pure punk - his leather jacket, black combat boots, and eyes lined with kohl
  • “What the hell are you doing? Get down -”
  • “Hit it”
  • And like a scene from his worst nightmare, Tegan and Sara’s “Closer” pumped from the old jukebox
  • “Oh, no,” Lily puts her head in her hands, not daring to look
  • James, meanwhile, watches his friend eagerly, his camera out and ready to film like a proud father at prom night
  • All Remus can do is watch Sirius as he begins to belt out the lyrics 
  • “All I want to get is…” His eyes meet Remus’s and he winks. “… a little bit closer”
  • And so he sings his heart out on the tabletop of an old 80′s restaurant, the workers and customers alike watching with amusement, clapping along to his horrible voice
  • Sirius grabs his wrist, pulling him up to the table
  • He twirls him around and they move to the beat of the rhythm, Remus laughing at the man he has always loved
  • They reach the final lyric and people around the room are clapping, but all Remus can see is Sirius
  • Before he can process what he’s doing, Remus grabs Sirius’s flushed cheeks and presses his lips to his
  • The shouts and “aww’s” are drowned out by a new love song booming out
  • Sirius and Remus separate, looking into each other’s eyes with identical smiles
  • “Are you ready for another one?”
  • “With you? Everyday”

i think he is just a big jellybean

Junhao Headcanons

requested by @sassyminghao ♡

oh boy here we go

☾ junhao invented the having a crush on your best friend cliche 

☾ minghao is always stealing junhui’s hoodies/t-shirts, always, all the time, none stop, junhui dies lil inside from softness

☾ anything minghao does junhui is just all “ 😍😍😍 “

☾ clingy junhui is a thing, jun is always touching minghao in one way or another, whether it be holding hands or their legs just brushing together

☾ jun is the ultimate grease bag, minghao could be throwing a rage fit and he’d be in the background smiling like “ awe you’re so cute “

☾ minghao acts really annoyed when junhui is being overly affectionate or flirty but he’s literally dying on the inside (save this tsundere)

☾ jun has definitely made minghao lay under him as he did push ups just so he he’d kiss him when he came down 👀

☾ everyone thinks junhui is the one who gets easily jealous but it’s really minghao

☾ they can and will shamelessly make out in front of their members

☾ neck . kisses . any . time . all . the . time

☾ someone control jun when it comes to leaving hickeys

☾ minghao isn’t extremely vocal with his affection so when he does say things like “ i love you “ or “ you look cute “ , jun’s eyes light up like christmas lights

☾ although, minghao is plenty vocal with mingyu, he’ll keep him up all hours of the night talking about junhui 

☾ jun would brag about how amazing his boyfriend is, can and will stand in the middle of the street screaming “ LOOK HOW CUTE MY BF IS “
minghao gets embarrassed and hits him

☾ gross flirting in mandrian

☾ junhui makes minghao’s tea for him in the morning cos he refuses to get out of bed

☾ i mean, it’s canon that minghao goes to junhui when he’s stressed so queue lots of comfort cuddles and jun whispering cute words of encouragement for him

☾ jun uses the nickname babe any chance he gets

☾ minghao has a non sexual praise kink that jun is more than willing to fulfill 

☾ junhui buys promise rings 

☾ junhui also forces minghao to sit on his lap, not that he’s complaining though

☾ they say i love you like 507 times a day (mostly done by jun)

☾ minghao is always secretly taking photos of jun (canon)

someone please teach junhui to not grab minghao’s ass all the time

bonus , junhao in a nutshell

minghao : ew i hate you

junhui : i love you too 😍

everyone else : what the fuck

Beauty and the Beast Post-Curse headcanons Part 2

So after posting my first installment of post-curse headcanons I realized that I forgot a few characters. Given the positive response to the first post (and a few sleepless hours last night) I have come up with more. I hope you enjoy them.

-After the curse is broken, Chip makes a point of apologizing to Maurice for scaring him during his first visit to the castle. Maurice assures Chip that it wasn’t his fault and asks him to give him a tour of the castle. Chip happily agrees and proceeds to lead Maurice on a uniquely childlike tour. Much less (accurate) history of the castle. Way more hide and seek tips. “And what about this portrait here?” “That’s Monsieur Funny hat. I don’t know what his actual name is…but he has a really big funny hat. These curtains make a good hide and seek spot too. But make sure your feet are covered–Hey wanna see the cubboard I used to sleep in?!” Maurice called it the best tour he had ever had.
- Once Belle and Adam become engaged, Maurice offers to paint an engagement portrait of the happy couple. But dispite their best efforts, they have a very hard time working a long formal portrait sitting into their schedules. The sketches from their early attempts all felt a bit stiff. Then one evening Maurice decides to discreetly pull out his easel in the library while Belle and Adam sat curled up together reading, comfortably in their own element, aware only of their books and each other. This stealth portrait allowed Maurice to capture the tender look in Adam’s eyes when he would look over at Belle (a look he attempted to control–and usually failed–when he knew his future father-in-law was looking) and a look of bliss Belle seemed to only have in moments like this. The portrait is so successful, Maurice continues to make these candid portraits for other residents of the castle, capturing their happiest moments to last forever.

- Chapeau is a man of few words. He prefers to quietly observe in social situations, welcome guests with a wordless smile and nod as a greeting, and to play his violin. That said, he knows everything there is to know about the goings on of the castle. Lumière can’t think of what to get Plumette for her birthday? Ask Chapeau. Chip can’t find a toy he misplaced. Ask Chapeau. His answers are brief, but nearly always the perfect solution.

Cadenza and Garderobe
-Cadenza and Garderobe decide they want to try to teach FrouFrou to sing. This proves to be a very loud and comical task. The rest of the castle is not nearly as tickled by FrouFrou’s performance as a vocalist, but it makes Cadenza and Garderobe so happy they all play along.
-Garderobe has been known to dispense unsolicited romantic advice to Plumette and Belle, some of which makes them blush and look for the nearest exit. However, most of her advice really is helpful.
-Cadenza also offers advice, but it is usually related to writing a song in some way or other. It can be hard to tell if he means metaphysically or literally.

-Cogsworth has developed the uncanny ability of knowing the exact time of day without looking at a clock. Lumière finds this hilarious and tries to prompt him to give the time without him realizing it. Dispite his accuracy as to the particular minute, Cogsworth often forgets what day it is.
-Once Cogsworth hears of the way Clothilde (Mrs. Cogsworth) treated Belle in the village during the curse, he demands she apologize, which she does (perhaps a bit too profusely.) Their reunion is the rockiest of the castle residents, having been a less than stable relationship to begin with. Somehow Lumière gets roped into acting as a sort of couples councillor for them. He isn’t quite sure how. But ultimately he is willing to do just about anything to help his friend find happiness.

-LeFou ends up being one of Belle’s most dedicated pupils when it comes to learning how to read and write. He uses his new skills to write a note to Stanley.

Belle and Adam
- Adam likes to turn little every day moments into opportunities to dance. Belle could be doing something as simple as sorting books in the library, only to be swept up in an impromptu waltz about the room. Once they have finished Adam helps her complete whatever task she was doing so that she doesn’t find his spontaneous dances too disruptive.
-He can’t get enough of hearing Belle say “I love you.” He goes completely weak in the knees every time. Every now and then he will ask her to say it “one more time” because he didn’t get to hear the very first time she said it.
- Adam is way more into wedding planning than Belle. Belle just wants a simple wedding, which means he has to reign himself in at times. His excitement can get the better of him. She said yes and he wants to shout it from the rooftops (and has.) He has learned Belle has a certain smile that she gives him when he starts to get an idea a bit too over the top. Ultimately Belle has the final say on everything, because her happiness is all he really wants. As long as she is his and he is hers, that is all that matters.

- As news of the engagement spreads, Agathe decides to pay a visit to the castle to congratulate the happy couple. Adam is a nervous wreck the entire time she is there (calmed only by Belle standing protectively by his side and reassuringly telling him she loves him) but is a completely gracious host all the while. Seeing the lasting trauma her curse had on the people of the castle, Agathe bestows a spell of protection over the castle and its residents as a wedding present, providing them with health and prosperity for the rest of their days. As she departs she tells them she will leave them in peace, but will return in a few years time with another gift. As Adam attempts to thank her for her generosity she cuts him off by saying “No your highness. This gift will not be for you. It’s for the baby.” With a wink she leaves Adam and Belle standing speechless, as she leaves to ponder a proper gift for her future fairy godchild.

imagine stydia holding scott baby for the first time,imagine when they enter the hospital room stiles looks at scott and his wife ( hopefully kira ) with teary eyes and adorable smile on his face and scott know that stiles really want to hold the baby so he picks up the baby from kira arms and hand it gently to stiles,and when the baby finally is in stiles arms he starts to gently rock the baby back and forth. his face softens every time the baby make little noises , then he looks at lydia who is right next to him,he gives her encouraging smile , she comes closer wrapping her left arm around stiles waist ,her face softens when she sees the baby face,she looks at stiles and he says in a cheery tone  “i know she is so adorable” , and then she start to caress the baby cheeks gently and then she starts to stroke the baby hand and when the baby grabs her finger,stiles and lydia look at each other smiling in awe , after minutes of them staring at the baby, stiles feeling all the emotions,happiness,protectiveness and sadness all he is thinking about was that they spent most of their life losing people it’s a good change that now scott brought a new life, she gonna grow up with both of her parents next to her, they will shower her with love , she will have the whole pack to protect her , he looks up and shares a look with scott that both of them know what it means “we’re alive,we’re happy and i am glad that you’re with me” 

stiles says while stuttering “scott you made this” then he looks at the baby “ how?wow” scott laughs at his best friend and then he say while he kisses kira temple “i am sure you know how buddy” and stiles looks at him still overwhelmed “scott you and kira made this” and lydia laughs at him then she rests her head on his shoulder and drops gentle kisses on it .  

scott then tells lydia “ do you want to hold her? “ lydia hesitate a little bit but then she nods and when she opens her arms for stiles to hand the baby to her stiles turns his back to her , lydia,scott and kira raises their eyebrows at his behavior and he tells them “give me 5 minutes” and the three of them roll their eyes  .

after 30 minutes stiles speaks,looking at lydia who is almost falling sleep on the couch “okay you can hold her now” 

  “5 minutes huh ?” lydia replies yawning 

he just rolls his eyes 

  “ okay lydia, first you have to slide one of your hands under her head and the other under her little bottom and then-”  stiles says while leaning down to hand the baby to lydia .

she interrupts him saying “ smart ass,i am sure that i know how to hold a baby” 

stiles looks at scott and he sees him face palming and next to him kira laughing  . 

as soon as stiles locks their apartment door , lydia goes on her toes and kisses him,her arms around his neck pulling him down to her , his arms goes around her waist bringing her body closer to his , she grabbed a fistful of his shirt and deepens the kiss , he picks her up pushes her against the wall and whispers against her lips “ i thought we said that we want to wait “ she kisses him and pulls back “do you want to wait?” he groans and says “lydia, i want whatever you want , you know that”

“take me to bed then” 

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Why do you think len has a mental illness?

I don’t mean to say he specifically does, or specifically has any particular definable mental illness. That’s part of why I worded that the way I did: “He doesn’t externalize (his) symptoms of mental illness and neurodivergence” <– putting the “his” in brackets was meant to imply that he doesn’t necessarily have mental illness or neurodivergence, but if he has either, he doesn’t externalize his symptoms in the way that Mick does.

But more generally, I do headcanon/believe he has some mental illness. I think Len struggles with (episodes of) depression, probably some form of an anxiety disorder though maybe not always at a clinical level, and has (had) PTSD from his childhood and upbringing. And I’d say that it doesn’t show that much in part from the fact that he internalizes more than he externalizes, he’s had so many years to work through some of it, and also because he has coping mechanisms (sometimes maladaptive ones) that make it manageable. It also flies under the radar on a show with so many other people with varying levels of mental illness, like Mick, or Rip with his grief and depression, or Sara with her own struggles too.

Some signs of Len’s mental illness come through in his ‘adrenaline junkie’ way of doing things, the way he seems addicted to it and to continuing to up his game, needing more of a thrill and a rush from stealing over time. I’d argue there’s self-worth problems tied up in there, throwing himself into danger, heedless of his own well-being. Addiction in most of it’s forms tends to be due to a persistent lack of reliable social connection (including in the early, like up to 18-20 parts of life) or lack of social support. Survivors of abuse also show issues with self-worth and depression and anxiety pretty commonly, though of course everyone deals with these things differently.

More evidence on the anxiety and evidence of PTSD side? There’s his strict adherence to a plan and timing things to the second, that meticulous need for order when it comes to his work. And then the fact that he literally shot a guy for wanting out without thinking twice, a sort of highly extreme hair-trigger reaction to a reasonable situation. A learned, knee-jerk reaction that came from somewhere. It fits with other signs of hyperviligance we see from him, including the fact that he always knows when Barry shows up, or else knows whenever there’s someone behind him, and often keeps something at his back in a room, even though he doesn’t always. Should also say the way he responds to his abuser (Lewis) is telling.

It’s worth noting, though not everyone will agree with him on this, that most of the positive emotions we’ve seen him express are in the form of sarcasm or sardonic wit, in the middle of a heist and then it’s more exuberance and a rush than actual joy, or else his positive emotions seem far more muted. I would argue he therefore demonstrates difficulty in experiencing at least some positive emotions, if not a larger range of them. And we know he has serious difficulty with trust.  He pulls his weapon on his best friend and other allies when he feels threatened or backed into a corner in any way. Pulling the gun on Sara on the Waverider was an act of panic. And not that it shows, but like killing anyone who wants out, it looks almost like a knee-jerk panic reaction he suppresses and deals with through violence. 


There are a lot of plausible headcanons for Len in terms of mental illness and neurodivergence. These are just some of mine. I know some people see him as maybe having obsessive-compulsive disorder, which seems possible, and is technically an anxiety disorder so fits with how I see him more broadly. Some have headcanoned different personality disorders, which I know less (but some) about and I enjoy those headcanons. 

And more frequently, I’ve also seen him described as on the autism spectrum and I can 100% see it. Stimming with throwing a ball or keeping his hands busy, wrapping his arms around himself in the way he does for physical pressure stimming when he’s overwhelmed or self-protective. His attraction to some of the things he steals could be due to special interests or stimming as well. He demonstrates a difficulty looking people in the eye or looking them in the eye for too long, and an awkwardness with certain types of social situations (but a smoothness when he’s not involved himself, when he’s following a ‘script’ of sorts like when he’s on a job?).

I’ll admit though, I know a bit about autism but people who are actually autistic can speak much better to headcanons on that, which is why it’s not something I typically discuss on this blog in too much detail. I will say though that I’ve been trying in my latest fic to write him more on the autism spectrum, but I don’t know if I’m having any success. 

Of course, everything here is a headcanon because canon never gives explicit diagnoses for any of it’s characters, we just get to conjecture.

  • Sasuke: I will do the laundry today.
  • Sakura: Um, are you sure Sasuke-kun? You've never-
  • Sasuke: (interrupts) Just let me do it, Sakura.
  • Sakura: Alright, alright. Thank you!
  • -a few hours later-
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun all my clothes are ruined! The colors mixed and they all shrunk!
  • Sasuke: Doesn't matter. I got you new ones. (hands her a pile of clothes)
  • Sakura: Well you better, I don't want to have to walk around naked... (unfolds one shirt)
  • Sasuke: ...I'd never allow that to happen...
  • Sakura: (staring at the shirt, shocked) B-but these... they all have the Uchiha crest on them...
  • Sasuke: Yes.
  • Sakura: Tha-that's... I can't accept that, I'm not an Uchiha, I'm not worthy of-
  • Sasuke: Sakura, shut up.
  • Sakura: (slightly upset) ...
  • Sasuke: (lifts her chin up, smiling slightly) Will you marry me?
  • -years later-
  • Sakura: Darling?
  • Sasuke: Hn?
  • Sakura: You destroyed my clothes on purpose back then, haven't you?
  • Sasuke: (smirks) ...Maybe...

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Fake Ah Hand Holding: Gavin's cold hands, Micheal's warm. Ryan's big, calloused, and swallowing up anyone else's. Geoff's are shaky, unless you need him, the they're steady as the mountains. Jack's are soft and comforting. Jeremy's got tiny hands but he holds on tightest.


thank you so much anon, this is so great! and so true!!! to all of them, they’re all so true to each one.


if anything happens to killian i will face griffin mcelroy and walk backwards into the astral plane

sanvers gay af headcanon where they stay up after having sex and maggie who’s a lil bookworm nerd reads alex her favourite poetry and alex plays with her hair while she does so and alex loves this one small poem by leonard cohen called ‘the sweetest little song’ and it’s only two lines long

you go your way
i’ll go your way too

and it just sort of hits alex and she loves it to bits and it becomes like Their Poem™ and they get matching tattoos, alex gets one line on her right side sort of above her hip and maggie gets it on her left side on her ribs so when they stand next to each other the tattoos touch

So while writing “Talk to me” and “Stay with me”, I spent quite a lot of time thinking about why Izuku of all people was the one who give Toshinori his will to live back – since we have seen quite a lot of people worrying about Toshi before, telling him to tone it down, to be careful, take care of himself. Reminding him that he could – would – die if he kept going. It wasn’t them that change his mind, though, but Izuku.

And then I remembered that one post I made some time ago: All the people we have seen being close to Toshinori are co-workers in a sense. Be it nurse, sidekick, former mentor or policeman – all the people around him where those who worked together with him, who worked with All Might.

Toshinori’s mindset seems to be something along the line of “I’m only worth as much as I can help other people”. As long as he is a hero, as long as he can help, save or protect people, he is useful, and he will continue to do so until he dies. And even if – when – he dies, everything that matters to him is that there is someone who can take over where he ended, someone who can be Number One and give people hope and protection.

Toshinori spent the last six years not fighting his fate, or lamenting about it, but 1.) continuing his job as a hero and 2.) making sure that everything was set up for his death. He took up the job as a teacher to make sure that he would find a worthy successor, one who could carry on his work, and on top of that, to make sure that the system of heroes will stay strong and full of capable heroes that could serve society.

If that was made sure, he was okay with death, because then, All Might would no longer be needed. It wouldn’t matter if he died when he had begun to be useless and when there were others who could be of more use.

He probably convinced himself that those worried about him where just worried about what could become of society when they lost their pillar. Didn’t let himself think about the fact that they were worried because they would lose a dear person and friend.

But then, Izuku came into his life. At first, he could have pretended that the boy needed All Might, the hero. Once he died, Izuku would just have to either be strong enough to make it without him, or there would be others – Aizawa, Gran Torino – to take care of him. After all, Izuku’s wish had been “To be just like you”, right? Like All Might.

But here comes the twist. Because Izuku literally didn’t stop looking up to him, not even after he had found out about his true appearance and persona. Sure, the boy was surprised, even shocked at the revelation that his hero is not some invincible, always smiling being and could – has been – injured so terribly.

But afterwards? Izuku’s respect and adoration for All Might – and Toshinori – didn’t falter. No matter if the hero wasn’t as hero-like and invincible as he had thought, or not the best teacher, Izuku didn’t stop wanting to gain the Toshinori’s approval, didn’t stop to adore him. He hung onto every word, rose up to meet the high expectations the man had of him time and time again (surpassing them, even), and risked his own life for him, too.


Izuku didn’t only care about All Might, or what the hero could do – he cared about Toshinori, too, and that a great deal. He made it clear more than once that he couldn’t stand the thought of losing the man. That he needed him, not only for being a supercool hero, but also as a mentor, friend, father-figure or whatever it is that he considers Toshinori.


I’m not saying that the others, friends and co-workers, never did that, but when it came to them, Toshinori would be able to brush it off as “They don’t want to lose All Might”. Izuku? Nah, that boy wouldn’t let himself be brushed off like that.

Izuku basically silently said “Hero or not, you’re important, and you can’t die, I need you, I want you to live” over and over again, through actions and words alike.

It was probably a really slow process, considering the low self-esteem Toshinori seems to have about his non-hero persona, but Izuku thinking him worth living and needed, coupled with the fact that Toshinori wanted to see his student rise to fulfill his dream and become a great hero, was most likely what gave him his will to live back.

And once again, those two break my heart, gosh darn it.

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Hi! I binge read all of these haha, but could you do RFA+V+Saeran react to MC having a stuffed animal they are overly attached to? I'm obsessed with this fluffy cow I have.. It's embarrassing but I feel like it would be a cute lil thing to write.

Haha, so cute! Don’t we all have one of those:) Hope you like these scenarios!


  • You offer to drive him to work one day
  • While you’re grabbing one last thing out of the house, you tell him to get in the car
  • He notices a stuffed penguin on your dashboard
  • It looks familiar and finally he realizes its the one he gave you when you first started dating
  • “You’ve been keeping it in the car the whole time? I had completely forgotten about it.”
  • “It’s so cute, and it means so much to me. So of course.”
  • He’s flattered and flustered at the same time
  • He keeps playing with it while you’re driving
  • Honestly, a danger to the road because you keep getting distracted cuz he was so cute
  • He asks you what you named it and you suddenly grow quiet
  • When he keeps prodding you, you break down
  • “Pengzen….”
  • He thinks it’s the cutest thing


  • You were sick, so he wanted to pop by and see how you were doing
  • He wanted to surprise you, so you didn’t expect him to show up at your doorstep
  • But he was the surprised one when you were clutching a stuffed puppy
  • You got super embarrassed and threw it into your room
  • “No, no! MC, I think it’s cute!”
  • When you finally recovered and brought it out again, he saw how beaten up it was
  • You explained it was from your childhood and now he’s just dying inside
  • He loves seeing you interact with stuffed animals so much
  • While he runs out for your medicine, he gets you both matching stuffed bunnies
  • “You can think of me whenever you see it, and I’ll do the same for you!”
  • You cherish just as much as your childhood stuffed animal


  • Months ago, she saw you had grown a new obsession with peacock feathers
  • Your stationery, notepads, and even mousepad had peacock feathers
  • To tease you, she boughts you a peacock stuffed animal
  • Months later, she came into your room and you had the peacock propped on your shoulder
  • You explained that you were pretty much obsessed with it
  • Mostly because she bought it for you and you thought it was sweet
  • She’s hit with the feels
  • Sometimes she’ll snap pictures of you with it


  • You usually went to his penthouse to visit him
  • But today, he really wanted to surprise you at your place
  • So he stopped by out of the blue after a meeting nearby
  • You invited him in, although the apartment still had some things scattered about
  • One of those things was your favorite stuffed lion on the couch
  • He picked it up and asked you why you had a toy
  • You chuckled and explain that it was from middle school
  • “But….why?”
  • “Memories….but mostly for comfort.”
  • “I don’t understand.”
  • You just laugh it off and go get some drinks from the kitchen
  • When you return, he’s sitting on the couch and clutching it to his chest
  • He tries to say he’s testing this whole comfort theory
  • But he doesn’t let it go for his whole visit


  • You had recently brought some boxes from back home
  • You called Seven to help you carry them into the apartment
  • After bringing the last box, he sees a stuffed tiger at the top
  • You saw it and took it from him, squeezing it tightly in a hug
  • He’s just grinning at you and saying how cute you are it is
  • “Isn’t it? My friend got it for me during the worst finals week of my life. He was sweet to notice my suffering?”
  • “He?!”
  • You thought you caught him staring at the stuffed animal oddly, but you shrugged and moved on
  • A few days later, Seven gifted you with a small tiger robot
  • He also brought a bag of different stuffed animals and told you to pick one
  • What was he planning to do with the others though???


  • He was having a really rough day
  • He didn’t even want to move off of the couch
  • In an attempt to comfort him, you bring out your favorite stuffed dolphin and hand it to him
  • You explain that hugging it calms you down
  • As he holds it close to him, he starts opening up
  • He admits that it is comforting and that he used to want one when he was a child
  • But he was never allowed to have any toys
  • You feel so bad, you go out and buy him a stuffed turtle
  • You hand it to him, “This is to help you get out of your shell!”
  • He’s so touched...even if he doesn’t show it


  • He had bought you this stuffed Koala as part of a Valentine’s day gift
  • Now every time you sent him pictures on Clapchat, you featured the Koala
  • He always got a kick out of it because you got creative with your photos
  • You would always dress it up in something from your house
  • One time you put sunglasses on it
  • Another time you put your scarves on it
  • You were so obsessed with it
  • He found it really cute and really sweet
  • It became a little inside joke between you two

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Head canon/Scenario; Chocobros go out to a club with their s/o! What happens?! How to they handle an intoxicated s/o? Will the boys ever stop blushing from s/o getting super handsy? Seriously giggling here. I love how you have fun with your writing and hope this is a fun prompt(o)... I'll go home.

Noctis is usually embarrassed to be in crowds in the first place, so clubs are not his favourite. You’re already a few drinks in and are feeling loose, and pull him onto the dance floor with you. His face flushes bright red as you grind on him, moving to the rhythm as he awkwardly tries to keep up with you. More than anything, he just wants to get you back to your table so he can hide the pants tent that is slowly starting to form from your close proximity and your ceaseless dancing.

Prompto is probably just as drunk as you and is just as down to have a good time. He’s the one who pulls you onto the dance floor and situates himself behind you, hands on your hips as you dance to whatever is blasting over the speakers. He twirls you every now and then and you fall, laughing into his arms. You two are definitely not worried about PDA when you’ve both had something to drink, and you steal kisses from each other in the crowd as onlookers eye you with a bit of disdain.

It’s Gladio’s fault you’re this drunk in the first place. He orders a round of shots and challenges you to keep up with him. But unfortunately for you, he’s much larger and much more capable of holding in his booze. So you get wasted and he is now tasked with taking care of you. He stays with you in the booth as the others go off and do their own thing, and you straddle his lap and beg him to take you right there. As much as the idea of fooling around in a public space piques his interest, he refuses, because he would never take advantage of you while you weren’t sober. He ends up just talking to you until you feel okay enough to go home.

Ignis isn’t much for partying or for drinking, but when a slower song comes on, you manage to get him away from the table to join you. Your hands roam all over his chest and torso and he’s immediately embarrassed, scared that others are watching as you shamelessly feel him up. You nip at his ear and tell him that he needs to loosen up a little. He responds that maybe you need a little bit of fresh air. You cheekily agree, and end up pinning him to the wall outside of the club and leaving a trail of hickeys from his neck down to his chest.

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Hey there, hope you don't have too much in your ask box. So, how about Gabriel and McCree having a long distance relationship and they see s/o for the first time in person? Thanks, and have a nice day/night~

First of all, I apologise greatly for the delay, to everyone with requests in my inbox! I’ve had a pretty tough couple weeks with a few bouts of illness and such though thats not much of an excuse. Many to come this weekend to make up for it, hopefully. Have had two requests exactly like this so this will answer both. Hope these are okay as headcanons! Have a great day/night too :)


You’d been talking online for about a year now

  • You were the one to reach out to him first, and he’d started out pretty shy
  • Gabriel was a guy to play his cards close to his chest and it had taken you a while to break down his very, very high walls
  • Now, after a year, he was quite the opposite
  • Seriously, this guy was the smoothest man you’d ever encountered
  • You’d suggested meeting a million times so when he did, your heart soared

You’d never actually talked on the phone either

  • So you’d never heard the man’s sinfully low tone
  • “Hola, cariño”
  • You were sold on him then and there
  • Small talk ensued, something both of you despised but felt obligated to engage in
  • It was a little awkward at first, sitting on the edge of a fountain in the town centre, neither knowing quite what to say
  • When the person you’ve fallen in love with on the internet is suddenly in front of you, what is there to say?

All that vanished when he splashed you

  • It was just a tiny gesture and yet all awkwardness dissipated in an instant
  • You spent a few minutes splashing each other
  • Throwing your head back with a laughter that made Gabriel’s chest feel warm
  • Afterwards, when a truce was called, he grabbed your hand and dragged you for ice cream
  • Your fingers stayed intertwined for the rest of the day


Oh my god this guy was full on flirt mode from day one

  • It was obvious he normally had girls falling at his feet
  • So he was a little put out when you simply replied ‘LOL’ to all his best lines
  • Put out and also super intrigued
  • It became your daily routine, him sending a new line he’d thought up and you rebuking it in as many different ways you could think of
  • Soon, it developed into actual conversations, almost loving ones before you just seemed to slip into the roles of boyfriend/girlfriend before you even realised

It had been just under a year and he had been pestering you to meet up constantly

  • You wanted to be completely sure before doing anything of the sort
  • (Even though you’d been sure from the first day he’d messaged you)
  • When you finally agreed, he was ecstatic
  • Even told you he was jumping round his room, which you could believe

He was waiting for you when you arrived at the gun range he’d suggested

  • Instantly running to him for a hug
  • You just stood there for a good 5 minutes, arms round his waist, his face in the crook of your neck
  • “Howdy, darlin’”
  • You just about died at the sound of his accent
  • Spent the rest of the day learning how to shoot a gun
  • Jesse, as he told you to call him, found a way to keep in physical contact with you for literally the entire day
  • You weren’t complaining

So by Lana’s interview where she says: “The Evil Queen looks in a mirror that shows her who she hates most expecting to see Snow White, but what she sees instead is shocking”, we can clearly conclude she’s going to see herself. It all ties into the battle she’s been having between her two halves. She’ll finally have to come to terms with her self-loathing and work through the toughest battle of all: finally loving herself.

I’m not ready.

When Shiro Wakes Up From Anesthesia

Shiro:Uhh,Did the doctor send you.

Keith:No I just walked myself in.

Shiro:Wow! You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.


Shiro:Who are you?

Keith:I’m your boyfriend.

Shiro:What!? Oh my god! Wow! How did I get so lucky?

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I can just imagine baby Tony and Rhodey at MIT in CN being friends and then Tony telling him that his alpha is actually captain America and instead of saluting Jim just shrieks over how cute and dorky and nice Steve is. Because Tony deserves a friend who is willing to be real about Steve and not just someone who wants captain America to do something for their career.

LOL, oh, boy, Anon, do I ever have headcanons about Tony and Rhodey (and poor Steve) at MIT.  Can’t you just imagine?  You know, MIT has a history of doing these pranks called “hacks” and I think Tony would be all about those.  I can definitely see Rhodey getting over the whole Cap thing pretty quickly because Tony would be, no, he’s a dork, don’t worry, and Steve is just so AHHHHHHHHH about Tony, so…hard to be intimidated for long.  Plus, Rhodey and Steve have their desire for good things for Tony in common.  

I just have this image of Tony and Rhodey getting busted by campus security for something and Rhodey telling the security guy, “Dude, you do NOT want to do that,” when he says he needs to bring them to the station or something.  And then Steve comes in all CAPTAIN AMERICA IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY and Rhodey gets to really see a bit of what other people who are not Tony see about Steve, and later, Steve is like, ok, officially, you should not have done that, but isn’t my Omega just the smartest, bestest, most hilarious person ever???  And Rhodey just facepalms because what are you going to do?  Basically, I have a lot of great feelings about the MIT years (other than the horror of the accident, of course).  

Mycroft wasn’t thrilled when John and Sherlock asked him to look after Rosie one day.
“Children don’t like me,” he explained to Sherlock on the phone.
“How do you know?” Sherlock asked him.
And Mycroft didn’t really have an answer for that.
So now, he’s sitting on the couch at Baker Street and John presses Rosie into his arms, saying, “we won’t be away for long. She will sleep most of the time, I guess. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do much.”
Mycroft just nods. The baby looks at him with wide open eyes and her thumb in her mouth. Mycroft is a bit nervous. He almost expects that Rosie will start to cry in the next second.
But she doesn’t.
Then, his brother and John are suddenly gone.
They are alone in the quiet flat.
“Well,” Mycroft sighs after a short while and feels a bit ridiculous. “Now it’s just us, right?”
Rosie continues to look at him. It seems like she’s thinking about something. And suddenly, a wide smile spreads on her face. She laughs and starts to fidget happily in his arms.
And suddenly Mycroft thinks, that actually being an uncle isn’t that bad. A warm feeling spreads in his chest. He smiles back at her.