so i have an assignment due and a presentation tomorrow

29.08.17 / 3:36pm

I have this speech due in tomorrow and i’ve only just started writing it now. Procrastination is a killer. Thankfully i’m pretty sure i’m not at school tomorrow so ill have to present it on Thursday but other than that this is the most i’ve struggled with a speech every. Just a quick note: i am absolutely petrified of doing speeches so there is a 90% chance ill cry either before or after i present it. 

I miss you all so hecking much and I miss writing too!!! The next ten weeks cannot go any quicker ughhhh. I have an oral presentation tomorrow and three assignments due on Friday, so please pray for my survival ghjksdf. I hope each of you has been super duper well and healthy and happy, I will try my best to answer messages after this week of fucking death is over. If I live, of course.

Also!!! I am somewhat more active on my twitter, so feel free to catch me over there and read my nonsensical thoughts and utter whining. I love you guys!!!


so I have an assignment due tomorrow and since I’m a piece of shit, I procrastinated until the last minute and I’m about to work on it 


there are literally no instructions 

the syllabus literally just says that I need to prepare an informal presentation, so idk if I’m supposed to write something or just highlight the parts of the reading that I want to discuss or what 

I considered emailing the professor, but it’s 9:30pm the night before the assignment is due….

I also don’t know anyone in the class who I can ask. So…. wish me luck! 

i reformatted my resume for the third time in three days i have a tension headache i gave a ten minute presentation about my art in class ie spewed that fuckin bullshit about my conceptual underpinnings i’m probably dehydrated the only things i drank today were a large ice coffee and half a bottle of water whoops i forgot to submit my writing assignment my job applications are due tomorrow and i still need to write cover letters 

anyway so schools going okay i guess. 

"What are you so mad about, Eren?": Why Eren Yeager has a lot of good reasons to be mad

“What are you so mad about, Eren?”

This is like the biggest fandom joke ever and I honestly do not understand it. It seems pretty obvious to me why Eren is mad! When Reiner says that fateful line to Eren, it’s supposed to make the reader laugh not because they think - ‘wow, Reiner is right, Eren has no reason to be mad’ - but because the reader will look at the situation Reiner says this line in and go 'what the actual fuck, Reiner, Eren has so much to be mad about’.

That’s the entire manga. 

The entire manga presents this world fucked up beyond belief in all sorts of different ways, and then presents us with a protagonist that is all of the fucked up aspects of this world fucking over this one kid. And we expected this character to, what… NOT be mad? 

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