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On The Edge With You (Spencer Reid x Reader)

My first Reid smut! Just an idea that popped in my head. PWP. Spencer Reid x Reader smut. The reader wonders just how Spencer gained his stamina in the bedroom, he shows her just how he gained that skill.

“Spencer, can I ask you something kind of,” You hesitated, “Personal?” You were both on his couch, you lying down with your feet in his lap. It was one of his rare weekends without a case or paperwork. You both opted for a quiet night in after going out to lunch.

“Sure?” He said looking up from his book, a little concerned. “We’ve been together for months Y/N, I hope you know you can ask me anything.”

“How do you last so long in bed?” You blurted out, trying to ignore the heat rising in your cheeks. You didn’t mean for it to sound so accusing. It was a valid question though, just the night before you came three times before Spencer even seemed close to finishing. It got you curious, and even a little worried.

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I Drove All Night

Spencer Reid x Reader

“Promise you’ll be home tomorrow. It’s been two weeks Spencer.”

“Promise. I’d have been home tonight but we got stuck behind completing the paperwork and Derek didn’t want to drive this late. It’s at least three hours by car. And you know how he is about me driving. I’ve missed you too though. Just the feel of having you in my arms.” You heard your boyfriend of 15 months sighing at the end of the phone. 

He’d been away for two weeks with work and the week prior you’d been on your period so in total it was three weeks since you’d had any sexual contact with him. To say you were completely gagging for him right now was an understatement.

“I swear Spencer, if you’re not home tomorrow night I will have to take matters into my own hands again.”

He chuckled. “Will you now?” his voice lowering in tone suddenly. 

“Yep. Or maybe I’ll find someone else to help me out.” You wouldn’t but you liked toying with him and bringing out his surprisingly possessive side.

“Don’t you fucking dare Y/N.”

“Fine….. Just don’t be away for so long next time. I need to restock the battery drawer.”

He groaned, “Jeez Y/N. Don’t say stuff like that to me.“ 

“Hey are you alone?” you had an idea. 

“Morgan’s still down at the bar. So yeah for now…….Wait, no he’s not.”

You heard door slam shut and then the voice of Spencer’s colleague and roommate for the past two weeks. 

“Damn it. I’ll see you tomorrow Spencer. Hurry back, love you.”

“Love you too Y/N." 

"Love you three Y/N!” a voice called in the background. 

You giggled and hung up the phone, changing into one of Spencer’s shirts, ready for bed. Before you buttoned it up you snapped a quick picture on your cell. The shirt open, showing your bare breasts and your black cotton panties. You sent the photo to Spencer’s cell with a quick message, “Look what you’re missing.”

You settled in for the night, turning your lamp off and putting your phone onto silent. 

A loud banging followed by a buzzing sound woke you up a few hours later. You shot up in bed listening to work out where the noises were coming from. The buzzing was coming from your bed side cabinet. 

Had you left something on? No… That was definitely tucked away in the drawer. 

Your phone was turned face down but you could make out a light flashing on and off in time with the buzzing. Your sleep fogged brain finally worked out that someone was calling you. You reached out for it swiping across when you saw it was Spencer. 

“It’s 3am. Is everything okay?”

“Take the chain off the door, I’m here but can’t get in.”

What? You climbed out of bed, walking to through the rooms still talking. “But you said you weren’t back until tomorrow?”

“That was until you sent me that photo. I told Derek he had no choice and that I was leaving with or without him. So I drove whilst he slept.”

You reached your door, cutting your phone off and unlatching the door seeing your boyfriend standing there, his hair messy and shirt sleeves rolled up. 

“Well this is a ni…… ” you didn’t even get chance to finish your sentence before Spencer’s mouth was against yours, pushing you back into the apartment, dropping his go bag where he stood and kicking the door shut, it slamming loudly. 

 His lips moved furiously against yours, his hands going straight to the buttons on the shirt you were wearing, actually pulling two buttons off in his haste to undo them. His tongue pushed into your mouth as his hands roamed your torso, palming your breasts roughly. You accepted his kiss eagerly, your own hands working the buttons of his own shirt and yanking his tie undone and off. 

“Fuck me, I’ve missed you Y/N.” His mouth moved to your neck, pushing aside your hair and hungrily sucking and kissing the sensitive skin, a whimper leaving your throat. 

“Missed you too Spence. So much… Oh!”

He dropped to his knees in front of you, his lips trailing from your neck to your breasts. His mouth attached itself to your nipple, his teeth grazing against the now hardened peak as his tongue flicked out at it quickly causing you to gasp in pleasure. 

He kissed across to the other nipple, his hands moving to your panties and dragging them down your legs as he bit down on you gently.

“Spencer….. ” Your words coming out as pants as he sucked, his fingers moving directly to your clit and rubbing in a circular motion. 

Your legs shuddered at the sensation, turning almost immediately to jelly, Spencer’s other hand hard on your hip keeping you upright. 

“We could move to the…… Oh fuck….. Oh god.”

He pushed your legs apart, inserting two of his long delicate fingers inside you and thrusting quickly as his thumb kept up the friction on your clit. He’d barely been in the door five minutes and you were nearly ready to come. 

“No time to move to the bedroom,” he mumbled against your nipple, the words vibrating through your chest as he continue to suck and nip at it, alternating between soft and hard. Your moans were coming thick and fast now, your hand tangling in Spencer’s glorious hair. 

“I can’t stand any….. ah…. any… oh shit… more.” Your legs genuinely felt like they might give way as his thrusting increased inside you hitting your sweet spot in just the right way. 

You moved your hand to his, pulling him away from you and watching wide eyed as his placed his fingers to his lips, tasting the fluid that coated them. 

“Pants off now,” you demanded. That was by far the sexiest thing you’d seen in a long time and you dropped to the floor yourself, helping Spencer pull off his shoes and pants, climbing astride him when he was free. 

Wrapping your hand around his hardened length, you pumped him a few times hearing the low groan you loved so much, before positioning him at your entrance and slowly lowering yourself down onto him. 

The ground was hard against your knees but you didn’t care. Spencer’s hands moved under your ass, helping move you against him, his hips bucking up from the ground, his eyes trailing over your chest, apparently mesmerised by the slight bounce of your breasts as you moved against him. 

“Oh god Y/N,” his gasps were coming quicker now, matching pace with your own as your hands raked up and down his chest. 

Your head tipped back and you bit your lip as you moved your hand from his chest to between your legs, fingers grazing over your own clit helping push yourself to your orgasm as Spencer moved you against him faster, his fingers digging into your butt. 

“Spencer, I’m….. gonna…. Oh fuck!” You tightened around him, your breaths short and sharp as you came, a flood of heat washing over you, the sound of your blood rushing in your ears. You rid out your orgasm before leaning forward and placing your hands flat on the floor either side of your boyfriend, your hair falling over your face. Using the leverage from the floor, you increased your momentum, grinding your hips against his faster, him rasping out a few minutes later that he was going to come, feeling him releasing himself seconds after. 

You lay tangled together on the cold wood floor afterwards, a hot sweaty mess. 

“That was definitely worth driving all night for.”

It’s A Hate-Hate Thing {Lim Changkyun} ~Happy One Month!!~

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Prompt: Y/N and Changkyun have been fighting for two years and their friends are tired of it, so they take matters into their own hands and handcuff Changkyun and Y/N together hoping it will help them get over whatever they have been fighting for, for the last two years, the only problem is: Y/N has no clue what is it herself.

Pairing: Changkyun x Reader

Word Count: 5.2k

Warning: smut, rough sex, 

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**This is hands down the longest story I’ve written with an actual plot and smut scene~

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winteriron neighbours au bucky is 28 or 29 and tony is 24 or 25, where bucky and tony live next to each other and tony is scared of him. bucky is always grumpy, angry, glaring at everyone. tony thinks bucky is a serial killer. one day he just blurts it out and bucky is very offended. that's how they start talking. later when they start dating steve still can't get over the fact that tony had thought that bucky was an assassin. he still laughs at them because of that. happy ending.

Resting Bitch Face/Bucky will always be one of my top pairings lmao. (Man I had plans for this and then I threw in angst lol I’m a failure.) Look out for under the cut!

You can also find this on Ao3 here.

Tony was pretty sure his neighbor was a serial killer.

Like, he’d done the proper thing his mother had said to do, introduce himself to his new neighbors (he had a standing offer to have coffee with Bruce anytime), but when he’d knocked on the door of 4D, a man had answered looking ready to commit murder. There had been bags under his eyes and his eyes were red and his hair was a mess. He’d grunted out a terse ‘the fuck do you want’ and Tony had been able to do nothing but squeak. And then the door had been slammed shut in his face.

Which, you know, might have been a little rude; no one looked good first thing in the morning and Tony had clearly blind-sided him. But the guy hadn’t had to slam the door in his face. He had planned on just nicknaming him ‘Rudy McTrudy’ and moving on with his life.

Except sometimes Rudy McTrudy came home late at night clutching his left hand with a towel that was stained with blood.

Tony nicknamed him ‘Murder Guy’ instead.

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'What are the Odds?’ (Final)

Summary: After a summer of messing around, you were now ready for your first day as a NYPD officer. However, nothing could have prepared you for the surprise that was in store for you. Your team consists of all your summer one-night-stands. What are the odds? (Modern-Day Alternate Universe Series, based off of ‘Mamma Mia!’)

Author’s Note: I’m sad to say that this is the last part to WATO. I’ve had a lot of fun writing this series. Looking back at the past parts, I realized that I could’ve done a lot better. But you guys still enjoyed it. Still, I hope to do better with ‘Hot Guy’. Thanks for sticking by me the entire way! 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 2,133

Previous Part: Part Seven

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south side princess (part one) 

Pairing ~ Reader x FP Jones
Prompt ~ after living in the upper side of Riverdale for 3 years, you decide to go stay your dad on the south and forming a crush for the older fp Jones
Warnings ~ swearing, drinking drugs, age gap romance (reader 19yrs old)

Story ~
It was 3 years since your mother and father had spilt up. Your mother had taken you to live in what she called upper Riverdale, what most would call the nice or good side of the tracks. Your father had stayed on the Southside. Your grandfather was the old leader of the gang the south side serpents until his death a few months ago. Forsythe Pendleton Jones the 2nd (or Fp as he was called) was the new leader with your father his right hand man. You had known Fp your whole life. 

In the last 3 years you had re-started high school hating that you was a year older then everyone else, after you was held back a year (because you hadn’t attended school for 2 years) before even starting Riverdale high but at least you was now in the same year as you childhood friend Jughead Jones. In that time you had become a river vixen, your grades where up and you started becoming friends with Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. When you first moved into your mother’s childhood home your grandmother old house, Veronica took it upon herself to give you a full make over. Now you looked like her double, posh girly dresses, sassy tops and skinny jeans filled your wardrobe. More hair and makeup products then ever really needed. 

After a long week and a trying day, You was sat sulking in pop’s after a cheerleader practice, Cheryl had been a bitch with the squad mainly you a Veronica getting the brunt of her mood. You and your mother had been fighting a lot the last few weeks as well to the point you didn’t think you could stay anymore. Jughead Jones slid into the seat facing you with a smile. “what’s up y/n, you’ve been looking at that milkshake for 20 minutes?” He asks. “it’s my mom we’re always fighting and I don’t want to stay there, I can’t stay there anymore” I tell him as he takes the cherry from my melted milkshake. “What about your dad?” he says. As he pops the cherry in his mouth.
You only saw your dad once a month when you would go stay the weekend with him in the trailer park hanging with your old friends now all serpents. “juggie that’s an amazing idea” you smile “I’m going to call him tomorrow” you grab your bag hugging the raven haired boy. heading home thinking of what to say to your dad. 

At home your walked into your mother waiting for you. “where have you been it’s almost 10:30pm” you give a one word answer “pops” she started screaming as you ignore her. Since coming here you wasn’t the only one who had changed. Your mother had become a living breathing copy of Alice Cooper. She went through you room, wouldn’t let you out past 10. Told you to stay away from Jughead because of who his dad was. Controlling as much of your life as she possibly could. Wanting you to be more like Cheryl or Betty.
In your room, you tried to block her out but she followed still complaining about it was a school night, about you not giving yourself time to finish homework or practice with the vixens. After a really bad argument you started to grab you school books and laptop. “I’m going to stay with dad” was all you said before running out the door.

It was nearly 11pm and you didn’t really want to knock at your dad’s at this time. The trailer park was still a few miles away and you started getting cold and tired. You thought about Jughead heading to the drive in to find him it was on the way to your dad’s anyway. You had knocked and knocked, but no one came to open the door. You realized the biggest mistake you had made was leaving without a coat, all you had on was your river vixen outfit and pumps. Your gave one last bang on the door screaming his name, thinking do you go to your dad’s or back home. Home was closer but you didn’t want to see your mum after walking out.
“y/n,” you turn to the sound of your name looking to it’d owner. You see a man walking towards you. His hands in his jeans pocket with a swagger to his stride. In the light you see fp Jones the new leader of the gang your grandfather used to lead. “Why are you out here dressed like that at this time if night?, are you trying to give my boy a heart attack?” he asked looking you up and down intensely slow. “didn’t know you did booty calls Princess” he said. smiling slightly swaying saying back “only for a lucky few, Jones why you jealous?” fp just raises an eyebrow. This flirty banter was normal for you both. It had all started when you was younger , Fp would say something flirty to make you blush and it always worked but now you got older and would think if a witty comeback. It was just how you both was with each other.

You had always had a crush on fp ever since you was about 16 you knew it was wrong or you believe it was. He was over 20 years older then you but looked younger then he was. you managed to keep your little crush hidden, but you couldn’t help think what would it be like if one day he acted on the jokes or looks you sheared with each other.
“I had a fight with my mom again. I left home I thought about coming to stay with my dad but it was late and cold I was going to see if jug would take me in for the night” you tell him. Shivering in your skirt rubbing your bare arms
He took his leather jacket off placing it round your shoulders, but kept hold of both sides of the collar. “your dad’s away doing a job for me, he won’t be back for 3 weeks” you feel defeated thinking you will have to go back to your mothers. He pulls on the collar bringing you closer to him. He spoke slow, and burly a whisper it felt seductive, “you could, only if you wanted to” he looked you in the eyes keeping your focus locked onto his. Making your breath catch ,he was speaking in a hushed voice “stay in mine tonight, tomorrow I’ll get your dad’s spear key take you to get you stuff from mums” you smile as he speaks fully aware how close you was to him, you try pushing the mixed thoughts you have to the back of your mind. Fp let’s go with one hand lifting it to your face tucking your hair behind your ear “I know a princess like you needs her things” you couldn’t speak the touch of his hand on your face sent shivers down your side. Fp turned walking toward his van “you coming y/n” he shouted. You quickly run to catch up with him not needing to be asked twice.

In the truck Fp put the heating on as you rubbed your thighs to get warm. Once you feel the goosebumps disappear you sit back getting comfortable, pulling his jacket tighter around you. “why do you call me a princess?” you ask giving him a smirk. Fp laughs “look at you! in 3 years you went from bad ass bitch to pampered Princess” you frown your eyebrows at him. He looks at you then back to the road repeatedly switching between the two as he spoke “when your mother took you, you didn’t bother much with make - up had your own style. And in the last few times I’ve seen you, you started wearing makeup doing your hair up like your in a magazine and now, your fully fledged member of the Riverdale elite” he reached over slightly flicking the hem of your skirt “team colors and all” you just giggled not known what to answer. At his trailer Fp showed round even though you had been numerous times before, then after something to eat he took you to his room telling you to sleep in his bed and he got a blanket sleeping on the couch.

The next morning you went home waited for you mum to leave for work going in inside to get showered and pack a few bags. You went to put on a dress but when you held it to the mirror you began to think about what fp had said. You did look like a princess not the person you once was. Had I really changed into a carbon copy of the girls around me? was I just like Cheryl? You played with a snake necklace round you neck before deciding to get changed. You found a pair of black skinny jeans a green top a leather jacket and a pair of heels your grandfather had bought you with snakes on the heels not long before he died. Done your hair and makeup. Looking at the new outfit you had put together it was old meets new. And you liked it.

You put your bags in Joaquin’s car so he could take them back the trailer for you and headed to school. 

At lunch Jughead came and sat with you. “can I ask you something?” He didn’t give you chance to answer “did I see you getting in my dad’s van last night?” he asked his brows frowning. “yes I was coming to stay with you, but you wasn’t at the drive in, I saw fp he gave me a lift to the trailer park let me crash at his coz my dad’s out of town” you answer. Jughead looked and blinked not saying what was on his mind. Jughead had seen the closeness between his father and best friend but didn’t what to push the matter afraid of the answer he’d get. “so when are you moving south side then?” he asked “today I sent some of my things up there your dad’s getting me my father’s key” you said excited jug just nodded, when the bell went you and jug walked to class. 

All day people had commented on your change of style. Betty and Veronica loved it, saying it takes time to find your own style and this was yours. Cheryl on the other hand came over when you was in the corridor “you trying to look like the trailer trash your living with now” you step forward snarling her “no I just didn’t want to look like you” you didn’t give time to answer, your spun on your toes flicking your hair walking away. You seamed to get more attention from the boys in the school. Both Reggie and Chuck had given you whistles when you walked past. Feeling good you headed to your locker grabbing you bag. Outside you see Fp waiting for you a sexy grin as he learned against the truck.

“want a ride home? ” he asked when you walked over to him. You jumped in the blue truck ready to get to your stuff put away. During the ride you hardly spoke, Fp looked at you finally braking the silence" what’s with the new look?“ He didn’t take his eye off the road, but had that stupid sexy smirk in his face. "I don’t know what your talking about Jones” you sing song back to him trying to hide the blush in your cheek he hummed in amusement but didn’t question your reply. For the rest of the way you was quite again. When you got to the trailer fp handed you the keys to your dad’s helped you carry your boxes and bags in.
Inside it was a mess and the was nothing in to eat. Fp offered you to come back to his if you wanted he’d get take out for you both. You told him maybe later wanting to clean the place up a bit. After a 2 hours you had cleaned up, it now looked like a different place. Moved you bags into your room and headed back to Fp’s. Outside you could hear music talking laughing, Inside the was half of the serpents drinking having a party. “where’s Jones?” out asked the nearest gang member. “try the kitchen” was all he said without looking at you. In the kitchen you see him with a few other lads all smoking and taking drugs. He looked strange at first like you he’d forgotten you was coming over “do you want me to leave?” you shout over the music “no stay y/n, I’ve just sent Joaquin on a beer and food run anyway” he says smirking at you.

You wasn’t a stranger to a serpent party you had been to a few before. You took a beer from the counter using the edge of it to open the cap, Your dad let you drink at 16, your mom didn’t like it but never stopped you ether. The two other in the room one about 24 the other 30ish looked at you with crossed eyebrows. “What it’s a beer or can’t girls drink beer?, well tough shit” you sass at them taking a long gulp from the bottle. The younger one walked over to you trying to look sexy yet intimidating “hey you! what’s the name doll?” he asked. you gave over exaggerate an eye roll. “the name is y/n and don’t call me doll” you said with as much attitude as possible. “aw small pretty little girl thinks she can play tough and trying to be a serpent, don’t think you really belong here doll” he acts cocky looking you up and down as he goes to grab your ass. Before he can you grab his wrist twisting it until he was screaming for you to let go “I don’t act or try” you started saying hard but calm tone. The older guy stood up to protect his mate when Fp stepped in. “y/n” he says arching an eyebrow.

You let go of the man side stepping closer to Fp, “tough as nails this one boys, and she already belongs” he started placing a hand on your shoulder. He ran his finger down your collarbone, you almost quiver at his touch. Then he hooks his finger around the chain of your necklace pulling the green eyed silver snake pendent from under your top . “y/n y/l/n was born a serpent,” they gasp at the sound of your surname. You smirk matching the one Fp had. “she’s Mitch y/l/n granddaughter”. Both of them sat down with dumbfounded looks you pick you drink back up having another swig not knowing what to say “this is Jack and Shane” he pointed introducing them to you Jack the younger one rubbing his wrist waving.

Fp looks you up and down “she our South side Princess” he called you holding your gaze. You blush bright red but liked the new nickname “oh you wish I was yours, Jones” you say back placing you palm on his chest lightly pushing him back. He chuckles giving you a wink when two more younger boys came in, with pizza and more alcohol in their arms.

Journal of a New Graduate:

Day 1:

I’m a new grad, I went to a great school, didn’t miss a clinical, a good study group, focused prep for NCLEX, passed with relief at only 75 questions, accepted into the first position applied for - the position I’d dreamed of all through nursing school. It just seemed too good to be true. I’m excited to be here in nursing orientation, excited but nervous about what the next twelve weeks will bring.

Day 7:

I’m a bit confused with what I’m supposed to be doing. My educator seems to be disorganized, giving me the wrong packet, one that’s supposed to be for another nurse, and vaguely waving her hand she’ll get it to me “at some point”. That was two days ago, I’m in the Library, doing some online learning that I happened to find out about from a fellow new graduate. I hope that’s what I am supposed to be doing. My educator waved me off again, saying she would catch up with me at some point.

Day 12:

I’m on the unit. Gulp. I completed the online learning, mostly in my own time, since the modules I was doing wasn’t actually what I was supposed to be doing. I completed the work on my own, as my educator emailed me a packet late Friday, stating it needed to be completed by Monday. I was two days late, despite staying up late every night to do it. Today I’m on the unit, I’m shadowing my preceptor, who wasn’t told I was coming. I’m beginning to think I chose the wrong place. My Preceptor seems really annoyed, muttering to another nurse that she was tired of orienting new nurses. I feel like I don’t belong.

Day 18:
I’m tired, and It hasn’t even been a month yet. My preceptor yelled at me for fumbling with an arterial line set up, saying I would have to do this on my own someday, and I shouldn’t be expecting her to be right next to me every time. I sat in my car on my lunch and cried, so no one would see. Fine. I can take the yelling, except I haven’t ever actually seen an arterial line before, just on the computerized learning module. I haven’t practiced with one yet. I don’t belong here.

Day 24:
I saw my educator today. I’d forgotten what she looked like. She pulled me into a mid point evaluation with the nurse manager and preceptor. They all looked grim. I wasn’t progressing in the way they’d hoped, or expected by this point. They wrote up my error in levelling the EVD, when I had never seen one before, despite my asking my preceptor for help, only to hear the same, “You have to learn to do these things on your own.” They wrote a verbal warning that I wouldn’t make it through orientation with my slow time management skills, and I just sat there and nodded. They didn’t ask me how I was feeling, and I didn’t want to tell them. They already wrote me off a long time ago.

Day 30:
I asked my preceptor today what her experience was like as a new graduate. She said I had it easier than her, then she turned away. Whatever.

Day 40, last day orientation:
Today, I met a patient who probably saved me (even though we’re supposed to be saving them, I suppose). She was young, maybe 21, s/p cardiac arrest r/t overdose on red bull, Her family and friends perched on seats at her bedside, praying. “Get them out,“ barked my preceptor, “you always spend too much time talking to the families. Just another young punk overdose.” So, after 40 days of following her instructions, today I did the opposite. Today I closed the curtains in the little corner room of the ICU, and I sat with the family, and asked them to tell me about her; tell me about your daughter, tell me about your sister, tell me about your friend. Tell me about how she’s been feeling, tell me about what she did the night before the ER. “She was quiet, she wanted to be a nurse, but she just kept failing all her exams. We think she might have tried to take her own life, but the doctors breezed through all that. They just assumed she was some wasted teen on a Saturday night trying to get high.”
And I knew, it wouldn’t matter what my preceptor had said about taking too long with patients, some day I would speed that up, it wouldn’t matter that I had fumbling hands with A-line, someday I would get it, someday I wouldn’t be so nervous. It wouldn’t matter that every day I felt abandoned by my educator or preceptor, or apologetic for the disappointment they thought I was, as one day I would have the confidence to not look for that validation. It would matter only that I could listen, and maybe use what little skill I had, not learned from any textbook, not garnered from any preceptor, something that would remind me to keep fighting for the patients who couldn’t fight for themselves. Someday I would be faster at that, too.
And so, on the very day I planned to quit, the very day I “graduated” from my preceptorship, I survived. I survived orientation, and it wasn’t because anyone had fought for me. It was because I fought for myself, alone.

~ As told by a graduate nurse, 6 years before she became a preceptor, a mentor, and a charge nurse who remembered what it was like to walk in a new orientee’s shoes.

Inspired from this vine. I was so disappointed that no one had created an lotf animation (well sort of) with it, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Enjoy my wasted week of work. Oh yeah and this is an AU where Jack TOTALLY tried to flaunt his C sharp skills and signal everyone on the island before Ralph even has a chance to blow the conch and Piggy’s glasses are no longer viable for starting signal fires XD



I had a dream recently where I knew it was a dream, so I decided to take matters into my own hand. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to gain the power of flight (only amazing backflips), so I decided to go for the second best: having The Force.

So I promptly turn to my front yard, where the sun is shining on the grass. Raising my hands in the air, I muster all of my strength, and lift all of the bugs off of the grass, move them onto the street, and then I lie down on the grass to take a nice nap.

That is what I decided to use The Force for, folks.

You picked the wrong seat to be rude.

This morning I hopped on my train toward the city as I normally do for work. It seemed like it was going to be a decent day, it wasn’t too cold out, I felt strangely energized (despite it being a Monday), and I was ready to be productive. I live pretty far up on the train line, so I generally don’t have trouble finding a seat in the morning. I plopped down and started to wait for my stop to come.

Fast forward two stops: an average looking man takes the seat next to me. Now there’s plenty of space on the train to sit, but I suppose the seat next to me was most convenient to him. I didn’t really mind as he seemed to be tired and looked like he wanted to keep to himself.

Oh how wrong I was.

This kind fellow decided that his large backpack was too good for the floor and decided to put it in his lap- this wouldn’t be a problem if he kept it to himself. Instead, the man chose to allow his bag to enter my space and rest partially on my leg. I tried being reasonable and asked him to move it. He just stared at me and clutched his bag as it was, moving his arms so that his elbows were now digging into my arm. To make matters worse, he decided he’d get comfy and started to spread out. He kicked my foot over and just decided to let his leg be all up in my space while he proceeded to try and take up two spaces on the train.

By the time he was settled as a thorn in my side, the train had filled up and there weren’t any seats I could move to. I still had another 25 minutes to ride and didn’t particularly want to stand because of this man so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

As many of you know, trains generally come to quick stops that jerk you around a little bit. Most people generally try to stay steady as to not disturb other passengers. I decided to forego this courtesy. Every time the train came to a stop I would leave my motion unrestriced and slam into this man. Every. Single. Time. The first couple of times it happened the man just glared at me. I responded in the only was I could- I shrugged. After a few stops of being pushed into the wall the man decided enough was enough and got up. He stood the rest of the way to my stop as the train filled with more people. I can’t imagine he was too fond of having that many people in his personal space, but I guess he had it coming.

TL;DR- If you willingly invade my space on the train, prepare to get slammed.


request: “Barry Imagine where reader is Barry’s gf and goes to the family Christmas party and meets Team Flash for the first time? thanks for taking requests!!!!!!!” — by anon

a/n: sure sure, i hope you like this one! 😊 oh and i made this imagine take place in season 3 just to let anyone know lol

Masterlist + Request here!

Barry had been trying hard not to laugh at how rattled and nervous you seemed as he drove all the way to Joe West’s household. You were looking back at the window, counting each tree that you passed by to calm your nerves, and your knee was frankly bouncing up and down too much.

“Y/N.” He called your attention, placing a gentle hand on your mentioned knee with a smirk on his face. “If you don’t stop doing that, you might actually find yourself flying out of this car.” he teased, in which you rolled your eyes and slapped his hand.

“I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t even notice that I was doing it.” you let out a shaky laugh.

Barry frowned slightly at the way your voice shook, knowing that you were getting nervous once again for what was installed for you tonight.

You were going to spend your Christmas Eve with Barry for the first time, but that wasn’t the reason why your head seemed to be all over the place, but it was because you were also going to spend it with his family as well with Team Flash, as Barry had already confessed that he was indeed the red speedster protecting Central City.

You feel his thumb rub comforting circles on the back of your hand and although you appreciated it so much, you were still goddamn anxious.

“They’re not going to hate you.” he reminded you just as he stopped the engine and parked the car in front of the house.

You sighed, “I hope they won’t.”

“They won’t.” Barry repeated, removing your seatbelts for you. “I’m sure of it. And even if they did, which they wouldn’t, I’d still be with you. We can be like Romeo and Juliet or something.” he teased, making you laugh.

“You should really win a noble prize for doing amazing pep talks, Barry Allen.” you teased back and he grinned, leaning in to give you a swift kiss of assurance.

“I’m serious, though. Don’t worry much. They’re going to absolutely love you.” Barry said before going out of the car to rush towards the other side, opening the door for you like the true gentleman he was.

You smiled at his words, “Thanks, Bare. I needed that.” you kissed his cheek.

The two of you headed to the front door. You were pleased to meet Iris first, since she was the one who answered it for you, and was surprised when she suddenly pulled you in a tight hug when you were just about to extend your hand out.

“It’s good to finally meet you, Y/N!” Iris grinned as she lets you go. “I’ve been looking forward to this night ever since Barry told me you were coming and I must say, the pictures that he showed me doesn’t do you any justice.”

You blushed at her words and Barry silently groaned.

“Okay, Iris, you don’t want to scare her off.” he said which made you shake your head.

“No, it’s fine.” You told him. “Actually, I could say the same to you, Iris. You are far more beautiful than what I imagined you to be.”

Iris smirked, “I like you already, Y/N.” she laughed. “Anyway, come inside, both of you. Dad’s in the kitchen, serving Grandma Esther’s famous eggnog.”

You raised your eyebrows just as Iris gently grabs your wrist, dragging you inside while you look at Barry, watching him shrug and smile.

“Dad!” she called the attention of a familiar looking man you once saw inside the precinct when you visited Barry once. “This is Y/N, she’s Barry’s special girl.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Detective West.” you shook his hand.

Barry abruptly cleared his throat beside you, “You know, Iris, from what I remember, it is supposed to be my job to introduce my girlfriend to the family and not yours.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle because of what he said, feeling a light weight on your shoulders and realizing that it was only his arm.

“Well, you were too slow so I had to take the matter to my own hands.”

“Please, I’m called the fastest man alive for a reason.” Barry bragged.

Joe West sighed and locked his eyes with yours, “Kids. They will always be kids.” he sent you a gentle smile. “Want some eggnog? It’s a famous recipe and you cannot simply leave this place before you try one.”

“Then count me in.” you smiled back.

Just as you were about to grab the cup between his hands, someone beat you to it and immediately place his lips on it to take a sip, causing Joe to quite hardly slap the person’s arm.

“Cisco, that was supposed to be for Y/N.” he scolded.

The boy widened his eyes, “Y/N?” he glanced sideways and saw you. “As in the girl who Barry cannot stop talking about and gush about for the past weeks? That Y/N?”

“Yes, Cisco, thanks for giving me away.” Barry answered for you instead.

You laughed, “Francisco Ramon, I assume?”

“Franchesco as I like to call him.” a middle aged man interrupted you, shaking your hand then. “I’m Harrison Wells 3.0, also known as H.R., also known as the better and handsomest of all the Harrison Wells.” he grinned.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” you returned the gesture.

Barry was delighted to see that everybody was welcoming you with open arms. Caitlin had soon walked over and introduced herself along with Julian Albert, whom you already knew because you visited Barry’s lab a lot, and Wally West who was also very happy to meet you. He knew your course when you were back in college had something to do with the track he was pursuing as well, and that made the two of you click almost instantly.

After what seemed like hours of talking with every single one in the room, whether it be about you, about them, about your relationship with Barry, the thought of them ever hating you quickly vanished as the night dawned deeper. You felt ridiculous for ever thinking such thoughts and had the urge to apologize for thinking that way.

The door closed just as the both of you said your goodbyes, walking hand in hand towards the car that has been waiting patiently at the sidewalk.

“Come on, I know you’ve been dying to say it.” You said, stopping at the pavement to talk to him before you got inside the vehicle.

Barry arched an eyebrow, “What are you talking about?” he questioned but it was obvious he did.

“Okay, I might have been overreacting a little bit about what they would think of me. I’m just honestly relieved that they didn’t pull a ‘if you hurt Barry, I’ll hurt you’ kind of talk.” you joked.

“I told you so.” he finally said which made you snort. “And they know you wouldn’t hurt me. You love me too much, right?” he teased, wrapping his arms around your body.

“Wow, someone’s a little too confident.”

“What, is it not true?” he taunted.

You raised your hands up in surrender, “Hey, I neither denied nor confirmed the statement.”

“Ouch.” he touched his chest where his heart was dramatically and the both of you laughed. Barry then grinned and got something from his pocket, “Which reminds me …” he dangled a mistletoe on top of your heads. “You know the drill.”

You chuckled, “If you wanted to kiss me, all you had to do was ask.”

The two of you leaned towards each other and kissed, your hands travelling through his hair while his own squeezed you waist tightly. Before things can get heated of course, you heard Cisco’s shout from the household, you pulling away to look.

“Ha! Told you he would pull that stunt with Y/N. Where’s my money, Caitlin?”

You laughed at what you heard, Barry’s eyes rolling while his cheeks flush and in that moment, you knew this wasn’t going to be the last time you’ll be hearing from Cisco or the rest of Team Flash for that matter.

Nice and Easy (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

 AN: Here it is, finally!! I’m thinking there will be  a second part eventually

Tag Crew: @iluvnialljameshoran @hamgurlphangirl @stillcooli0 @coozls  @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @tayahqr @usnavens @sweet-thoughts @hmltntrsh51 @megabooklover18 @abi-sans05 @pickledpisces-13 @letthememeslive @kanadianwithashippingproblem @nanjexo @mefromukraine @omegasmileyface @cinnalin-roll @villagecrazypeggy @drbagels123

Request: Anonymous- could you write a jefferson x reader with prompt 37 from the second list please?? soft smut if you can (bc im hella vanilla lmfao) w aah lots of hickeys and shit. if you can!! thank you && i absolutely adore your writing & you as a person!! you seem quite amazing ❤️❤️

37. “I want to hike up your skirt and take you right here.”

Warnings: I was not meant to write or have vanilla sex but here it is

Word Count: 5,408


You didn’t know much about the man you worked for other than his name. You had never seen Thomas Jefferson. He was never there when you and the other maids went to clean his giant home that you thought Jay Gatsby would live in if he had the chance. It was a huge white mansion with pillars, courtyards with ponds, grand, spiraling staircases between the multiple floors,  and far too many rooms to count, despite your best efforts. All of the roughly five thousand bedrooms had their own closets and bathrooms, all of which had to be cleaned every other day even though they never looked as though they had been used. The whole house was to be scrubbed top to bottom multiple times a week. It was a lot of work, but the mystery man paid really well and you loved the girls you worked with.

You liked to think that Thomas was a real life Gatsby, what with all of the secrecy, rumors, and apparent wealth. All anyone knew was his name and the rumors to go along with it. One story was that he was an old man who had no family or friends to speak of. That he had a long, successful career that brought him his great wealth and that he now spent his days reading in more languages than anyone could count simply because he had nothing better to do. Another  was that he was, in fact, a young man who had married even younger. That he and his young wife traveled to grand places all over the world and were never home because of wealth on boths sides. Yet another  was that he was a middle aged lawyer who had had a wealthy husband who died and left his fortunes. That he stayed in the country a majority of the year because he could no longer handle life in the city without the man who had brought him there.

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Joker Imagine - You’re Frost’s daughter

This was requested

Originally posted by streetracenationclub

Your P.O.V.

My dad was one of the most mysterious people in my life. He was almost always at work yet I didn’t know what his job was. He never talked about it. Once he came home, he ate and slept. By the time I was awake, he was already gone. My mum and I started thinking he had another family. We didn’t like his behaviour or his big secret. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

My alarm rang at 4 am. I groaned and turned it off before sitting on the bed. It was pitch black and my hair was messy. A yawn left my mouth and I rubbed my face. I felt tired and nervous. But I stood up and changed my clothes. I wore black jeans and a dark grey hoodie. Before dad would wake up, I decided to sneak into his car. Yes, I’d follow my dad to work.

I took the spare keys to the car and ran to the garage. I unlocked it, jumped in the back and locked the doors. Then I would wait. My heart was beating hard in my chest as I waited. A little later the doors unlocked and dad got in the car. He sighed and started the engine, not noticing me in the back. I smiled and then stayed down, hoping I wasn’t in his sight.

Dad drove around Gotham before driving inside a building. He parked the car and got outside, leaving me alone again. I listened to my shaky breaths for a couple minutes until I got the courage to get out. I unlocked the doors with the spare key and jumped out. I locked the doors and then looked around. We were in a parking hall with a lot of expensive looking cars. My eyes widened as I saw lamborghini’s, Bugattis and Jaguars. 

What was this place?

I started walking towards an elevator. Hopefully, the other workers wouldn’t mind me here. Was it an office? Why was it such a big secret? I sighed and got inside. Then I pressed a random button and leaned against the mirror as I got up. I hummed a song and then heard a ‘bing’ and the doors slid open. The smell of coffee entered my nose but it wasn’t normal. Beside coffee, I smelled cigarettes and something metallic. I couldn’t put my tongue on it.

I saw an office with a lot of strange people. I saw batman costumes on a desk and weird masks. As I walked further inside, I felt a dozen eyes on me. Everyone stared at me and suddenly I froze. Someone pointed a gun at me. The man had black hair and green eyes. He had tattoos everywhere and he was strong. ‘’Who the fuck are you?’’ The man growled and walked up to me. I opened my mouth to speak but fear took over me.

I raised my arms and felt how the blood in my body stopped flowing. ‘’I-I-I’m..uh..Dad!’’ I screamed and felt tears rolling down my face. The man looked confused by now. I fell onto my knees and sobbed. ‘’Please..don’t kill me’’ I begged and shut my eyes. ‘’What the- Y/N?’’ I heard my dad’s voice. I looked at my left and saw him. He looked concerned as hell. Then I saw a green haired man walking closer. He had a purple coat on and I saw a few tattoos.

My eyes widened as I saw him. ‘’Dad watch out!’’ I yelled, not thinking straight. I got up and ran to my dad. The fucking Joker was behind him. He was smiling yet he looked angry. ‘’Frost..what is this?’’ Joker spoke and it made my dad look at him. I was so confused by now. ‘’I’m sorry boss, she must’ve followed me from home’’ Dad told the goddamn Joker. Boss?

The pieces fit together. No fucking wonder he didn’t tell us anything about his job!

‘‘What the fuck dad?’‘ I breathed out and then covered my mouth. Shock mixed with fear and I felt angry as well. How could he do this? Did he realise how dangerous this was? My dad was working for the Joker! ‘‘Such a rebel. Now what do we have here?’‘ The Joker turned to look at me. Everyone in here was staring at the situation.

Me and Joker’s eyes met for the first time ever and I felt strange. A shiver ran down my spine and I felt tingles on my face. I was both scared and astonished. His blue eyes looked less angry now. His green hair was put down nicely and he seemed less dangerous than a few seconds ago., he would kill me.

‘‘I see your name is Y/N. I’m the Joker’‘ He reached out his hand with a devilish grin. My heartbeat brought me back to my senses.With a trembling hand, I shook his. Then I glanced at dad who looked really nervous and tense. He probably thought I would die or worse, he would die. 

‘‘I-It’s nice to meet you to’‘ I whispered as calmly as I could. The Joker’s smile faded and he studied my face. ‘‘I hope you get used to me’‘ Joker spat out out of the blue. Nothing made sense and I was too scared to think. ‘‘Now that you know my hideout, you’ll just need to work for me. That’s how it goes’‘ Joker explained and that made dad look down. He seemed sad.

Reality hit me. Joker said I had to work for him. ‘’Sir- I didn’t see the route! I was hiding in the car. I-’’ I tried to speak myself out of this situation. Joker growled and grabbed his gun, pointing at me. I screamed but quickly shut up. Dad didn’t do much. I kind of understood why.

‘‘Boss, please don’t kill her. I’ll make her behave’‘ He tried to save me. Suddenly Joker laughed. ‘‘Calm down. I was just testing her’‘ Joker explained yet the gun was right in my face. I stared at it in pure horror. What a great morning, am I right?

‘‘I won’t shoot her if she behaves. You’re interesting’‘ Joker let me know and slowly lowered the gun. I was afraid to look at the Joker so I looked at dad. His face was saying ‘why did you come?’ and ‘sorry’. ‘‘Let me show you around’‘ Joker suggested and wrapped his arm around me, already walking towards the elevator. I glanced at my dad one more time before I looked away. 

I had no idea if I would die now or not but I was worried. Joker and I got in the elevator and the doors shut. I gulped and thought of a silent prayer. ‘’Do you regret sneaking around?’’ Joker asked me after a small silence. ‘’I’m not sure yet’’ I admitted, trying to stay calm. Well, as calm as I could be in this situation. ‘’Hmm’’ Joker hummed as the doors opened. We walked out into a hall until I saw a living room. Out of the window, I could see Gotham city. We were in a penthouse.

‘‘Your father is very good to me. He’s good at shooting people, cracking codes and finding things’‘ Joker explained while walking to the window. I stayed close to him but not too close. Shooting people? I felt sick as I thought of my dad killing someone. It was so unreal and disgusting to think about.

‘‘Let’s hope you got the same spirit, Like father like daughter’‘ He continued and looked at me. Although I was an adult, I felt small. ‘‘Let’s..hope so’‘ I faked a smile to seem less scared. Joker checked me out, for who knows what reasons.Then our eyes met once again. He put his hand above my mouth, not forcefully. Just so he barely touched me. Then he smiled.

‘‘Let’s get you into training. After all, you’re stuck here now’‘

Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 1

Pairing: Chris x OC

Requested by anon. I turned this into an OC thing because I’m trying to distance myself from the reader inserts. But you can just overlook the first name and simply imagine it’s you. I will probably physically describe OC at some point, since you requested she’s William’s sister, I figured they’d look alike.

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 1.4k

A/N: From now on I won’t be able to spend my entire days writing like I did with Play Me, so to make sure you won’t have to wait too long between each chapter I decided to write short chapters (yes, Yours Truly has finally decided to become a reasonable person) Enjoy this little foretaste!


>>> Part 2

Other Chris x OC fic: Play Me

Some things are simply not meant to be. Even when people maximized their chances by doing everything in their power to achieve their goal, it wasn’t always enough. Like in this maddening scene in Titanic where Jack can’t get on the floating door, and after everything he has gone through to be with Rose, he just dies. Well, maybe this was a little bit dramatic, chances are you won’t die in real life, you will just be really, really frustrated because all your efforts are thrown into the trash. But she was drifting from the subject.

Somehow, Mara’s brother had befriended the one guy who was simultaneously the absolute worst and the best thing that has ever happened to her. William and Chris were inseparable friends since- since always. As far as her memory goes, Chris has always been in their lives. He was like family to a certain extent – and that was precisely her problem.

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“A Day At The Potters”  ~  Teddy x reader

“can I request a Gryffindor!reader x Edward Remus (Teddy) Lupin? Reader is a family friend of the Potter’s and ends up at their house over the summer holiday. Reader is really anxious and keeps to themself a lot and calls Teddy ‘Edward’ usually. He’s one of the only ones who can get through to the reader emotionally. You pick where it goes from there.” ~Anon

Oh. My. Goodness. Let me just say that this imagine request is so cute! I’m sorry that it took me forever to write this. I’ve just started back to school, and I already have a ton of assignments to do. I finally found some extra time, and I have enjoyed it so much (just because writing requests is one of my favorite things to do). I hope you like it!😊😘


Y/n took a deep breath. There she was, standing at the front door of the Potters’ residence. She felt a bit nervous, though she’d been here many times before. She didn’t really like being surrounded by a lot of people. All she wanted to do was hang out with her best friend, Teddy. Finally, she knocked.

Y/n opened her eyes to see a little redheaded girl standing in front of her. Before the both of them could speak, a voice interrupted the silence from inside.

“Lily, what have I told you about answering the door?”

“But, Mummy!” She smiled sweetly. “It’s y/n!”

The woman turned to her. “Oh! Y/n! It’s so nice to see you!” she said, giving her a hug. “Come in, come in!”

Y/n walked inside and looked around the living room with interest. The room hadn’t changed, but it always felt different each time she visited. Sh couldn’t understand why, though. It was a mystery.

“Just set your bags down by the sofa.” Ginny directed. “I’ll take them up after dinner.”

Footstep were heard running around upstairs.

“Did mum say dinner?” James asked Albus, who seemed just as ecstatic.

The two boys ran down the stairs and straight into the kitchen.

Teddy wasn’t too far behind. He chuckled at their excitement and rolled his eyes as he walked over to y/n.

“Y/n!” he exclaimed. “It’s so great to see you!”

“It’s great to see you as well, Edward.”

At dinner, Harry and Ginny told everyone about Fred and George’s pranks on Umbridge and how McGonagall didn’t seem to care.

“So, y/n.” Harry began, “What’s one thing your going to miss after this year at Hogwarts?”

She froze in her place. She hadn’t really thought about this being her last year. “Ummm…” fidgeting with her fingers, Teddy answered in her place.
“Definitely not the moving staircases.”

Harry and Ginny laughed at his response. However, James looked horrified.

“The stairs move?”

Teddy smirked. “You get used to them after a while.”

Dinner seemed to go on forever. Y/n kept to herself mostly, besides the few times when she would get asked to pass the salt or the usual questions about her past school years. She let out a silent sigh of relief when dinner had finally ended. Ginny took her bags up to the guest room, and at last, she was alone, until someone knocked on her door.

She got up from her spot and opened the door to see Teddy with a huge grin on his face. “May I come in?”

She nodded with a small smile, shutting the door behind them. Sitting back down, she waited for him to talk.

“You seemed really quiet at dinner.” he stated, sitting down beside her. “Is everything alright.”

Y/n nodded. “I’m fine.”


Again, she nodded.


The room was silent. The both of them sat there, staring at the floor. James, Albus, and Lily were heard in the hallway, running back and forth with echoing laughter.

Teddy chuckled. “They’re so loud.”

Y/n remained silent.

“Are sure you’re okay?”

Y/n sighed. “I’m just nervous is all.”

“Why are you nervous, y/n?”

Shrugging, she spoke again. “I just hadn’t thought about this being my last year at Hogwarts.” She paused, taking a deep breath. “And, I just… you know…

Teddy took over their conversation. “It is unnerving, yeah. I don’t know the least about living on my own, providing an income, or even finding a job for that matter. Now you’ve got me thinking about it!”

She giggled lightly.

“So…” He brushed his fingers through his hair. “What will you miss most about Hogwarts?”

Y/n knew exactly what she’d miss most. She just didn’t want to say it. Her stomach tightened more and more as each millisecond passed, causing her to fidget with her fingers like she had done at dinner.

Placing his hand on top of hers, he gave her a warm, reassuring smile. “You can tell me.”

She took a deep breath. “You.”


Biting her bottom lip nervously, she continued. “Yeah. Like, hanging out with you by the lake and in the library, partnering up in classes for projects, and just… you.”

To y/n’s surprise, his smile only got bigger.

“Don’t you think, for one second, that we’re never going to see each other again after this year, because you know that I’ll be over all the time to eat chocolate and talk about why Hufflepuff is better than Gryffindor.”

Knowing that last part was a joke, she giggled slightly.

“Besides…” he continued. “We still have a whole school year full of adventure waiting for us.”

The door burst open and the three Potter kids ran in.

“Teddy!” Lily exclaimed, grabbing his hand and trying to drag him from his spot. “Come play with us!”

James rolled his eyes annoyance. “Please…”

Albus walked over to y/n. “I want y/n on my team.”

Teddy laughed at the chaos going on in front of him. “What if I want y/n on my team?”

James eyed the two of them carefully, knowing that something was going on.

Y/n smiled sweetly at Teddy. “Albus already called me, Edward. I’m sorry.”

Lily raised her arms from her sides. “Who’s Edward?”

“I am.” Teddy stated. “‘Teddy’ is just a nickname.”


James slowly left the room, trying to hide his laughter, but failing.


James came back in. “Not telling.”

Lily’s shouting continued. “YOU HAVE TO TELL, JAMES!”

While the three children argued about James’ secret, Teddy placed his hand back on top of y/n’s. She bit her lip with a small grin as she turned her face toward the wall next to her.

James took notice, and soon enough, told his secret in a sing-song tone.

“Teddy has a girlfriend.”

Lily looked offended. “HIS NAME IS EDWARD!”

He laughed. “OKAY!” He took a deep breath and went back to his chanting. “Edward has a girlfriend. Edward has a girlfriend!”It didn’t take long for the other two to chime in.

Teddy’s face turned red with embarrassment. “Guys…”

Albus looked at y/n with a cheesy smile. “He talks about you all the time.”


Y/n giggled. “Is that true?”

Lily nodded over dramatically. “All. The. Time.”

Y/n continued to giggle as she stared at the floor nervously.

“This isn’t how I intended to ask you out, but…” He paused. “Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

She looked up from the floor and into his currently blue eyes. “I would like that very much.”

Without hesitation, he kissed her cheek.

Lily gasped from the cuteness. “Aww!”

James simply giggled and started chanting again. “Edward has a girlfriend! Edward has a girlfriend!”

Albus and Lily soon chimed in, and the three of them quickly made their way into the hall so the whole house could hear the news.


Teddy and y/n laughed with embarrassment and happiness.

Maybe y/n’s last year at Hogwarts wouldn’t be as sad as she thought it would be.

Horny : Joe Sugg Smut

(basically y/n and joe are best friends and end up complaining to each other about how horny they are)

You and Joe climb out of the uber, after a night out, bother very intoxicated. Everyone else decided to back to the Maynard/Pieters flat but you and Joe were feeling too tired to continue the party. After a lot of trips and small giggles, you both made it up to Joe’s flat.

“I can not believe that girl slapped Jack,” You laughed, thinking back to what had happened earlier. “She was so angry!”

Joe laughed along with you. “To be fair he probably deserved it, apparently he’s been leading her on for months.”

“Doesn’t surprise me.” You laughed again, walking over to sofa.

You kicked off your shoes and sat back on the sofa. Joe went over to the kitchen, grabbing two bottles out of the fridge.

“Really, Joe? I thought you were ready for bed?”

“I was,” Joe grinned, opening the bottles and walking over to you. “But not anymore.”

Before he sat down with you, he turned on the TV and grabbed the remote control, flicking the channel onto something you’ve never watched before. You took a few sips of your beer before placing it on the coffee table.

“So, did you have a good night?” Joe asked, moving closer to you. You placed your head on his shoulder as he put his arm around you, using his other arm to take a sip of his beer. This was normal for you and Joe, you have been best friends for as long as you can remember and often cuddle like this.

“Yeah it was good, you?” You replied, inhaling Joe’s well known scent that you loved.

“It was good.” He nodded, followed by a sigh. You had known Joe long enough to be able to tell when something was wrong.

“Whats up, babe?” You asked, using the usual pet name you call him.

“I don’t know…” Joe stammered as he sighed again.

“Joe,” You pleaded as you sat up to look at him. “Tell me.”

“You might think i’m being weird.” He told you.

“Shut up, Joe. I already know you’re weird. Just tell me, please.”

“Fine…” He put his beer on the coffee table next to yours. “I’ve just been so fucking horny lately. I was hoping to bring someone back tonight but I was just having fun with you and the guys I just forgot.”

This was something you and Joe had never really discussed before. Sex. You could feel a blush creep onto your face as you realised you were exactly the same. You had spent so much time at Joe’s recently, the countless times he had walked around in just his towel, his wet body on show. Or in the mornings when comes walking into the kitchen in just his boxers with messy hair and his deep morning voice that made you throb. You can’t say you haven’t touched yourself to the thought of him. He was just so attractive, you had never really noticed it before.

“See, this is weird isn’t it?” Joe panicked.

“No, Joe, I-” You didn’t really know what to say. It kind of turned you on that Joe was sat in front of you feeling very horny.

“What?” Joe asked, being able to tell you had something on your mind.

“I don’t know, really. The single life just really sucks sometimes, doesn’t it?”

“What do you mean?” He raised an eyebrow.

“When you just feel so horny all the time and no one is there to satisfy you. Even when you do find people in the club or whatever, they’re not even that good in bed half the time. It sucks.” You sighed.

“It’s weird, I’ve never thought you get sexually frustrated.” Joe laughed.

“Oh believe me, I do. I really do. I just have to take matters into my own hands most of the time.” You blurted. You already felt like you’ve said to much.

“Oh, really?” Joe raised his eyebrow again. “Do you touch yourself often, Y/N?”

You didn’t really know whether it was the effect of all the alcohol you had consumed tonight or the fact Joe was sat right there with his shirt unbuttoned dangerously low, revealing his bare chest.

“I- I guess.” You stuttered, becoming a little shy.

“What do you think about? When you get yourself off?” Joe shifted in his seat as he asked you this. You couldn’t help but notice the bulge starting to form in his jeans.

“Uh… Different things really.” You said quickly.

“Tell me. Tell me about the last time you touched yourself.” He smirked.

Oh no. You already knew you were going to tell him the truth. You were too drunk to hide anything.

“I was here. In the shower.” You squeaked out.

“Fuck,” Joe groaned, running a hand through his hair as he looked back at you. “What did you think about?”

“Joe- I…” You hesitated.

“Please, Y/N, tell me.” He pleaded, as if he really needed to know this.

“You.” You mumbled as you looked down at your hands. You could not believe you were actually admitting this to your best friend.

You felt Joe freeze as he didn’t say anything. When you looked up, you noticed the huge bulge in his jeans as he stared at you, mouth hanging open.

“Sorry, Joe, I-” Joe cut you off as he cupped your face, pressing his lips against yours. Kissing Joe felt even better than you had imagined. You wrapped your arms around his neck as the kiss got very heated. He moved down to your neck, marking it as you moaned out.

“Fucking hell, Y/N, I have wanted you for so long you have no idea.” He groaned as he unzipped your dress and slid it off your body.

You continued kissing as he pushed you back onto the sofa and hovered over you, kissing all down your neck and chest until he got to your panties.

“What was I doing when you thought about me?” Joe asked as sat back, unbuttoning the rest of his shirt.

“I thought about you on your bed, touching yourself.” You rushed out, wanting Joe to touch you again.

“Well, babe, I do that a lot,” He hovered back down and kissed you before whispering in your ear. “To the thought of us fucking.”

“Joe, please.” You whined as your hands went to his jeans.

“What do you want, Y/N?” He growled in your ear.

“I want you to fuck me… Please!” You begged, feeling yourself getting damper by the second.

Joe removed his jeans and went to your panties, pulling them off and spreading your legs.

“Shit, Y/N, your soaked.” He chuckled as his fingers went to your clit, causing you to moan out his name.

Joe pushed his middle finger into you slowly, driving you crazy. As he pumped in and out you cried out for him. The pleasure was insane and watching Joe above you, making you feel like this give you butterflies.

“I can’t wait to be inside of you.” Joe mumbled as he kissed you again. You couldn’t help but moan onto his lips as he sent pleasure all through your body.

When Joe moved away from you, you were beyond confused and the loss of contact made you whine.

“Relax, babe, i’m getting a condom.” He told you as he smiled at you. Joe reached for his wallet a pulled one out, quickly ripping it open.

As he pulled his boxers down, you were shocked by how big he actually was. You didn’t really expect him to be that big. Joe rolled the condom on and pumped himself a few times before hovering back over you and lining up.

“Are you sure?” Joe asked as he caught your lips with his own, rubbing his tip along your core.

“Yes, Joe. Please.” You replied and so he pushed into you. It took you a little bit of time to get used to his size but when you finally adjusted, Joe picked up the pace.

“You’re. So. Fucking. Hot.” Joe groaned in between thrusts.

You moaned loudly and your hands snaked around to Joe’s back, your nails digging into his skin from the pleasure he was giving you.

The way Joe felt inside of you was utterly amazing. He filled you up so well and he muttered things in your ear like ‘so tight’ and ‘feels so good’ which only added to the pleasure.

You gripped onto the sofa as Joe thrusted in and out of you quickly.

“Y/N, I’m close.” Joe told you and you were surprised. Joe must have been really horny if he only lasted this long.

However, when your walls began to tighten and you felt the unfamiliar sensation in your stomach, you knew you weren’t far behind Joe.

“Me too, babe.” You told him.

As he picked up the pace, he grabbed your hand and held it tight. Mumbling a ‘fuck’ in your ear, you felt him release.

“Ahh, Y/N!” He moaned and it was quite possibly the hottest thing you had ever heard - it sent you over the edge.

As you screamed out Joe’s name, your whole body felt incredible as Joe continued to thrust in and out of you.

“That was amazing.” Joe panted as he kissed you one last time.

As he pulled out and stood up from you, you had just realised you had slept with your best friend. But when Joe walked over to the bin and looked back at you “Shower, babe?” with the cutest grin on his face, you knew this was not a mistake.