so i have been rewatching law and order svu

Deleted Continuity in S18

Just from these last 2 episodes, we know 3 scenes were either completely deleted or otherwise chopped up.

From Genes (18x13), which was meant to air directly after Barba’s secret was almost? revealed), we lost 2 Barba scenes:

(i.e. a scene in Barba’s office, in which he is seen accepting chocolate as a present, from an unknown sender, possibly after the events of Know It All, since that episode was supposed to air first. There’s a chance someone from the squad gave him the gift, or someone new, but mentioned in Know It All. The scene was shown, but only after it was edited to remove the chocolates. We’ll never know who sent them, or why.)


(i.e. a scene between Barba and former ADA Strauss, who is now a defense attorney. There’s a chance they talked about Strauss and his change of careers, which was never mentioned in the actual episode, with Barba sassing Strauss like he used to, in previous seasons. Or, they may have even mentioned the events of Know It All, with Strauss either taunting Barba about the secret, or telling him to come over to the dark side, because that’s where the money is. We’ll never know Barba’s reaction.)

From Net Worth (18x14) we know this moment was missing:

(i.e. a scene in which Fin tells Sonny and Amanda he passed the Sergeant’s exam, and they hug him proudly, as seen in a fan-filmed video from a tumblr post I saw and forgot to reblog dammit. Because who wants to see a sweet family moment like that, between the squad?)

Who knows what’s been cut from the previous episodes? These character-based scenes, full of potential, three in total, were cut just from the last two eps. Two of them were about Barba, who has a “personal” storyline this season, for once. The repercussions of that storyline, of his secret, have been completely erased!

I can’t imagine what else is missing (but was actually filmed!) from all the 14 episodes we’ve seen so far. And we haven’t even gotten any deleted scenes, because they would technically be spoilers for episodes which have yet to air.

disclaimer: i considered going through the stills from the previous episodes on, but i realize i wouldn’t be able to tell what aired and what didn’t, because i have forgotten pretty much everything that happened this season, and i haven’t rewatched a single ep. so yeah.